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The ninth annual Johnny Ramone tribute event was at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on August 18, 2013. Event was in a area where is Johnny Ramone's memorial statue and the gravesite of Dee Dee Ramone. You had chance to make this in "picnic style", sit in a blanket, have something to eat and drink while watching things that were shown.
This year any of the Ramones members not attended event. Event again celebrated Johnny's love of cult movies. This year special guest host was John Waters who presented an outdoor screening of the director's cut of his 1990 cult classic Cry-Baby. Cry-Baby was projected on a 42-foot Mausoleum wall. Cry-Baby is written and directed by John Waters and is starring for example Iggy Pop, Johnny Depp and Traci Lords. In advance was told Traci Lords being a special guest on this Johnny Ramone tribute event. Surprise guest was Johnny Depp. Also there was from the cast of movie for example Joe Dallesandro.

Some of you might remember Traci Lords singing backing vocals to the Ramones' cover of Somebody To Love, it was recorded to Ramones' album Acid Eaters. Movies directed and/or written by Waters are also for example Pink Flamingos (1972), Polyester (1981) and Hairspray (1988). Waters and Lords did signing and q&a as well. Johnny Ramone's wife Linda Ramone and Johnny Ramone Army Chief Of Staff, John Cafiero told in advance: "Come dressed as your favorite founding member of The Ramones: Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee or Tommy - to win prizes!" Contest was judged by Linda and Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols.
Admission was 10 US$. Net proceeds benefit the Johnny Ramone Research fund at USC Westside Prostate Cancer Center lead by Dr. David Agus.


I attended the Johnny Ramone Memorial at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on August 18th, 2013, and had an amazing time! It was the most packed I had ever seen the Ramones night at the cemetery and made me really happy to see so many fans coming together to remember Johnny and the band! Luckily my friend got there early to grab a good spot on the grass because the entire area was already filled up with people by the time we got there. It was crazy!
There was an autograph signing going on with Traci Lords and John Waters, but I wasn't able to wait on line to meet them. There was a beautiful display set up behind Johnny Ramone's statue with pictures, lights and memorabilia. It was such a great tribute! And Dee Dee Ramone's grave was beautifully decorated with gorgeous flowers and a huge memorial drawing of him next to his gravesite. Fans were taking pictures and giving their respects to both fallen members of the band.

The night kicked off with an introduction from the beautiful Dita Von Teese (read details of her here). She spoke about the Ramones and Johnny, and then introduced the cast and director of Cry Baby (see details of movie here). First Traci Lords came up to speak, then Rikki Lake and finally John Waters. They were getting ready to host a question and answer panel for the audience. However, before John Waters sat down, he introduced one more cast member from the movie. Johnny Depp! The entire place went crazy for him!! It was a great surprise! The question and answer session was hosted by Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols and was fantastic. They answered questions from the audience and told stories about making the film Cry Baby. It was a really nice treat! Rikki Lake said she lost her virginity with one of the actors from the movie!
After the panel, they showed the film Cry Baby, which is personally one of my favorite movies. What a fantastic cast, especially Iggy Pop as the crazy grandpa! The audience loved it! Once the film ended, they showed some live clips from the Ramones film/ legendary show of album It's Alive. Everyone stayed to sing along and dance around to their favorite Ramones songs. It was a perfect way to end the night. Gabba Gabba Hey!

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