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After Joey Ramone had passed away, I (Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone) began writing a book to remember and pay tribute to our beloved Joey Ramone. This book was released through my company called Tmi Ramoniac. This book is full of stories expressing much love for what Joey Ramone and the rest of The Ramones family did for all of us. Reading these stories from so many fans and the joy Joey and The Ramones brought to my life is the reason why I wanted to write this book.
The majority of the profits from this book will be donated to charity; the biggest chunk of money will be donated to the Juliana Von Wendt Fund. This fund was founded in 1971 and they support humane researching method without animals. I also plan on donating some funds to cancer research in the USA.

HEAVEN NEEDED A LEAD SINGER: FANS REMEMBER JOEY RAMONE features hundreds of stories about Joey. The people that have written some words for this book include those who have seen The Ramones play live more than 100 times to those who never had the opportunity to see them. The most important thing though is that all of these memory texts are from YOU, the fans. Every one who wrote did so from their heart and used this book as a platform to express what Joey had meant to them.

There are lots of Ramoniac stories and information included. You'll be surprised. I also included a section in this book dedicated to some texts I had received from people wanting to express their feelings on the 9 month anniversary and also 1 year anniversary of Joey's death.

(Picture: CJ Ramone, I and Tommy Ramone at Johnny Ramone memorial event in Los Angeles, USA)

I have been fortunate enough to collect a lot of very special unreleased Ramones and Ramones related photos and drawings. Arturo Vega sent me many of his treasured photos of Joey and I used some of my own photos including me at Marky Ramone's house and standing in front of his wall of gold records. Comic artist Darren Merrinuk also contributed to this book with a very cool unreleased Ramones drawing. In all, the book contains more than 230!!! photos, including 16 full colour pages. In all book has 192 pages and size of the pages are B5.

"A most informative book of The Ramones I have seen, extremely rare photos and commentary's from one of the most avid and loyal Ramones followers... Years in the making this is for sure one of the books to have." Writes Marky Ramone in the book's opening text that was penned by the drummer in April 2002. Marky also provides a couple of very informative interviews that can only be found in HEAVEN NEEDED A LEAD SINGER: FANS REMEMBER JOEY RAMONE.

One of the more unique things I have also included is a questionnaire that was filled out by Joey Ramone himself that was only found in the Loudmouth! Fanzine released by Jörg Buscher and Christian Pemsel.

The response to this memory book has been tremendous with more than 70 famous musicians/ people contributing their Joey Ramone memories (as well as general Ramones stories) for this book. Some of the contributors include: Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Campino (Die Toten Hosen), TV Smith/ Gaye Advert (Adverts), Gordie Lewis (Teenage Head), Hilly Kristal (CBGB), Bono (U2), Arturo Vega, Monte Melnick, Legs McNeil, John Holmstrom, Chips (Sator), Dregen/ Nicke Borg (Backyard Babies), Nick/ Robert (Hellacopters), Kitty (The Kowalskis), Jonny (Huntingtons), Micke (Hymans), Udo (Rämouns), Sal (Electric Frankenstein), George Tabb (Furious George), Nick Cooper/ Dee Jaywalker (Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings), Evil Presly (Independents), Ginger (Wildhearts), Trigger (Continental), Calle (White Jazz), PJ Soles etc.... Popular Finnish artists/ people include: Michael Monroe/ Andy McCoy (Hanoi Rocks), The 69 Eyes, Vesku (Klamydia), Severi (Klamydia/ Nukkekoti), Sipe (Apulanta), Jay Burnside (Flaming Sideburns), Otto (Tehosekoitin), Matti (Tehosekoitin), Heko (Ne Luumäet), Miika (Pojat), Pelle Miljoona, Arto Nyberg, Leena Lehtolainen etc.
You can only imagine what an honour it is to include all the stories from all these great people and fans in my book.

This book is from the Joey's fans, friends, and me. It contains a lot of material from my Ramoniac world and it was my decision to include them. I'm happy that I'm still alive after the all this hard work. A few years back, I was in a burnout state because of all this work for The Ramones and my homepage. Also some others worked very hard on this book and my main thanks goes of course to Joey Ramone, but also to Diane Hatcher and Randy Wisebrod. Also Im gratefully thanked for every other who supported with this huge project. You're listed in this book.

HEAVEN NEEDED A LEAD SINGER: FANS REMEMBER JOEY RAMONE is a book Joey deserves and would be proud of. This will be a collector's item that every Ramones fan will enjoy.

Sincerely, Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone

Main cover photo of Joey Ramone. Photo: Arturo Vega (Resolution 300, RGB, JPG).
- Marky Ramone and Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone at Marky's home with Ramones gold records. Photo: David Kelly (Resolution 300, RGB, JPG).
- Campino (singer, Die Toten Hosen) with book and Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone at Himos Festival, Finland in June 20, 2002. Photo: Antti Laaksonen (Resolution 300, RGB, JPG).
- Hellacopters with book and Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone at Provinssirock Festival, Finland in June 16, 2002. Photo: David Kelly (Resolution 300, RGB, JPG).
- The 69 Eyes with books and Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone in June, 2002. Photo: Stefan Leimola (Resolution 300, RGB, JPG).


Regular prices are:
- 17 euros in Europe.
- 24 US$ if you live outside of Europe.
- 13 euros in Finland.
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1) Joey Ramone's 50th Birthday Bash postcard. Autographed by Arturo Vega (5th Ramone, www.officialramones.com etc.), Mickey Leigh (Joey's brother) and John Holmstrom (Punk Magazine etc.)
Winner of the prize = Ingvar "Iggy" Pettersson (Sweden) (At first one another person won that prize, but I got information that he was passed away... RIP)

2) The Song Ramones The Same tribute CD. Autographed by: Dregen, Nicke Borg, Johan Blomquist and Peder Carlsson (The Backyard Babies), Hans Östlund and Björne Fröberg (The Nomads), Per Gessle (Roxette), Mats MF Olsson (Maryslim), Kent Norberg (Sator), Nisse Hellberg and Jalle Lorentzon (Wilmer X) and Calle von Schewen (White Jazz).
Winner of the prize = Winny Kas (Holland)

3) Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings: No If's, And's Or But's CD autographed by band: Marky Ramone, Nick Cooper, Dee Jaywalker and Vito Jr Dagostini. (White Jazz)
Winner of the prize = Teemu Pitkänen (Finland)

4) Autograph by Marky reading: "To competion, Marky Ramone."
Winner of the prize = Bergur Tomasson (Iceland)

5-7) Joey Ramone's 50th Birthday Bash postcard.
Winners of the prizes = Antti Niemi (UK), Ville Sirkko (Finland) and Chrisse Usenius (Finland)

8) Special CD containing a Ramones gig in Glasgow 1991 and an interview with Joey's. (by Murray Ramone)
Winner of the prize = Bussy Ramone (Spain)

9) Stop Magazine #8 autographed by Marky Ramone. Include Joey Ramone's "Occupational Therapy" column etc. (by John Holmstrom)
Winner of the prize = Mike Rock (Germany)

* The Song Ramones The Same tribute CD.
Winner of the prize = Juha Hyvönen (Finland)


Photo caption (photo in right): Sasha Silvala, Anu Vihma, Dregen (Backyard Babies, Michael Monroe band etc.), Pia Voutilainen and Teemu Skinnari after great recording for Ramones related document. (c) J-P Laitio-Ramone.
Dregen is holding my Ramones memorial books:
Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives (2009), Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone (2004) and Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone (2002).

- Furious George's George Tabb did great article of my book to the New York Press online, it's filled with his humour, so don't take too seriously this one line: "a funny-smelling dood!" ;). Thanks George! Read it here. (Added August 6)

- I did nice TV-interview for SubTV's (Finland) program called Sessions with interviewer Ville Toivonen. It comes/came out: August 15, 2002, 20.55 (8.55PM) and contains also Pelle Miljoona's interview of the book/ Ramones. (Updated August 15)

- Radio Mafia's (national radio) program called Ooppera contained 25-30 minutes interview of the Ramones and my book in August 4, 2002. Interviewer Jani Kortti played also great songs like Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment, Blitzkrieg Bop and my choose SLUG. (Updated August 15)

- Rodney Bingenheimer, is one of the best known DJ's in the world. His show on Los Angeles' KROQ-FM has been a hit with youth of all ages since it's inception in late 1976. Rodney has played Ramones from the beginning and on October 26, 2003 Rodney Bingenheimer played an amazing Ramones solo effort music set: Rodney listed the names of the songs as he always does, then he did talk of my book about Joey and where to purchase it online etc. He is said that he loves my book. That was honour to hear.

- Long review with picture in Up Magazine (The Netherlands) #5 (Oct. 2002), by Bram van Schaik.

- Shorter review by Michael Layne-Heath in Tangents. Read it here.

- 1/2 page interview with huge picture in really popular daily newspaper called Iltalehti (Finland) in June, by Toni Viljanmaa.

And articles/reviews has also been in Rumba, Pohjalainen, Ilkka, Toinen Vaihtoehto, Ilta-Sanomat, City etc. etc.


I has heard so lot great comments of the book....

Thanx, thanx, thanx for this beatiful book!!! It's amazing the amount of good pics it contains. And the interviews, and the feelings of people on Joey... We are not alone, man. Even my comments to Joey's album is in the second position!!!! I'm proud of it. Really proud of this... Once again, Thank You. You've been lucky to meet such a great people from punk-rock world... I appreciate what you're doing.
Believe it or not, my mom was also checking every single page of the book. She doesn't understand English, so she ask me. It seems that she's quite interested in Joey's life after he passed away!!! (I used to play very loud Ramones albums in my room for years and years... hey! i don't remember since when really!!!) PS: excuse my English but it's not my native language!!
(Daniel Losada Pellejero, 25. Spain)

Thanks of your Joey book, which is GREAT!!! I was very pleased and flattered to have my comments and drawing featured in with all the big stars and not in with the other Ramones fans (which is all I consider myself to be, anyway). I really enjoyed reading the whole book and all the info about how the Ramones have affected your life, and all their fans lives. I thought your stories of travelling around to see the various Ramones show were especially interesting. Great work, and it's great to know that there's more to come!
(Darren Merrinuk, Comic Artist, USA)

I want you to know that I received about 2 weeks ago your fabulous book. Man you did a very good work. I think that it is the ideal book for someone who really loves the RAMONES and especially our beloved JOEY. So many information, so many rare photos, so many details and so much love for Joey. But Joey deserved all these and more.
(Alexander Giannoulakis, 34, Athens, Greece)

The book is wonderful.. you did an AMAZING job!!! I love seeing my photos in it!! I still have to read the entire book, but what I have read so far is great and a perfect tribute to Joey. Great job!!
Sherry, photographer, USA)

I received your book yesterday and I really must say that this is a great piece of work. Congratulations for this great and very informative book.
(Rudi Beyens, Belgium)

I was at Wowsville Records store in NYC on Tuesday, before I went to the Dee Dee Tribute @ Continental Club. They have your book for sale there! My friend Ritchie bought one, and I bought one to give to a friend.
You did a GREAT job on the book! Congratulations!!! Many great photos, texts, and everything! And thanks for putting in my photos of me by Joey's grave, and both of my texts! I can't wait now to get my own order copy that you'll be sending!
(Linda Iorio, USA)

I'm still in a maze! I never thought it would be the way it is... I never expected it to be so great! No, it wasn't necessary to write all the Ramones story (We, who have written messages to you, that have finally appeared in the book, know the story by heart), but you've found the exact thing to say: just a few words on key facts! Then, reading the messages, I got moved again... and I can't stop checking once and again all the pics. To me, it's a meeting point for all the Ramones fans in the world... I've been in contact with some of them, I've read about some others on your page. This is a physical, tangible thing that unifies us all, and helps us dealing with our feelings, as you well say! There is still a lot to read, and a lot to check, but, I say it again; it's a really great work, really amazing!
(Alfredo Cordeiro, Spain)

I've read your book from first till last page many many times and I really like your style of writing. I think it can be understandable for everybody! I was almost crying to read that on the day when you knew that Joey is dead you needed to confirm it to the people through internet! You have such a powerful and kind soul! But in the same time I think that it was easier for you to keep on helping people then to drown in your misery all alone. But in anyway I think that there are not so much people who could do the same and be so powerful.
(Jana, Russia)

Thank you for the excellent book that arrived today. This is an amazing achievement - some of the photos are awesome and there is lots of interesting reading. This is the best book I have ever seen about the Ramones. It has so much information for the fans and I now realise how much work and time you must have spent on it.
(Cliff Hughes, New Zealand)

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed your Joey Ramone memory book, it is terrific! Great stories & fantastic pictures! Thanks for sending it so quickly, I know you're very busy.
(Tom Andrukevich, USA)

This morning I recieved your Joey Ramone Memory Book and I'm still shocking; What a wonderfull work you did! There's a lot of incredible stuff to check and I have only one thing to say... THANKS A LOT. This book contains all the love that only a true fan have. I have read the first part of the book and all the memory texts from fans. I treat this book as a treasure, thanks again.
(Luis Alvarez "Bussy Ramone", Spain)

I just received your wonderful book and want to congratulate you on a wonderful piece of work. It's pretty obvious that a lot of research, co-ordination, hard work and love went into it. I've read it cover to cover and have still found lots of information and anecdotes that even I (a long-time fanatic!) wasn't aware of before. I hope this email is just the sort of positive feedback you like to receive, and will encourage you to keep up the great work. It must be re-assuring to know there are so many people who were deeply affected by the Ramones and we truly appreciate the mammoth task you undertook in putting this whole book together and your continued work on your website.
(Luke Cauldwell, Ireland)

Thanks so much - just wanted to say how great your book is - a really fitting tribute. I am slowly working my way through it - it is also very interesting to read about your life. Sounds like we have similar backgrounds and have both been involved in the Animal Rights movements which is cool. Thanks so much for including the Animal Rights stuff in the book - perhaps some more eyes will be opened to the truth.
(Sharon Hay, UK)

I got the book yesterday in the mail, and it is AMAZING! So many pictures I never saw before, so many different quotes from so many different fans, so many interviews! Just an endless Ramones tribute. I can tell you worked really, really hard for this book.
You know, when I read the book "Ramones : An American Band" it felt like that book was for people who never heard of Ramones, to teach them who the Ramones were. That book did not seem to be written for the fans. But your book is truly for the fans and by the fans, and think most fans will really like it. I did not read all of it yet, but I read many different parts and enjoyed it, and I look forward to reading more soon. You really did a great job.

Thanks for your wonderful book. Beautiful pictures, fantastic stories, moving memories... everything great! It's very important for me to know there are so many people who feel the same as me. Thanks for stories about Joey's 50th Birthday and tribute concerts, invaluable for me, cause I had no chance to be there.
(Eliza Socha, 30, Poland)

I've spent the morning reading your book, it's absolutely wonderful, so heartfelt and a perfect treat for any fan. Congratulations on such a wonderful work and for having the determination to make it a reality. I only wish Hanoi Rocks had a fan community like that, where people would do such things. To see a book like that about Hanoi Rocks would be a dream.
(Xana, UK. Xana is fabulous Hanoi Rocks fan)

Got the book last week! It is brilliant! You have done a fantastic job. I love all the little stories and the tremendous amount of information in it. My friend Dots is reading it at this moment and he is blown away by it. Well done! It is a book to treasure 4ever in the memory of a true legend. Thank you very much.
(Munich Reilly, Ireland)

I received your book in the mail yesterday. What an awesome job you did! The whole book reminds me how much I loved the ramones to begin with. You feel extremely "Ramones" by just reading it!!! Haha. There's alot of stuff that has happened over the past couple of years when it comes to the Ramones getting more recognized, and alot of it is cool, but alot of it is also really negative and bothers me. But your book! Man, it really captures the love that Ramones fans have for their favourite band, you definitely put alot of work into it, and it shows. when you read a book like that, and the first you wanna do is put on your leather jacket and cons and blast your stereo!
(Tyler Boutilier, Canada)

Your book arrived, and I have been reading and reading it! It's wonderful! There's so much loving detail in the book; I found it very moving to read all the quotations and extracts from different people. It's truly a lovely tribute to Joey, and I'm so pleased to have it. I found myself sneaking away from work to go read the book for a few minutes here and there...I couldn't keep my eyes off it.
(Laura, USA)


June 1: Semifinal, Helsinki. Bands: Häiriköt and Rehtorit. Häiriköt played own set and Ramones-set with special guest Otto from Tehosekoitin and I. Night started 9.30 PM (21.30).

June 5: Club 25, Vaasa. Bands: Klamydia (Ramones-set) and Partavaahtokone.

June 6: Tampere, Klubi. Bands: Pojat ja Rehtorit.
Before night started, I heard news about Dee Dee (RIP)...

Nights featured Gabba Hey, 1-2-3-4 and Hey Ho, Let's Go -rememberings and special surprises. etc. I also sang in every gig.


- 13 euros in the Finland.
- 17 euros in the Europe.
- 24 US$ in countries outside of Europe.
Prices include 2nd class postage.