Our beloved Joey did really many different projects, before he passed away April 15, 2001. Also there are many things and news related to him after he passed away:

- Like you've read many times from my page,
Independents was one of Joey's favourite bands and he was also their manager. Independents started their European tour on November 17, but then... Singer Evil Presly wrote to me following on November 22, 2004:
" Well, it looks like there is some rest for the wicked. Friday night about 8 pm UK time on our way to open up for the old singer for the specials new band when a car pulled out in front or a truck in front of us. Our driver Ian swerved to miss certain death and hit a patch of Black Ice going between 70-80 mph flipping the bus several times. How we are all alive no one from the paramedics to the coppers to ourselves have any idea.Willy B has suffered a broken arm and a shattered ball joint bone (not the med name for sure) and was held in hospital for three nights while they decided on surgery or not. Willy B was lucky not to have to have the operation. Our driver Ian was not as lucky. He suffered a shattered collar bone. Broken hands and fingers with all the tendons and flesh ripped off pretty good from hands, shoulders and back. He also suffered massive head injuries. We were lucky there was two army medics in front of us and on the scene with lightning speed our Ian would not have stood a chance. To put it as soft as I can. Half the skin on his head was ripped off leaving his skull in clear site. Willy will be out of commission for 7-10 weeks and Ian is expected to make a full recovery. We just visited both and both are in good spirits. I can't tell you how happy we are that these guys are ok. The rest of us suffered some cuts and bruise and Billy Bones has had his jacket ripped to shreds but thank god for a drum he was resting his pretty little red head on or he would not be here as well. (He was sitting right behind Ian.) As you can tell we are all still pretty shaken up from all this. The tour for the Independents is off for now but the Dangerfields are back out kicking ass. I'd like to think everyone who worked so hard on making this tour happen from the promoters to the agents to the friends and family and fans who made it out and the all the ones who still have their tickets. We will work all this out as soon as possible and be back over here to show you why we are the real rock n roll crazies of the world. Willy B wants all to know the fourth Horsemen is going to make everything allllllllllll right! whooooo!!!" (Updated November 22, 2004)

- I just got The Boys CD collection called Satisfaccion Garantizada and it's so great that I wanted to tell for you of it. Satisfaccion Garantizada is released by Rockaway Records, it's Mariano Asch's label. Mariano was a personal friend with Joey since 1996 and he's had the opportunity to interview 6 different Ramones (Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, CJ, Marky & Tommy). Satisfaccion Garantizada contains 18 songs (like Brickfield Nights, First Time, Terminal Love and TCP) and also four bonus videos. TCP lyrics included a mention to all 4 original Ramones. The Ramones also used the TCP as their intro music for some time before using Ennio Morricone's The Good The Bad The Ugly. I also wanna share with you some Ramones related The Boys stories. The Boys supported The Ramones on the 1980 UK End of the Century tour. Not only did they supported them but also convinced the Ramones to play their hit Baby I Love You because it was charting in England at the time. Johnny Ramone had no idea how to play it to Honest John Plain (Boys guitarist) taught him how to play it and The Ramones finally played it only on their 2 London gigs on that tour and they asked Casino Steel (The Boys keyboard player) to play the keyboard on that song with them on stage so he could do the harmonies of the orquest on the record- and behind the curtain there were Honest John Plain and Duncan Reid (The Boys singer / bass player) singing back-up vocals with The Ramones! (Jari-Pekka's addition: I heard later that they played Baby I Love You with Casino also in Colchester, England on the same tour.) After that tour Casino was offered to join The Ramones as a full-time member but he prefered to stay in England because Johnny Ramone needed him to move to New York. Joey loved The Boys so much that he got to write an article about them for a special issue of Punk magazine in 1981 (which is featured also on the Satisfaccion Garantizada booklet). Joey had a huge poster of that tour hanging on the wall of one of his apartments in NYC. Dee Dee Ramone always admitted his favourite two UK bands were The Boys and Buzzcocks! Read exclusive interviews with all Boys members where they tell their own stories about touring with The Ramones in 1980. (Updated June 29, 2004)

- Ramonez '77 from Germany will release 16 years after their "cult" minialbum a new 7" single called Mr. Ramone at third Joey deaths day anniversary, 15 April, 2004. It is first on sale at the Fabrik in Hamburg when they has there Joey tribute concert (April 15), supporters are Braineaters and Born Cool. Vinyl single is limited only to 300 copies! Release is not only tribute to Joey, but also to Dee Dee. They also release new CD in April 15 and one of the new songs they have recorded is called Dee Dee's Dead. That is recorded with guest singer Bela B. of Die &Aouml;rzte. (April 9, 2004)

- The Bowery Electric, A Tribute To Joey Ramone EP was released by label No Tomorrow in Spain on March 25, 2004. It features main track The Bowery Electric (Click here to read more of the song), CJ Ramone's band Bad Chopper, Goin' Places, Mensch and The Kowalskis. Goin' Places, Mensch and The Kowalskis are bands who got success at Arturo Vega's Joey Ramone memory birthday party at CBGB's in May 19, 2002. No Tomorrow has licensed this record for Spain and they have added to it a bonus track by Suzy & Los Quattro called Not Glad To See You Go. Track is a homage to Dee Dee Ramone. No Tomorrow has also got from Arturo the license to release a vinyl with three of the CD tracks. The tracks in the vinyl EP (which has been relased in blue and red) are The Bowery Electric, Not Glad To See You Go and Goin' Places song Never Forget. One of the interesting features is that the Suzy & Los Quattro version is completely different in vinyl and CD. This info is official even not updated (while I write this) to No Tomorrow homepage. (March 27, 2004)

- Dutch TV channel VPRO will re-broadcast their cool Joey Ramone tribute - Lola La Musica. It comes out in March 11, 2004, 11 o' clock on Net 3. More infos here. (February 29, 2004)

- Rodney Bingenheimer, is one of the best known DJ's in the world. His show on Los Angeles' KROQ-FM has been a hit with youth of all ages since it's inception in late 1976. Rodney has played Ramones from the beginning and this year he played at his Christmas show for the last ½ hour the best live cuts from Joey's very last full length concert at the Continental December 11, 2000.... I can imagine how many memories returned to the listeners...
Some months ago (October 26, 2003) Rodney Bingenheimer played an amazing Ramones solo effort music set: Rodney listed the names of the songs as he always does, then he did talk of my book about Joey and where to purchase it online etc. He is said that he loves my book. That was honour to hear. (December 31, 2003)

- I just saw that some months ago - September 30, 2003? - was released Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Radio Sunnydale -soundtrack, and it contains Joey's solo track Stop Thinking About It. It contains also artists like Dandy Wardols, Blur.... (December 9, 2003)

- Bruce Springsteen played his annual holiday shows in Asbury Park, NJ, USA early December 2003. Guitarist Steven Van Zandt (aka Little Steven) paid homage to Joey Ramone, by playing Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight). Before the song started he said: "The government finally did something right.... they named a street in NYC after Joey Ramone!". (December 9, 2003)

Finally was day - November 30, 2003, our dear Joey Ramone got his way, where we all fans can meet mentally with him. READ ALL INFOS HERE (December 2, 2003)

- I informed on my site already on late 2000, that Swedish rockers Backyard Babies were recording song titled Friends with all-star line-up. At first it was going to be released as a single B-side, but... it's released on their new album Stockholm Syndrome. Joey sing big part on it.... Also it features Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks etc.), Danko Jones, Tyla (Dogs D'Amour), Kory Clarke (Warriour Soul) and Nina Persson (Cardigans). Backyard Babies singer-guitarist Dregen tells on my book that he thinks this is the last work Joey did with another band. My book contains more comments by Dregen and other people. You can order it here. (November 14, 2003).

- Joey's brother Mickey informed that Joey's next Birthday Bash is at Irving Plaza on Wednesday May 19, 2004. Tickets are already on sale at www.Irvingplaza.com. Acts to be announced later. Irving Plaza is an ALL AGES venue. You must get a wrist band and prove that you are 21 or older to drink. If you are under 16 years old, you MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. (October 27, 2003)

- There's been around cool bobblehead figure of Joey Ramone, and some months ago I heard first time of this another Joey Ramone figure. Finally I got picture of it. This figure is just under 12". It features the Joey in knee ripped jeans, a microphone and stand. It comes with black and white window box. (October 3, 2003)

- Joey's version of What A Wonderful World will appear in Disney's comedy movie Freaky Friday. It's directed by Mark Waters and it's starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan, Mark Harmon etc. Freaky Friday comes to theaters on early August. What A Wonderful World also appears on soundtrack, it's released by Hollywood Records on July 29th. (July 3, 2003)

- Check out 20 pictures from Joey Ramone's 52nd birthday celebration at Webster's Hall in New York on May 16, 2003 and generally pictures from my trip in New York between May 15-28. Click here.

- On May 26, 2003, Joey's song Maria Bartiromo appears in the New TNN's television program titled: The 100 Most Irresistible Women, when it features Maria Bartiromo. Program is honoring the world’s best and brightest women in film, music, television, books, politics, culture etc. (May 8, 2003)

- It was interested to hear and see Joey Ramone and his apartment on 9TH Street is featured on East Village Pictorial Map and Walking Tour Guide. Here's beside this Joey cartoon. CultureMap explores a specific metropolitan neighborhood, focusing on the people and places that have made that neighborhood famous. This is done by Ephemera Press.

- NY Rock is an online music magazine and they (Glyn Emmerson) just did interview with Marky, read it here. Marky tell some comments pretty honestly and straight.... also there was one really "positive shock treatment"...
Glyn asked following question: Is their any Ramones material that will be released?, Marky's answer was: "Fifteen songs that Joey demoed with Daniel Rey on guitar with a drum machine will be re-recorded for a second solo Joey record." (February 4, 2003)

- Joey Ramone's What A Wonderful World is featured at the end credits of a movie called Bowling For Colombine. This is a Michael Moore movie and is about the American Gun Culture, it is a documentary. Movie came out in October 2002. (January 22, 2003)

- Joey was manager of the Independents and sure loved to promote them, as I've also always tried to do. They're cool band and nice guys. Larry from AMP Records just informed that they've signed The Independents and band will be recording their first "live" CD to be released in February 2003. Live CD will be recorded in New Year's Eve!! The show will be held at the Brick House in Surf Side Beach, SC. AMP Records has released also this: Life's A Gas: A Tribute To Joey Ramone album. (December 4, 2002)

- Now is re-released - on USA, November 19th, 2002 - Joey's album Don't Worry About Me in DVD Audio 5.1 Surround Sound format. It plays on all DVD players. There's extras like What a Wonderful World video, lyrics, Joey's bio, tribute to Joey by Andy Shernoff (The Dictators' bassist, also plays on Joey's album) and producer's notes on the recording of the album. This was informed on www.joeyramone.com, there's also link to the official press release (requires free Adobe Acrobat software): click here. (November 20th, 2002)

- 10th Raindance Film Festival is in London, UK on October 23 - November 1, 2002. There's a few films featuring Dee Dee and Joey and The Ramones. Tool singer Maynard James Keenan released his feature film debut in an underground flick titled Bikini Bandits, a full-length realization of Steve Grasse's Bikini Bandit series. It features Dee Dee as the Pope. Bikini Bandits is at Other Cinema in Friday 25 at 6.30PM. Final Rinse contains Joey Ramone, and The Dictators singing Who Will Save Rock & Roll etc. Final Rinse at Other Cinema in Saturday 26 at 10PM. The screening of Lech Kowalski's Hey Is Dee Dee Home, the launch party will be held at Teenage Schizoid with Speed Killers in Tuesday 29 at 10PM. Entry is 2 pounds with cinema ticket. (October 25, 2002)

- Yeah, new diamond containing magic touch of our beloved Joey. Woimasointu released a new 7" from Italian band Senzabenza. A-side is totally new killer track called "A Bullet In Your Heart" and B-side is non-album track from the sessions mixed by Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey in 1996. Pressing is numbered and limited to 500 copies. 300 comes in a red transparent winyl and 200 in black. Order infos in Woimasointu's page. (Updated news October 14, 2002)

- White Jazz (MNW) released The Nomads: Showdown 2 - The 90's collection and it contains this cool title track of the single The King Of Night Train. Joey sing background vocals on that Nomads song. This collection also contains 5 track from Nomads' 20th Anniversary show, show featured in example Handsome Dick Manitoba and Ross The Boss (Dictators), Wayne Kramer (MC5 etc.) and Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys etc.) (October 14, 2002)

- You can see in Italian TV advertisement for an internet company called Fastweb... and the song on it is Joey Ramone's version of What A Wonderful World. It comes out often. Also in French TV What A Wonderful World is song on advertisement for new Citroen car C8. (Updated October 13, 2002)

- New Raimundos album "Kavookavala" contains tribute song for Joey Ramone called Joey. "Kavookavala" contains at all 12 songs. (July 8, 2002)

- Hopefully in August comes out this DVD release of the Joey's 50th Birthday Party called "Life's a Gas" in May 19, 2001. The Birthday Tribute featured musical performances by a bevy of internationally celebrated groups and performers. Cheap Trick, Blondie, Damned, Independents, Bellvue (featuring ex-D Generation member Jesse Malin), Stop (featuring Joey's brother Mickey Leigh) etc. Probably DVD also contains rare Joey footages and personal messages from Green Day, Metallica etc. Proceeds will benefit the Lymphoma Research Foundation. (Updated info July 8, 2002)

- Dutch broadcastcorporation VPRO presents on June 17 a TV-documentary about Joey Ramone. Program is called Lola Da Musica and show time is GMT 21.50. There will be interviews with his mother Charlotte, brother Mickey Leigh, Ramones-producer Daniel Rey, CBGB's-owner Hilly Kristal, guitarplayer Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith) and Arturo Vega. In three episodes there's a portait of Joey's life: his youth in Forest Hills, the early years in CBGB's and the last years... Replay: Saturday June 22, 11.50 h (GMT 09.50h). Info of the program. (June 1, 2002)

- I am proud to inform everyone that on May 19, 2002, HEAVEN NEEDED A LEAD SINGER: FANS REMEMBER JOEY RAMONE was officially released. (May 19, 2002)

- There's lot about Joey in magazines all around world, at sure. See great listing at Joeyramone.com. Here are some cool additions. This month's Uncut Magazine has a free CD with a Joey Ramone: Maria Bartiromo track on it. The magazine was published March 7th. This week's Kerrang magazine has an 8 page pullout celebrating the life of Joey Ramone!!! Uncut and Kerrang are UK magazines. (March 11, 2002 )

- Joey did his final cameo movie appearance in the upcoming indie flick Final Rinse. Described as "part This Is Spinal Tap, part The Silence Of The Lambs, and all farce". Final Rinse also stars Independents, Sebastian Bach, Uncle Floyd, The Dictators etc. Final Rinse also contains Ramones-songs (Upated info February 27, 2002)

- Joey's CD "Don't Worry About Me" out today. Release party of the Joey's Don't Worry About Me -album is at CBGB February 19. It is a private party at this point. More info here. (February 19, 2002)

- December 15, comes an evening of Ramones-songs in the spirit of "Joey Ramone's Annual Christmas Show" at Continental, NYC. George Tabb told that there plays Mickey Leigh And Friends and bands like Furious George, Bullys and Heap. (Updated info December 15, 2001)

- Note: More news of the Joey's album and single on this location on my site (September 10, 2001)

- You can enjoy 3 songs: Blitzkrieg Bop, Glad To See You Go and 1969, from the Misfits-show, featuring Joey and Marky. Songs were recorded live at Roseland in NYC, Oct 1998. Click here and enjoy songs, by Misfits.com. (August 6, 2001)

- New Independents album Back From The Grave is out now. 15 songs produced by Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey. Contains two bonus live tracks- "Vampires From Outer Space" and "Garden of Serenity" which features Joey Ramone on vocals!!!! More information.

- Joey's solo album will be released later on this year.... (April 18th)

- Joey passed away yesterday......... (April 16)

- Joey is in cover of the coming issue of Spin-magazine. (March 29, 2001)

- Joey is again in hospital, his health was pretty bad. But Arturo Vega comments more good news : "Joey watched a tape of 'The Sopranos' on Wednesday (Mar. 14) , he's doing better and better."
I thinked did I mention anything from this, but then I though that it's good to add mention that we all can wish best luck for Joey. You can send now your greetings/ wishes for the Joey. (March 26, 2001)

- Check out Joey's one playlist with his comments, contains sure his favourites like Kick Out The Jams by MC 5, Who Will Save Rock and Roll? by The Dictators and Ace Of Spades by Motorhead (Feb. 21, 2001).

- Independents released new Unholy Living Dead -EP. It contain 5 song and is produced by Joey Ramone & Daniel Rey. EP is limited edition, only 1 500 pressed. Order information (January 16, 2001).

- CANCELLED, CANCELLED: Marky and Joey were supposed to perform as a VERY special guests on Misfits -concert, Friday January 12, 2001 at THE WORLD at WWF New York in Times Square. Look reasons, why show was cancelled.

- The Continental is having a 2 day Christmas party December 11 and 12th. Joey Ramone and Marky Ramone are going to play a guest set with their friends on Monday Dec.11 at 10:30 the Independents will play first 2 songs, everybody plays 2 songs except us: Joey and Marky's band will consist of Arno Heckt (Uptown Horns), Daniel Rey, Andy Shernoff, Jessie Malin, Joe McGinty (keyboards), backing vocalists/ from Ronnie Spector's band -Trish Scotti. Christmas songs gonna play some new material and a set of Ramones songs with The Independents. Joey is having a surprise for those that come to the show..... Joey Ramone plans to perform "Merry Christmas, I Don't Want to Fight Tonight" (THESE 2 JOEY-INDEPENDENTS -PIC BY: RaretreatsKF). Also check out fabulous gig review by Buffy)(Updated info Jan 10, 2001)

- Joey sang 3-4 new song on the concert - 18th October - and he was happy and feeling well. You can check some photos also. http://www.popwire.com recorded and broadcasted it on Saturday. As it is now there is a full stream of the concert so you might have to wait for while before the Joey Ramone concert comes, but it will be on demand in a couple of days so you can get directly to his concert then. (Updated November 1, 2000).

- Helen Love's new album is to be called 'Love And Glitter, Hot Days And Music' is out now. Joey sings on 2 songs. Released through Che Records. (October 24, 2000)

- Joey Ramone & Friends "A PRE-CMJ SHOWCASE PARTY BLOWOUT" -show is confirmed, it's at CBGB on October wed. 18, doors open 8. Joey perform Ramones-favourites and also his new songs etc. The night is featuring: JOEY RAMONE & FRIENDS, RONNIE SPECTOR, WHEATUS, TSING TSING (featuring: JESSIE MALIN) THE INDEPENDENTS, JED DAVIS and COLLIDER, THE HUNTINGTONS Plus SPECIAL SURPRISE GUESTS. Joey's show is sold out (advance tickets) but there will be 100 tickets for sale the day of the show, so if you haven't got yours get there early. Admission $15.00. (Pic by Mick Brin) (Info updated October 11, 2000).

- Joey sang on 2 new Blackfire-song. They're coming for the Blackfire's debut album, produced by Don Fleming. (August 9, 2000)

- Joey Ramone has a 2 page feature in May issue of "Smart Money" magazine. (April 19, 2000)

- Joey Ramone sing backvocals on the brand new Nomads single (7" vinyl and CDsingle) on White Jazz Records "The King of Night Train" was remixed by Daniel Rey in New York City and also Handsome Dick Manitoba's backing vocals have been added. Single was released february 14, 2000. MORE INFO!! (March 27, 2000)

- Joey Ramone will appear alongside Blondie singer Deborah Harry and veteran New York radio DJ Vin Scelsa in the 10-minute experimental film "Duty Nickels," scheduled to premiere at the New York Underground Film Festival, which will be held March. (February 20, 2000)

- Check out an interview Joey did with Lars Frederikson of Rancid for the new radio show on the Rancid website, RANCIDRANCID.COM. It airs Feb 19th: Joey also plays 6 songs of his choice, including Punk Boy, the song he recorded with Helen Love from the upcoming album, Love & Glitter, Hot Days & Music. (February 7, 2000)

- Joey Ramone and Ronnie Spector will be on Channel 4's Top Ten series, the Girl Groups edition, next Saturday, 29th January. (January 24, 2000)

- Joey Ramone - Ronnie Spector - Arturo Vega will be appearing on the Matt Pinfield show. This Sunday Night Dec.12 10:00 - 12:00 a.m ( Midnight ). on K-ROCK 92.3 FM (December 10, 1999)

- Advertisement on the Village Voice says that on Ronnie Spector's X-Mas Spectacular has special guest; Joey Ramone. The show is scheduled for December 15 at the club called Life at 158 Bleecker Street (November, 1999).

- Joey writes sleevenotes to the Up In Flames -compilation CD. It comes out in the UK on November 8th on Infernal Records. CD will also be released in Japan and Sweden. CD contains Independents (Joey is manager of the band), Backyard Babies, Toilet Boys, Hellacopters, Supersuckers (toured with Los Gusanos etc.)... (October 12, 1999).

- September 12th, Joey appeared on Radio W-RAT in the Jersey area, on the Electric Ballroom show. Radio W-RAT 95.9 covers the Jersey shore. Can be heard in NYC. http://www.wrat.com/. If you tune in, you'll hear the very first radio airing of Joey Ramone's duet with Helen Love... "Punk Boy". Rumour is that Alice Cooper may be putting in an appearance too. (September 10, 1999)

- On weekend: September 3-5 - "Return to R & R High" - an MJI Broadcasting 2-hour Radio Special, hosted by Joey Ramone, starts today and runs all over the Labor Day weekend. Joey played some of his favourite stuff - including the Dictators, Ronnie Spector, the Independents, Ramones etc.

- July 18. at 8pm Joey Ramone and rock journalist David Fricke will be guests of the popular free form radio show "Idiots Delight" on WNEW FM radio 102.7 in the New York metro area. The show runs from 8pm to whenever. Vin Scelsa is the host. (July, 1999)

- Joey Ramone, CJ Ramone etc. help Independents July 22. (July, 1999)

- Some words by Tommy Rinaldo about Joey Ramone's birthday Bash at Coney Island High June 16. Joey, Ronnie Spector, Joan Jett, the Dictators, the Toilet Boys, Indepedents, Electric Frankenstein, Murphy's Law. Hosted by Vin Scelsa.

- Melody Maker: the free CD which comes with it includes Helen Love's version of "Tommy Gun", featuring a guest appearance from Joey Ramone.(April 30, 1999)

- Joey Ramone will be at The D-Generation show on Sat. March 20th at Bowery Ballroom. Joey Ramone's and Jesse Malin's (D-Generation) K-ROCK performance is postponed. It was planned to be at (NYC 92.3) sunday 21st March "K-ROCK'S HARD ON". (March, 1999)

- Joey Ramone and Ronnie Spector webchat was March 24th at 4.00pm Eastern Standard Time, on Bowienet (David Bowie's own website) Here's link to web chat transcript (Thanks of the transcript to Gothikka) (Updated March 26, 1999)

- Joey Ramone was a special guest on Independents show at the Continental February 20th. They played at live these songs: Garden Of Serenity, SLUG, I Wanna Be Sedated and Blitzkrieg Bop. Many commented that Independents show was incredible and specially Joey's performance. Joey was looking great and check out also Mister Schmidt's pic from Joey. (February 22, 1999)

- Joey Ramone has donated a song he intended to use for his solo debut, "Don't Worry About Me," to Ronnie Spector. Like we member Joey co-produced Spector's recent U.K. EP, said he wrote the song with the former Ronettes singer's voice in mind. Joey had written song for himself. More info from Sonicnet (February 4th, 1999)

- Ronnie Spector Bash was New York at Life Club. Dec 16th wednesday tickets were $15. Gig featured many special guests, example Joey sang X-mas(Please come home W/ Jesse Malin), Baby, I love You, and Bye Bye Baby. Keith Richards Played 2 tunes. SOON COMES FULL REVIEW.

- Joey paid a 5-day visit to the United Kingdom. Joey was one of the special guests at Ronnie Spector's sold-out live show at Dingwalls and he sang Ramones songs Bye Bye Baby and Baby, I Love You with Ronnie. More Info.

-Ronnie Spector's EP released January 11th 1999 on Creation Records. Joey produced this and also sing. More info and line-up.

- Music News Of The World: December 1st contain info about Joey's cameo appearance on the Hard Core Logo-film. Soundtrack contain Ramones: Touring-song.
Thanks to Wart Hog Boy of following comments: " Unfortunately, Joey's scene is about 10 seconds long. He's talking to the film crew making the HCL documentary at the benefit concert for Bucky Haight. All he says is: "Bucky Haight is a real good friend of mine. When someone shoots one of your friends, you got to do something about it. I think what Hard Core Logo is doing right now is a real great thing"."

- Joey was in bad condition with his illness, but now he's gonna be just fine. Joey Ramone Hospitalized news:
January 23, 1998 on Addicted To Noise: Music News Of The World
January 19, 1998 on Addicted To Noise: Music News Of The World

- Joey Ramone's solo song 1969 on Iggy Pop Tribute

- Joey Ramone sing vocals on Dee Dee's song: I Am Seeing UFO's

- Sang song Gilligan" on Furious George's new album, "Furious George Gets A Record". (Story about recordings)

- Drew Carey show episode featured Joey Ramone on September 30th. Joey taped a guest spot on "The Drew Carey Show". Joey confirmed to MTV news that he had indeed been contacted by the producers. Other appears: Slash, Lisa Loeb, Jonny Lang and Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong.

- The VH1 Blondie special was aired 27th September, 1998. Joey Ramone was interviewed for this show.

- And he appears sometimes and sing some songs with Independents that he's promoting:(JC send this photo for me).
Joey appear different song with them example:
August 31, 1998 he played: I Love You, Slug, Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper) and Blitzkrieg Bob. Check out Earl Steenburgh's pictures.
GAVIN had seen before one gig and Joey was sang these Ramones songs with them:
I Want You Around, Pet Semetary, Life's A Gas, and Blitzkrieg Bop and ANNETTE was seen Joey with band on San Francisco 30.10.96.

- Joey Ramone plans to do radio projects, solo album on next year...

- The 22 Jacks album comes out soon, and Joey has a song I'll Be With You Tonight. This is Cheap Trick cover and it comes also to Cheap Trick's tribute album: Cheap Shots. Tribute album has been postponed indefinetly.


At first Johnny was retired, he only appearanced sometimes in baseball games and this Ramones meeting was only Ramones influenced happening to Johnny. Then he did small "comeback", like in performance on Pearl Jam concert. Johnny Ramone passed away on September 15, 2004.

- Shortly before his death Johnny Ramone decided to share with fans his passion for old movies. He consigned his extensive collection of vintage, original movie posters, including the 1931 classics, Frankenstein and Dracula, to be sold in a two-part public auction. A total of 125 of Johnny Ramone's movie posters with a combined value of more than a quarter-million dollars will be offered in this month and next March. The November 18 auction will be held in Dallas and online at
. "One of his passions was watching old movies with his wife and friends," said Grey Smith, Heritage's Director of Vintage Poster Sales. "His other great passion was collecting vintage movie posters of the films he admired, and he assembled a world-class collection. "Johnny Ramone was a big fan of science fiction and horror films, and his superb collection contains some of the most sought-after titles in movie poster-collecting, including Frankenstein (1931), The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Dracula (1931), The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) and Forbidden Planet (1956)," Smith added.
When I checked the auctions on November 11, for example the price of The Bride of Frankenstein was already then 3 550 US$ (+ comes charges) and they suppose it goes in the end between 7 000 - 9000 US$. Jailhouse Rock was one of Elvis Presley's best pre-Army films, it's poster was on November 11, 420 US$ and they suppose it goes in the end between 1 500 - 2 000. (November 11, 2004)

- Johnny Ramone passed away at 3:03PM on September 15, 2004 in his home in Los Angeles, USA.... Johnny had prostate cancer for five years. According to his publicist, at the time of his death, Ramone was surrounded by friends and family... More here.

- After many medias informed of it that Johnny Ramone has prostate cancer, I also decided to confirm news in November, 2003.... His prostate cancer was then in remission..., sadly his condition got more bad in summer and Johnny was one week in hospital. He's getting better and he got out of the hospital on June 22, 2004. His condition wasn't so bad than what was in news worldwide. Read this article. I got some "inside news" during May and June, 2004 and they became more public since many newspaper articles told about it and Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante spoke of it during the live shows etc. Let's trust Johnny get well and let's do a way Frusciante told during one show: "I've got a friend called Johnny Ramone who is very unwell at the moment. Since you have so much energy I'd like if we could call him and send him some of that energy."
Marky Ramone asked me to issue the following statement from him. Marky wrote this on June 18, 2004: "I only wish the best for Johnny and I hope he has a speedy recovery. A week before that I lost a friend named Robert Quine who I played with in the Voidoids. I wasn't looking for any publicity, I was disgusted hearing about what people were saying how Johnny was dying, some said aids, some said alzheimers. I had had enough so that's why I went public to preserve his dignity. I have nothing against people who have aids or alzheimers and I did a lot of charities for them. I just wanted the rumors to stop of what Johnny's illness is that's all."
Send your love and let it heal. You can also write and send Johnny "Be Well" wishes, more infos at Arturo Vega's site.
First news became "official" in November, 2003, because Johnny Ramone played I Wanna Be Well with Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Hollywood Palladium in California on November 15, 2003. This was his second gig performance after Ramones broke up, first was The KKK Took My Baby Away with Pearl Jam 4 years ago. This was benefit show for the Warsaw Center for Prostate Cancer Research, which is spearheaded by Johnny, and Silverlake Conservatory of Music. Performers beside Johnny were Red Hot Chili Peppers, System Of A Down, ex-Minuteman Mike Watt, a solo acoustic set from Peppers guitarist John Frusciante and surprise guest appearance from Metallica's Kirk Hammett. During that night were played also in example I Wanna Be Sedated, Commando, I Just Want To Have Something To Do and Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World. (Updated news: June 17, 2004)

- Johnny gave interview to The Washington Times. Interview was published in March 12, 2004. It's concentrated strongly to politics as well, in addition to music. It will be confusing to read for some of you fans... Click here to read it. (March 20, 2004)

- In 2001, was filmed a sci-fi film shot in the Canary Islands, it's called Stranded and in the beginning it feature short cameo from Johnny Ramone as Lowell (see picture on right). Vincent Gallo is cast in Stranded as the world's most irritating pessimist, a scientist who's aboard a spacecraft that crashes on Mars etc. Stranded is released now also as a DVD. (October 7, 2003)

- New Rolling Stone magazine listed 100 best guitar players, and Johnny Ramone was number 16. I think it was good position, when in example Ron Asheton from Stooges was number 29. But there were some surprise names before Johnny. Here are players before Johnny: 1) Jimi Hendrix, 2) Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band, 3) B.B. King, 4) Eric Clapton, 5) Robert Johnson, 6) Chuck Berry, 7) Stevie Ray Vaughan, 8) Ry Cooder, 9) Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, 10) Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, 11) Kirk Hammett of Metallica, 12) Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, 13) Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, 14) Jeff Beck and 15) Carlos Santana. (September 5, 2003)

- ChinMusic's (San Francisco based) most recent issue contains a very amusing interview between Johnny Ramone, and Billy Beane. Billy is a General Manager for the Oakland Athletics baseball team. About one-third of the interview is posted here. Sure you can also order magazine from mainpage and see what other they've on that issue.

- Also this Johnny's interview is really cool and extensive, like comes new info and Johnny's comments of new re-issues. Even looks like there wont be many bonus tracks on future re-issues etc. Read it here. Also see this interview, at the bottom of the page, of Pleasent Dreams cover... (September 6, 2002)

- Johnny Ramone is supposed to be interviewed on Friday August 30 in AMC's (American Movie Channel, USA) show called "Hollywood Rocks The Movies: The 70's": 8:00 - 10:00 PM. (August 29, 2002)

- In Total Guitar magazine was listed best guitarists ever. What a crap, because Johnny Ramone was listed 88! We know he should be in TOP10! TOP10 was: Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash, Brian May, Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, Dave Gilmour and Kirk Hammett. This listing is in issue 100. Issue before example Offspring's Noodles choosed Keith Richards, Mick Taylor, Johnny Ramone, Steve Jones and James Williamson as his top five guitar players. (August 8, 2002)

- See interesting Johnny interview at Rolling Stone. Johnny comments about Dee Dee, coming expanded and remastered versions of the albums: End Of The Century, Pleasant Dreams, Subterranean Jungle and Too Tough To Die. etc. (June 27, 2002)

- Johnny Ramone is doing and producing Ramones-tribute album together with Rob Zombie.
This contains some bands, which aren't so Ramoniac ones, like Metallica, Marilyn Manson, but...
- The Ramones are the greatest American band. I just think that what they did was so simple and so stripped down and so to-the-point that you can't mess with it. We were trying to get the tribute album out on the one-year anniversary of Joey's death, April 15, but at the same time, we don't want to put it out until it's perfect, says Zombie.
On CDnow news was informed that according to Zombie, the album now looks like this: Rob Zombie "Blitzkreig Bop", Eddie Vedder "I Believe In Miracles", Red Hot Chili Peppers "Havana Affair", Marilyn Manson "The KKK Took My Baby Away", Offspring "I Wanna Be Sedated", Pretenders "Something To Believe In", Garbage "I Just Want To Have Something To Do", Motorhead "Rockaway Beach", Green Day "Outsider", Static-X "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment", Rancid "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker", U2, "Beat On The Brat", Metallica "We're a Happy Family" and Tom Waits "The Return Of Jackie And Judy." (Updated info: May 18, 2002)

- Johnny's interview on Rolling Stone.com. Johnny speaks also on this interview about re-issues of the first four albums, Joey's birthday bash.... (August 9, 2001).

- Johnny's interview from Clevescene.com. Contains also sad things.... (June, 2001)

-Here's great interview with Johnny.

- More info about Johnny Ramone guitar model. (September 11, 2000)

- Johnny has some time ago appeared and jammed on Cat Club/ Phantoms club. That club is a very cool little place right next door to the Whiskey a GoGo. Club co-owner and drummer is Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats). (July, 18, 2000)

- Johnny Ramone play on the Swing Cats: A Special Tribute To Elvis -album. It feature also Lemmy (Motorhead) etc. More info.

- Guitar Player October 1999 feature article of the Johnny Ramone. (December 2, 1999)

- Marky Ramone recently visited Johnny Ramone in LA, they hung out had a lot of fun. Johnny is happy these days, and he's in good shape. They talked about possible future plans and example of this Ramones-box set. (February 8th)

- Johnny was planning to do performance to Rob Zombie's new album, something happened and performance wasn't contained to album. Album were released August 25, 1998.

- Johnny did performance on Pearl Jam's concert in Los Angeles july 14th 1998. Johnny came to stage like special guest (on encore) and he played KKK Took My Baby Away (Pic added 1.12.2000).

- Marky dedicated Ramones Around The World-video to Johnny whom Marky credited with keeping the band together for more than 20 years.


Dee Dee joined Joey in heaven on June 5th, 2002... There are many things and news related to Dee Dee after he passed away:

- Henry Rollins writes in his book Broken Summers 4-5 pages of Dee Dee, of his last meetings with Dee Dee and how Dee Dee asked his help concerning Dee Dee's book and how he helped Dee Dee. And sure feelings what Henry had/ has that Dee Dee passed away. Henry also writes 0,5 page of my and his meeting on that same book, manysided way..., he talks nicely of my first book. (September 21, 2004)

- Dee Dee Ramone's/ Paul Kostabi's and Joe Raimond's paintings have been in many places already in Germany. Now they are at the gallery 84 GHz (Kultur im Keller) in Munich, Germany. Address is: Georgenstr. 84. Exhibition starts in May 14 and ends in May 28, 2004. Generation N will do a 30 min set in May 14 at 8:00. There's as well modern artwork pics by Gerhard "General" Seckler and Ramones photos by Lothar Felkel etc.
84 GHz homepage (Updated May 10, 2004)

- Ramonez '77 from Germany will release 16 years after their "cult" minialbum a new 7" single called Mr. Ramone at third Joey deaths day anniversary, 15 April, 2004. It is first on sale at the Fabrik in Hamburg when they has there Joey tribute concert (April 15), supporters are Braineaters and Born Cool. Vinyl single is limited only to 300 copies! Release is not only tribute to Joey, but also to Dee Dee. They also release new CD in April 15 and one of the new songs they have recorded is called Dee Dee's Dead. That is recorded with guest singer Bela B. of Die Ärzte. (April 9, 2004

- Last May (2003) was released liveCD - called Too Tough To Die Live - of Dee Dee's last advertised New York City show at the Spa Club in June 2001. It features Dee Dee on bass/ vocals, Michel Solis on guitar/vocals and Paul Kostabi on drums. Paul told me about this first time on May. CD contains songs like Beat On The Brat, Mr Postman, I Wanna Be Sedated and Chinese Rocks. More info here. Finnish label Woimasointu is releasing in future winyl version of that CD. (Updated: March 8, 2004)

- I was so happy to hear these news, after long silence from Dee Dee's wife Barbara Zampini (aka Barbara Ramone). Barbara is going to Argentina and she is playing with her new band called "Fuck You". They're doing their absolute debut gig in Buenos Aires Sunday 28th, December, 2003. "Fuck You" will play at Ruca Chalten venue, address: Venezuela 632, Buenos Aires 8 PM local time with support bands and special guest surprises. The band will play a mix of new songs and a few Ramones classics thrown in their set. The band's line up will be: Barbara Zampini (bass/ vocals), Sofia Zampini (guitar), Daniel (LA guitarist), Juan Novoa (guitar/ vocals) and Bada (drums). This is so far their only gig at the moment, so don't miss that. (December 14, 2003)

- After Berlin (see below) Dee Dee Ramone's/ Paul Kostabi's and Joe Raimond's paintings are at Kulturhaus Abraxas in Augsburg, Germany in December 10-21. There's also paintings and prints from Edith Muhldorfer, Lothar Felkel and General Seckler, whom we thank of Rampe 3 festival (see below). There's opening party on Dec 10 and General's great band Generation N will play at live on Dec 21. (November 28)

- Dee Dee Ramone's/ Paul Kostabi's and Joe Raimond's paintings are shown at art show from November 1st until November 28th at the Gallerie Zero, Köpenicker Strasse 4, 10997 Berlin. Those are brilliant paintings, I saw them at Rampe 3 festival in Augsburg. (October 28, 2003)

- Rodney Bingenheimer, is one of the best known DJ's in the world. His show on Los Angeles' KROQ-FM has been a hit with youth of all ages since it's inception in late 1976. Rodney has played Ramones from the beginning and last night (Sep 29, 2003) he played a great Dee Dee Ramone set. It included a couple of the last recordings with Paul Kostabi and Michel Solis of Youth Gone Mad. Rodney closed the show with song which he said it was about Dee Dee's wife Barbara. (I think it's I Gotta Right to Love Her).. When I wrote this, Dee Dee sang Too Tough To Die song on my stereos... (from Too Tough To Die's remastered album). (September 29)

- Now is released Bikini Bandits the theme from the Bikini Bandits Experience on CD format by Dee Dee Ramone. Dee Dee wrote and performed theme song to the movie! You can order it only from here! Price is 5.99US$ + expenses. Bikini Bandits movie is debut by Tool singer Maynard James Keenan, a full-length realization of Steve Grasse's Bikini Bandit series. It features Dee Dee as the Pope. You can find more information of the film below. (August 22, 2003)

- Latest Tattoo Japan is a tribute issue to Dee Dee Ramone. Cover is really cool, but sadly I didn't got more infos. (February 25, 2003)

- Youth Gone Mad featuring Dee Dee Ramone s/t CD available 2/11/2003 from Trend Is Dead! records. This is remastered digital version of the sold-out picture vinyl record (which Trend Is Dead! released earlier, and also Wanker Records is released vinyl = see below). You can order this through Trend Is Dead! online at: http://trendisdeadrecords.blogspot.com. (February 12, 2003)

- The worldwide Hard Rock Cafe chain is opening its vault of music memorabilia to offer the public a glimpse at its treasures, trinkets and trophies. The Hard Rock Vault in Orlando, Florida was opened Dec 23, 2002. Among the items on display are Dee Dee Ramone's guitar and black leather jacket. (January 21, 2003)

- Dee Dee's new book Legend Of A Rock Star is out now. You can order it in example from www.amazon.com. Originally book was coming out in June 2002. It contains 288 pages and is published by Thunder`s Mouth Press, like his earlier books in USA. Dee Dee showed pages from that book for me when I toured with him in April 2001 *sniff* and he wrote many things of me for it also, final version contains 3 text parts of me. 2 of them are partly fictive... Here's book description:
"So you want to be a rock n roll star? Maybe you should listen to what Dee Dee Ramone has to say first. In Legend of a Rock Star the myth of the rock n roll good life is destroyed once and for all. Touring is hell, and Dee Dee should know, after fifteen plus years with the legendary Ramones, he's back on the road with a new band and a new set of nightmares. Riddled with acerbic hilarity, Legend of a Rock Star offers a fantastic, unflinching look at the abysmal underbelly of the rock n roll dream as Dee Dee and his new brothers tour Europe in a tiny cramped van and try their best not to kill one another. With shifty promoters out to suck him dry, and fans who mean well but just wont leave him alone, all Dee Dee can do is wrestle with his conscience and hope the drugs aren't bad. Written in a fierce chaotic prose uniquely his own, Dee Dee also offers a brutally honest, yet surprisingly touching account of the weeks leading up to and just after the death of friend and longtime bandmate Joey Ramone."
Marky Ramone commented following of the book in January 2003:
" I read Dee Dee's new book "Legend Of A RockStar". It's entertaining and fun and really good reading. He talks about the Ramones and the workers such as Monte Melnick, our great tourmanager that we had, Arturo Vega, our tshirt man and all around confident and lighting director to the roadies and everything in general about the Ramones. It is typical Dee Dee style. Loved it. " (Updated info January 13, 2003)

- Like I've many times informed before, Tool singer Maynard James Keenan has released his feature film debut in an underground flick titled Bikini Bandits, a full-length realization of Steve Grasse's Bikini Bandit series. It features Dee Dee as the Pope. The Bikini Bandits Experience airs on MTV 2 UK on Christmas day, 11PM. (December 20, 2002)

- Now is out Youth Gone Mad Featuring Dee Dee album. See infos here. Listen online a complete mp3 - Yellow - of the album on www.wanker-records.de, it's mirrored from Heiko's site! There's also a MP3 from the coming New Wave Hookers LP. On the page is the song Trust Me (written by Dee Dee, originally in Dee Dee Ramone And ICLC: I Hate Freaks Like You -album (1994). New Wave Hookers supported the complete tour with Dee Dee in 2000. Next year Wanker Records release The Hanson Brothers vs. Dee Dee Ramone split7'. Edition on 777 handnumbered copies in two different colors and two different coverartworks. (Updated December 3, 2002)

- GBMusic released in 1999 Ramainz: Live In N.Y.C. -album. Dee Dee, Marky and Barbara Zampini (Dee Dee's wife...) plays on it. Now Sanctuary has re-released it. Before Marky told in one interview that should come out also another Ramainz livealbum...? (October 8)

- 10th Raindance Film Festival is in London, UK on October 23 - November 1, 2002. There's a few films featuring Dee Dee and Joey and The Ramones. Tool singer Maynard James Keenan released his feature film debut in an underground flick titled Bikini Bandits, a full-length realization of Steve Grasse's Bikini Bandit series. It features Dee Dee as the Pope. Bikini Bandits is at Other Cinema in Friday 25 at 6.30PM. Final Rinse contains Joey Ramone, and The Dictators singing Who Will Save Rock & Roll etc. Final Rinse at Other Cinema in Saturday 26 at 10PM. The screening of Lech Kowalski's Hey Is Dee Dee Home, the launch party will be held at Teenage Schizoid with Speed Killers in Tuesday 29 at 10PM. Entry is 2 pounds with cinema ticket. (October 25, 2002)

- Marky said on interview (read it here) that in October comes out Ramainz live album (line-up: Dee Dee, Marky and Barbara). Marky said it's the best live recording of he and Dee Dee together. This interview features Marky's comments with manysided way... (August 14, 2002)

- In August comes out Dee Dee Ramone/ Terrorgruppe split, it will be a 10" Vinyl (also available as digipackCD-single) released by Wanker Records in co-production with Trash2001-Records in Germany. Originally it was planned to make a 7" single with one song by each band. Now this release will have two Dee Dee songs "I Got A Right To Love Her - If I Want Too" and "Horror Hospital". Plus Berlin punks Terrorgruppe do a cover of Boney M's old hit "Sunny" and one song they've just recorded as a special tribute to Dee Dee. The 10" will come in a gatefold cover. The front is a painting Dee Dee did with Barbara and Paul Kostabi for this release and on the inside names of the fans will be printed!!!
No joke, they want that we fans just want to say farewell to Dee Dee - and a great way to do it is to put our names on his last recording! Never before in the Ramones history such a thing had happend. It was easy idea behind it - and also it was easy to do it. There was 1,5 months chance to do this, deadline was August 5, 2002. So on this upcoming Dee Dee Ramone/ Terrorgruppe split release they print as many names as they got on the sleeve! First came, were first serve. Now sleeve will go to the printing factory and the release (Vinyl and CD) should be ready by end of the month. More news on pages by: Nick, Paul and Heiko. (Updated info August 6, 2002)

- THIS IS CANCELLED: Wanker Records and Dee Dee was having a lottery.... Prizes were: Dee Dee's Do The Bikini Dance/ Twist And Shout -12' (+Dee Dee's handwritten fanzine) on clear vinyl (limited to 99 copies). In all was 10 copies those rarities.... SO THIS IS CANCELLED, FOLLOWING TEXT BY HEIKO GERDES:
The 10 Vinyls was taken from the limited to 99 copys on clear wax. It was promised to send us the autographed sleeves and you can also see a picture on my page where Dee Dee sign them (May 27th news). But for some strange reason the signed covers and also all documents for the upcoming Taking Dope splitzine now can't be found on Dee Dee's home in Hollywood, as Nick just informed me.
It's a big disappointment for all of us but complete beyond our control and we can't do nothing. It was sayed that they're already on the postway to Germany and I myself garanteed you they'll available soon. Nick Wanker and I plan to lottery some other nice and unique stuff soon that we'll bring in from our personal collections. That's just to show you that we keep our word when we say to give away some stuff.
All the SEVERAL HUNDREDS of postcards that are in up to now are still valid and will also take part in the new lottery. Please tell also all your friends that they don't send new postcards to us. When a new lottery starts we will inform you on our websites and by newsletter. Sorry Amigos.
(Updated June 15, 2002)

- Dee Dee passed away.....

- Dee Dee will be recording June 14, 2002 show at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA and CD of that show comes out in fall (probably in October 14, 2002). Marky will be playing also then. More info here. (June 1, 2002)

- Like I've informed last year, Dee Dee as the Pope on the film.... Tool singer Maynard James Keenan released his feature film debut in an underground flick titled Bikini Bandits, a full-length realization of Steve Grasse's Bikini Bandit series. Grasses's film adaptation finds Keenan in the role of Satan, Dee Dee Ramone as the Pope, Jello Biafra as an evil porn director and actor Corey Feldman as himself. In addition, Dee Dee will be contributing original music to the film's soundtrack. You will find lot more infos in official site, like from Movie News > Star Bios pics of the Dee Dee. (Updated info: May 15, 2002)

- Dee Dee and Arturo Vega are showing their paintings at the CBGB Gallery. Including one that involves DeeDee and Sid Vicious having this dialoge: Dee Dee "Sid, did you kill her?", Sid "Yes, no, yes" The paintings will be exchanged for other's related to Joey for the BOWERY ELECTRIC ART EXIBITION on May 19. It opened May 1, 6PM.
Also Dee Dee will have an exibition in Costa Mesa, CA, USA at Gallery 23 at 2930 Bristol Street. This exhibition will be opening in May 17th and paintings will remain until June 17th.

- Dee Dee will be appearing at the Los Angeles Times Book Fair on Saturday April 27th, 2002 in support of this Chelsea Horror Hotel. He will be also signing copies.
Also, Dee Dee will be reading from the Chelsea Horror Hotel and signing copies at Borders Books at 1415 Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA on Sunday April 28th, 2002 at 7:00pm. Admission is free.
... and, The Knitting Factory's Beat Feast 2002 is in celebration of the words and music of the Beat Generation. Dee Dee will be reading and possibly playing acoustically and holding a question & answer session at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles in the AlterKnit Lounge on Tuesday April 30, 2002 at 8pm. More info on Dee Dee's site. (April 20, 2002)

- Dee Dee is selling 3 of his guitars, Check www.deedeeramone.net, Dee (April 1, 2002)

- Wanker Records released a 2 song Dee Dee Ramone 12' vinyl (Dee Dee, Barbara and Paul Kostabi) in March 18. This is same day, when Ramones go into Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame. Limited on 1499 copies (499 in color vinyl and 1000 in black vinyl). It contains songs Do The Bikini Dance and Twist And Shout + include a free 24 page TAKING DOPE -fanzine (Dee Dee's handwriten fanzine + it contains also material by Barbara and Paul); Dee Dee Ramone in the Cat Club (guest live-report by Andy Poncherello), a self interview with Dee Dee, New Disease interview by Barbara + comics + one record review. Dee Dee painted the cover together with Barbara and Paul. Paul is also producer. (Updated info March 14, 2002)

- Dee Dee's Hop Around vinyl LP and Born To Lose 7" are now finally out by Woimasointu. More info here. (Updated info March 14, 2002)

- Sorry that info comes pretty late, but here was a little error in communicating. Joseph B. Raimond (Empty Records) organized an exhibition of art work by Dee Dee, Paul Kostabi (with new collaboration paintings), and Joseph's own series of miniature paintings. The opening party was on January 11th at the Galeriehaus, Nürnberg. Exhibition ends February 10th, so here's still well time to enjoy and see these arts. Most of the paintings are new (2001 and 2002). Prices of the Dee Dee's large paintings are 1495 EUR, each, and 8 small paintings by Dee Dee and Paul together are 800 EUR, each. Check out here in my site Dee Dee's, Paul's and Barbara's paintings. (January 30, 2002)

- Boston Phoenix did a great and long interview with Dee Dee. You can find it, when you click here. I liked of that review, it feature many things, which aren't so common questions from Dee Dee. (October 29, 2001)

- I informed a year ago that Dee Dee Ramone is flying to Australia to produce an album for punk band Mach Pelican. The Pelicans formed in Japan as die-hard Ramones fans, and have now relocated to Melbourne (Australia) via a stint in Perth. Unfortunately, Dee Dee didn't produced Mach Pelican -album at last, 'cause total budget of the album was going too high. (Updated info October 18, 2001)

- http://www.deedeeramone.net is up and running now. At example you can find already now more infos of the 2 latest Taking Dope -fanzines and Horror Hospital -song, which Dee Dee recorded on 2nd Avenue in NYC, June 2001 with Paul Kostabi (from Youth Gone Mad) and Michael Michaelson Jr. (August 28, 2001 )

- Check 35 Dee Dee -photos by Lars Weber. Lars took photos April 5th in Dortmund, Germany, when Matthias Gross did an interview with Dee Dee. Interview was published in the OX Fanzine, June issue, 2001. You can't find interview from OX's Internet-site, only on paper version. Extended English version will appear in the Goner Magazine later this summer. (June 12, 2001)

- Dee Dee's 15 minutes interview/show (from Mar 17 Liege, Soundstation, Belgium) will be broadcasted on The Mutant Show May 21st, but it will be available at any time from May 22nd. The show contain Dee Dee's interview about Joey, Barbara, his novel etc. and also comes 4 live songs and funny scenes. Click here and choose The Mutant Show. Show is by French Joe Beurk from the Captain Beurk. (May 11, 2001

- Dee Dee's new book: "Chelsea Horror Hotel: A Novel" is coming out on May 10th, 2001. Published by Thunder`s Mouth Press. (May 8th, 2001)

- Wow, Dee Dee has released with Barbara and Paul Kostabi fifth Taking Dope -fanzine. You can order Taking Dope: Punk Art - Spring 2001 -issue from the following E-mail address: follin@compuserve.com
It contains Dee Dee's comics, 6 pages. Barbara's sweet looking and good ending comics, 7 pages. Barbara has also draw comic called Dee Dee + Kessie's adventures. By Paul Kostabi has his paintings + pic from his painting studio with introductions. Also pic from studio called Court Metrage where he records Youth Gone Mad -records. etc. etc. (March 29, 2001).

- Look Neil Rotteram's 4 pics from Dee Dee's concert at the Covered Wagon Saloon in San Francisco, February 2001. Dee Dee tours march-april in Europe. (March 6, 2001)

- Dee Dee Ramone's and Paul Kostabi's exhibition is at Destroy All Music
3818 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles (Silverlake), CA
March 2nd, 2001 Info: destroyall@earthlink.net
Basically exhibition has 12 , 12 x 12 inch paintings all collaborations with Spraypaint oil marker and collage. They are all beautiful and the same size as old record jackets. MORE INFO AND SOME PAINTINGS ON MY INTERVIEW WITH PAUL KOSTABI (Feb. 22, 2001)

- Dee Dee plays on 2 new tribute album! Other CD will be thrown to the Nirvana. CD's title is: Smells Like Bleach - Tribute to Nirvana. It has the participation of several bands, besides Dee Dee Ramone. Dee Dee makes the cover of the Negative Creep -song. Dee Dee also appears on a tribute album to Metallica, he plays Jump In The Fire. Both albums are released this week. (Jan. 23, 2001)

- Dee Dee Ramone on radio, you can listen Dee Dee's interview on Comedy World's "The Beth Lapides Experience." Show is live, from November 28 @ 12 noon PST.

- Dee Dee Ramone's new album; Greatest & Latest, is now available for sale online at http://www.conspiracymusic.com and the album will be released worldwide in retail stores in October 2000. More info of the album.

- On USA Dee Dee has now released US-version of this latest book: Teenage Lobotomy - Surviving The Ramones, through Thunder's Mouth Press. (On Europe book has called Poison Heart - Surviving The Ramones. Get your copy now! Dee Dee Ramone will be appearing for a book signing in the Union Square VIRGIN MEGASTORE in New York on November 2, 2000.

- On year 2001 Dee Dee will publish punk rock horror novel, Chelsea Horror Hotel.

- You can get through Wanker Fanzine -homepage issue #9, which contain Dee Dee Ramone and Rämouns stuff. (September 19th)

- Woimasointu release Dee Dee Ramone's strong solo album Hop Around on vinyl in next autumn. First, limited press of 500 copies will be on coloured vinyl and for the quality seekers there will be also pressing on 220 gram heavy weight black vinyl. Also Woimasointu release limited 7"-single from the album with b-side not issued in the Europe. The coupling will be Hop Around b/w Born To Lose. And again limited numbered first 300 copies on coloured vinyl. Through my site you get these with a special price. Check out more info.

- Born To Lose (The Last RockïnïRoll Movie) -movie about Johnny Thunders life will be performed on the Tampere International Short Film Festival, sunday 12.3. at Tampere-talo Pieni sali 16.00. Movie features also quite long interviews with Dee Dee Ramone. Born To Lose is directed 1999 by a guy called Lech Kowalski. (March 7, 2000).

- You can listen and download Dee Dee Ramone's performance of the song Bad Little Go-Go Girl, it feature also Wayne Kramer. I suppose that Dee Dee has also wrote that song 'cause he played Bad Little Go-Go Girl often when Dee Dee toured with his I.C.L.C -lineup. (March 7, 2000).

- There's coming up a Spanish- and probably also Japan language editions of Dee Dee's book: Poison Heart. The translation of the Spanish -edition is done and hope for an early publication date. The format of the book will be different from the UK/US edition, with different photos - except for the front cover picture, taken by legendary punk photographer Godlis. (Updated info November 9)

- Dee Dee wrote a song "You Can't Make Me Do That Rise" with a Italian houseband called A Violent Life. You can listen it and here is the info: 1) Go to the link: http://www.skinny.com/music/ 2) choose: "Reviews" 3) then from the bottom: "House" 4) click A Violent Life. It's electronic stuff, and Dee Dee plays the fuzztone guitar through a one inch Marshall amp. This was originally released 1997/1998, but remixed and re-released 1999. Paolo and Claudio from A Violent Life tell, about the co-operation:
" We know dee dee from N.Y.C. When he was out here in Hollywood we asked him over and started fooling around in our studio. We played him a song we were working on and asked if he would help out with the writing. He said ok. We took some of the guitar parts from the demo and boosted them through a prosesser. We played him the finished track in a week..." (Updated November 8, 1999)

- There's an exhibition of photos of Dee Dee Ramone at Tribeca Studios, 145 Hudson Street, 10th Floor, NYC. The opening was on Wednesday September 1st, after that exhibition is open to the public. The photographer is Keith Green, and his photo sessions with Dee Dee took place at the Chelsea Hotel during 1993, when Dee Dee was living there and working on his book "Poison Heart". MORE INFO, REVIEW, PRICELIST etc. (Updated September 13, 1999)

- Dee Dee was in Argentina with his wife. Dee Dee made a personal appearances on the Rock and Pop radio station in Buenos Aires. (Updated info February 8th, 1999)

- Dee Dee Ramone has now released: New CD and single I Am Seeing UFO's.

- Book: Poison Heart: Surviving the Ramones.

- Dee Dee has played many gigs with Remains.

- Dee Dee sang backup on FURIOUS GEORGE-EP: Goes Ape! on the song, Betty Crocker Punk Rocker (out on Lookout! Records) Movie revolves Dee Dee's life


- For those of you in the NYC area Tommy Ramone will be a call in guest on Howard Stern on September 17, 2004 at approximately 7:00 am EST. (September 16, 2004)

- Visit the On The Road With The Ramones book signing at Tower Records in Hollywood on September 11th at 5 p.m. Attending the signing will be authors Monte A. Melnick (Ramones tour manager); Frank Meyer (Street Walkin' Cheetahs, Sweet Justice) joined by Tommy Ramone, Arturo Vega (Ramones artistic director) and Allan Arkush (director of Rock 'N' Roll High School) plus some very special guests. On The Road With The Ramones was released in late '03 to rave reviews and has sold over 10,000 copies, making it a best seller for Sanctuary Books.
- We all will be signing copies of the book (available at Tower, among other outlets) along with any albums, so bring copies of your Ramones, Streetwalkin' Cheetahs or Sweet Justice albums CD's and Rock'N'Roll High School movie tapes & DVD's, wrote Monte. (September 6, 2004)

Collider is cool band from New York. They released in 2003 CD titled WCYF. Lead vocalist/ keyboardist Jed Davis is familiar for many of you, Jed wrote that touching Joey Ramone tribute song The Bowery Electric etc... WCYF is produced by Tommy Ramone (under name T. Erdelyi). CJ Ramone also shout 1-2-3-4 on song Say Yeah. Cover art is by Arturo Vega etc. CD is dedicated to the memory of Joey. WCYF has six songs in all. (June 14, 2004)

- You can read new and long interview with Tommy Ramone at Mark Prindle's site. Click here. (December 23, 2003)

- Now a punk photo book, Flash!Bang!Wallop! has published. Book contain punk-era photos of Ian Dickson and also some photos of the Ramones from 1977, with specially written text by Tommy Ramone and Joey Ramone. (October 24, 2000)

- RAMONES INSTORE SIGNING JULY 20TH, 7PM, VIRGIN MEGASTORE, UNION SQUARE, NYC. There will be: Dee Dee, Joey, Johnny, Marky and Tommy. CJ told that he wasn't called anyone from Ramones and also he can't be there due to rehearsals for the next Los Gusanos-CD. (June, 1999)


- Marky Ramone wrote to me: "I will be doing six shows with my friend (and Joey's brother) Mickey Leigh, and friend Anthony Esposito, in South America from Feb 1st through the 6th. Dates will be posted. We will be doing songs from Joey's solo album, and of course (and why not everybody else is doing it) Ramones songs. Our tribute. The legacy will live on as long as I enjoy playing (and of course in all the other bands out there that have been influenced by the Ramones one way or another). I'm very grateful and I'm sure Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee would've been flattered by all these groups that are paying homage - thanks again for keeping it alive. Well everyone. have a happy holiday, and may all your dreams come true." (December 16, 2004)

- Marky Ramone will perform some very special shows in Germany in summer 2005. Marky is supported by the German Ramones tribute band Ramones$ Mania, he will play all the classic Ramones hits. See
dates here. (December 9, 2004)

- Marky Ramone has again teamed up with Russia's best-known punk band, Tarakany! for a 16 date European tour featuring Ramones classics as well as original Tarakany! material. See dates here. (December 4, 2004)

- Long-term German Ramones fans Lothar Felkel and Gerhard "General" Seckler are doing now in Misfits shows in Germany an video interview with Marky Ramone. Interview take place on Sunday November 28, 2004. For that they're searching for the most actually questions from you - the fans. Soon after the interview Gerhard will put it to his site. You can also post there your question suggestions, it is easy to do in a forum, takes 1 minute. Click here.

- Marky Ramone and producer/director John Cafiero will be meeting fans and signing autographs, including signing copies of the new Ramones DVD called RAW at the Virgin Megastore Times Square in NYC (1540 Broadway) on September 29th, 2004 at 6:30PM. (September 14, 2004)

- Robert Quine passed away in early June, 2004... Marky Ramone will perform on stage with Electric Frankenstein in memorial to Robert Quine, Dee Dee Ramone and Joey Ramone at Plaid (76 East 13th Street & Broadway) in NYC on June 30, 2004. Robert was very well known in the early NYC punk scene, mainly as Richard Hell & The Voidoids' guitarist. Marky played in The Voidoids as Marc Bell. Original line-up of Richard Hell & The Voidoids (Marc Bell, Richard Hell, Robert Quine and Ivan Julian) had reunited in 2000, for the recording of a new song called Oh. I also wrote of it then in my site. (Updated June 23, 2004)

- Michael Houghton, a longtime fixture on the downtown glam rock scene, will debut his premiere men's and women's Collection during New York Fashion Week on Sunday, February 8th at 9PM at the legendary club Don Hill's. In keeping with his rock 'n' roll roots, the fashion show will be followed with a live performance by Marky Ramone, Michael H and the Bashers, with Andy Hilfiger on bass and Guns N' Roses' Richard Fortus on guitar. Sadly I found later, this is Closed Private Party. (Updated February 4, 2004)

- Check out information letter of things that Marky Ramone wrote to me during January, 2004.

- Marky Ramone and "Ramones producer" Daniel Rey were visiting Canada for four days in April 2003. They step into the recording studios with Canada's greatest punkrock band ever, Teenage Head, to record old Teenage Head tunes, including Little Boxes, Top Down, Lucy Potato, Teenage Beer Drinking Party, First Time, You're Tearin' Me Apart, Some Kind Of Fun, Let's Shake. There might even be a couple of new ones. Line up was: Marky, vocalist Frankie Venom, guitarist Gord Lewis and bassist Steve Marshall. Daniel produced. It took them only six hours rehearsal to ready themselves for three days in Hamilton's Catharine North Studios. Gord informed me that they're releasing it in spring 2004. (Updated infos January 22, 2004)

- Read letter which Marky wrote to me on January 2. Click here. So Marky Ramone will not be playing anymore with Jerry Only from the Misfits and Dez Cadena after 3 shows in late January 2004. Marky is back with the SpeedKings and they're setting up a new European Tour. Probably it's from February 20th until March 15. (Updated info January 7, 2004)

- Marky Ramone is playing special show at Club Live in Las Vegas, New Years Eve December 31, 2003. Night is featuring also in example Adlers Appetite (= Steven Adler (Guns N'Roses), Robbie Crane (Ratt), Brent Muscat (Faster Pussycat), Kerri Kelli (Ratt, Warrant) Jizzy Pearl (Ratt)). Also George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, Motochrist, guest DJ Tamie Downe (Faster Pussycat) + plus special guest musicians from some of the biggest bands in rock on stage througout the night. Tickets available at www.ticketweb.com. (December 14)

- Starlet Mofos is a second band of Nick and Glen of Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings, they're playing first shows at Belgium in December 19-21, click here to see more infos.

- Do you wanna get signed copy of Misfits Project 1950 -CD? Marky Ramone, Jerry and Dez does now 2 signing session. On Monday August 18th at Virgin Megastore located at 1540 Broadway, Times Square in NYC from 6 - 8 PM. Also Misfits and Balzac perform a live set. They also sign on Thursday August 21st at FYE Trumbull Park located at 5065 Main St Ste 178, Trumbull, Connecticut. Phone: 203 373 1014. From 4 - 6 PM. More info at www.misfits.com.

- www.misfits.com tells that Jerry Only's long awaited Misfits Side-Project showcasing punk covers of 1950's era classics is out now (July 29, 2003). It features line-up of Jerry Only, Marky Ramone and Dez Cadena and includes special guest vocals by Ronnie Spector on two tracks (This Magic Moment and You Belong to Me) and keyboards by Jimmy Destri of Blondie on two tracks (Runaway and Great Balls of Fire). John Cafiero sing backing vocals to Dream Lover, Monster Mash and Runaway. Ed Manion provides saxophone for Diana and Runaway. This includes a 24 page booklet and free Bonus DVD (10 songs with live performances shot in March 2003 etc.).
Here's tracklisting: 1.This magic moment, 2.Dream Lover, 3.Diana, 4.Donna, 5.Great Balls of Fire, 6.Latest Flame, 7.Monster Mash, 8.Only Make Believe, 9.Runaway and 10.You Belong to me.
CD debuted on Billboard's Heatseekers Chart at #2 and next week it was at #24. On Billboard's Top Independent Albums Chart it was first at #5 and second week at #12. (Updated August 18)

- David Kelly - from the fame of Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone book ;) - went to see Sylvain Sylvain from The Legendary NY Dolls at Don Hills in NYC. He arrived to the club just before Sylvain was to go on. He was outside finishing his cigarettes and luxury beer. David wrote: " Who do I see walking down the street... non other than Mr. Marky Ramone. He looked the best I've ever seen him. I said a quick hello and went into the club. Sylvain took the stage and played some new songs and pretty much the whole Dolls repitore and did a Velvet Underground cover (Femme Fetale). He completely tore the club to bits with his incredibly skillfull guitar playing. One of the last songs he did was Trash with Marky playing drums. The song on the album is like 3 minutes but they played it for like ten minutes. Marky was even putting in his own improvisations on the drums with more rolls and stuff. On the Dols albums the drumming is great but Marky's Drumming was as tight as Hillary Clinton's "***hole". And the crowd was loving it. This show was like a reward for being into good music!!! ".
Marky played also before in this summer some shows with Sylvain Sylvain. (June 20)

- The official Misfits site informs that The M25 lineup: Jerry Only (on Bass and lead Vocals), Marky Ramone (Drums) and Dez Cadena (Guitars) tour in UK/ Ireland following dates: May 19, Cockpit, Leeds, UK - - May 20, TJ's, Newport, UK - - May 21, Camden Palace, London, UK - - May 22, Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, UK - - May 23, The Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland - - May 24, Academy, Birmingham, UK - - May 25, Zanzibar, Liverpool, UK - - May 26, Zanzibar, Liverpool, UK - - (April 15)

- On Friday, March 14th, 2003, Heidi Brenke was lucky to get an interview with Marky after he did a spoken word evening with Duncan Wilder Johnson at WPI (university) in Worcester. You can hear it in Internet-radio Wdoa.com. Heidi used interview for her radio show "das Etwas", you can listen it here. (March 25)

- Marky will be playing March 19th with Andy Hilfiger, Richard Fortus (Psychedelic Furs/ Honky Toast) and special guests at Don Hills in New York City. (March 15)

- NY Rock is an online music magazine and they (Glyn Emmerson) just did interview with Marky, read it here. Marky tell some comments pretty honestly and straight.... also there was one really "positive shock treatment"...
Glyn asked following question: Is their any Ramones material that will be released?, Marky's answer was: "Fifteen songs that Joey demoed with Daniel Ray on guitar with a drum machine will be re-recorded for a second solo Joey record." (February 4)

- There's new contest at Yahoo's Marky Ramone & the SpeedKings groups. They have two 7" Love Hates Me single by Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings to give to two lucky winners. What you have to do is answer the following question:
"What was the first album that Marky played, when he returned to the Ramones?"
E-mail your answers to Lynne: (lynnecam1uk@yahoo.co.uk) or MsSheena (mssheena43@yahoo.com), before February 8, 2003. (January 27)

- Now www.misfits.com released dates of Misfits featuring Marky Ramone tour in Europe.. I was released some dates before they were official, but here's complete list:
Jan 22 Razzmatazz 2, Barcelona, Spain.
Jan 23 The Roxy, Valencia, Spain.
Jan 24 Paradise Garage, Lisbon, Spain.
Jan 25 Theatro Sada Bandeira, Porto, Portugal.
Jan 26 Jam, Berga, Spain.
Jan 29 Conrad Sohm, Dornbirn, Austria.
Jan 30 Rock Planet, Ravenna, Italy.
Jan 31 Babylonia, Biella, Italy.
Feb 1 Aud. Flag, Florence, Italy.
Feb 2 Gaswerk, Winterhur, Switzerland.
Feb 4 Het Patronaat, Haarleem, Netherlands.
Feb 5 Proxima, Warsaw, Poland.
Feb 8 SH Luzhniki, Moscow, Russia.
(Updated January 14)

- There's contest at Yahoo's Marky Ramone's Wrecking Crew. Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings is currently touring in West Coast, USA and they play at Key Club in Hollywood on January 16. There's in contest free tickets from their record company for those who answer the following question correctly:
Send your answers to: keyclub@markyramonegroup.com
The contest is for the people of the Los Angeles area. (January 8)

- Thursday, December 19, 2002 is "Joey Ramone's Christmas Tribute" (in spirit of Joey's christmas bashes...) at The Continental New York, NY. Night is featuring: Misfits (Jerry Only, Dez and Marky Ramone), Andy Shernoff, Daniel Rey, Richie Stotts (Plasmatics), Andy Hilfiger, Al Maddy, Independents, The Bullys, The Kowalskis, Furious George, B-Movie, Charm School etc.
Marky is playing also at Don Hill's, NYC, December 20, 2002. (Updated December 19)

- GBMusic released in 1999 Ramainz: Live In N.Y.C. -album. Dee Dee, Marky and Barbara Zampini (Dee Dee's wife...) plays on it. Now Sanctuary has re-released it. Before Marky told in one interview that should come out also another Ramainz livealbum...? (October 8)

- Marky said on interview (read it here) that in October comes out Ramainz live album (line-up: Dee Dee, Marky and Barbara). Marky said it's the best live recording of he and Dee Dee together. This interview features Marky's comments with manysided way... (August 14, 2002)

- Misfits decided to launch Misfits Records! And it's first release is Misfits/ Balzac -split single. Misfits have covered a Balzac song "The Day The Earth Caught Fire" and Balzac has covered a medley of 2 Misfits songs "The Haunting" and "Don't Open Til Doomsday". Misfits track features Marky Ramone on drums. The single (Japanese edition) is selling through The Misfits website and it is 15$ A limited edition vinyl 45 pressing will follow soon after the CD single edition. Balzac is Japan's new premiere horror punk band and highly influenced by the Misfits. (Updated info April 28, 2002)

- Marky Ramone appears on new Richard Hell: Time CD (label Matador). This is an 2CD set of rare, raw, vintage Richard Hell performances, like previously unreleased live gigs from London 1977 and CBGB, NYC 1978 (Marky on drums). Thirty-two performances in all, along with a luxe booklet containing many unpublished pictures & new 2000 word essay by Hell about the songs & performances.. (April 26, 2002)

- The official Misfits site informs that The M25 lineup: Jerry Only (on Bass and lead Vocals), Marky Ramone (Drums) and Dez Cadena (Guitars) are now in the studio recording a album, it will showcase punk covers of classic 1950's rock and roll hits, like Richie Valens' Donna. CD is expected out on the new label Misfits Records, in 2002. A U.S. tour (which will expand worldwide) will coincide with the new release. (April 4, 2002)

- Sorry that this info comes afterward. Marky played with Tequila Baby`s a show in February 2, 2002 in Atlantida, Brazil. Marky played with them 15 Ramones songs and also Marky will play in one song in their next album (I was informed about that already October 2000, when Marky Ramone & Intruders + Tequila Baby toured together..). (March 19, 2002)

- Marky Ramone, Jerry Only (Misfits) and Dez (Black Flag) will appear for an instore signing at Rock 'N Willys Rock and Roll Boutique located at the Stroud Mall, Stroudsburg PA on Saturday, March 23rd, 2002 from 2-5PM. (March 15, 2002)

- You can listen Marky's 8 minutes interview (Realaudio) in Hagen (Germany) at the Pelmke, 29th December 2001. Heiko Gerdes added also text of the interview for his site http://www.ramones-club.de. (February 17, 2002)

- http://www.punkbands.com -site is one of the most cool punk site in a net, run many years. Timmy also did an interview with Marky and you win signed things in a contest. (January 6, 2002)

- Enjoy report of my trip and 24 hours with the Marky Ramone & The Speedkings, December 28-29, 2001, Stockholm (Sweden). (January 4, 2002)

- Note: Latest Marky Ramone & Speedkings -album news on this location on my site. (October 22, 2001)

- Check out all Misfist 25th Anniversary tour dates (special guest line-up: Marky Ramone, Jerry Only + Robo & Dez from Black Flag) from Misfits.com. There's still coming also some instore signings, like October 21st at Chris's Warped Records from 12 - 3 PM 13383 Madison Ave, Lakewood, Ohio. (October 12, 2001)

- Line-up, Marky Ramone, Jerry Only + Robo & Dez from Black Flag, played also in South-America Misfist 25th Anniversary shows. This tour was success and the events of the South American tour were documented for inclusion in the Misfits home video and DVD which is tentatively slated for release in April 2002. During this tour line-up also performed in some studio concerts for a live broadcasts. During one program fans were called up by host Gustavo Olmedo and they sang Misfits and Ramones songs live on the air for the chance to win concert tickets. More here. (October 12, 2001)

- In NYC, Metro Channel's "The Daily Beat" -episode, October 5th, contained Misfits25 special guest line up = Marky Ramone, Jerry Only + Robo & Dez from Black Flag. At example, they played live, ending the set with I Wanna Be Sedated. Jerry dedicated the song to Joey and said, "Joey, we love ya". He mentioned that Joey was supposed to be doing lead vocals on their tour, but because he passed away, Jerry was doing them. Jerry also said how Joey always supported them & how Misfits fans loved Joey too. Day before M25 was in WFMU-radio, 2 hour show included an interview as well as an in studio performance etc. (Updated info October 9, 2001)

- Misfits25 special guest line up (Marky Ramone, Jerry Only + Robo & Dez from Black Flag) will collectively appear to perform a 20 minutes set and sign autographs wed October 10 at Tower Records - 2301 North Clark St. Chicago, IL, from 6 - 9 P.M. They also they appeared live at Chicago's Q101 on Mancow's syndicated Morning Madhouse October 11. (October 8, 2001)

- Note: Raimundos relased the album, which contain Marky on drums on 10 livetracks from November 15th, 2000. More info on this location on my site. (October 4th, 2001)

- You can enjoy 3 songs: Blitzkrieg Bop, Glad To See You Go and 1969, from the Misfits-show, featuring Joey and Marky. Songs were recorded live at Roseland in NYC, Oct 1998. Click here and enjoy songs, by Misfits.com (August 6th, 2001).

- CJ mentioned on Warm Jets -gig that he got up and did a song with Rammstein at their show with Marky Ramone and Jerry Only (Misfits). Later I got more infos of that performance July 18, 2001 on Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC. After Rammstein-encore, the lead singer Till Linderman came out on stage and said "hey guys! recently we have suffered the loss of Joey Ramone, and in his loving memory, we will now sing 'Pet Semetary'!" this made everyone cheer like crazy. then he said "and to help us sing, we have Jerry Only from the Misfits, and on bass and drums- Marky and CJ Ramone!!!!" It had to be fabulous.... (Updated info July 25, 2001)

- A Misfits 25th Anniversary signing and instore performance with Marky and Robo and Dez from Black Flag will be held on June 28th at the Virgin Megastore in the heart of Times Square, NYC, at 6pm. The performance is free and open to general public. (June 26th, 2001)

- Marky was as a special guest in Misfits 25th Anniversary -tour in April 18th, New York City Roseland. Marky dedicated the set to Joey. Marky is also special guest in Misfits-gigs: May 5th, Hollywood, CA: The Palace Theatre and May 6th, Pomona, CA: Glass House. (2001)

- Marky is currently setting up a new band. Check out their page: http://fullspeed.to/damnation. They haven't found a cool bandname yet, but you can also submit it to guys... (Jan 5, 2001)

- CANCELLED, CANCELLED: Marky and Joey were supposed to perform as a VERY special guests on Misfits -concert, Friday January 12, 2001 at THE WORLD at WWF New York in Times Square. Look reasons, why show was cancelled.

- You can listen Marky's performance with The Raimundos on November 15th at 89 FM Radio's Birthday Party, Brazil. Gig was succesful and there was 20 000 people. You can find song, when you scroll page enough.

- Marky told that he would play a song in next Tequila Baby -album. Just now he is/was touring with TB and other bands on South-America. (October 30, 2000).

- Marky recorded song I Dont Wanna Grow Up with Buckweeds and Kloot Per W for the Ramones tribute album. (September 19, 2000)

- Marky Ramone has confirmed that he will be the drummer for The Buckweeds on their European Tour with The Huntingtons in August-September, 2000. This is great news for every European Ramones fans. check out tour dates . On one of the dates (sorry, band can't disclose which date), the band will be joined by a special guest star... the one and only... LEMMY of MOTORHEAD for a couple of songs !!! (Updated info, August 16, 2000)

- Marky is releasing Marky Ramone And The Intruders -video from the Intruders South-America -tour.


- Marky is also doing book. Marky said that Dee Dee told on his book 70 % of the truth, because Dee Dee overstate some things. Marky promise to tell whole truth. He's almost done with it, and it should be real good. Book will probably be called "Faith In The Backbeat". (Updated May 11, 2000)

- Marky Ramone does a appearance on Jesse Camp's new video. Marky seemed to be a janitor in the video. He is only seen for about 2 seconds. He is sweeping, then turns and smiles at jesse. (Updated April 30, 2000)

- Marky is going to have in an upcoming movie called "Fever". In this movie, Marky plays a cop, and it is the first time Marky has ever been in a movie playing someone other than himself. This movie stars the boy from ET (all grown up now), as the main character.

- Marky Ramone's chat was at LIVE on Thursday, November 12 at 7:00pm PT on The Talk City Chat Network. I copied all chat comments, but diskette destroyed.

- Marky Ramone directed, shot, and produced a Ramones touring video titled "RAMONES: WORLD TOUR or RAMONES: AROUND THE WORLD. It's 71 minute long and on this video has lots of footage from Marky's video camera which he brought with him on Ramones tours. This will be like the Marky's footage used on WE'RE OUTTA HERE, only on this, the entire video will show Marky's footage, no interviews. Features such priceless moments as the attack on the tour bus, palling around with Lemmy from Motorhead, and chilling with Drew Barrymore. They sing on the tape too. This should be really amazing. The video is released by RHINO.

- Marky has new band called Marky Ramone And Intruders. They released album and single. The Intruders are planning to record a second album soon.

- Marky has did many gigs with Remains

- Marky played on Dee Dee's new album

- Marky has his own Ramones video tour tape, which will be released on Rhino. Should be out this summer.

- He produced 2 bands. A European band called the Travoltas, Virgin Records signed them. And a band from Rockaway Beach, called the Bullys.

- Marky did one song to Compilation CD, called Punk Rock Jukebox. Its a cover of I'm Against It. Marky did it with Tim Armstrong & Lars Fredricksen of Rancid, Mark Neuman of Sheer Terror.


- There was no any real news related to Richie in 1996-2004.
Go here to see news from 2005->.


- Through Russian label FM Molchit Records came out Punk Rock High School Int. collection CD and it contains CJ Ramone & Bad Chopper track Diablo. Diablo isn't unreleased track, but anyway this collection is cool to get. This contains for example as well
Tarakany who is one of the best-known punk band from Russia, they're also among guys who are running FM Molchit Records label. In all Punk Rock High School Int. is featuring 29 bands/ songs and many of them may be familiar for you like The Kowalskis (their song is 10 Things, band is from USA), Travoltas (Endless Summer, Holland), Groovie Ghoulies (Freaks On Parade, USA), J.M.K.E. (Number Uks, Estonia), Mean Idols (Devilish Girl, Finland) etc. (November 13, 2004)

- The Independents and The Queers are heading in the studio in August with Daniel Rey. The Independents and The Queers does splitEP. CJ Ramone will be making a guest appearance with The Independents. But then...(July 10, 2002)

- CJ is recording now Bad Chopper -album. But later on this year he's releasing also extra Los Gusanos tracks, left over after the Los Gusanos broke up. In addition CJ is also planning to record a acoustic, blues type album. (January 19, 2002)

- At Bad Chopper's Yahoo-group is great contest. It ends October 8th and you can win autographed copies of Skratch-magazine, it contains CJ's, Marky's and Johnny's interviews. Copies are autographed by CJ. The contest is "MOST INTERESTING POST" and there will be 10 winners. Check the group out and join for it and take part to the contest. (October 2, 2001)

- CJ's new band is now called Bad Chopper. At first band was called Warm Jets, but there was other band named that. Early this year 2001 I was first person who told to Warm Jets of this other band. I don't know why it took so long to change the name. (September 21, 2001)

- CJ mentioned on Warm Jets -gig that he got up and did a song with Rammstein at their show with Marky Ramone and Jerry Only (Misfits). Later I got more infos of that performance July 18, 2001 on Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC. After Rammstein-encore, the lead singer Till Linderman came out on stage and said "hey guys! recently we have suffered the loss of Joey Ramone, and in his loving memory, we will now sing 'Pet Semetary'!" this made everyone cheer like crazy. then he said "and to help us sing, we have Jerry Only from the Misfits, and on bass and drums- Marky and CJ Ramone!!!!" It had to be fabulous.... (Updated info July 26, 2001)

- CJ IS BACK WITH HIS NEW BAND CALLED WARM JETS! Warm Jets released their debut single, it contains two outstanding tracks of raw, stripped-down punk rock & roll. Only 113 pressed on white vinyl...., so it's gonna be rare collector item. (the rest on clear vinyl). Welcome back CJ. Record company of the Warm Jets is Acme Records.(Updated March 7th, 2001)

- CJ is playing CBGB this coming tuesday December 5 at 11:00. CJ will be performing new songs "Ramones like songs" he wrote "just in case we record again" don't miss it. After party that was told like Warm Jets' debut performance and record release party. (Updated January 8, 2001).

- CJ and Chessa got their second child. CJ himself assisted as his wife delivered a beautiful girl. They did it at home. Many lovely gongralutions for your family CJ.

- CJ's solo album project goes well, some of the song titles are: "King Of The Highway", "Lights Out", "Dust Train", "Crime"," Let It Go!" CJ will not be using the Ramone name with the album (June 2000).

- CJ Ramone's band Los Gusanos split up, march 2000. CJ stay in music business and he's planning to release a solo album, end of this year. CJ mentioned before something about speaking with Tim Armstrong (Rancid) etc. CJ will possibly move to the Los Angeles. More info..

- CJ broke his arm, when Los Gusanos played on CBGB's October 8th. A guitarist from Helldorado will be filling in till CJ has recovered. (October 16, 1999)

- CJ was said that CJ Ramone's 2nd Annual X-Mas Ho-Down! went well, however he hoped more people had attended but the weather was very cold.

- CJ toured also with a 22 Jacks. He doesn't intend to stay with 22 Jacks - this is just a guest appearance.CHECK OUT GREAT PHOTOS FROM AUSTRALIA.
CJ said to me that last Los Gusanos-tour was probably the best tour they have done. Here's his general message of the tour.
"Hey Worms!!!
Welp, this is it. The greatest Rock-n-Roll tour to hit the road in years. LG, Zeke, and the SuperSuckers is on!!! We've already laid waste to Green Bay (now called Brown Bay after a scorching onslaught of Nitrus injected R-n-R) and Detroit(the BLOWN-Motor City). After squeezing the last of the whiskey from both them, LG was forced to take a day off while the boys went to Baltimore. Seems they heard about us over there and decided their little city couldn't handle the threesome. So we're relaxing in upstate NY at the stately "Bo Matheson Manor". We go to Boston (soon to be called "Baked" Bean Town) to visit the natives tomorrow and then, the show to end all shows goes to NYC. Can't wait fer that! Wanna say thanks to all ya'll who came out for the shows so far and don't worry the ringing in your ears will stop in about 10-12 years (yukyukyuk). Hope to see the rest of ya's on the big road!!! Worms-n-Dirt,
Cj. "

- CJ is working with his new band Los Gusanos which released new self titled album.

- They're touring in South America and Europe soon and after album releasing is coming promote tour in USA.

- He uses his real name CJ Ward

- He played also with Remains, but I don't know reason why he didn't play anymore.