Richie Ramone worked with his first solo album for few years. In July, 2013, Richie Ramone informed release date of Entitled.
- Things are looking real good now for the album Entitled. Sorry it has taken so long but I want this to go smooth and do what's best for all my fans, Richie Ramone wrote.

First announced release date was September 7, 2013, but it got changed as Richie Ramone wrote to me in June 19, 2013. In July 2nd was announced that DC-Jam Records signed Richie Ramone. CD and LP versions of Entitled did hit stores worldwide on October 8, 2013.
Album was mixed in Mark Needham's studio. Needham has worked before for example with Blondie, The Killers, Sick Puppies and Chris Isaak. Regular version of LP and CD has 12 songs, including new versions of Ramones songs I Know Better Now, Smash You, I'm Not Jesus and Humandkind.

First single and video was Criminal. See video here. It was released in February, 2014.
Second video was published in November 30, 2014, of title track. See Entitled video here. Video is composed from many different scenes. It has parts of Richie, Clare MissTake, Alex Kane and Ben Wah Reagan playing at live and also hanging in a club, of Richie driving a car in Los Angeles, him singing in a studio, him doing tricks with a torch etc. etc.
Video is directed by Steve Appleford and edited by Brett Smith. Cinematography is by Appleford. Appleford did main camera recordings with Mary Ignatova who was also assistant director.

(1) Somebody Put Something In My Drink (LP bonus track))
1) Criminal
2) I Know Better Now
3) Entitled
4) Take My Hand
5) Smash You
6) Better Than Me
7) Into The Fire
8) I'm Not Jesus
9) Someday Girl
10) Humankind
11) Vulnerable
12) Forgotten Years

Richie Ramone takes care of main vocals on Entitled album and at live. Richie is drummer in all tracks in album. He is drumming most songs at live shows as well. Guitarist-drummer Ben Wah Reagan plays drums in rest of the songs at live.
Bassist Jiro Okabe toured a while with Richie Ramone but he had to concentrate to another projects and new member was Clare MissTake. I asked from Richie who musicians are playing in final versions of songs on new album. Richie Ramone wrote to me in early August, 2013.
- Only Tommy Bolan (all guitars) and Jiro Okabe (bass guitar) played on the recording of Entitled. My touring band is Tommy Bolan (guitarist), Clare Misstake (bass guitar) and Ben Wah Reagan (rhythm guitar and drums), Richie informed.

So line-up on album is:
- Richie Ramone (vocals and drums).
- Tommy Bolan (all guitars).
- Jiro Okabe (bass).

Entitled was released in digital, CD and LP formats. CD and LP versions hitted stores worldwide on October 8, 2013.
Buy CD version of Entitled from here or buy Entitled from here.
Digital version was added to listings on (order album here) and (order it here) in July, 2013, with a release date: September 17, 2013.
I was wondering that but Richie's manager Doreen Sanchez confirmed to me that digital version of Entitled is really out on September 17, 2013.

And in August, 2013, was given a great chance for fans. People can pre-order Richie Ramone's Entitled LP on white vinyl and get a limited edition autographed copy featuring the bonus track, new version of Ramones classic (written by Richie Ramone) Somebody Put Something In My Drink.
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