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Tommy Ramone commented this my Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone book this way: "Obviously you have put a lot of love and work into this book Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone. It's overwhelmingly Ramones. For Ramones fans, it's the chance to get an over abundance of Ramones interviews and Ramones nostalgia and Ramones photos. Ramones friends and all kinds of good things. Obviuosly a book made with love and affection."

Two deaths in two years is too much. This is the unfortunate reality that us, the fans of the greatest band of all time had to deal with. At first, heaven called Ramones singer Joey Ramone on April 15, 2001 and then only a little more than a year later, bassist Dee Dee Ramone passed away on June 5, 2002. Both were 49 years young. Like my first book (Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone), this book is also full of love for what Dee Dee and Joey Ramone and the rest of the Ramones family did for all of us. Official release date was May 19, 2004.

Dee Dee's death was due to an accidental heroin overdose and this news was particularly sad since Dee Dee was known to be free of drugs for many years. I decided to contribute a portion of the profits from this book to aid in the study of drug addiction. It is the only way we can come to understand Dee Dee's fatal overdose and other drug-related deaths. When I toured with Dee Dee in 2000 and 2001, I never saw him use hard drugs. I also would have noticed from his behaviour if he had used them. On those tours, we did so many things together. I donate of the profits also for Juliana Von Wendt Fund. This fund was founded in 1971 and they support humane researching method without animals.

Dee Dee always treated me in such an amazing way. Like when he asked me to join him on stage or when he wanted to give me his personal diary of the tour, he had filled it with his personal thoughts, pictures and drawings... Somehow I didn't even think twice about whether or not I would take on the challenge again for this, my second book. It was clear that I would start to build on the project. I owe so much to Dee Dee, Joey and the Ramones. My life has been so much happier because of them. You will find a vast amount of material concerning Dee Dee and Joey. But this book is naturally more of Dee Dee because my first one had so much material of Joey. As I look at the final pages, I'm amazed at how I was able to compile all these special texts and photos together.

(Photo: Jari-Pekka, Joey's mother Charlotte Lesher and Andy Shernoff of the Dictators.)

I will say, that the book features a great deal of Dee Dee's and Joey's closest friends. In this book, Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone, you will find two interviews with Marky Ramone. Marky also wrote a great opening text. I was also honoured to include a long interview with Tommy Ramone. He replied to various questions concerning the 60's and to the present time. You will also find interviews with Jerry Only of The Misfits, Leonard Phillips of The Dickies, Andy McCoy of Hanoi Rocks, Nick Royale of Hellacopters, Dregen of Backyard Babies, Howlin' Pelle of Hives, Martti Syrjä and Juha Torvinen of Eppu Normaali etc. Eppu Normaali is the most popular Finnish rock band in Finland ever. Also there are interviews with "Ramones producer" Daniel Rey, Chris Spedding (produced Dee Dee's albums etc.), Lech Kowalski (director of Hey Is Dee Dee Home etc.), Arturo Vega (creative director of the Ramones etc.), Paul Kostabi and Heidi Follin (Dee Dee's artist partners, Paul is a musician of Youth Gone Mad and one of the closest friends of Dee Dee), Andy Poncherello (Dee Dee's closest friend in LA), Lothar Felkel (great fan story which started in the 1970's), Bebe Buell (singer, media personality...) etc...

Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone, features more than 60 famous musicians/ people contributing their Dee Dee, Joey memories (as well as general Ramones stories). Some of the contributors (outside Finland) include: The Dictators (Andy Shernoff), Die Toten Hosen (Campino, Breiti and Vom), Teenage Head (Gordie Lewis), Sonic Youth (Thurston Moore), Chesterfield Kings (Andy Babiuk), Hellacopters (Robert Hellacopter), The Lurkers (Arturo Bassick), The Queers (Joe Queer), Hymans (Micke Hyman), Groovie Ghoulies (Kepi), Dropkick Murphys (Marc Orrell), Type O Negative (Johnny Kelly), Electric Frankenstein (Sal Canzonieri), Dwarves (Blag Dahlia), Kowalskis (Kitty Kowalski), Marco (Nerds), Henry Rollins, Jayne County, Merle Allin, Danko Jones, Rodney Bingenheimer, Chris Goss and Mike Vallely. Mike Vallely is the singer for Mike V. And The Rats, but for more than 15 years he has been ranked one of the best skaters in the world.

Some of the contributors from Finland are: Ne Luumäet (Joey Luumäki), Pojat (Make), Klamydia (Vesku, Riku and Severi), Häiriköt (Erkko), HIM (Ville Valo and Kaasu), 69 Eyes (Bazie and Jussi), Children Of Bodom (Alexi Laiho), Charon (J-P Leppäluoto), Flaming Sideburns (Eduardo Martinez), 22 Pistepirkko (Asko, PK and Espe), Diablo (Aadolf Virtanen), Popeda (Pate Mustajärvi), Alivaltiosihteeri (Pasi Heikura and Jyrki Liikka), Lasse Erjamo (Deadbabes), Kauko Röyhkä, Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus (Timo Rautiainen) and Antti Niemi. Antti Niemi was the long-time goalkeeper of the Finnish national soccer team, and when book came out he played for the Southampton Saints FC (many years). Now (season 2006-2007) Antti's team in the premier professional league is Fulham FC.

I have been fortunate enough to collect a lot of very special unreleased Ramones and Ramones related photos and drawings. You'll find in this book an extra cool drawing done by the Canadian artist Darren Merinuk, which gives me many tears of happiness. There are also works done by Gonzalo Facio the caricaturist from Argentina, four drawings of our heroes by Swedish Hellacopters singer-guitarist Nick Royale, and also a really cool Dee Dee work by Finnish Retkibanaani's drummer, Toni Helin. Darren's, Nick's and Toni's works are made only for this book.

In all, the book contains more than 300 photos!!! Including 32 full colour pages. In total, the book has 208 pages. The page size is B5. You'll be especially amazed to see all the photos taken by Lothar Felkel.... This book is from Dee Dee's and Joey's fans, friends, and me. It contains material from my Ramoniac world. One of the most amazing experiences was to get a chance to visit Joey's apartment with Joey's mother Charlotte Lesher and his brother Mickey Leigh. You'll find the story with color pictures, also included. There are also reports from the Joey Ramone Place ceremony, my trips to the Joey's Birthday Bashes and other Ramoniac happenings. This time you'll find in the Ramoniac Kids pages, how kids are named after our heros and what kind of a Ramones themed birthday party Guns N'Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed and his wife Lisa Reed organized for their daughter etc. etc. You will be surprised many times over while reading this book.

The most important thing though, is that all of these memory texts are from YOU, the fans. Every one who wrote did so from their heart and used this book as a platform to express what Joey had meant to them. You'll find hundreds of memory texts by fans.

Also there are others who worked very, very hard on this book and my main thanks go of course to Dee Dee and Joey, but also to Randy Wisebrod, Maria Montoya-Kaye and Lynne Cameron. All texts (expect memory texts by fans) are grammar checked in this book. I'm also gratefully thankful to everyone else who supported me with this huge project. You're also listed in this book.

I firmly believe that both Dee Dee as well as Joey are most deserving of this book and they would be proud of it. Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone.

Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone




1) Jari-Pekka and Dee Dee. This photo was taken just after Dee Dee gave Jari-Pekka his personal diary as a gift in 2000. Photo: Kimmo Aaltonen. (Resolution 300, RGB, JPG).

2) Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone, Joey's mother Charlotte Lesher and Andy Shernoff of the Dictators. Photo: Al Maddy (Resolution 300, RGB, JPG).

3) Marky Ramone, Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone and Jerry Only of the Misfits. Photo: Tut (Resolution 300, RGB, JPG).

4) Jari-Pekka and Andy McCoy of Hanoi Rocks. (Resolution 300, RGB, JPG)

5) Jari-Pekka and Alexi Laiho of Children Of Bodom. Photo: Timo Siekkinen. (Resolution 300, RGB, JPG)

6) Jari-Pekka and HIM members. From left to right: Mige, Ville Valo, Gas, Jari-Pekka, Burton and Linde. Photo: Heidi Anttila. (Resolution 300, RGB, JPG)

7) Type O Negative members and Jari-Pekka. From left to right: Kenny Hickey, Peter Steele and Johnny Kelly, and Jari-Pekka standing. Photo taken at the Sauna Open Air in Finland in 2007.. (Resolution 300, RGB, JPG)

8) Tarja of Nightwish (she's in a book as well) with a copy of Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone in Argentina in April, 2005. Photo: Andrea Yeber. (Resolution 250, RGB, JPG)


Thank you for this second wonderful book. For each Ramones fan there are so many important details and news about our heroes. All the interviews you've done are exactly with these people, who really have something to say something about Dee Dee and Joey. You put so much love in this book - it's the perfect tribute book to our heroes!!! Keep on living your Ramoniac life!!!
(Andreas Gabriel, 28, Berlin, Germany)

I've barely been able to tear myself away from your brilliant books. They are really amazingly written and put together and it makes me really happy to read them and realise that I am not by any means the only Ramones fan out there! (which it previously felt like a lot!). So I just wanted to write and say thank you very much for that.
(Grace, 20, Exeter, UK)

It is not my intention to make this sound like a "book review". I don't know enough about Joey or Dee Dee to make any real informative comments about them or the Ramones in general. There is plenty of material out there to read, to give you an "impression" of who they were. Jari-Pekka brings out the real experience of who they were because of his sensitive nature. He presents Dee Dee and Joey to us, through the eyes and hearts of those around them. He pays homage in a beautiful way. He has amassed a volume of interviews, texts and comments, photographs, and graphics from people around the world. Friends, family and fans, all play a special and equal role. It is fun to read everyone's insight and opinions in the sense that not only do you understand Joey and Dee Dee better, but also you get to know the "commentators" themselves. Underneath, a little bit of everyone's personality shines through.
He adds his own tales and experiences, details and anecdotes in a most delicious way. You feel like you're a kid again setting off for an adventure. He is proud to have known Dee Dee, and is elated to be given a gift as precious as Dee Dee's own diary. Kindness, is returned to those that share it.
Jari-Pekka is a gentle and sensitive person; there is no angle behind his motivation. He simply wants to pay respect to two Ramones that touched his life. It's the unique way he sets out to do it that brings us all together for the spin. What you get is pure emotion. Well, maybe in the end I kind of did write a bit of a review. Hopefully, I paid a little tribute to Jari-Pekka himself; he deserves a pint of the finest ale. Cheers mate!
(Josie Montserrat, Canada)

I started reading book the day after Joey's 53rd B'Day Bash and I've been reading some of it everyday since. I'm so proud to be a Ramones fan for the past 27 years and from reading Jari-Pekka's book, it makes me even more proud. To read about how Dee Dee & Joey have touched so many lives as they touch mine. I've been Honored that Jari-Pekka gave me the opportunity to be part of his 2 books. I will always be thankful for that, to share my feelings about Joey & Dee Dee to the world. They will always be a part of my life. I recommend to all of you who have not gotten his book to get a copy. For those who have a copy I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!!!!
(Mike Breschard, 40, USA)

Thank you sooooo much for one more great treasure book from you!!!!!! I wanted to get it so much as I do love the first one! You're great author and I like your style and the love that shines through in your books!!!!!
(Jana, Russia)

I think it`s hard to believe that Joey and Dee Dee died so young and can`t enjoy their lives for a much longer time. Both of them worked really hard to become a "Rock`N`Roll Hall Of Famer". But there´s one Ramone who worked hard that the fans never forget their Kings from Queens. I think it`s Jari-Pekka`s always updated homepage and his two books about the Ramones, specially about Joey (first book: Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone) and now the new one Rock In Peace: Dee Dee and Joey Ramone. The first was a really interesting book and was a great tribute to Joey and I think Jari-Pekka knows a lot of him. Second book same as the first (Jackie is....) is very exciting too. It`s great to see all these rare photos (I`ve seen a lot Ramones pics in the Internet but not these photos with a lot of friends from Joey and Dee Dee). You can read a lot of stories you never heard about these things. For example: Dee Dee`s art painting times with Heidi Follin and Paul Kostabi (a very crazy story about Dee Dee`s artists time as a painter). Oh I think he was so crazy in these times and he was searching to do some other things than making music but last and least he was Dee Dee Ramone and a rock`N`roller and great songwriter. It`s cool to read the interviews in this book with Tommy Ramone, Arturo Vega, Marky Ramone, Jerry Only and a lot of people who were in contact with Dee Dee until his death. I think this book is like a Ramones album. Very exciting stories. It´s better to read than the other official books about the Ramones, because the most fans know what`s written in these books. (But I like them too). Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone is a book with stories and pics you`ll never find anywhere else. So order it and think of Joey's words: "If you´re not in it, you`re out of it). Some money will spended to aid in the study of drug addiction and I think it`s a good idea cause Dee Dee`s live was much influenced by drugs and it´s sad that he ended his live in this way. I hope there will be no Johnny or Marky tribute books in the next time cause they wanna live. So take it fans page 1-2-3-4...
(Pedda Ramone, Germany)

I just want to add a plug for Jari-Pekka's books. They are both well worth having. He's got interviews in both of them that you won't find anywhere else, and he talks to a lot of people who NEVER get covered in all these punk books and movies that are coming out in droves these days. There are many more of these books and movies to come, but Jari-Pekka's will always be unique and worth having.
(Laura Brown, 45, NYC, USA)


Together with a first pressing of this book came a CD MAIN MAN: A Tribute To Dee Dee Ramone. (it was limited offer and I've run out of CD's now).
The CD is titled: MAIN MAN: A Tribute To Dee Dee Ramone. The CD features 31 bands from 10 countries and has fabulous artwork by Darren Merinuk. Larry of the
AMP Records (Canada) got idea of that CD and he also mainly composed it etc., you can still order CD through AMP Records. Bands are playing songs about Dee Dee and the Ramones. This ain't no covers comp... It's an all original tribute to the memory and spirit of a true punk rock legend. AMP Records has released before in example Life's A Gas: A Tribute To Joey Ramone CD.
Here's one review by Claire online (

MAIN MAN: A Tribute To Dee Dee Ramone is featuring:
1) Accelerators: I Wanna Be Like Dee Dee Ramone (USA)
2) Spoiled Rotten: Rock 'N' Roll Is Dead (Dee Dee Is King) (Canada)
3) Predator: All Good Cretins (Sweden)
4) Snot Rockets: Let's Get Zonked (Again) (USA)
5) Plastic Bastard: Poison Heart Tattoo (Canada)
6) Saturday Night Kids: Kathy Hates The Ramones (USA)
7) Jesus H. Presley: Have You Seen Dee Dee Ramone (UK)
8) Fifi And The Mach III: Treat You (Japan)
9) Squareheads: Dirtnap (Canada)
10) Meat Depressed: Dee Dee Says (USA)
11) Hymans: I Don't Know Where I Belong (Sweden)
12) Shock And Awe: Ain't No Friend Of Mine (UK)
13) Vectors: Everyone's Against Me (Sweden)
14) Grayline: Dee Dee Ramone Was A Murder Junkie (Canada)
15) Rydells: Jackie And Judy (USA)
16) Tokiado: Stop The Ramones (France)
17) Princovia: Dee Dee's Garden (Slovenia)
18) Transistors: Dee Dee And Joey (Germany)
19) Quickies: Gabba Gabba Hey (We Love You) (USA)
20) Häiriköt: Joey Ja Dee Dee (Finland)
21) Havenots: I Love Her And She Loves The Ramones (USA)
22) Cretin Family Therapy: Song For Heroes (Finland)
23) Nobody's Heroes: Teenage Ramone (USA)
24) Bussy And The Rockets: Hard To Understand (Spain)
25) Peloton Art: 1975 (Sweden)
26) The Vapids: Dee Dee King Of Rock (Canada)
27) Mickey DeSadist: Touchie Feelie Tonite (Canada)
28) Teenage Confidential: Sha La La (Japan)
29) Bullet Treatment: Road To Ruin (USA)
30) Youth Gone Mad (featuring Dee Dee Ramone): Dee Dee Deceased (USA)
31) Romeros: Dee Dee Left Home (Germany)


July 23rd, 2004 we (Jari-Pekka and AMP Records) had a book/CD release party at the Underground in Hamilton, Canada. Spoiled Rotten headlined release show and Gordie Lewis from Teenage Head played along with Mickey DeSadist from the Forgotten Rebels with them etc. Grayline and The Snot Rockets were also playing. You can only expect how many great Ramones songs was heard on that night... Also really surprise Ramones songs at live like Crummy Stuff and Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think Of You. There was also lot signed stuff from famous bands in a lottery etc.

Here is the schedule:
10:45-11:15 Grayline
11:30-12:00 Snot Rockets
12:00-12:15 Special Ramones Acoustic set with Larry Retard and Mike Trebilcock (Killjoys)
12:15-1:30 Spoiled Rotten w/guests Johnny Bud, Gordie Lewis and Mickey DeSadist