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Here below are comments by Andy Shernoff, John Holmstrom, Jiro Okabe, Adele Holzman and Joe Finnegan how Joey Ramone Birthday Bash was on May 19, 2013. Event was now first time at The Bowery Electric, venue is under the Joey Ramone Place sign. It is owned by Jesse Malin etc. Main men behind of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash are Joey's brother Mickey Leigh and manager Dave Frey.

I (Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone) do live in Finland and this was first year when I did not attend Joey Ramone memorial in New York. So I was at the Joey Ramone Bash in 2001-2012 expect when Ramones' artist director Arturo Vega had Joey memorial at the CBGB's on same day with Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, May 19, 2002. I was there.
This was first Joey Ramone Birthday Bash where CJ Ramone played. There are many reason for that why it is not happened earlier. CJ Ramone, Marky Ramone, Daniel Rey etc. were among of artists who played in Arturo Vega's event in 2002.

Joey Ramone Tribute band included this year for example: CJ Ramone, Walter Lure (The Waldos/ Heartbreakers), Al Maddy, Andy Shernoff (The Dictators), John Xavier (The Nightcaps), Walt Stack (The Bullys), Jiro Okabe, Joey's brother Mickey Leigh...
CJ Ramone also played a set with his band. Other artists included The Independents (Joey was kind of The Independents manager and performed often with them), Jesse Malin, Heap, Ingrid and the Defectors, The Sic F*cks.
Hosts John Holmstrom and Pete Aschner.

Andy Shernoff was playing songs Stop Thinking About It (song Andy wrote with Joey Ramone), Who Will Save Rock and Roll? (The Dictators), Let's Get The Band Back Together (Andy Shernoff).
Here are comments by Andy Shernoff:
I find it hard to believe it's been thirteen years since we lost Joey. We met in 1974 at The Coventry, a glam rock club on Queens Blvd, two music fanatics whose lives were saved by rock and roll. Ironically, 40 years later it is rock and roll that needs saving, though my hunch is if Joey was still alive, rock and roll's vital signs would be a lot stronger. God bless Joey and all he stood for, wrote Andy Shernoff.

John Holmstrom was main man behind of creating Punk magazine in 1975. Punk published 17 issues between 1976 and 1979, one special issue in 1981 and few in 2000's. There were lot material related to the Ramones. Read more of PUNK: The Best Of Punk Magazine (2013) book. John has also designed cartoons what are used in Joey Ramone Birthday Bash T-shirts and posters (see above cartoon John designed for this event).
Here are comments by John Holmstrom:
Well, the artwork was from another T-shirt design I did a few years ago. The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash has been eroding over the years, but Joey's brother, Mickey Leigh, has still been putting it on so many years later. You have to salute him for that.
It's a bit like the 9/11 ceremony: After awhile, only the true diehards who truly love the Ramones and Joey bother to show up. Which, in my opinion, has made it a better event. I thought this event at The Bowery Electric was the best (besides the first at the Hammerstein). You can feel the love! because we all love the Ramones so much.
People were there for a reason, and appreciated everything that went on. Yes, it has always been like that, but when this happens in a smaller club, the people who show up are more hardcore, since they don't show up for a paycheck, they just wanna perform for the fans. It's like seeing the Ramones when they first started. You'd have the hardcore Ramones fans and almost no one else. And now, even the bands who perform at the event are hardcore Ramones fans, they aren't getting paid as "gate attractions" anymore. Not that past bands didn't love the Ramones, since they would always play for less money than at another venue, but now it's less of a circus and more of a tribute.
So I hope people attend the next Joey Ramones Birthday Bash, it's ALWAYS such a great show. And for some reason, I think the NEXT show, on May 19, 2014, will be amazing. I can't wait!

Here are comments of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash by John Holmstrom:
Jiro Okabe:
Jiro Okabe has played in few shows with CJ Ramone before and is touring with Richie Ramone. He is president of US Mosrite.
Jiro Okabe wrote to me of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash: I had performed with CJ Ramone Ramones' song called Here Today Gone Tomorrow tonight at Joey Ramone Birthday Bash. Show was great, tickets were sold-out and I was very excited. I certanly believe that Joey's legacy will go on to next generation and we must put more effort to keep this happen forever, personally, as the bass. Player of Richie Ramone and president of US Mosrite, I will support this event as much as I can.
I have lots great project coming up this year to 2014, will let you know for sure, Jiro Okabe wrote.

Adele Holzman:
I always like when I get details of songs what were played. Ramones' fan Adele Holzman listed and remembered these songs:
The Bullys: Skel, I'm A Boy and a new one she don't know the title of.
Andy Shernoff: Stop Thinking About It (song Andy wrote with Joey Ramone), Who Will Save Rock and Roll? (The Dictators), Let's Get The Band Back Together (Andy Shernoff).
Jesse Malin: some of his solo stuff and Surrender by Cheap Trick, another cover or two.
CJ Ramone: R A M O N E S, Strength To Endure, a bunch of songs he did not sing lead on when the Ramones performed the songs.
Friends Of Joey set: Walter Lure sang Chinese Rocks and Mickey Leigh What A Wonderful World etc.

The order of performers was Ingrid And The Defectors, Heap, The Bullys, The Independents, Sic* Fucks, Andy Shernoff (also told stories about Joey), Jesse Malin, CJ Ramone, Friends Of Joey set. Birthday Bash totally kicked ass, but was too damn crowded. I think the fact that all of the bands were either local or had strong local ties really made it great. I thought the same about last year. I don't miss the "headliners" like Mindless Self Indulgence (2005) or the Alkaline Trio (2004), Adele Holzman wrote.

Joe Finnegan:
Ramones' fan Joe Finnegan wrote his thoughs. We missed Ingrid & the Defectors who went on early. Heap, The Bullys, The Independents, Sic Fucks, Andy Shernoff and CJ Ramone all rocked out on mostly short sets of maybe 5 or 6 songs each. Walter Lure and CJ and Walt Stack of the Bullys joined etc. Mickey Leigh in a Ramones set (Friends Of Joey) at the end. The all star band at the end may have been the best, Pet Semetary stands out. Then Sean O'Sullivan's Punk Pipers, as is customery now. There was a raffle for an autographed guitar.
John Negvesky, PJ McGowan and I saw Lin and some of the regular fans and it was great hanging out with all the bands and fans especially The Independents who have not played NYC in a long while. Jesse Malin performed as well and rocked the house!
John Holmstrom and Pete Aschner were the MC's. T-shirt is a good one - John Holmstrom did the artwork!
The Bullys did Skel, I'm A Boy, and That's The Way It Goes. They are always rock-solid live. I did not get to talk to CJ Ramone but he just kicked ass! I hope he plays again soon, I want to hear a whole set!
There are young people who discover the Ramones every year, just like they discover the Beatles and Rolling Stones. To them this music is brand new, and your site is a great asset and source of info., wrote Joe Finnegan.