Standing In The Spotlight (1989) is the title of Dee Dee Ramone's first solo album. This is very rap oriented and upon first hearing it, left many people confused. It has seen a release through cassette, LP and CD.

New edition of Standing In The Spotlight got released in 2017. New reissue packaging includes a Japanese-style obi strip. LP Limited to 3,000 units pressed on black 150 gram vinyl. This is released for Rhino Records' Start Your Ear Off Right campaign in the USA and Canada.
It has no any unreleased material even there are some unreleased songs from same sessions, like song titled Great Adventure. Standing In The Spotlight contains a total of 10 songs including Crusher that also appears on the last Ramones studio album, Adios Amigos. Blondie's Debbie Harry and Chris Stein make an appearance on Standing In the spotlight; Debbie provides background vocals on Mashed Potato Time and German Kid, and Chris plays guitar on German Kid.

1) Mashed Potato Time 3.15
2) 2 Much 2 Drink 3.32
3) Baby Doll 4.41
4) Poor Little Rich Girl 2.31
5) Commotion In The Ocean 3.23
6) German Kid 4.05
7) Brooklyn Babe 3.27
8) Emergency 3.23
9) The Crusher 3.29
10) I Wan't What Want When I Want It 2.21