Produced by "Ramones" producer Daniel Rey. CD is called Zonked on USA (Other Peoples Music) and European issue is called: Ain't It Fun (Blackout) contains bonus track Please Kill Me.

LINE-UP: Dee Dee Ramone on guitar and vocals, Barbara Ramone on bass and vocals, Daniel Rey on guitar, and Marky Ramone on drums. Joey Ramone on vocals song: I Am Seeing UFO's and Lux Interior on song Bad Horoscope. Check review of that album.

1) I'm Zonked, Los Hombres
2) Fix Yourself Up
3) I Am Seeing UFOs (Vocals by Joey Ramone)
4) Get Off Of The Scene
5) Never Never Again
6) Bad Horoscope (Vocals by Lux Interior)
7) It's So Bizarre
8) Get Out Of My Room
9) Someone Who Don't Fit In
10) Victim Of Society
11) My Chico
12) Disguises
13) Why Is Everybody Always Against Germany?
14) Please Kill Me (Only on european version)

Zonked/ Ain't It Fun -review by Surfin' Bird

On this record Dee Dee plays guitar and sings lead vocal on most songs, his wife Barbara plays bass, Marky Ramone plays drums, and Daniel Rey also plays guitar. Rey produced this record, giving it a similar sound to the Ramones albums he produced. This was released about a year after the Ramones called it quits. The record has thirteen tracks, most of which are quite good, but some are very forgettable.

I Am Seeing UFOs features guest vocals by none other than Joey Ramone. This song is slow, and sounds alot like a Ramones song from the Mondo Bizarro/ Adios Amigos era. The lyrics aren't that exciting, but it sounds great. Bad Horoscope features guest vocals by Lux Interior from the Cramps, and is a fun pop-punk song. Get out Of My Room, Never Never Again and My Chico are by Barbara. The first time I listened to these songs I didn't care for them, I did not like Barbara as a singer. But after a few listens, they really began to grow on me. All these songs are kind of slow, but very good.. Fix Yourself Up is another fun poppy song, sung by Dee Dee... Someone Who Don't Fit In and Victim of Society are probably the two best tracks on the record. Good angry, fast punk rock.

If the Ramones stayed around a few years longer and wanted to cover any songs from this record, I can picture CJ singing lead vocals on a cover of Someone Who Don't Fit In. Why Is Everybody Always Against Germany has cool angry verses, but I don't like the chorus. It's So Bizarre is slow, and not much of a memorable song. Disguises is probably the worst love song Dee Dee has ever written. On this record Dee Dee expirements at writing new kinds of songs, taking his music in new directions. No songs here sound too much like the early Ramones records. Some of these songs work for me, others don't. Overall this is a pretty record, but it is probably my least favorite solo record Dee Dee has made.