Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey produced Ronnie Spector's She Talks To Rainbows EP (1999). Joey as well sing and Daniel plays on it. Ronnie (Veronica Bennett) was the lead singer of the Ronettes in 1960's. They had hits like Be My Baby, Baby I Love You, and Walking in the Rain. Joey was big fan of the Ronettes. Ronnie has done also lot more... And then it was our Joey, who gave confidence and encouraged Ronnie to go to studio again.

Daniel Rey has produced albums like Adios Amigos (Ramones), Don't Worry About Me (Joey Ramone), Zonked (Dee Dee Ramone), American Psycho (The Misfits), wrote songs like Poison Heart, The Crusher, I Believe In Miracles and Cretin Family together with Dee Dee etc. Also many with Joey. You can read my long interview with Daniel on my 2nd book entitled Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone. Daniel Rey also toured with CJ.

She Talks To Rainbows EP is something Joey had planned to do for a long time. The EP features a duet with Joey and Ronnie singing the Ramones song Bye Bye Baby. In a cover of Johnny Thunders' classic You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory Joey contributes background vocals.
This EP is one of my 10# records, of most important Ramones related records released. Listening Joey's and Ronnie's duet, get often tears for me...

There are released few different versions. Booklets has some differences and mistakes, read more below. I do mention of those differences also because of people who try to collect all different Ramones and Ramones related records.

Photo in right, is taken at CBGB's, New York, in October 2000. Michael Schmidt shot lot photos in different Ramones related shows in late 90's and early 2000's. They are mentally so valuable nowadays. Thanks. Many photos by Michael are also in my books, like few of this show.

1. She Talks To Rainbows (Ramones)
2. Don't Worry Baby (Brian Wilson)
3. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory (Johnny Thunders)
4. Bye Bye Baby (Ramones)
(only in USA-release) 5. I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine (live)

Here's the line-up of the Ronnie Spector EP (studio songs):
Joey Ramone: duet vocal on Bye Bye Baby and background vocal on You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory.
Ronnie Spector: vocals.
Daniel Rey: guitars, bass and percussion.
Roger Murdock: drums.
Cindy Laverty: piano on tracks 2 and 4.
Cindy Miesel: background vocals on tracks 2 and 4.
Jeremy Chatzky: additional bass.

This EP was first released in the United Kingdom on January 11th, 1999 on Creation Records. UK version has songs 1-4 (not I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine).
Booklet of UK version says Joey contributes background vocals for You Can't Put Your Arm Around A Memory. Booklet HAS NO mention of Joey doing a duet with Ronnie.

Later (September 14, 1999) the Kill Rock Stars label released She Talks To Rainbows EP in USA. When compares to UK version, USA version has different artwork and it also contains this live version of the song I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine. It is recorded in Tokyo, Japan on February 25, 1999. Line-up includes Daniel Rey on guitar.

When I was looking my double copies of some Ramones related records in February 2011, I noticed differences on my copies released by Kill Rock Stars. I do mention of those differences also because of people who try to collect all different Ramones and Ramones related records.
Back cover and front cover and code numbers etc. of my She Talks To Rainbows versions are exactly same, expect to back cover in another of those has written in small letters also
Inside has two booklet pages. 1,5 pages are exactly same (basic infos of the songs and line-up details etc.). BUT 0,5 page is partially different. Both has hugs and thanks texts from Ronnie to persons like Rachel Felder, Ira Herzog, Slim Moon, Rian McGee, Dick Green, Joey and Daniel.
ANOTHER version has more writings, thanks for ten more person, other writings and it also has mention of Arturo Vega has done design. Arturo Vega was the Ramones creative director since 1974, he designed the Ramones. eagle logo and most all of the Ramones art, shirts, special collections, etc. He worked as the Ramones lighting director. With the Ramones he worked on 2 261 shows, and only missed 2 Ramones shows altogether. He definitely is/was one of their closest friends. Visit Arturo's site here.


In May 2006, Ronnie Spector released her new record The Last Of The Rock Stars, her first solo album in 17 years. It also includes You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory from She Talks To Rainbows (Joey on backvocals). Also it has cover of the Ramones song Here Today Gone Tomorrow.
The Last Of The Rock Stars has extensive booklet and it features three photos of Ronnie and Joey together, two of them I can recognize taken at Arturo Vega's loft. And third is a live photo taken of Joey and Ronnie at The Continental, New York, USA.

Ronnie writes in A booklet: "Heartfelt thanks to Joey Ramone for the confidence & courage . . . who lit the fuse to get this started . . . you were always there for me."

In this album are playing or singing for example Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, Patti Smith, Raveonettes, Joe McGinty...

1) Never Gonna Be Your Baby
2) Ode To LA
3) All I Want
4) Hey Sah Lo Ney
5) There Is An End
6) Work Out Fine
7) Here Today Gone Tomorrow
8) You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
9) Girl From the Ghetto
10) Won't Stop Saying Goodbye
11) Out In the Cold Again