Release date: September 13/ September 28, 2004.

(PICTURE: Marky Ramone holding up the Ramones Raw DVD in front of the #2 position in Tower Records Top 10 selling music DVDs display in NYC on the upper west side. Right of use of this picture was first given to my page by Marky and John Cafiero.)


Marky Ramone started taking the video camera on Ramones tours in 1987, when he went back in the Ramones. Marky owns the huge Ramones video library and now thereís out the new DVD, that Johnny Ramone and he worked on with John Cafiero, a producer/ director of videos and movies. Itís stuff a lot of people have never seen before. Itís called RAW. Marky explains of it lot also in my Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone book. Release date in UK was September 13, 2004. USA date was on September 28, 2004 via Image Entertainment. You can order DVD, click here.

The DVD feature appearances by Debbie Harry, Chris Stein, Bono, Drew Barrymore, and Carly Simon, as well as footage of DOORS guitarist Robby Kreiger performing Take It As It Comes with the band at the Hollywood Palladium in 1992. It will come with eight pages of artwork, and a limited-edition version will be released featuring simulated black leather packaging.

In addition, the disc will include "I Ramone", a half-hour of concert footage captured in Rome in 1980, just after the release of the Phil Spector -produced album End of the Century. Shot on film, it laid forgotten in the vaults of an Italian television station for two decades after its one-time broadcast.
"It was a good time in the group," drummer Marky Ramone told Billboard.com.
"We were never in Italy [before] and it was something different. We were in Rome and it was [in a park] behind the Vatican ... where the Pope lives! Too bad he didn't want to see the show."

Read interview about Ramones Raw from October 13, 2004 issue of East Coast Rocker with Marky Ramone and John Cafiero, CLICK HERE.

The DVD debuted at #5 on Billboard's Top selling music video chart! This is the highest Billboard chart position the Ramones have ever held in their entire 30 year career! Also really cool that European charts have reported Ramones Raw at: #3 in Sweden, #4 in France, #5 in Italy, #5 in the UK, & #7 in Germany! Later in Finland it appeared #3 and was weeks in chart.
In USA Tower Records has listed Ramones Raw at #1 & #2 at various times over the past few weeks and in its first week of release, the Virgin Megastore ranked Ramones Raw at #3 in their overall DVD sales, just below the Star Wars Trilogy boxset listed as their #2 selling title!

...AND late November, 2004 Marky Ramone wrote to me following: "The Ramones Raw DVD has gone gold! (in USA), the first (Ramones) DVD or video ever to receive the award. We are all extremely happy, and we hope all The Ramones fans are happy about this too. If it wasn't for them this wouldn't have happened. This would've made Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny very proud."
And in March, 2005 got the news that the BPI, (the British equivalent of the RIAA in the U.S.) has announced the DVD Ramones RAW has reached certified gold status in the UK!
And in October, 2007 arrived news that Raw DVD has sold gold in Australia. And then Spain was third country where Raw DVD sold gold, that did happen in March, 2008.

1st Ever Music DVD Awards was in Century City, California in late March, 2005 and Raw DVD got one award: Best Special Features/Bonus Materials. 7 winners were chosen from more than 130 entries submitted by the record companies and music DVD distributors. The event also included a keynote address from Tommy Ramone.

(PICTURE: John Cafiero and Marky Ramone signing at the Virgin Megastore Times Square in NYC on September 29, 2004. Photo: David Pomponio/FilmMagic)

1.Blitzkrieg Bop
2.Teenage Lobotomy
3.I Wanna Be Sedated
4.Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
5.Rockaway Beach
6.Chinese Rocks
7.Cretin Hop
8.I Don't Want You
9.Judy Is A Punk
10.I Can't Make It On Time
11.Do You Remember Rock'N'Roll Radio?
12.I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
13.Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
14.Rock'N'Roll High School
16.Take It As It Comes
17.She's The One
18.Let's Go
19.Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
21.I Don't Want To Grow Up

Some screenings, signings etc.:

- Marky Ramone and producer/director John Cafiero met fans and signed autographs, including signing copies of the new Ramones DVD called RAW at the Virgin Megastore Times Square in NYC (1540 Broadway) on September 29th, 2004 at 6:30PM.

- On October 2, fans in the U.K. had the chance to see RAMONES RAW on the big screen at the 12th annual Raindance Film Festival in London, the U.K.'s largest independent film festival. The DVD--which received a personal invitation from festival organizers was screened at UGC Shaftesbury Avenue at 5:00 PM (GMT).

- Marky Ramone + John Cafiero are on Thursday, October 7th, 8pm - 11pm on WFMU radio program
Music to Spazz By with Dave the Spazz.

- October 13, 2004, then tune into to Sirius Satellite radio from 6-9PM EST for the Wiseguy Show. Around 7:15PM EST Marky Ramone and Joh Cafiero will appear for an interview with Vincent Pastore. If you miss that, the episode will be rebroadcast on Saturday Oct 16th from 4-7 PM EST. Click here.

- Marky Ramone and John Cafiero will be meeting fans and signing autographs at Tower Records in Paramus, NJ (809 Route 17 South) on Friday, Dec. 10th, 2004 from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Signing is to celebrate the gold certification of the RAW!

Some quotes from reviewers about the DVD:

"The DVD Ramones Raw is downright hilarious. The collection features rare live footage and slice-of-life material shot mainly by Marky while on tour in the late Eighties and Nineties."
Matt Hendrickson, ROLLING STONE (9/30/04)

"The Most RAMONES movie for your money. For Ramones fans, this is the Captain's platter, the deluxe package of live footage, interviews, TV performances, candid backstage moments and the kitchen sink (copious special features and Easter eggs) they've been waiting for. But the all-inclusiveness isn't the chief charm of Ramones Raw. Thanks to this DVD, we get to ride with the band from their gabba-gabba-heyday to 1996 and feel like insiders as the Ramones endure their equivalent of Beatlemania and just be themselves, so we can see them apart from their shaggy superhero images. And that's just priceless."

"If a clip of the Ramones meeting The Munster's Al "Grandpa" Lewis doesn't cause heart palpitations, maybe the priceless prime-era concert footage will entice you to pick up the O.G. punks' first authorized DVD release."
Marc Weingarten, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY (9/17/04)

"Ramones Raw lives up to its name. It's an intense, no holds barred look at this legendary band a spellbinding work... there is one undeniable fact forged from Ramones Raw: when they wanted to, the Ramones could kick the ass of any other punk rock band in the game, either before or since."
Gill Gibron, DVD TALK (8/31/04)