- Ramones' artistic director Arturo Vega has a big exhibition called Love Life Lust at La Estacion Arte Contemporaneo in Chihuahua, Mexico. Arturo has born in Chihuahua in 1948. Exhibition is at The Casa Redonda Museum on November 10, 2012 - February 2, 2013. Exhibition has his works since 1970. The Casa Redonda Museum is a large state museum.
Great AD artist Gonzalo Facio translated to me from Spanish to English some details of exhibition from one newspaper article. Here are lines he translated: "Arturo Vega is part of the punk movement, working with the Ramones not only as a friend but as artistic director, who created the bands iconic logo, oversaw the design of album covers and produced products that were a closer link between the band and his followers. Parallel Arturo Vega performs a series of paintings with text fragments irreverent and frank: a cocktail of insults and mystical thoughts painted in primary colors that reflected the harshness of the society in which he lived, often causing confusion in the viewer and ambivalence." Thanks Gonzalo.
Here you can
read one article.
There is in a exhibition also portrait of John Lennon. John Lennon and Arturo Vega paintings are by NYC artist Curt Hoppe. Arturo Vega explain the use of the Lennon image:
"The government of Mexico has been battling the drug cartels for the last six years. That campaign mixed with the wars between the cartels themselves, and the crimes from all kinds of organized crime against the people has left 60 000 dead. Chihuahua is the Mexican state with the worst death statistics so I decided to use the John Lennon image to convey a message of Peace and Love to the people of Chihuahua," Arturo Vega E-mailed me.
I (Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone) write some more details of Arturo. So Arturo Vega was the Ramones creative director since 1974, he designed and created most all of the Ramones art, shirts, special collections, etc. He also worked as the Ramones lighting director. With the Ramones he worked on 2 261 shows, and only missed 2 Ramones shows altogether.
He definitely is/was one of their closest friends You can find the most extensive and "real/original" Ramones merchandise store from Arturo Vega's site, www.ramonesworld.com. Arturo, Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone etc. founded site together and also founded official 1*2*3*4* Fan Club. Some years after those three original members became angels, Arturo couldn't use "official" status of his site anymore. Lot of fans can't understand or accept decision.
I certainly hope people support Arturo Vega and and buy merchanside from Arturo Vega. The government of Mexico has been battling the drug cartels for the last six years. That campaign mixed with the wars between the cartels themselves, and the crimes from all kinds of organized crime against the people has left 60 000 dead. Chihuahua is the Mexican state with the worst death statistics so I decided to use the John Lennon image to convey a message of Peace and Love to the people of Chihuahua, we sell the T-shirts for $100 US signed by Bob Gruen, Curt Hoppe (he executed the painting) and myself and all the proceeds are donated to a charity for children in Chihuahua. (Updated: December 10, 2012)

- As many of you knows, CBGB club at Bowery, New York, USA, was one kind of original home of punk movement. Parallel Lines: Visual Art, CBGB, and Downtown Nightlife / Come Closer: Art Around the Bowery, 1969- 1989 a panel discussion is at New Museum Of Contemporary Art (235 Bowery, New York, NY 10002) at 7PM on December 13, 2012.
A panel discussion is with Ramones' artistic director Arturo Vega, Punk Magazine founder John Holmstrom, Marcia Resnick and Pat Place. It is moderated by Marc H Miller. Buy tickets here. (Updated: December 10, 2012)

- WhyHunger has an annual fundraiser for hungry children called Hungerthon, and they wrote me that one of their auction "item" is get for lunch with Marky Ramone in New York City.
Auction ends in Thursday, 13 December, 2012, at 3:36PM EST. Click here to get straight to auction. Winner and a friend can join Marky at one of his favorite restaurants called DBGB's at Bowery in New York, USA. WhyHunger is based in New York, but are an international organization. Click here to see what kind of important work they do and see choices to support WhyHunger. Marky Ramone has supported organization also earlier, like I has put on my page year ago information how his event at Hard Rock Cafe Firenze was a benefit in support of WhyHunger.
Now around Christmas time I want to mention of some organizations as well, you can donate in a good cause... You might remember CJ Ramone supporting Autism Speaks and me contributing a portion of the profits from my Ramones memorial books for Juliana Von Wendt Fund. This fund was founded in 1971 and they support humane researching method without animals (Joey and Johnny Ramone passed away because of cancer). Also this year I am donated money in a name of the guys to Juliana Von Wendt Fund. Also I am forwarded a portion of the profits to aid in the study of drug addiction (Dee Dee Ramone died because of drugs) and to Animalia. Animalia is founded in 1961, Animalia is Finland's leading animal protection organization (Dee Dee and Joey were animal lovers, I am vegetarian since 1995 etc.) There are lot of choices around you to help organizions... Have a Merry Christmas. (December 9, 2012)

- Wardogs is a band from Treviso, Italy. Wardogs released their Ramones' tribute/ cover album titled Raw & Dirty Days in a big party in Treviso in September 2012.
Album has by Wardogs 20 covers of Ramones songs or songs that also Ramones covered and a song that Joey covered What A Wonderful World.
- Raw & Dirty Days is our personal tribute to the Ramones and we don't want to try to emulate them (it's impossible!!!). We tried to maintain album raw, explains cool guitarist Sandro Mariuz.
Bonus track is Blitzkrieg Bop and it is a live version from a show that Marky Ramone played with Mariuz etc. under name Marky Ramone & Andead at Palaverde, Treviso, Italy on December 31, 2011. After song ends, it turns to 2012.
Wardogs plays songs with a good spirit, strong sound, kind of studio live energy and after first classics Rockaway Beach, Blitzkrieg Bop, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, Havana Affair and Commando it comes Main Man from album Mondo Bizarro (1992). A good choice. Vocalist Oscar really has Joey influenced voice and especially in What A Wonderful World Joey's spirit is there.
Thanks from me (Jari-Pekka) to you gentlemen of giving nice thanks in a thanks list on CD sleeve.
Check out Wardogs homepage (there is a store as well!) and Facebook site. (December 4, 2012)

- Little Steven's The Underground Garage radio program has The Coolest Songs In The World 2012 vote. You may vote once every 24 hours - Voting ends 12:00 PM December 28th, 2012. One song is Rock And Roll Is The Answer from Joey Ramone's ...Ya Know? album. You can vote here.
Rock And Roll Is The Answer is written by Joey Ramone and Richie Stotts already in 1984. Stotts tells more about that song in his interview on my third book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives, and how it found a way to this Joey's second solo album.
Other songs in The Coolest Songs In The World 2012 vote include Hives: Go Right Ahead, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Love Me Kill Me, Aerosmith: Oh Yeah, The Noisettes: That Girl and The Hangmen: Homesick Blues.
So you can vote here. (November 25, 2012)

- Frankenweenie is a 2012 3D stop motion comedy-horror family Disney film directed by Tim Burton with who Johnny Ramone became friends. Frankenweenie is a remake of Burton's 1984 short film of the same name and is a parody of and an homage to the 1931 film Frankenstein.
Soundtrack is titled Frankenweenie Unleashed and it is featuring a cover version of the Ramones song Pet Sematary (written by Dee Dee Ramone and Daniel Rey). Pet Sematary is performed by Plain White T's.
You can see trailer kind of combined version of Frankenweenie and Ramones promo video of Pet Sematary here. And Pet Sematary video by the Plain White T's is here. Also it has lot Frankenweenie parts and is dedicated to the Ramones. Plain White T's is an pop punk band from Chicago, Illinois, USA, formed in 1997.
As I did mention, Frankenweenie is a Disney movie. Johnny's wife Linda says following of Burton and Disney on Johnny's site:
"Johnny always said Disney was the happiest place on earth, and he loved collecting Disney memorabilia. That's why we even have a Disney themed bathroom in the house. He liked Tim (Burton), they were friends, and Johnny loved animals. He would have been happy the Ramones were included somehow." - Linda Ramone. (October 25, 2012).

- Asterix And Obelix: On Her Majesty's Service (release: October, 2012) children's movie has surprise songs... As Asterix arrives in Britannia they are playing the Ramones' version of I Don't Want To Grow Up and a bit later in a movie you can hear Joey Ramone's version of What A Wonderful World.
As most of you knows, Asterix is a legendary series of French comic books written by Rene Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo since 1959. The Asterix series is one of the most popular Franco-Belgian comics in the world, with the series being translated into over 100 languages. Asterix & Obelix: On Her Majesty's Service is the fourth film adaptation of the adventures of Asterix. Main casts: Asterix: Edouard Baer, Obelix: Gerard Depardieu and Julius Caesar: Fabrice Luchini. (October 23, 2012)

- Baratija Records is a record label in Peru (South America). Baratija Records released Ramones tribute album titled Ramones En Nuestros Corazones. Title is in English: Ramones In Our Hearts. Ramones En Nuestros Corazones has 28 groups and solo artists. Check out tracklisting and more information here CD is out now: CD for sale (info): baratijarecords@gmail.com
- Bands are of the Peruvian rock underground scene. In Ramones En Nuestros Corazones we find, apart from punk, various styles as: synth pop, 8-bit, instrumental, hardcore, unplugged, ethereal music, all mixed, demonstrating the immense respect and influence that have generated the Ramones since the late 70 's here in Peru. Involving all the generations of Peruvian rock underground from 1983 to present, informed me owner Verrugas Rockandroll.
Check out homepage of Baratija Records.
Album release event: October 31, 2012. Zela Bar in Lima, Peru. Artists playing: Leo Escoria, Montana, Los Arman, Radio Garage, Verrugas and Varsovia. (Updated: October 19, 2012)

- I found nice Forthcoming New York City PopSpots site created by Bob Egan. You can see on it the locations of famous album covers in New York, USA. Egan has included to his journeys two Ramones albums: Ramones (1976) and Rocket To Russia (1977). Man has combined album covers to locations really nice way. Visit his site and see Ramones material at the end of the site.
Bob Egan explains of location of garden where debut album cover was taken by Roberta Bayley: "The photo was taken against the back west wall of a private community garden called Albert's Garden on the north side of East 2nd Street between Bowery and Second Avenue. (It is a public garden. It is open random times each week, generally nights and weekends).
Rocket To Russia cover was taken outside the back door of CBGB's. Luckily Bob Egan has on his site also photo from 2006 as it has real CBGB's atmosphere, now alley and East Village area are in general "cleaned", lot old things are destroyed, new buildings built... (September 27, 2012).

- The Ramones did it again! The Ramones influenced robot makers to create a four-armed mohawked robot and ... it is playing a Ramones' song Blitzkrieg Bop! See photo in right. Hey Ho, Let's Go here. (August 29, 2012)

- Now are also combined coffeehouse chain and the Ramones by Ramones management and Starbucks... Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with 19 763 stores in 59 countries.
Starbucks has Starbucks Opus Collection CD series and the latest entry in the series is Ramones collection entitled Rockaway Beach. The collection, available now exclusively at Starbucks, will be featured at over 7500 of their coffeehouse locations throughout the US and Canada starting August 14, 2012, through September 10, 2012. Collection include 15 tracks from self titled 1976 debut, on through to Ramones final studio album, 1995's Adios Amigos. I was happy to notice it has also few less-known songs, especially was cool to see SLUG and In The Park being included. So now is a opportunity to do a little CD shopping while waiting for coffee.
The three panel gatefold digipack includes a 20-page booklet with photos, extensive liner notes written specifically for the release, a track-by-track assessment with anecdotes on each song etc.
The Starbucks Opus Collection series previously honored other legendary artists like John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, James Brown, The Talking Heads, The Doors and CCR.
See tracklisting here. (August 15, 2012)

- The 8th annual Johnny Ramone Tribute event was organised at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where a statue in honour of Johnny was unveiled by his wife Linda, on January 14, 2005. Dee Dee Ramone's grave is in the same cemetery not far from Johnny's statue.
I collected information of 8th Johnny Ramone Tribute together, read them here. Information below was given before event, so it is better to read information on link above.
The 8th annual Johnny Ramone Tribute is on August 19, 2012. Of the surviving Ramones members you has chance to meet there founding member, drummer and original manager Tommy Ramone. If you buy copy of Johnny Ramone's book Commando: The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone at the event, you can get it signed by Tommy Ramone, Johnny's wife Linda, John Cafiero (editor of Johnny's book and Osaka Popstar singer), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Henry Rollins (Black Flag, Rollins Band), Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats), Rose McGowan (actor), Billy Zoom (band X), and PJ Soles (Riff Randell of "Ramones movie" Rock And Roll High School).
Also special guests are Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley. Priscilla was Elvis Presley's wife and Lisa Marie is their daughter. As the sun sets, the event will feature an outdoor screening under the stars showcasing one of Johnny's Top 10 favorite Elvis films, King Creole, (a personal favorite of Presley's himself). King Creole (1958, 116 minutes) is also starring Carolyn Jones and Walter Matthau. The screening will include brief opening presentation featuring Lisa Marie and a slideshow of rare photos from Johnny's personal archives of the guitar legend with Lisa Marie. Lisa Marie also penned the Epilogue in Commando: The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone. The esteemed Priscilla Presley will appear in-person to speak and share reflections on Johnny Ramone, Lisa Marie, her iconic husband's legacy, and the lasting impact he made on the world. This is even more poignant considering it's the weeklong Graceland celebration of the 35th anniversary of Elvis' death.
The grounds of the event will include an on-site display of rare Elvis memorabilia culled from Johnny's personal collection, as housed in the Elvis Room of his Los Angeles home. Music to suit the occasion will be spun throughout the cemetery grounds by DJ Howie Pyro (D-Generation, Danzig, Intoxica Radio etc.).
Address of Hollywood Forever Cemetery is: 6000 Santa Monica Blvd. LA, CA. Admission is 10 US$. Doors open at 5:30 PM and autograph signing is at 6:30 PM. Net proceeds benefit the Johnny Ramone Research fund at USC Westside Prostate Cancer Center lead by Dr. David Agus. Admission is only $10, however donations in excess of the required admission are welcomed and suggested (but not mandatory). Tickets can be purchased online in advance here. (Updated: September 4, 2012)

- Beat On Cancer Germany benefit event is in Dusseldorf, Germany on September 7-9, 2012.
All three days take place at the Bar 95, the club house of Dusseldorf's local football club Fortuna 95 Dusseldorf (address: Flinger Broich 87, 40235 Dusseldorf). Venue's capacity is strictly limited to around 350.
- This will our 18th Anniversary since the first Ramones tribute we did back on September 9, 1994. All our Ramones tributes been sold-out in the past (1994, 1997, 2004). Friday and Saturday will be "regular" late evening shows, but maybe there are some special events like signing sessions etc. Also there will be autographed stuff to be auctioned at the Beat On Cancer Germany for sure (by Richie Ramone etc.) All proceeds will go to the children's hospice Regenbogenland ("Rainbow's country") in Dusseldorf, Jörg Buscher explains.
He organise Beat On Cancer Germany with some friends. So some fans might remember Loudmouth! fanzine and CD. Jörg did fanzine together with Christian Pemsel. It was the official fanzine for the Ramones 20th anniversary etc. Read more details of Loudmouth! here.
Special guest is "official" Ramones photographer George DuBose. You can see in his exhibition at Bar 95 rare Ramones photos. DuBose did lot Ramones promo photo sessions and photographed and designed many Ramones albums covers. DuBose also has released a great book entitled, I Speak Music - Ramones. You has opportunity to see DuBose's works, buy prints and book and get them signed by him. You can read really extensive interview with DuBose and see his before-unpublished photos on my third book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.
Confirmed Beat On Cancer Germany bands include Italian Romanez, Switzerland's Möped Lads, English Banjoey Ramone and German groups Ramonas, Hamburg Ramönes, Nimrods, Zwakkelmann, ZZZ Hacker, The Sentiments, Roman Romero (The Colvins, The Romeros), The Brewers, UTB Rocket Crew and Cashbar Club...
Read more details of Beat On Cancer Germany here. (Updated: August 13, 2012)

- Warner Music Group (WMG) launched while ago Single Notes line of short form, digital-only e-books about music and pop culture. Now is out from the Rhino imprint with When The Wall Of Sound Met The New York Underground: The Ramones, Phil Spector And End Of The Century e-book by Frank Meyer. That is available now as a digital download starting at $1.99 on the iBookstore and Amazon's Kindle store.
Here is press release material: "When The Wall Of Sound Met The New York Underground: The Ramones, Phil Spector And End Of The Century explores the collaboration between the Ramones and Spector. The Ramones had spent years cranking out influential albums that failed to set the charts on fire, so it was decided they team with legendary '60's producer Phil Spector to make that elusive hit album that would take them to the top. But like most things in the world of the Ramones, things didn't quite work out the way they planned. Guns, drugs, affairs, death, mannequins and madness ensued as the band attempted to fuse their style with the work of an esteemed madman. All the while the band was shooting the film Rock'N'Roll High School and burning the candle at both ends. The result is the misunderstood Ramones classic, End Of The Century (1980). The ebook was penned by Frank Meyer, who co-wrote with Ramones road manager Monte Melnick book titled On The Road With The Ramones, as well wrote liner notes for five Ramones re-issues etc. (August 11, 2012)

- This piece of news is of Noizee... But first background information of bassist lady Clare MissTake (AntiProduct, Noizee, The Ramonas (UK) etc.). Clare is hyperactive on stage and many Ramones fans got chance to experience it, when lady toured years with one of three Ramones drummers, Marky Ramone. Clare's and guitarist Alex Kane's (AntiProduct, The Toilet Boys etc.) band AntiProduct played first time with Marky Ramone as his back-up band in 2004. Extensively they started to tour with Marky in August, 2005. David Divine was singer in 2005-2008. Line-up after that to 2010 was Marky, Clare, Alex and Michale Graves (ex-Misfits etc.). Read my interview with Clare and Alex here.
Now Clare has solo band Noizee! Noizee's debut album titled Loud!!! got published in summer 2012. UK release date was July 4, 2012. It takes a while to fly to the world of Noizee and Loud!!! But trip is worth of it. Loud!!! is mix of electronic, punk, pop and disco elements, and has raw attitude. Something pretty unique. You has chance to listen electronic-disco-pop version of Ramones' song A Real Cool Time (song written by Joey Ramone in Halfway To Sanity). Version of Ramones' song Somebody Put Something In My Drink (song written by Richie Ramone in Animal Boy) has a bit more raw and heavier attitude. Clare also covers Ramones' tunes I Wanna Be Sedated and Blitzkrieg Bop.
So first listening moments are a bit confusing, but things start rolling and you get idea of sense of humour. And pretty genius song is Happy Birthday Fuck You. You can sing it to everyone you want with a humour or not! Check out it's cool video.
Btw, great gentleman, Dregen (Backyard Babies and Michael Monroe Band) plays guitar in some tracks. And thanks Clare of credits to me in CD booklet. Buy Loud!!!'s USA version here or UK version here. Noizee's homepage is here. (Updated: August 2, 2012)

- July 13, 2012, is organised Mosrite 60th Anniversary event at NAMM, Center Stage, Nashville, TN, USA. Mosrite 60th Anniversary Super Live/ Rock n Roll Bash Summer '12 show is featuring Richie Ramone Band, CJ Ramone Band, The Ventures' guitarist Nokie Edwards, Brent Mason (Grammy Award Winner and 12 time ACM Guitarist of the Year), country artist Brian Lonbeck etc. Only 600 pre-sold tickets will be issued! Buy ticket here.
With Richie Ramone will be playing for example Jiro Okabe. With CJ Ramone are playing drummer Michael Stamberg (played with CJ few years now) and Dez Cadena who is known of legendary bands like Black Flag and The Misfits, also of Osaka Popstar etc. Richie Ramone Band and CJ Ramone Band will both play apx. 40 minutes long sets.
Here are some background information of Mosrite guitars and why Mosrite has so special place in the Ramones history. Semie Moseley (1935-1992) was the founder of Mosrite guitars. He was only 17 years old in 1952, when the first Mosrite was built. Semie built his first guitar in a metal shed in Bakersfield, California. By 1963, Semie and his brother Andy Moseley, forged one of the major guitar companies of the 60's. The quality and craftsmanship of the Mosrite was second to none.
Johnny Ramone had inspired many famous musicians to buy and play Mosrite guitars or similar ones. And of course he has influenced people to start playing in general. As Tommy Ramone explains in his interviews in my book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Johnny used to be first a bass guitar player. He stopped playing music and he sold his instruments and everything. Tommy encouraged Johnny to buy an instrument and play music again. Johnny bought his first guitar from Manny's Guitar Store on 48th street in NYC in early 1974. He paid around 50 dollars for his Mosrite. First one was a blue Mosrite Ventures II. It was stolen and he bought another blue one. These two were the same model than the brown Ventures II he bought later etc. etc.
When I and my good friend Randy Wisebrod entered producer Daniel Rey's apartment on May 20, 2003, to do an interview, there was Johnny's white Mosrite that he had used since 1977 until he retired in 1996. It was cool moment to handle it. Also made and featured by Mosrite are the Johnny Ramone Signature Model and standard model. See more infos of it here. (Updated: July 12, 2012)

- July 13, 2012, is organised Mosrite 60th Anniversary event at NAMM, Center Stage, Nashville, TN, USA. Few weeks before event Mosrite Records released Mosrite: Rebirth CD and on it CJ Ramone does Ramones songs I Wanna Be Sedated and Blitzkrieg Bop. Other performers and songs include: Elliot Easton: Goldfinger, Seymour Duncan: Penetration, Nokie Edwards: Hawaii Five-O and Elaine Frizzell: Black Mountain Rag.
Mosrite 60th Anniversary Super Live/ Rock n Roll Bash Summer '12 show is featuring in July 13 Richie Ramone Band, CJ Ramone Band, The Ventures' guitarist Nokie Edwards, Brent Mason (Grammy Award Winner and 12 time ACM Guitarist of the Year), country artist Brian Lonbeck etc. Only 600 pre-sold tickets will be issued! Buy ticket here.
Read more here. (July 2, 2012)

- Few times yearly I get question if I can promote Ramones items what are related to collecting money because of illness. Now you has chance to buy USA pressing of Ramones debut album signed by original members. Here is information:
"My father is in the late stages of cancer and is in desperate need of funds for his medical expenses. The Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone, and Dee Dee Ramone signatures were acquired in-person by my father in NYC in 1979. I was fortunate enough to recently have Tommy Ramone complete the set at a book signing (Jari-Pekka: Tommy attended two book signings related Johnny's book). The album is currently available for sale at RRAuction.com: Click here to see auction.
The signature have been verified by two independent authenticators via the auction house staff and is guaranteed authentic by the auction house for life. It truly breaks my heart to have to part with the album. My father and I are both such HUGE Ramones fans. The album is a part of my fathers legacy. It would be of some consolation to me to know that the album was going to a true fan who will treasure and appreciate it as much as my father and I have.
The auction is currently open for bids and ends on July 18, 2012.", wrote fan to me. (July 2, 2012)

- End Of The Century - The Story Of The Ramones document/ movie will be aired in German/Austrian free TV Servus TV, at 23.05 (11:05PM) on June 3, 2012 (Sunday) (June 1, 2012)

- Joey Ramone Birthday Bash in 2012 is again at Joey's birthday May 19, 2012 (and mine birthday). Event will celebrate the May 22nd, 2012, release of Joey Ramone's 2nd full length album, ...Ya Know? Entire album will be played at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash at live. Joey's brother Mickey Leigh and Tommy Ramone confirmed me both that Tommy will perform at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19, 2012.
Here are other confirmed artists who will be performing songs from Joey's upcoming album: Mickey Leigh, Ed Stasium, Richie Stotts, Ross the Boss, Thunderbolt Patterson, Jean Beauvoir, Al Maddy, Bebe Buell, Joey Lanz, Walt Stack, Yoav, Alex Holyboy, Tish & Snooky, Tina Ingrid, Louisa Bradshaw, Amy Hartman...
Richie Ramone, CJ Ramone and Marky Ramone aren't attending this Birthday Bash.
Support bands rocking at the event are Ivan Julian, The Bullys, The Brats, The Threads and The Indecent.
The Gobshites had to cancel because one member is sick.
Joey wanted and loved to promote smaller bands, so Mickey is carrying torch great way also this year.
Venue is The Studio at Webster Hall in New York. Place only holds 400 people. Event isn't sold-out yet (situation in April 30, 2012).
You can buy tickets here.
- Tickets are 40 dollars, and include admission into the event, a special Joey Ramone Birthday Bash limited edition copy ...Ya Know? Album signed by the performers (hopefully by all of them), and an official Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2012 T-shirt, explains Joey's brother Mickey Leigh.
So attendees of the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash will receive the album prior to it being available to the general public. In other words = you can get it before release date!
Doors open at 7PM. Tickets got on sale Saturday, March 3rd at 10AM. You can buy tickets here. All profit goes to cancer research.
More details of this and older Birthday Bashes here.
PRE-MEETING: This year we will have pre-meeting at Manitobas bar, owned by Dictators' singer Handsome Dick Manitoba. Let's meet there at 6PM. Event at The Studio at Webster Hall starts 8PM (doors open 7.30PM). Manitobas homepage. Address: 99 Avenue B (Btwn 6th & 7th Street), New York. NY. Phone: (212) 982-2511 (Updated: May 13, 2012)

- Donald Duck cartoon is in Finnish Aku Ankka. Here in Finland got published great Aku Ankka issue (number 37/ 2011). Wellknown and respected writer, really friendly person and Ramones' fan Leena Lehtolainen wrote manuscript for Aku Ankka issue and it is about the Ramones even band on it is the Morones. That is because of legal reasons and also it fit to Donald Duck spirit not to do straight copies of characters, names etc. Punkkia And Piirakkaa story is 10 pages and it is drawn by Spanish Donald Duck cartoonist Cesar Ferioli.
- I did "drawing reference" ideas to Ferioli and publisher of Finnish Donald Duck sent it and photos of the Ramones to him. But Ferioli distinctly knew the Ramones and he liked of Ramones references I did. Ferioli (born in 1959) is in age-class that he was young when Ramones became famous. Without straight copying he wanted to do impressive looking art, I think, explained Leena Lehtolainen to me in February, 2012.
Lehtolainen tells on Punkkia And Piirakkaa story about charity concert Morones is playing on. One difference Lehtolainen wanted to do on story is, that singer Jopi (Joey) is playing also guitar. Jopi is otherwise just like Joey (tall, skinny, sunglasses, jeans, long hair). As well other guys has lot Ramoniac elements.
Aku (Donald) lost Jopi's guitar and because of it charity concert might get canceled. Aku buys different guitars without success. Roope Ankka (Scrooge McDuck / Uncle Scrooge) is impounded guitars from Erkki Klapiton (Eric Clapton...) as Erkki don't have had chance to pay debts to Roope etc. You can see in audience Kappas Kappas Hei! sign (Gabba Gabba Hey) and other Ramoniac references etc. etc.
Lehtolainen told me how there is a chance same cartoon story is published also in other countries than in Finland.
I want to write more of Lehtolainen. She is the bestselling female crime author in Finland. Her new titles head straight to #1 on the Finnish bestseller lists. Her books are sold over 2 million copies worldwide (in Finland is five million people) and rights of her books are sold to 25 countries. Lehtolainen has included on her books many references of Ramones influenced Finnish bands like Ne Luumäet, Pojat and Luonteri Surf. In a introduction of this special Aku Ankka issue she explains story being one kind of honour homage to Ramones sisters and brothers etc.
You can find Leena's memorial text of the Joey etc. on my debut book Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone (2002).
I sent copies of this special Aku Ankka issue to Tommy Ramone, Bobby London etc. As you know, Tommy Ramone is only surviving founding member of the Ramones, first drummer and manager etc. Tommy was happy to get that issue.
Bobby London lived for a long time in New York and there he attended at My Father's Place his first Ramones show immediately after famous Roundhouse (London, UK) gig of July 4, 1976. London drew in 70's to publications like Punk Magazine and National Lampoon, and since 1977 his Dirty Duck has run in Playboy. I am sure he will be busy also in future with all publications which release his works. Bobby London's interview is 4,5 pages long in Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives. (Updated: May 3, 2012)

- One of the Premier League football teams in England, Newcastle United play Ramones song Blitzkrieg Bop at every home game before the teams come onto the pitch. Newcastle United have won four League Championship titles and six FA Cups, as well as the 1969 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup and the 2006 UEFA Intertoto Cup. (April 18, 2012)

- Release date of Joey Ramone's second solo album has delayed many times, and many years..
BUT IN FEBRUARY 2012 things got ready. Album is titled ...Ya Know? Release date was told to be then May 15, 2012, but it got changed and in March 20 got confirmed new release date May 22.
Title is named after the way Joey used to end every sentence in his Queens drawl..
- The highly anticipated 2nd solo LP from Joey Ramone is going to be released May 22nd, 2012, by BMG Rights Management, preceded by the single Rock And Roll Is The Answer, with There's Got To Be More To Life, which will be available as 7' vinyl single on Record Store Day, April 21st, 2012, said Joey's brother Mickey Leigh.
RollingStone magazine published B side There's Got To Be More To Life on their site, April 20, 2012.
Fastest Ramones drummer Richie Ramone will sign copies of 7" at Permanent Records in LA on April 21, 2012.
Leigh explained the tracks were drawn from a cache of demos and unreleased recordings that Joey had cut at various times during the last decade and a half of his life.
- Album was going to have 17 songs on two 12' 180 gram audiophile vinyl, double gatefold cover. Digital download & CD available May 22 2012, confirmed news producer Ed Stasium.
- Because of a last minute glich, two songs had to be cut off, said Leigh on March 20, 2012.
So album has 15 songs. The tracks are songs that Joey had written, several co-written with Dee Dee Ramone and one with Ramones producer Daniel Rey.
Musicians playing in this album include Richie Ramone, Mickey Leigh, Andy Shernoff (Dictators etc.), Little Steven (Steven Van Zandt) (Bruce Springteen's E Street Band etc.), Richie Stotts (The Plasmatics etc.), Joan Jett, Thunderbolt Patterson (Dictators), Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick), Dennis Diken (Smithereens), Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group), Holly Beth Vincent...
Read lot more information on here, see video of single, tracklisting information etc.
(Updated: April 18, 2012)

- I want to write here a bit of some cool Ramones influenced releases. The four-piece group Zeezz is certainly one of best Japanese bands I have ever heard. I got Zeezz's debut album Power Bomb in August, 2011, and I have listened it already 50+ times. Zeezz really knows how to kick good mood to their songs and listeners. Zeezz carry great way Ramones influenced torch. Energy goes so driven way and they do not explain too much, punk speaks! Variety of pop-punk songs in Power Bomb is good, like in Torment tempo is slower through the song and singer Maria is rocking on from her tender side to shrill shouting.
I was surprised to hear 1-2-3-4 shouting in Finnish (Y-Ka-Ko-Ne) Guitarist Tsukasa didn't mention to me in advance of their cover songs... I wasn't read tracklisting until I noticed weird and cool surprise, Japanese band had covered Pojat' song Mari On Förbi. Some pressings of Power Bomb has bonus EP and one song on it is Klamydia's Minä Minä Minä (Klamydia is Finnish band). Maria's pronouncing is pretty good in Finnish. I can imagine how long it would take from me to learn sing in Japanese... Pojat frontman Miika Söderholm and Klamydia frontman Vesku Jokinen has said really positive comments of Zeezz's versions. Bonus EP has also some other cover versions, it starts with The Nerves' song Paper Dolls.
Please make yourself favor and check out their songs here. Those are demo versions of final versions on Power Bomb. You can order CD from Zeezz's label Dumb Records. There is really good catalog also records by other labels. Other Dumb Records releases include Banana Erectors: All The Best And More and The Headbangers: Meet The Headbangers.
Tou can order Power Bomb also from Finnish label Woimasointu. Zeezz's Tsukasa did an interview with M!ka Vesterinen to M!ka's The Havana Bananas zine (printed zine). Woimasointu has earlier released for example records by Dee Dee Ramone, CJ Ramone's Warm Jets and Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings. Recently Woimasointu has released for example these good records Blitzkrieg Boys: Too Old to Die Young, Rikoslaki: Sheriffi, Taistelukala: ...Ja Taistelu Jatkuu and James Puhto Ren: Kihniö.
As well Killer Records Finland is really good label, founded in 1989. I have listened lot Sanktio's Synnin Paikka CD. (Updated: March 8, 2012)

- Monte A. Melnick wrote with Frank Meyer years ago really great On The Road With The Ramones (revised edition) book. In English there is third updated edition. As a latest information Monte wrote me in February 15, 2012, that book is published now in Hungarian. See details here (publisher Cartaphilus).
- The book has a new forward by Tommy Ramone who as you know came to the US from Hungary. The French edition will come out in this fall, wrote Monte.
Earlier On The Road With The Ramones is out also in Spanish and German. German edition is titled Auf Tour Mit Den Ramones. Order German edition here: Auf Tour mit den Ramones (Updated: February 15, 2012).

- United Kingdom record label, Captain Oi! is oi and early British punk re-issue label. Captain Oi! released a deluxe revamp version of Ramones' live album Loco Live recorded in Barcelona, Spain in March, 1991. Release comes with a clamshell box and 2 CD's housing 37 songs. This release combines the original UK and USA versions of the album so that the whole Ramones show from Barcelona is now restored to it's full glory. Tracks include some songs what the Ramones not played live regularly in 90's, like Carbona Not Glue. 2CD comes with sleeve notes and insights by long time tour manager Monte Melnick. See tracklisting here.
CJ Ramone told me in 1997 background of original Loco Live. CJ Said: "Loco Live is probably the worst Ramones record ever unfortunately. It wasn't our fault though. We were forced to work with a producer who had no idea of what the Ramones should sound like. Besides that Marky went into the studio and overdubbed all of his hi-hat and cymbal tracks and stayed in the studio during the mixing to make sure his drum tracks wre louder than everything else."
Thanks to Captain Oi! of making better version. Captain Oi! re-released in the United Kingdom in June, 2004, a slip case versions with detailed sleeve notes, lyrics and bonus tracks etc. of four Ramones studio albums: Brain Drain, Mondo Bizarro, Acid Eaters and Adios Amigos. (January 28, 2012)

- Commando: The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone is the first and only truly autobiographical work written by the Ramones' founding member, guitarist, Johnny Ramone. Book will be released in stores and online nationwide (USA) on April 2nd, 2012 from Abrams Image. E-book will be available on Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo and Sony Reader. Rights of the book have been pre-sold in four different languages throughout Europe and Brazil with more soon to be announced.
Commando: The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone includes a foreward written by sole surviving founding member, drummer, Tommy Ramone, and an epilogue written by Johnny's close friend (and daughter to the King), Lisa Marie Presley.
Commando: The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone is Johnny's story and the story of The Ramones told in his own words. Insightful and introspective, the 176-page, visually driven memoir walks through Johnny's days as a founding member of one of the world's most iconic bands and also chronicles his personal life beyond the stage. Never afraid to speak his mind, it includes raw and unflinching opinions of the band as well as his fellow peers in music and even the struggle with cancer that ultimately took him. Grounded in decades of his own meticulous records and notes, Johnny also shares his personal assessment of The Ramones catalog, several of his brilliantly eccentric Top Ten Lists, rare historical artifacts and scores of personal and professional photos, most of which have never been seen before. More information here. Pre-order book here (January 19, 2012)

- People of legendary PUNK Magazine are worked few years with best-of book titled The Best Of PUNK Magazine. PUNK Magazine was created by cartoonist John Holmstrom, publisher Ged Dunn and Legs McNeil in 1975, and thanks to them of using first word "punk". In early days also people like legendary comic artist Bobby London were doing great material.
Harper Books, under its new It Books imprint, will be publishing The Best Of PUNK Magazine. Release date is not confirmed.
Here are some information by Holmstrom and other PUNK Magazine people:
"What separates this from all other PUNK reprints and even the back issues is that The Best Of PUNK Magazine will reproduce all of our most-requested and popular material with the highest possible quality reproduction on gloss paper. For the first time, the photos will be crisp instead of muddy. This is a massive project, since we are tracking down the original art and photos to present the material in it's most readable and handsome edition yet.
We also plan to publish material that never appeared in print before, from the infamous PUNK #9 and PUNK #18, two of the "lost issues." Hopefully this will include Mary Harron's interview with The Damned and the Joey Ramone interview about Rock'N' Roll High School.
PUNK Magazine art director Bruce Carleton, who created the Monster and much of the artwork for Mutant Monster Beach Party (PUNK #15) is painstakingly reproducing the images from that issue. Most are being scanned in high resolution from the original artwork.
PUNK's original editor, John Holmstrom, is writing the historical background to accompany the material, which will include never-before-published photos and artwork.
Bridget Hurd, who contributed to the last couple of issues (PUNK #20 and #21), is co-editing the book with Holmstrom, and has the massive task of trying to find everyone who ever contributed to PUNK magazine. She's tracked down most of PUNK magazine's original writers, artists and photogs (such as Roberta Bayley, Bob Gruen, Mary Harron, Bobby London, Legs McNeil, Robert Romagnoli, Chris Stein and Ken Weiner). (December 20, 2011)

- In Rolling Stone's latest Top 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time listing, is Johnny Ramone #28. They tells of Johnny: "The father of punk-rock guitar and a huge influence on riff-driven modern metal, Johnny Ramone is one of the instrument's great anti-heroes. John Cummings made his name with an inexpensive Mosrite guitar, on which he hammered out high-speed downstroked barre chords in a slashing, minimalist style that appropriately became known as "buzzsaw."
A pure rhythm engine, Ramone almost never played a solo, but his playing had the headlong surge of an oncoming subway train. In an era when "heavy" was synonymous with "slow," the primitive, metronomic swing of his riffs on Blitzkrieg Bop and Judy Is A Punk and the trampoline-pop grind of Rockaway Beach showed you could speed things up without losing an ounce of power (somewhat surprisingly, his own guitar hero was Jimmy Page). "Johnny was the first guitar player I ever saw play like he was really mad," testified Henry Rollins. "And I was like, 'Damn. That's cool.'"
Top 27 guitarists in Rolling Stone listing are: 1) Jimi Hendrix, 2), Eric Clapton, 3) Jimmy Page, 4) Keith Richards, 5) Jeff Beck, 6) B.B. King, 7) Chuck Berry, 8) Eddie Van Halen, 9) Duane Allman and 10) Pete Townshend.
11) George Harrison, 12) Stevie Ray Vaughan, 13) Albert King, 14) David Gilmour, 15) Freddy King, 16) Derek Trucks, 17) Neil Young 18) Les Paul, 19) James Burton and 20) Carlos Santana.
21) Chet Atkins, 22) Frank Zappa, 23) Buddy Guy, 24) Angus Young, 25) Tony Iommi, 26) Brian May and Bo Diddley. (December 7, 2011)

- Publisher Kustannusosakeyhtö Paasilinna published book titled Yy-Kaa-Koo-Nee: RAMOPUNK! Book is in Finnish and it is composed/ written by Jari "Jeke" Marjala. Jeke started project in 2007 and getting this 504 pages long book finished was huge work. Book tells extensively history of many Ramoniac Finnish bands and unity/ sense of community of Ramoniac bands and fans. For example of groups like Ne Luumäet, Pojat, Häiriköt and Klamydia. Those many older Ramones fans might remember also outside of Finland (their songs are in compilations, tribute CD's etc.). Of course Yy-Kaa-Koo-Nee: RAMOPUNK! has as well of many other bands, for example of Himanes and Eppu Normaali who is one of the biggest Finnish band who sing in Finnish.
I collected and sent lot material and also some photos from my archives and books to Jeke Marjala, for example all comments in this book by Tommy Ramone, CJ Ramone, Arturo Vega and Daniel Rey are from me. Richie Ramone wrote some comments to the book. I will write more information soon.
There are lot release parties of Yy-Kaa-Koo-Nee: RAMOPUNK! Main one is at the most legendary Finnish club, at Tavastia, Helsinki on Friday November 11, 2011. Buy tickets here. Bands playing at Tavastia are Ne Luumäet (22.00), Vandaalit (20.45) and Me Wokkivihannekset (19.45).
November 12, 2011, you can see at On The Rocks, Helsinki, groups Himanes, Joey Luumäki & Tappajatomaatit and Rehtorit.
Btw, Yy-Kaa-Koo-Nee means 1-2-3-4! (Updated: November 10, 2011)

- Also this year, 2011, was organised Johnny Ramone / Dee Dee Ramone / Ramones memorial event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA, USA on October 1st, 2011. This was 7th memorial event. This outdoor event was presented by Johnny's wife Linda Ramone and Johnny Ramone Army Chief Of Staff John Cafiero. Tommy Ramone was only Ramones member who attended event. So this was a great chance to meet Tommy and also see from big video screen Tommy playing with Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (television show) on August 9, 1977. Show was screened in it's entirety.
- The Johnny Tribute went well as usual. It was great to see the fans again and we had a good time watching the Don Kirshner show, I have not seen it in it's entirety in decades -- it is quite a good show!, wrote Tommy Ramone to me.
Some were thinking Tommy was pushed to the side and in a highligh were too much The "Hollywood" movie stars in VIP area, and other special guests The Misfits and Juicehead who are artists of the Misfits Records. The Misfits released first full-length album of all-new, original material in nearly a decade (and the first since 1999 to feature The Misfits originals). The Devil's Rain debuted on Billboard's Top 200 at #70, and Billboard's Top Independent Album Charts #12. It is produced by Ed Stasium, with some help by John Cafiero. Stasium has produced for example Ramones albums Road To Ruin and Too Tough To Die, and Misfits album Famous Monsters.
RichieRamone.com & Ramones Forever were collaborating and you had chance to get free signed giveaways autographed by Richie in this event.
Read here more information, review written by Joe and Deb Lunardon, and see photos taken by them. (Updated: October 27, 2011).

- It is great there are still people who does punk zines in old printed format. Second issue of Italian Byebyebrain Fanzine has "Joey's legs" as a cover, review of Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's show and other Ramones material. As well of Ramoniac bands like Beatnik Termites and McRackins.
Vitek Formanek from Czech Republic composed as well great fanzine, called Sex Fun And Rock'N'Roll. Vitek wanted to do Ramones related interview for example because it was 15 years of split-up and 10 years of Joey Ramone passing away. He did an long interview with me (Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone) where I explains a lot background details and my thoughs of different Ramones albums. Why the Ramones were/ are popular in some certain countries, what kind of political lyrics Ramones has etc. etc. Sex Fun And Rock'N'Roll also has great interviews with Charlie Harper (singer for UK Subs), The Adicts, Eddie And The Hot Rods... Texts are published in both languages, English and Czech. (October 18, 2011)

- WatchMojo.com is a web video magazine, producer and publisher of informative and entertaining video content for the web. Stephanie Ng Wan work with the WatchMojo.com community and she wrote they created brand new video on the history of the Ramones since September 15th, 2011, marks the 7th anniversary of Johnny Ramone's passing and September 18th marks Dee Dee Ramone's 60th birthday. 6 minutes long video tells nicely basic things of the history. See video here. (September 17, 2011)

- Merge Festival in the UK, 15 September to 20 November 2011, new annual festival is celebrating the contemporary culture and rich heritage of Bankside, London's dynamic artistic and business district. The river walkway near Tate Modern, a vacant office block, historic buildings, Bankside Mix, as well as Bankside's open spaces, workplaces, bars and cafes will come alive when major names from the UK and international art world stage installations and musical performances alongside emerging artistic talent.
Key highlights include: The work of artists behind legendary bands such as The Ramones (Arturo Vega) and The Sex Pistols (Jamie Reid), are showcased with young hip-hop performers, who rap Shakespearean verse, and a new musical arrangement of the hit pop song, Snoopy v The Red Baron, produced by Fiona Banner.
Ramones' creative director Arturo Vega, designer behind the Ramones' iconic logo, artworks, merchandise and stage designs, will create a wall painting inside the Never Records' store, deliver a talk and slideshow at Tate Modern about his time as part of the cult band's inner circle, as well as hosting a T-shirt printing day when anyone can bring an item of clothing for him to screen print directly onto (one print per person).
Event 1: T-shirt Printing.
Venue and date: 17 September, 2011 (14.00-16.00) Never Records, 11 Southwark Street, Bankside, SE1 1RQ.
Event 2: The Ramones and Me by Arturo Vega.
Venue and date: 19 September 2011 (18.30-20.30) Tate Modern Star Auditorium, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG. Admission: 12 pounds / 9 pounds concessions Booking: Essential. Via www.mergefestival.co.uk.
Jamie Reid:
Co-inciding with the 35th anniversary of the launch of The Sex Pistols. debut single, Anarchy In The UK, Jamie Reid has chosen MERGE to exhibit his largest single presentation to date of works associated with the punk legends, some of which have never been seen before. (September 7, 2011)

- Rhino Records (Warner Records) released re-issues of The Ramones' first four albums on 180-gram vinyl. Also were released four vinyl singles. Albums Ramones (1976), Leave Home (1977), Rocket To Russia (1977) and Road To Ruin (1978) come in accurate reproductions of the original packaging as Rhino says. They continue: "The records sound magnificent and were made using lacquers cut from the original analog masters by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Main people of original ones has confused feelings of those and also of re-mastered CD's released in 2001.
Producers of debut album are Craig Leon and as an associate producer Tommy Erdelyi (Tommy Ramone).
- I gave Tommy an associate producer credit for his original ideas re: the feel of the band, he was actually the original manager as well as the drummer, but he had very little to do with the recording or production values, wrote Craig to me on August 21, 2011.
Producers of Leave Home and Rocket To Russia are Tony Bongiovi and Tommy Ramone, and producers and engineers of Road To Ruin are Ed Stasium and Tommy Ramone. Rob Freeman was engineer of debut album and Ed Stasium was engineer of Leave Home and Rocket To Russia. Original albums were mastered at Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi. Ed Stasium had really negative feelings how work were.
- I had a premonition that this would happen..... Rhino/Warner did not involve anybody that worked on the original LP's on these re-issues I just received the LP's and they sound like shit! Whoever approved the test pressings has to be DEAF (with apologies to my hearing impaired daughter Sara)... Rhino just should have involved us and had Greg Calbi at Sterling master them instead of some understudy at Grundman. Rhino/Warner reissued these for commerce not quality, said Ed Stasium.
Ed did continue.
- Actually the re-issue vinyl of the 1st LP sounds the best of the bunch!
Craig Leon was really happy to result of debut's re-issue.
- Finally there is a version of this out there that sounds like it did in 1976. Much closer to the original idea. Rounder, clearer, not tinny and out of phase. I believe that they did a needle drop on the original pressing and then processed with some sort of Cedar noise reduction. Pity that there are so many previous crap CD re-issues. They could have called me about the mastering 15 years ago and we wouldn't have had to wait this long for someone to figure out how it was supposed to sound on their own. And I would have thought that these guys would pick up the phone and call us when they were doing the remastering jobs instead of fumbling about on their own. It's not like we're both inactive in the modern recording business. In any case if you like the music definitely get this one And no..., I don't receive royalties on this so this is not a hype, told Craig Leon.
7' singles released at a same time are (blue vinyls) 1) I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/ California Sun/ I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You, 2) Swallow My Pride / Pinhead / Let's Dance (live), 3) Sheena Is A Punk Rocker / I Don't Care, 4) She's The One / I Wanna Be Sedated (Updated: August 22, 2011).

- Arturo Vega was the Ramones creative director since 1974, he designed the Ramones' eagle logo and most all of the Ramones art, shirts, special collections, etc. He worked as the Ramones lighting director. With the Ramones he worked on 2 261 shows, and only missed 2 Ramones shows altogether. He definitely is/was one of their closest friends and run RamonesWorld.com..
Arturo is going to London, UK in September from the 14 to the 22nd, participating in an Art Festival with an installation called Never Records and also will give his slideshow-talk at Tate Modern on the 21, 2011.
Arturo has had lot exhibitions. Here is updated information of his 30th Anniversary exhibition. From May 2011 to first week of September 2011, is the exhibition entitled Lie Cheat Steal at Galeria OMR in Mexico City, Mexico presented his works since 1973 (first were supermarket ads) to 2011. Exhibited: his general works and works related to the Ramones, like the logo of the Ramones, first Ramones poster (1975) signed by Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee and Tommy, stage backdrop (1978-90), Gabba Gabba Hey sign autographed by Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, Tommy, CJ and Marky, as well as posters of the band, and other items reflecting the strong influence of the advertising and music. Newest one are collaborations with James Rubio from 2011. (August 20, 2011)

- Through Dig Gallery (UK), is famous photographer Eileen Polk put on sale some of his punk memorabilia. For example few Ramones' guitar picks, photographs taken by Eileen and two T-shirts designed by Ramones' creative director Arturo Vega. Read her interview from this location on my site, interview is by Ben/ Dig Gallery.
Eileen was good friend with most of punkrockers of original NYC scene. Eileen was there on the scene when punk arrived in New York. She worked in punk hangout and clothing store, Revenge etc. She also dated a while with Dee Dee Ramone and had co-operation with the Ramones in general. Eileen's friend Anya Phillips had introduced Eileen to Dee Dee Ramone one night at CBGB's club in the spring of 1975. Here is description of Ramones 1976 T-shirt (price 3000 pounds) what is on sale in Dig Gallery:
"Dee Dee Ramone gave this T-shirt to Eileen Polk when they were dating in August 1976, before the Ramones left New York for their first tour on the West Coast. According to Eileen, Dee Dee was to be away for her birthday so he gave her his T-shirt as a memento."
Ramones photos Eileen is selling through Dig Gallery are Limited Edition Gelatin Silver Prints, edition 100, signed by Eileen. Size 16 x 20 inches. Prices 660 pounds.
- First photo is of Dee Dee Ramone at Revenge Clothing shop, East Village, New York, 1978.
- Second photo is of Joey Ramone on a Harley Davidson outside CBGBs, The Bowery, New York, 1978.
Another Ramones related T-shirt is original vintage black and white T-shirt, designed by Ramones' creative director Arturo Vega, for the legendary Blitz Benefit gig at CBGBs, May, 1978, featuring Blondie, The Ramones, Richard Hell, Suicide and others.
As most of you knows, Arturo designed all Ramones merchandise in their career 1974-1996 and still does best Ramones' products (buy products from his site RamonesWorld. (Updated: August 19, 2011)

- Long time Ramones' fan Maggie St. Thomas' one project nowadays is Jerk Of All Trades Magazine. New second issue has interview with CJ Ramone.
- It is a three pages feature in the summer 2011 issue of Jerk Of All Trades Magazine. CJ talks about his views on marijuana laws, the Ramones etc. The cover photo is of CJ in 1995 live onstage with Joey Ramone. Mag also features never before published photos of CJ with Joey, Marky Ramone live onstage and in 2008 at Johnny Ramone Beat On Cancer show. There is also rolling sessions with Snoop Dogg the boss dog of them all (slightly stoopid), Mark Arminski, John Gilhooley, Barb Wire Dolls etc. etc. I think magazine is more like a piece of art. 10 000 copies is printed and it's a quarterly publication full color high gloss 36 pages, explains Maggie St. Thomas.
She says mag is free in California area. If mags are posted, is the pricing of the magazines $10 solid. That will include first and second issues and she will ship it on planet Earth.
- Issue one features a really cool read by Joey's brother Mickey Leigh from his book I Slept With Joey Ramone called Brothers Gone Bananas. Mickey also included two photos from his personal collection with his brother as children and later as adults. It's a very cool article and it's a 2 page feature. The magazine includes a full page photo of Joey Ramone from 1995, Maggie says.
So get in touch with Maggie. Maggie's E-mail address is saila0023 (a) yahoo.com and Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/35mmMAGGIE. (Updated: September 5, 2011)

- Hey, what is going on? Rolling Stones released results of readers poll: The Best Punk Rock Bands of All Time. First five are 1) Green Day..., 2) The Clash, 3) The Ramones, 4) Sex Pistols and The Dead Kennedys.
This really make sense by a writer: "Even the members of Green Day would probably object to being ranked higher than the Ramones and the Clash on this list, but the Internet has spoken and we have to honor that." (August 3, 2011)

- Ed Stasium is a producer and engineer of some Ramones/ Ramones related albums. Ed sold a historical Ramones-related guitar on eBay, his 1963 Fender Stratocaster. Ed explains background: "For the discerning Ramones collector, this is a one of a kind historical item with a Ramones legacy provenance. This Strat was used extensively on practically every Ramones record that I worked on as engineer, producer or musical director.
The first Ramones recording that this 1963 Fender Stratocaster appears on is Sheena Is A Punk Rocker. Johnny wanted it to have a Beach Boys guitar part a'la Little Honda.
It is used on virtually every song of Road To Ruin, notably the chunks and solo on I Wanna Be Sedated, and on every song on the Phil Spector produced End Of The Century on which I was credited as the Ramones Musical Director. I was in the studio playing with the band on every track for this LP. It also is played on Too Tough To Die (various parts including the solo on Howling At The Moon) and it's played extensively on Mondo Bizarro. I also used it on every song on the upcoming Joey Ramone solo LP.
The guitar was originally Seafoam Green, purchased at Rondo Music in Hillside NJ in September of 1964. I painted it with a psychedelic theme after I saw George Harrison's Strat (Rocky, which was a '62 Sonic Blue) on the Magical Mystery Tour LP in December of 1967. It was stripped down to wood in 1969, restored to the original color in 1975. The bridge pickup is original, the middle and bridge pickups were replaced in 1969 with pickups dated 1968 (they were damaged during the "stripping"), all other electronics ore original.
Auction started from US $17,500.00. Auction ended on July 30, 2011. I asked from Ed Stasium if it was bought by some store etc. Ed said the guitar was "sold" to a private collector. (Updated: August 20, 2011)

- There's really a big Ramones fan background within the members of The 69 Eyes, much more than many newer fans of the band probably know. Finnish band played in their early years glam rock'N'roll. Now for many years melodic goth oriented. The 69 Eyes will play many Ramones songs in their acoustic set at Apollo Nightclub in Turku, Finland, on July 28, 2011.
Read more of their Ramones fan background from my 2nd book Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone. (July 25, 2011)

- Critical Mass music blog did an interview with Ramones' road manager Monte A. Melnick. Read it here. It had some new information not told before. Monte did with Frank Meyer years ago really great On The Road With The Ramones (revised edition) book. In English there is third updated edition. As a new information Monte told this fall (2011) book will come out in Hungarian and French.
Before On The Road With The Ramones is out also in Spanish and German. German edition is titled Auf Tour Mit Den Ramones. Order German edition here: Auf Tour mit den Ramones.
Also new information in Critical Mass' interview with Monte was this:
- I had a band called Thirty Days Out on the Warner Bros Reprise label. We had two albums out, one in 1971, one in 1972. Funny thing just this year they released both of them on CD. It took 40 years to get it out on CD, said Monte.
See details of another Thirty Days Out album here. (July 14, 2011)

- Ramoniac and old Finnish band called Blitzkrieg Boys released new album titled Too Old To Die Young by Finnish Woimasointu Records. Blitzkrieg Boys has loyal fans especially in Germany. In early days of them got interested German labels Teenage Rebel Records and Knock Out Records.
- Blitzkrieg Boys are founded in 1985 and is still going strong. Too Old To Die Young is our first new full length album since Back From Nowhere (1989). I really think Too Old To Die Young is good and strong album. Sound is OK even our studio budget was minimal. Album has intimate songs like I Lost My Heart (In Germany). Our crazy tour in Germany in 1990 is legendary and of it you can read more from our collection titled 20th Anniversary Album (2006, Woimasointu Records), explains singer Marty Blitzkrieg (Marko Tienhaara).
Guys had lot bad luck in that Germany tour in 1990. Marty tells one player quit the band two weeks before the tour. They had no much money when they did travel to Germany and there tour manager told they couldn't get the money for the shows until the tour was over.
- After we played six shows tour was over for us. Tour manager and support band The Shaddox stole our guitars etc. Because of the tour the band split up. We did few comebacks. And things started to happen again in 2005. Tours in Germany in late 2000's were good and German people are friendly. I hope we can return to German soon, even in some pubs they can cheat tourists a lot. Anyway there is cheap to travel and it is good to have something wise to do, says Marty whom another band is Taistelukala.
Contact details: tienhaaramarko@hotmail.com / Blitzkrieg Boys / Woimasointu Records. Woimasointu has released before for example singles by Dee Dee Ramone, Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings and Bad Chopper. Some new releases are Rikoslaki: Lomalla, Taistelukala: ...ja taistelu jatkuu and Sanktio: Aihetta Paniikkiin! (July 11, 2011)

- The Ramones played at live at Musikladen's (Germany) television program on September 13, 1978. This performance is pretty famous and it is now released in complete length including encores. Release includes DVD and CD both. Official release date: July 11, 2011. In addition to those 15 songs release include interesting interview with assistant director of Musikladen show, who remember well things what happened that day. Read more details here. (Updated: July 3, 2011)

- Julien's Auction in Beverly Hills presents entertainment memorabilia, Hollywood memorabilia, rock memorabilia etc. Julien's Auction is selling off a bunch of great Ramones items on June 25. In all is 22 Ramones related auction and some has many Ramones products/ related products. It is on-line auction and after registering you can do bids. Some Ramones items are:
1) A matted sleeve for album End Of The Century signed in black marker by Dee Dee, Joey, Johnny and Marky Ramone. Starting price 200 $US and estimated price 400-600 $US. Auction is here.
2) A group of six original paintings and prints of Joey Ramone. The pieces include a framed print signed by Murray Eisner and numbered 1/800, acrylic on canvas portrait with denim covered frame, another acrylic on canvas painting, a RIP Joey framed print on watercolor paper, and two framed poster portraits. Starting price 100 $US and estimated price 200-300 $US. Auction is here.
3) A knit scarf of the Ramones with "Hey Ho Let's Go" and Johnny, Joey, CJ and Marky. The scarf is framed and accompanied by my debut book Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone, as the book's front cover a photograph of Joey holding the scarf above his head. Starting price 300 $US and estimated price 600-800 $US. Auction is here.
4) Numbered print (154/186) of Acid Eaters album artwork. Signed in pencil by Joey, Johnny, Marky and CJ Ramone. Auction is here.
5) A pair of acrylic on canvas paintings by Dee Dee Ramone's wife, Barbara Zampini. The paintings are signed by Barbara and Dee Dee Ramone. The first painting shows the floor plan of the Chelsea Hotel, and the second features the facade of the famous New York landmark. Dee Dee and his wife Barbara lived in the Chelsea Hotel, and Dee Dee later chronicled their misadventures in his 2001 book Chelsea Horror Hotel. 17 1/4 by 21 inches, overall. Starting price 300 $US and estimated price 600-800 $US. Auction is here.
6) We're Outta Here box set, box is signed in black marker by Dee Dee, Johnny, CJ, Joey, Marky and Tommy Ramone. Auction is here.
7) A framed copy of issue number 12 from May 1990 of The Record Exchange Music Monitor, signed on the cover by Joey, Johnny, Marky and CJ Ramone. Together with three black and white framed concert posters for venues The Tower Theater and The Fast and Cool Club and a fundraising concert for the American Cancer Society in honor of Joey Ramone. Auction is here.
8) A matted copy of the Pleasant Dreams album cover signed in 1990 in black marker by Joey, Johnny, Marky and CJ Ramone together with a custom Ramones skateboard deck (probably not official merchandise) with custom grip tape design featuring the cover image from the Ramones' 1981 album Pleasant Dreams. The deck features a painted checkerboard design with "Grind For Life" on back. Auction is here.
9) A black leather motorcycle jacket by Schott NYC, with Harley-Davidson patch on back and signed on the right upper sleeve in white marker by Johnny, Marky, Joey and CJ Ramone. Auction is here.
(June 23, 2011)

- On June 20, 2011, Marky Ramone did a radio interview on one of Germany's biggest radio stations 1LIVE, Plan B. Listen it here, it is pretty good interview and 7 minutes long. Hope to hear soon new interviews also with other surviving Ramones members: Tommy, Richie and CJ.
Also Keith Newman interviewed Marky Ramone for his new punk radio show which starts on June 9, 2011. Keith's Marky Ramone interview airs on Thursday 16th June between 8pm and 10pm UK time.
June 23, 2011 between 8pm and 10pm UK time, is aired Keith's interview with legendary photographer Roberta Bayley, Roberta tells about Ramones, Sex Pistols and Ian Dury.
Stay tuned that time at www.ultraradio.co.uk.
Btw, Keith attended Ramones show in Newcastle in England 1980, only show where Ramones played Baby, I Love You at live.
Then about radio show by Aleksi Pahkala in Finland. Aleksi has done his radio show 11 years at Radio Helsinki, and June 22, 2011 between 15-18PM he has "goodbye" show and he plays and talk about the Ramones three hours = entire show. Here is homepage of Radio Helsinki. (Updated: June 23, 2011)

- Marky Ramone started taking the video camera on Ramones tours in 1987, when he went back in the Ramones. Marky owns the huge Ramones video library and he, Johnny Ramone and John Cafiero were main men behind of Ramones documentary called RAW. RAW got released in 2004. It feature appearances by Debbie Harry, Chris Stein, Bono, Drew Barrymore, and Carly Simon, as well as footage of DOORS guitarist Robby Kreiger performing Take It As It Comes with the band at the Hollywood Palladium in 1992. In addition, the disc include "I Ramone", a half-hour of concert footage captured in Rome in 1980.
Staff of Documentary Channel E-mailed me and wrote they will show RAW on the Documentary Channel Saturday, June 17th at 8PM ET/PT. Tune in DISH 197, DIRECTV 267. (June 13, 2011)

- "Fifth Ramone", one of their closest friend Arturo Vega has retrospective art exhibition in Mexico City of his successful art career. Exhibition is from May 28 to July 23, 2011, at Galeria OMR Plaza Rio de Janeiro 54, Colonia Roma in Mexico City, Mexico. His exhibition is titled Lie Cheat Steal.
There is Arturo Vega's art since 1970's. Here are details from press release: "Arturo Vega is born in Chihuahua, Mexico, from before the time of color TV, and resident of New York City since the 70's, his work is influenced by his own life, rock and punk. Arturo Vega was for 22 years artistic director, guardian and very close friend to the Ramones, creating not only Ramones logo which later came to be the flag for the punk movement, but also something to their album covers and stage designs. Parallel to this historical music genre that transformed from the fashion to the attitude of its followers, Vega produced a solid body of work that includes paintings using a series of images taken from various media publications as well as fragments of the band lyrics, resulting in pieces that are both mystical and insulting.
Regardless of his strong belief in the revolutionary force of music that is able to provoke changes in society, in his visual works he is also influenced by the North American pop art. He makes a critique of the human necessity to form a part of capitalist systems, without really considering its consequences. There is something rebellious and seductive in Arturo Vega.s work that defies the social norms, causing people to question ideals and conformities through music, life and art.
Arturo has this exhibition together with Alberto Garcia-Alix, who is big name in contemporary European photography. With countless exhibitions since 1981, among them an important retrospective titled De donde no se vuelve in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid in 2008.
I do mention some more background information of Arturo Vega. You can find the most extensive and "real/original" Ramones merchandise store from Arturo Vega's site, www.ramonesworld.com. Arturo, Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone etc. founded site together and also founded official 1*2*3*4* Fan Club.
Joey and Dee Dee lived with Arturo in his apartment when Ramones was founded and he worked to the Ramones through their career, missing only two shows of 2263. At that same apartment was signed first Ramones record deal. Arturo was attended when that did happen etc. etc. (June 7, 2011)

- Warner Bros. Records launched "side by side" a series of limited edition 7' vinyl singles, featuring iconic Warner Bros artists covering other historic and personally influential iconic WB family artists. Song is this time Havana Affair. Single has original version from 1976 by the Ramones and it is covered by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Version by the Red Hot Chili Peppers got first released on Ramones tribute album We're A Happy Family (2003). It is opening song on it. RHCP recorded song in 2002. Johnny Ramone helped Rob Zombie to do and collect We're A Happy Family together.
Havana Affair single is a Record Store Day 2011 exclusive item. It was first time available for purchase in stores on Saturday, April 16, 2011. Total pressing of 6500 worldwide. In addition to red vinyl in clear jacket with label and 4/c sticker, there are 100 of pressing randomly available on clear vinyl. (Updated: May 6, 2011).

- MOJO Magazine's (UK) May, 2011, issue has great Ramones article, Ramones on cover and free Roots Of The Ramones CD. Ten years after the death of Joey Ramone, MOJO salutes Joey. Information from MOJO site: "Kris Needs speaks to the friends and family of Joey Ramone about his remarkable life, Tommy Ramone recalls the psychotic pop-song formula of that debut album, and David Fricke investigates the freak four's sustained insane attack on the pop charts."
Austrian based music magazine Slam Magazine published Rock Classics: Ramones special issue on October 28th, 2009. It had 132 pages and then was first time published this 12 song CD entitled The Roots Of The Ramones with tracks from bands like the New York Dolls, MC5, Iggy & The Stooges, The Troggs and The Flamin' Groovies. (Updated: May 25, 2011).

- July 2007, I wrote here on my page Joel Gausten is doing an book titled Albums That (Should've) Changed The World. It also contains Ramones chapter which tells an extensive history of the Ramones album Brain Drain (1989). Chapter includes exclusive commentary from Marky Ramone and producers Daniel Rey and Bill Laswell, as well as never-before-revealed details behind the recording of the album etc. "When 'Brain Drain' was released in 1989, the time was finally right for the Ramones to break through to mainstream music buyers. At the time, the band had the theme song to a major motion picture (Stephen King's Pet Sematary), their world tour was receiving substantial coverage on MTV and they were working with a world-renowned producer (Bill Laswell). But once again, the band failed to meet expectations, despite releasing their best work in a decade. This chapter explains why.", explains Joel Gausten.
Albums That (Should've) Changed The World is still in progress. Author Joel Gausten wrote to me on April 23, 2011:
"It's nice to hear from you. The book is taking a long time to complete. I hope to have it out by the end of 2012. It will be around 600 pages when it's complete!"
In 2007 I got told, it contains also interviews with past/present members of Danzig, Misfits, Samhain, Plasmatics, Napalm Death, Kiss etc. (Updated: April 23, 2011).

- Great photographer Tom Hearn has photo exhibition named The Flowering Of Punk Rock at Thomas J. Walsh Art Gallery at Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT, USA. You has chance to see Ramones, Blondie etc. photos from 70's and lot more.
The Flowering Of Punk Rock exhibition is open April 14-May 27, 2011. Opening reception is April 14 at 5.30-7.30. April 16 will Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain do reading session related to their famous book Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History Of Punk. Gallery's opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-5PM and Sunday noon-4PM. See more of gallery here. (April 2, 2011)

- Many younger fans are asked from me who is Arturo Vega. You can find the most extensive and "real/original" Ramones merchandise store from Arturo Vega's site, www.ramonesworld.com. Arturo, Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone etc. founded site together and also founded official 1*2*3*4* Fan Club. Some years after those three original members became angels, Arturo couldn't use "official" status of his site anymore. Lot of fans can't understand or accept decision.
I certainly hope people support Arturo Vega and buy merchandise from man who designed the Ramones' eagle logo and most all of the Ramones art, shirts, special collections, etc. before Johnny passed away.
Arturo Vega was the Ramones creative director since 1974 and worked as the Ramones lighting director. With the Ramones he worked on 2 261 shows, and only missed two Ramones shows altogether. Arturo still lives in a loft where with him in the early 70's lived Dee Dee and Joey. He definitely was one of the closest friends with Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee, and still now with Tommy, CJ and Richie. (April 2, 2011)

- I had here 20 hours newspiece about benefit festival and I did mention huge bands playing on it because of Ramones. It was my first Ramones' related April Fools' Day joke ever. I wanted to clear "athmosphere" when there are still so many fights going on in a Ramones family circle. One longterm fan wrote how I made right move: "Its sad that they are all like that, but its like children squabling in any family to be honest. It IS an issue to make a joke about - if they complain about it then they show themselves up to be miserable complainers! Are they smart enough to hold their tongues?" (April 2, 2011)

- Johnny Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone have been rendered as vinyl figures - joining the ranks of Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, and more, in Funko's new POP! Rocks series.
Available worldwide June 2011 both of these stylized 3.75-inch tall vinyl figures come decked in traditional Ramones leather jackets, and armed with guitar and bass respectively. Figures are detailed right down to Johnny's infamous frown, Dee Dee's enigmatic glare, and the matching shoulder chains that bookended them on stage while changing the face of rock N'roll.
Both figures are now in production and shipping to stores by or before June 15, 2011. Pre-orders are now being accepted in the JRA online store JRA Online store. (February 28, 2011)

- 1-2-3-4-news: December 22, 2010 was announced Ramones being among the recipients named of the Recording Academy's lifetime achievement awards.
The Ramones received lifetime achievement Grammy Awards at invitation-only ceremony February 12, 2011, the night before the 53rd annual Grammy Awards.
- I am so happy that the band is being honored this way. It would have meant a lot to Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee, as it does to all of us in the Ramones family, wrote Tommy Ramone some comments for me.
As you know, Tommy is the surviving and founding member of the Ramones. Other founding members are passed away. Of course, spirits of the singer Joey Ramone (RIP 2001), bassist Dee Dee Ramone (RIP 2002) and guitarist Johnny Ramone (RIP 2004) were at the ceremony.
Only five Grammys were given out to the Ramones members: in addition to Tommy, Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee was grammy given to drummer Marky Ramone. Tommy Ramone, Marky Ramone, drummer Richie Ramone, Joey Ramone's brother Mickey Leigh, Johnny Ramone's wife Linda Cummings, one Ramones manager John Cafiero, Ramones road manager Monte Melnick etc. were among of people who attended ceremony February 12, 2011. Richie had a speech related to Joey.
So CJ Ramone and Richie Ramone (and Clem Burke aka Elvis Ramone who attended event) were not recipients of Grammys awards, nor were they recognized by the Grammy industry. Grammy industry gave awards to the early members of the band. In Grammy Awards days, CJ Ramone had shows in Paraguay and Argentina: February 10-12. Dee Dee's wife Barbara Zampini not attended event, not sure why. Tommy Ramone thanked CJ and John Cafiero had a mention of Barbara.
You can read on my site what Tommy Ramone, Marky Ramone, Richie Ramone, Linda Cummings, Mickey Leigh and John Cafiero said in their speeches. Thanks Tara Stites of typing speeches. Read speeches on special section I created because of Grammy Awards, see section here.
Other recipients named were Julie Andrews, folk revivalists The Kingston Trio, Dolly Parton, jazz drummer and bandleader Roy Haynes, the Juilliard String Quartet and 102 year young gospel singer/composer George Beverly Shea. With the exception of the Ramones, all the lifetime honorees have won competitive Grammys.
In addition to the Ramones, the lifetime awards was posthumous for most of the founding members of the Kingston Trio. Two of the original members of the Juilliard String Quartet, formed in 1946, are still alive. British actress Julie Andrews, 75, became one of Hollywood's biggest stars by playing prim and cheery nannies in the 1960s movie musicals Mary Poppins and The Sound Of Music.
Also during the ceremony, Trustees Awards were presented to Al Bell, former vice president of Stax Records and one-time president of Motown Records; classical music producer and former Mercury Records vice president Wilma Cozart Fine, who was honored posthumously; and Bruce Lundvall, former president of Elektra Records and past head of Manhattan Records at EMI.
Technical Grammy Awards were presented to Roger Linn, designer of pioneering drum machines and founder of the company that designed guitar pedals for special musical effects; and Waves Audio, which pioneered the use of software applications with the invention of the Q10 Paragraphic equalizer. See special Grammy Awards section here. (Updated: February 27, 2011)

- There was an article in Swedish newspaper (Dagens Nyheter, February 3, 2011) of author Bengt Ohlsson writing a fictional novel book about Johnny Ramone. Title is Commando, and of course it refers to the Ramones song. Swedish Ramones fan Marten Ramone translated article for me and on it Bengt comments how he got idea of a novel after looking a documentary. 48 years old man played Ramones covers with his old band in late 80's. Commando is coming out in fall 2011. It is in Swedish. Publisher is Albert Bonniers.
Interviewer Cecilia Jacobsson (Dagens Nyheter) explains about Bengt: There are abrupt shifts between the person who attracts Bengt Ohlsson's interest. His last three books: Kolka, Syster and Hennes Mjukaste Röst, have female protagonists, very different and from different countries. His Gregorius book won Augustpriset in 2004. Gregorius is about famous Swedish writer Hjalmar Söderberg. (February 3, 2011)

- Scottish longtime Ramones fan Martin Percival did long interview with the Ramones in 1992. That interview is now published first time, in issues 66 and 67 of The Big Takeover magazine. The Big Takeover is USA/Canadian magazine. Interview has lot photos and they are taken by longtime Ramones fans, like Jörg Buscher. (January 3, 2011)