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First is a long background story of Clare/Noizee and Alex, and then comes their interview.

Guitar-vocalist Clare Pproduct (aka Clare MissTake, aka Noizee etc.), and vocalist-guitarist Alex Kane are members of UK band AntiProduct founded in 2000. AntiProduct's sound is mix of punk, metal, pop etc. elements. AntiProduct has released lot of singles and EP's and three albums:
Consume And Die... The Rest Is All Fun (2000), Made In Usa (2003) and Please Take Your Cash (2009).
AntiProduct played first time with Marky Ramone as his back-up band in 2004. They toured lot together and Alex was guitarist-vocalist and Clare bassist-vocalist. Last shows they had with Marky in 2010. This interviews explains background of many things. Alex's replies are in blue.
Clare was also member of The Ramonas tribute band.

Now Clare is known as his solo band name Noizee. Noizee's debut album titled Loud!!! got published in summer 2012. It takes a while to fly to the world of Noizee and Loud!!! But trip is worth of it. Loud!!! is mix of electronic, punk, pop and disco elements, and has raw attitude. Something pretty unique. You has chance to listen electronic-disco-pop version of Ramones' song A Real Cool Time (song written by Joey Ramone in Halfway To Sanity). Version of Ramones' song Somebody Put Something In My Drink (song written by Richie Ramone in Animal Boy) has a bit more raw and heavier attitude. Noizee also covers Ramones' tunes I Wanna Be Sedated and Blitzkrieg Bop.
So first listening moments are a bit confusing, but things start rolling and you get idea of sense of humour. And pretty genius song is Happy Birthday Fuck You. You can sing it to everyone you want with a humour or not! Check out Happy Birthday Fuck You video. In December 2012 got published video of Noizee song End Of The World, rock it here. End Of The World is produced by Kim Fowley whom a regular studio session musician Noizee has been since 2009.

Btw, great gentleman, Dregen (Backyard Babies and Michael Monroe Band) plays guitar in some tracks. And thanks Clare of credits to me in CD booklet.
Buy Loud!!! from iTunes or CD's UK version here or USA version here . Noizee's homepage is here.

Photo 1-2) Marky Ramone playing live at the Tijuana Punk Invasion 2008 festival in Mexico on May 15, 2008.
3) Marky having a little speech at the Tijuana Punk Invasion 2008 festival.
4-6) Clare (4), David Divine (5) and Alex Kane (6) at the Tijuana Punk Invasion 2008 festival show.


1) Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone: I have archived probably every show you played with Marky. First was in the UK in April 8, 2004.
Later on, do I remember correctly how Marky was going to cancel tour in August 2005, but then you found connection? Line-up had then Marky, you, Alex Kane and 2 other AntiProduct members?

Clare Pproduct: Yeah, first was when Marky first did his spoken word tour in London. AntiProduct had headlined the venue that Marky was playing (The Underworld) so they knew we would pull a good crowd of people, and they also knew how we were big Ramones fans. So we were asked to support Marky as AntiProduct, and then back him up and play 12 Ramones songs with him on drums after he had done his spoken word talk.
The line-up was me and Milena Yum on guitar, Alex was singing and our drummer Simon was on bass.
Back then Marky was getting a different band for each venue he played.
That show inspired me to start the Ramonas..., and I was recording the guitar tracks for the first The Ramonas demo on the same day that Johnny Ramone (September 15, 2004) died. I didn't know it till after, but I thought it was really cool that I was playing Johnny's chords on the other side of the world the day he died. Thought it totally freaked me out the next day when I found out... I wore my Ramones shirt for an entire week in a sort of smelly vigil!

2) Was it your idea you to play with Marky in at first show at Underworld in April, 2004? You were already then working as a booking agent?

Alex Kane: I was an agent for AntiProduct, The Toilet Boys and a few others but not for Marky at that point. I began booking him about a year later (2005) and was getting him shows as recently as last year (2010), though that was just one festival in England.
AntiProduct ( please come say hi. We rule!!!!) was already established in the UK and parts of Europe so when Marky was coming over, the promoter called us to be the band. AntiProduct backed him (I'm the singer of AntiProduct, btw, so I was his front person and the band played as his band) and we and Marky had such a blast and utterly destroyed the room, that a week later we got a call from his then agent asking us to be his full time band. This was actually the beginning of Blitzkrieg in a fashion.

3) Jari-Pekka: How was first discussion of you playing with Marky? And how excited you were?

Clare: You cannot even believe how excited I was!!! I have always been a huge Ramones fan, they inspired me to start playing and taught me that simple is best!!! I took my albums down for Marky to sign and we had a great time. The crowd loved it and we had alot of fun playing those songs.
Like I said, I had so much fun in fact that I was inspired to start up The Ramonas. The BEST all-girl Ramones tribute in the WORLD. The Ramonas have since been included on a Century Media released all girl tribute bands album and are still touring all over Europe with the lovely Lisa now on vocals! Do yourself a favour and check them out on, ...they ROCK!!!)

4) Did Marky choose all songs or did he let you to choose some songs to the set?

Alex: He would ask us what our faves were and we'd include those. Sometimes he'd want to either play or not play certain songs and I'd always express my opinion honestly and sometimes he'd take it on board or others he'd decide not to, which is obviously his total right as the band leader and a real Ramone. Remember, I'm just a Ramones fan so all of it was as incredible to me as it would be to anyone reading this.

5) Jari-Pekka: Do you wanna tell a bit of your background as a Ramones fan?

Clare: The first time I heard Ramones song I was 16 and in a club called Slimelight in London. They played Somebody Put Something In My Drink at about 5AM and I was like: "who is this? This is amazing!!!!!"
Then that was it, no looking back for me I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of them sooner!!!!! So I got the albums. First was It's Alive because it had so many songs on it. That was a great place to start with understanding the amazing and exciting live experience that the Ramones were, especially in those early days. But soon I got the rest of the albums as well and listened to them over and over and over.
Then I started playing guitar and the Ramones helped me and inspired me to learn to play both guitar and bass. Their beautiful simplicity is so totally inspiring and such well written, catchy songs, plus there is nothing like playing Ramones for building up a really good, fast, solid right hand, I am a purist..., they have to all be downstrokes!!!

Alex: I went from Kiss to the Ramones without missing a beat. The very first song I ever learned was I Wanna Be Sedated and after I bought Road To Ruin album all I literally did before and after school was play air guitar to that thing and pretend I was in the Ramones. All I did! I pictured being onstage with those guys. Little did I know one day I would actually have played with several, ya know?
So when the all Ramoniacs come up to me at a gig or email me and say "Oh dude, you play those tunes like you've been playing them your whole life" talking about all the jumping around and wind mills and stuff, it IS because I have been playing them my whole life. The only reason I'm a musician is the Ramones and Cheap Trick. Without those two bands, I never would be doing this. I'd be a lawyer exploiting the fuck outta people or a banker stealing from the poor.

6) Jari-Pekka: What impressed in Marky as a player and as a person and what memories you wanna share of those first shows?

Clare: We always had alot of fun, and Marky seemed to be having alot of fun too. Lots of laughing and joking and all the shows went down really well. We played a few tours with that line-up. There was that first show in London, then cos that was so succesful he came back and we did a couple more dates in England and a tour around Ireland which was alot of fun too. A few too many good times for me led to some shocking hangovers from what I just about remember!!! The Irish crowds were awesome and everyone loved the shows.

Jari-Pekka: These are dates you played in Ireland:
August 6, 2005, Woughton Centre, Milton Keynes, UK
August 7, 2005, The Underworld, London, UK
August 9, 2005, Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland
August 10, 2005, The Limelight, Belfast, Ireland
August 11, 2005, Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, Ireland
August 12, 2005, Dolans Pub, Restaurant & Warehouse, Limerick, Ireland
August 13, 2005, Cyprus, Avenue, Cork, Ireland
August 14, 2005, The Forum Waterford, Waterford, Ireland.

Clare: Then Marky came back to England again and we did a UK tour as well playing with the UK Subs and some other UK punk bands.
Then at some point later Marky asked me to switch to bass and Alex to guitar and he bought the singer he was using at that time, David Divine (an awesome guy!) and we did a UK tour and headlined the Wickerman Festival in Scotland. It was always great shows, good times and lots of laughs!!!

7) Jari-Pekka: Here are dates of that tour and other shows Marky had in July, 2006.
In this tour you just played shows with Marky in Scotland and UK? July 12, 2006, Arezzo Wave festival, Arezzo, Italy.
July 14, 2006, MarcOn Festival, Venice, Italy.
July 18, 2006, The Tunnels, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.
July 19, 2006, The Doghouse, Dundee, Scotland, UK.
July 20, 2006, Oran Mor, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
July 21, 2006, Wickerman Festival, Scotland, UK. July 22, 2006, Solsona Rock Festival, Solsona, Spain.
July 23, 2006, Sala Salamandra, Barcelona, Spain (+ The Queers).

Clare: We just did the Scotland shows with him... I think he used Spanish musicians for the Spanish and Italian shows... That way only him and his wife Marion would have to travel and get plane tickets... That was when he was Marky Ramone And Friends and he would just use local musicians, which made it a very cost efficient way to tour.

8) Jari-Pekka: Do you wanna explain a bit, why you had to cancel tour in February, 2006 (shows in Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Germany etc.)?

Clare: I think there were problems with the person who was putting on the shows so they never happened or something like that... We were ready to do them, always love playing!!!

9) Jari-Pekka: When you were selling your shows with Marky, do you remember some special comments from people working in the venues? Something what surprised. Did it make difference that it was drummer of legendary band instead of "front players" singer, bassist or guitarist?

Alex: Um, this is a bit of a loaded question so I'll try to answer it without sounding like a douche bag. Marky was getting far less money than I think he deserved when we started working together. I loved this fucking guy and like I said, I'd been playing in the Ramones in my mind for my whole fuckin' life so when I actually got to jam with one of my heroes I was like "Fuck, no way. This is Marky Ramone. Give him his props." You get that, right? Plus, as he was getting paid so little, he could only afford to use local guys (again, that's how we first started working together but luckily EVERYONE in AntiProduct are huge Ramones fans so we kicked the living shit outta that shit AntiProduct style live).
Sometimes I'd been told, the local guys sucked balls. Strumming the chords and shit. Poor Marky would be back there watching these dudes basically shitting on his legacy or at least the legacy he has a huge part in building. So, the kids would come out and be all "Hey, this sucks. Poor Marky." And attendances were slipping. But that's NOT his fault. He knew the tunes better than anyone alive on Earth, period. It was as he was being exploited that he was left in the position. Luckily, I started asking for more dough once we had solidified our relationship so the venues would promote more and AntiProduct was there to pray to the Gods of Punk so we brought nothing but the A Game and everyone had a kick ass time, word got around and things were working.
As for bass, guitar, drummer, etc. I truly think that in Marky Ramone we have the closest truest link to the Ramones.
Tommy Ramone, yes. But he kinda bailed on the rock.
CJ Ramone, yes. He did save the band but that's the point. The initial was long gone.
Richie Ramone, for sure. Biggest hits. Incredible drummer (still is, btw), great writer and saved the band. But again, it was not the initial real anymore.
When you're saving a band, you're the one with the fire as the others have given up. You re-energize, but also end up carrying. But that initial power has gone. I mean, I feel they lost their hard on for it when End Of The Century (1980) album didn't blow up like expected. Smash record for sure but they were still too far ahead. Then the whole thing with Johnny Ramone and Joey Ramone and Linda. How do you conquer the world with your gang with that going on? It's you guys against the world. Wow, this answer is my novel.

10) Jari-Pekka: We spoke a bit of UK Subs already. Do you remember some memories related to you and UK Subs? Do you remember how much Marky and Charlie Harper (singer of UK Subs) appreciated each other etc.?
Had AntiProduct played before with many of those legendary UK bands? UK Subs guys (I only met line-up what had few years ago) are really friendly. With Charlie I had great newspaper and book interview at Rytmikorjaamo in Seinäjoki, Finland in 2007.
Interview is two pages long in Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives. It was great to hear stories what kind of chaos it was in Italy when the Ramones and the UK Subs toured together in Europe in 1980.

Alex: Yeah awesome question. AntiProduct, for some reason, when we aren't being called Metal Gum, is called either like a Mr Bungle, Cardiacs, fringe art band or a punk band. It all works for me as were are none of the above. Anyway, as the punks in the UK seemed to embrace AntiProduct, we were asked to be on so many amazing tours with truly pivotal players in punk. We got to work, tour or pal around with The Damned, Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks, The Stranglers, Sigue Sigue, The UK Subs (we became good buddies and UK Subs drum God, Jamie, plays in AP when his schedule allows and played the drums on our latest AntiProduct album LP PLEASE TAKE YOUR CASH. It's won awards), The Professionals and so many more.
Marky and Charlie very definitely have a mutual respect and rapport. There were more than a few times when we would see (more like be watching) Marky and Charlie talking and could only imagine what crazy shit those two have seen! Couldn't even imagine it!!!

Clare: The UK Subs are an amazing band, one of my favorites! With AntiProduct we played with UK Subs at their 25th Anniversary show in London (they must have been together over 30 years now..., thats longer than the Ramones!)

Jari-Pekka: Yeah, Charlie Harper has lead the UK Subs since 1976.

Clare: Then we also toured with UK Subs on a punkfestival tour with both AntiProduct and with Marky (playing 2 full on sets a night!). Charlie Harper is over 65 years old now and he is still out there touring and still kicking ass... He is an inspiration to us all... I am a HUGE fan!!!

Marky had played some shows with Brian and Alan of UK Subs in that tour in March-April, 2004. Here are just comments to see from my new book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives:
"Jari-Pekka: Marky Ramone did the Spoken Word shows in Europe in 2004. After the Spoken Word performance, Marky would play a Ramones set with Alan Campbell and Brian Barnes, who were then also playing for the UK Subs.
Charlie Harper: I saw maybe three of Marky's Spoken Word shows. Being a big Ramones fan, it was really interesting. Marky was great, he came up with all the Ramones stories. He picked up a local UK band. If I would have been playing guitar, I would have played the Mosrite.

12) Jari-Pekka: In lot of those shows Marky, You and Alex had David Divine (Brooks) as a singer. Can you tell some nice memories of David Divine (Brooks)? I feel, Marky did to David same way, than how he did with you and Alex...

Clare: David is awesome. We had alot of fun with him... Always lots of laughing... My sides would hurt sometimes from laughing so much. David is very funny! We are still in touch now and he is a great guy. David Brooks has a great band called Priscilla who just have bunch of new songs out that you can hear and buy on David's facebook page.
Maybe ask David how it ended with him and Marky. I think he feels like he has been treated disrespectfully also.

Jari-Pekka: Yeah, David Divine Brooks is playing bass and writing songs for Priscilla. Priscilla did release their second album Eight Lives on FnA Records in December, 2010. Priscilla does play glam rock etc. and you can also listen songs in their MySpace.

13) And in one tour you were playing with Sebastian from The Expulsados? Those days were in Spain and Portugal in December 2006 and in January 2007.

Clare: Yes, we did a tour with Sebastian round Spain. It was over Christmas time. The first show was at the Moby Dick club in Madrid and Sebastian got off the plane in Barcelona, so Alex Kane was singing for that one as well as playing guitar. It was on Christmas eve and it was a really fun show! From that show I still have the backstage pass sticker on my laptop (till it just died!)!!!
Sebastian is really nice guy and we had fun on that tour. Very crazy audiences. There is some great YouTube footage of Portugal where the stage was about two inches high and all the crew had to form a human chain to keep the crazy crowd from joining us on the stage. I will never forget their faces as they were straining against the crazy heaving crowd. It was alot of fun!!!

14) Do you wanna compare a little bit how different are fans in the UK when compare to the Spain, Portugal and Italy?

Clare: All the audiences are amazing. Everyone had so much fun to the songs that Dee Dee Ramone and Joey Ramone wrote when we played them. They always feed of the energy and intensity that comes from the stage. There is something about those songs that make people lose their shit. Awesome.
I really cannot say enough about the magic of the Ramones music. I get it when I play with the Ramonas too. It is something so special. The music has touched alot of people in the same way. It is a bond between us.
You know what I am talking about!!!

15) Can you please tell of a progress of AntiProduct's album Please Take Your Cash? You were doing it little by little as you were on tours so much.

Alex: Well, AntiProduct, which alot of Ramoniacs the world over have had a chance to see due to mine and Clare's association with Marky, is the closest thing to my heart there is. I love AntiProduct.
But, yes, in between booking Marky, touring with him and tour managing him, I was super busy for a few years there. So, while the first two or three tours, me, Clare nor AntiProduct (initially, Marky didn't really know I was a guitar player as I am the singer in AP. We were asked to back him in London in 2004 and with me singing and my band playing, we just crushed it. Blew the doors off the place. Next day, his then agent was on the phone to me asking if we would like to be his band.) were not being paid and doing it out of love for the Ramones. (Jari-Pekka's note: see also Alex's comments in question 3, 9 etc.)
But, I couldn't keep paying to be in Marky's band, so I started booking and getting enough where at least I could feed the band even tho I still had to absorb all the travel expenses for both bands.
But yea, finally, I was able to make enough money from booking Marky that before he asked me and Clare to start the Blitzkrieg with him, AP was able to go out, tour as headliners or backing Marc and they we would funnel all that back in PLEASE TAKE YOUR CASH, which incidentally has won two Billboard Magazine Song Awards, and ASCAP writer award and was in the top 5 % of all indie LPs released in '09, so Im pretty stoked about that. I would love everyone to check it out and if you email me directly at I will send you free mp3s to turn you onto it!

16) Alex, how did Marky appreciate you getting better deals as a agent and got more paid of shows?

Alex: Um, how to put this? He and his wife took the money. Let's leave it there...

17) David Divine sang his last shows with Marky in August-October, 2008. Final show was at 565 in La Plata, Argentina on October 12, 2008. You and Clare weren't playing in those shows?

Alex: We were touring AntiProduct in Europe at the time and weren't able to do these shows actually. I'm actually Argentinean through my father, so that woulda been kick ass. We'll get there!

18) And do you have some memories of this event what I attended? May 15, 2008, Tijuana PUNK Invasion 2008 festival (Marky list this in his site with name: El Foro Rock Festival), Tijuana, Mexico. Also The Adicts, The Voodoo Glow Skulls, Los Kung Fu Monkeys, UNION 13 etc. were playing.

Alex: Yea that was when I had my skin condition kicking my nuts in. I had just finished a USA AntiProduct headline tour of the states that ran me down so much my whole system literally shut down. Nothing wanted to work and as your skin is the line and final hope for getting toxins out of your system, all the pollution, and spray paint, and coffee and whatever the fuck fucks you was literally pouring out of these opens wounds all over my body. Truly horrendous.
So, while I was healing, Marky got booked in Mexico. We took the work (these were actually the last shows we got to do with David: as a line-up: Marky, Alex, Clare and David) but by the time I got down there, it was all wacky. The gigs were cool but the vibe and the way people were made to live and live in fear made me hate Tijuana.
And then we were told never to leave the hotel unless it was the full touring party, not to make eye contact with anyone, and NEVER go down that road, etc. All that sucked and made me kinda sad for the people living there, but once the gig got started (aside from the lack of oxygen because the sea level thing) it was awesome and the kids were so fucking appreciative!
Me and Clare went and met everyone afterwards and that was a bad idea. We were almost torn limb from limb by over zealous Ramoniacs but at least we knew we were living up to the fearsome Ramones legacy. Skin thing is much better now, btw. Thanks for asking!

19) You were first time with Marky in Japan when you had shows there in April 2009. In one festival beside of Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg played for example Bad Religion, The Damned, NOFX, Rise Against and Oreskaband.

Alex: I'd been over in Japan with AntiProduct and the Wildhearts a few times before. Japan has been very kind to me and AntiProduct. I LOVE Japan!!
My second favorite band of all time, Mindless Self Indulgence played right after us. First is a band I get to work with now called One Eyed Doll. AMAZING and very much the future of rock n roll. Truly incredible and one of a kind. That was probably the highpoint of the Blitzkrieg. Sold out, 20,000 kids and just going off!!!!! Like going off off!!!!
We watched the broadcast of the concert and you literally could not hear us over the kids just roaring "Rock n Rock n roll, radio...LETS GO!" Truly truly inspiring and one of the highlights of my life. and they now how the fuck to organize and get shit down in Japan. No one fucks around there or takes the piss. Love it!

20) Did it feel strange when there were on tour so many subjects of what wasn't good to ask from Marky or discuss with him? Otherwise he would get nervous and be different person and start bashing shit of many people. Like after asking of CJ Ramone, Richie Ramone, Joey's brother Mickey, and after 2008 also of Johnny's wife Linda etc.

Alex: Yea, its sad but most of the living former Ramones and their spouses only communicate through law suits, or so it would appear. Uh, I got opinions on lots of people I used to jam with and I'll share them openly with an apology before hand, so him and his wife bagging on nearly everyone associated with the Ramones wasn't at all unexpected.
I dont really ditch or duck when it comes to conversation and always told Marky exactly what I thought of things and the people he had/has in his camp. I just dont give a shit and will speak my mind, so I don't identify with that statement.
But, yea, there is so much unnecessary bickering and bullshit that goes on there and today's hero is tomorrows terrorist in their camp. This I became very weary of. The real Ramones are mostly dead, so it's baffling that the replacement guys would all be at each others throats like this.
Richie, whom Clare and I played with (she will continue to be in his band but very unfortunately I'm too busy, which sucks) and made an EP for Universal Records earlier this year, was always very gracious but still direct. You never have to guess where he stands (which I love) but, while he did make some pretty funny comment, honestly, he never went to the lengths of hate that some of the other guys did.

21) Do you have some good memories of times when Marky played in Osaka Popstar or with Jerry Only and Dez Cadena (The Misfits' line-up was then singer-bassist Jerry Only, drummer Marky Ramone and bassist Dez Cadena).

Alex: AntiProduct was recording it's second LP in NYC in 2002 at the same studio that The Misfits with Jerry Only, Marky Ramone and Dez Cadena were recording at.
The five of us from England, actually sleeping and bathing at the studio and THE The Misfits walk in over us sleeping on the floor. Before I knew Marky, my first real life view of him was waking up to him walking over me carrying a copper snare. Morning!
But, we hit it off really well and actually did a bunch of singing on The Misfits' Project 1950's. Backing vox. Also, that is my Les Paul on literally every track on that LP.
Dez asked if he could borrow it as he was a Stratocaster player and never gave it back til he got his own Les Paul. True story. I love Dez. He's a 'tard!

Go to or look us up on the web. Slayer, Ramones, Abba in latex and blood.