Produced by Chris Spedding. Spedding plays guitars and keyboards on it also. Dee Dee started recording this Hop Around solo album at Signal 2 Noise in Toronto from 25th or 26th September 1998 (and the mixed-down finished on the 15th Oct.) Hop Around -review

This info straigh from the Corazong -site: " CD has 12 originals and 3 covers including the UGLY DUCKLING’s 60’s garage punk classic "Nothin’" featuring the DUCK’s ROGER MAYNE on lead guitar, and JOHNNY THUNDERS’ 70’s punk anthem "Born To Lose" featuring TEENAGE HEAD guitarist GORDIE LEWIS (in Europe ‘Born To Lose’ is only available on the Corazong records sampler "From The Heart" – track 13 on the European release of "Hop Around" is the song "CHINESE ROCKS", written by DEE DEE and RICHARD HELL for JOHNNY THUNDERS, who liked the song so much that he decided to put his own name under it). "

TRACKLIST OF THE CD. So on the Europe -version has the Chinese Rocks and on the USA -version has the Born To Lose.

1.I Don’t Wanna Die In The Basement
2.Mental Patient
3.Now I Wanna Be Sedated
4.Rock ’n Roll Vacation in L.A.
5.Get Out Of This House
6.38th and 8th
8.Hop Around
9.What About Me?
10.I Saw A Skull Instead of My Face
11.I Wanna You
12.Master Plan
13.Born To Lose (America) / Chinese Rocks (Europe)
14.Hurtin’ Kind
15.I'm Horrible

Hop Around -review by Surfin' Bird

On this record Dee Dee Ramone plays guitar and sings lead vocals. Dee Dee's wife Barbara Ramone plays bass and sings lead vocals on a few of the tracks. Most of these songs sound a lot like typical Ramones songs (some of them even have similar titles to Ramones songs). If the Ramones had stayed around a few years longer, I think they could have used some of these songs for their albums (the way on Adios Amigos, the Ramones took Makin' Monsters For My Friends from Dee Dee's solo album I Hate Freaks Like You, and they also took the Crusher from Dee Dee's solo album Dee Dee King).

There are some killer tunes on this album. Now I Wanna Be Sedated is an angry, fun punk song about living in a mental institution, which actually does not sound like the Ramones classic of a similar name. I Don't Wanna Die In The Basement sounds as if it could have easily fit in on an early Ramones record. The title words are the only lyrics on booklet. This record also has another studio version of the Ramones classic Chinese Rocks, but this is much faster, and more punk than the version on the Ramones album End of The Century.

Hop Around and Rock & Roll Vacation in LA are two songs sung by Barbara, which were also on the Ramainz live record, but here they have some extra intsruments being played in the background. What About Me? is a song Dee Dee also played on a 7" record in 1993, called Dee Dee Ramone & the Chinese Dragons; the production is better here. They cover a kind of slow song called Hurtin' Kind, written by the Bittersweets; it is sung by Barbara, and it is not really a Ramones-type song, but it is very good. Nothin' is also a cover, but played and sung in a way that makes it sound like any other song off the record, sounds as if it could have been written by Dee Dee.

I Saw A Skull Instead Of My Face and Master Plan, both sound like heavy metal songs, and really are not very good. Overall this is a great record, and Dee Dee proves that twenty-five years after starting the Ramones, he can still write and perform great punk rock songs.