MAY 3RD - MAY 7TH, 2000


This is my (Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone's) diary of the trip with Dee Dee Ramone, not only the review about the gigs. I wanted to do this diary extensive way, write lot details what happened in one of the most amazing week in my life. Hopely you also enjoy about these texts and photos.

Thanks Dee Dee Ramone, Barbara Zampini, Brian Waters, Frank, Joanna, Kimmo Aaltonen, Åsmund "Åzzy" Prytz, Rosa Correa, Ulf Bendiksen, Stine, Tompa, Andre Dahlmann, Pär Gottfridsson, Mathias Landin, Fredrik Eriksson, Heikki Hulkko etc. etc.



On February 7th 2000, I finally received for my webpage Dee Dee Ramone's tourdates for Europe. I had been waiting close to 3 months for this information since I first heard that Dee Dee was coming so this was on my Ramoniac mind for a really long time. I had fears something will happen, something what can cancel the tour or shows in the Scandinavia Ramones or any Ramone member wasn't toured in Scandinavia after 1994, expect Marky Ramone And The Intruders more early on year 2000. I didn't got chance to see Marky's gigs then, so waiting 6 year after my last Ramones/Ramone show was lot for too long. I'm student (I was in 2000), so I hadn't money to travel an example to the shows in Germany. I spent to the Ramones related things maybe around 50 % of the money I earn. Time was going on and I asked from my friend Kimmo Aaltonen if he want to come to tour with me. He didn't even thinked his answer: " Sure I come". I also asked from many, many other people if they wanna tour with us, because Kimmo Aaltonen had a car. Anyone wasn't able to come. So it was really sad for them, they missed their chances.

We planned from the beginning to see 5 or 6 gigs, but we had to skip the gig in Lund, Sweden on May 2nd because of the driving distance. We had planned to enjoy the following gigs:
Wednesday May 3, 2000: So What, Oslo, Norway.
Thursday May 4, 2000: Sticky Fingers, Göteborg, Sweden.
Friday May 5, 2000: Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden.
Saturday May 6, 2000: Cafe Rust, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Sunday May 7, 2000: Contan, Örebro, Sweden.

I contacted my friends in Sweden and Norway to meet with them and also to see if I could get some help with place to sleep and also info about the places where the gigs were taking place. In Norway, I sent an email to Åzzy from Null$katte$nylterne. Åzzy wrote back to me that I could sleep at his house and also he helped me out in a lot of different ways. Åzzy and a fan called Herald sent me some info about the places where the gigs were happening and I also received a lot of info from fans from Sweden. I was a really busy before Kimmo and I started to tour, 'cause I had to organise all big school projects, things related to my Ramones homepage, write couple of newspaper article, check (and write review) of one show in Finland.
My ex girlfrien Pä Mäenpää gave to me lot of power and she also did some really special surprises, so I knew this trip have to be dream. The big problem now was that I had to choose what to take with me for Dee Dee Ramone to autograph! At last I decided to take with me Keith Green's Dee Dee photo, Dee Dee King press release paper/ photo, album covers for the Dee Dee Ramone: I.C.L.C. full album and EP), Standing In The Spotlight, Ramainz Live In NYC (USA and South American pressings), and the Ain't It Fun album. I also took Furious George's: Goes Ape and the Ramones Mondo Bizarro and Animal Boy album covers.
I also wanted to take some singles with me and I picked Rock 'n'Roll Highschool, Dee Dee Ramone And The Chinese Dragons, and the US promo-pressing of Blitzkrieg Bop. The last things I took were a few Ramones photos, the first 3 copies of Dee Dee's Taking Dope zine (he had released those few years earlier), Dee Dee's Surviving The Ramones book and the book Rock Wives, which contains 10 pages with pictures about Dee Dee and his first wife, Vera. All of these items are now beautifully autographed.


From my homecity I departured Friday April 28th, 2000, and May 1st by train to the Turku, Finland, where I met with Kimmo (who lives over 300 kilometers far away from my hometown Kauhajoki). We spent the first night on a ferry boat from Turku, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden and we bought a lot of tax free alcohol ((vodka, whisky, Jagermeister, red wine and 48 beers). At the boat was also my friend Tapio who run the Uriah Heep homepage. May 2nd we spent some hours in Stockholm (Capital of Sweden), where I've been working before 3 month. I met my friend Andie after a long break and later in afternoon we began driving to Oslo. It was a 600 Kilometer drive, but by 21:00hrs we arrived in Oslo and met Åzzy at the central station. We saw that night a sold out Gluecifer gig and a member of the Hellrides that was with Andy arranged for free tickets for me a Kimmo Aaltonen. There were also some great Ramones fans at that show like Ulf.

Then finally was May 3rd and I was so excited about Dee Dee's gig, Azzy was really friendly. My friend Andre Dahlmann called in the morning and said that he was organizing a meeting with Dee Dee at 16:00hrs that afternoon. I spent a few hours with Kimmo in Oslo and we arrived in front of the club So What by 15:30hrs. Andre arrived soon and also really really many other Ramones fans visited, Andre introduced them to me. Was nice to talk with many different Norweigean Ramones fans. As well Å arrived soon, but he had to leave 'cause his girlfriend Rosa arrived from Spain. Soon it was clock 18.30 and we just thinked that it's so long driving from Lund to Oslo, and we hoped Dee Dee comes soon. I also brought a video camera (which I borrowed from Valse Triste singer, Wasky) and wanted to record Dee Dee when he arrived so I could always watch my first meeting with Dee Dee. While we waited, someone called Andre and told him that Dee Dee wasn't going to do a soundcheck and was just going to go straight to the gig. Andre knew where Dee Dee's hotel was and we agreed to meet there.

Kimmo, Åzzy, Rosa and I visited on their house and we left to the Ulf's house to the Ramones meeting. It was nice time before the gig, Ulf Bendiksen and his wife Stine Bendiksen were cooked food for us and we checked Ulf's Ramones collection, pictures from the Åzzy's and Ulf's trip to the New York, where they had visited in many Ramoniac places, they also saw then early Remains/ Ramainz-gig. Kimmo had also visited in New York. I show by Internet to Ulf my Ramones collection and I had my double copy of the Die Toten Hosen: Learning English, Lesson One CD, which contain Joey Ramone's performance. Ulf Bendiksen gave to me really big Ramones photoposter (1 meter x 0,7 meter) which is really cool and early picture where's Johnny and Tommy. We agreed that Stine get photoposter for me tomorrow, we get it from his job and that way Åzzy and Ulf got chance to come with our car. (Photoposter is so big that it takes whole backseat from the car).

Here's this big photoposter, which I got from Ulf. Dee Dee signed dedicated autograph to me for that later on Helsingborg.

Andre Dahlmann called how he met already with Dee Dee, so we drove to the hotel. Dee Dee had signed his New York Yankees baseball ball and for example Blitzkrieg '76 bootleg album. We looked Dee Dee's tour wagon in the front of hotel, and then we just waited on the lobby. Soon Frank from Dee Dee's crew arrived, we asked him if it was possible to meet with Dee Dee and take some pictures, he told us to go back to the club because Dee Dee was very busy, I showed Frank some pages from my homepage and he let wait us wait. Also other crew member (tour manager) Brian Waters visited. Åzzy, Rosa and Andre waited outside. Dee Dee arrived soon and Kimmo Aaltonen began to videotape my very first meeting with Dee Dee. I spoke with him for a minute before Dee Dee left and started to walk to the So What club (only 200 meters away). We had to pack the video camera (the fucking battery had some problems and Kimmo only had a chance to videotape 5 seconds) and a minute later, Dee Dee came back to where I was outside of the hotel. ***WOW*** I thought. I left with Dee Dee and left Kimmo to pack the rest of the video camera and our other items. Dee Dee said that he liked my humor. I don't know exactly what he meant. Then Dee and I walked to the club.

My first photo with Dee Dee, I was really happy like you can see and later I asked Dee Dee to autograph that photo, like he did. Autograph is good, but it was hard to get well to that photoscan.


I was shaking before the show, I do only remember some things, like local support band Mensen was pretty good and they were weared to the jackets which contained Ramones marks etc. I had seen members of the Mensen carrying stuff to the So What when I was first time waiting Dee Dee. My thoughs were flying and I only knew: Dee Dee's gonna play soon and I already met Dee Dee alive. I gotta say how I didn't realized even in Oslo, that I really see Dee Dee playing. I had so, so many years wished and hoped that maybe someday I see Dee Dee alive and now my dream was all the time rollin' on. I took my place in the front row on Barbara's side, Dee Dee played on the left on the stage (when looking at it from the audience), and the first song was Rockaway Beach. It was a crazy feeling that is unforgettable. When I write this report at home, I can check from the set list of my first Ramones concert Nummirock, June 24, 1994 how the Ramones played Rockaway Beach in the middle of the set, before Commando and Sheena Is A Punk Rocker. Now I heard Dee Dee's version.
Then I felt like I had a Lobotomy as Teenage Lobotomy cut and smashed my brain in a positive way and I was totally hoppin'. and enjoying. Then the third song - Beat On The Brat. This is one of my all time favorite songs by the Ramones and it was awesome to hear it live, and so early on in their set. So it was already played in the beginning of the set. Soon they had some problems and Chase's drums were little bit damaged. They got it fast fixed, luckily 'cause I didn't wanted breaks, I was waited for too many years to wait some minutes more drum fixing.

Someone threw a bunch of roses on the stage and Dee Dee set them in front of the drums. Barbara was also like a rose, really beautiful and she looked happy all the time. Dee Dee also looked great, I had little bit afraid 'cause I had heard he wasn't in a best condition in some gigs in Germany. Before I had started this tour, I had received some really positive comments and reviews about Dee Dee's gigs, like Tosi really had liked of show he wrote. Kimmo, Rosa and Åzzy wanted to follow gig from the left side of the club, I thought their place is too far to watch to stage, but maybe they just wanted to watch Dee Dee, not pogo too much. Dee Dee weared for the blue jeans and short sleeve white shirt with some orange color. Dee Dee used one lined rivetbelt. Dee Dee and Chase weared for the red T-shirts.

I was in heaven; it meant so much to me to have a chance listen to these songs, especially songs like Pet Sematary, Judy Is A Punk, And Blitzkrieg Bop. I was really doing the Cretin Hop when that song played. I was wearing my official founding member Ramones jacket (of fan club by Arturo Vega), where on the back is text: "1-2-3-4 Cretins Wanna hop Some More." I also wore my Ramones official founding T-shirt and was proud to be part of the Ramones family. About founding member T-shirt and jacket... One of the biggest compliments I had ever received was in December 1999, the Ramones members and Arturo Vega chose me to receive #11 in the official Ramones fan club; #1-10 were given to the Ramones and people close to them. It was an amazing honor to receive the first fan number, I wasn't asked or told about this. I wanted to wear those clothes in my first Dee Dee show.
Back to the show... When Dee Dee, Barbara and Chase performed Listen To My Heart, I listened Dee Dee's heart and heard him being happy. When we heard Loudmouth, I was thinking Jörg's Loudmouth! magazine and his work for the Ramones. And when we were singing Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, I was going through my performances Ne Luumäet on last summer, on three festival in Finland and one farewell show at the legendary punkplace called Lepakko (Finland). Ne Luumäet is founded in 1986 and they started as a Ramones cover band. But later they started doing own material. And last year they did re-union after six years. It was really special honour to get singing Sheena Is A Punk Rocker in Finnish with them (their translation of song is called Siinä On Punk Kari). It was their last Ramones cover song on every re-union gig.

Back to Oslo again... At this show they played some cover songs including, Barbada sang lead vocals in The Marvelettes' hit Please Mr. Postman from 60's. Can't remember which Rolling Stones they played?
I took over 20 photos from this Dee Dee show and my film ran out after the last songs of their first encore (remember this was before digital camera time), which were Havana Affair and I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement. After this, we got Wart Hog and surprisingly, Master Plan from Dee Dee's album Hop Around. Then it was over, my first gig with Dee Dee. Maybe around 200 people attended this show.

After the show I had more time to talk with Norweigean Ramones fans. Dee Dee was for a long time at the backstage. I chatted with Joanna - crew member - who was selling Dee Dee's shirts and latest album. I introduced also for her some prints from my homepage and I discussed in general about her thoughs of the Dee Dee's shows. Barbara arrived soon and I asked some autographs from her, to my Ramainz CD's, Taking Dope zines and for the Alfredo Cordeiro, whom I had asked to send something what they wanna be autographed. Dee Dee didn't toured in Spain - where Alfredo lives. Earlier Alfredo and his wife Anna were sent to me some cool Ramones photos.

Rosa videotaped me and Barbara talking and she was so happy after the gig, she also waved to the camera and sent greetings. Dee Dee came over also and so many people were asking him for his autograph. Dee Dee also smiled with a special way to the video camera. In all I got 1,5 minutes video material, before Dee Dee said they're leaving. Dee Dee was too tired to do an interview. I had talked a bit of interview with his tour manager Brian Waters. I walked with Dee Dee to his hotel and when I was returning back to the club I saw Dee Dee's drummer Chase with Kimmo, Åzzy and Rosa. We asked Chase if he was from Los Angeles and from the band SexyChrist and he was. So we got confirmed him being person we thought as I had some information of Chase in my homepage. I did show him that information. We talked around five minutes and Chase wished: "Rock'N'Roll for people!" and asked if we are going to see more shows. Chase was really friendly during the tour.
Joanna and another crew member Frank arrived soon. I asked from Frank if there is a chance to do an interview with Dee Dee in next day in Göteborg. Frank told it was OK. We headed in happy feelings to Åzzy's house.
It was really hard to get sleep 'cause I thinked what was happened...., and I was so happy.


In the morning (Thursday May 4th), Åzzy woke up early and left for work and before he left, it was time to say many thanks for his kindness and all his help. I wanted to take my film to the camera store to get them developed. Shower was next more than welcome. It was goodbye hugs soon to Rosa as we had long drive to get to the Göteborg. Before driving I got my photos. I was ordered doublecopies, it was great to see photos were OK. Especially I loved photo of the Barbara which I already added for this review. It was 1-2-3-4 start, but we stucked because of traffic-jam in Göteborg. I was driving in a city and Kimmo and after finding parking lot, we found out how starting motor of the car was broken. So we were walking soon and trying to find Sticky Fingers venue.
Tomas Andersson had sent us address. Unfortunately some lady forwarded us to wrong direction. When we got to the Sticky Fingers, Frank told us how to get to the hotel to do an interview. When we got to the hotel, I saw Dee Dee with his tour manager Brian and they came over to say hello to me and Kimmo. Dee Dee was in a hurry and Joanna was also today taking care of merchandise. She told me it wasn't possible to do an interview today because Dee Dee had to rest because of the long drive.

Me and Kimmo walked back to the club and we spoke with some fans. It was Annika's and her boyfriend Calle's first time at that club and they were really friendly. Then I met Tomas Andersson, who I had E-mailed with for many years and he also had given me the details about this gig. We opened whisky and vodka bottle and cheered. Also, it was nice to talk with Pär Gottfridsson who had see The Ramones live in 1976 in London with The Clash.
We had a really nice time and great Ramones discussions. Pär was seen Dee Dee in Lund (2nd May). Soon bar was open and he wanted to serve for me and Kimmo Budweiser beers ("Ramones-beer", Blitzkrieg Bop -song was used on Budweiser TV commercialsome years ago).

Also before this show, Dee Dee came over to shake my hand. Sticky Fingers was a pretty good bar and there were maybe 200 people in the audience. I took my place in the front row and Dee Dee started the show in a good way with Rockaway Beach and Teenage Lobotomy. Then he played Commando and the feeling was fantastico. Audience wasn't following the show so intensively than in Oslo. In Göteborg Dee Dee played from his latest album (Hop Around) only Hop Around and Rock N'Roll Vacation In L.A.
Dee Dee played maybe 12 songs on first set, and after a little break eight songs more. Same was at the every gig, next audience in Sticky Fingers got chance to listen and sing:
Hanging out on Second Avenue Eating chicken vindaloo
I just want to be with you I just want to have something to do
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
Wait-Now Wait-Now
, so was time of the I Just Want To Have Something To Do, that song Dee Dee hadn't played in Oslo. After I Just Want To Have Something To Do they played I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement and show was over.....

Also Andre had drived from Oslo to Göteborg, his girlfriend lives in Göteborg and they helped us to push car on and get car to the gas station. We found someone to fix it and Kimmo started to get off start motor. It wasn't so bad to sleep in a car. So in the morning repairman just got chance to start to search where's problem. After 4-5 hours it got fixed and Kimmo put start motor back, and thank Ramoniac Angel, we got chance to keep going on and continue our touring with Dee Dee. Fixing car cost only 1094 Swedish kronors (maybe 130US$).


It wasn't too long of a drive to Helsingborg, so we arrived in the city pretty early. We found the club Tivoli and I saw Dee Dee's tour van. Frank and Brian invited me in to the Tivoli even though it wasn't open and I hung out there for some time with them. The owner of the club was pretty friendly and he came to shake our hands. Chase then brought me something to drink and soon they started their soundcheck. Kimmo was waiting in his car. After he found parking lot, he came inside. I chatted for a long time with Chase about SexyChrist. Chase was happy of getting chance to tour with Dee Dee and Barbara, and how everything was going on with SexyChrist. I asked from Frank and Brian why Dee Dee didn't came to Finland. They told me main reason was it, how there was no any show in Stockholm, Sweden. They had tried to organise show to Stockholm, without results. From Stockholm it would have had lot easier to travel to Finland.
At first Brian played/soundchecked Dee Dee's guitars and Barbara's bass. I videotaped Brian soundchecking his drums. It was nice to look. I chatted with Frank that I do that night finally interview with Dee Dee, before the show.

Later Kimmo and I went to the car and I heard someone yell my name, it was Tompa, his friend recognized our Finnish car and he knew what I looked like, we had a lot of time to talk. We were sitting in a bar close of Tivoli and it was a lot to discuss, we talked about our first Ramones live experiences etc., Tompa had seen Ramones first time at Copenhagen and his friend at the Hultsfred festival in Sweden 1988-1989. Tompa's friend also bid our a beers. I was trying to get Helsingborg's -newspaper from kiosks which had Dee Dee article, without results. Then we left back to the Tivoli and I was preparing to big happening.....

After I went backstage, discussion with Dee Dee, Barbara, and Chase started easily. I started to do my interview with Dee Dee but I first wanted to introduce him to more of my Ramones homepage. Dee Dee was really impressed when I showed him my pages and some reviews which I had already updated to my homepage from that tour.
I said to Dee Dee that he can get also other prints from my homepage, but he wanted concentrate to read my texts.
Dee Dee especially read the voting results on my homepage (what songs, albums etc. fans liked the most and what they had to say to Ramones members etc...)

Then I showed Dee Dee picture of him by Keith Green (see Keith's homepage here. And see here information of Keith in my page). While waiting, Barbara drew a page for the first Taking Dope fanzine. (The drawing contained a punk rocker, some New York apartments, gravestones etc...) Barbara then added a dragon, slug (do you remember the Ramones song SLUG?), some skulls, a mouse, a spider, and their Kessie dog and she autographed and dated it. You can image that my feelings were really fabulous.

Dee Dee came back to the room and discussed with Barbara something about his tour diary book. Barbara said to Dee Dee "Sure you can, it's yours." Her answer was for a really shocking event; Dee Dee wanted to give me his tour diary! I couldn't believe it, that's what he got from the van.
Dee Dee:These are nice words.
Then he read to me some lyrics from the diary, he read a lot and also sang a little.
Then about one page.
Dee Dee: This's terrible. I've to keep this, okay? These are one part from my European tour. I need these lyrics...., you can wrote these down. Let's look these together.
Dee Dee showed me some texts and some pics, WHICH ARE REALLY FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!


Dee Dee was in really good feelings, we had a nice chat. Dee Dee autographed this really big Ramones photoposter, which Ulf had given to me in Oslo. Kimmo videotaped autographing, but he forgot to take off lens protector, sadly... I wanted to ask my dream question.
Me and Kimmo decided to leave the guys alone and it was nice to hang out with a Ramoniac audience. Before the gig started, Kimmo and I agreed that I would videotape the first half of the gig and he would videotape the second half. The gig started once again with the classics. I was also taking photos. And because I had chance to stay in second floor, I got some great photos from different kind of view.
After a few songs, Dee Dee said something from the stage and then Frank came to me and told me to go on stage. Kimmo took the video camera. I can see from the videotape the part where Dee Dee says "Come up on stage"; he meant me. Two other Swedish fans also climbed up on stage unannounced, one was Björn Glasell and then Commando started. I don't know why Dee Dee played Commando so early, I was a bit confused and I did big stupid mistake, I also sang in this little part (where is no singing) which antedate chorus. So I started chorus and singing too early, it's really sad to watch from tape.
Brian show for Dee Dee: "cut, cut, let's start song again!" But Dee Dee just smiled and continued. But I understood my mistake and rest of the song went really well. Still I can't understand how can do mistake on song, what you have sang 500 times in your mind while listening albums.
Dee Dee stood behind me and while I was singing, I turned to him to let him know the Commando rules:
Dee Dee smiled back. After going to audience, I pogoed songs with Tompa. Also one fan (sorry, I can't member your name) asked from me: "Are you Jari-Pekka", he was read from my homepage that I'm touring these gigs. This fan was really nice and after the gig he wanted to offer beer for me and Kimmo. We discussed many things in a bardesk. It was great to the fans, Dee Dee arrived to sign autographs.
Later I spoke with bartender after seeing him wearing Michael Monroe T-shirt. Bartender was a fan of Monroe and Hanoi Rocks. He also wanted to offer beer for me.

After the gig, I went backstage and later on, Kimmo, Tompa and I left and went to Tompa's house. We started a Ramoniac party and drank some more alcohol and watched Ramone videos. It was time to celebrate these amazing days. Tompa listened for the first time Dust-albums which I had taken with me. Tompa had got really nice house. After some hours of sleeping Tompa told for us some advices how to get most easy to Denmark.

The boat between Sweden and Denmark was expensive. We found the club pretty easily. We were waiting in front of Cafe Rust and soon the guys arrived. We spoke for a few minutes with Frank and Brian before they went inside. Kimmo and I started to search normal batteries for tape-recorder from Copenhagen, only kiosks were open and we didn't found any batteries.
We forwarded back to venue and we sat down to the street. There were also one man and woman sitting, we started to talk with them. This man knew me and my homepage, they were friendly and we drank some beers. Soon we got in and we waited to experience one more amazing show.

Dee Dee came to shake my hands and I feeled really well when he's so friendly and wanted to tell how he appreciated what I had done. Show started with really classics, again we hitted first the Rockaway Beach and then we fans wanted to get Teenage Lobotomy treatment. I feeled little bad, when came Commando, 'cause I was did that fuckin' mistake during singing it on Göteborg. But then I thinked I don't care too much about it and I sang I Don't Care with other fans. Fans got after these songs Sheena Is A Punk Rocker and Beat On The Brat. There were some technical problems, like Blitzkrieg Bop had to start three times. At this show, Dee Dee played some cover songs including I Wanna Love You and Please Mr. Postman.

Sure I was standing on the first row and Chase threw his towel for audience, I and this guy which I met in front of the gig place got it. We fight little bit of it, but at last I got it for me when I told that Dee Dee probably comes to audience after the gig. Guy was happy when Punishment Fits The Crime was played again. Sadly Dee Dee didn't got time to come audience after the gig, but this guy got autographs later when Dee Dee was leaving the building.

After the show, Chase autographed a lot of stuff to the fans and later on I walked to backstage with him. Dee Dee did little interview for one fanzine on backstage with one girl and boy, sadly I never got this fanzine, even they promised to send it. There was some time to talk with Chase and Barbara and we discussed general things. I showed them the videotape from the night before and Dee Dee saw about eights minutes of the tape later on. He liked watching it.

John Carco has sent and autographed for me many great items, like I.C.L.C backstage passes from South-America and also signed that I.C.L.C's Chinese Bitch EP (John: To Jari- , thanks for the everything man. You're the best. John Carco, D.D.R. I.C.L.C. N.Y.C), now was great to get Dee Dee's autograph for EP. Dee Dee spent about 12 more minutes autographing my items and I also asked him for an autograph for Alfredo Cordeiro (Spain) and Takuto (Japan).

1) Dee Dee signed my copy of Mondo Bizarro album, that double page which has Poison Heart lyrics.
Dee Dee signed: "You can survive and be happy." Then he wrote "to" and to next page "Jari-Pekka" as there were no space enough in another page. Of course he also wrote his name to dedication.
2) Dee Dee signed normal autograph with silver pen to the Dee Dee King: Standing On The Spotlight album cover.
3) For Dee Dee King press information papers he wrote: " Gucci Gerorge Amin A U/Valchie, To Jari Pekka, Dee Dee King.
4) To Ramainz albums: USA pressing: dedication to me and then his autograph for the cover. Barbara signed dedicated autograph for the back page and she draw also pic of their dog Kessie.
5) Ramainz: South-American pressing, both signed their pics, middle page on the booklet: Barbara dedicated to me and then his autograph with stars (black pen), Dee Dee signed normal autograph (silver pen).
6) For the Ramones: Animal Boy booklet Dee Dee also signed his fabulous dedicated autograh, fans you can be sure that I'm totally happy, Dee Dee is really great and friendly person.
7) I've got also promo copy of the first Ramones single (USA pressing of the Blitzkrieg Bop) and Dee Dee wrote his dedicated autograph for the middle of the record.
8) I got his autograph also for the Dee Dee Ramone And The Chinese Dragons single (green vinyl pressing).

Then Ramone crew left the building. Soon Damir Zejcirovic, his brother Edin and their friends Adi and Fedza came to backstage. Damir was saw gig in London and talked there with Dee Dee. I promised to deliver his message for Dee Dee. They're living now in Denmark, but they're originally from Bosnia. I showed and gave their messages to Dee Dee, he read them but seemed that he didn't remember guys.

We wound up sleeping in the car that night in Copenhagen and in the morning, we drove back to Sweden. Again it wasn't too hard to find the last club in this trip, Contan in Örebro. I was waiting there speaking with Frank and Dee Dee came over to talk and shake my hand. I then asked him for a possible do longer interview and he agreed. Then I met with journalist Peter Åstedt, who was also doing an interview with Dee Dee for the Internet magazine. He was visited many times in my Ramones homepage. Peter was a great guy and we chatted a lot, he weared Misfits: A Fiend Club T-shirt.

Contan wasn't just a club, it was also a hotel and a restaurant. Dee Dee and his whole crew ate there and were feeling great and then something very special happened. Dee Dee came over to me and offered me his fish soup. He said that this was for me and he also got some food for Kimmo. This showed how special and friendly Dee Dee really is. We were lucky that our hero is so great. The only thing that was bad was that I couldn't eat what Dee Dee offered me because I am a vegetarian and don't eat fish. Kimmo ate both bowls of soup. I asked Stefan who worked at the Contan for some vegetarian food but they didn't have any at the moment. They didn't prepare any when Dee Dee and his crew had ordered their food.

Interview with Dee Dee was great, results comes later for my page. Erik Pettersson, another journalist was doing an interview for Expressen (large newspaper in Sweden). Erik wasn't particularly friendly, he seemed to think he was something special, very overwhelming.
Later I got that newspaper, thanks to Heikki Hulkko. Dee Dee seemed to be tired and he wanted to go back to his hotelroom.

(Poster: Number 1) Dee Dee Ramone's autograph 2) Chase's dedicated autograph with date 3) Barbara's 4) Brian's "Jari-Pekka, thanks for the memories, luv" 5) Frank's "Frankie says: I'm so pissed off right now! 6) Joanna's)

I videotaped the last gig from the beginning, maybe 30 minutes or so, then Kimmo came over to watch our stuff because I wanted to videotape from the front of the stage. I couldn't get to the center because of all the fanatic and happy Ramones fans, but managed to get to the left side before Dee Dee played Wart Hog and Pet Sematary! Towards the end of the show, I jumped up on a raised window sill which was a good place to take some photos and enjoy the rest of the gig. I also took photos for Mathias Landin, who later sent to me some newspapers which contained Dee Dee Ramone articles.

After the gig, I spoke for a long time with Fredrik Eriksson. I felt really strange then knowing I had just enjoyed five Dee Dee Ramone shows and I had to go back to Finland in the morning. Also after the show in Örebro I then went backstage and I asked Chase Manhattan for the set list and he autographed it. Dee Dee was talking with some girls from the support band and I asked him to autograph the set list also, and then Barbara.
I bought one more Dee Dee T-shirt and also a poster from Joanna. Again Dee Dee, Barbara and Chase autographed it and I also asked Brian, Frank and Joanna to autograph it because they were such great people and helped me out a lot and made my trip possible. MY DREAM TRIP.

Dee Dee hugged me twice and before I left, gave my neck a kiss. I then hugged the other members. It wasn't easy to leave, but.....

Thanks: Dee Dee, Barbara, Chase, Brian, Frank, Joanna and all you fans, you don't know how I and Kimmo appreciate everything what happened.

Also check out my interview with Barbara.