- Debut issue of Vive Le Rock (United Kingdom) music magazine was published in 2010 and it had interviews with few Ramones members, and also a free 14 track CD including Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's song When We Were Angels.
Now in December 2015 got published Vive Le Rock issue 32 and the Ramones are on the cover on that new issue. It has Ramones material under titles: "All-American icons." and "We were brothers, and brothers fight!" Also issue 32 has material of Stiff Little Fingers, The Hellacopters, Ginger Wildheart, Killing Joke, The Stranglers etc. Visit
Vive Le Rock homepage and order issue there. (December 27, 2015)

- Finnish pop-rock artist J. Karjalainen released new album titled Sinulle, Sofia on November 20, 2015. J. Karjalainen is one of the most succesful Finnish artist of those who makes music in Finnish language. J. Karjalainen released his first album in 1981 and in all he has released with his bands around 20 albums.
New album Sinulle, Sofia has a song titled Se Mies Oli Tommy Ramone (in English: That Man Was Tommy Ramone). Karjalainen told of that song already to me at Vauhtiajot festival, Seinäjoki, Finland in July 2014. Song is about meeting when I introduced Tommy Ramone to J. Karjalainen and Veli-Matti Järvenpää here in Finland in 2008. Tommy Ramone and I went together with journalist Timo Isoaho to see a record release party of J. Karjalainen's and Veli-Matti Järvenpää's record entitled Paratiisin Pojat. On that Paratiisin Pojat record, Karjalainen's main instrument is banjo and Järvenpää's is the accordion. They played played for example some Finnish versions of old Finnish/American blue grass songs from the early 1900's to the 1950's. Tommy liked Paratiisin Pojat a lot. I knew that in advance because. Some of you remember Tommy having Uncle Monk duo together with Claudia Tienan.
So I wanted introduce Tommy to Karjalainen and Järvenpää and they were amazed how Ramones member is at their concert. Karjalainen told to me now in November, 2015, how song Se Mies Oli Tommy Ramone is a real tribute for Tommy. It is catchy tex-mex-punk song. Karjalainen told me that it is oldest song on new album. There is a photo of that meeting on my 3rd book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives and on it Karjalainen also tells of that meeting.
Here is part of that text in a book: "Veli-Matti Järvenpää and I could not have imagined having such a sudden meeting with a Ramones member at the oldgrass show in Tampere, Finland. I was happily surprised and astonished when Tommy yet asked as his first question what note key Veli-Matti used on the accordion for that show. I was wondering how he knew to ask about that. It requires special knowledge to know that every accordion has it's own note key. The following day I noticed from Tommy Ramone's business card that he plays bluegrass. That explained his knowledge. I got nice feelings of meeting Tommy. Somehow it feels great to know that a Ramones member can just come and talk with you on the street. As band members gets older, this doesn't deduct a person's achievements; but makes the artist grow stronger.", tells Karjalainen on Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives. (November 28, 2015).

- Ramones Museum Berlin is a first real Ramones museum in a world. There is a 10th anniversary event at the Ramones Museum Berlin on November 29, 2015. CJ Ramone will play then a short set. Next day starts officially CJ Ramone's European tour. Read more about Museum and it's history below.
Florian Hayler run the museum. Hayler opened Ramones Museum Berlin on September 15, 2005 and it had to close in November, 2007 because of expensive rent. He did re-open Ramones Museum Berlin on October 8, 2008. That day Johnny Ramone would had turned 60th. CJ Ramone had then his 43rd birthday. They share same birthday.
Florian wrote to me then about new location: "We were lucky enough to find a beautiful spot in the heart of Berlin, Germany. Located close to Alexanderplatz, Friedrichstrasse and Oranienburger Strasse with its cultural highlights such as the Berlin Synagogue and the Arthouse Tacheles."
Address is: Krausnickstr. 23, 10115 Berlin, Germany. (Updated: November 27, 2015).

- I don't have informed of bootleg releases much on last five years, but unofficial live release titled Ramones: Shock Treatment is special. This recently published LP is a first full length Ramones' LP that is a saw-blade shaped. Saw-blade shaped vinyl is grey (see photo in right). Both A and B side has eight songs and when I look a track-listing, songs are probably from some show punkrocked in 1979. It is marked that Coda Publishing is a label of this unofficial release. German label Empty Records published in 2001 saw-blade shaped CD and 7' on color. Empty Records release has the first demo recording of Judy Is A Punk, and New York Dolls song Human Being.
Also by Coda Publishing is released in 2015 LP titled: Ramones: Tommy's Last Stand and it has 18 songs from Tommy era as name says. I also mention of one more bootleg. Unknown bootleg label has published on CD show recorded in Argentina in 1995. Recording is from some show Ramones' played at Obras Sanitarias in Buenos Aires. Ramones' had in a row there six shows on October 2-7, 1995. CD bootleg is titled Do You Remember Rock'N'Roll Radio? and it has 32 songs. (November 17, 2015)

- Richie Ramone's debut solo album named Entitled (read more here) was released worldwide by DC-Jam Records on October 8, 2013. I asked from Richie Ramone if He, bassist Clare MissTake, guitarist Alex Kane and guitarist-drummer Ben Wah Reagan are already going to the studio in November, 2015.
- We are writing and will record a new album in January, 2016, at Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles. I have written songs with all the band, and other people. We start touring again in February, Richie wrote to me in October 30, 2015.
I know that thousands of Ramones fans are happy to read of this. (Updated: October 31, 2015)

- There happened something that was really crossover... Marky Ramone played Ramones' song Blitzkrieg Bop as a guest with Public Enemy at Beijing Pop Festival, Beijing, China on October 15, 2015. Another guitarist of Public Enemy sang it correctly, and Chuck D also remembered lyrics pretty well. Yes, that performance really did happen. As many of you knows, Public Enemy is one of most successful hip hop bands since 1980's and they has politically charged criticism. Public Enemy was formed on Long Island, New York, USA in 1982. (October 28, 2015)

- Stupido Records (in english) is one of the oldest independent record labels in Finland. Stupido Records and its owner Joose Berglund are published a lot punk, rock and alternative albums in last 26 years. Now by Stupido Records was published really cool album of project band called Mohiklaani. Members are guitarists Jari "Klide" Pelkonen and Pekka "Piitsi" Huhtakallio of Vandaalit, bassist Jake Marjamäki of Rattus and Mikko Kataja of Rehtorit and Vandaalit. Songs are by Klide and Piitsi. Most of lyrics are by Jari "Jeke" Marjala and Harry Mikkonen.
Mohiklaani's album titled Sotapolulla got published in October, 2015, and it has 14 songs and 13 guest singers. Many of them are familiar of Ramones influenced bands, for example Vesku Jokinen of Klamydia, Joey Luumäki of Ne Luumäet, Miika Söderholm of Pojat, Erkko Salonen of Häiriköt, Sanna Reponen of Rehtorit and Tommi Moilanen of Sanktio. Other singers are Pelle Miljoona, Tumppi Varonen of Problems? and Pelle Miljoona's line-up's, Maukka Perusjätkä, Otto Grundström of Tehosekoitin and God Given Ass, Danny Punk, Tero Artell and Jani Roppola of Fucking World. As well they has Ramones spirit on their vein.
Most of them are guests in two release parties:
October 31, 2015: Yo-talo, Tampere, Finland. Also Danny Punk is playing.
November 4, 2015: Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland. Also Häiriköt and Himanes are playing.
You can order album here. (Updated: October 28, 2015)

- I got a message from Theo who work at Artsy. He is doing with his friends Shepard Fairey page to Artsy, visit it here. Theo wrote: "We strive to make all of the world's art accessible to anyone online. Our Shepard Fairey page, for example, provides visitors with Fairey's bio, over 250 of his works, exclusive articles, as well as up-to-date Fairey exhibition listings. You might also enjoy checking out our editorial examining Fairey's recent Detroit exhibition."
I do mention few Ramones related facts of Shepard who became fan of the Ramones in 1984. Years ago he designed Johnny Ramone Army Logo and posters of Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone. In 2012 Dee Dee Ramone: A Memorial Exhibition was on display in a show at Subliminal Projects gallery in Echo Park, Los Angeles, USA. Dee Dee received that a posthumous gallery exhibition of his artwork thanks to Shepard Fairey. The exhibition was organized with Dee Dee's estate, which lended the art. Read more of it here. (September 22, 2015)

- There is a special screening of Ramones' documentary End Of The Century - The Story Of The Ramones at the ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood, CA, USA, at 8PM on September 20, 2015. Event also celebrate 10th anniversary of release of document. First screening was at Toronto Film Festival on September 10, 2003, as information is archived here on my site. As a DVD documentary got released in 2005. After the screening at ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood there will be a panel discussion with Richie Ramone, Rock And Roll High School director Allan Arkush, Ramones' producer Ed Stasium and John Gramaglia, and it is modereted by Jim Fields. John was so called principal editor of document and Jim director-producer-editor. So see more details of End Of The Century here. (September 18, 2015)

- In this year, 2015, there was no Johnny Ramone Tribute Event at Hollywood Forever cemetery. Johnny's wife Linda recently wrote following comments of events in past and of 2016: "Each tribute was very special and Johnny would have loved to have been there. I want to thank you all for making it so great. Our friends also had a great time and loved being a part of it. 2016 is going to be the Ramones 40th anniversary and is going to be super fun and exciting. There are so many cool things being planned, can't wait, looking forward to seeing you all then. We will keep you all informed of the happy times ahead.", Linda wrote.
Linda refers 2016 being 40th anniversary of Ramones' debut album. The Ramones was founded 1974, so in 2016 it is 42 years since that. (September 17, 2015).

- I started to update again section where I do list information of Ramones' tribute shows around the world. Feel free to send me details of more shows. Click here to find details of shows.

- Especially Sandro Mariuz of the official Italian Ramones tribute band Wardogs did huge work with it that there was a really special Ramones mini festival as a part of Home Festival in Treviso, Italy on September 4-7, 2014. Then The Wardogs did play with Marky Ramone, there were special guests like Monte A. Melnick (Ramones tour manager), George DuBose (famous photographer) and Florian Hayler from Ramones Museum Berlin etc. I was there a guest as well.
In this year Sandro Mariuz organize smaller event as a part of Home Festival in Treviso on September 3-6, 2015. There will be a Ramones Sniffing Poster exhibition by Marco Zuanelli and Martino Pasina, some rare items and old photos, Ramones all day DJ set, movies, books etc. and special guests Rick Weinman and Bo Matheson. Weinman was for a long time Johnny Ramone's guitar tech. Matheson was a a while drummer in Los Gusanos. CJ Ramone formed Los Gusanos when the Ramones were still performing. They split in 1999-2000. The Wardogs will play with Bo Matheson at 8PM at the Isko Tent in Home Festival in September 6, 2015. The Wardogs and Bo Matheson will also play at the European Bike Week, Faaker See, Austria on September 9, 2015. (August 23, 2015)

- The Indie Entertainment Summit is a four day entertainment summit and festival in Los Angeles, CA, USA in August 5-8, 2015. It has in different venues seminars, workshops, shows etc. Organizers have revealed that they will induct Lemmy Kilmister and Motorhead, Slash, Ramones and the Runaways during the IES Honors ceremony saluting rock's trailblazers. The IES Honors will also induct the Ramones in honor of their 40th anniversary (even Ramones' 40th year was in 1974) and Richie Ramone will lead an all-star jam with special guests at the event. IES staff informed me this: "This (Richie's all star jam) is not a show open to the public. Registered Attendees will have this info. How to Register for this conference, including this year's Rock Honors -> IESfest.com or 818-505-9537. This event is part of the music conference." (July 29, 2015)

- Loudwire.com listed opinion of Top 25 Punk Albums Of All Time. From the Ramones it had two albums. Ramones debut album was 2nd and Rocket To Russia 14th. Here are some others: 1) The Clash: London Calling. 3) Sex Pistols: Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols. 4) Iggy And The Stooges: Raw Power. 5) Green Day: Dookie.
6) Minor Threat: Out Of Step. 7) Black Flag: Damaged. 8) Violent Femmes: Violent Femmes. 9) Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables. 10) The Clash: The Clash.
12) Misfits: Walk Among Us. 13) Descendents: Milo Goes To College. 18) The Offspring: Smash. 21) Richard Hell And The Voidoids: Blank Generation. (July 29, 2015)

- Fender has touched and transformed music worldwide since 1946. Music people knows well Fender's brands such as the Telecaster, Stratocaster and Precision Bass. Now in 2015, Fender introduced Dee Dee Ramone's signature Fender Precision Bass. It is limited edition. Fender writes: "As the pounding heart of the Ramones, Dee Dee Ramone pioneered a no-frills sound and style that left a permanent mark on rock music. On a white Fender Precision Bass slung impossibly low, he defined punk bass with simple but breakneck bass lines delivered with such pulverizing sound, speed and conviction that he singlehandedly set the template for generations of punk bassists to come. The Dee Dee Ramone Precision Bass honors him with reverence and authenticity, just like any bassist since who's ever planted his feet in a wide stance, slung a Precision below the beltline and yelled a manic "1-2-3-4. count-off."
"The official Dee Dee Ramone Fender Precision Bass features the classic Fender body, vintage style bridge, maple neck with "C" profile and the vintage-style frets used by Dee Dee when making history and changing the face of rock 'n' roll. The incredible limited edition bass also features Dee Dee's facsimile signature on the headstock, a custom engraved Dee Dee Ramone/ Fender logo neck plate, plus an exclusive scrapbook, fold out poster and sticker too." Some other details: Body: material: alder and finish: gloss polyester.
Neck: material: maple, finish: gloss polyester, scale length: 34" (864 mm), fingerboard: 9.5.-radius (241 mm) and number of frets: 20 vintage-style frets. More details here. (June 7, 2015)

- There is a photo exhibition of Bob Gruen's photos at Kaapelitehdas/ Pannuhalli in Helsinki, Finland on May 29 - June 18, 2015. There are lot various shots of many bands and artists taken by Gruen. He had taken a lot pictures of the Ramones already in 1975-79 era, including the infamous photo of Johnny Ramone carrying his guitar in a plastic shopping bag. He has had co-operation also with people and bands like John Lennon, Bob Dylan, New York Dolls, The Clash, Patti Smith Group, Blondie, Green Day, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, The Who, David Bowie and Tina Turner.
Gruen visited in Finland in a opening of this exhibition and at that time Like Kustannus published Gruen's John Lennon book translated in Finnish.
I has one special and rare photo taken by Gruen in my 2nd book
Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone, in that photo are Joey Ramone and Bebe Buell. Bebe sent it to me. (June 2, 2015)

- On Thursday, April 23, 2015, at 7-9PM, will Marc H. Miller of Gallery 98 and 98 Bowery moderate a panel discussion about the art of Arturo Vega at Howl! Happening Gallery (address: 6 East 1st St., Bowery, New York), in conjunction with the exhibition "Arturo Vega: American Treasure." Along with recollections from participants Carlo McCormick, Sandra Schulman and John Holmstrom. The panel will include short excerpts from a 2005 video interview with Vega, courtesy of Curtis Cates.
As I wrote before, Howl! Happening Gallery opened its doors on March 29, 2015, with having exhibition of Arturo Vega's art. Show runs until April 25.
Arturo Vega (RIP 2013) was Ramones' artistic director and lightning director. And lot more... Read here more of my friend Arturo. (April 21, 2015)

- Joey Ramone's brother Mickey Leigh confirmed to me in January 9, 2015, that there will be Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2015 in May 19. Birthday Bash isa memorial event to Joey on his birthday (May 19). This is 15th Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.
- As long as I'll be alive, so will the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash. I could never have Joey's birthday pass by without remembering and acknowledging it. Look for more details in early April, if not sooner, Mickey wrote to me.
And we got news sooner.
- Barb Wire Dolls will be headlining the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2015, Mickey informed in February 18, 2015.
And more great news arrived in March 4. CJ Ramone will play at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash. I asked from CJ Ramone with who he will play.
- It will be Walt Stack from The Bullys on guitar and Joe Rizzo from The Waldos on drums, CJ E-mailed me.
Event is at The Studio at Webster Hall. Ticket is 30 US$ and you can buy it from here.
As well at the Bash are playing The Independents, Andy Shernoff (ex-Dictators etc.), Jiro Okabe, Glen Matlock (ex-Sex Pistols etc.), George Tabb (ex-Furious George), Mickey Leigh's band STOP, Sic F*cks, The Serotones, David Peel, Joey Lanz, Walt Stack, Pat Carpent... Hosts are John Holmstrom of PUNK Magazine, Peter Crowley, Stig Stench, Peter Aschner and Debra "Raffles" Trizzini.
So I think main bands are CJ Ramone, The Independents and Barb Wire Dolls. Joey Ramone was a kind of manager of The Independents (USA). Joey really loved that horror punk band and also performed often as their special guest.
Barb Wire Dolls were formed in 2010 at an artist commune in Greece, Europe, but band moved to California, USA. In first four years Barb Wire Dolls did more than 650 shows in 22 different countries. Music Entertainment magazine is written of band: "Barb Wire Dolls are the new face of Punk. The Dolls deliver real authentic punk rock with 70's CBGB style swagger with an oversexed frontwoman who makes Debbie Harry in her 70's prime look downright homely, while singing like Patti Smith channeling Johnny Rotten. Punk's not dead...not as long as Barb Wire Dolls have breath", was told in Music Entertainment mag.
Joey Ramone passed away on April 15, 2001. After that is yearly organized Joey Ramone Birthday Bash. It is event where different musicians are playing in a honor of Joey and also we has heard many speeches. In different Joey Ramone Birthday Bashes are for example played Tommy Ramone (RIP) (in following years 2012, 2011, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003), Richie Ramone (2011, 2010, 2009, 2006), Marky Ramone (2005, 2004, 2003), CJ Ramone (2013), Walter Lure, Misfits (with Marky in 2003), Ronnie Spector, Cheap Trick, New York Dolls, Bebe Buell, Andy Shernoff, The Independents, Richie Stotts, Jean Beauvoir....
In 2002 there were two Joey Ramone memorial event on May 19: Joey Ramone Birthday Bash and different event organized by Arturo Vega (RIP). Tommy Ramone, CJ Ramone and Marky Ramone played at Arturo's event then. I am attended every Birthday Bash expect ones in 2013 and 2002 (then I was at Arturo's event).
Check out here story and photos I did of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2014.
And here you can read and see material of my trip to Joey Ramone Birthday Bash in 2012.
Here are more details of older events on my Joey Ramone tribute section. (Updated: April 5, 2015).

- UK based music magazine Record Collector is the world's leading authority on rare and collectable records. It has had few times Ramones cover story. In new issue, March 2015, has in cover group photo of Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone and Marky Ramone. You can find from this Record Collector Marky Ramone's interview and also magazine bring to us an unpublished interview with Dee Dee Ramone. Possibly idea to make this Ramones issue was Marky Ramone's new book Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As A Ramone which he did with co-writer Rich Hershlag. (March 4, 2015).

- Ritchie (Richie) Stern passed away in February, 2015. Ritchie Stern was different man than who is (drummer) Richie (Reinhardt) Ramone. Stern was in Ramones practises in first days in 1974... Tommy Ramone (RIP July 11, 2014) was last surviving founding member for the Ramones and years ago I asked from him truth of Ritchie Stern. Tommy tells pretty extensively of Stern on page 15 in my book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives (2009).
Here are some lines what Tommy told me:
"Dee Dee was there from the beginning, and Dee Dee wanted to play guitar not bass; but Ritchie Stern could not play the bass so Dee Dee had to and then became the bass player. Ritchie gave up right away he never played with the Ramones at all. Ritchie was not capable of playing a musical instrument", tells Tommy Ramone in Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.
I also updated to my site comments what Johnny Ramone tells of those days. Read them and more details of Stern here. RIP Ritchie Stern. (Updated: February 18, 2015).

- Marky Ramone told in January, 2015, he just got signed for another year on his radio show Marky Ramone's Punk Rock Blitzkrieg on Sirius XM. It is on its 10th year already. Marky Ramone's Punk Rock Blitzkrieg can be heard on Sirius XM Faction Channel 41: Wednesdays 8PM- 11PM EST. Show rebroadcasts Saturday 3PM-6PM EST. So it is a three hours long weekly show. Marky Ramone plays Ramones and also lots of music from bands that influenced the Ramones and personally him. (February 14, 2015)

- Marky Ramone has book signing events, as his book Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As A Ramone finally got published in January, 2015. Richard Herschlag is second author of book. Buy book from: from Amazon.com or from from Amazon.co.uk
Marky wrote he is going to do book signing events also in the United Kingdom later.
Now he has these book signing events:
- Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 7PM at Bookends. Address: 211 E Ridgewood Ave, Ridgewood, NJ 07450, USA.
- Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 7:30 PM at Free Library Of Philadelphia. Address: 1901 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA. In this event Marky has conversation with Dan Deluca (music critic, Philadelphia Inquirer).
- Friday, January 30, 2014 at 7:00 PM at Bethlehem Area Public Library. Address: 11 West Church Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018, USA.
- Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 7:00 PM at Book Revue. Address: 313 New York Ave, Huntington, NY 11743, USA. In this event Marky has conversation with Loren Aliperti.
- Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble. Address: 2245 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314, USA.
- Thursday, February 5, 2015 at RJ Julia Booksellers at Toad's Place. Address: 300 York Street, New Haven, CT 06511, USA. In this event Marky has conversation with Brian Phelps. VIP event is at 6:00 and book signing is at 7:00.
(Updated: January 27, 2015)

- Nick Cooper of the Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings is finalizing a book this year, 2015, about the time he was the singer-guitarist of The Buckweeds featuring Marky Ramone, Marky Ramone Group and Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings. The book should be out by the summer holidays. In a photo taken by me you can see Vito Jr Dagostini, Nick Cooper, Marky Ramone and Dee Jaywalker.
Nick Cooper was also main songwriter in those groups. Name Marky Ramone Group was only used shortly until it got changed to Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings. Here you can find most extensive details on internet of those years (2000/01-2004).
More details of Nick's book project from press release: "The book is the on the road story of a few years of playing rock and roll with the drummer of the iconic Ramones. It's the story and the truth that Nick recalls from those days on the road in Europe, Japan and the USA. Sometimes funny, sometimes really hilarious, sometimes pretty fucked up. A little bit of drugs, some crazy sex but above all a lot of rock and roll."
For his book, Nick could use some help from the people who were at the shows, hung out with the band etc. If you have any photographs, newspaper clippings, or if you want to write down what you still remember of those days. Please send material to me, by using this form or E-mailing me: jplaitioramone (a) gmail.com. I will forward material to Nick.
So the book should be out by the summer holidays. It will be a paperback version with lots of pictures but the book will also come in a limited edition hardcover version, pre-order only. Nick also works on a DVD compilation of the footage he shot on film during those years of touring, liveshows and backstage fun. If anyone still has camera footage it would be highly recommended too. All contributors will be credited. So please send material to me by using this form or E-mailing me: jplaitioramone (a) gmail.com. (January 10, 2015).

- The Hotel Chelsea Storefront Gallery has in New York Dee Dee Ramone exhibition on December 10, 2014 - January 1, 2015. There are for example paintings created by Dee Dee Ramone, lot of photos (for example Jenny Lens', Keith Green's and Bob Gruen's photos of Dee Dee), posters and T-shirts. There is also merchandise desk and you has chance to buy candles, books, stickers etc. of Dee Dee. The exhibition is produced and curated by John Cafiero who still manages Dee Dee's estate (not anymore manager of the Ramones' and Johnny Ramone's estate). I think exhibition is same or pretty much same than what was in West-Coast (USA). Address of The Hotel Chelsea Storefront Gallery is 222 West 23rd Street, New York, USA. It is open daily from 1PM to 8PM (December 14, 2014)

- German music magazine Musik Express is celebrating the 40th birthday of the Ramones on it's November issue. Ramones is on cover and as a bonus you will get 10 song CD where bands cover Ramones songs. For example these songs are on CD: Element Of Crime: Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment, Pink Mountaintops: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, Madsen: The KKK Took My Baby Away and Jens Friebe: Beat On The Brat. (December 2, 2014)

- There is in Bowery, New York street named Joey Ramone Place. The city of New York renamed the corner of 2nd Street and the Bowery on November 30, 2003. Read more information here.
Now there is great process in Barcelona Spain. Xavier Murillo Giralt E-mailed me information.
- We're promoting a petition to our City Hall in Barcelona, Spain. We're asking for a street named Ramones in our city, we started a pettion on line picking up signatures to ask to our City Hall for this street, Xavier messaged.
So Ramones fans, support and go to press Like button on their Facebook site. (December 1, 2014)

- Marky Ramone signed a deal with publisher Simon & Schuster in 2013. Simon & Schuster will publish Marky's book of his memoirs. Marky has worked around 10 years with his book. Release date has changed really many times. After signing a deal, Marky Ramone promised it finally coming out in 2013. Soon Simon & Schuster told on their site that book has 384 pages, has hard cover and publication date is September 17, 2013. It also comes out as a eBook. But release date was postponed again, with one year and new date told was September 9, 2014... But in September, 2014, Marky confirmed new release dating being January 13, 2015. And I got told final version has 416 pages. In the USA is also chance to buy kindle version. Richard Herschlag is second author of book.
Buy Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As A Ramone from: from Amazon.com or from from Amazon.co.uk.
Marky said in one point to me in one of our interviews that he think name being Faith In The Backbeat. Anyway new and final title is Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As A Ramone. About 10 years of working...
In my interview with him to my third book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives he told in January, 2005 this way already: "Marky: Right now I have to concentrate on finishing my book."
And then I asked: Jari-Pekka: "You have been working on your book since 2003. You are writing stories of your experiences in the New York scene. Are you adding anything outside of music?"
Marky Ramone replied to me: "Oh yeah where I was born, my book covers where I went to school, how I got started in music, when it ended, and when I retired with the Ramones. I talk about the time when the Ramones retired in 1996, we didn't have to; but we felt we were at the top of our game. I wrote about being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame."
I am kind of afraid how his book is as Marky wanted to wait other Ramones' books were published before he tells his opinions... Marky tells he has written whole book.
Release party of Marky Ramone's autobiography Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As A Ramone is at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City on Saturday, January 17, 2015. Then Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg featuring Andrew W.K. on vocals will do full set.
About Simon & Schuster, company is one of the four largest English-language publishers and publishing houses, alongside Random House, Penguin, and HarperCollins. Mickey Leigh's and Legs McNeil's I Slept With Joey Ramone was also published by Simon & Schuster. Buy Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As A Ramone from: from Amazon.com or from from Amazon.co.uk (Updated: November 28, 2014).

- In Friday November 28, 2014, are published two Ramones specials in Record Store Day's Black Friday. These:
1) The Ramones compilation titled Morrissey Curates The Ramones. 12' vinyl by Rhino/Sire / RSD Exclusive Release. See tracklisting of compilation here.
Details: "Morrissey, being a big Ramones fan, particularly of the early years, had always wanted to compile a "best of" album and this year he got his wish. This compilation reflects Morrissey's experience of listening to the band for the first time. With the sad passing of Tommy Ramone recently, both management and Morrissey felt this was a fitting tribute. The use of the Union Jack on the cover reflects both how important the band were to the UK music scene but also how the UK embraced them and their sound. The photo on the back cover by Danny Fitzgerald is evocative of the period and was selected by Morrissey."
2) Joey Ramone: Christmas Spirit... In My House 10' vinyl. Label: Sanctuary. RSD Exclusive Release.
Details: "Originally released in 2002, this 5 song Joey Ramone holiday EP is a must for fans of Joey, The Ramones or holiday music in general. Never before available on vinyl, this red 10" EP includes Merry Christmas, Spirit In My House and What A Wonderful World."
Read more details here on my site. (November 26, 2014)

- Joey Ramone was a kind of manager of The Independents (USA). Joey really loved that horror punk band and also performed often as their special guest. Joey Ramone's final performances were Christmas Bash at The Continental, NYC, USA, on December 11, 2000, and Evil Presly's birthday party at Manitoba's, NYC, USA, on December 12, 2000. Evil is singer for The Independents and band performed in both shows.
Joey, along with Daniel Rey produced The Independents album Back From the Grave etc. There are also many other reason why I want to help The Independents.
In November 2014, you has a great chance to order special release Live In Kansas City until November 27 and help. Evil Presly and another founding member Willy B of The Independents explains: "Live In Kansas City CD live release will NOT be available on itunes or any other download site. We are only printing CD's as they are ordered so you have until Nov 27th, 2014, to get your copy! Part of the proceeds from this very exclusive package will go to help raise some much needed cash for our good pal and long time Augusta, GA promoter Michale Pool. Michale was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure and is having a hard time paying for medication and medical bills. To order the Independents package go to: www.theindependents.net and hit the buy now button. Please include shirt size.", Evil and Willy wrote.
If you wish to just donate to Michale directly without getting the package, you can do it here. Here is just a short list of some of the bands Michale has helped out in the past as a promoter etc.: Sick Sick Sick. Three Bad Jacks, Koffin Kats, Graveyard Boulevard, Silent Horror, Blitzkid, Skuds, Emotron, The Villains and Decrepits. (Updated: November 23, 2014)

- George DuBose host two Ramones 40th Anniversary parties and photo exhibitions in his hometown Cologne (Köln) in Germany.
There will be a Ramones trivia quiz and you will have chance to win photos signed by George DuBose as prizes. DuBose photographed/ designed nine album covers for the Ramones etc. For example Subterranean Jungle, Too Tough To Die and Mondo Bizarro are his works. You has chance to ask many great things from DuBose in these events. And of course see lot and lot photos.
First event: November 19, 2014: The Corkonian Pub, Cologne (Köln), Germany. Starts at 8PM.
Second event: November 28, 2014: Sonic Ballroom, Cologne (Köln), Germany. Starts at 8PM.
You will get to see Andy Brings (The Traceelords and Sodom) playing set of Ramones songs in November 19, 2014. Artists of second event will be announced soon.
George DuBose has released a great book called I Speak Music - Ramones in 2007. The book has 104 pages and about 60 of them include previously unreleased photos. He tells lot special stories behind his works. Foreword is by George O'Brien. Book is highly recommended.
Second edition of English version got published in March 2013. Portugese edition got published in May 2013 and Spanish edition in March 2013. Buy here English version I Speak Music - Ramones. And here you can find version in Spanish: Hablo Musica - Ramones (I Speak Music). And here you can you find version in Portugese: Eu Falo Musica - Ramones. Also book is out in Italian etc.
Also my Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives book has really, really great interview with George DuBose. He also let me use many of his photos. (November 12, 2014)

- There is Ramones 40th event also in Netherlands. It is at Rotown club in Rotterdam on October 3, 2014. Around 25-30 musicians are involved. There are musicians from great bands like Heideroosjes, Apers, The Shavers, The Accelerators and Real Danger. My long-time friend and Ramones' fan and appreacited journalist Bram van Schaik wrote information in English:
"About 25-30 Dutch artists will perform 40 Ramones songs, from back (Adios Amigos album) to front (to first album):
1) Hans Vandenburg (of Gruppo Sportivo, this band started in the seventies and was on same label as Talking Heads), 2) Igor Hobus (of Heideroosjes which did a Ramones tribute in 2000 in the series Marlboro Flashback which was aired on TV), 3) Ivo Backbreaker (Apers, Windowsill), 4) Jerry Hormone (Apers, Windowsill), 5) Marino Nicotine (Apers, Windowsill), 6) Janneke Riplet (Riplets), 7) Ella Bandita (as herself, Riplets), 8) Ox Accelerator (Accelerators), 9) Michiel Walrave (The Real Danger), 10) Theo de Jong (The Shavers) and 11) Marguerite Melchers (Ramona's, band existed form 1987-1994), listed van Schaik.
Doors open at 20:00 and show starts at 20:45. Ticket is only 10 euros.
Acid Eaters will perform in Bar3 (next door Rotown) songs the Ramones had covered over the years. Bram van Schaik also did mention funny information how Rotown offers a funny Ramones menu with Forest Hills salad, Arturo Vegaburger, chicken vindaloo and dozens of other choices! (Updated: October 2, 2014).

- U2 and especially singer Bono are honored Ramones a lot, already many times when the Ramones' was still on the road. I know many Ramones fans has mixed feelings about U2. But it is most important how Joey Ramone thought of U2 and how great things U2 and Bono has done to the Ramones (Read more here). As a latest thing, the lead single from U2's thirteenth studio album Songs Of Innocence is titled The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone).
While the lyrics of song don't specifically name-check the Ramones, lyrics tell a story about the first time U2 got to see the Ramones in Dublin in 1970's and the impact it had on their musical lives. They are underlined many times in past that the Ramones' music is what got them started. Also it is told in my debut book, Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone. U2's and Bono's manager wrote personal E-mail for me and confirmed I had permission to use tribute text Bono had wrote.
The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) was first unveiled by the U2 at an Apple Inc. product launch event on September 9, 2014, coinciding with an announcement that Songs Of Innocence would be released digitally to iTunes Store customers free of charge.
Now Marky Ramone commented of The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) to MTV News: "I am very grateful U2 wrote a song about my former friend and bandmate Joey Ramone. Joey would have been honored. It is well-deserved.", Marky wrote.
Joey Ramone's brother Mickey Leigh commented of the song to MTV News: "I loved it. It's Bono's interpretation and his spirit, but it also captures Joey's spirit. He described my brother's spirit well. I think he got just what Joey would have wanted out of it.", wrote Mickey.
On news MTV News tells bullshit of Marky being only living member of the group. They forget Richie Ramone and CJ Ramone being in the Ramones for many years.
Read more details of the Ramones and U2 connections here. Details like how Joey was listening to the U2 song In A Little While during his last moments. Joey's mother Charlotte has told: "Just as the song finished, Joey finished." Bono was one of the last musicians who spoke with Joey, he phoned Joey in the hospital. Half year later, in October 2001, Marky Ramone appeared on MTV TV channel accepting a lifetime achievement award presented by Bono to the Ramones (see photo in right). (Updated: October 1, 2014)

- September 15..., it is 10 years since we lost Johnny Ramone... Here you can find my memorial page for Johnny. RIP. In September 15, 2004, I was just leaving from Los Angeles, USA, when Johnny died. There was Ramones 30th show at The Avalon Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, USA in September 12, 2004. Read more of it here. Tommy Ramone, CJ Ramone, Marky Ramone, Daniel Rey, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Dickies, Eddie Vedder, Rob Zombie, Tim Armstrong, Brett Gurewitz etc. were playing.
Rob Zombie hosted the event and he did read Johnny Ramone's letter....:
"Hi this is Johnny Ramone. I asked my very good friend Rob Zombie to read my message. First I like to thank all Ramones fans present here and across the world, without them nothing would be possible. Ramones fans are the best anyone could hope for.
I also want to thank all the bands and guests for being here, making this a very special night. I have been blessed with having great friends and a great life. I wish I could be there, but I can't. Have a great time.
Johnny Ramone" RIP Johnny. (September 15, 2014)

- Many Ramones 40th Anniversary events are organized this year. In the heart of the Ramones founding area, at the Bowery in East Village, NY, USA, is event on September 14, 2014. Event is at The Bowery Electric club what is only 100 meters away from place where CBGB was. And 50 meters away from Arturo Vega's (Ramones' creative director) house where Joey Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone also lived in early 70's. This event is celebrating the Ramones' first show at the CBGB's.
In this event in September 14, 2014, are playing Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys), Handsome Dick Manitoba (The Dictators), Walter Lure (The Heartbreakers/ Waldos), The Bowery Electric's owner Jesse Malin (D-Generation, Bellvue etc.), Ivan Julian (Richard Hell And The Voidoids), George Tabb (Furious George), Sam Yaffa (Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls, Demolition 23, Mad Juana) and his wife Karmen Guy (Mad Juana), Miriam Linna, Willie Nile, Jack Ridley, Matt Hitt, Vanessa Bley, Max Hersh, Sienna Scarritt, Paolo Rizzo, John Gallagher Jr., Tina Ingrid and Dean Richards.
Also there is so called The Map Room at the Bowery Electric and on it in September 14 are playing for example Blitzkrieg Blues Bombers, Puma Perl and New York Junk.
Btw, Miriam Linna who sing in main stage is the one who run independent record label Norton Records since 1986 with her husband, the producer and singer-songwriter Billy Miller. Norton is label what get respect from so many legendary artists. While ago Miriam Linna released her first solo album Nobody's Heart, and I really feel Joey would had loved it and albums The Ronettes' feeling. CD has a touching version of early Questioningly. Questioningly and I Want You Around were first more than three minutes long Ramones songs Ramones published (they are in fourth album Road To Ruin). Miriam E-mailed to me that he will sing Questioningly in September 14, 2014. And I hope he will sing more.
In January 2014, Norton Records published Purple Majesty 7' single and it has two songs which Joey Ramone kind of produced. Read more here. Go to Norton Records Store buy it. (September 14, 2014)

- Sandro Mariuz of official Italian Ramones tribute band Wardogs has worked a lot to make Ramones special event happen as a part of Home Festival in Treviso, Italy in September 4-7, 2014.
- Inside Home Festival there will be an area for the 40th Ramones anniversary. Home Festival is actually biggest Italian music festival with 107 000 people. The Wardogs will play with Marky Ramone in September 5, 2014. There will be memorabilia and poster exhibition, Henry Ruggeri's and George DuBose's photo exhibitions, Ramones road manager Monte A. Melnick will be presenting
Italian edition of his book, Florian Hayler from Ramones Museum Berlin will attend event, Italian and German Official fan clubs are there, 16 gigs are played etc., Sandro Mariuz explained.
Marky Ramone and The Wardogs starts their one hour long set at 20.45 (8.45PM) in Friday. They do play in Circus Stage (big tent). Sando also invited me and I (Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone) will be one guest in this 40th Ramones anniversary event. I will bring copies of my books and I will also have some other special items on sale, like Dee Dee Ramone's singles and Hop Around LP, Youth Gone Mad featuring Dee Dee album, single of CJ Ramone's old band Bad Chopper (black vinyl and splatter limited to 500 copies), compilation including Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings song, Senzabenza's single which second song is engineered by Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey and copies of Jiro Okabe's Return Of The Kamikazi featuring CJ Ramone, Clem Burke etc. As well I will show some material I am recorded in different Ramones events....
Bands playing live include Romanez, Rockaway Bitches, Tempesta, Lobotomies, Gabbas, Latte + and Orion.
Italian fans will be presenting their books: Marco Zuanelli and Martino Pasina are presenting Ramones Sniffing Poster book. Zuanelli has also released book titled Gabba Gabba Book. Maurizio "Nodus" Nodari is behind of few Ramones books and as well he will attend event.
So Sandro's main band is The Wardogs. The Wardogs released few years ago their Ramones' tribute/ cover album titled Raw & Dirty. Album has by Wardogs 20 covers of Ramones songs or songs that also Ramones covered and a song that Joey covered What A Wonderful World. Bonus track is Blitzkrieg Bop and it is a live version from a show that Marky Ramone played with Mariuz etc. under name Marky Ramone & Andead at Palaverde, Treviso, Italy.
Check out Wardogs homepage (there is a store as well!) and Facebook site. (Updated: September 3, 2014)

- Morrissey is a British solo artist who has been creating his succesful solo career already since 1988. Morrissey has compiled the track-listing for the forthcoming Best Of The Ramones CD/LP, which is due for release by Sire Records/ Rhino Records. Morrissey is thankful to the Ramones management for this invitation.
Some might be confused why Morrissey, but I want to explain of his background. Morrissey has spoke of Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone in his some speeches at the shows. Morrissey's single Something Is Squeezing My Skull (2009) has cool covers taken in a statue in memory of Johnny Ramone (see in right).
Few years ago was told in public of negative comments Morrissey had written of the Ramones in 1976. He explained that old writing in 2012: "When I bought the Ramones first album on import, I was enraged with jealousy because I felt they had booted the New York Dolls off the map. I was 100% wrong. Three days after writing that Ramones piece, I realized that my love for the Ramones would out-live time itself. And it shall.", wrote Morrissey.
So as a teenager Morrissey acted as president of the UK branch of the New York Dolls fan club, and later he founded The Cramps fan club, the Legion Of The Cramped. Morrissey was for a while in the punk rock band The Nosebleeds in the late 1970's, then he became famous as a singer of The Smiths, before going to solo career. I also want to mention, Morrissey has been vegetarian since he was 11 years old and is an advocate for animal rights and a supporter of People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA). (August 30, 2014)

- In addition to Dave Frey, now Ramones co-manager is also Jeff Jampol after John Cafiero was fired. This year 2014 is official Ramones 40th year, but Jampol explains his opinion: "The 40th anniversary of the Ramones is coming up in 2016, that's when the first album came out. So we have a lot of projects leading up to that. We're looking at a documentary on the Ramones, we just secured a ton of footage, much of which has never been seen before. It came from the Ramones on the road over the years in the seventies and a little bit in the eighties, from a gentleman who had shot them, his name is George Seminara", told Jeff Jampol to Billboard.
Film will be directed by Oscar-winning american film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, and film historian Martin Scorsese. His works include movies Taxi Driver (1976), After Hours (1985), Goodfellas (1990), Cape Fear (1991), Casino (1995), The Aviator (2004) and Hugo (2011). Scorsese is now 71 years old. He has also long been talking about making a Frank Sinatra biopic and something again with Robert De Niro. (August 28, 2014)

- Ramones estate is working with a book project. Another Ramones co-manager Jeff Jampol told to Billboard: "You'll see a book coming, which is not a biographical book so much, but a story of the Ramones' formation and those first few records and that craziness that happened. It'll be a combination of prose, photographs and memorabilia and posters, just kind of documenting the scene." (August 28, 2014)

- Ramones' tour manager Monte A. Melnick wrote with Frank Meyer really great book titled On The Road With The Ramones. First edition got published in 2003. On The Road With The Ramones is the most extensive biography of the Ramones and years of their youth. I and information on my site helped Frank Meyer a lot. Monte just informed me book being out also in Italy. Italian edition is titled Sulla Strada Con I Ramones.
Publisher and distributors of book are Giunti editore (Settegiorni edizioni) / Feltrinelli Editore.
Monte will be presenting this Italian edition of his book at Ramones special event what is a part of Home Festival in Treviso, Italy in September 4-7, 2014. (August 24, 2014).

- Event titled CBGB Festival Presents: A 40th Remembrance & Salute To Tommy Ramone is at The Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery, New York, USA, at 7.30PM on August 16, 2014. It is honoring Tommy Ramone and in honor of the Ramones playing at CBGB for the first time 40 years.
There will be special guests speaking in August 16, 2014. Event is promoted pretty badly. Few days before event to Ramones' tour manager Monte A. Melnick wasn't sent information who other will be speaking and/or performing. He asked details to me.
- I just heard from Louise Parnassa Staley from CBGB's, here is what she told me. Along with me so far Michael Alago, Danny Fields, Bob Gruen and Seymour Stein with music by Martinets and DJ by Sandy Lieb. They are all reading or saying a few words, wrote Monte A. Melnick.
Spencer Drate and Jimmy Gestapo (as a DJ) had to cancel their coming. One member in The Martinets is Daniel Rey who produced for example Ramones' album Adios Amigos, he recorded material with Joey Ramone to both of Joey's solo albums and who produced Dee Dee's Zonked album and wrote many songs together with Dee Dee to some of the Ramones albums.
So this event is also in honor of the Ramones playing at CBGB for the first time 40 years. CBGB is one of most legendary clubs ever, founded by Hilly Kristal. New York club was opened in 1973 and got closed in 2006. It was in Bowery, 150 meters away from Arturo Vega's (Ramones' creative director) house where Joey Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone also lived in early 70's. The Ramones played really lot of their early gigs at CBGB's. CBGB was kind of birthplace of punk. So this event now in August 16 is at The Bowery Electric what is only 100 meters away from place where CBGB was. My interview with Hilly Kristal you can find from my first book
Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone.
Here you can find my memorial page for Tommy Ramone. (Updated: August 16, 2014)

- In addition to Ramones special event as a part of Home Festival in Treviso, Italy in September 4-7, 2014, is in Italy also another Ramones 40th event, titled 1, 2, 3 ... 40th Anniversary Ramones Festival! It is at Surfer Joe's Diner in Piazzale Mascagni 2, 57127 Livorno, Italy in August 14-16, 2014.
August 14: there is a presention of Ramones Sniffing Poster book etc. and live sets by Ruiha and The Kelavras, Legendary Lovedolls and Dome La Muerte & The Diggers etc.
August 15: presentation of compilation 1-2-3-4! I Cretini Saltano Ancora!, shows by Joey Ramone's brother Mickey Leigh, Latte+ and Kill That Girl etc.
August 16: there will be punkrocked shows by The Apers, Senzabenza, Chromosomes and Rockaway Bitches. See more details here. (August 11, 2014)

- The Ramones were recognised with the Icon Award at the annual Kerrang! Awards in June 13, 2014. Kerrang! Icon award was given to Venom in 2013, to Slash (ex-Guns N'Roses, ex-Velvet Revolver etc.) in 2012, to Alice Cooper in 2011, to Ronnie James Dio in 2010, to Alice In Chains in 2009 etc. Marky Ramone was only Ramones member who had chance to attend this event.
This year Deep Purple was chosen to Kerrang! Hall Of Fame, The Relentless Award was given to Watain, Best Album Award to Lost Forever/Lost Together by Architects, Best International Newcomer to 5 Seconds Of Summer etc.
Kerrang! is a United Kingdom based magazine devoted to rock music. Kerrang! has published many interviews with the Ramones members in past, they are paid attention great way to the Ramones. (Updated: August 1, 2014)

- The tenth annual Johnny Ramone tribute event presented by his wife Linda Cummings / Ramone is on August 24, 2014. It is 5PM-10.59PM. This might be the final Johnny Ramone tribute. Event is again at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, in a area where is Johnny Ramone's memorial statue and the gravesite of Dee Dee Ramone. Yearly there has been some film footage, celebrities having speeches etc. etc. Tickets are 25-75 US$.
Now event is (again) hosted by Johnny's close friend Rob Zombie (White Zombie etc.) and there will be as well Johnny's friends like Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) and Duff McKagan (Guns N'Roses, Velvet Revolver etc.). Rob Zombie will be leading an all-star band including McKagan and Jones through a selection of Ramones covers., performed live in the Masonic Lodge (live video simulcast on the lawn).
From television/ movie people special guest is Fred Armisen who is best known for his work as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 2002 until 2013. Fred Armisen has had several minor yet memorable roles in comedy films such as Eurotrip, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, The Ex and The Promotion.
The tenth annual Johnny Ramone tribute event has screening of The Devil's Rejects movie, also is chance to see Kirk Hammett's Crypt Collection of horror memorabilia on display in the Cathedral Mausoleum.
Everything happens in a area of Hollywood Forever cemetary. Proceeds will benefit Johnny Ramone Foundation and Dr. David Agus at the center for applied medicine, the Keck school of medicine, USC. (Updated: July 30, 2014)

- I have seen lot Ramones' items with fake autographs on Ebay etc. One seems to be really rude. I wanna warn of him you and in general be careful. BUT now I DO not start checking your autographed items as so many of you would ask me to do that.
Of my friends Timo Pullinen asked opinion if one Canadian is selling items with real or fake autographs by Ramones members. Seller uses on Ebay ID's samedi-b and samedi_plus. And he has had also other accounts. I told my first opinions why I thought they are fakes and I was correct. Man is named Samedi Bauble and living in Bridgenorth, Canada. His real name might be different? With fake autographs he cheated from my friend hundreds of US dollars. And has made at least 10 000 US$ with fakes.
This is one example: Samedi Baublesold sold with 100 US$ (+postage) item with autographs by Joey Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Johnny Ramone and Marky Ramone. But item was released in 2002, after Joey was dead. So did Joey autograph it in heaven...
I discussed of this seller on Facebook and many people knew him being criminal. Here are some comments by long-time Ramones fans:
Jimmy Marino wrote of Samedi Bauble: "Yep. I've seen this guys stuff for years. All fakes. He's total bullshit. I do see fakes and it's mostly from the Canadian guy. So I would be cautious buying any autograph at all if you are a new ramones fan. Thanks for posting."
And Gaston Sanchez wrote: "Jari, yes you are correct about this. This person has many eBay accounts that he sells fake autographs and some fake shirts. He has printed many fake tour shirts. I have seen his auctions for about 10 years now. I actually asked him once if he had many accounts and he said no. He also told me that he has the largest collection of Ramones items. A friend of mine from Germany told me years ago about his fake shirts."
One similar account is ID'd billy.biggs and it is located only 10 kilometers from Samedi Bauble's address....
Many times I have given to Ramones' fans chance to buy my books before trips where I do meet one or more Ramones members, like Tommy Ramone and Arturo Vega are signing my books to fans in Arturo's house in 2012 and CJ Ramone in this trip in 2014. (July 20, 2014)

- In July 12, 2014, at 2AM (New York time) I (Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone) personally got confirmation from one of Ramones' managers, Dave Frey, that we really lost last founding member of the Ramones, dear Tommy Ramone passed away in July 11, 2014. There were confusing hoax information first and because of that I wanted to get confirmation from inner circle. Tommy died because of bile duct cancer, which is also called cholangiocarcinoma. Bile duct cancer is rare.
Now all four founding members are angels. Singer Joey Ramone passed away in 2001, bassist Dee Dee Ramone in 2002 and guitarist Johnny Ramone in 2004. Surviving Ramones members are bassist CJ Ramone (1989-1996) and drummers Richie Ramone (1983-1987) and Marky Ramone (1978-1983, 1987-1996).
Tommy was born in Budapest, Hungary in January 29, 1949 (not in 1952 as Wikipedia says). Tommy (Tamas/ Thomas Erdelyi, he referred Thomas) was drummer in the Ramones from 1974 to 1978. I was afraid when this happens... I became pretty good friends with Tommy Ramone and I was one of those he trusted. First time he told me in 2013 his health has got worse. Last E-mail Tommy personally sent me was in May, 2014 and then health situation wasn't good. There were not too many of us he had told he was ill and luckily we who knew respected his privacy, expect in June, 2014 Marky Ramone told in radio interview Tommy not feeling well. I heard that interview on-line and I informed Tommy what Marky had said. It was sad move from Marky. I am compiled kind of memorial page to my friend Tommy Ramone here. You can find there also some quotes of interviews I did with Tommy. There are just few quotes. RIP. (July 12, 2014)

- Photographer Jenny Lens had taken hundreds of photos of the Ramones. She had taken also lot photos in 70's of Patti Smith, Blondie, Runaways/ Joan Jett, Germs, X, Clash, Damned, Sex Pistols etc.
The Ramones allowed Jenny Lens to follow them throughout their first California tour, August, 1976, but she chose to only shoot them in LA three times during 1977, and then twice during 1978. If you has bought my third book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives, you will find from it a lot photos taken by Jenny Lens, like there are no seen many photos of Joey Ramone without glasses. On page 115 you will see one. She also replied to lot of my questions. Read her interview on Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives on pages 113-118.
Jenny lives in LA and her rent raised so much that she will organize ten live chat events, on June 17-22, where you can ask from her questions of her experiences and memories of different artists, shows and stories behind of some certain photos. One live chat session lasts three hours and cost only 20 US$. See here more details and register. Facebook site of event is here. Also you has chance to buy photos taken by her. This is once-in-a-lifetime-chance. (June 16, 2014).

- Wow... For example English Uncut magazine informed, how after 38 years, Ramones debut album was originally released on April 23, 1976, and now album has been certified gold. This news was announced by the Recording Industry Association of America, the trade organization that represents the recording industry in the United States, the album was certified gold on April 30, 2014. According to the RIAA, an album is required to have sold 500,000 copies to qualify for gold status. First Ramones album that was certified gold in the United States, was collection Ramones Mania. (June 10, 2014)

- 14th Joey Ramone Birthday Bash is in Joey's birthday at The Bowery Electric in New York, USA on May 19, 2014. I want to make pre-party also this year: it is at 6PM at Manitoba's in May 19. Address: 99 Avenue B (Between 6th & 7th Street). It is only 7-10 minutes of walking from The Bowery Electric.
This is first year when any Ramones member won't attend show. Tommy Ramone, CJ Ramone and Richie Ramone confirmed that for me. CJ is touring. Marky Ramone do not want to support Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.
I announced big list of artists before Joey's brother Mickey Leigh in April 8, 2014, as many people outside of USA were waiting information if they do or not book flights to New York because of event.
Artists are: Joey Ramone Tribute band featuring Cheetah Chrome (The Dead Boys), Glen Matlock (ex-Sex Pistols etc.) and Mickey Leigh.
Other artists and groups performing are: Andy Shernoff (The Dictators), The Gobshites, The Independents, David Peel, The A-Bones, Heap and The Bullys. Probably more will be announced.
So the bash will be underneath the Joey Ramone Place street sign at the Bowery Electric in New York, USA. Mickey makes big work to get event together. Age limit +21, tickets in advance 25$ and from door 30$.
I will attend event and I will have with me from my books Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives (2009) and Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone (2002).
Last year Joey Ramone Birthday Bash was the first time at the Bowery Electric and it was much more crowded than in last few years before. Venue was one big reason for that. Of the Ramones members Tommy Ramone and Richie Ramone were at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash in 2011, Tommy Ramone in 2012 and CJ Ramone in 2013. See here some comments of 2013 event and here my long report from 2012 and here my long review and story from 2011. See more history of Joey Ramone Birthday Bashes and my Joey Ramone memorial site here. (Updated: May 8, 2014)

- Record Store Day is in April 19, 2014. One Record Store Day's exclusive release is 10' re-issue of original four track EP Meltdown With The Ramones. Meltdown With The Ramones was published only in United Kingdom in 1980 and it was then 7' EP/single. It has songs: A-side: I Just Want To Have Something To Do and Here Today Gone Tomorrow. B-side: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend and Questioningly.
And now this Meltdown With The Ramones is going to be published as 10' and will be on colored vinyl. Five-thousand copies will be released in the U.S. on blue vinyl, while an additional 2800 vinyls will be issued outside the country on pink vinyl.
See more details of Record Store Day here. (April 9, 2014)

- George DuBose has two pop-up all Ramones photo exhibits in April, 2014.
- One in Barcelona, Spain at the Apolo Records store on April 15 and another on April 18 at the Temple Bar in Andorra City, Andorra. I will be showing 40 - A2 or A3 prints at each venue. I will leave the prints for the fans to steal. I mean "liberate." I will have books to sell in Spanish and some signed prints in an A3 format, George DuBose E-mailed me.
DuBose photographed/ designed nine album covers for the Ramones etc. For example Subterranean Jungle, Too Tough To Die and Mondo Bizarro are his works. You has chance to ask many great things from DuBose in these events.
He also has released a great book called I Speak Music - Ramones in 2007. The book has 104 pages and about 60 of them include previously unreleased photos. He tells lot special stories behind his works. Foreword is by George O'Brien. Book is highly recommended.
Second edition of English version got published in March 2013. Portugese edition got published in May 2013 and Spanish edition in March 2013. Buy here English version I Speak Music - Ramones. And here you can find version in Spanish: Hablo Musica - Ramones (I Speak Music). And here you can you find version in Portugese: Eu Falo Musica - Ramones
Also my Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives book has really, really great interview with George DuBose. He also let me use many of his photos. (April 1, 2014)

- CJ Ramone is like Joey Ramone on it, how much he wants to do charity shows and support. Now Nassau County Committee Children & Youth Chairman Yvonne Brunner and CJ Ramone in co-operation with The American Legion Auxiliary, The National Military Family Association present Operation Purple Camp For Military Kids.
CJ wrote: "Come see me and comedian Dave Attell at a benefit for operation camp purple. A free camp for kids whose families have been affected by the loss, wounding, or PTSD of a parent (posttraumatic stress disorder). I am learning a bunch of early Ramones songs for this special show on April 3rd, 2014, at Mulcahy's in Wantaugh, New York, USA. I will be doing a special all Ramones set including a couple even the old timers probably never heard live.", CJ informed.
Show at Mulcahy's is early show. Event is 7-11PM and CJ will do his set 9-10PM. Admission is 60 US$ and include ticket, buffet, mixed drinks, beer, wine and soda. 100% of the profits benefit Operation Purple Camp. Website of The Mulcahy's. Address: 3232 Railroad Avenue, Wantagh New York 11793. (March 26, 2014)

- Recently were published few well-known music magazines featuring Ramones on cover. UK music mag UnCut celebrate in their March 2014 issue, 40 years of the Ramones with an extensive cover story by Peter Watts. Watts did many interviews around the Ramones. UnCut also has CD featuring new bands.
Issue of another old and much appreciated music magazine, Spanish mag Ruta 66 has on it's February 2014 issue unique Ramones cartoon in cover. Also Ruta 66 celebrate 40 years of the Ramones. Great Spanish fans Alfredo Cordeiro and Anna Piella told it having 12 pages information about Ramones history, origins and personalities etc.
February 2014 issue of Modern Drummer has Marky Ramone on cover and it has extensive interview with him. (Updated: February 10, 2014)

- Richie Ramone is on the road, punkrocking first extensive tour after he returned back to publicity. Richie Ramone's first solo album Entitled was released by DC-Jam Records in October 2013. Tour in North America is: January 29-March 12, 2014. See all dates here. Final show is at Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Line-up is:
* Richie Ramone: drums and vocals.
* Ben Wah Reagan: rhythm guitar and drums.
* Clare Misstake: bass (aka Clare Pproduct and aka Clare Noizee).
* Alex Kane: guitar.
Alex Kane plays in this tour instead of Tommy Bolan.
I asked from Clare Misstake if he can list some songs what they are played now at live. Richie, Ben, Clare and Alex has in their live-set for example...
Songs what Ramones recorded: Elevator Operator, (You) Can't Say Anything Nice, Blitzkrieg Bop, Cretin Hop, Loudmouth, I Just Want To Have Something To Do, Smash You, I Know Better Now and Somebody Put Something In My Drink.
Of those songs Somebody Put Something In My Drink, I Know Better Now and Smash You were also recorded to Richie Ramone's Entitled. From Entitled Richie, Ben, Clare and Alex are played also for example Criminal, Entitled, Take My Hand, Better Than Me and Forgotten Years.
Ramones (probably) never played at live Elevator Operator, Smash You and (You) Can't Say Anything Nice. Elevator Operator is a demo song, originally Smash You was included in 7'/ 12' singles/maxis in 1985 and originally (You) Can't Say Anything Nice was included in 12' maxi in 1986. Those are written by Richie Ramone. (Updated: February 8, 2014)

- Ramones tour manager Monte A. Melnick wrote with Frank Meyer really great book titled On The Road With The Ramones. First edition got published in 2003. On The Road With The Ramones is the most extensive biography of the Ramones and years of their youth. I and information on my site helped Frank Meyer a lot. Monte just informed me book being out also in Brazil. Here is one site where you can buy it. Title is Na Estrada Com Os Ramones. (January 25, 2014)

- The Continental's (New York, USA) owner Trigger wrote to me in November, 2013, about him doing fifth Continental's Rock And Roll Reunion.
- CJ Ramone, Walter Lure, Lenny Kaye, Jesse Malin, Murphy's Law and the drummer from Guns N' Roses and many others are playing it!, Trigger told.
Continental's Rock And Roll Reunion #5 is in January 19, 2014. And yes, line-up is again amazing.
CJ Ramone Band will play at 9.00, then Murphy's Law (9.40), Lenny Kaye (10.20), Sea Monster (11.00), The Waldos (11.40) and Bitch (12.20).
- "Bitch" is a Don Hills Reunion of sorts. It was a legendary night at Don's club. They have a killer house band and 20 guest vocalists. This time the theme is AC/DC. I am honored to have this cause Don was such an amazing guy. His staff and bands are all also connected to my club and we're all friends and family. I'm hoping this will become part of our Reunion show every year! Trigger E-mailed me in January 12.
First band on stage is Hammerbrain at 3.00. Also are playing for example The Independents (4.00), Furious George (4.30), Electric Frankenstein (5.30), Heap (6.30) and Trigger's All Stars (8.30).
Ticket is only five dollars till 8PM and only ten dollars after. Age limit 21 years.
Of the Ramones members especially CJ Ramone, Joey Ramone and also Dee Dee Ramone played a lot at The Continental in late 90's and Joey also in his final years. Also Dee Dee, Marky Ramone, and Dee Dee's wife Barbara Zambini recorded Ramainz: Live In N.Y.C. there in July 1997.
Joey's very last full-length concert was at The Continental on December 11, 2000.
The Continental closed their doors on September 17, 2006 and CJ Ramone played that night. At the grand re-opening on October 11, 2006, owner Trigger said he will not have bands play anymore. Trigger said that as hisrents and overhead went up each year, it was undoable to have a punk club in the neighbourhood - the crowd isn't there to support it.
It is great he does these big reunion shows and bands are supporting him. Whenever you are in New York and East Village, go and buy some drinks and have fun! (Updated: January 12, 2014).

- There is all the time lot Ramones tribute shows worldwide, in this location on my homepage you will find information of huge amount of tribute shows.
I mention here of two special events. 1) First one is at the Tivoli De Helling in Utrecht, Netherlands on January 11, 2014. It is second event in the series No More Heroes.
- No More Heroes events are about heroes who changed lives with their music. The first one was for The Smiths, now the spotlights are shining on the Ramones. Garage band Traumahelicopter plays Ramones songs, there is a DJ who is a hardcore Ramones fan and plays Ramones and music from bands that influenced them, there's a quiz and if you like you can go watch End Of The Century documentary earlier that day in the arthouse cinema, explained of event at Tivoli De Helling much appreciated journalist and Ramones fan Bram van Schaik.
2) Another special event is at the Loggia Del Leopardo, Vogogna, Verbania, Italy on January 18, 2014. That night are playing official Italian Ramones tribute band Wardogs, S.T.P. (with original line-up) and Tough. In this event is also Ramones Sniffing Poster book presentation and poster exhibition by Marco Zuanelli and Martino Simona of Official Italian Ramones Fan Club etc. Also Maurizio "Nodus" Nodari will be there etc. (January 7, 2014).

- Italian label Rocketman Records will release compilation to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Ramones.
- "One, Two, Three, Four... I Cretini Saltano Ancora" is super compilation of 50 Italian bands who committed to revisit a song by Ramones. Digital output is expected in the first months of 2014 on Rocketman Records. My punk rock band Totale Apatia has recorded an acoustic version of Ramones' song Pet Sematary and song will appear on the compilation. Here is the link. Video is directed by: Luca BZK Catullo, wrote Alex of Totale Apatia and BigRedAgency. (December 30, 2013)

- Here in Finland got made Ramopunk / Dee Dee Ramone calendar/ almanac for year 2014 by Ramopunk Ry society. It is 24 centimeters high (9,5 inch) and 21 centimeters wide (8,3 inch). Calendar has four color pages and drawings/ paintings are of Dee Dee Ramone. Drawings/ paintings are created by Manuel Cossun of The Manges. Design is by The Andersson's Tee Dee Andersson. Calendar is printed in real printing house and is quality product.
Prize of calendar is 12 euros + postage. Ask more details from Minna Wallenius: ramopunk.ry@gmail.com (November 24, 2013)

- There are no many Ramones songs which are released with alternative lyrics and title. I throught to mention of Main Man. As many of you knows Main Man is song in Ramones' album Mondo Bizarro (1992) and CJ Ramone makes lead vocals on it.
I has bootleg LP of Dee Dee Ramone's early solo show, with his short-term band The Spikey Tops at New Rochelle, NY, USA on November 25, 1989. Main Man is titled I'm An Apeman on it and Dee Dee also sing it with lyrics I'm An Apeman. Song is written by Dee Dee Ramone and Daniel Rey. As is one of greatest Ramones songs Poison Heart which Dee Dee also rocked already at live in that show on November 25, 1989. (November 24, 2013)

- A movie called CBGB was being made for many years. It was released during the CBGB Musical Festival, which run from October 9-13, 2013, in New York. CBGB got to theater screen in the USA on October 11, 2013. See extensive information of my CBGB archives here.
CBGB movie is 101 minutes long. XLrator Media has acquired U.S. rights to distribute CBGB. Ramones' founding member Tommy Ramone was announced to be at the venue called Subculture during CBGB Festival on October 11, 2013. Subculture's address is 45 Bleecker Street, Downstairs New York, NY 10012, USA, so it is in East Village. I was confused about information as Tommy Ramone didn't attend event. I asked about that from Tommy in late October.
- I don't know why the CBGB festival was using my name when I let them know early that I was not available. Sorry if their promotions caused confusion, Tommy Ramone wrote for me in November 1, 2013.
Back to CBGB documentary. DVD and Blu-ray versions were published on December 31, 2013: CBGB [Blu-ray] and CBGB [DVD] .
Background: So movie is about most legendary club ever, founded by Hilly Kristal. New York club was opened in 1973 and got closed in 2006. It was in Bowery, 100 meters away from Arturo Vega's house where Joey Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone also lived in early 70's. The Ramones played really lot of their early gigs at CBGB's. CBGB was kind of birthplace of punk. Hilly had one demand of the acts he booked, they could only play their own original music. No top 40's, no covers. Of course full set could had few covers. CBGB is directed by Randall Miller. Writing credits goes to Miller and Jody Savin. Movie follow Kristal's life and work at the infamous Lower East Side club. Co-producer is Kristal's daughter Lisa Kristal Burgman.
Review: Carlos Anguiano got chance to see movie already and he said I can add his comments of it:
"OK just watched CBGB The Movie... I liked it but it seemed less about the music and more about Hilly Kristal. Which is fine, but I wanted it to explore the music end more. They must have not been able to get the rights to the Ramones music, which was a bit of a let down. I did like the John Holmstrom/ Punk Magazine angle, seems like they could do a whole movie on that. I also enjoyed that the Dead Boys were featured alot in the movie. Sadly, no Dictators, and Ramones story was very limited and seemed inconsistent to the truth as we know it and they didn't show enough of the club itself... It was enjoyable... The cast was fun.", commented Carlos Anguiano.
So of certain reason there are not Ramones music on it, but Joey Ramone's solo material can be heard.
About cast: Joel David Moore is Joey Ramone, Julian Acosta is Johnny Ramone, Steven Schub is Dee Dee Ramone, Catfish Staggs is Tommy Ramone (see photo in right of actors of Ramones members).
More actors: Alan Rickman is Hilly Kristal, Justin Bartha is Stiv Bators, Taylor Hawkins (of Foo Fighters) is Iggy Pop, Malin Akerman is Debbie Harry etc. Wikipedia says Joel David Moore is best known for his roles as Owen Dittman in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Dr. Norm Spellman in Avatar, Colin Fisher in Bones and J.P. in Grandma's Boy. And Julian Acosta can be seen in films like Bound By Lies, True Love and SEED and The Lords of Salem directed by Johnny's friend Rob Zombie etc.
Many actors were in Los Angeles, USA premiere of CBGB, on October 1, 2013. Other guests included Richie Ramone and Rodney Bingenheimer. Rodney is considered to be one of the most well known DJs in the world. His radio show in Los Angeles on KROQ-FM has been a hit since it's inception in August 1976. The Ramones were on his very first show. His long interview is on Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives. See in right photo of Rodney, Richie and Frank Infante (Blondie). Rodney played in his next show Richie Ramone's Criminal from Richie's album Entitled. Richie Ramone gave me permission to use that photo here on my site.
My Hilly memories: Hilly Kristal passed away on August 28, 2007. For me it was especially a great honour to meet and interview Hilly. We met a few days after Joey's 50th memorial Birthday Bash in 2001. Early one morning I visited CBGB's, and we decided that we would meet later on that day for him to talk about Joey. Then, when I later visited at CBGB's with David Kelly, We felt that we would like to listen to Hilly's stories for many hours. Originally, I included interview in my first book Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone. I personally left a book for Hilly in May 2002.
I has got Hilly Kristal's personal copy of the Dead Boys' second album We Have Come For Your Children. Dee Dee Ramone and Joey Ramone sang background vocals on We Have Come For Your Children song Catholic Boy.
You can read my interview with Hilly also from my third book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives. (Updated: November 4, 2013)

- Rhino Records will release re-mastered versions of six first Ramones studio albums as a CD box set. A new Ramones box set is titled Ramones: The Sire Years (1976-1981). Release date is October 29, 2013. First six Ramones studio albums are: Ramones (1976), Leave Home (1977), Rocket To Russia (1977), Road To Ruin (1978), End Of The Century (1980) and Pleasant Dreams (1981). I asked few questions from Rhino Records and they replied.
- There are no current plans to release this collection on vinyl. The CD version does not contain bonus tracks, they replied.
Rhino Records will also release an expanded digital set that includes those six physical albums, and the rest of the Ramones albums in eighties: Subterranean Jungle (1983), Too Tough To Die (1984), Animal Boy (1986), Halfway To Sanity (1987) and Brain Drain (1989). See basic information of albums here. (Updated: October 21, 2013)

- Now it was time to make an official announce, information for what I little bit hinted in September etc. John Cafiero who was Ramones' manager and leader of Johnny Ramone Army, got fired by Johnny Ramone's wife Linda.
Joey Ramone's brother Mickey Leigh wrote: "Thanks to Linda terminating her former manager, John Cafiero, a black cloud has been lifted off Ramones Productions. She and I, and the others who work to maintain the band's legacy and integrity, met today to discuss ways to improve things for the Ramones and their fans. Ramones.com should be back up soon, and other exciting developments are finally in progress. Once again, it feels like a family.", wrote Mickey.
And Mickey continued: "I'm so happy this nightmare is over, and so are things like: if I am asked to play a few songs at a Ramones tribute I will no longer be threatened with legal action by John Cafiero and Linda's former attorney - who I had to hold back from going after every Ramones tribute show they could find and attempt to stop them from using Ramones "intellectual property", Mickey said.
Yes, Mickey had to refuse to play in some Ramones tribute events because of Cafiero...
John Cafiero still run Misfits Records. Many also remember him from the Osaka Popstar band whom member Marky Ramone was. (October 10, 2013)

- Ramones Sniffing Poster is a book by Italian long-term Ramones hardcore fans Marco Zuanelli and Martino Pasina. Release date is October 8, 2013 and then you can buy it online by writing to martino@ramonessniffingposter.it (international orders) or to marco@ramonessniffingposter.it (orders in Italy).
As well the book will be available at the CJ Ramone's show at Bloom Mezzago, Milan, Italy on October 16, 2013. The book is in two languages: Italian and English. Martino Pasina comments.
- Ramones Sniffing Poster traces the history of the Ramones since 1975 through our collection of over 350 posters of Ramones concerts, promotional posters, of solo projects, movie posters and from magazines. A "Ramones menu" seasoned with the participation of Marky Ramone, CJ Ramone, Richie Ramone, Ramones producer Daniel Rey, Ramones tour manager Monte A. Melnick, Ramones graphic designer Arturo Vega (RIP), German photographer George DuBose who is behind of big amount of Ramones' promo photos etc., Punk Magazine founder John Holmstrom, enriched by interviews with the authors of some serigraphs which TAZ, Mark Arminski, Derek Hess, Mark Matcho, William Stout, Ben Harris and other interviews with The Manges, Florian Hayler (Ramones Museum Berlin), Paolo Di Gaetano and Maurizio Nodari (The Ramones Italian official fan club), explained details of book Martino Pasina. (Updated: September 29, 2013)

George DuBose has a photo exhibition at Metropolis Recording Studio, The Powerhouse, 70 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 1SY, UK. Opening is at 7PM on September 12, 2013. The show at Metropolis is going to be up until November at least, as George DuBose E-mailed me. You has chance to buy some of his works as well. You will see lot great material related to the Ramones and other bands and artists like Andy Warhol, R.E.M., The B-52's and Madonna at Metropolis Recording Studio. George DuBose photographed/ designed nine album covers for the Ramones etc. Like Subterranean Jungle, Too Tough To Die and Mondo Bizarro are his works. You has chance to ask many great things from DuBose in London.
- We're putting on a private view of iconic photographer George DuBose here at Metropolis. Some extremely limited edition prints will be decorated around our building.
- The exhibition will open this Thursday (September 12) as a guest list only event with DuBose present to say a few words about the various artists he has shot over the years. The exhibition will then remain in residence at metropolis studios and be viewable by appointment only through myself, Matt Hamilton of Metropolis Recording Studio informed me.
So if you want to attend event in September 12 or later, you must send an E-mail to: matt.hamilton@thisismetropolis.com.
- So unfortunately, the studio isn't open to the public, but E-mailing Matt Hamilton at any time while the exhibit is standing should get an entry for viewing. The show at Metropolis is going to be up until November at least, George DuBose E-mailed me.
He also has released a great book called I Speak Music - Ramones in 2007. The book has 104 pages and about 60 of them include previously unreleased photos. He tells lot special stories behind his works. Foreword is by George O'Brien. Book is highly recommended.
Second edition of English version got published in March 2013. Portugese edition got published in May 2013 and Spanish edition in March 2013. Buy here English version I Speak Music - Ramones. And here you can find version in Spanish: Hablo Musica - Ramones (I Speak Music). And here you can you find version in Portugese: Eu Falo Musica - Ramones
Also my Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives book has really, really great interview with George DuBose. He also let me use many of his photos. (Updated: September 10, 2013)

- George DuBose's photo exhibition at Metropolis Recording Studio, The Powerhouse, 70 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 1SY, UK, is going to be up until November at least, as DuBose E-mailed me.
He also wrote great news to Spanish Ramones fans.
- I am also working on having a all Ramones show in Barcelona, Spain. What I have been doing lately is showing unframed paper prints with rough torn edges and then taping the prints to the wall with black tape. It looks pretty punk, DuBose E-mailed.
Schedule of Barcelona exhibition is open. Anyway you will then see lot great material related to the Ramones. DuBose photographed/ designed nine album covers for the Ramones etc. Like Subterranean Jungle, Too Tough To Die and Mondo Bizarro are his works. (September 10, 2013)

- The ninth annual Johnny Ramone tribute event was at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on August 18, 2013. Event was in a area where is Johnny Ramone's memorial statue and the gravesite of Dee Dee Ramone. You had chance to make this in "picnic style", sit in a blanket, have something to eat and drink while watching things that were shown. See and read here story of event.
This year any of the Ramones members not attended event. Event again celebrated Johnny's love of cult movies. This year special guest host was John Waters who presented an outdoor screening of the director's cut of his 1990 cult classic Cry-Baby. Cry-Baby was projected on a 42-foot Mausoleum wall. Cry-Baby is written and directed by John Waters and is starring for example Iggy Pop, Johnny Depp and Traci Lords. In advance was told Traci Lords being a special guest on this Johnny Ramone tribute event. Surprise guest was Johnny Depp. Also there was from the cast of movie for example Joe Dallesandro.
Some of you might remember Traci Lords singing backing vocals to the Ramones' cover of Somebody To Love, it was recorded to Ramones' album Acid Eaters. Movies directed and/or written by Waters are also for example Pink Flamingos (1972), Polyester (1981) and Hairspray (1988). Waters and Lords did signing and q&a as well. Movies directed and/or written by Waters are also for example Pink Flamingos (1972), Polyester (1981) and Hairspray (1988). Waters and Lords will do signign and q&a as well.
Also in this event on August 18, 2013 was shown vintage Ramones live concert footage and music videos projected on a 42-foot Mausoleum wall. As well was Ramones look-a-like contest. Johnny Ramone's wife Linda Ramone and Johnny Ramone Army Chief Of Staff, John Cafiero told in advance: "Come dressed as your favorite founding member of The Ramones: Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee or Tommy - to win prizes!"
Contest was judged by Linda and Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols. Address of Hollywood Forever Cemetery is: 6000 Santa Monica Blvd. LA, CA, USA. Admission was 10 US$. Net proceeds benefit the Johnny Ramone Research fund at USC Westside Prostate Cancer Center lead by Dr. David Agus. Doors were open at 5:30 PM. (Updated: August 26, 2013)

- Live And Loud Radio has The Ramone Family Retrospective program at 5PM-8PM (NYC time) on every Wednesday. Live And Loud Radio has also played lot new songs especially by CJ Ramone and Richie Ramone. You can request now many of Richie Ramone's songs from his Entitled album which will hit stores worldwide on October 8, 2013. By donating 5 dollars you can request five songs. Where else can you hear any song you request on radio? Station has 48 hour Radiothon in August 1-2, 2013 (NYC time zone), as they are trying to reach 2500 US$ for expenses. Mosrite is latest sponsor of Live And Loud Radio. Make a song request on their Live And Loud Radio site by GoFund Me and write songs you wanna hear. Their Facebook site is here. (August 1, 2013)

- Marky Ramone signed this year a deal with Simon & Schuster. Simon & Schuster will publish Marky's book of his memoirs. Marky has worked around 10 years with his book and he promised it finally coming out in 2013. Simon & Schuster tells on their site that book has 384 pages and publication date is September 17, 2013. It also comes out as a eBook.
Marky said in one point to me he thought name being Faith In The Backbeat. Don't know if that is still a title. About 10 years of working... In my interview with him in my third book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives he told in January, 2005 this way already: "Marky: Right now I have to concentrate on finishing my book."
And then I asked: Jari-Pekka: "You have been working on your book since 2003. You are writing stories of your experiences in the New York scene. Are you adding anything outside of music?"
Marky Ramone replied to me: "Oh yeah where I was born, my book covers where I went to school, how I got started in music, when it ended, and when I retired with the Ramones. I talk about the time when the Ramones retired in 1996, we didn't have to; but we felt we were at the top of our game. I wrote about being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame."
I am afraid how his book is as Marky has wanted to wait other book come out before he tells his opinions... Marky tells he has written whole book.
About Simon & Schuster, company is one of the four largest English-language publishers and publishing houses, alongside Random House, Penguin, and HarperCollins. Mickey Leigh's and Legs McNeil's I Slept With Joey Ramone was also published by Simon & Schuster. (Updated: July 4, 2013).

- The Ramones has again received good attention in different charts. Biggest Finnish music magazine called Soundi (issue 6-7/2013) listed 100 best albums. To the Ramones' debut album was given position #14. First five were: 1) The Clash: London Calling, 2) The Velvet Underground & Nico: The Velvet Underground & Nico, 3) The Beatles: Revolver, 4) The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds and 5) Nirvana: Nevermind.
Diffuser.fm created great listing titled Moments That Nearly Destroyed Rock. First they tell of it how Slash auditioned for the Bret Michaels-led Poison (read here), of it how Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx was declared legally dead of an overdose before he was eventually revived (read here) and how big role John Frusciante had in Red Hot Chili Peppers (read here).
The Ramones' story is #12: read here text written by Kenneth Partridge. It is: "As true Ramones fans will tell you, Joey Ramone wasn't always the singer of the iconic NYC band. The gangly fellow born Jeffry Hyman started out on drums, holding down rudimentary beats while Douglas Colvin, soon to be known as Dee Dee Ramones, handled vocals.
This lineup might have stuck, but Dee Dee couldn't play bass and sing at the same time. Enter Thomas Erdelyi, a friend of the group who had been slated to take over as manager. Erdelyi, subsequently known as drummer Tommy Ramone, convinced Joey to step up to the mic. We're glad he did. Without Joey's bleat, the Ramones don't break, punk doesn't explode and alt-rock never happens in America." (June 24, 2013)

- I asked from Richie Ramone if he wants to write something of Arturo Vega as a memorial text. It is now two weeks since we lost Arturo Vega. Read more below of Arturo or read more of Arturo here. I will ask from Tommy and CJ if they want to write something as well of Arturo "Arty" Vega.
Richie Ramone wrote: "Arty was an amazing designer not only with his artwork, but the way he did the lighting for all our live shows. He knew every beat of every song and his style of lighting the stage was amazing. He was the same guy everyday with no ups and downs and truly enjoyed life. If you needed someone to talk to, Arturo was the man who made you feel better about yourself. You will be truly missed my friend but we do have a lot of memories with which to remember you by. Peace and love..., Richie Ramone".
Thanks Richie for writing honest and lovely words of Arturo. (June 20, 2013)

- Like many of you knows, George DuBose photographed/ designed nine album covers for the Ramones etc. Like Subterranean Jungle, Too Tough To Die and Mondo Bizarro are his works. George DuBose released also a great book called I Speak Music - Ramones in 2007. The book has 104 pages and about 60 of them include previously unreleased photos. He tells lot special stories behind his works. Foreword is by George O'Brien. Book is highly recommended.
In June 2013, DuBose wrote for me latest news of translations: "The book is now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. French edition is coming soon and I am hoping to find a publisher in Japan."
First version of English version got published in 2007 and second edition in March 2013. Portugese edition got published in May 2013 and Spanish edition in March 2013.
1) Buy here English version I Speak Music - Ramones.
2) And here you can buy version in Spanish: Hablo Musica - Ramones (I Speak Music).
3) And here you can you can buy version in Portugese: Eu Falo Musica - Ramones
Here I tell some more background of George DuBose: George DuBose has photographed and designed over 300 album covers, has collected around twenty gold and platinum albums for groups as diverse as REM, The Go Gos, and Melissa Etheridge.
Also my Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives book has really, really great interview with George DuBose. He also let me use many of his photos. (June 19, 2013)

- There was a small tribute event at Manitobas bar in NYC and in June 12, 2013, was memorial radio show to Arturo by Rob Russo and Live And Loud Radio, in The Ramone Family Retrospective program at 5PM-8PM (NYC time). Some people close to Arturo were interviewed by phone: Ramones' tour manager Monte A. Melnick, musicians Andy Shernoff and Dave U. Hall, Dee Dee Ramone's ex-wife Vera Ramone-King, Ramones' crew members Jimmy Marino and Rick Johnson, and Gaston Sanchez.
Rob Russo had asked me to write memorial text of Arturo and he read it. It was 7-8 minutes long reading. Thanks for asking Rob. (June 13, 2013)

- June 8, 2013, dear Arturo Vega passed away at age 64, he had to fight with aggressive cancer, everything happened fast. RIP dear Arturo... Arturo was 64 even in many places is told he was 65 and born in 1947. Correct is October 13, 1948, I got information from Arturo's relative.
Always when I was staying at Arturo's apartment in New York, he was taking good care of himself: exercising lot and eating healthy. He was in a good shape.
But when Arturo found out of a cancer, it was too late. A time Arturo found out of cancer and went to hospital, cancer was all around in his body. Arturo was gone in around week.
Ramones' tour manager Monte A. Melnick griefed how same unfortunately happened with Johnny Ramone.
- Please, everybody go to the doctor (at least) once a year, please, Monte said in Live And Loud Radio's memorial program for Arturo.
Arturo Vega was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. Arturo was Ramones' creative director, lightning director etc. and together with the guys since 1972 (so even before the Ramones' were formed). Also Dee Dee Ramone and Joey Ramone lived in house a while in early 70's, in a street next to where CBGB's was. Ramones' signed first record deal in a table what he had in his house and table was in house till the end. You can see in right photo of Arturo Vega, Tommy Ramone and I (Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone) behind that table in May 2012. He was in 2261 shows of 2263 Ramones' shows. Arturo has said: "I just couldn't make it to the (two) shows - and I have the police records to prove it.", said Arturo.
Arturo designed famous Ramones' logo and most of Ramones shirts and items. People got most authentic Ramones items through his site.
Arturo's homepage was first official Ramones site (founded in December 1999). After Joey Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone and Johnny Ramone were passed away, few relatives of certain Ramones members wanted his site to be unofficial and it is reason why www.officialramones.com became www.ramonesworld.com (Arturo packed items what were ordered, so do not make orders now). That change of making site unofficial was so cruel move from few people.
Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny always supported Arturo. Arturo organized Joey Ramone memorial show at CBGB in May 19, 2002, where played for example CJ Ramone, Marky Ramone and Daniel Rey. I would tell so lot stories of dear Arturo Vega.
I and Arturo were good friends and when being in New York I stayed in his apartment in last few years. I also did there many interviews, like with Tommy Ramone and CJ Ramone (see photos in right) to my third book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives. Also last year with Tommy. Tommy Ramone came to Arturo's house to make an interview with Anu Vihma and Sasha Silvala to document related to me. I was happy to introduce Arturo to many of my friends like to Noah Citrin who was Joey Ramone's best friend in high school years. Tommy told me how the first time he met Joey Ramone was with Noah. Joey Ramone and Noah Citrin were playing and Noah invited Tommy up to jam, explains Tommy in Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.
Read more of Arturo Vega here, I had composed that page few years ago.
Arturo Vega was really widely loved. RIP. (Updated: June 12, 2013).

- Backstage Auctions (http://www.backstageauctions.com) have currently a 'Rock & Pop' auction going on that contains auction of Chip Dayton's complete Ramones photo archive, which consist of nearly 350 slides and negatives, including the ones used for the 128-pages soft cover book he published in 2004. Dayton is New York concert photographer and collection include rare concert and backstage photos from the 1970s. Not only are these the original slides and negatives, as a great bonus Chip is selling them with a full transfer of rights, making this a most exclusive and truly 'one-of-a-kind' opportunity. See auction here. Starting bid is 2500 US$ (June 12, 2013)

- Joey Ramone Birthday Bash was organized also this year on May 19, 2013. Venue was under the Joey Ramone Place sign, at The Bowery Electric in New York, NY, Bowery, USA. See here some comments of event.
I was afraid that last year we experienced last Joey Ramone Birthday Bash. Not too many of Ramones fans will know how big work it is to organize. There are many things in a background. Anyway, Joey's brother Mickey Leigh confirmed to me personally months ago Joey Ramone Birthday Bash being again on Joey's (and mine) birthday, May 19, 2013. Joey turned then 62 years.
- There will be history in the making at this year's Birthday Bash, Mickey hinted in early 2013 and referred to he and CJ Ramone being on stage for the first time together. Is that really the making history? Mickey is regular musician and Richie Ramone and Marky Ramone has also brothers.
In March, 2013, CJ Ramone confirmed to me that he is playing at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19, 2013. In May 5, 2013, I confirmed if he plays twice that night: with his band and in Joey Ramone Friends set.
- Yes, I am scheduled to play at Joey's birthday party with my band and with the All Star band. I am looking forward to it!, wrote CJ.
In April were announced these artists playing in Joey Ramone Tribute band: CJ, Walter Lure (The Waldos/ Heartbreakers), Al Maddy, Andy Shernoff (The Dictators etc.), George Tabb, John Xavier (The Nightcaps), Walt Stack (The Bullys), Mickey Leigh...
CJ Ramone also played a set with his band. Other artists included The Independents (Joey was kind of The Independents manager and performed often with them), The Bullys, Ingrid & the Defectors, Heap and The Sic F*cks.
Admission was 20 US$ advance, 25US$ day of show. Doors open at 6:30pm, and the show will begin at 7pm. Age limit: 21 years.
This was first Joey Ramone Birthday Bash where CJ was playing. There are many reason for that why it is not happened earlier. CJ Ramone has played in some other Joey memorials, like at the CBGB's on May 19, 2002. Event was then organized by Ramones artist director Arturo Vega.
Joey Ramone Birthday Bash is organized every year in May 19, after our Joey passed away on April 15, 2001. (Updated: June 7, 2013)

- New Found Glory released on April 20, 2013, a special EP for Record Store Day filled with covers they recorded of some popular Ramones songs. The EP, titled Mania, can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes as well for only 5.94 US$.
Songs are: I Wanna Be Sedated, Rockaway Beach, Rock And Roll High School, Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio, Judy Is A Punk and The KKK Took My Baby Away. Vinyl EP is a limited edition (only 500) on pink and black vinyl.
New Found Glory was formed in 1997 and is pop/rock punk band formed in Coral Springs, Florida, United States. (May 4, 2013)

- Rolling Stone Magazine is one the most appreciated and legendary music magazine. Rolling Stone announced "100 Best Debut Albums Ever" listing. Number one was Beastie Boys' debut (1986). Ramones' selftitled debut (1976) was number two! Here are their arguments, starting with Joey Ramone's comments: "Our early songs came out of our real feelings of alienation, isolation, frustration - the feelings everybody feels between seventeen and seventy-five," said singer Joey Ramone. Clocking in at just under twenty-nine minutes, Ramones is a complete rejection of the spangled artifice of 1970s rock and ground zero for the punk-rock revolution. The songs were fast and anti-social, just like the band: Beat On The Brat, Blitzkrieg Bop, Now I'Wanna Sniff Some Glue. Guitarist Johnny Ramone refused to play solos - his jackhammer chords became the lingua franca of punk - and the whole record cost just over $6000 to make. But Joey's leather-tender plea I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend showed that even punks need love.
Next eight after Ramones album were in "100 Best Debut Albums Ever" listing: 3) Jimi Hendrix Experience: Are You Experienced (1967), 4) Guns N' Roses: Appetite For Destruction (1987), 5) The Velvet Underground: The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967), 6) N.W.A.: Straight Outta Compton (1988), 7) The Sex Pistols: Never Mind The Bollocks: Here's The Sex Pistols (1977), 8) The Strokes: Is This It (2001), 9) The Band: Music From Big Pink (1968) and 10) Patti Smith: Horses (1975). (April 17, 2013)

- Joey Ramone was a kind of manager of The Independents (USA). Joey really loved that horror punk band and also performed often as their special guest. Joey Ramone's final performances were Christmas Bash at The Continental, NYC, USA, on December 11, 2000, and Evil Presly's birthday party at Manitoba's, NYC, USA, on December 12, 2000. Evil is singer for The Independents and band performed in both shows.
Joey, along with Daniel Rey produced The Independents album Back From The Grave etc.
Now in April 2013, for the first time CD's were repressed in their original form. Albums are Back From The Grave (2001), Live From Murder Beach (2003), Eternal Bond (2005), The Early Years (2006) and Do It Again (2008). If you order three or more of the CD's, you will receive an extra special limited edition gift. CD's are 10 US$ each + postage. Postage is 5 US$ inside the USA and 15$ for outside the USA. Order CD's by paying PayPal to willyindep@aol.com or ask more details by E-mail: willyindep@aol.com. Visit their homepage here. You can read really lot material related to Joey's The Independents things from my debut book Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone. (April 16, 2013)

- Live And Loud Radio has a vote of favourite Ramones songs. If you has a Facebook account, you can vote here.
You can see results of two Ramones votes I had in early days of Internet. Here is a vote one from 1995-1996. And here are results from vote two from 1997-2000. (March 27, 2013)

- Rob Russo is owner of net radio station called Live And Loud Radio (homepage: www.liveandloudradio.com). Commercial free radio offer programming 24/7 and live programming six days a week (twice a day). Live programs are USA eastern standard time (NYC time). Rob Russo, Jackie Galgan and other people in Live And Loud Radio crew started to do The Ramone Family Retrospective program every Wednesday at 4PM-7PM. It has had guests like Richie Ramone, Ramones tour manager Monte A. Melnick and Joey's brother Mickey Leigh.
Because Live And Loud Radio is commercial free radio, they need support.
- Our projected costs annual costs for running LiveAndLoudRadio are $7250 with 0 payroll. Postage for merchandise giveaways ran $75 for the week of 3/1/13. The only way to legally make money in internet radio is to pay royalties to musicians and in turn recoup the money through website banner advertisements and selling merchandise, explains Russo. Read more here.
In addition to Ramones songs and solo songs by Ramones members, station plays music from different side projects and music by relatives of Ramones members like Mickey Leigh (Joey's brother). In March 13, 2013, Rob Russo played for example Into The Fire and Smash You by Richie Ramone, Three Angels by CJ Ramone, Bye Bye Baby by Joey Ramone & Ronnie Spector and Ramones' songs Slug, Palisades Park, I Believe In Miracles, Go Mental and Pet Semetary.
- The Ramone Family Retrospective is a three hour Ramones Family show. We debuted Richie Ramone's Smash You and Take My Hand off Entitled (Richie's upcoming album) in Wednesday January 9, 2013. We have full support from Richie Ramone, CJ Ramone and Mickey Leigh. I hope to get Clem, Tommy and Marky involved. We are trying to carry the legacy of the worlds best and most influencial band in a very tasteful proud manner, said Rob Russo.
Live And Loud Radio plays in general punk, new-wave, alternative, hard rock, metal etc. music from the 80's thru today. Their music library consists of 3,5 million songs. Here are two Facebook links: 1) FB for LiveAndLoudRadio and FB for Ramone Family Retrospective. (Updated: March 13, 2013)

- Brent "Aldo" Alden of False Alarm etc. has compiled and created with Adam Wilson, Atom Kaos, Alfred Estrada, Mike Rangel and JP Proper compilation CD titled Chaotic Reasoning Vol. 3. CD has 31 songs and label is Kaos Records.
Compilation include Youth Gone Mad Feat. Dee Dee Ramone song False Alarm and Furious George Feat. Joey Ramone song Gilligan. Also for example these songs: False Alarm Feat. Cheetah Chrome: Youth Gone Mad, False Alarm Feat. Fat Mike: Self Destruction, Los Gattos: Movin' On, Shattered Faith: Strange Daze and The Charles Dukowski Sextet: Sweet Chariot. (February 25, 2013)

- There is an auction of Joey Ramone's personal items, they are auctioned by his estate (that means nowadays mainly his brother Mickey). Items are accompanied by a letter signed by Mickey, which verifies their provenance. Items include guitars, a custom made leather jacket with animal print pocket flaps, hand cuffs, 17 auction of handwritten lyrics and notes for songs like Chop Suey, Censorshit and Duke Of Earl, four glasses, lot of T-shirts, belts etc. I do not know how can be sold Joey's passport..., issued on September 9, 1986. Highest bid of passport was 7797 dollars in February 20. Handwritten lyrics sheets and notes were between 240-700 dollars in February 20. There is sold also part of Joey's vinyl record collection, consisting of 97 records in their original album sleeves. The collection includes records by Iggy Pop, The Human League, The Who, Bob Dylan and The Doors. The collection is said to be "In overall very good to fine condition, with various scattered creases and small tears to sleeves, affixed prices tags and labels, and marks to vinyl."
Highest bid of record collection was 2529 dollars in February 20. Starting prices are mainly 200$ for items (records not sold one at a time). It is good to note that a buyer's premium of 20% will be added to all winning bids.
Auction is held by RR Auctions of New Hampshire The bidding opens on February 14 and ends on February 21. There was a sneak peak at items up for bid at Bowery Electric this Thurs 2/7 from 5PM to 7PM. News was reported first in New York Post newspaper in February 4, 2013, and later widely.
See auction list here.
Joey's brother Mickey wrote on Facebook why he gotta now make money. He wrote:
Mickey: "As the IRS walloped me with a huge inheritance tax, and to spare us all the paperwork of a tax evasion charge (joking, half) - yes, I have to auction off some of my brother's belongings. It's been a painstaking, heartbreaking process deciding what items I can part with, but, just so you know, I'm not selling these items out of a booth in my brother's lobby. I made an arrangement with RR Auctions who will handle the proceedings, so, no point in asking if I'll sell you one sneaker from the pair, or rip you a page out of his passport. I couldn't sell you a finger from one of his fingerless gloves at this point. It's outta my hands. A chunk will go to Lymphoma Research, the rest to our dear old Uncle Sam. and I hope he spends the money wisely", said Mickey. (Updated: February 20, 2013)

- Ramones' tour manager Monte A. Melnick wrote with Frank Meyer really great book titled On The Road With The Ramones and first edition got published in 2003. On The Road With The Ramones is the most extensive biography of the Ramones and years of their youth. I and information on my site helped Frank Meyer a lot. In English there is third updated edition. As a latest information Monte wrote for me in January 2013, that French edition is ready. Title is in French: Sur La Route Avec Les Ramones, it has 312 pages and edition is limited to 1000 copies. Publisher is Rytrut Editions. You can buy French edition here. When I got book on my hands, I found out good news to French speaking people: version by Rytrut is translation of latest updated English version. It is full translation and version having all material from updated version. Rytrut had not saved in printing costs: paper used is high quality etc. As said, you can buy French edition here.
I E-mailed with Rytrut's Thierry "Ladzi Galai" who made the translation. Ladzi has a great punk knowledge. Rytrut is independent company and publish especially music books, like Que La Farce Soit Avec Vous - Paroles 1978-2011 by Jello Biafra.
Here are some earlier news of different editions. In early 2012 book got published in Hungarian. See details here (publisher Cartaphilus).
- The book (in Hungarian) has a new forward by Tommy Ramone who as you know came to the US from Hungary, wrote Monte in February, 2012.
Earlier On The Road With The Ramones was published also in Spanish and German. German edition is titled Auf Tour Mit Den Ramones. Order German edition here: Auf Tour mit den Ramones (Updated: February 1, 2013).

- I want to tell information also of artists who are played in line-up's of Ramones members. Now I tell information of releases by Christian Martucci and Noizee (Clare MissTake).
When I was in a road in Dee Dee Ramone tour in Europe in 2000, on bass was still Dee Dee's wife Barbara, but in 2001 in a tour instead of Barbara was as a guitarist Christian Martucci. Dee Dee played guitar in 2000 and bass in 2001. Dee Dee told me that it would have been too hard for Barbara to be on tour. Anyway Christian was played in Dee Dee's also before, first time in 1999. Drummer was Chase Manhattan, you can read a lot of those
times from my books and of 2000 tour also here. Chase plays at the moment in Behold! The Monolith.
Later Christian wrote me and told he having band called Black President after The Chelsea Smiles. He also played with Corey Taylor of Slipknot etc. Now in early 2013, got published Christian Martucci's solo EP titled Man Without A Name, buy it from here. Christian is a founding member of Thousand Watt Stare as well, see their new Messenger video here and buy TWS's debut EP here.
...AND now begin Noizee story...
Clare "Noizee" MissTake's and Alex Kane's band AntiProduct played first time with Marky Ramone as his back-up band in 2004. They got permanent members and played last shows with Marky in 2010. Read here interview of those years and there are also longer details of Noizee and its debut album titled Loud!!!. So Clare is nowadays known as Noizee. Now got published video of Noizee song End Of The World, watch it here and buy End Of The World here. End Of The World is produced by Kim Fowley whom a regular studio session musician Noizee has been since 2009.
Loud!!! got published in summer 2012 and has cool Ramones covers, a genius song Happy Birthday Fuck You (Facebook banned it) etc.
Buy Loud!!! from iTunes or CD's UK version here or USA version here . Noizee's homepage is here. (February 1, 2013)

- John Holmstrom and Legs McNeil created Punk magazine in 1975 and Punk published 17 issues between 1976 and 1979, one special issue in 1981 and few in 2000's.
There were lot material related to the Ramones in those issues. Read
my interview with Holmstrom here. Holmstrom saw the Ramones for the first time at CBGB's in the summer of 1975. Just got published the The Best Of Punk Magazine book. Publisher is HarperCollins Publishers. A book launch was at the Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn, NY, USA in January 11, 2013. Read story of event written by great Ramones fan Joe Finnegan. Attendees included Holmstrom, Roberta Bayley, Godlis, Bob Gruen, Mary Harron and Roberg Romagnoli.
The The Best of Punk Magazine was five years long process. It is featuring lot material from original issues, behind-the-scenes stories about every single issue, with dozens of unpublished photos and drawings. Book has centerfold photos of the Ramones and Niagara from Punk magazine 1, Iggy Pop interview from Punk magazine 4, Patti Smith interview from Punk magazine 2 etc. Here are some information by John Holmstrom of "Ramones movie" Rock'n'roll High School movie":
- Never-before-published interview with Joey Ramone includes dozens of photos taken by Joey himself during the shooting of (movie) what has been called Roger Corman's favorite film (of all the movie he ever produced!)!!! Many photos in color.
Buy book from: The Amazon.com or from Amazon.co.uk. (Updated: January 14, 2013)

- Stardumb Records is much appreciated record label from Netherlands. Stardumb Records published Kepi Ghoulie's art book titled The Art Of Kepi - The Rise of Kepiland 2000-2012 on December 20, 2012. Art book has 200+ full color pages, featuring 500+ images of shiny bright Kepi paintings and more! Bram van Schaik wrote to me that book is also including lots of Ramones portraits.
Kepi Ghoulie got famous as a Groovie Ghoulies member and has published also solo records. I attended a show at Bergamo, Italy where Kepi played with Dog Party (duo) and Atom Bomb as a support band before CJ Ramone Band on July 5, 2012. See photos here (Kepi photos are on page three).
Few months ago Stardumb Records published self-titled album of The Windowsill featuring Apers members Ivo Backbreaker, Marien Nicotine and Jerry Hormone and ex-Accelerator Sander Wire. (January 5, 2013)