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Ramainz was called Remains from December 1996 to the beginning of the 1999. The reason why they've changed their name from Remains to Ramainz: There was another band called Barry & The Remains, who did not like them using that name. So Barry called them and asked them to please change the spelling, and they did. There was a rumor that they changed the name to try to sound more like Ramones. That's not true at all, it had nothing to do with Ramones. Even if it did, they had two Ramones members (Dee Dee and Marky) in the band. Earlier also CJ Ramone played in the Ramainz/ Remains..

At first Remains/ Ramainz line-up was Dee Dee Ramone, CJ Ramone, Marky Ramone and Dee Dee's wife Barbara Zampini. First Remains show was at the Coney Island High School on December, 18, 1996.

Line-up changed all the time, also Ben Trokan (from Marky Ramone & The Intruders) was on guitar and many special guests. Last line-up was: Dee Dee, Marky and Barbara. Ramainz was side-project in the end, then in 2000 Marky had the Intruders, Dee Dee (RIP) concentrated on another book he was writing, and also Dee Dee released new album and toured lot.
The show at the Continental on July 23, 1999, marked the final performance for The Ramainz.
There are some interesting Ramainz stories in Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

Dee Dee, Marky and Barbara recorded live album Live in N.Y.C. The album is live from the Continental NYC, on July, 1997. It was released first by GB MUSIC (USA) on June 15 1999. See information of the album here. Also later album was released in Argentina by Pinhead Records and in 2002 United Kingdom by Sanctuary Records etc.
You can see cover (GB Music version) in right that Dee Dee signed that for me in 2000. My Pinhead Records version is signed by Dee Dee, Marky and Barbara, on it autographs are inside the booklet (see below). Photo of Dee Dee and photo of Marky are from photo that is originally taken by great Italian fan Maurizio "Nodus" Nodari.
Also I've got signed by them Remains setlists etc.).


Sad Ramainz news arrived in November, 2000. There was planned that Ramainz plays four gigs in Brazil, but sadly every gig had to cancel 'cause of Dee Dee's personal things... Dee Dee called to Marky that he can't go to Brazil and that was pretty shock. The productors tried to resolve the situation calling CJ, but he had a lot of compromises and couldn't go. Ben Trokan was invited too to substitute Barbara....

Marky then said he will play with the Raimundos a set of Ramones' songs. Marky did a show with the Raimundos on November 15th, 2000 at 89 FM Radio's Birthday Party, Brazil. Gig was succesful and there was 20 000 people. Raimundos put out the album (October 2001), which contain Marky on drums on 10 tracks. The name of the album: Eramos 4 (in english means: We Were four). Read more of album here.

The Ramainz was over. Anyway it was 15-16 months earlier when Ramainz had played at live. The show at the Continental on July 23, 1999, marked the final performance for The Ramainz.

The Remains (Dee Dee, Marky and Barbara) were also at the Continental in New York, USA, on February 20, 1999. This show was recorded for a live CD with various bands. Live At Continental - Best Of NYC Vol. I and Vol. II albums both has one Ramainz song. Both has also 22 other songs, like one song where Joey Ramone sing with The Independents.
Marky's friend Trigger, who owns the Continental club, wanted a Ramone name to be on the album, to help Continental. Continental took photos of Joey Ramone, Marky Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone standing together for the albums front cover of the live album. But in the end they used comic art in both album covers.

Joan Jett's great debut album Bad Reputation was re-released and it has his performance of the Bad Reputation song with the Remains (still then Remains) at Long Island Brewing Company on January, 20th, 1998.

RAMAINZ ALBUM INFOS (Release date June 15, 1999: GB MUSIC)