I (Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone) started creating this memorial section on my site few days after Dee Dee Ramone passed away. And updated regularly...
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10) SOME SPECIAL NOTES (2002-04).


2002 it did happen..., the most bad Shock Treatment what we can get... Dee Dee Ramone died at his home in Los Angeles on June 5, 2002... Dee Dee was only 49 years young. Dee Dee's wife Barbara Zampini found Dee Dee at 8:25PM on their living room couch and she called 911... Fire department paramedics pronounced Dee Dee dead at 8:40PM. The official cause of his death was an accidental drug overdose..., this news was particularly sad since Dee Dee was known to be free of drugs for many years. Can only imagine how Barbara was shocked. Our strength and love goes always to her.

Dee Dee was born on September 18, 1952, in Fort Lee, Virginia, USA. Dee Dee's real name was Douglas Colvin. He grew up mostly in Berlin, Germany. He spent fourteen years as a service brat in Germany.
As you know, Dee Dee Ramone was the bassist for the Ramones in 1974-1989. Dee Dee was known as the main songwriter from the beginning even though the songs on their first albums were credited to the whole band. It was specifically Dee Dee's song writing talents that redefined the standards when it came to writing songs; he had a magical way about the way he approached his craft. He was also known to be the wildest member of the Ramones when they performed live.

In 1977, Dee Dee met Vera Boldis, and on September 2, 1978 they got married. Dee Dee's last official Ramones gig was on July 5, 1989 in Santa Clara, USA (Dee Dee made a guest appearance at the last Ramones show held at The Palace in Los Angeles, USA on August 6, 1996). Soon after Dee Dee quit the Ramones, he divorced Vera and had moved to England and then Amsterdam to clean himself up. He continued writing songs to the Ramones and he pursued a solo career which proved to be multi-dimensional with many surprises. Dee Dee never stopped playing and writing songs. Dee Dee was always an artistic soul and besides his music, Dee Dee also experimented quite successfully with writing and painting.
September 12, 1996, Dee Dee married Barbara Zampini who was originally from Argentina.

Dee Dee Ramone had four real shows in May 17-25, 2002 in USA (San Diego, Corona, Anaheim and Las Vegas). Dee Dee played his last performance at rather lame Hollywood event called Club Make-Up, a glam, trash, punk, sleaze music night at the El Rey Theatre, in Los Angeles, USA, on June 1, 2002. Rodney Bingenheimer was one of the last people to see Dee Dee alive. Rodney is considered to be one of the most well known DJs in the world. The Ramones were on his very first show in Los Angeles
on KROQ-FM (click to homepage of his program) in 1976. June 1, 2002, Rodney was in the lobby talking with Dee Dee before he went on stage. Four days later Dee Dee passed away. You can read long interview with Rodney and Maria Montoya-Kaye from my third book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives (2009). Rodney also gave to the book photos from 1976->

Dee Dee was scheduled to record a show at the Key Club in Hollywood, California, USA on June 14, 2002. There were plans to release a CD of that show in the fall of 2002. The CD would have been produced by Gilby Clarke, former guitarist of Guns 'N Roses.
So it was Dee Dee's wife Barbara who found Dee Dee on their living room couch on June 5, 2002. Dee Dee is buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (6000 Santa Monica Blvd.) in Los Angeles, California, USA, really close of Johnny Ramone statue etc.
After Dee Dee passed away, I told fans they has chance to write their memorial text to Dee Dee. They are included in this memorial section.

Johnny Ramone said in a statement:
"Dee Dee was a star and the most influential punk rock bassist." "I believe he has influenced every kid playing bass that saw him perform. ... He was my friend and I will always miss him."

Johnny Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone met few times in 2000-2002. My books has lot information of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony where they met. Johnny's wife Linda Ramone explains in my final book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives (2009), about lunch Johnny had taken Dee Dee before that and how happily Dee Dee reacted. That meeting meant a lot to Dee Dee as many of you have read from my book.

Dee Dee's and my friend Lothar Felkel (Germany) knew with guys since 70's. You can see photo of Dee Dee and Lothar in photo collage above right. Lothar received his last handwritten letter from Dee Dee in early January 2002 (five months later Dee Dee became an angel). Dee Dee wrote about Johnny Ramone, Marky Ramone, and an upcoming exhibition in Nurnburg, Germany. Dee Dee writes how he met Johnny Ramone the other day at a record store by accident. I included some more of letter (also scan of small part) to Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives, as Lothar and I both know that Dee Dee would have given us permission to include it for the fans. Dee Dee asked in that same letter for my phone number from Lothar. I had run my page 6-7 years then and collected so much material about Dee Dee for my webpage including all of his releases, news, activities, etc. I gave them to Dee Dee in 2000 and 2001 and this is probably the reason why he wrote about me:
"He seems to know more about me than I do." Then Dee Dee finished the letter to Lothar with the words:
"Okay, lots of love from Dee Dee Ramone."

Andre (Andy) Poncherello was Dee Dee's best friend in Los Angeles in last few years. Also to Andy Dee Dee had told of that record store meeting with Johnny. He explains of it in Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives. June 5, 2002, Dee Dee and Andy were supposed to meet that day for lunch. Some parts of Andy's texts are stated below in this memorial page.

What I know, the last time when Joey, Marky and Dee Dee were on stage together (all three), was at the Continental, NY on February 21, 1999. Also Barbara, The Independents, Walter Lure (The Heartbreakers, The Waldos), Suicide King, Perforated Head and Furious George, played that night. Lot material (texts and photos) by Randy Wisebrod, Michael Schmidt and Tony Taylor from that night are included to my first two books Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone (2002),
and Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone (2004).


Tommy Ramone
Tommy Ramone said at the Dee Dee Ramone memorial concert at The Continental, NYC, USA on July 2, 2002.
Tommy: "Dee Dee was one of the major architects of punk rock. His songs set the rules and made the blueprint. I had never heard songs like the ones he wrote - they were totally original and powerful. Like Joey, Dee Dee was loved by so many people because of his unpretentious and friendly personality. It is so sad to have such a treasured person taken from us at such a young age. We are truly fortunate to be left with the bounty of his works. I feel blessed to have been lucky enough to have known him."

Marky Ramone
These comments by Marky Ramone are from my books, I compiled few good parts from my interviews with Marky.
"I got to know Dee Dee very well through Johnny Thunders. Dee Dee and I were the closest in the group. We used to do chicken beak boy stuff. We used to hang out until five or six in the morning and go everywhere we toured, we would hang out at clubs, drink and come back to the hotel. Laugh and play jokes, do crazy things. So that's what we were known for. We weren't really normal people you know? But we had a good time. A lot of good times.
In 1989 when Dee Dee left, CJ joined. It was different. I guess you could say it was like Paul McCartney leaving the Beatles..., you replace him with a great bass player, but a guy who couldn't write, a guy who could play as well as Dee Dee, but we lost something", said Marky Ramone in my interviews with him.

CJ Ramone
These comments are from my interview with CJ Ramone, and are included in
Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives (2009).
"Dee Dee, the first time I met him was when I first got into the Ramones at a rehearsal. Dee Dee just stopped down at the studio for a visit. He had his head shaved, was wearing braces and boots, he looked like a... He was, you know..., Dee Dee. He said: "Hey you guys what's up?" He was great. I loved him. He was such a big influence on me. It was awesome to finally meet him", is CJ Ramone remembering.


You can read hundreds of texts of Dee Dee and other Ramones members from my books:
Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone (2002),
Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone (2004),
Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives (2009).
With my books the most are helped (grammar checked all texts, typed up interviews etc): Maria Montoya-Kaye, Diane Hatcher (RIP), Lynne Cameron and Randy Wisebrod.
Together with my second book Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone was given as a extra tribute CD MAIN MAN: A Tribute To Dee Dee Ramone. The CD features 31 bands from 10 countries and has fabulous artwork by Darren Merinuk. Canadian Larry Retard of the AMP Records (label RIP) got idea of that CD and he also mainly composed it etc. with my help. Bands are playing songs about Dee Dee and the Ramones. This ain't no covers compilation. Read more of the CD here.

There are a lot of famous musicians etc. with who I did interviews to my books or received memory texts. I wanted to include here small texts by Christian Black and Andy Poncherello, who were close to Dee Dee in his last few years. After those gentlemen comes my writing.

Christian Black
Dee Dee's guitarist Christian Black wrote for me message about Dee Dee soon after Dee Dee became an angel. Christian is really great and friendly guy. I toured with him, Dee Dee and Chase Manhattan in 2001 in Sweden...
" I'm very sad about the loss of my former bandmate and friend, Dee Dee. I'm sure all of us are. I'll always miss him and even still, I can't believe he's gone. We're all very hurt and shocked. I feel like we've lost one of the most important entities in the history of rock n'roll. As if that isn't bad enough, we all lost a great friend. We had so many plans to record and tour that are now completely shattered.
Despite popular belief, I really believe that it was an accident. I have been around him more than anyone can imagine for the past three years and i have never seen him use heroin. He never even took a drink during some of the hardest times on tour. I really believe that he just slipped and wanted to get high. He really didn't mean to do this to everybody. He taught me so much about life and music... I just cannot believe it's all over. We had plans to come back to Europe and tour again. Just before he died, we decided to record a live album at the Key Club in Hollywood. That was supposed to be on June 14th, 2002. Instead, he died tragically on June 5th (my birthday) and took a piece of me with him. I'll never forget the time i was able to spend with him and I'll always be grateful for that. "
Christian Black

Andre (Andy) Poncherello
Andre (Andy) Poncherello was Dee Dee's best friend in Los Angeles in last few years. Or better to say, Andre was Douglas Colvin's best friend that time. Andre treated Dee Dee like he would treat anyone else, so Dee Dee was relaxed and didn't needed to act being Dee Dee Ramone. Douglas and Andre were hanging out almost daily. You can find Andre's interview from my second book Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone, and read how was Douglas' and Dee Dee's regular life. One of the many things Andrea explains is the club where Dee Dee had his final performance. It was at Club Make-Up in Los Angeles, USA, on June 1, 2002.
Andre: "Dee Dee played his last show at this rather lame Hollywood event called Club Make-Up, a glam, trash, punk, sleaze music night at the El Rey Theatre. Club Make-Up, was a monthly or bi-monthly event and Dee Dee had played it before with a pick-up band featuring Clem Burke from Blondie and Stephen Perkins from Jane's Addiction. He hated rehearsing with everyone in the band except for Clem. It was funny to see Dee Dee yell at the band for not "getting it." They couldn't play the Ramones songs right and it really drove him crazy. Clem knew the songs since he had replaced Richie Ramone for a few shows as Elvis Ramone, before Marky rejoined the band after the Halfway To Sanity album.
It wasn't a great last show to remember. The punk night was bullshit. Club Make-Up was this typical Hollywood club that was put on by people who acted as if punk hadn't existed past 1980. It was all an act for them, like dressing up for Halloween or a costume party. After seeing who would actually show up to these things, made him upset. It seemed like everyone wanted something from him. I never really wanted anything from him and I saw how he was being pulled in many different directions by opportunists looking to make some money.
Dee Dee hated playing it (Club Make-Up), but he loved playing, so he played the show for the love of music," said Andre Poncherello in 2004.

Here's another question and quote from Andre's interview.
Jari-Pekka: Were you talking with Dee Dee often of Joey Ramone after Joey passed away?
Andre Poncherello: "Dee Dee was very upset when Joey died and while he wouldn' admit it to many, if any, he did tell me that he was upset. He didn't like Joey's solo album because it was like hearing a ghost. When he read from his book at the Knitting Factory performance (I don't remember the exact date) he had to stop twice because he was crying as he read the piece he wrote specifically for Joey.", remembers Andre.

Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone
I (Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone) will also tell how I heard what had happened to dear Dee Dee Ramone/ Douglas Colvin. I write also longer my thoughs and memories.
I had amazing experience to get a chance to visit Joey Ramone's apartment with Joey's mother Charlotte Lesher and his brother Mickey Leigh in 2002. Upon returning to Finland from New York, I travelled and had release parties in Finland for my first book Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone. It was during release party in Tampere, Finland, when I got a call from Marky Ramone And The SpeedKings' singer-guitarist Nick Cooper, informing me of the tragic news, that Dee Dee had passed away...
Just before second band Pojat played their Ramones set..., I did a 10 minutes long speech of the Dee Dee. Earlier between first band Rehtorit and Pojat I did speech of the book and Joey. I started Dee Dee speech with stories how friendly Dee Dee always was for me and I told some extra special Dee Dee memories.
I told sad news one minute before I ended speech and cheered for Dee Dee... I toured with Dee Dee in 2000 and 2001. You can read of both tours in my books and of tour 2000 also in my site, click here.

In that tour 2000 did happen so lot amazing things. Dee Dee Ramone, Barbara Zampini, drummer Chase Manhattan, crew members Frank, Brian Waters and Joanna (sadly I do not remember their surnames) had taken care of me and my friends so incredibly.
The most amazing and memorable day always get me on tears, it was in Helsingborg, Sweden on May 5, 2000. Exactly two weeks later on May 19, Joey Ramone had his last birthday, and I turned 22.
After following experience in Helsingborg, Commando is my fav song to sing at live. After a few songs, Dee Dee said something from the stage and then crew member Frank came to me and told me to go on stage. My friend Kimmo Aaltonen took the video camera. I can see from the videotape the part where Dee Dee says "Come up on stage.", he meant me. Also few times later I sang on stage with Dee Dee, in both years 2000 and 2001.

Here is in left personal tour diary Dee Dee wanted to give to me. I had shown him printed material from this my homepage, Taking Dope fanzines Dee Dee had done with Barbara and Paul Kostabi etc., photos by Keith Green etc. Dee Dee said he was really impressed after seeing printed pages. Here is story how I got diary. Exact quotes from my book pages.
"Dee Dee commented: "Wonderful. How did you put up all this information? This must be driving you crazy."
(So that did happen in 2000, when I had run my page already five years.)
"Dee Dee said: I need the keys to the van now. I've to go to the van now, that's wonderful."
Then crew member Joanna came to the room and Dee Dee asked her for the van keys. While waiting, Barbara drew a page for the first Taking Dope fanzine. (The drawing contained a punk rocker, some New York apartments, gravestones etc...) Barbara then added a dragon, slug, some skulls, a mouse, a spider, and their Kessie-dog and she autographed and dated it.
Dee Dee came back to the room and discussed with Barbara something about his tour diary book. Barbara said to Dee Dee: "Sure you can, it's yours." Her answer was for a really shocking event; Dee Dee wanted to give me his personal tour diary! I couldn't believe it, that's what he had taken from the van.
Dee Dee: "These are nice words." He read to me and Kimmo Aaltonen some lyrics from the diary, he read a lot and also sang a little, explained me some texts and some pics, which are fabulous...
Dee Dee: "On this pic, Barbara and Joanna don't look so good after 12 pints of beer at the Smechlack pub. This is a thank you for you, but don't put these on your website, OK?"
Jari-Pekka: "OK, sure. Are all these writings yours?"
Dee Dee: "Yeah!"

The cover is red & Dee Dee wrote on the cover "The Horror Of Europeian Touring By Dee Dee Ramone." The size of the tour diary is A5 and it contains eight pages full of Dee Dee's text, four drawings by Dee Dee, and eight small photos from their tour. Dee Dee has written comments on these photos and he also wrote some thoughts about events in different countries such as Switzerland, France, Germany and Sweden. Also about events that happened before in Mexico and the United States." End.

Finnish Ramones fan Kimmo Aaltonen wanted to join me for this tour and he brought his car along. We met lot of fans, old and new friends, and I am happy to be in touch with many of them still. You really did take good care of your fans Dee Dee.

Next year Dee Dee did treat this Finnish Pinhead as a old friend. He had incredible memory. Our punkrocker had seen hundreds of people after 2000, but he did remember so many things of me. Even when offering sandwich, Dee Dee said there is no meat. Man did remember I am vegetarian.
I was shocked when Dee Dee read me some of his new writings for his next book. Dee Dee had written about me. Back then he was writing his book Legend Of A Rock Star book. Legend Of A Rock Star was released after his death. Thunder's Mouth Press was originally scheduled to release the book in June 2002, but because of Dee Dee passing away, it was delayed until early 2003. Dee Dee writes about his European tour in this book in a one half real, one half fiction style. Many events in this book are horrific and nightmarish. It contains three text parts about me, two of them being partly fiction. So don't be a bit confused after reading them.
Dee Dee's earlier books are Poison Heart/ Teenage Lobotomy: Surviving The Ramones and Chelsea Horror Hotel: A Novel.

Dee Dee, You'll live forever with us.
We fans miss You. Thanks of looking after us with Joey and Dee Dee.
Love to You Dee Dee forever.


Special Dee Dee Ramone memorial concert was at The Continental, NYC, USA on July 2, 2002. Tommy Ramone sang, and Marky Ramone and CJ Ramone played there and honored our Dee Dee in many ways. Also Walter Lure (The Heartbreakers, The Waldos), Jesse Malin (solo, ex-D-Generation), Handsome Dick Manitoba (The Dictators), Jimmy Gestapo (Murphy's Law), Theo (Lunachicks), Ramones producer Daniel Rey, Joey's brother Mickey Leigh, The Misfits (line-up was that time Jerry Only, Marky Ramone and Dez Cadena), Toilet Boys, Furious George etc. were on stage.

The stage was simply adorned with an oversized black and white photo of Dee Dee playing his guitar, his expression showing all his love and emotion for his craft.

Idea of event was by The Continental owner Trigger. After Barbara Zampini's suggestion the money went to UNICEF in Dee Dee's name.

Read long reports of this memorial event here. Texts are written by Linda Iorio and Ida S Langsam.


Johnny Ramone's wife Linda did mention to me, when we did interview for Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives: "So if Mickey has a Joey event or if I have a Johnny event and hopefully someone will conduct Dee Dee Ramone events, we keep the Ramones legacy alive." Small Dee Dee tributes has been connected to Johnny Ramone memorial events. And now...

...FINALLY, there was a bigger memorial celebration what really was to our dear Dee Dee Ramone. A birthday memorial, art exhibition to Dee Dee Ramone was on September 18-26, 2010. Exhibition was at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery. Opening reception was at 8-11PM on September 18. Admission to the exhibition was free and open to the general public.
La Luz De Jesus Gallery: Homepage http://laLuzDeJesus.com.
Address: 4633 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA.
Phone number: +1323 666 7667.
E-mail: info@laluzdejesus.com.

30 art pieces, and photos by Jenny Lens
At the La Luz De Jesus Gallery you had chance to see an exhibition of over thirty original pieces by Dee Dee, many of which were displayed for the very first time at this extraordinary event sanctioned by Dee Dee's estate to honor the Dee Dee.
Dee Dee's wife Barbara Zambini, Johnny's wife Linda, John Cafiero, and other had assembled an exhibition. You can see in a photo in left Barbara and some paintings.
Also are exhibited photos by amazing photographer Jenny Lens. The Ramones and their crew allowed Jenny Lens to follow them throughout their first California tour, August, 1976, but she chose to only shoot them in LA three times during 1977, and then twice during 1978. Without Jenny's body of work we would not have hundreds of photos of the Ramones. Jenny has released Ebook Ramones: First West Coast Tour, Highlights, V. 1, August 11 - 29, 1976. It wasn't available in her site anymore, sadly. You can read exciting six pages long interview with Jenny and see many photos taken by her in my book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.
At the La Luz De Jesus Gallery was available for purchase as oversized, signed, numbered, museum quality prints by Jenny Lens. Jenny did share her experiences with the Ramones at the opening night reception, specifically citing Dee Dee as the reason she picked up a camera initiating her prolific body of work from 1976-1980.

Barbara, Linda and Johnny were also proud to debut a special limited edition commemorative archival lithograph featuring one of Dee Dee's quintessential self-portraits Dee Dee Ramone: The Blue Dragon.
A portion of net proceeds from the sale of lithographs and photo prints was benefit the LA Regional Food bank via donation in Dee Dee's name. Hopefully it was more than 10-20 %.

Comments by Barbara
Barbara Zampini explained in advance idea of La Luz De Jesus Gallery exhibition:
"It's wonderful to have the opportunity to share these rare works with fans to fully appreciate in person. Dee Dee's spirit truly lives in these paintings and when you experience them up close, its very obvious. He always talked about helping children & gave to the homeless all the time. Dee Dee was very generous, more than most will ever know. I think he'd be really proud that he continues to help people today through his art."


Dee Dee's closest art partners and one of the closest and most important friends were Paul Kostabi and Heidi Follin. Dee Dee's best friend in Los Angeles in his last few years was Andy Poncherello.
Many are less aware of Dee Dee Ramone's talent for art and painting. So I thought to give you now an lesson and explain a bit more of that subject. I will also mention something what is sad and truth experience concerning cruel business man, Dee Dee's personal manager.

You who don't have read my second book
Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone, you will learn something new as I tell you now a bit background information.
So you can read the most extensive and most detailed information ever of Dee Dee's art career from my second book Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone. It has 8,5 pages long interview with Paul Kostabi and Heidi Follin. Dee Dee also said to me they were one of those few who he did trust 100%, and who were one of the best friends along with Andy Poncherello etc.
Heidi Follin was Dee Dee's art manager. She runs the Follin Gallery. Heidi also represents Paul's famous brother Mark Kostabi as well as many others. Paul Kostabi is a multi-dimensional artist. Dee Dee and Paul did a lot of works and paintings together in Dee Dee's last years. Dee Dee, Paul and Barbara did collaborations as well together. I has one of those. Also those three did Youth Gone Mad recordings.

Heidi Follin's and Paul Kostabi's quotes from my book.
Ramones' creative director Arturo Vega has said to me, he convinced Dee Dee to start painting around 1992. Then it didn't lasted for so long.
But when Dee Dee was really starting his painting career, he called to Heidi Follin and talked long periods of time and told her about the paintings he was already in 1997 making for his books. Here are small examples by Heidi Follin and Paul Kostabi of Dee Dee's art background, quotes are from Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone.
Heidi Follin: "First I didn't like Dee Dee's work because it started out not being very good. Then it developed into something good towards the end when he began having his own ideas as opposed to anything to do with the Ramones. So before, he was only painting what he thought other people wanted him to paint, such as the Ramones pictures and stuff."
"In the end, because I urged him to, he started painting what comes from inside. That's when an artist works well. I don't think Dee Dee was very secure with it. I got him his first solo exhibition and he didn't know what to paint. He'd call me and get very nervous. I told him to paint what comes from the inside. Abstracts would have been what he would have continued to do but he died.
So Dee Dee was an abstract painter and was really good as an abstract painter. It was only for his solo exhibition that he found his style, his voice so to speak, in the last paintings," says Heidi Follin.
Solo exhibition was around March of 2001.

Paul Kostabi: "See Dee Dee was making illustrations for years. But the last year, he figured out how to make a painting of an illustration. He would take Andy Warhol's Flower, or Soup Can which were silk screens that were mass produced as pop art. He would hand paint them. He was inspired by the Warhol imagery but the technique was labor intensive, which was strange, so the paintings turned out weird. Those particular paintings that were highly influenced by Warhol or other artists are quite unique compared to his other works.
Finally, when he just let loose and painted his abstracts with a brush, the result was beautiful. Floating eyeballs, floating pieces of cactus and the Campbell's soup can. Everything is wrong about it, the perspective, the color, and the typeface. Yet, he took a famous pop image, hand painted that image, then combined it with mass produced images with rubber stamps, and stamped it all the way around the other image. He juxtaposed hand painting with mass production," explains Paul Kostabi.
So those were few quote examples from Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone of Dee Dee's art background.

Youth Gone Mad
Dee Dee Ramone also played on quite a few recordings in Paul's band Youth Gone Mad, and so did Barbara Zambini as well. Like in these ones: Youth Gone Mad Featuring Dee Dee Ramone (2002) and Youth Gone Mad's CD Touching Cloth (1999). Some of Dee Dee's arts are used in Youth Gone Mad releases.
Dee Dee is also in few other Youth Gone Mad releases. Joey Ramone sing in a split 7', it contains the Youth Gone Mad song Meatball Sandwich recorded in 1996. CJ Ramone's old band Los Gusanos did also a split single with Youth Gone Mad. Los Gusanos song is Snake Piss.


As you Ramones fans knows, I have wanted to leave out from my books and this my homepage mainly all those stupid and many times childish fights what are all the time going on in our Ramones family. Too often they are related to money, and people can't acquiesce and stay in same level with others.
Sometimes I am so full of shit what are going on. Of so many things it is better, you fans don't know. From my side and with my works, I wanna keep legacy going on with love.
I did one except in my final book
Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives, I decided not to cancel releasing one part, what I had collected before music business veteran Gary Kurfirst passed away on January 13, 2009. I feel he had no heart.
Kurfirst was managing for certain years the Ramones, with Ian Flukes he founded Radioactive Records in 1990 etc.
Gary Kurfirst was also Dee Dee's personal manager. After Dee Dee Ramone died, even Ramones members (expect Johnny was?), Ramones producer Daniel Rey, Ramones' creative director Arturo Vega, and Dee Dee's closest friends weren't invited to Dee Dee's funeral. They didn't let Gary stop them, so I am happy that many of them were present at the funeral anyway.

Because this is related to Dee Dee's death, I thought to include few quotes to this Dee Dee's memorial section of Gary Kurfirst section from my Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

Even this is just speculation, I feel Dee Dee would had lived longer, if Gary Kurfirst would had treated Dee Dee better. But business man is business man.
So these are just some examples how he worked.

1) Read how is treated Arturo Vega, man who was Ramones' creative director since 1974, man who designed the Ramones' eagle logo and most all of other items, man who worked as the Ramones lighting director, man who worked on 2261 shows (missed 2 Ramones shows altogether), man who definitely is/was one of their closest friends. Arturo has told to me:
"As usual, somebody immediately tried to take something away from me once a Ramone was dead. Ramones manager Gary Kurfirst demanded that I send him my paintings I had collaborated with Dee Dee on. I convinced Dee Dee to start painting around 1992 and I used to prepare canvases with some color and or texture and then gave them to Dee Dee so he would paint over the surfaces I had prepared, I would work on ten canvases then he would finish them and keep half of them and give me back the other half, we did this for a few years. But according to Gary Kurfirst I had to return mine to him. I did not."

2) Official Ramones photographer George DuBose writes in "thanks" of his book entitled, I Speak Music - Ramones, nicely for example of the Ramones members, Ramones road manager Monte Melnick, Joey's mother Charlotte and brother Mickey, Arturo Vega, Tony Wright, Ira Lippy and CBGB's founder Hilly Kristal (RIP). Then comes Gary Kurfirst (about thanks...).
George DuBose: "Gary Kurfirst, for nothing. Expect for not having the time to look for original films that his company lost and telling me how my lousy covers hurt the band's record sales."

3) Heidi Follin commented to me in 2003:
"We (Heidi and Paul Kostabi) didn't go to the Dee Dee's funeral because it was strictly for the creeps. It was a business funeral, not like a real funeral. It seemed as though the business manager Gary Kurfirst was in Barbara's face about trying to make sure that they were able to keep their hands on everything...
Paul was his best friend and Andre (Andy Poncherello) was his best friend in Los Angeles. Andre Poncherello devoted his whole life to Dee Dee. I felt sorry for Andre. He was devastated. Five days after Dee Dee died, Gary Kurfirst's assistant came by Andre's house and asked to see all the paintings. They started looking at everything. They took everything."

4) Andre Poncherello wrote to me in 2004:
"Dee Dee never liked Gary Kurfirst and I have never met him. I do know that when he first started dealing with bands, he would sign them to lifetime contracts that were good until the death of the artist. Ask the members of Jane's Addiction, Blondie and the Talking Heads about his business practices...
After Dee Dee died, Gary sent his assistant to come to my house and pick up the paintings from the Knitting Factory exhibit. I don't remember her name, but during the week of his death, it was all about the paintings."

5) Paul Kostabi explained to me in 2003:
"Dee Dee's whole life was based on what were called crumby snatchers. These are people who wait to get the leftover crumbs. The day Dee Dee died, Gary Kurfirst and his assistant called me up and didn't say Dee Dee is dead. Instead, they asked: "I wanna know exactly what your business arrangement is with Dee Dee. I want to know all the accounting. I want all the money." I asked myself: "Why are they calling me? Is Dee Dee dead?" It was so cold. I knew. They didn't tell me (of Dee Dee's death)...
...The art belonged to me because they were collaborations. All the management cared about I think and maybe there were some heartfelt feelings for Dee Dee's passing, but this manager had a contract with Dee Dee for life...
Dee Dee didn't like these people. For a few years what I heard from Dee Dee was: "My manager is horrible."

6) Jari-Pekka: "Gary Kurfirst, let Dee Dee, Johnny, Joey and Tommy Rest In Peace."


There was planned to have a party celebrating Dee Dee Ramone's birthday with family and friends at the Viper Room or Garage, Los Angeles, USA, on September 18th, 2003, with Dee Dee's wife Barbara, CJ Ramone (his longtime band Bad Chopper was going to play), and others.

Ramones' creative director Arturo Vega wrote in his first infos: "Why? Because Dee Dee liked Los Angeles enough to happily live there the last few years of his meteoric life. CJ Ramone is coming to town with his band Bad Chopper and that's not all Barbara, Dee Dee's wife who played bass and sang on tour with him will be there and will perform with CJ and with some other very special guests. Wait there is more the coolest all girl LA band Go Betty Go will be part of the bill as well. ".

...then I got confirmation from Arturo Vega, one promoter with whom they were working was a big liar etc. This Dee Dee Ramone's memorial birthday event got cancelled. I had already booked flight tickets from Finland to Los Angeles.
Luckily The Viper Room still threw something together on a smaller scale, without this "promoter" Arturo spoke of, simply because they already kept the night open for Dee Dee. That night book writer and PUNK Magazine founder Legs McNeil had memorial speech of Dee Dee speech, mostly spaced to his and Dee Dee's auto-biography book Lobotomy: Surviving the Ramones. Also few bands played. One was Ramones tribute band Whoremones. You can see picture-story-report of my trip here.


- Information: Marky Ramone called for me and said that at
Continental is/was on July 2, 2002, tribute concert for Dee Dee. Marky did this with his and Dee Dee's friends.
Night featured: Marky Ramone, CJ Ramone, Jerry Only (Misfits), Dez (Black Flag), Mickey Leigh, Daniel Rey, Handsome Dick Manitoba (Dictators), Andy Shernoff (Dictators), Walter Lure (Heartbreakers), Jimmy (Murphy's Law), members of the Lunachicks, Toilet Boys, Bullys.. etc. etc. Example Marky, Jerry and Dez played and did a special tribute together. Also featured special video compilation of Dee Dee's life etc. Doors opened 9PM and for 21 years and over. Portion of proceeds was donated to Unicef in Dee Dee's name.
Check out review and press release of that night.

- Information: Dee Dee and Joey Ramone memorial at Mission Bar, San Francisco in June 15, 2002.
From 8-10PM ONLY Ramones and Dee Dee related music was played. After that, the jukebox was random. From 8-10PM there was an altar with candles (you got chance light) and pictures of the bruddas. From 8-9PM a couple Dee Dee and Joey solo CD's was given away to randomly selected people who sign in at the altar. etc. etc.

- This was different kind of Ramones tribute... Hubba Hubba Hey! A burlesque salute to the Ramones at The Bowery Poetry Club (308 Bowery @ Bleeker, New York) on Wednesday April 30, 2003. A Bevy of Beautiful And Bizzarre Burlesque Stars! Performances were inspired by the Ramones and dedicated to the Ramones! Night featured Bambi the Mermaid, Dirty Martini, Tigger, Remy Vicious, Reina Terror, Tyler Fyre, Jo Boobs, Ula The PainProof Rubber Girl..., Gabba Gabba Go-Go Girls, Cherokee and Kitten Klaw! Circus Artists! Pinhead Pinups! etc. Afterparty had DJ Rocket.

Information: Andrea Gallinini (Tornado Ride Records) organise Dee Dee Ramone birthday/ memorial party at the MrMuzik OFF in Modena, Italy on September 18, 2010. At the MrMuzik OFF are playing Andrea's band The Leeches and Lester And The Landslide Ladies. Andrea Gallinini run Italian label Tornado Ride Records who has released mainly LP's and 7' vinyls. Records like Walter Lure: Live In Berlin (LP), Hamburg Ramönes: Long Black Hair (LP), The Coverones' Ramones tribute album, and records also by bands like The Chuck Norris Experiment, Cowboy Prostitutes, The Wyldfyre etc.
Some records Tornado Ride Records has released together with Nicotine Records (Italy), or Nicotine Records has released CD version and Tornado Ride Records vinyl version. One of those is Skinny Bones And The Gonedaddys album, one song on it is Shot My TV which Skinny Bones and Dee Dee Ramone wrote together..

Information: June 28, 2002, The Montague Arms, New Cross Gate. Bands: The Phobics, Melena and Revenge. Dee Dee on the turntables all night, help send off the craziest Ramone of them all with a hell of a wake in his memory.
There was "first" tribute gig for Dee Dee by Phobics in June 21st, Midsummer Night Place - Fusilier and Firkin, 7-8 Chalk Farm Rd, Camden. Time - 8.00 - 12.00. But then in June 21 Phobics' bass player's amp blew up all four speakers at the same time!

Information: Terrorgruppe had some Dee Dee tribute shows. Dee Dee Ramone/ Terrorgruppe split MCD and 10' vinyl were released in 2002. Dates of Terrorgruppe's tribute shows were:
July 6, 2002: Sound of Frankfurt, Alternative Stage, Frankfurt a. M., Germany.
July 19, 2002, Big Hit, Chodov, Czech Republic.
July 20, 2002, Mystic Skate Festival, Prague, Czech Republic.
July 26, 2002, SO36, Berlin, Germany.
August 23, 2002, Arena Open Air, Wien, Austria. Also playing Propagandhi.
September 6, 2002, Luna, Bielefeld, Germany.

- Information: Dee Dee, Joey and Ramones tribute night at the Opiniao Bar, Porto Alegre in August 7. The bands: Los Vatos, Vórtex e Blitzkrieg and some guests like some members of Tequila Baby.

- Sheena & The Rokkets did Dee Dee Ramone tribute in Japan on August 25, 2002. There were also some other bands.

- There was arranged a Dee Dee tribute at Oslo in September, 2002! Place was called Gamla and show was sold-out. Members from Turbonegro, Euroboys, the Graves, The Yum Yums, Silver, Big Daddy etc. were playing.

- The 3rd annual
Ramone-A-Thon, 2002, Brisbane. Really Ramoniac show in Dee Dee's memory. Bands: Mach Pelican, Roshambo, The Remedials, The Priks Jacknife etc.

- THE FOURTH ANNUAL RAMONE-A-THON! = Ramones mania were taken over two stages, in a memory of Dee Dee and Joey! Venue : Indie Temple, 210 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia on October 4th, 2003. 16 Ramoniac bands in 8 hours. Bands: Groovie Ghoulies, Mach Pelican, Roshambo, Fancy Boys, The Remedials, Marones etc. More info here.

- Information: Tribute to the Ramones at Von Krahl (Rataskaevu), Tallinn was in Saturday 27, March, 2004 at 22:00. Tickets were 60 kronor, but 50 kronor if you had flyer or if you were wearing Ramones T-shirt. Bands: Psychoterror, The Tuberkuloited and Rawones.
This tribute show, dedicated, in loving memory of Joey and Dee Dee, to the Ramones 30th anniversary, was the first Ramones tribute show in Estonia ever.


1) Dee Dee lives through us forever.

2) Like you supposed, there was a shrine for Dee Dee in front of CBGB (RIP) club in New York. There were flowers, candles, well worn leather jacket, pictures, letters...

3) Paterson (New Jersey) Museum had an art exhibit containing five of Dee Dee's paintings. Along with stuff by Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Ron Wood, Pete Entwistle, and Joni Mitchell. Exhibit started on weekend between June 6-8, and the manager had said that with all the press about Dee Dee's death, the museum was trying to extend the exhibition.

4) Dee Dee was planned to play together with Marky, CJ and Daniel Rey in Brazil, 2 nights.... in Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre. It was yet secret surprise, but later it was informed

5) You had chance to listen Dee Dee's (probably) last interview.... It was KFOG Morning Show interview on Monday June 3, 2002. KFOG is from San Francisco and it was chance to listen for some months in their homepage.
On it Dee Dee speaked (also surprise comments) of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, his latest line-up, what he plays on gigs, paintings, Phil Spector etc.... Silence...

6) Nick from ex-Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings phoned me just when they were ended recording a song called I've Got Dee Dee On My Mind. They did it together with Fifi from Fifi & The Mach III and Dee Dee's voice has been sampled to give the final 1,2,3,4 -count. Song is on Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings single by HDP Records. Single is dedicated to the memory of Dee Dee.

7) Many bands dedicated songs to Dee Dee after he passed away. Die Toten Hosen dedicated The KKK Took My Baby Away for me, Dee Dee and Joey at Himos Festival in June 20, 2002.

8) George Quintana was streaming Live local rock shows from The Starlite room at La Hacienda Restaurant on Hwy 9 in Lake Stevens, WA. First show dedicated to The Ramones, started July 19 SEE GEORGE'S MEMORIAL TEXT FOR DEE DEE BELOW, NUMBER 51!!

9) The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum, purchased one of Keith Green's 16x20 exhibition photographs of Dee Dee, http://www.keithphotog.com/6.html to be exhibited as part of a memorial exhibition. Keith Green is a really great guy and familiar for you already, if you seen these things on my page during the last years.

10) Really interesting Dee Dee self-interview was in Wanker Fanzine homepage, this interview was taken from the last Taking Dope Fanzine.

11) Many artists were and still are playing nowadays Ramones songs as a tribute to Dee Dee and Joey. When Jason Ringenberg (of Jason & The Scorchers) did a solo tour in Holland on October, 2002, he ended all his shows with I Wanna Be Sedated.

12) Spoiled Rotten released Guitarded-CD, Feb 15th, 2003. It contains a tribute song for Dee Dee called Dee Dee Is King (Rock'N'Roll Is Dead). In example songs contains lines: "..You know he was the king of punk, So all you kids around the world, Listen up to what you're told. Rock'N'Roll is dead, Dee Dee is king..... You really showed them that you're too tough to die, You were the last one to survive ".

13) Late February 2003, Woimasointu released new Häiriköt-CDEP. This EP has 3 songs, first is called Joey Ja Dee Dee (Joey And Dee Dee). It has pretty traditional lyrics how Ramones/Joey/Dee Dee is affected and changed your personal life, but it's also always really important and special story to hear.

14) Roman Romero from Romeros wrote text and Kevin K. Band music to Dee Dee Tribute song called Dee Dee Left Home. You can upload it from their homepage, go http://www.romeros.de and click there Band.

15) Stardumb Records released album called AcidBeaters, with 6 tracks from The Queers and 6 tracks from The Manges. The Manges dedicated song Barrage Of Hate to Dee Dee with words "to the living memory of Douglas Colvin".

16) Ramonez '77 from Germany released CD in April 15, 2004. One of the new songs is called Dee Dee's Dead. That is recorded with guest singer Bela B. of Die Ärzte.

17) Henry Rollins wrote to his book Broken Summers, 4-5 pages of Dee Dee, of his last meetings with Dee Dee and how Dee Dee asked his help concerning Dee Dee's book and how he helped Dee Dee. And sure feelings what Henry had/ has that Dee Dee passed away. Henry also wrote 0,5 page of my and his meeting on that same book, manysided way..., he talks nicely of my first book.

18) As most of you knows, I have wrote three Ramones memorial books
(See details here.)
There did happen some mistakes in layout of Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives and few texts were not in final layout. It feels stupid.
Here is one from Stevie D. where he write a lot of Dee Dee :

Stevie D., bassist for Glass Heroes
Background text
written by me around 2007 (and grammar checked by Maria Montoya-Kaye)
Bassist Stevie D. aka Steve Davis is the founding member in the Glass Heroes from Phoenix, Arizona USA. They are a powerful streetpunk band and were formed in the early 1990's. Since 1976-77, Stevie D. has been playing the bass in bands such as: Ties, Veins/Shivers, and Hellfire. The Glass Heroes CD, Liars Cheats'N'Thieves was produced by Rat Scabies who is best known for being the drummer in The Damned.
Glass Heroes had played with Nirvana at the long-lost (but not forgotten) Sun Club in Tempe, Arizona and were the opening act for the Sex Pistols in 2003.
Stevie has rock in his veins. His first bass was purchased by his grandmother and his 70+ year old mother still goes to see their shows occasionally. You could say that Stevie also has Dee Dee tattooed in his blood as the main influence from any other artists.
Stevie D. is a friend of Despo (Los Gattos). Dee Dee did some shows with Los Gattos in the West Coast (USA) area in 2000-2002 and together they co-wrote the song entitled, Downhill.

Memorial text for Dee Dee written by Stevie D.:
The Ramones changed my life the first album cover was so powerful!! The way they dressed, that's how I dressed already, and the music, loud and strong. That showed me I could do this too. I am to this day, still playing, like a million other kids, we're all aping the Ramones. I remember the first time I played the first LP for my stoner metal friends, I was so excited to share with them this fast/loud rock'N'roll!!! They shook their heads and said: "Get that off the turntable! It's terrible, whadd ya' thinking?" Then they left. That's when I knew that something really cool was going on! It had that much power to clear my room! I'd had all the lyrics memorized from the first two albums with the tunes in my head (as they're we're no walkmans at the time) and anywhere I went I could take those songs! I was a loner save the Ramones.... They were the soundtrack for my life!
It seemed there was a song for all the things that I went through growing up. As each new album came out I had more material. Kind of like a map for me. My best friend since high school Anthony Castillo, went to New York to visit and stayed at the loft of the Ramones creative director Arturo Vega, when he got back he said if I sent Arturo 100 US dollars he would get me a Schott Perfecto leather jacket and some badges like the Ramones, I did exactly that.
The first time I saw the Rock And Roll High School movie was at the premier. At the ticket window, the guy asked if I was in the costume contest, I said what are you talking about? I was told whoever is dressed the most punk wins a soundtrack of the movie, it was after all just another night, I wore what I always wore and I did win for the boys, the girls had one too...
I had the good fortune to see the Ramones perform eight times two of the times were w/o Dee Dee. There is nothing like a good Ramones song, nothing. As Dee Dee had wrote a great deal of the music for their whole career, I would say he saved my life to a degree in the sense that life is hard and rough at times, and the hope that I can get through the hard times, the strength came from Dee Dee. He's the man, then, now, and always. Today when I go through something tough in my life I ask myself: "What would Dee Dee do?" I always get a feeling and some direction at those times. He is the reason I picked up the bass as my instrument and that was 1977. Never met the man, but I saw him live in Phoenix, USA in 2000, how cool he was. I was so fortunate, and on June 6, 2002, I had several friends call me as they know my history, and told me the sad news. I was so down for several days, thoughts of his wife Barbara, and happy that Dee Dee had found some joy as of late... Now he's on the highest trails above.
Thank you Dee Dee, and the Ramones for making my life and the world, a much cooler place to be. It's a Ramonial world from the Ramones tattoo on my chest to the bass I play and all the wonderful Ramones fans I've met through the years. Gabba gabba hey...


This part (Punk Ducks Honoring Dee Dee) I did update in January 2022:
Quackwhores is a non-profit collective caring for urban waterfowl wildlife in Hollywood.
Long time Ramones' fan, musician and artist Coyote Shivers and his partner Pleasant Gehman are making world a better place with a special way. Dee Dee Ramone's grave gets visited daily by a group of punk ducks, other birds etc.! Gehman and Shivers trained the cemetery ducks & critters to visit Dee Dee Ramone every day. Dee Dee is buried in Hollywood Forever Cemetery and close to grave is Johnny Ramone's statue.
Shivers says the ducks are fed every day using a "dinner bell," which is essentially a new version of Blitzkrieg Bop called "Duckskrieg Bop" that features the ducks themselves quacking: "Hey ho, let's go".
Visit sites: www.instagram.com/ramonesducks and Donations for healthy food Venmo: http://quackwhores.org.

Here are quotes from article that was published on Rolling Stone: Rolling Stone article by Brenna Ehrlich.
"Dee Dee Ramone specifically wrote that he didn't "want to be buried in a pet sematary," but that didn't stop L.A. musicians/artists Coyote Shivers and Pleasant Gehman from turning his grave into a wildlife buffet and documenting it all on Instagram account Ramones Ducks. According to Shivers (who you may recognize as Berko from cult film Empire Records), he and his partner, Gehman, have been feeding the ducks since the pandemic (covid-19) started; they launched the Instagram this past summer. "Everything was closed, even the beaches and parks, so we would go to the cemetery to get away from the negativity, and feel some air and beauty and care for some of the urban wildlife that live there: ducks, geese, feral cats, squirrels, doves, swans, etc," he tells Rolling Stone."
"It was a joy - it felt pure and was so much fun. When things opened up, people started to notice what we were doing.", Gehman adds.
The animals came to include five black ducks that their friend had raised, only to be forced off the property by the friend's landlord. The ducks were very domesticated, so Shivers and Gehman trained them to visit Dee Dee's grave every day. "We started calling them the Ramones Ducks because they're all black and they stick together and stood out like a gang and they'd run up to Dee Dee every day."
Their names, of course, are Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, Tommy, and Sheena.
"And sure enough, it worked like the ice cream truck song in the summertime. The kids come running when they hear it. Soon enough, more and more animals joined the party, as the fowl-filled Instagram shows, including peacocks, squirrels, cats, pelicans, geese, and, of course, the titular ducks. By last spring, we started noticing the new mother ducks were bringing their days-old ducklings and teaching them, When you hear this song, march up the hill to here,. and we realized it was becoming generational to them. It just keeps growing, and little by little same with spectators," Coyote Shivers says to Rolling Stone.
"We consider it part urban wildlife charity, part performance art installation, and part living tribute to the king Dee Dee Ramone. Everyone loves the Ramones Ducks. They bring nothing but smiles. Young kids and old punks really love it."
"It's fun for everyone and also helps children to love, respect, and care for animals," Pleasant Gehman says. "Plus, it shapes their musical taste by teaching them that the Ramones are the best damn band on the planet!"
They also collect donations for food via the Instagram page. www.instagram.com/ramonesducks
One might worry that Ramone's grave might get a little, well, messy given all the visitors, but Shivers says he and his friends take care to clean the plot; they even installed an astroturf mat to protect it: "We think it's the coolest tribute to any rockstar ever," Shivers says.
Although Dee Dee doesn't ostensibly have any connection to waterfowl, he did write the most famous song about monuments to deceased pets of all time - the theme to the 1989 adaptation of Stephen King's horror masterpiece Pet Sematary, about a burial ground that brings animals (and people) back to life. The chorus, of course, went: "I don't wanna be buried in a pet sematary/I don't want to live my life again."
"On one hand, he gave us the entire plot of the movie, and on the other hand, he made it very personal," director Mary Lambert told TIDAL in 2019 of the song. "Because Dee Dee had a really tough life and I can see why he might not have wanted to live it again. He was born in post-war Germany to a mother who was a German and a father who was a serviceman. It was really rough. He grew up really rough, and not in an especially loving and nurturing environment."
Now, however, that his grave is a haven for L.A. wildlife, perhaps he wouldn't have minded the company.
So this article was published on Rolling Stone: Rolling Stone.


1) Dee Dee, take my friendship love and hugs, with endless thanks. I've toured twice with you and those trips has gave for me so much Gabba Hey power strength to endure with all my Ramones works. I'm thinking how many thousands times I've heard your 1-2-3-4-count and how many times I've punked song you've written and how many tears are today falling because of you? and what did you said at first for Joey?

Even after our first meeting you treated me like old friend in Oslo, Norway on May 3, 2000 and it hurts to think all nice things what happened, how you spoke and how I heard your voice now in my mind. I'm sad because of all those people who never got chance to meet you and see how unique you're. All memories are so closely and I'm so happy that many of our meetings are videotaped. In this Oslo concert I took my place in the front row on Barbara's side, you played on the left on the stage (when looking at it from the audience), and the first song was Rockaway Beach. It was a crazy feeling that is unforgettable. After the gig we walked together to the hotel. Later on that tour I got chance first time to introduce for you pages of my homepage and you were so impressed that you wanted to give me your personal tour diary. That's at sure one of the most important item in my life, you really was wrote it for yourself and added photos for it etc. First time I sang together with you was in Helsingborg, Sweden on May 5, 2000. Song was Commando. I saw 5 of your gigs in this tour.

Next year I saw 4 gigs. And you did remember so many things of me from previous year and so much happened. It was so special notice how friendly you was and you observed me, like you came to offer many times food, you nodded for me to join you on stage during songs, you were arguing with manager about me that I can travel with you in your van and specially I was shocked when you then showed me some of your new writings for a coming book and you had written about me.

So much I waited that you're coming soon back to Europe, like your guitarist Christian Black was told me. Then that dream ended, when I got phone call that you're passed away... That was happened some hours before. I got this call 2 hours before started third release party (Tampere) of the Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone book.... I couldn't understand it, it was much too bad dream to wake up... We told these sad news just before second band Pojat played their Ramones set... I did a 10 minute speech of you, I started it with stories how friendly you always was for me and I told some extra special memories. Many of those memories are also in the book, sadly I didn't got chance to send book for you. Book also contains one color page, only filled with pictures from those tours. In Tampere I asked to the stage also Kimmo, with whom I toured your gigs in 2000. I told sad news 1 minute before I ended speech and cheered for you... Then Ramones-set started and I sang Blitzkrieg Bop. Pojat and Heko from Rehtorit/ Ne Luumäet did a great set, total honour for you and Joey.

I wish you didn't felt pain when angels came and asked you to join them. It's hard to imagine how that happened, because you didn't used any hard drugs on these tours which I punked with you and I was just heard that you were OK. I can only imagine how Barbara is feeling now It's important that around her are people who can support and remind that this fuckin life win. And it's important that you'll live forever with us.
(Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone, 24, Finland)

2) My brother called me on the phone and said me that DEE DEE passed away, I couldn´t believe him, I think nothing could happen to him or any other RAMONE´S member, but strength of heaven it´s stronger, JOEY needed a bass player, and he called DEE DEE, I think he will call the others but please not now, I remember DEE DEE like one of the best compositors universe could have, I´m a bass player like him, like C.Jay, I owe him that, as C.Jay do. He fundated RAMONES with JOHNNY, wrote really great songs, and makes us feel happy. I´m out of words, I only can say THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, AND SAY HELLO TO JOEY. BYE BYE GERMAN BOY, SEE YA IN HEAVEN. I´M MISSING YOU A LOT. TAKE IT DEE DEE!!! EINS, ZWEI, DREI, VIER!!!
(Patricio Harispe, 19, Argentina)

3) Fuckin' sucks. Loud music all day. I dont care if it is ninety fuckin' degrees here in Florida. I'm wearing my leather jacket. I'm crying. dammit. I know time goes on and people die and it fuckin' sucks -- but why does it have to happen to da bruddahs? Hugs to you, man. We miss ya, Dee Dee. And we will always remember.
(Annie Lechak, 27, St. Augustine, FL, USA)

4) DEE DEE RAMONE: 1952-2002
I know it's stupidity and I also know that thinking of it as a stupidity is a trace that I'm really getting into the fucking adult life. This afternoon when I got home with my gal, my dad arrived and told me that someone had died, in fact I didn't really care, 'cos I wasn't expecting anyone to die, but... He told me that DEE DEE RAMONE passed away probably because of a drug O.D.. My first reaction was turning blue and crying on my gal's shoulders. After that he told me that my uncle have phoned him about it and that he's read it on the net. To me it's really amazing and disastrous to think that the man that contributed on my character and personality formation is dead from now on. Even not personally knowing him, but thinking that it would've happened soon, I really think that he is one of the coolest guys around, the dumbness, smartness, teenageness and all the things that he passed to me as being part of himself.
Let me tell why I'm writing it; this one of a kind man CHANGED MY LIFE! My clothes, my hair, my music and my tastes are just a feel things I can name and that was influenced by him. For example, my bass; it's a white fender P-Bass. My jacket; it's a black leather jacket... I know that studying was always a bad time to DEE DEE, but now I'm at the University, and I'm studying German, just because of this little old bastard.
What the fuck really happened!? DEE DEE was really the junk kind of guy. He was a funky guy that is now probably hearing the birds of paradise sing. Now I'm sure he will be a teenager forever. It's funny the way you feel in that days that you get up knowing there's something wrong deep inside. He will always be the coolest guy in the room.
(Gabba Ramone, 20, Brazil)

5) In Loving Memory Of Dee Dee Ramone 1952-2002. Rest In Peace. 1-2-3-Forevermore... Saddened, Shocked and Sorrowful,
(Mike Bourassa, 32, Crosslake, MN, U.S.A.)

6) Gabba Hey!
We're really sad again. It's so hard to believe it! But the news is all around, Dee Dee is dead! I'm shocked again... he had so many plans... new releases, he had seen the induction of the Ramones in the Hall of Fame... It was only a year ago when we lost our brother Joey! Now, we'll have to miss another brother! Don't know what to say! It's like a nightmare!
(Alfredo Cordeiro, Spain)

7) In the name of the legion of RAMONES fans all over the world, we are very sorry for the death of the greatest composer the best band of the world ever had! REST IN PEACE, DEE DEE! Love,
(Guilherme Kalil, 26, Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

8) Bloody hell, Dee dee´s gone :0( *feel so sad* I just can´t believe it!! We fans should get together and have a memorial party for him! Dee Dee´s always in my heart just like Joey. Sad hugs...
(Victoria, 22, Stockholm, Sweden)

9) Shock Treatment again and too soon! Dee Dee, you wrote very good songs for The Ramones. You got style! I´m very sad that you´re gone. Hopefully you and Joey make heaven funny place to come some day. 1-2-3-4!
(Tea Strömsholm, 33, Finland)

10) Recently many friends, who saw me on june 7th have asked me why I acted the way I acted. And why i didn't act the same way after Joey's death. What can I say them. I knew that Joey was ill and I also knew how hopeless could be a fight with cancer (my grandfather died in cancer 3 years ago). So I had time to prepare myself for that news. And the shock was smaller. I guess that many of you, dear co-fans, did the same. But Dee Dee's death was something I (we) could not expect. I (we) knew that he was clean and sober and had no problems. And maybe that's why his death shocked me (us) so badly. I don't know. Dee Dee has been dead for.... I'm angry why Dee Dee? Why? Warum? Why you? Why not Ricky Martin or Britney Spears? My friends have also asked me who was my favourite Ramone. They thought it was Joey. Somehow Joey was not. Dee Dee was. Why? I don't know... Joey sang. I'm not a singer. Dee Dee played the instrument. I play too. Guitar. When I started writing songs I tried to copy the Ramones. It didn't work out. But I still tried. now I have realized that I cannot copy Ramones. But I can use the conseption: song must be so easy that everyone can learn it to play, but so genial that not everone can't come up with it. And it works. Thank you Dee Dee. Thank you Joey. It took me about 2-3 years to realize that. But I'm happy now. Thank you!
But still.. WARUM??? Dee Dee, I really looked forward to your next European tour. I was sure that that time I'm gonna see you playing live. I hoped that I could organize your concert In Tallinn (my hometown; real international punkstars hardly ever play here). But you let me down. But I don't hate you. Hate is wasting. Bye bye Dee Dee! You were, you are and you will be!!! That's it. Pretty graphomaniacal. But that's what I think and how I feel...
(Mart Niineste, 18, Estonia)

11) It's just so, it's just so, it's just so bizarre .. "Ramones leave home, just leave the Ramones Alone "!
Oh Yeah, you were my inspiration!! It's Gonna Be o.k. 'cause I always keep the record of him, that can last 4 ever. By the way, HoP ArOuNd was very good isn't it? :O) I always think of you Dee Dee, my unknown friend, with respect,
(BobbY Hoper, 27, Montreal, Canada)

12) No no no no... It's so bizarre.. Dee Dee, you gave a lot to me, and a lot to rock'N'roll. I Remember you, we remember you. Rest in peace....
(Donkey Benson, 16, Finland)

13) I'm Rafael from Brazil... My english sux.. but I think that u will undertand me... I was thinkin here.. you must be very very sad.. Dee Dee was my favourite Ramone and I wanted to met him.. like I met marky here in Porto Alegre last February (he came to record with a local band here called "Tequila Baby" and I saw their rehearse)... well... I don't know what to say... Life goes on right?... You are blessed for met him...
(Rafael H, Brazil)

14) I know you feel the same way as I do know, which is depression! Wasn't it enough to lose Joey, was it really time for Dee Dee too? I've been mourning and drinking beer in order to drown my sorrows all weekend. I saw Dee Dee at Mango Rock Bar in Stockholm in 2001, and that was one of the best and closest gigs I've ever seen in my life! Now I know I will never see him live again, and I hate it, hate it!
(Björn Tennfors, 28, Sweden)

15) When I heard the news that Dee Dee Ramone died, my heart honestly sank. I was completely stunned. Joey's death last year surprised me enough, but there was something different about Dee Dee's, I just don't know what it was. Perhaps it was because I had heard that Joey had cancer and while I knew about Dee Dee's drug use I somehow didn't forsee a death in the near future. Maybe another factor was that I had experienced one Ramone's death and it seemed impossible that yet another band member would be forever gone. With Dee Dee gone, it is clear that there can never be a reunion. He was truly the heart of the band, even after he left the group. Something about him, his unstable manner, his incredibly catchy songs, and maybe even just the way he looked, always intrigued.
I remember meeting him July 20, 1999, at the signing the Ramones did in New York City for the release of The Ramones Anthology; it was one of the most incredible moments of my life. I can still see Dee Dee in my mind; so alive. I remember speaking to him and he told me he liked my hair. That was quite a shock to me, that Dee Dee, one of my idols, actually acknowledged me. Looking back on that day, it's difficult to comprehend that this man is no longer a living human being anymore. He was once vividly alive and now he has become a part of music history.
I'll never be able to see him again, but I'll always remember that complement he gave me. Though it was nothing to him, I feel honored to at least have made some kind of an impression on an individual who definitely has touched my life from a young age. I'll never forget Dee Dee and the empty feeling my soul had when I heard of his passing.
(Jamie Papadimas, 17, USA)

16) I am very sad about Dee Dee's death I just cant believe it. First Joey now Dee Dee how much can a person stand to see his favorite group loss two members it's just terrible. Being from Queens myself I am VERY hurt by this The RAMONES gave me the strength to endure. Well Joey & DEE DEE are together again. Playing their music for the ANGELS "Take it DEE DEE" "1 2 3 4" .............. "Gabba Gabba we accept you we accept you one of us" they will always be a part of us.
(Mike Breschard, 38, USA)

17) We'll miss ya!!!!!! Ramones will rule in Heaven too!
(Vanni, 24, Italy)

18) If you should go skating-on the thin ice of modern life-dragging behind you the silent reproach-of a million tear-stained eyes-don't be surprised when a crack in the ice-appears under your feet ...................................... Dee Dee-we all miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Boogie Ramone and Andrew, Poland)

19) All my love goes to the memory of a great artist called Dee Dee Ramone and my totally love, support and a "hold tight" to Barbara Ramone. I am speechless.... Dee Dee, Rest In Peace in the Garden Of Serenity.
(Rossella, 29, Milano, Italy)

20) On the Swedish highway heading for Oslo, Norway the radio played the best rock band ever!! I smiled, sang a little with the song... remember youuu oohoooo.. and life was a gas, but then i got the message.. I stared out the window of a car speeding much too fast, thinking of a life who was lived just the same way. IT'S SO BIZARRE,BUT WHAT CAN I DO? I REMEMBER YOU!!!
Love from Bendiksen rock family + TIP TOPPERS, POPGUN, GRAVES and the Cocktail Slippers.
(Ulf Bendiksen, 30, Norway)

(Simon, Italy)

22) Another great punkrocker left... it was a sick world for Dee Dee and death is the price he's paid... this sucks... RAMONES fans all over the world stay together in Ramones punkrock.
(Stefan Nicolaus, 33, Germany)

23) Dee Dee Ramone lives forever. He represents everything that is cool about the bass. Everytime I pick up a bass, it's always the same, look and play like Dee Dee in every way possible. He influenced so many all around the world, it's so cool. Dee Dee will be missed by us all, but Dee Dee Ramone isn't gone, Dee Dee Ramone lives through every kid who is in a garage or basement just having a blast.
(Tyler Boutilier, 18, Cape Breton N.S., Canada)

24) Hey ho Dee Dee Ramone. I hope you are in a better place now thx for all we will miss you. Gabba gabba hey.
(Lucas Kakau, 19, Brazil)

25) Life has no sense. First, we loss our dear Joey and now, our sweet Dee Dee. I remember when I talked to Marky, last time in January, he said he was coming back soon to Brasil with Dee Dee. When he said that, words didn't came outta my mouth, even started stuttering that time, didn't know what to say. It couldn't be true... some days later... no... but Dee Dee... he... a dream... a broken dream. The fucking drugs took our Douglas away from us... It's hard to accept. Dee Dee, I want you to know that you won't be forgotten. I know you're resting now, you deserved to rest after so many thing that life did to you. Have no more words, my angel... it hurts a lot... rest in peace by God's side, dear... 'some day I cry alone, but I know I'm not the only one I see that another day is gone' (Lacuna Coil - Falling)
(Fernanda, 15, Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil)

(Daniel Losada, 25, Sevilla, Spain)

27) Shit happens! It's hard for all Ramones diehards to accept the loss of yet another original Ramone. A friend from Berlin sent an SMS on the mobile to inform me. It struck me as hard as Joey's death last year - LONG LIVE RAMONES!!! At least in our memories - bye Dee Dee!!!
(Max, 34, Munich, Germany)

28) Dee Dee was the only idol I have ever had, and I´m so sad now that he´s gone. I´ve read his books, listened to his songs, told my friends about all the stuff his been through and all the funny things he have said, and I just can´t believe that there will be no more new stories, only memories. He was the coolest guy ever, I will never forget him!!
(Johan Sjöholm, 25, Sweden)

29) I was shocked to hear from a friend of mine of Dee Dee's passing, as I was on vacation during that time and seen little T.V. & radio was heard even less. I was exposed to the Ramones by a Soundtrack Album for the film "Over The Edge" that my Mom bought for me when I was in 7th grade. And I am still a fan 20 years later. I am primarily a guitarist but always liked Dee Dee, as I thought he looked Cool on the bass. I sent off once from an advert from the back of a magazine for Rock & Roll pics where they send you a sample pic of whoever you check as far as band names on their order form. I checked the Ramones and received a concert pic of Dee Dee which has to be a good 19 if not 20 years old which I still have.
I was saddened by Joey's death and saddened even more over the passing of Dee Dee. They gave me the strength to carry on while I was in school as I was a Geeky Punk kid who got kicked around alot and had few friends. I fought back eventually and got along better in life, while listening to that "Stupid Band" called the Ramones. You have to remember this was in the age of the 80's music craze, when we had Flock of Seagulls as the great band of the time and the arrival of Madonna not too long after. Anyway I am still in shock of Dee Dee's passing. He was such a pivotal member of the Ramones, Within & Without the band. He is sorely missed. Best wishes to his wife, and my humblest sympathy to the Colvin family.
(Stephen L. Garen, 33, United States)

30) You bass playing was the best, especially the power it gave to the first Ramones album. Part of my youth died with you. Rest in peace.
(Cliff Hughes, 36, New Zealand)

31) It's Friday 7th of June 2002, I'm in DBTL (Down By The Laituri, a Finnish festival held in Turku) and watching a gig by The Odorants. They play some of their own songs and then the singer announces that the next song will be for the memory of Dee Dee Ramone. Then they played Blitzkrieg Bop. I was under the influence of alcohol, so I just continued hopping (and singing along, of course). But the next day it really hit me, I felt like breaking into tears. First Joey now You, we all know that You are now in a better place. And when I come up there promise me one thing, We'll make Heaven rock! Gabba Gabba Hey Ho Let's Go!
(Matti Hirvonen, 18, Joensuu, Finland)

32) What can I say? He's got strength to endure, and the love so pure... I wish I could die today, to see the big jam session in heaven with Joey and Dee Dee... I'm not sad, I'm not crying, cause I know that he gave his contribution to the punk, to the music, to the world and to my life. I'll be happy some day when I die and have the chance to see a great Ramones concert in the other side, the chance I never had in life, I know I'll have in death. See ya Dee Dee, say hey to Joey for me! Take care of us all from where you are, and wait for us all... You deserve all the tributes in the world and more! What can I say? 53rd and 3rd... See ya up there gabba, gabba!!!
(Rafael M., 22, Fortaleza-Ce, Brazil)

33) The first time i saw dee dee in a interview he said something which influenced me & my best friend a lot in the interview he was describeing nancy spungen he said "she had a bad mouth & controled him mercylessly" i'm sure nancy would have been flatterd & since then we have been the perfect girlfriends thanks dee dee for the priceless advice r.i.p forever we will miss you.
(Cassandra, 17, England)

34) It's very hard to accept the fact that you're not with us anymore, Dee Dee. You passed away so unexpectedly and I was rather shocked. I feel happy however that I got the possibility to see you performing three times, and that I spoke to you. I remember that we spoke for more than an hour, and you were very friendly. There's really a huge emptiness now when both you and Joey are gone. Your music and the music of the Ramones changed my life and no other band could ever take the place you have in my heart. I think all true Ramones fans know what I mean. Dee Dee, you were my favourite Ramone. I admired you so much and you'll always be my hero. Rest in peace.
(Åsa Lindholm, Sweden)

35) Now two of my guys are angels. It's sad. But they will be remembered and we never gonna forget them. Rest in pease Dee Dee and Joey. You were the best ever. Love,
(Henrik, 17, Sweden)

36) Dee Dee Ramone is the punkrocker king!
(Peter Aradi, Karpitos, Hungary)

37) Thank you for the music and the spirit you gave to us. You were great!!!! Never forget you !!!!!!! Rock on in heaven... 1 2 3 4
(Christian Kossak, 24, Bayern, Germany)

38) I'm sad; Dee Dee is gone. My heart is with him; his heart is with us. I discovered punk rock hearing Dee Dee shout "1, 2, 3, 4!", so I just can say THANX. Have a good time there. Give a kiss to our beloved Joey. As he said, RAMONES, ETERNAL & UNIQUE. And Dee Dee was one of them, one of the most greatest band in the world.
(Josu, 26, Spain)

39) Seeing you wild eyed, makes me want to be your bride. You're always yelling 1234!, making me want you more. Your clothes are beautiful, and so is your hair, people like you are so rare. You're an excellent writer, and a talented poet, Dee Dee you're the best, and we all know it!
(RamonaBetsy, 17, US)

40) you will be forever in my heart...why did you leave us?
(massimo armenti, 37, italy)

41) Dee Dee is gone. It's a terrible loss. I couldn't believe it when I heard the news. Another one gone. Dee Dee was my idol. He was my punk rock idol. He was a true genuine artist, musician and lyricist. No one could depict pure punk rock than Dee Dee Ramone.He inspired plenty people including me. I just want to thank you Dee Dee. Thank you where ever you are. In the physical sense you might be gone but your legacy and your music still lives on through true Ramones fans.
(Nora, 19, Canada)

(Raul Hernandez, 26, Mexico City)

43) I only saw Dee Dee play with the Ramones a few times before he left as I first saw them at the old Ritz in 1988. But I was lucky enough to see the Ramainz in 1997 at a club in Long Island and meet him after the show. Watching him on stage being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was great as you could see he was very proud to have made it this far. It is truly a shame that he had to die this way,so young,he had so much more to give. But he was a true punk and one of the all time great songwriters/bassists. Farewell and Godspeed.
(R. Feroce, 33, USA)

44) So long, Dee Dee. I have always loved you. Who cares music industry lost an important punk pioneer? I'm just too sad because I lost my best friend... Your songs always make me feel that I'm not the only one. Just like Joey, you are one of us. Hope you meet Sid again. Say hi to Joey, too. And we all are going to see you sometime. I don't know where you are, but keep watching us, OK?
(Fumi Yamada, Japan)

45) The next shock after Joey's death - may God stop now his Ramoneskilling. Thanx for everything, DeeDee.
(Conny, 35, Andreas, 33, Austria)

46) This message is only to say that the Ramones are the best punk-rock group of all the times. Today I see in the web that Dee Dee Ramone died. My english is not very well so I donït know what can I say more. Only one more thing if you want to listened a version of Rockaway beach in spanish look for "Rock en Samil" from a Punk spanish group called "Siniestro Total" other version that you can find in the audiogalaxy or something similar is "sheena is a punk rocker" from "Reincidentes". Ok Thatïs all. Hey oh Beers go! :) (spanish humor)
(Angel Gonzalez, 20, Spain)

47) Now when Joey & Dee Dee left the earth behind them, at the other side, there's a hello of a band hanging around the clouds. We had a gig couple of days ago, we played "Blitzkrieg Bop" to honour Dee Dee.
(Jack & Petey ScarecroW, Finland, Hyvinkää)

48) My god what kind of cruel joke is god playing on us first Joey Now Dee Dee. Dee Dee was the greatest songwriter ever my prayers go out to Barbara. Take care Dee Dee I will see you again.
(Joey, 30's, u.s.a.)

49) Goodbye my friend! Thank you for everything....... RIP
(Andre Dahlmann, Norway)

50) "Los Ramones", when we were at high school this was your band name for a few people in my city. You were a nexus for heavies, punks, rockers, bikers, surfers,... everybody wear a Ramones t-shirt, everybody wanted to be a ramone. The first videoclip that was cool for me was a videoclip performed by Ramones (sorry I donït remember the title, I was 12 years old boy). For this and more youïll be in my heart forever.
(Martin, 29, Basque Country, Spain)

Losing Ramones
By George Quintana
This story is dedicated to the memory of two punk rock champions. Joey Ramone, born May 19, 1951, left our world on Easter Sunday, April 15, 2001 and now Dee Dee ; Sept. 18, 1952 - June 5,2002 joins his brother in Rock and Roll heaven. Both are deeply missed by many fans, including myself.

It was post Woodstock, 1971. That was when I first met Joey, (Jeff Hyman). A tall, lanky sort of withdrawn person who always wore dark red granny glasses and twirled locks of his long stringy black hair around his boney, nicotine-stained fingers. Joey and I quickly became close friends. We created our first band, Sniper that year. The band lasted less than a year before the band members conspired against us kicking Joey out who called himself Jeff Starship, because they thought he was too weird. That freed him up to join Johnny, Tommy and Dee Dee who were trying to put together a band called The Ramones.
I could have been a Ramone. I had every opportunity. After all, they were my friends; we hung out together and had the same taste in music and life style. I even auditioned for the drummer spot, one of the first in fact. However, it was not to be and to this day, I cannot say with any certainty why. Perhaps it was my insecurity of being discovered as having no talent by my peers, or maybe it was something less romantic such as lack of faith and commitment to do whatever was necessary. Consequently, we drifted apart. Years passed before I met up with them again in Florida, where I had bitterly exiled myself.
The Ramones where playing at a very popular club in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. I had hitchhiked from Miami to see them. They were recently back from a very successful tour of Europe and had just released there album, Ramones Leave Home. I was nervous and did not know what to expect. I thought to myself, maybe now that they are big stars they may act aloof and reject me, or maybe they would not even remember me. My fears were quickly dispelled as Johnny instantly welcomed me, handed me a beer and introduced me to a confusing array of groupies and backstage people as The Fifth Ramone! He told me to give Joey a few minutes to come down off his post performance adrenalin rush before I greeted him. After the initial awkwardness of our meeting, such as not knowing weather to call him Jeff or Joey (he assured me it did not matter which name I used) we hoped a cab and hit a few local bars. People still stared and whispered but now being stared at had a complete different meaning and context. The local band playing at the bar recognized Joey and asked if he would like to go up on stage and do a song with them. Joey laughed but kindly declined the offer.
Back at the Ramones hotel room that night, it was just like old times. Dee Dee rolled up a few fatties and we talked of old times and how they never see any of our old friends anymore. The room was a double bed type and I wound up sleeping over, sharing a bed with Joey. In the early morning Monte the tour manager hustled everyone outside the hotel like a mother hen to take a head count. I said my sad goodbyes and headed back to Miami. From that, point on I realized my dream of ever being a true Ramone was over. That was the last time I ever saw Joey or any of the other Ramones in person again. With the Ramones ever-increasing popularity and tighter security, I lost total contact with my old friends.
After years of trying to get a hold of them, one day I finally found a listing for Jeff Hyman in the Village area of New York City. I was overjoyed with the idea of reuniting! I called for weeks at all different times. I called day and night but to no avail. Then one day the devastating news came over the radio. Joey Ramone had lost a battle I never even knew he was fighting. The world lost a punk rock hero and I lost a very special friend.
The other day I was at a club in Everett, WA where Dee Dee Ramone is scheduled to perform. I was there to buy a ticket for the show when this guy setting at the bar commented to me I hope Dee Dee doesnt break out with any of that rap shit. I didnt respond although I thought to myself, I really dont care what he plays I just want to hug him and thank him for his contribution and dedication to the Ramones!
I was very excited about talking to him about playing at opening night at a new rock and roll venue I am opening up in Lake Stevens, WA about mid July! It will be the first on the West Coast featuring Streaming Internet Live Broadcasting. However, Wednesday morning while checking my e-mail, I received the devastating one-two punch, about Dee Dees death. I hope Dee Dee receives this message. Love you pal!
(George Quintana (the 5th Ramone), USA)

52) Man First Joey and Now Dee Dee this is probably one of the most depressing things ever to happen to me. To have two of my Heros stripped from my life forever. No matter how some people try to avoid it these guys Impacted music forever the Ramones Still and will always live in a special little place in our hearts, minds, and lives forever!
(Chad Leach, 16, USA)

53) Dee Dee was always my fav. Ramone, but he will be missed all over the world and I play drums and just the way he played just made me wanna go out and grab a bass and do just the same, Dee Dee will be missed.
(Archie Villain, 14, USA)

54) Dee Dee was fantastic showman as well as a great songwriter. I submit the live performance of "Rockaway Beach" on the Ramones video "Were Outta Here" this mot******ker is ROCK'IN!
(Steve Maren, 43, USA)

55) Dee Dee, your death shocked the hell outta me. I can remember watching you just a couple months ago on vh1 thanking, well, yourself. I can even remember sitting on my living room floor when I was seven, watching Rock'N'Roll High School for, like, the one millionth time just see the parts the Ramones were in. You should see my little four year old brother, he love you guys too! Point being, I'll never forget you or Joey or any of The Ramones because you guys were the greatest. Everything has been said. Nothing I say is new. I can only say that I took you for granted. This, your death, is one of those instances where I can say, you don't know how much you've lost til it's gone. Well, that's come true. It saddens me because I wanted to meet you so bad. I'm writing a screenplay with The Ramones in it and now a reference is gone. It would've been great to see you tour again, as well. I'm young, so I've missed it all.
(Emili, 17, US of A)

56) I am saddened by the loss of someone like you, why god had to take someone like you will forever be a mystery. I don't understand why a candle as bright as yours had to be put out so soon. If I was ever down and needed a friend, i would turn to your songs.... Goodbye DEE DEE,
(Chris Neate, 18, Canada)

57) Sad, this is the first feeling that came in the head from any fan when he knew about Dee Dee's death. I imagine that all are in mourning, for Dee Dee's death (and also for Joey's death). But for me they will continue alive, be in his music, or in the ideas, after all they changed a lot of thing in my ideology, and of a lot of people.
(L¡via, Minas Gerais, Brasil)

58) First Joey, now you, the apocalispsis is near, the rock'n'roll has lost other star, and the punk has lost his only bass player, see you later Dee Dee.
(Armando O. Osornio, 24, Mexico)

59) IT'S SO HARD, I LOVE THE RAMONES, I LOVE JOEY, I LOVE DEE DEE.... they are gone, but the Ramones live on! FOREVER! Their music lives on, they live on inside us. punk is not dead, the Ramones arent dead. i love all of you Ramones fans, and i grieve deeply, with you and for Dee Dee AND Joey. I'm still not over Joey's death. the Ramones have touched all of us fans, and we will never forget! i didnt know any of the Ramones personally, but i knew their music, and what i wouldn't do to meet all of the Ramones. we will NOT forget, goodbye.
(Gabba Gabba Samantha, 15, Canada)

60) Well what can I say... My Dee Dee is gone now and I just can't stop thinking abou it, though it's 15 days already since he got his wings and flew away from us. I want to share with everyone an email I sent to him once and that one of his friends: Andy Poncherello was kind and wonderful enough to print out and give it to him, for this I'll be forever grateful to him. Thanks Andy! ...
Dear Dee Dee, I thought I'd drop you some lines just to let you know how much impact you and your music have had on my life. First of all your music has moved me in ways that no one else's has, specially "Poison Heart". I've been a fan of the Ramones for 12 years now and I haven't traded your music for nothing else in the world since. I have just recently finished reading your Lobotomy book and I loved it. You sure had a rough life, but also one full of adventures and memories that not an ordinary individual can live I think. I Think you are one of those genuine original people who are destined to live some kind of extraordinary life, and also a strong soul that's surpassed a lot and won't just give in.
Just thought I'd let you know my feelings towards my idol: Dee Dee Ramone! Thanks for all the songs and for sharing your life with us cretins! ... Dee Dee you will always be in heart and soul! I love ya bro! Say Hi to Joey for me! 4,5,6,7 all the cretins go to heaven!
(Renato Gianola, Mexico)

(Susan Willis, 47, USA)

62) I hope you are in heaven now!!!!!!!!! With Joey, and you can play your songs again with him!!!!! Take it Dee Dee!!!!!! (Joey says) 1..2..3..4!!!!!
(DDT JDI, Jakarta, Indonesia)

63) Dee Dee you'll never be forgotten. Rest in Peace. You're very much missed by us all. I was very saddened to hear of Dee Dee's death.
(Lynne Cameron, Edinburgh, Scotland)

64) The more genuine man, I'm really very sad. I have just seen a Motörhead in Italy and Lemmy has dedicated R.A.M.O.N.E.S to Dee Dee and Joey. A lot of people wore Ramones T-shirt and everybody got crazy! Great Lemmy! Great Dee Dee! Great RAMONES!
(Giorgio Venture, 34, Italy)

65) I am totally shocked that this happened. It is hard for me to get out all my feelings because I just can't believe that we lost another talented and greatly influential person. I am completely devastated over this great loss, first Joey and now Dee Dee. The Ramones have been for me like a friend or family member would. Everytime I was sad or depressed I would listen to the Ramones and everything started to get better. Through highschool I have been very lonely, I never really had many friends because I was so quiet and shy and I really never fit in. None of that mattered to me because the Ramones made me feel like it is okay to be me and who cares about everyone else. They made me feel like I was part of something, that I actually fit in. They were in a way my friends. I felt like I totally related with them. When I felt like giving up they gave me hope and made me feel like I was someone and soon everything will work out for me. They continue to help me through my loneliness, low self-esteem and sadness. They got me through high school, one of my hardest times and hopefully will help me get through this tough thing called "LIFE"!!!
Many people think I am weird for saying this but Ramones fans will understand. I feel like I lost another best friend. I keep on losing people that I love being musically or people I have known personally. It makes me very sad but I know I will feel better. I will keep the memory of Dee Dee, like Joey, in my heart and he will continue to live on in his music, just like Joey lives on. The Ramones, like their music are immortal, so in a way we did lose Dee Dee and Joey but then again we didn't. Everyday the Ramones gain new fans and their great music continues to influence everyone who listens. My heart and prayers go out to dee dee's friends, family members and other fans who all suffer from this great loss.
(Christina R., 18, Pennsylvania, USA)

66) When Dee Dee died I started crying. I called my friend and we cried for hours. You got me playing bass and calling my self Jackie Ramone. I wanted to be a Ramone cus it seemed like every one was a Ramone. We miss you and will love you and Joey forever! Slap Nancy for me I know you Will!-Love. p.s. were young but we know you kicked ass for soo long
(Jackie, 14, Betty, 15, Buttons, 15, Ramone, USA)

67) I am without words, Joey's death and now Dee Dee, The Punk Rock is sad with the death of two of your creators, God blesses them. Dee Dee, we will love you forever.
(Orlando Oliveira, 35, Brazil)

68) All I can say is I gonna miss him like hell. The best songwriter of all time. Today Im glad I had the opportunity to meet him two times here in Sweden. And all I can say is that he was a nice man with a heart of gold. Thanks for the memories Dee Dee, always going to remember you.
(Fredrik Eriksson, Sweden, 30)

69) I am lost for words. Dee Dee was a true inspiration and part reason why I kicked my herion habit in 2000. The very first songs I played on my bass were all Ramones songs, I continued on to play the whole catalogue. I really miss him. I suppose I thought of him as invincible. Legends never die.
(Jay Harris, 21, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

70) Dee Dee Ramone passes away leaving our tears slowly running down our cheeks while we are cruising in our trucks or cars SHOUTING..... HEY HO LETS GO. Screaming in pain, like we all lost a relative. I had to hear the news in a wrong way, by some of my closest friends telling me, with out me finding out first I may not be that old in knowledge with the punk scene but I have always loved the Ramones ever since I was 13. Their music changed me a lot I wore that black shirt proudly on that hot day! They were everything to me.. god bless Joey & Dee Dee RAMONE!!!!
(Sammy Quesada, 20, Anaheim, California, USA)

71) One of my best memories of Dee Dee is, I was at a show in Long Island. I was standing up front and Dee Dee came over to me and placed a guitar pick right into my hand! I wrapped my hand around it and did not open it till I got outside. I'll never forget that or him.
(Sheena, 44, USA)

72) We love very much THE RAMONES! Never forget JOEY AND DEE DEE, because they were part of our lifes. We love you for the eternity.
(Ivonne and Irene Tinoco, 31 and 29, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico)

73) I can't believe that you are gone Dee Dee, you've been my leading star since I started to listen to the Ramones back in the late 70's. Without your brilliant lyrics and music the Ramones never ended up what they became. You will always be no.1 for me Dee Dee! Hope you'll find peace now, wherever you are. All my love,
(Björn Glasell, 33, Sweden)

74) I am so grateful to have met Dee Dee last year. He was exactly what I imagined, a true punk rock star. He was charming & mysterious. I thank him for his wonderful talent in music writing & bass guitar.
(Kate, 27, USA)

75) Gabba Gabba Hey! Rock On in heaven, Dee Dee. Miss You!
(John Ramoniax, Stockholm, Sweden)

76) You were my only hero. Thank you for that!
(Alex, 18, The Netherlands)

77) Dee Dee... I love Dee Dee, he is in my heart and in my head forever. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
(Emiliano, 26, Argentina)

(Jonah, 15, USA)

79) 1 2 3 4!!! - Punk legends should be immortal! Dee Dee inspired us all, I know all of the Ramones fans will miss him. Heaven needs some kickin' tunes anyways. I'm sure Joey and Dee Dee are rockin it up there. I found out a little late, I'm not always up to date on these things. Even though Dee Dee is gone, we will all remember his music.
(Joseph, 32, USA)

80) DEE R.I.P.
(Faye, 16, Greece)

81) Gabba hey Dee Dee... It was time for u to go, join Joey. Thank you for your beautiful, crazy, unique and powerful songs and lyrics. We will keep Rock n Roll alive. Dee Dee Ramone, Punke'angel'Rocker, ROCK the Heaven!!! 1,2,3,4!!!
(Azli, 22, Seremban, N.Sembilan, MALAYSIA)

82) Thank you Dee Dee for helping me through life with your songs. You are truely the best and nobody will ever come close. Barbara, our thoughts and punk rock prayers are with you.
(Greg Desposito, USA)

83) It's a very sad time! Thank you for so much, your name is on me in a tattooed ink. Your songs are deep in heart!!! I will miss you!!! Love,
(Robert Ramone, 23, Germany)

84) Too many for last years... Joey... and after him Dee Dee... We're missing you, guys... You will stay in our hearts and souls - FOREVER!
(Duxa, 20, Russia)

85) I was sitting in my room drinking some beer when I heard the news of Dee Dee's passing. I fell down on my knees and became motionless. My friend came upstairs and said that he had really bad news for me that he saw on the news. When he saw my face . . . he already knew that I had heard it too. First, we lost our Joey . . . and now Dee Dee is gone. He was the reason I started playing bass, it was because of him that I sing the 1,2,3,4's before each and every song; he is the reason I wear a leather jacket today. The world will never be the same. I'm gonna miss him so very much. Dee Dee was an inspiration. "You know that life really takes its toll, And a poet's gut reaction is to search his very soul, So much damn confusion before my eyes, But nothing seems to phase me and this one still survives." He lived it the way he wrote it. Joey and Dee Dee are in heaven now, and will forever be loved and missed. I love you Dee Dee, and you will be in my thoughts and life forever.
(Yanick Renault, 25, Canada)

86) The best songwriter in the world is gone. It´s so sad. What a waste. I´m glad that I met him. He seemed like a very nice guy. We will miss you Dee Dee! Adios amigo!!
(Marcus Gustafsson, 27, Sweden)

87) Good people die young... but not Dee Dee... he's the one true american... (after Joey, of course). He lived long enuff to sniff the stinkin' smell of our modern music.. fuck metal..! I love The Ramones...
(Arile Bih Punk, 19, Bandung, Indonesia)

88) Joey is dead and now Dee Dee is dead... He was best punk rock bassist and too tough to die! Dee Dee you're my punk-rock bassist hero! 1-2-3-4! But now, rest in peace Dee Dee... Adios amigo!
(Arto, 18, Alavieska, Finland)

89) The Ramones have been a major influence on me & my band SMOOTH & GREEDY! I had the opportunity to see them "live" a couple of times & they will always remain a great & influential band on me/us. Not just their music which is/was what it´s all about; bringing rock´n´roll to the very level of what it shoud be: simple, loud, back-to-basic with that 1950´s rock- feel mixed up with glorious punkrock. And the attitude of nothin´ is too hard - JUST DO IT! Live it! Alright... Hey Ho I gotta Go! Keep on Rakkin´!
(Smooth Ray, 33, Sweden)

90) Dee Dee was a great guy..... last year I met him after a gig here in Italy and he was very cool! He didn't drink anything, but he offered to all of us some beers and talked a little about how bad are drugs and alcohol! He was disappointed about Joey cause he wanted him to be sober to recover in a good way, but then we all know that something went wrong. Now I think my life won't be the same, cause two great idols of mine are gone away and I won't hear any new songs from them. But they both left some great music and those things will stay with me forever. Dee Dee, I miss you!
(Vinni, 33, Italy)

91) Dee Dee I'll see you in heaven some day. You have inspired me to start playing bass and guitar. Thanx for all!
(Torgny Frank, 23, Sweden)

92) I started to get into the RAMONES when I heard them on a video game and thought they were really good and I bought a CD ROAD TO RUIN and I loved it. Then before I had like 5 cd's of them and records. But anyway Dee Dee was my favorite Ramone. So I was really mad when I heard that he past away. I fell the same way about Joey but I wasn't into the Ramones at that time but I will always remember both of them forever. Will miss you.
(Kenny Henry, 14, U.S.A)

93) It's taken me a bit of time to be able to say anything about Dee Dee, mainly because it's as devastating as Joey's death was which most of us are not even over yet. I always looked at Dee Dee like " Well after all he's been through, he can make it, he can keep going" then I can keep going, keep living, keep being a better person. When he died, I started to doubt all this. When Joey died it broke my heart, Now Dee Dee's gone and it's broken my soul.
(Baby Ramone, 27, USA)

94) Dee Dee was the heart and soul of punk rock... He wrote songs all of us misfits could relate to. I mean from Wart Hog to Too Tough To Die.... The words tattooed on our heroes arm .... I too have these words on my arm the exact spot Dee Dee had his.... I also will treasure the times I met Dee Dee on the streets of the city .... he always took the time to make you feel like you were important .... Too bad he never got his just due as the truely greatest song writer of our time ..... He will never be forgotten as long as we have the music he and his bros created .... Heaven is a much happier place now with Joey and Dee Dee together again. Fans remember Dee Dee summed it up best DRUGS DON,T EVER PAY ...... LOVE KILLS ...... Too bad Dee Dee didn't realize this sooner .... I guess the demons won out in the long run .... WHAT A FUCKIN, SHAME .....GABBA GABBA HEY REST YOUR SWEET SELF IN HEAVEN ......
(Joe Coma, 33, Brooklyn, NY, USA)

95) In love with U Dee Dee. VIVA RAMONES .. GABBA GABBA HEY!
(Daniel Herbert, 22, Ciputat, Jakarta, Indonesia)

96) You and Joey are so happy now. You made us happy when you were alive and thank you for that.
(Ana, 16, Croatia)

97) There's no bass anymore...
(Hartza, 32, Finland)

(Christian Gutierrez, 16, USA)

99) For folks like us who experimentated with cheap equipment in our children rooms in the late seventies, Dee Dee was the one we wanted to be. Fast and straight. In fact, in Germany he was the hero of the punk era and he's still in our hearts. Dee Dee and the Ramones meant life to us and it ever will be.
(Lars Kauffmann, 38, Germany)

100) I´ll never forget you. You gave me the strengh to endure. Hasta siempre amigo.
(DD, 26, Madrid, Spain)

101) The Ramones are my favorite band of all time. Even though I never got to see them in concert, I have most of their records. Both Joey and Dee Dee will be missed. I believe that the Ramones inspired some of the popular punk bands of today including Blink 182 and Sum 41. It is hard to picture what the world would be without punk rock. RIP-Joey and Dee Dee.
(Sean Anderson, 28, USA)

102) I arrived from school and I heard Rock N' Roll High School playing on the TV. It was some news on MTV, and then my mother asked me who was Dee Dee Ramone and I said that he was the bass player and one of the most importants Ramones. And then my mother told me that he died on that morning. It was that fact that MTV was showing. I have to say that my favorite Ramone is Joey, because I love his voice, and his style, and his songs. But as time went by, I saw that Dee Dee was very important too, and I really love his songs too. And when I started to listen to Ramones, and when I started to see that he was great, he died. It was very sad. I heard 53rd and 3rd and Punishment Fits The Crime... But I thought... Well, LIFE GOES ON... And this is for him: I REMEMBER YOU.
(Daniel Dutra, 12, Brazil)

103) DEE DEE WILL DANCE FOREVER! RAMONES: The best band in the WORLD EVER. Even better than Beatles. Dee Dee; as Joey you will always be in our poison hearts, in our stuck brains. Thank you for showing me the WAY. CARBONA NOT GLUE!
(Carlos R, 27, Spain)

104) Sorry mate, times up, u had a good! Top guy, top music! RIP! Punk must go on.
(Mick, 31, England)

105) My life has changed since I found out that after Joey, now Dee Dee is gone too. The Ramones are my life, they gave me sense to live and inspired me for almost anything I have done in my life. I would like to thank to DEE DEE, JOEY, TOMMY, JOHNNY, MARKY and C.J for the best music in the world. They really did change the world. Joey, Dee Dee, RestInPeace.
(Tomaz, 21, Slovenia)

106) The world is sad because of Dee Dee's death last June, all of us that loves Ramones, will miss him a lot, and that's something that we can't change, but we can think that Joey and Dee Dee are waiting for everyone of us who loved them here on earth and will love them in heaven.
(Susana, 24, Mexico)

(Alan Giff, 33, N. Ireland)

(Hara, 15, Greece)

109) Hey, I was looking at your "Dee Dee is an angel now" page... Dee Dee was a great bassist! I remember when Joey Ramone died I was at my grandparents, my cuzin was watching MTV and then the news report came up, it was truely sad, I cried. Then this year I was just checking my mail, and a opening like comment type thing saying Dee Dee died, it was really bad, no one here knew so I told everyone, no one believed me, I dont know why, but it was sad for me and all my friends, I can't really explain how I felt, but after we found out we all wore our RAMONES shirt the next day in his honor!!! Dee Dee inspired me to play bass, Joey inspired me to sing, they are truely great people and artist...
(Carolyn Prevost, 15, USA)

110) Goodbye Dee Dee .... Maybe you're the best punkrocker in the world! I'll never forget you 4ever...
(Put Ramone, 19, Indonesia)

111) The first time I saw The Ramones on a video, that had the Ramones on it was the song Blitzkrieg Bop. When I saw Dee Dee play that bass, it made me go crazy. At that moment I wanted to be a bass player, because of Dee Dee. Dee Dee I miss you so much. It hurts me to think of you because you're gone and my soul fells empty without your Punk Attitude in me. You are what made me love everything about Punk. You are Punk Dee Dee. I Never Saw the Ramones live and that makes me angry but I Remember you from your great music and Music Videos. Alot Dee Dee your stuff was the greatest. It had that Fucking Punk Attitude to it, the attitude you gave to the Ramones Plus 100% more ass kicking Punk attitude. I will have a moment of silence for you Dee Dee............. This is to me And Dee Dee. I loved you Dee Dee you where like a brother to me. I wish I would have had a chance to talk to you but your gone. Your soul is in my Bass Dee Dee. Every time I pick it up and play it your Punk attitude is in it. From now on everytime I play it I will do a tribute... play Blitrieg Bop, every fucking time just for you Dee Dee. I miss you. I hope when I die I will be able to jam with you in heaven and you to Joey will rock the hell out of heaven together Dee Dee. When I go to heaven I will look Just for you Dee Dee. I will tell God: Hey Where's Dee Dee and Joey! I want fucking play some punk rock jams with them. They will play song that I will like to go "Dee Dee Rock'N Heaven". Well R.I.P Dee Dee you to Joey. I will truly miss the hell out of you guys. Hey Dee Dee I am going to the Misfits Tour in the Key Club. I'll try to tell Jerry Only and Marky Ramone to do a tribute to you man. Lots of love your Friend Jesse. Dee Dee lives on in my heart. oh yeah Dee Dee is King of PUNK!!!!!!!! forever...!!!!!!
(Jesse Escobar, 16, California, United States)

112) There gone now, can't imagine it's over, doubt it really is though, beyond the legacy and fond memories one thing remains... these guys saved rock and roll.. and I for one am very grateful!
(Jay Philips, 38, Canada)

113) I'll always miss you in the stages, when you rock my heart was paralysed, and the only thing that I think of was that life was grate, but now I quit, I leave home and I promise that I will follow your steps. Dee Dee I leave home for you.
(C. Gee Ramone, 19, Chile)

(Christine, 14, Norwalk, USA)

(MLaden, 19, Slovenia/ Bosnia)

116) Man Dee Dee was the best, as for the Ramones as well. It's weird because Joey and then Dee Dee!?! Geeze too much. I can't believe it. It's too crazy. I'm young but I still listen to their music. Their music is so cool. I know I'll always listen to them. I'm listening to them right now. Well I hope Dee Dee and Joey are happy up there. You guys are the best! I wish to see u guys! Bye. Forever missed!
(Jesika "Lil' Ramona", 14, usa)

117) Thx for all Dee Dee , you are a GENIUS, you composed INCREDIBLE songs, you are in the same place where John Lennon and Joey are, in genius paradise. You are so precious, so unique, so cool. Thx :)
(Lucas, 20, Brasil)

118) I still so sad about Joey and Dee Dee. Ramones has really changed my life. I saw them in 1996, last Ramones shows in Brazil. More than a band, the Ramones and specially Dee Dee, means a chance in this sick world to people who was "born to lose" like us. In the wall of my bedroom there's a lot of Ramone's pics. I have been a sad boy since I was 14 years old, and I think the Ramones saved my life, the only one thing that make me happy. I really love each Ramone and I was a fucken shock about Dee Dee and Joey. I always have scary about that, I would like that no one Ramone die. We lost two. But the message still live: we are ugly, lonely, sometimes we like drugs, we are a little sad, but we can win! We can win! The Ramones won. We love Dee Dee and Joey, we love the Ramones!!
(Fernando, 23, Brazil)

119) As I sat and watched a re-run of this years Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, I eagerly watched anticipating the Ramones induction. I watched as Eddie Vedder gave his induction speech, and the Ramones came on and excepted there awards. Green Day had started to play 'Lobotomy' as the phone rang. It was my brother with the news that Dee Dee had passed away. I think I turned blue when I found out the man who had inspired me to play bass had passed away. Dee Dee, you are greatly missed by everyone and I can't wait until we all get a chance to see you again, sleep well. Gabba Gabba Hey!
(Aaron, 15, USA)

120) Oh Dee Dee you just had to die? Right near my house, a couple days before your concert I was gonna see...... crap.... I am so sad. I weep every day when I think of you. You inspired me to play bass and count off (1-2-3-4!) and grow my hair long like yours. I look and act so much like you, my friends call me little Dee Dee Ramone Jr. I even tell everyone that you are my dad cause I act and look like you, and yes, I love you man. Even my friends like you, well except for my dumb friend Lump who listens to Stink182 and those fake punk bands and not to the creators of punk: THE RAMONES! I wear my Ramones patch and shirt in rememberance of you... We will never forget you....
(Little Dee Dee Ramone Jr., 16, Los Angeles, CA, USA)

121) Jeezus, that will teach me to stay isolated from the world of music for a few months. It's September 17, 2002 and I've only just found out about Dee Dee's passing in June. There were nights in my mispent youth when all we played for hours on end was a loop tape of Ramones classics - just pissing it up with my buddies and singing along with the brothers Ramone. They were THE band we all agreed we loved. We dressed in torn jeans and black leather jackets as homage to our heroes. We just fuckin' loved that band so much and now we're losin' 'em at an indecent rate of haste. Goddamit I'm miserable about this - no wonder I've stayed clear of the music news - its all fucking bad!!! RIP Dee Dee.
(Muzza, 35, Australia)

122) I met Dee Dee in June 2001 (2 months after Joey had passed). I felt that I had to meet at least one of the Ramones, since Joey had died that was heartbreaking. I knew that Dee Dee was very accessible (and lived in California) from everyone online always writing about their meeting him and how very kind and open he was. I found out that he was doing a book signing for Chelsea Horror Hotel in Burbank. So, I was nervous, but knew that as a Ramones fan, I must do this. I show up, it wasn't very crowded, that Sunday afternoon. I envisioned a line wrapped around the block. But, anyhow I walked in, purchased my book, waited out front. The local newpaper was conducting an interview with Dee Dee. I go back in a short while later, got in line -before I knew it I was at the signing table. I excitedly shook his hand and let him know that I was so pleased to meet him. He was very sweet. I didn't want to say anything stupid to this great punk rocker, so.... I just smiled at him. He'd informed me that he'd just returned from a trip to N.Y. and during this trip the city was the way he remembered it in the 70's and he referred to "Taxi Driver". He also let me know that he was going to stop performing, which I'd found a bit disheartening. He showed me his art and we discussed that for a while. I let him know that I thought he was a genius. We wrapped up out chat and I again thanked him and shook his hand. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, that I'll never forget. I also got my photo with Dee Dee in the local newpaper that week. What more could you ask for? I was stupid and didn't realize till way later, that Dee Dee was doing an acoustic performance and selling his fanzine there. Gabba Gabba Hey, what else can I say?
Anyhow, Dee Dee's death was a shock to me. When I received Arturo's email that day.. I saw the subject "Our Dee Dee".. so I said sarcastically "What, did he die!?".. so I opened it and sure enough that was the case. So people were calling me and I called a few people and left messages. And everyone was like what do you think he died of? I said that I thought he'd died of natural causes from a broken heart because I knew that Dee Dee was very sad (on the inside). But, that was not the case. I didn't think he'd die that way. I thought that maybe he'd live to be the oldest of the Ramones. Too tough to die.
(Luno, 26, Corona, CA, USA)

123) In the mid 80's, when we listened to the Ramones first time, all we wanted be like Dee Dee. We were kids and pretended playing bass in Dee Dee's - like style counting his legendary Then we've grown up and listened to his lyrics sharing his way of expression. Now we miss him still hearing the Dee Dee's
(Marcin, 30, Warsaw, Poland)

124) WE MISS YOU!!
(Milos Zlatanovic, 18, Yugoslavia)

125) I had just gotten into the Ramones and started playing with a punk group about two months before Dee Dee left us. I know I was late, but hey, I'm young. However, I wasn't too late to listen to all the Ramones I could and, being the bassist of the band, latch onto Dee Dee as my personal favorite (just like girls used to have their own Jacksons... sort of). He wrote some of the best tunes, played a solid bass, and was an engineer in the creation of the great big, wonderful and sometimes disillusioned thing we call Punk. He was a visionary, just like Joey, Johnny, and Tommy all were. We owe Dee Dee and them all gratitude for enlightening us. I know I'm thanking Dee Dee -- I listen to "Wart Hog" almost every day. I'm sure that, whatever you believe in, wherever he is, he's finally happy and hopefully sharing laughs with Joey. I'm sad he had to go the way he did - Hell, sad he had to go at all. But it happens to us now. And he'll always be a legend.
(Will "Willy Ramone" Short, 18, USA)

126) I love you Dee Dee!
(Jesika Vidal, 17, USA)

127) I am so sad that Dee Dee died. I was making a poster and I wanted to get pictures of the Ramones, instead I got bad news. I wish he would just come back, how sad. Why did he have to die.
(Alane Morales, 11, California, USA)

128) Dee Dee has always been my role model. I cried when he died. A part of me left when he died. I met him once and he was a great guy. Much love to Dee Dee Ramone!
(Erin, 18, USA)

129) This has been crushing. First Joey, then Dee Dee. I think Dee Dee was the coolest bass player in the world. My best friend has said that if she is going to have baby some day, the second name will be Dee Dee. That is real respect!
(Sanna, 17, Finland)

130) Dee Dee was a great songwriter and a good bassist, he made many good albums with the Ramones. Importantly also started a new generation of music. On the day he passed I couldnt believe it until I saw it in the papers. I mourned death all day. But now he s in a better place. He is dearly missed.
(Ryan, 13, USA)

131) When Joey died I really did not know very much about about the Ramones. I had heard a few songs and stories and had been meaning to buy a Ramones album for the past four years. I felt sad, but it didn't really hit me too hard. By the time Dee Dee died, I had become a fully-fledged Ramones fan, even attending the Bowery Electric Festival (I'm the girl who won the autographed Adios Amigos Poster). I had read "Lobotomy" and every Dee Dee interview I could get my hands on. As far as I could see, he was finally clean, sober and happy and, seeing that he went through hell to get all of that, he definately deserved it. I think the worst thing about his death is that it made everything Dee Dee had fought so hard for go down the drain. I always had this weird feeling Dee Dee didn't have much longer to live and sometimes I'd wonder how he was going to die. I always hoped that when he died, it would be in a car crash with Barbara so they wouldn't have to be separated. No such luck. I just hope that whereever he is, he's okay. Rest in man- God knows you've earned the right to.
(Adele, 18, USA)

132) What can I say? I'm a Brazilian and I play with my band called Demagogos. Dee Dee was everything that one band need. His lyrics are forever! Gabba Gabba Hey!
(Erico, 17, Brazil)

133) To the incredible Dee Dee Ramone. Though you are gone from this land, in our hearts, you still stand. From being a Ramone to being a King. In our ears, your voice still rings. You played the bass better than the best. Yet, your body still lay at rest. Everyone wanted to know your true personality, but now we can't because of reality. I cant believe this is really true. Why did any of this happen to you? Always remember the Ramone, as you and Joey rest in peaceful heaven. You will be missed! Love alwayz,
(Tara, 15, USA)

134) I can't believe it, Dee Dee from the bass player of the ramones is... DEAD! I can't believe it, he was a greatest bass player ever!!! I work all summer long then months later... No one tell me that Dee Dee is dead not ever MTV news or VH1 even heard about it!!! Maybe my friends never know about it. But I always remember the Ramones, I always remember Dee Dee and Joey. That really make me sad when Joey dies, and now the bass player Dee Dee. Dee Dee and Joey, I always remember you guys.
(Grant Daily, 18, USA)

135) I remember when I was hanging around in Helsinki after the gig of my another band Tears Of Drama. I was getting drunk and having fun.. The Ramoniac way of course. This happened the night before Dee Dee's passing. As the sun was rising the next morning, I was trying to find the railroad station, hangover as hell! As I reached my hometown Kemi, I had a strange feeling I can´t quite explain. I went home and suddenly my phone rang. It was our singer Jani from TOD. He said: "how´rya feeling?" I thought he was referring to my hangover. But the shock about Dee Dee's death came few seconds later. I was devastated by the news I heard, and by the time I finished the discussion, I was sitting on the lawn outside my apartment. And right then rain broke down on me! I was thinking "Someone else is sad too...". Still I know that boys are happy together up there, somewhere. Two of them are gone now, but never from my heart or soul.
(Jani Hurula (Cretin Family and Tears Of Drama), Finland)

136) Dee Dee thanks for making it sound like we all could make our dreams come true.
(Robert Baum, 45, USA)

137) R.I.P. Dee Dee Ramone. Much love & respect to Barbara.
(Daniel "Pinhead", 16, UK)

138) Thank you for all the night that we been through, for all the time that spend together, for all the night that still remain, for all the moments.. Thank you Dee Dee.
(Putrastillmad, 20, Indonesia)

139) 1,2,3,4, take it DEE DEE!!! Fuck! I can't believe that it really happened. It was a fuckin' big shock for me and not only for me. DEE DEE was Too Tough To Die! But he stayed forever young and I remember him. He stayed DEE DEE RAMONE, like he was in 1976 or 1996, it doesn't matter. Live fast and die young! Thank you, DEE DEE. Adios Amigo! GABBA GABBA HEY!!!
(Deema, 17, Belarus)

140) Dee Dee Ramone is the reason why I am who I am today. I play bass in a band that's not afraid to just have fun and NOT just think about money all the time... He died on my birthday and every year so far I moarn he and Joey's death for the whole day...
(Tyler, 15, USA)

141) Thank you for leaving this space to fans that want to owe a tribute to Dee Dee... We'll always remember Dee Dee more than as a great punk rock bass player, we will remember him as a friend. Thank you Dee Dee, of everything. We'll never forget you,
(Fabio, 24, Italy)

142) Gabba Gabba Hey! I have never been this sad he´s was one of the best rock bassist ever..... Dee Dee have inspired for my own basstyle.... I´m really sorry. I hope we al will see him and Joey in heaven....
(Marcus, 13, Sweden)

143) I´m very very sad... Never forget Joey and Dee Dee... Ramones forever... Gabba Gabba Hey!
(Sebastian, 21, Germany)

144) In the name of the legion of RAMONES fans all over the world, we are very sorry for the death of the greatest composer the best band of the world ever had! REST IN PEACE, DEE DEE! Love,
(Jao Ramone, 20, Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

145) I would like to say only that I was very sad, when i heard what has happened to Dee Dee. Ramones are my favorite band and always will be. We have lost first Joey and then Dee Dee, but they will live forever in our hearts. I love you
(Sandra, 26, Holland)

146) I remember when i found out DEE DEE died i was in school. ME and my friends went outside and built a big shrine for him across the street. We got in so much trouble because our principal didn't respect him, IDIOT, when we left the shrine he came and tore it down, IDIOT. Anyway, i will never forget DEE DEE he is a real hero to me and punk would't be the same if it wasnt for him!!!
(Kyle, 13, USA)

147) My best memory is when I was newly introduced to their music and always loved listening to the music with no guitar. It was never anything against the distortion but being a percussionist, it drove me nuts to hear the bass and drums. I can't say exactly why but I loved the way it made me fit in to my own world. And I wish I could've told him this when to my surprise I had the chance to meet him at a Hollywood Venue which is right next to the Whisky. At the end of the night I was pissed off cause I went straight home. While at the Venue I didn't know what to talk to him about and when news of Dee Dee's passing away was heard I was sooo disapointed at myself...
(Freddie Volture, 26, USA)

148) Dee Dee. You were an amazing person, with a great heart. You knew how to rock. And you always stuck to that. We all miss u Dee Dee. And to the true fans of yours... you're not gone. You live on in your music.
(Kellie, 14, USA)

149) June 5th i was in longbeach. i went home the next day and went to my buddy's house as usual. we talk for a while then he told me "hey dude guess what" i said, "what bro"deedee ramones died yesterday. i was shocked like hell. i was sad man. i couldn't believe it. i thought he was joking, but then he showed me the newspaper. there he was on the front page. ramones original bassist deedee ramone was found dead june 5th at his home. damn i felt like "shit" man i couldnt believe it. i guess first heaven needed a singing angel and took joey, but i bet joey was lonely so he took deedee. them two will always live in our lives. gabba gabba laterz joey take care of deedee for us and takecare of yours self to ok. hey ho lets go.
(Irving Robledo, 14, California, USA)

150) I am a big Ramones fan since the first time I saw them playing live in Düsseldorf/Germany 1991. It was a fantastic show very close to the famous live album LOCO LIVE and it was loud, raw and sweaty and of course they played fast.. very fast 1-2-3-4!!!!
1994 : I was heading towards Holland with my old VW Golf just for one aim : seeing Dee Dee Ramone and his band I.C.L.C. in the Metropol-club in Hengelo. I saw them a few days earlier in Cologne and Essen and it was just awesome (ever heard Dee Dee's version of Poison Heart just with Dee Dee on vocals&guitar ?). And it was the same great band with John Carco on bass and Mr. Lommen on drums that played that special night in Holland. After a splendid gig I was hanging out by myself drinking beer when suddenly somebody I didn't personally knew came to me and said : "Hi, I'm Dee Dee. I know you from being in the crowd in Germany." I did not know how to react at first cause I thought I would be in a cool movie but then I said: "hello,my name is Henrik." Well, what can I say, what do I remember? Alright it was no dream and Dee Dee offered me drinks and food and we hang out together with his band and fans backstage and had a cool time. Mr. Ramone offered me to be on the guest list for the next gig and I just was in 7th heaven. OK, the following gig was in Tilburg, Holland and it was like this: guest list for the next date: Doornroosje, Nijmegen. Man, that was a cool holiday!!!!
1998: We had a gig with my ex-band Vampyre State Building in Berlin, SO 36. Main act were the Misfits and we were the opener. When we arrived somebody was doing soundcheck with the Misfits whom I knew: well, it was Dee Dee. He was on holiday with his cute wife Barbara and was special guest for this gig. I couldn't believe my eyes: meeting Dee Dee again, wow, it was just great. Well he did 2 songs with them: Blitzkrieg and Sedated and it was very cool!!!!
2000: Dee Dee played in Essen/Germany with his new band: Dee Dee on guitar and vocals, Barbara on bass and vocals, Chase Manhattan on drums. Well what can i say... I met Dee Dee again. And it was a great gig. Everytime I met him I had a great time, he was kind, friendly and cool to me and I was very shocked when he left us in 2002. What a loss!!!! Still can't take this.
(Henrik Sprock, 28, Germany)

(Pete, 40, Quebec, Canada)

152) It was a hot July night and me brother Jim and I were lucky enough to get tickets to Joey's Blitzrieg Bash. Coming from Chicago to New York City to see the band that makes is possible for me to be alive today. To be able to see them live in their hometown! Wow. And of course Joey and Dee Dee made it the greatest night of my life. I was able to be up close. Right on the stage in front of me was Dee Dee Ramone. Wearing his plaid pants and no shirt just doing what he does best. I have two highlights. After Joey was done singing "Danny Says" I yelled "Joey you rule!" Joey was walking in one direction. Actually stopped turned around, came to me and shook my hand! He didn't have to. But he did. I shook hands with Joey Ramone! My second. Was looking up at Dee Dee and giving him a high-five. As we did. Dee Dee gave me his guitar pick. And smiled and said "Gabba hey". And for that one moment it was just me and my idol Dee Dee Ramone. That night has lived with me from 1997. And today in 2003. It is still the single most greatest time in my life!! I wanna say to Dee Dee. Thank you very much. You fucken rule. And your right. You are a very wonderful person. Rest now Dee Dee. We will all see you soon. Thank you.
(Scott Surowiecki, 31, Chicago, Illinois, USA)

153) Dee Dee was a wise man. He was a really punk rocker the same as their pillar Joey. No doubts. Fundamental double of the The Ramones: the soul and the voice of the group respectively. I loved them. Dee Dee lived his life like many people want. Dee Dee wrote the philosophy of its life in verses, and it put him tones so that it's band played them live. I will miss mainly to know about them making good music in the world, touring and flying him the head how much public was put in front. 1-2-3-4. Dee Dee, we see each other soon.
(Hugo Ramone, Minas, Uruguay)

154) Dee Dee You were a crazy, dumb and brilliant guy. You never failed to get me high, I loved your wit and your words. You were the the number one!
(Paul Harris, 40, Australia)

155) Dee Dee, my mom never let me see you at a concert, I wish I would've. I'm only 13 but your music has made a impact on my band.
(Bianca, 13, UK)

156) Your music is very beautiful.... in your song there is the passion... I love your group!!! You are the best, in the world........ 1.OOO KISSES,
(Federica, 16, Italy)

157) 1,2,3,4..... we will miss you and remember you forever. You are a true symbol of punk rock. Your memory lives on.
(Derek, 13, USA)

158) Well, first avold I'm 18 years old and I live in Brazil. When I was like 7 or 8 years I first heard of a band named The Ramones, bought some LPs and from that moment on, my life started to change, after I have listened to ALL the ramones songs, I started to like punk rock and to turn into the guy I am today, and all this is thanx to Dee Dee Ramone, the guy who invented the punk rock as we know today, the guy who had the attitude to write music as he liked it and not as the record companies wanted him to, the guy who changed my life (to a better one)... And on this moment, with tears on my eyes, I say: Rest in peace Dee Dee, go to heaven and show god a little of what you showed us here, Im sure that he took you away from us so you can give him some fun up there. RAMONES FOREVER, YOU'LL BE ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS!!! Man, I'm really crying, that's embarassing...
(Felipe Soares Silva, 18, Brazil)

159) I 1st Met Dee Dee Back in March 1989 @ Spinoff Records In Queens. Out of all the Ramones. Dee Dee was my favourite & the most coolest Ramone of all. He was very friendly & He was very happy to hear when I told how great His solo record was. While Dee Dee was living @ The Chelsea Hotel during the early to mid 1990's I would always see him hanging out. And I would stop & talk with him. He was always very friendly to talk with. The last time I saw Dee Dee was @ the Lakeside Lounge where he was doing a book signing for his book 'Chelsea Horror'. He looked good, relaxed & tan too. I asked him if he remembered me & He said "Yea" I thought to myself "Man What A Thrill This Is That One Of My Childhood Idols Remembers Me" It really put a smile on my face. It was always a great thrill to see Dee Dee Walking Around NYC, seeing him @ Coney Island High(RIP) in Nyc, just hangin out.
(Ritchie M., 37, U.S.A.)

160) It was a cool night in the mid 80's. The venue was the famous "Stone Pony" in Asbury Park N.J.. As the fog rolled onto the stage and into the crowd, the intro began for The Ramones to take the stage. The crowd was going crazy at this time! I found myself at the front of the madness and before I knew it I was thrown onstage by other fans just as the Ramones started to hit the stage. I could not see them and they could not see me because of the fog! Joey tripped over me, and as I tried to get up from the stage I smashed my head on Dee Dee's bass! The sound resonated throughout the club! Dee Dee yelled out "What the Hell is going on"! Right after that I dove back into the crowd to avoid the bouncers! Oh what a Great time that was! Thanks Dee Dee and Joey for the wonderful memories!
(Dennis Relova, 40, USA)

161) I think Dee Dee and Joey were the two most liked out of the Ramones. They both were great and knew what they wanted out of life. They both made punk rock what it is today. I know most of all I will miss them.
(Billy Smith, 17, USA)

162) Dee Dee Ramone was a true inspiration to me and my sister. We loved him like thousands of others did and still do.
(Jessica Johnson, 16, USA)

163) I loved Dee Dee, now he is gone and a piece of me died with him. He truly was too tough to die.
(Mark Graham, 14, Canada)

(Sean, 14, U.S.A)

165) I really don´t know what I write, my English is bad, my heart is sick .... I tried to write in the next day after Dee Dee death but I couldn´t .... I was very sad to write... Ramones is my life... Dee Dee you always be the coolest guy... I will never forget you dude!! Rest in peace man, stay with Joey waiting for us... You make my life very very happy... Good work dude!! I will remenber you forever!! Thanks for all!!
(Filipe Fischetti, 25, Brazil)

166) First off, I just want to tell you that as I write this, I am currently listening to the Ramones. When I was 11, my dad started playing the Ramones in his car when he took me to school in the mornings. After that, my cousins started listening to the Ramones and so was I. My dad was in a little band and he told me that he played at the same bar as the Ramones once played in. All the Ramones are my favorites but Dee Dee just was my absolute favorite and still is. He and his beloved family are in my heart and will be forever even though I never met him. I love you Dee Dee.
(Sarah, 13, United States)

167) Dee Dee Ramone, you are truly a legend, the greatest bassist ever, and the greatest songwriter ever. It really sucks that you and Joey are no longer with us. Maybe if you were there could be a reunion concert or something and you could write another classic song but you and Joey are angels now..... rock out in heaven!
(Autumn Hartsch, 17, USA)

168) I was very upset to hear about Dee Dee Ramone.. The Ramones were the greatest old school band ever... me and my friends all agree that Dee Dee was one of our favorites in the band.. he was truly an inspriation... his spirit still lives on every time I listen to the bass line in all of the Ramones songs.. The spirit of Dee Dee will never die.. as long as people still listen to him play, his spirit is alive! Best wishes to all of his friends and family!
(Twig (Gaby), 13, Texas, USA)

169) I'll never forget hearin' (on the radio) "Dee Dee Ramone found dead". Dee Dee had the biggest influence on me, outta everyone in music. Like so many others, though; drugs took'em.
(Stew Panic, 19, USA)

170) Hello (hey ho lets go :-) ) I'm from Poland. Ramones is my favorite punk rock group. I want to see some Ramone member life in concert. I know that Dee Dee died, but in Poland is many fans group. Concert in Poland would be big sensation.
(Pawel, 28, Poland)

171) Thank you for all. Rest in peace.
(Toma, 35, Finland)

172) the whole damn crowd with a grin on their mugs and boping up and down from the Ramones enterance till exit. Dee Dee Ramone made the romance I have with punkfucking rock. I'll never forget the feeling of seeing the Ramones live, shit I could not even count the times.... that is the best feeling ever lost in the music.. thanks Dee Dee, are never forgotten.
(Kate, 24, Minneapolis, U.S.A.)

173) Both Joey and Dee Dee were too tough to die! I just don't find any words to say how I really feel.... R.I.P guys, see you later =:o)
(MC Ramone, 19, Vaasa, Finland)

174) Dee Dee Ramone was the greatest punkrockin sex god in the universe. Not only was he sexy but he could play the guitar like a motherfucker. I love Dee Dee and I always will. He was the original Ramone and now he's gone but he will be remembered and will live on forever because he is a legend and he helped create what we now call punkrock. R.I.P. DEE DEE RAMONE!!! Love,
(Ala, 15, U.S.A.)

175) First thing first. When I heard the news I nearly "Die in the basement". Feeling like a "Mental Patient" for a moment. My brains tell me "Now I wanna be sedated".. It was not a "Rock'N'Roll vacation in L.A.". I tell you.. Just wanna "Get out of this House".. Maybe for a Walk on "38th & 8th". Feelin' "Nothin'" at all. Suddently, I just wanna "Hop around"! Damn, "what about me?" Ah, yeah.. it's to forget that "I saw a skull instead of my face" when i heard the news on T.V...
Came back, telling my girlfriend: Now "I wanna you"! Make me forget this regret! (Whatta "Master plan" isn't it?) She tell me: No Way, man! You're just "Born to loose!" (She's the "Hurtin' kind" i tell you..) It's so terrible this departure, but I comfort myself telling me that "I'm HorRiBLe"!!
(Text inspired by The Dee Dee's "Hop Around" album.)
(Bobby Bell, 27, Montréal , Canada)

176) Dee Dee has been such an influence on me. When I look at all the rock bands I was into before I started listening to the Ramones, I see that they were all influenced by Dee Dee as well. He's the reason I play bass (a white Fender Precision), the reason I wear leather jackets, and the reason why I want to spend the rest of my life playing music. God bless you, Dee Dee, our lives are all the better because you were here.
(Joseph Taylor, 20, USA)

177) I am very glad for having the Ramones music in my life... They always help me feel better, bring up your spirits. They helped me to write simple songs from the heart and I'll always feel real lucky to have there music in my heart.
(Nansea Keays, 23, Canada)

178) I met Dee Dee in Newcastle in England in 1986 on the Animal Boy tour. Myself and my girlfriend and a bunch of other fans went up to Dee Dee's room with Joey. My girlfriend asked Dee Dee if she could have his special tour sweatshirt and he said "Sure". He was lively, funny and happy. He said he wanted kids but Vera already viewed him as a kid and was concentrating on her career. He was really hospitable to us, buying a crate of beer and talking with us for hours. He suggested they get Brian Adams to produce their next album. Joey replied "I'm not giving Brian Adams our money". Dee Dee's personality seemed a contrast to what I expected given his serious songwriting style.
(Kev Simpson, 36, Newcastle,UK)

179) I gotta lotta great memories of outstanding gigs at strange places (like the double header at Great Adventure, NJ), interviewing Dee Dee and Joey for my college radio show (The Shock Treatment Show on WPIR), and all the shows I begged, borrowed, stole or won tickets for. I can say without a doubt that I will missing seeing them live at a 120,000 DB for that hour and a half.
I also have great memories of running into them off stage in the city. Joey at one of my old band's gigs at CBGB's - his grin after I asked him how we did "Yeeeah, yeww gahs wir fuckin' greet", me getting beaned in the head by a frozen White Castle hamburger destined for Joey thrown by the band that came after us, and later helping him come off the stage so he wouldn't hurt his foot again. Joey - I'm gonna miss the support you always gave to the bands who looked up to you, and I'm gonna miss seeing you have a good time with us.
I'd run into Dee Dee at strange places all over the city, he would just appear, sometimes in Ramones gear, sometimes not. I do have a good memory of hanging out during the set up for the Funky Man video shoot at the Garage - he and I were the only ones there, so we had a couple of spliffs, talking a little homeland German - he laughed when I said I have nobody to practice speaking it anymore so ich spreche nicht so gut, so he laughed and said " Naah, don' worry dude, it will come out right if it was important". Later on he had me look at something going on with his Camaro on the street - "Eye could NEVER figure this one out, thanks man". I always got a laugh at some of the announcements he would make and how he said them. The man had a great innocent wit - it would just come out newborn babe honest, even if he was making something up for fun. Dee Dee, when I heard what happened, I thought, "Aww Dee Dee, what ya have to go do that for?", but I think you really didn't intend it to happen like that. I'm gonna miss your drawl, your energy, the determination to make your art come out the way you wanted it to, and the great noise you invented that all of us enjoy.
Take care you guys, peace be with you.
(Jan Lorenzen, 42, New York City, USA)

180) When I first started to like the Ramones Joey died. Then a year later I was Really into the Ramones Then Dee Dee died. I had just came back from a Science camp with my class and my dad came to my class and said he was taking me home a hour early. He had said Dee Dee died the day before. I went home and cut out the news paper article about it. I went in my room and played Subterranean Jungle as loud as my stereo could go three times in a row. It messed up my stereo but it was worth it. Gabba Gabba Hey for Ever Dee Dee.
(Tom Ferniand, USA)

181) Thanks for the concert in 1988 Adelaide, Australia ,and for leaving me serious ear problems. It was worth it.
Joey and DeeDee, my icons, my heros, my gods of music, I can't believe it's true. For twenty years I wanted to meet you, now I can't, life's unfair, that sucks. Thanks for the music my friends. Adios amigos.
(Kris Brandenburg, 27, Australia)

182) Dear Dee Dee, you may have died but you are and will be alive forever! Hey ho, let's go!
(Eva Batikova, 26, Slovakia)

183) It will be one year without Dee Dee next week. I still feel the pain about your loss. I was so shocked when I read the news on the teletext that night in June 2002. (Usually I never read this text, after I opened the page I had tears in my eyes and wish I wouldn't have done it, couldn't believe what I just read and so I read it over and over again).
The Ramones are the band of my life and you were always my favourite Ramone. As I was too young to see you live with your brothers, I'm so thankful to have seen you playing in Germany twice in 2000 (Ulm and Munich). I had a difficult time then with my relationship, I was not really sure what I wanted... You played "Listen to your heart" in Munich the 12/4/2000 and I was feeling deeply that this was your advice in your way to me. It's Rock'n'Roll, so simple, so great, so deep. Just what it's all about. I knew from that moment what I had to do, I listened to my heart and dumped the girl. I was having some hard times afterwards but when I made it through (a great part thanks to the strength to endure received from my Ramones-records) I was so glad to have made this decision.
That's only one story with Dee Dee and Ramones playing an important role in my life. Actually the feeling their music gives me is too big to describe in words. So I will just say thank you Dee Dee, greatest Rock'n'Roll Heart. Forever in deeply in my heart. Love.
(Thorsten Propeller, 27, Germany)

184) Dee Dee has been in Argentina as a Ramones member only once. But several times by himself (a solo). Always with the full house. As been said about Joey, he is a landmark too.
(Dante Rinaldi, 27, Argentina)

185) I started with punk rock in 1979. I got my first and still punk/ hc band in 1987 (www.patriaarmada.hpg.com.br). Ramones was/ is my greatest influence and always be. Dee Dee "is" and will be forever some light in this black world. I will never forget him. RIP man!!
(Niva dos Santos, 45, Brazil)

186) Dee Dee was a name of a guy not just any guy a RAMONE! When I heard he died I said there's goes the best damn bassist ever. I know Dee Dee was the best for all of us and I know he will still rock in heaven. R.I.P, Dee Dee Ramone. My hero.
(Eber Pedro, 13, U.S.A.)

187) When I first heard the Ramones I was in like 3 or 4 grade and I saw Rock'N'Roll Highschool. My older brother was listening to them and I remember the song too, Howling At The Moon, well 3 or 4 years later he let me borrow the Ramones Anthology, and I heard that song and shouted the lyrics! A year before that Joey died and I remember my brother making a animation in Joey's memory, I didn't know who they were then tho. But when I first began listening I was showing the songs to all my friends and kids at school, man they HATED it they said that it sucked, well I didn't care. That summer Dee Dee died, man I cried insanely even tho, but when I returned in the next year all those fags who said they hated them were complinting my Ramones shirts, I asked them what songs they knew and it was only Blitzgrieg Bop and I Wanna Be Sedated! I thought WHAT POSERS but really didn't care. They are just goin with the crowd I guess cuz everyone knew only those two songs! I inturduced more songs to them and know they do deserve those shirts. As I said before them Ramones are medicine and they helped me find myself and help me through the hard times without knowing I ever existed. Man I would do anything to go back in time and go to a concert, anything....I LOVE YOU RAMONES
(Serena Berrett, 14, USA)

188) I love the Ramones. They kick major ass!
(Alisa, 13, USA)

(Justin Romine, 15, USA)

190) Dear Dee Dee and Joey, this sucks! Wa!!!! Dee Dee you are my bassist hero! Joey you are the coolest! Dee Dee, tell Joey I said hey ho lets go! You guys are too tough to die! Take it Dee Dee!!!!!!!!!! 1-2-3-4,
(Marky, 13, USA)

(Daniel, 21, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

192) Dee Dee just rocked! The way he played, the way he looked, it was just so energetic and he influenced me and tons of others. When I first heard of Dee Dee's death I was shocked, I couldn't believe it. One of my idols died. The Ramones are just legend, and so was Dee Dee. A legend died, and the news of his death was very sad to hear, I wished it wasn't true. Him and the Ramones brought me joy and inspiration, now two of them were gone, that's such a great loss, but Joey, Dee Dee, and the Ramones live on, legends never die. R.I.P Joey and Dee Dee. (Jonathan Flores, 15, USA)

193) It was sad to see you go Dee Dee, but thanks for all the great songs what you made. GABBA GABBA HEY and good bye.
(Turo, 25, Rauma, Finland)

194) Dee Dee Ramone is my role model. I don't play the bass but I do play guitar and being able to learn Ramones songs is pretty great. You guys are my fav band. Your posters are all over my walls practically covering every bit. I respect you guys. I have all your CD's and wished I was born a long time ago so I could met Dee Dee Ramone, my idol, my crush, my one.
In memory of dee dee ramone...
(Ashley, 15, USA)

195) Gabba Gabba Hey, Dee Dee. See you in heaven. We love you.
(Freddie Kindlund, 14, Sweden)

196) The Ramones changed my life. That's for sure.
I first "met" The Ramones at age 16. I bought the Pet Sematary film, because I was a Stephen King's fan (and I'm still being). That night I turned off the lights in my room and enjoyed the film a lot. When the film ended, a question came to my mind...What band sang that incredible end-credits song? I rewinded the videotape a bit, to read the name of the band and of course, the name of the song. Ramones... that was the answer. Pet Sematary by Dee Dee Ramone and Daniel Rey, was my point to begin a special way of life... and think.
That was the reason I started a band in 1996; Radio Vaticano. I remember the rehearsals as a very special moments in my life. I remember the bass player, Oscar Junior, standing with the bass near his waist and the legs too much close, I hate this pose, and saying to him: "Hey! take that bass lower and open your legs like Dee Dee Ramone!"
The Ramones was, are and will be the most influencial bands of all time. Thanks Ramones.
Joey and Dee Dee will be always in my mind.
(Bussy Ramone, 25, Spain)

197) Dee Dee, when I first saw you, I thought: He will be my favourite Ramone. Right after that I started to play bass. It's gone pretty well since then. I've watched Dee Dee perform, and I play just like him. I can just say that Dee Dee was my hero, he was my everything, and he still is. So Dee Dee, and Joey, where ever you are, rock on, Rest In Peace. Gabba Gabba Hey on you guys.
(David Johansson, 15, Sweden)

198) For Joey and Dee Dee Ramone, well what can I say except they started it all, they never gave up and never sold out, they are the true kings of punk rock`N`roll. Ramones were, are and will always be the best punk rock band in history, and no one, no matter how hard they try can out do them. If it wasn't for them I would have given up on playing the guitar, cheers and rock on guys we`ll see you in that big mosh pit in the sky.
(Invisigoth, 17, UK)

199) I wish I could of met Dee Dee, I am young, and only 15 when he died! It was a scary day for me, I broke down in tears, I still break down in tears till this day thinking about him and Joey! I miss those guys so much! I just wish I could of seen them one last time. To tell them bye and how much I love them! Live on Joey & Dee Dee!! Love you guys more than the world its self!! Miss ya!
(Mandy Warner, 17, USA)

200) We love you Dee Dee!!! I miss you!!!
(Luy John Colvin, 20, Brazil)

201) Ramones is the greatest band in the world (not including The Rolling Stones). Top 3: are: The Rolling Stones, The Ramones and The Clash. (Jari-Pekka probably has differenet opinion of the order.) It was really sad to hear, that Dee Dee and Joey are gone. Not happy to hear Johnny's latest news. All the best for Ramones families and friends. I saw The Ramones at Tampereen Teknillinen Koulu (Teku) in 1976, original line-up, (Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee and Tommy on drums). Really great gig. One, two, three, four...!!! Next gig was at the Roskilde festival in Denmark about 84/85. Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee and Marky. It was great, but not better than in Finland in 1977. Then in 1977 the warm-up bands were: The Dogs: old-time Rock'n'rollers playing old Chuck Berry numbers, Motelli (loaning Dee Dee the white Fender Presicion guitar) and that time famous Finish band Kontra-Virtanen (ex-Virtanen, Kontra). Sorry about my bad English. The Clash is great. Saw them at Gröna Lund, Sweden in 1977. Topper was at drums. Now tax-driver in London. Why I am so keen in drummers? - simply, I am drummer myself!
(Jussi Perätalo, 16 for ever, Finland)

202) Dee Dee influenced me to play bass. He did what he wanted... not what everyone else wanted him to do. He was one of a kind! Many of my family members died of accidental heroin overdose... and it's sad to see one of Rock's most influental bassist die the same way. He will always be in my thoughts and so will Barbara. May Dee Dee R.I.P. Rock In Peace!
(Sarah, 15, Ohio, USA)

203) Dee Dee was the best bassist I ever saw... he was a true Ramone... he influenced me... I will never forget him. I have got a band and I play bass, and I will be the new Dee Dee, will be a honor be like him, and I promise I will meet him on heaven when I die... Maybe the meeting of the two best punkrock bassists... or just the meeting of Dee Dee and a fan. Dee Dee forever!!! Hey Ho let's go!!! One more thing: Joey and Dee Dee Ramone are not dead. They're alive in our hearts, in our minds.. they are eternal... at the coffins are Jeff Hyman and Douglas Colvin... Dee Dee and Joey will never die!
(Matheus Milane, 14, Brazil)

204) Dee Dee will rock in heaven! He was the best bassist ever and the coolest punk ever. I will always remember him, he has changed my life for the better! R.I.P DEE DEE.
(Tom Whittaker, 15, Wales, UK)

205) Dee Dee, I started play bass because of you, I started play your music because of you, I started do everything because of you! And now you are gone... The biggest rock legend is gone. But legend lives on! And you will always live in our hearts and minds, I`ll never forgot you. My heart is so broken because so many legends died, Joey, then you and now Johnny... Thank you for your music! Thank you for everything. Thanks to Dee Dee, Joey, Johnny, Marky, CJ and Tommy! You are the best! You will always be the best! Dee Dee Ramone (1952-2002) RIP.
(Goba Ramone, 15, Slovenia)

206) What can you say about Dee Dee Ramone??? What can you say about god??? Dee Dee is god. He created and made The Ramones so creative. Argentina loves you forever!
(Javier, 26, Argentina)

207) What can I say about the great Dee Dee. I think he was a great Ramone. There´s nobody like him. I just can say nobody could be in your place right now.
(Tomás, 29, Mexico)

208) I'm a 16 year old boy and one of my idols is Dee Dee Ramone, the way he played bass. Their music made me want to play the bass even more. The great thing about the Ramones is that they inspired other young teens just like me and any one who has heard them. Dee Dee, you're the best bass player I've ever heard. Dee Dee Ramone RIP. Ramones RIP.
(Ricardo Duran, 16, Hawthorne)

209) Dee Dee Ramone I love you so much! Dee Dee is not dead!!!!!
(Melissa Crescini, Argentina)

210) I think the Ramones are the best band!!! It is a loss for punk but Dee Dee, Joey and Johnny will be remembered forever!!
(Jake Colley, 14, UK)

211) Dear Dee Dee, when I was with you in Madrid at 1996 for a few minutes in your dressing room, also with Barbara and two guys more, I was happy. Thank you for this, Dee Dee...
(David, 32, Spain)

212) Dee Dee and my dad were buddies for a little while when Dee Dee left the Ramones and started his new punk rock band after he was Dee Dee King, when he would tour around where he lived. He would stay with us even though I can't remember it, it was the best days of my life. I'll miss you Dee Dee.
(Hali, 14, USA)

213) What can I say about the great Dee Dee. I think he was a great Ramone. There´s nobody like him.
(Tomas, 29, Mexico)

214) Dee Dee Ramone is a great person. I don't think he deserved to die. He once wrote a song called I Wanna Live. He was an important person. When Ramones were falling apart he brought them back together. Dee Dee was a really funny character from what I seen. I never met him or anything but from what I seen on End Of The Century dvd it blew me away. I will always remember Dee Dee. He has influenced many bass players. Thanks for playing a big important role in the Ramones. We will miss you!!! (Sonam, 13, USA)

215) I've always been surprised that lotsa people didn't seem to understand how Dee Dee - the creator of punk rock - could love Paul McCartney or listen to Jackson Browne on his walkman after a Ramones concert... But now I got older, I quite can understand all clearly : there is two categories of people in our world;
- The first group is clearly the most important one in terms of people: they are people who judge by what they see, and it represents maybe 95 % of the population. Those people are influenced by the appearance more than by the fundamentals of things and events. Those same people will be easily "abused" by politicians, TV, commercial spots, and so on... They will buy what they see on MTV, they will eat at McD..., they will vote for "democracy", etc... They will follow modes, will think that "punk" means to get green or orange spiked hair, etc... I call those people sheep.
- The second category of people is less representative; they don't forget that it's not the suit that makes the priest. They do what they decided to do, whatever people are pleased with it or not. They don't like TV, they don't care to be dressed in the brand new fashion or not, they don't listen to what the other category calls "information", they don't trust in politics, because they know that all this is a false game, a false choice. So, I think that the people of this second category can easily listen to the quality pop melodies behind the rough primary Ramones sound. And, when you can hear that clearly, it's evident to see the relation between Dee Dee and Paul McCartney, Jackson Browne and many other great song writers. That was Dee Dee Ramone, one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th Century, and Dee Dee knew that he wasn't the Ramones; Joey, Johnny, Tommy and Marky were the ones who followed in this way, and the result was... The RAMONES, the very best rock band ever. Thank you Mr. Dee Dee for all these fabulous songs. Repose in Peace,
(Alain Cremades, 44, Thio, New Caledonia (New Caledonia belongs to France and is located between Australia and New Zealand)

216) Nobody will ever impact that the Ramones made on the music industry and Dee Dee put his heart and soul in making this band and he deserves to have a lot of thanks for that.
(Lauren Empkie, 14, United States)

217) I always listened to the Ramones. I think there music is the dopest music I ever heard. Dee Dee totally inspired me to be a bassist. I can't say I'm the biggest fan but I'm a pretty big one. The Ramones are fast, pretty hardcore, easy, and the most inspiring punk band.
(Steven Bolde, 13, Torrance, CA, USA)

218) On this day, the third anniversary of your death, I think of you with a mixture of sadness, because you are no longer here with us, and happiness, because of all you shared with us. You were a very special person and you will live on through your music, art and writing. Thank you, Dee Dee, for sharing your talent and your life experiences.
(Mary Anne Kok, 44, USA)

219) There is a star above and it shines in a bizarre way. It is as gorgeous as a gabba smile. Which means everywhere, constantly, brilliant. Ubiquitous...
(Chris Denial, 25, Bulgaria)

220) 1, 2, 3, 4´s Dee Dee thanks for all! You wake in me a passion for the punk rock, Rest In Peace now. You are an Angel and you're my hero.
(Juan Fco, 14, Venezuela)

221) Dee Dee has been my hero since the late 70's and I saw them in 1980 and a few times after that, right now I am going through a Ramones/ Dee De revival, I just can't believe they are all gone.
(Damon Davis, I'm a Dee Dee too, 40, USA)

222) As innocent as you've been all your life, I'm sure you didn't realized the impact you did on rock'N'roll and on millions of kids all around the planet and through the years. While Iggy was the godfather of punk rock, Dee Dee you were the perfect and first true punk rocker. Thanks for everything you've done. Live fast, die young!
(Olli Ramone, 19, Canada)

223) Dee Dee, thank you for all the wonderful things you did. You really saved my life. You're my hero. Rest in peace, bro.
(Patrick Kleine, 18, Germany)

224) Dee Dee, the reason I started playing bass. He turned me into a bi-sexual. (haha)
He was violent. Maybe even a mess. But he didn't miss a single show. That's something to admire.
Unlike some people I don't admire Dee Dee because he did drugs and all, I admire him for being such a good song writer, starting punk, and always putting the band first.
(UT, Israel (Finland))

225) Dee Dee, rest in peace, I will never forget you!
(Mauro, 15, Holland)

226) Dear Dee Dee, ..thank you for saving rocn'N'Roll!! Thank you for great songs, albums, shows and entertainment!! Gabba Gabba Hey, ...don´t forget the german guy!!
(Brats Ginner, 18, Germany)

227) Dee Dee, you have all of my love!!! Ti amo!!!
(Angel,19, CA, USA)

228) The Ramones were more than the first punkrock band or a bunch of teenagers, they were the most encouraged men at that time, the rockstars wouldn't say that they knew about kids that has teenage lobotomy syndrome or they were simply wicked sick. Dee Dee was a poet in potencial everything that he made it always been in my mind and in my heart, like the Ramones. RIP Dee Dee. RIP Johnny. RIP Joey.
(Isaac Montoya, 15, Peru)

229) Although I'm only 13 and may no have been around to see the Ramones at large. I still respect Dee Dee for his influence on bass players from the USA to Japan and on he will be remembered as a hero to kid like me and older dudes like my dad. Dee Dee will be in our hearts until we leave this world, then maybe we can see him in heaven. Dee Dee rest in peace. You will also be in my heart and solo good bye, hey ho let's go, gabba gabba hey. RIP
(Joe, 13, USA)

230) Gabba gabba hey... I love the Ramones with all of my heart. They have changed my life, and I can relate to all of them in a way. I was brought up in a dysfunctional family, full of fights, discouragements and ending in divorce. Im an outcast, like they all were, and I like to sit with my friends in my basement and write songs, and practice our songs. Im sort of a confused little junkie, like Dee Dee was. Im not really a .. like he was, however. Im a rebellious punk/hippie, and music is salvation, like Joey. And Im really dedicated to the music that I create and listen to. I like to keep everything in order and make sure everyone (in my band) is doing their parts, like Johnny. I think the Ramones really made people feel accepted and normal, regardless how you are. I dont see them as freaks, but as normal people, who if anything, should be looked up to and idolized. If more people understood the Ramones, they would be liked a whole lot more. As short and fast as there songs were, and as 'weird' as people saw them as, I think the Ramones were a phenomonal band that should be respected more and loved. I love the Ramones, and I wish they didnt have so many bad times on the road and in general. Joey and Johnny should have made up. Its not good to be around someone who you have that frosty of a relationship with and constantly be with them. It was all over stupid things, dumb arguments, Linda, and criticism on how they played/ sang. It wasnt worth ruining a friendship. Y'know? Well, rockaway!!
(Nikki Ramone, 15, USA)

231) Dee Dee, thanks for so many happy and funny moments, where everything was possible, where the music towards all possible one. Your 1-2-3-4.... It was always in my memory, just as you and the other Ramones guys. Here in Argentina we miss you, and we remember your visits here. Our Dee Dee Ramone.
(Leandro Legnani, 30, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

232) Dee Dee and other Ramones members, you'll always be an inspiration. We follow all your movements.... I always believe in miracles, and I believe that you was one... RIP.. Hey... Ho... Let's Go....!
(Chossy, 26, Mexico City, Mexico)

233) What can I say about Dee Dee that hasn't already been said. I never got to see Dee Dee play live but of all the footage I have seen I know Dee Dee was a crazy bassist and hot as....!!! Dee Dee was in my opinion the greatest bassist ever and I love him and always will!!! We miss you Dee Dee!!!!
(Emily, 18, USA)

234) Everybody thinks Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt are the cute ones, well f*ck them!!!!!!!!!!! When Dee Dee Ramone was younger he was drop dead gorgeous, the most coolest man who ever lived. I started listening to the Ramones when I was only eight. Rest In Peace Dee Dee, you`re an angel now!!!!!
(Deborah, 47, London)

235) Dee Dee, you were great. Everyone miss you. You influenced lots of bands. Your sense of humour was great. You have got thousands of fans and you will be missed by all. Bye Dee Dee. Rest In Peace and keep rocking.
(Brian, 35, Aberdeen, Scotland)

236) Dee Dee is a King among men... Never failed to come up with a metaphor that would have you thinking, or that would just have you laughing. You will never be forgotten.
(Joshua Eldridge, 27, Louisville, USA)

237) Dee Dee Ramone will always be missed!! He was always my favorite Ramone, and always will be. He invented the punk attitude, he created it, he was the greatest bass player in the world. I can now never ever look at something about him and not cry uncontrollably. He is my hero, he was what got me into punk, all of the Ramones did. Even though Joey and Johnny are also gone, and I'll miss them too, but we know that they're in heaven rocking out for the angels. I hope Dee Dee feels safe on a ray on the highest trails above, past the edge of Disney land. Frankly, I dont give a damn that he did drugs, his death was so unexpected, I thought he was clean too. And the way Barbara found him, half bent over the couch, what a nightmare. My love goes to her. It still feels like we just lost him. I wish I could've met him, Dee Dee would have been incredible to meet. He had such a hard life, one quote I'll never forget: "Everyone hates me. To be in the Ramones you have to be miserable." I'm still upset of his sudden death, but I'm definitely not mad at him, he let me down, but gently. We will miss you Dee Dee!! You're my gypsy prince of rock'N'roll!!!
(Sheryl Ramone, 15, USA)

238) R.I.P. Dee Dee Ramone. Even though I am only 12 years old, the Ramones have inspired me. Dee Dee was the greatest punkrock bassist ever, and no one will ever replace him. Punk heaven needed a bassist- Dee Dee had to have been the only one good enough. You are missed.
(Emma, 12, USA)

239) Dee Dee you did what no-one else did in the world of music, rest in peace and be happy in heaven. We love you.
(Edo Damjaniae, 15, Croatia)

240) I now I'm only 16 (I like to scream), but my love for the late Dee Dee, Joey and Johnny is as neverending as you could ever get, even if I wasn't there. We will always remember the greatest band of all time. The mighty Ramones. Today, tomorrow, forever...
(Alinka, 16, Australia)

241) Saw the Ramones 9 times at live, and the only way I can describe each show is it's like having the flesh blown off my bones! Not seeing them live is like never knowing what rock'N'roll is! Just seems that when the world gets something good, it goes and loses it! I play bass in a punk band going since 1980, and even in rehearsals Dee Dee's face flashes by, and always will! He makes me play at the age of 42, and I can't put the damned bass down. I keep my faith in his memory, go easy Dee Dee, and thanks for the inspiration! Born a rocker die a rocker. Gabba gabba hey!!!!!!!
(Terry, 42, England)

242) Dee Dee Ramone is a very special guy. As well as all of the Ramones members are special. Ramones forever. A hug for all the fans of the Ramones.
(Paulo Henrike, 17, Brazil)

243) In the 80´s Trujillo (8 hours to the north of Lima, Peru by bus) was the kind of city where I could find every record of my favorite thrash metal bands, but 6 months after they were realeased. I was 12 years old in 1987, I listened Ramones and my sweet romance began: a neighbor of mine gave me away an old Maxell tape. On side A was Ramones debut album and on side B was Rocket To Russia album. It was pure, solid and explosive rock'N'roll. First I thought they were from Spain, then I heard they were Mexican guys and my friends told me they were brothers... In fact, it wasn´t theme of discussion. Only rock'N'roll mattered. Couldn´t explain to myself why it sounded so great when it wasn't thrash metal. I saw members of my favorite bands wearing T-shirts of them. Ramones? Who the h*ll were the guys who captured my extreme-headbanger-old-school-narrow-minded heart. Who???!!! Dee Dee was my hero. Hero!!! Hero!!! I moved to Lima in 2000. I heard of his death in 2002 by the 8PM news. I just cried. The man who gave me happiness, honest songs and strength to endure died. My favorite one of my favorite four died. My hero died. The man who taught that the bassist could be the heart of the band and that it is possible while playing jump like crazy. Glory to Dee Dee!
(Burrus, 31, Peru)

244) Dear Dee Dee, your wonderful artworks brings so lot smiles to the faces of people, they will never forget you and your great sense of humor. Eins-Zwei-Drei-Vier!
(Gerhard "The General" Seckler, 44, Germany)

245) Dee Dee, I'll miss you every day for the rest of my life. Hey ho, let's go!
(Leo Paredes, 33, Argentina)

246) I remember getting Dee Dee autograph outside Toads Place in New Haven, CT, USA one night. I still tell the story, he was walking to the van. I said: "Hey Dee Dee, kick ass show tonight. Can I have an autograph?" He was like: "I can't do it man, I got shit in my hands." He had some papers in his hands, I said: "OK..." and I knock the shit out of his hands, then I said: "I pick those up you sign my autograph?". He laughed and signed an autograph for me . I still have it along with my Johnny autograph!
(Tom Pietrosimone, 41, New Haven, CT, USA)

247) Thank you for all. Dee Dee have fun in the up there. We love you forever.
(Fabio, 35, Brazil)

248) I miss the Ramones. I loved Joey and Dee Dee, and whatever happened between them and Johnny privately, you have to admit they were awesome together! RIP Johnny, Dee Dee and Joey, believe it or not you brought happiness when there was none.
(Venice Valle, USA)

249) Dee Dee, man what can I say. You were my hero, my inspiration. I learned to play my bass by strumming along to your records. Whenever I was down I just listened to one of your songs and instantly felt better. When the world lost you, I didn't knew how I could ever carry on. I only wish I had been able to meet you, you were so amazing. I wish you were still with us, but I guess the Big Man in heaven wanted to have you close to him. I just want to say I love you and miss you Dee Dee. You live on in my heart, and the hearts of countless many forever.
(Amanda Karpa, 13, USA)

250) I heard the Ramones for the first time when I was 13 years old. Since that so much fun came into my life and a special personality. I went to see them playing alive 3 times. Twice in Mexico City, Mexico and once in Hollywood, USA. My whole heart was broken when Joey started his journey and same happened with Johnny and Dee Dee. I got the chance to see and shake Dee Dee.s hand at the Hard Rock Cafe in Mexico City and meet his wife Barbara who played there too. I gave to Dee Dee a wood picture from the Road To Ruin album. I will never forget that he wanted to sign and give it back to me. I told him to take it with him, it was a gift to Mr Ramone. I was glad to see happy face he made. That was it. Mexican staff wanted me to leave him alone. I am sure that he did enjoy our conversation.
(Gerardo Bobadilla, 30, Mexico City, Mexico)

251) I will always remember you Dee Dee!! R.I.P. See ya in another life...
(Sammy, Croatia)

252) Dee Dee, thanks all the awesome, asskicking, beautiful songs that have gotten me through life thus far! We may have lost an awesome songwriter the day you died but heaven gained another angel! God bless! I can't wait to see ya in heaven bro! We gotta jam!
(Matthew Kaprutus, New Castle, PA, USA)

253) I saw the Ramones nine times, but it only took one show (the first) to realise what a natural icon Dee Dee was! To me he was a true statue of life and punkrock. For all of us who despise the shit that life throws at you, he took it by the bollocks and threw it back at them, creating himself as a natural hero. Too Tough To Die .cos you can.t kill a god!
(Terry, 43, England)

254) Dee Dee, oh Dee Dee, you and your music are my inspiration. Bye.
(Godo, 28, Medan, Indonesia)

255) Dee Dee, you deeply moved my heart and made a great, great change in my life! I'm sure I speak for countless other people when saying that without you, I wouldn't be the same person right now! I think you and your bruddas Joey and Johnny made this world a better place... I have often been awestruck by the depth of your lyrics. Getting to know you meant falling in love with a great person and a pure soul... I will remember you, rock in peace...
(Maria Raia, 21, Germany)

256) Thank you Dee Dee for everything you have done in the Ramones. I don't know what would I do without the Ramones. You're the best of all! I have started listening the Ramones in 2000, since I was seven years old... and I'll never stop! Thanks to my mom and dad who did listen them when they were young....
(Ema, 13 Croatia)

257) It was 28-29 years ago that I saw Rock And Roll High School movie in the cinema in 1979. I was entranced by the music of the Ramones, and fell in love with Dee Dee as he played bass in the shower. My 11 year old heart just worshipped him! Over the years, my love for the Ramones music and my admiration for the genius songwriting that was mainly Dee Dee's has never wavered, only grown. Dee Dee was taken from us well before his time. My heart weeps for the demons that drove him, and I pray he is at peace and flying in Heaven, and that Barbara is comforted by her memories. Dee Dee, may you rest in peace - thank you for waking us up to the greatest music that ever was, your legend will live forever. I like to think you're up with Joey and Johnney counting out 1-2-3-4!! RIP Dee Dee - Ramones forever.
(Jenny Mathison, 39, Wisconsin, USA)

258) I am from Brazil but I have lived in the USA for six years now. First time I heard of the Ramones I was in my hometown, and this friend of mine came along with one of those old records. First song he showed me was I Can`t be. I went nuts... I was only 13 and that was the best punk band ever. When I came to New York in 2001. I made damn sure to go in the corner of the 53rd &3rd. Just to step where Dee Dee stood. It was a great experience, today I am 30, and still love the Ramones. I started to play bass two years ago, I do play mostly Ramones songs..
(Cesar, 30, Brazil/ USA)

259) I followed the Ramones in 1977 when I was stationed in California. Dee Dee was my favourite Ramone. His energy on stage was fantastic to see and hear! Now that these new DVD's are coming out. It is like seeing Dee Dee and the other members are still alive. I hope Dee Dee is still jamming with his brothers in heaven!
(Cary, 50, USA)

260) Dee Dee was the gas that lit the fire known as Ramones. To see him in interviews you would think that he was a dummy. But quite the contrary. If the Ramones back in the day would have given writing credits to just the person who wrote the songs, Dee Dee would be responsible for 65% of the Ramones songs, and even some when he left the band. People don.t know that Dee Dee wrote almost all the great hits and kick ass songs. Joey wrote most of the love songs and his life. Dee Dee wrote about insanity, drugs and the other side of a glamorous life. We were all sad when he left the band, but were totally devistated when he left this earth. Three kings of punk gone in just over three years is more than any fan should have to bear. Yes bands have members die, but no other band has had the curse of losing three members from natural and rockstar fashion causes. Dee Dee your memory lives on through us, the fans. Rest in peace, you deserve it. And I hope you smile every time a young kid buys his first Ramones album and when one of us listen to and discuss with friends our love of your work. You were a pioneer and a well deserved icon in the music world. People will look up to you for years to come, and your lifelong fans will never forget the music that you gave to us. So kick back and those people in heaven are lucky to have the greatest bassist, guitarist and singer in their midst. So hang with Joey and Johnny and your friends Johnny Thunders, Jerry Nolan, Sid Vicious and Stiv Bators and you all got a musical meltdown. You may be in Rock And Roll Heaven, but I know they got one hell of a band! RIP.
(Matt Longo, 35, Baltimore, MD, USA)

261) I am loosing my influence! It's you Dee Dee. Your spirit still lives in my soul! Punkrock will never die, until I die. You're my sensation. Gabba gabba dude, hit me in your heaven.
(Putra, 27, Jakarta, Indonesia)

262) I can hear Dee Dee up in heaven right now shouting hey ho, let.s! 1-2-3-4... I love you Dee Dee Ramone.
(Anya Camacho, 31, USA)

263) I started listening to the Ramones 6 years ago, I love the music , when I am sad I listen the Ramones, also when I am happy. Now I have became a bigger fan, but specially a super Dee Dee Ramone fan. I have no words to tell how I feel about his death. Hope to meet Dee Dee up in heaven some day. I love you very much Dee Dee. See ya later.
(Nicolas Martinez, 18, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

264) Dee Dee will live forever in our hearts, all of we, musicians and lovers of punk rock. We will have ever Dee Dee like a master-father-brother-friend to us, in our mind, and in our hearts. R.I.P. in the Gabba Gabba Heaven, Dee Dee.
(Aerson, 18, Brazil)

265) You changed my life Dee Dee. Because you died, you steal an opportunity for me, maybe the happiest day of my entire life (meeting you). But you give me much more. To my friend Dee Dee.
(Jean, 19, Rengo, Chile)

266) I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My favourite Ramones member is Dee Dee Ramone. Dee Dee is beautiful, sweet and loving man. He is not dead. His wife Barbara Zampini was lucky because she married Dee Dee. Barbara is also from Argentina. Dee Dee lives forever.
(Mara, 32, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

267) Dee Dee, you are my legend. I will always remember you. I think you guys are the founders of punk rock. Hey Ho Let's Go.
(Dwi Iswanto, 20, Yogyakarta, Indonesia)