This book is all about the Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives, by Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone. Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives is full of stories of love for what Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny Ramone and the rest of the Ramones family have done for all of us.
This memory book is a result of 4.5 years work. Maria Montoya-Kaye was main person who grammar-checked this book (texts). Release date: May 19, 2009.

The opening text is written by Tommy Ramone.
Book has interview or text written by 90 artist/people, 224 pages and 295 photos or drawings. Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives, is a book you would enjoy reading. I have included hundreds of stories by all kinds of musicians who have personally discussed at length about the Ramones and the legacy left behind on rock n'roll history. The book also features artists who influenced the Ramones and also those in the Ramones family who are often forgotten. They have many stories to tell.

- See listing of artists and people who have been interviewed for this book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives or who have written texts, click here.
- Read some examples of the contents, click here.
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- Promo photos for press use here.
- Review in Maximumrocknroll by Craig Ums tells a lot of this book...
- Review in Terrorverlag (Germany).
- Read some comments of Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

Joey and Johnny died because of cancer. I donate of the profits for Juliana Von Wendt Fund. This fund was founded in 1971 and they support humane researching method without animals. Also I contribute a portion of the profits from my books to aid in the study of drug addiction. It is the only way we can come to understand Dee Dee's fatal overdose and other drug-related deaths.

Earlier I (Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone) have released two Ramones memorial books, Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone (2004) and Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone (2002).

I wish to thank all the people that have given me the chance to do this book. Most of my thanks is to Maria Montoya-Kaye, she has given me that chance. Even though our physical distance is far - Maria lives in Los Angeles, USA, and I live in Kauhajoki, Finland. Maria is very close emotinally, she knows what I mean in my heart, and Maria has the heart to read it right. Also Maria was main person who grammar-checked this book. She put in about 1 000 hours on this book. Lynne Cameron typed 20+ interviews. Also Laura Brown, Bobby London, Randy Wisebrod, Dean and Sara, Greg Gibson, Erja Heikkilä etc. helped. I say sincerely thank also through photos, texts and stories, for many people.




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Here is complete list of artists and people whom interviews or texts are in this book, Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.
In brackets are marked their current or old bands or what they have been doing.

Ramones members and some artists and people really close to them: 1) Tommy Ramone, 2) CJ Ramone, 3) Marky Ramone, 4) Richie Ramone, 5) Linda Cummings (Johnny's wife), 6) Seymour Stein (founder of Sire Records), 7) Hilly Kristal (founder of the CBGB's club), 8) Arturo Vega (creative director for the Ramones), 9) Rodney Bingenheimer (radioDJ/ KROQ-FM) and Maria Montoya-Kaye, 10) Walter Lure (Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Waldos), 11) Andy Shernoff (The Dictators), 12) Glen Kolotkin (producer), 13) Jean Beauvoir (producer, The Plasmatics), 14) George Seminara (director), 15) Wayne Toth (the man who created the Johnny Ramone statue), and photographers 16) George DuBose, 17) Jenny Lens and, 18) Keith Green.

Some other artists working with the Ramones members: 19) Wayne Kramer (MC5/DKT), 20) Richie Stotts (The Plasmatics, King Flux), 21) Jeff Salen (Tuff Darts, Butch), 22) Jesse Malin (solo artist, D-Generation), 23) Evil Presly and Willy B (The Independents), 24) Al Maddy (Sugartime, Resistance, Nitecaps), 25) Chase Manhattan (drummer for Dee Dee 1998-2001), 26) C.J. Gunn (hardcore fan, musician with members of the Ramones), 27) Dez Cadena (Misfits, Black Flag, DC3), and 28) Henry Rollins (Black Flag, Rollins Band). More punk pioneers and legends interviewed in this book: 29) Charlie Harper (UK Subs), 30) Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols, The Philistines), 31) Vinny Stigma, and Roger Miret (Agnostic Front), 32) Bobby Steele (The Undead, The Misfits), 33) Kimm Gardener and Mike Magrann (CH3), and 34) Marco Roelofs (Heideroosjes).

Some other people: 35) Noah "Noki" Citrin (an important friend to Joey Ramone in 60's), 36) Wayne Brown (high school friend to Johnny Ramone), 37) Bobby London (cartoonist and illustrator), 38) Trinidad Aranes, 39) Mariano Asch (Todos Somos Ramones tribute album and active Ramones fan), 40) Oliver Alexander (All Good Cretins Go To Heaven tribute album), 41) Gianfranco "Gianfry" D'Alessandro and Alberto Bia (Nicotine Records), 42) Dr. Dot (pioneer of backstage massage), and 43) Bam Margera (Jackass).

More punk, rock and rock'N'roll bands involved:
44) Kenny Håkansson, Nick Royale, and Robban Eriksson (The Hellacopters), 45) Rob Wright (NoMeansNo and The Hanson Brothers), 46) Andy Cairns (Therapy?), 47) Bela B. (solo artist, Die Ärzte), 48) Bumblefoot (solo artist and Guns N'Roses), 49) Happy-Tom and Euroboy (Turbonegro), 50) Johan Blomqvist (Backyard Babies), 51) Adam Becvare (The Lustkillers, The Lords Of The New Church), 52) Billy Hopeless (The Black Halos), 53) Ivo Backbreaker (The Apers), 54) Tom Wisniewski (MxPx), 55) Despo (Los Gattos), 56) Alain Nkossi Konda, 57) Wyan Eko (Sneakers and Morons), 58) Donna F (The Donnas), and 59) Beef Bonanza (The Bones).

Heavy metal heads telling their influences and love to the Ramones:
60) Frank Watkins (Obituary and Gorgoroth), 61) Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth, Bloodbath), 62) Phil Campbell (Motörhead), 63) Jon Larsen (Volbeat), 64) Dan Swänö (producer, Katatonia, Bloodbath), 65) Peter Tägtgren (composer, producer, Hypocrisy, Pain), 66) Miland "Mille" Petrozza (Kreator), 67) Fernando, and Mike (Moonspell), and 68) Ricky Warwick (solo artist, Almighty).

Some of the contributors from my home country Finland are:
69) Saku, Riku, and Aki (Himanes), 70) Toni Wirtanen (Apulanta), 71) Pantse Syrjä (Eppu Normaali), 72) Ismo Alanko, 73) Marco Hietala (Tarot, Nightwish), 74) Jonne Aaron (Negative), 75) Miikka Koivisto (Disco Ensemble), 76) Pauli Hanhiniemi (Kolmas Nainen), 77) Jarkko Martikainen (YUP, producer, illustrator), 78) Sami Karppinen, and Patrik Mennander (Ruoska), 79) Marko Annala, and Janne Hyrkäs (Mokoma), 80) Samuli Putro (Zen Cafe, and solo artist), 81) Sammy Aaltonen (Private Line), 82) Sampsa Sarparanta (No Shame), 83) Jussi Selo (Uniklubi), 84) J. Karjalainen, 85) Janne Hongisto (Kotiteollisuus), 86) Kivi Larmola (comic artist, Kätyrit), 87) Markus Nordenstreng (The Latebirds), 88) Jussi Rainio (NeOn 2), 89) Eero Raittinen, and 90) Petri Tuomola (Karanteeni and Kohu-63).





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1) Promo photo featuring (left to right) CJ Ramone, Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone, and Tommy Ramone at Johnny Ramone's memory event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, USA on October, 2009.
Click here to download high resolution version. Photo: Javier Sanchez.

2) Promo photo featuring (left to right) Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone, Joey Ramone's brother Mickey Leigh and Tommy Ramone on May 19, 2009, click here to download photo. Photo: Tracy Thornton.

3) Promo photo featuring Richie Ramone and Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone. Photo is taken at Joey Ramone's (RIP) another house in New York on May 19, 2010. That day Joey had his 49th birthday. And Jari-Pekka had his 32nd birthday.
Click here to download photo.

4) Promo photo featuring (left to right) Ramones' creative director Arturo Vega, Johnny Ramone's wife Linda Ramone, Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone, and Dee Dee Ramone's wife Barbara Zampini at Johnny Ramone's memory event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, USA on October, 2009. Click here to download high resolution version.

5) Promo photo featuring The Misfits members Jerry Only (sitting), Eric (top left, new drummer of The Misfits), Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone (top middle), Dez Cadena (top right. The Misfits, ex member of the Black at Pakkahuone, Tampere, Finland on September 13, 2010). Click here to download high resolution version.

6) Promo photo featuring Volbeat's members Anders Kjolholm, Jon Larsen, Michael Poulsen and Thomas Bredahl. Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone (2nd on right) at Provinssirock festival, Seinäjoki, Finland in June, 2009. Click here to download photo.


I was reluctant to give you stories which have been written thousands times before. What I offer is mainly new information and material. Here are some examples of the contents:
Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives feature Tommy Ramone interviews of the Ramones, his studio work, and Uncle Monk. The book contains a long discussion between Tommy and Seymour Stein (founder of Sire Records) about the early days of the Ramones. Other people of importance and their memories for example are: Rodney Bingenheimer and Noki Citrin. Noki was not only an important friend to Joey Ramone but his best friend during their high school years. They suffered a lot but they also had a great friendship. Tommy remembered the same things that Noki had described to me. The first time Tommy met Joey was with Noki.

Tommy Ramone's interviews and comments are a total of 12 pages. Tommy answers questions like:
- What is the truth, about Ritchie Stern being part of the Ramones during the early days?
- What did Tommy think of Johnny's political views?
- How was it working with Jimi Hendrix?
- What are your bluegrass influences?

CJ Ramone's interviews and comments are a total of 12 pages. Some subjects CJ covers are:
- CJ describes how the audition for the Ramones went.
- First shows and reaction by the fans after some people thought it was his fault Dee Dee quit the Ramones.
- About choosing songs for the Acid Eaters album.
- How did he feel when Johnny and Joey didn't speak to each other.
- CJ Ramone's last memories of Joey, Dee Dee, and Johnny and their friendship.
- A gathered collection of information regarding CJ Ramone's solo activities since 1990.

Marky Ramone's interviews and comments are a total of 12 pages. Some subjects Marky covers are:
- When Marky think the Ramones were at their best?
- What were his opinions when CBGB's closed.
- Marky's stories of his tours and performances with the Teenage Head, Misfits, Tarakany! and Lisa Marie Presley.
- What about Marky and Ozzy Osbourne?
- Marky talking about cars and his favourite cars.

Richie Ramone's story with his comments are a total of 8 pages. Some subjects:
- Richie starting a career as a drum soloist.
- Richie Ramone's comments and speech about The Animal Defense League.
- Richie having a blast at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2006.

Linda Cummings, Johnny Ramone's wife, explains in her interview:
- Johnny's and Dee Dee's last meeting.
- How and why they decided to move to California.
- Johnny's romantic side
- When Johnny became very sick and how they were able to cope.
- Memories of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam members coming to visit Johnny.
- How Linda met the Ramones.
- Linda's take on the triangle drama of Joey, Johnny, and Linda.
- How much Linda and Joey were in touch after 1983.

- Linda Cummings shared some very personal photographs for this book. One on the day of their wedding, their Elvis Presley room, a Halloween photo of Johnny Ramone dressed as a clown.

- The book also has information about Johnny's guitars, some of his rarest and most valuable horror movie posters, and collector cards.
- Wayne Toth, the man who created the Johnny Ramone statue, describes the process.
- Arturo Vega was the Ramones creative director since 1974. He recounts many stories related to Johnny. Four pages worth.

- Besides the discussion with Tommy Ramone, I did an interview with Seymour Stein. He talks about giving some Brian Wilson demos to Joey for him to listen before Seymour actually signed Brian Wilson of Beach Boys to Sire Records.

- For the first time Walter Lure, the guitarist from Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, openly talks about the extensive role he played during recording sessions on the three of the Ramones studio albums. The Ramones never made mention of him playing guitar for them on the album liner notes. He also give some wonderful memories about the Ramones members and visiting Johnny and Linda.
- Walter answers what he thinks is the truth - is Chinese Rocks a Ramones or Heartbreakers song?
- I also included Walter Lure's farewell article of CBGB's, and The Continental.

- Wayne Kramer of MC5 talks about not knowing that he and the MC5 had influenced artists like Dee Dee Ramone and Joey Ramone... Wayne covering Ramones songs. Johnny and Wayne spent an evening together right before Johnny died.

- RockDJ Rodney Bingenheimer is considered to be one of the most well known DJs in the world. I did an interview with Rodney and Maria Montoya-Kaye of their memories. Their long interview tells about being at Gold Star Studios during the End Of The Century sessions, how Rodney was an appreciated supporter and friend to the Ramones etc.
See photos of the Ramones on Rodney's very first show in 1976, his photos with Joey before Joey's final TV interview, Rodney's last photo with the Ramones and photo where Joey is entering backstage at the Palace for the farewell Ramones performance in 1996.

- Official Ramones photographer George DuBose telling stories of his photo sessions with the Ramones and what kind of rules Johnny Ramone had. How the promo sessions went down for Subterranean Jungle, Too Tough To Die, Animal Boy, Mondo Bizarro, and Acid Eaters. The book has both, wellknown and rare Ramones photographs including the original photo taken without graffiti of Subterranean Jungle, the gorilla man without the mask on the cover of Animal Boy, promo photo of Dee Dee, Joey, and Johnny with Clem Burke (Elvis Ramone) wearing a Chanel T-shirt...

- The Ramones allowed LA photographer Jenny Lens to follow them throughout their first California tour, August, 1976, but she chose to only shoot them in LA three times during 1977, and then twice during 1978. Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives features more than ten photos by Jenny Lens from seventies. They are amazing.

- The book has sixteen color pages including rare photos by George DuBose, Jenny Lens, Rodney Bingenheimer, and Linda Cummings. Could you imagine seeing Johnny as a clown?
The color pages also have many of my personal photos taken of: Marky, Dee Dee, etc. live, photos of CJ Ramone's tattoos, 3 pages photos of tattoos Ramones have, fans and their Ramoniac kids.

- Trinidad Aranes aka Little Dragon, from Spain did a complete set of drawings of all the Ramones members for this book.

- The book contains drawings done by Bobby London in the 70's. He also did a new drawing only for the publication of this book.

Some other subjects:
- Many people discuss their close friendships with the Ramones, playing on their albums, touring with them, writing songs together...
- The book has many artists who were part of the New York punk scene from 1974-1978. You will find these stories very interesting.

- For this book I wanted to include longer more thoughtful interviews than in my first two books. In some cases the interviews are quite long on a wider scale. I gave people the opportunity to retell important or special stories outside of the Ramones. Walter Lure will talk about Johnny Thunders, and Glen Kolotkin, who has worked with the Ramones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Talking Heads, Buddy Miles, The Rolling Stones will share his stories. Glen Kolotkin recorded and produced the Ramones album Subterranean Jungle.

- Who do you think said the following: "During the break, the Ramones and I went out back to get some air. The guys were like: "There are cows surrounding us, and there's corn everywhere. What the fuck is this place?" I was so happy, I just wanted to marry Joey and live happily ever after."

- What song did Johnny Ramone refuse to include by Motorhead for the We're A Happy Family tribute album? - Experience the days when singer Bono and other the members of U2 gave Joey such a public dispaly of respect and love a half year before he passed away.

eXTReMe Tracker
- The book makes you think: "If Joey were still alive, CBGB's would have been saved."


This review tells so lot of this book... Thanks Craig Ums (his band is
The Love Songs). Hope to see you at live some day.
Review begin.
"This is a book about the Ramones. It is also about people and music and communication and friendship and inspiration, but in the end nothing inside here means anything without its connection to the Ramones. Jari-Pekka (and his fourteen year-old website, listed above) is the be-all end-all aggregate for all things Ramones, collecting information and interviews and photos with anything even remotely related to the band.
A self-described "worldwide collection of rare photos and loving tributes to our rebel angels," this Jari's third book on the subject, is mostly populated with interviews. Tommy, Marky, Richie, and CJ (the surviving Ramones) are obviously included, but they just scratch the surface. We also get interviews and written accolades from the Sex Pistols, NOMEANSNO, Agnostic Front, Arturo Vega (artist for the Ramones, Misfits, etc.), high school friends, studio engineers, the famous Backstage Masseuse Dr. Dot, Ramones' graffiti artists, tribute bands, and on and on.

Jari keeps a fair and neutral perspective that is difficult when exploring a band with such a noteworthy in-house rivalry. In fact, Jari does an almost perfect job of keeping the tone of the book (and to a larger extent, his website) completely neutral and respectful. It is likely this effort that has awarded him some of his most exclusive insights, like Dee Dee Ramone giving Jari his personal diary just before he passed away, or an interview with Linda Cummings, the woman at the center of the Joey/Johnny love triangle (included only in this book). You can tell right away that Jari lives and breathes The Ramones that in turn helps him serve as the definitive liaison to their legacy. The fair-weather Ramones fan or even casual rock-biography-reader can enjoy and appreciate Soundtrack... for its detail and depth, but diehards are definitely the true beneficiaries of this book. However much you know about the band (and their story is not a secret one, mind you), this guy and his resources can surely overwhelm you - my favorite aspect being the inadvertent that occur during his research. For instance, did you know that CJ Ramone's most recent CD purchase was Jack Johnson? And who can't roll their eyes at the Ramones publicity shot featuring (short-term stand-in drummer for Blondie) Clem Burke wearing a Chanel #5 t-shirt under his leather jacket without a trace of irony? This book is full of these unveilings.

I don't at all mean for this to sound like a bad thing but this book never ends. It has interview after interview after interview after interview. From page 150 through page 170, for example, you get extensive discussions (not just sound bytes) with Joey's girlfriend in Connecticut in the 80's, followed by Dez Cadena, followed by the drummer of Dee Dee's solo project, followed by various members of MOTORHEAD, the Misfits, Guns N'Roses, the Hellacopters, and Turbonegro. The facts and stories, like the Ramones. legacy itself, keep going and going and going...

Click here to order book, see price and postage.


Rate / stars: 9/10. Read review here or below.
REVIEW STARTS: "Mich verbindet eine große Liebe zu den RAMONES, sie sind laut, schnell und dreckig, bzw. sie waren es und auf jeden Fall ein Eckpfeiler des Punk Rocks, nicht umsonst werden solche Titel wie "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" oder "Blitzkrieg Bop" immer noch gerne gespielt. Obwohl leider nun schon drei der RAMONES-Grundungsmitglieder verstorben sind, gibt es heute immer noch unzählige Fans und Coverbands, die ihr Andenken wahren und zu dieser Fanschar gehört auch Jari-Pekka Laitio-.Ramone., der seine Helden in Ehren halten möchte und deswegen auch bereits zwei ähnliche Bucher namens "Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone " und "Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone" schrieb, und zwar immer aufgrund des gleichen Anlasses und mit den Punk Rock Heroen im Fokus. Die damaligen Veröffentlichungen wurden durch den Tod von Bandmitgliedern initiiert, Jari wollte sie nicht ohne Huldigung davon ziehen lassen und fur ihn war das Thema eigentlich danach erledigt, aber die Szene blieb weiter am Leben und weltweit schwelgten Foren und Homepages in Erinnerungen, weshalb sich der Finne doch noch zu einem weiteren Werk entschließen konnte, welches diesmal uber einen Entstehungszeitraum von 5 Jahren verfasst wurde.

Das Buch ist in Englisch gehalten und eine Ansammlung von Interviews mit ehemaligen Bandmitgliedern (Tommy Ramone, CJ Ramone usw.) sowie Erinnerungen bzw. Anekdoten von Freunden, Fans und bekannten Kunstlern wie etwa Henry Rollins (BLACK FLAG), Charlie Harper (UK Subs) und vielen anderen. Der gebotene Inhalt ist wirklich gewaltig, relativ klein gedruckt finden sich auf 220 Seiten unzählige Geschichten, unveröffentlichte Bilder und Zeichnungen. Auch wenn mich das Thema sehr interessiert, diese komplexe Sammlung erschlägt den Leser regelrecht, als musste man einen Blog mit unglaublich vielen Einträgen durchlesen, die allesamt von Bedeutung sind. Das hält man im Normalfall gar nicht durch, besonders weil das Thema in jeder erdenklichen Form ausgekostet wird. Na klar, wer gerne als Fan viele unbekannte Details erfahren möchte und jede noch so kleine Information aufsaugt wie ein trockener Schwamm, der wird bzw. muss dieses Buch lieben, aber ich musste doch fur mich selber eingestehen, dass ich wohl nicht .Fan-genug. bin, um es vollkommen auszukosten, könnte aber auch an der Schwierigkeit liegen, so viel in englischer Sprache zu konsumieren, was einen (zumindest mich) doch zusätzlich ermudet. Eins ist klar, man muss schon genugend Rahmenwissen uber die Band besitzen, um mit diesen ganzen Anekdoten klar zu kommen. Es ist keine Biographie, was es auch nicht sein soll, aber um einen Quasi-Sammelordner mit unzähligen Geschichten ohne Chronologie durchzulesen, bedarf es eines gewissen Interesses fur eine derartige Darstellungsweise. Oder man ist einfach durch und durch Fan der RAMONES, der sich uber jede neue Erkenntnis freut, der auch gerne jeden Abend uber das gleiche Thema diskutiert und dessen niemals uberdrussig wird, fur den .normalen. Leser ist es bestimmt nichts, aber ich denke, dies war so auch nie beabsichtigt...

Das Druckwerk tendiert etwas in Richtung des beruhmten Please kill me! Die unzensierte Geschichte des Punk., welche allerdings versucht, das gesamte Genre zu beschreiben und alle Facetten aufzugreifen, wohingegen sich diese Schreibe hier eben auf eine Band konzentriert. Aber man sollte auch nie vergessen, dies ist ein Buch von einem Fan fur Fans. .Ramones: Soundtrack of our Lives. ist harter Tobak, aber wer keine Scheu kennt und das Thema fur spannend hält, dessen Wunsche werden voll und ganz erfullt!"


1) Opening text of the book by Tommy Ramone: "Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone is one of the most dedicated of Ramone fans and he has written three wonderful books about the band and their followers. I first became aware of Jari-Pekka while searching for websites dedicated to the Ramones and his was at the top of the list. He has been very helpful in keeping the Ramones legacy going and keeping everyone informed and up to date. Over the years we have met many times, the latest being when he kept me in great company on my visit to Finland last year. He was a gracious host who made me feel welcome in his wonderful country.
His new book features more great interviews with many of the most important people in the extended Ramones family. It has many exciting photos as well as great articles and interviews with lots of bands and fans who are dedicated to the Ramone legacy. Whether you are a new fan or have been following the band for many years I am sure that this book will give you many hours of great pleasure.
(Tommy Ramone, April 10, 2009)

2) Jari-Pekka, I LOVE your book. Bless you, you put soooo much time and hard work into it!! I was just stunned, so many interviews and stories and PHOTOS. No one, has ever written a book like your newest. Although I love reading what their friends said. But your book is really special. I am so HONORED to be in it. I look forward to reading and re-reading you book. I love book you can just open and read from anywhere!
Jenny Lens, USA)

3) You've done a hell lot of hard work with Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives. I think it is an excellent book, it is very nice written, and lot's of interesting interviews, big compliments, with very important and very clear information from which I knew nothing about, thank you very much for that! The interviews in general, I found very refreshing and pleasant to read.
I think that every fan at least should read this book, I really did like the interviews you've done with Johnny's wife Linda Cummings, Noah Noki, Walter Lure, Wayne Kramer, Agnostic front members, Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols etc.
And it's just like you said, I also really don't give a fuck about all the internal struggle, gossips etc. what lot's of people (I don't call them fans) are talking about. Just as a big fan I will always remember the Ramones, for what they did for us, and how much important they were for the music business in general. Nobody but nobody is perfect.
I wanna thank you for all your hard work.
(Winny Kas, Holland)

4) Ramones book # 3 book by Jari-Pekka. Before seeing it I wondered what is he still going to write about now? Jari's Ramoniac adventure journey is an endless vacation. Sitting in my room (record player on) I went through all of it. Quite a few gems, like first time I ever read Walter Lure talking about his days as a studio-Ramone, or first time I read Linda Cumming's own words too - packed together with other very interesting talking by CJ Ramone, Arturo Vega, Tommy Ramone and even a former school-friend of Joey who didn't know that Joey was Joey because he knew him before he was Joey! Amazing how Jari keeps finding people connected to the Ramones Family. (Oh dear... and the photo of Johnny Ramone dressed up as a clown!).
(Mariano Asch, Argentina)

5) All I can say is WOW!! I've read Monte Melnick's and Mickey Leigh's book and am enjoying yours just as much!! Reading about Andy Shernoff talking about Joey's last moments is even more poignant than Mickey related it in his book.
I love the format of the short interviews. It's like the fanzines I used to read in my teens :) Johnny was my favorite Ramone and I really enjoyed reading new stuff about him (even if some of it didn't put him in the best light) I also respect how you keep out of the arguments between the various factions of the Ramones and remain objective. I especially enjoyed the interviews with Linda and Marky.
Still reading your book and LOVING it! Great read my friend. It's funny, you read different books that talk about the same incident and everyone tells it a different way. Dee Dee's books are all over the place etc.
(Andy Cintron, USA)

6) Just received Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives book in the post today! Just spent the last hour literally just flicking through each page and scanning it and looking at the amazing pictures, articles and everything. It is a true labour of love and a brilliant piece of work. Well done!
(Stephen Hughes, United Kingdom)

7) Upon meeting Jari-Pekka and getting our first look at his new book, Ramones: Soundtrack of Our Lives, I thought: "Wow, this is something special, I have to have this!" Just reading Jari-Pekka's heartfelt commentaries and in-depth interviews, along with all the cool, rare and often amusing photos (see Johnny and Linda's) have made us feel like we're somehow part of the Ramones extended family. Thank you, Jari-Pekka for all the hard work, love and dedication you have put into this book. It's FANtastic!
(Joe and Debbie Lunardon, USA)

8) Jari-Pekka is a true Rock'N'Roller and a true ramones fan which makes him aces with me! Also his earlier books on Joey and Dee Dee are constantly read and looked over and over and over by me when I need inspiration or a happy thought! I hopelessly recommend these books to all who care about the Ramones as much as all of us! The rest can take a flying fuck off the nearest bridge and take there I-pods with em!
(Billy Hopeless (ex member of Black Halos etc.), British Columbia, Canada)

9) Every Ramones fan should buy this. 4.5 years in the making and totally worth it.
(Alan Giff, UK)

10) I've read about half the book so far and I'm really enjoying it. Some great interviews with Tommy, CJ and Marky, other associates of the Ramones, other bands, and fans. Lots of pictures I've never seen of both the band and fan tributes. You know, I sometimes feel like I pretty much know everything about the Ramones (I own all their albums, have read several books, seen some documentaries, etc) but this book reminds me there's always more fun stuff to learn. This book is like if there was a monthly magazine about the Ramones and someone put 15 good issues together for one book.
(Keith D., USA)

11) Jari-Pekka, I have read your third book now, and I will thank you for a fantastic book. Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives have given me a lot of answers. Ramones have been in my heart for over 30 years. The Ramones is band of my life. I have always had problems to accept Johnny and Linda, but now you have helped me to see Johnny and Linda in a another way. Thanks. Joey has always had a special place in my heart (and Dee Dee).
(Jorn Hoye, 51 years, Norway)

12) I really like your books (note: Julie has got my 2nd and 3rd book), there are so many photos I've never seen, the interviews are really interesting and I really like the way the books are written. And also because, even if my English is not perfect I can read books easily, this is really cool. It was also good the read your testimony about your life while you were touring with Dee Dee, this is very interesting. The quality of the books are due to your devotion to the Ramones and all the work you've done, so I can only congratulate you. It gives me the chance to learn the things I don't know about the band.
(Julien Homer, 19, France)

13) Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives is amazing. Great stories, great photos, and interviews. But most of all I respect the stance you keep all these years and don't get in between all the fights and the bickering.... Thanks for that. I try to do the same when I am in a conversation about the Ramones and don't take sides. You are a great example of how the various Ramones "managers" and estate should really think and act.
(Stefanos Chatzitibas, 32, Greece)

14) With great pleasure I received your book Jari-Pekka and I have already read it nonstop on my latest flight. It is indeed a very good book. I am amazed how good contact you have with the - inner circle - and other people who are involved in one or another way to the Ramones. This respect one only achieve by showing respect and act like an ambassador of us fans and stay out of any difference of opinion about the band - like you do!
Thanks for keeping the spirit alive. Which you do only by delivering facts and not involve yourself in any "fights".
A chapter that really caught me was about the early interview made by Emilie. This is the Ramones I remember and grew up with; simpleminded, no fights only great humour and making fun from each other and on every occasion. As I am a long time fan I appreciate a lot the interviews with Tommy Ramone and Seymor Stein about the early days, but it's also very interesting to read about Richie Ramone and Jean Beauvoir who produced Ramones album Animal Boy. I read that you like the Animal Boy album a lot and that is interesting because that one is one my favourites. (Jari-Pekka's addition: Jean Beauvoir also wrote together with Dee Dee songs She Belongs To Me and Something To Believe In, and with Dee Dee and Joey My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg).
(Charlie Ramone, 40+, living in many countries because of work)

15) I was listening to Andrew Loog Oldham on the Underground Garage radio station when I heard him mention that you had put out Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives book. So, of course being the Ramones fan that I am, I had to add it to my Ramones library. (Jari-Pekka's note: Andrew Loog Oldham is an English producer, he was manager of The Rolling Stones in the 1960's etc.)
Loved your book and learned a lot from the stories and interviews, especially the time Joey Ramone told Lorne Michaels that the Ramones shoulda been on Saturday Night Live television show (Jari-Pekka's note: SNL is explained in Jesse Malin's interview and when Joey and Jesse were hanging with the U2). I've been wondering about that since SNL started back in the 70's because I always watched the show for the bands they had on, but I never could remember if the Ramones were ever on or not and it's been bothering me for that long. Well, that "mystery" has been cleared up for me...
I was living in Denver, Colorado when my younger brother started playing the first Ramones LP in his room around 1978. But as I was walking by his door, I stopped and listened to Blitzkrieg Bop (the greatest rock 'n roll song ever, in my opinion). I was a drummer in a band at that time so I was immediately attuned to the rhythm of the songs. To this day, I still stick to Tommy.' style as I think it's the greatest rock 'n roll style of all time. Then later, I went to see them at a gig in Boulder, Colorado and needless to say, I was completely "blown away."
A coupla times, when they would hang out at record stores, I would go and hang out with them, just talkin' and gettin' pictures and autographs and stuff, just like any other fan would do. I remember one time following Johnny Ramone around the store while he was looking through the album bins for "soundtrack" albums to different movies and listening to him talk about each different album and what he thought about the movies and stuff. He didn't know me at all, but he treated me like I was a friend that day. The best memory of all was in August of 1981 when our band got a call from the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver and asked us if we would open for the Ramones. What, are you kidding me, I almost had a heart attack!
(Mark Frye, Las Vegas, USA)

16) I wanted to let you know I received your 2 books in the mail. Being an intense Ramones fan for over 25 years I was BLOWN away by the work you accomplished!! You were nice enough to write in the beginning of both books and I appreciated it. I've met all the boys and the stories you have and opinions are such a breath of fresh air in comparison to some of the official works released. You deserve to be proud of what you've done and I'm lucky to have read what you put together like no one else could have. From a huge Ramones fan let me give you my most sincere thanks for your dedication and hard work.
(Gerry Keefer, USA)

17) I have just finished reading your book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives. First of all: it is a very, very hard work- talk with so many people, come up with so much interesting and different questions, compile and edit it. Very much respect for you for that. You really put your heart and your soul in the book and that's what I respect the most in music, literature and so on. Every guest in your book is interesting- not only top guys from famous bands, but even absolutely unknown people like Joey's and Johnny's childhood friends and different kind of Ramones fans, tribute makers from Argentina etc. I learned a lot of new stuff for me: a lot of facts and thoughts and even photos that I have never heard and seen before!
From the first page to last it's interesting and catchy, I think I gonna re-read book often! Like I do with your first book Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone since 2009.
And very important thing that I like to notice is your absolutely unbeliveable talent be absolutely honest and true while always staying so loyal and lovely to absolutely ALL people from Ramones' family! It's ultra cool that you dont talk shit about anybody, just keeping the legacy alive and make fans happy. You dont take anybody's side: not Marky's, or Richie's, or CJ's or Mickey's. You are just telling truth and put the Ramones spirit in every word you write. And that's what I call professionalism and real passion and love about Ramones and Rock'n'Roll music.
(Sasha Rocknroll of Kerosin band, Moscow, Russia)

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