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Interview: Sunday May 7, 2000: Örebro, Sweden

Like everybody knows Barbara Zambini is Dee Dee Ramone's wife.
I was hanging out and partying with Dee Dee, Barbara, Chase Manhattan and Dee Dee's crew members after the Orebro-gig in the backstage, there were also girls from the support band. I talked with Barbara maybe an hour and here's something from our discussion.

JARI-PEKKA: 1) Here's more great version and statictics from my Ramones-vote On first prints which I showed some day ago for you, could't see results fully, now you can? Thanks for the Tompa about these prints, I got these from him in Helsingborg, when we were keeping Ramones-night. Here's many songs written by Dee Dee.

JARI-PEKKA: 2) It was sad you didn't played on the set anything from the Ain't It Fun/ Zonked -album, songs like Disguises. I really love that song.
Then I gave couple letter to Barbara and Dee Dee, letters were from Damir and his brother Edin and their friends Adi and Fedza which I met day before in Copenhagen after the gig. They're living now in Denmark, but they're originally from Bosnia.
JARI-PEKKA: 3) Can you tell best memories about Ramainz-gigs and -times?

JARI-PEKKA: 4) Your favourite Ramones-songs?

JARI-PEKKA: 5) What was the last song which you played tonight before Masterplan?

JARI-PEKKA: 6) Sure I know that it wasn't Havana Affair.

JARI-PEKKA: 7) Do you wanna tell something of your first meeting with Dee Dee?

JARI-PEKKA: 8) Maybe I can feel something, I can't believe that this all is happening to me. Can't realize that I'm now talking with you, Dee Dee is here just now, I was singing some days ago with you on stage, that Dee Dee gave his tour diary to me. You, Dee Dee and whole crew are so friendly to me.
JARI-PEKKA: 9) Probably realizing takes 3 month or more.

JARI-PEKKA: 10) How old you're exactly now?
JARI-PEKKA: 11) My birthday is same with Joey Ramone.
JARI-PEKKA: 12) Yes, I can always keep big Ramones-birthday partys.
Now one girl offers cicarettes to Barbara, but she says that she don't smoke anymore.
JARI-PEKKA: 13) Me and you're are born then same year, 1978. Only 1 month and 10 day difference in our borns.
JARI-PEKKA: 14) Do you wanna tell something of your first gig with Dee Dee. JARI-PEKKA: 15) How long ago was that Dusselfdorf gig.
JARI-PEKKA: 16) When did you started to play bass?
I told to Chase that Barbara wanted to play drums at first. Chase Manhattan said "She's smart."

JARI-PEKKA: 17) Do you wanna tell something about wedding day.

JARI-PEKKA: 18) Are you planning to get children some day?
JARI-PEKKA: 19) Maybe you get kids later.

JARI-PEKKA: 20) You've got a dog.

Kimmo shown pic where's dog like Barbara's and Dee Dee Pupsi. Barbara liked about card, Dee Dee also said *oh what's that*. Kimmo asked Dee Dee's and Barbara's autographs for the card.
JARI-PEKKA: 21) How many sister and brother you've got?

Then we talked about road crew members: Joanna, Brian and Frank.
JARI-PEKKA: 22) Dee Dee looks to be pretty tired.

(Thanks of the memories and interview Barbara)