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The seventh annual Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone and Ramones outdoor event presented by Linda Ramone in association with the JRA (Johnny Ramone Army) chief of staff John Cafiero, was on October 1, 2011, at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (6000 Santa Monica Blvd.) in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
So, event had taken place in a area where are Johnny Ramone's memorial statue and Dee Dee Ramone's grave.
Admission was 10 US$. Tickets were now available at Ticketfly. Net proceeds benefit the Johnny Ramone Research Fund at USC Westside Prostate Cancer Research Center.

One Ramones member attended event, founding member, original drummer and Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer Tommy Ramone. So this was a great chance to meet Tommy and also see from big video screen Tommy playing with Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (television show) in USA, on August 9, 1977 (DKRC ran in 1973-81). Show was screened in it's entirety.
- The Johnny Tribute went well as usual. It was great to see the fans again and we had a good time watching the Don Kirshner show, I have not seen it in it's entirety in decades -- it is quite a good show!, wrote Tommy Ramone to me.

Some were thinking Tommy was pushed to the side and in a highligh were too much The "Hollywood" movie stars in VIP area, and The Misfits and JuiceheaD (Jari-Pekka: personally I has only good things to say of The Misfits, of my friends bassist-singer Jerry Only, guitarist Dez Cadena (ex-Black Flag etc.) and drummer Eric "Chupacabra" Arce). They were as well special guests and doing signings.

The Misfits and JuiceheaD are artists of the Misfits Records.
The Misfits released first full-length album of all-new, original material in nearly a decade (and the first since 1999 to feature The Misfits originals). The Devil's Rain debuted on Billboard's Top 200 at #70, and Billboard's Top Independent Album Charts #12. It is produced by Ed Stasium, with some help by John Cafiero. Stasium has produced for example Ramones albums Road To Ruin and Too Tough To Die, and Misfits album Famous Monsters. JuiceheaD's new album is How To Sail A Sinking Ship.
Personally I like of both albums. JuiceheaD is doing melodic and modern punk.
Also sleeves are great and limited deluxe version of The Devil's Rain contains glow-in-the-dark poster inside. I am happy how current The Misfits' line-up is seemed to kick out from studio extra pressures and with Stasium they recorded The Devil's Rain with good horror feelings. Not trying to be too dark, not too horror, not too "Glenn Danzig era", not too "Michale Graves era" etc. 16 songs works well in "album length", not work somehow well with individuals, as it was with the single Land Of The Dead. Also Jerry Only sing better than at live... Album is in a balance.
Btw, don't trust any bullshit Marky Ramone, Graves etc. are throwing to The Misfits and to this album. Listen album by yourself and decide what you like of The Devil's Rain. & Ramones Forever were collaborating and you had chance to get free signed giveaways autographed by Richie Ramone in this event.


"Report" on the Johnny Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone memorial event in 1st, October, 2011. It was a good time. So, anyway: 1234!!
It was a beautiful warm night in Hollywood for the 7th annual Johnny Ramone Memorial Event. We attended event with our friends Duane and Manya Buske. Duane is bassist and founding member of San Diego's Ramones tribute band Hey!Ho! Lets Go!"
The crowd was large and was made up of many Misfits fans this year, as the Misfits were special guests - as well as Tommy Ramone!
Before things got started we walked over to view Dee Dee Ramone's gravesite. A beautiful print of "Saint Dee Dee" was displayed above, and a heart-shaped flower arrangement on the ground below. There were people everywhere taking pictures of it. Gravesite was gorgeous. Directly across from Dee Dee is the gravesite of Maila Nurmi, "Vampira" ,which was decorated with a giant spiderweb and fuzzy spiders. Nice to see tribute paid to her also. ("Yes! Nurmi is born in Finland like Jari-Pekka! And she lived as a child in the state of Ohio like me (Deb)! :D")

Johnny Ramone's monument was of course cool looking with colored lighting and a bed of flowers. Always awesome. Tommy Ramone looked good; he was interviewed on air by internet radio 103.1 about his days in the Ramones while event attendees lounged on the lawn or walked around checking out the sights.

Later at the VIP area The Misfits' singer-bassist Jerry Only was standing by the fence, signing and posing for pictures about 2 hours total. We managed to get his and guitarist Dez Cadena's autograph even with a huge crowd there. After seeing how well they treat their fans, we are really impressed with them, as well as their new music, The Devil's Rain album. When they spoke on stage they talked about their 'professional relationship' with Maila Nurmi ("Vampira").

Last year and this year's events they were keeping the celebrities hidden in a tight-security tent with a metal fence around it. Most of the celebs only come out to speak on the stage - within the secured area - after dark, so its hard for "average" people to get pics!
Celebs seen in the VIP area were Rosanna Arquette (actress etc.), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols etc., who spoke briefly, or kicking soccer balls into the crowd), Lisa Marie Presley (the only child of Elvis Presley), John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers etc.) and Pete Yorn.

Before the Ramones concert video started, Tommy Ramone talked to the audience about meeting with the "Rock Concert" TV show's producer, Don Kirshner. Tommy said Kirshner listened to everything they told him about how they wanted to be filmed and he did it that way! The result is some of the best concert footage ever seen.
Can't remember seeing Johnny, or the rest of the band, any more fired up than this. Pure energy and attitude and the music to match - it was epic. We lost count of how many songs they fit into that show, because they didn't stop to breathe, they just kept going like a full speed train. It kicked - hard - and sounded great. "It is the Ramones in their prime", as said at the event. The entire audience was thoroughly impressed, and rightfully so. Whew! Can't wait to see it again!!
The second movie was Plan 9 From Outer Space in 3-D, with Bela Lugosi and Vampira. Movie is shown especially becauce Johnny Ramone was huge horror film fan.
And that was the end of the evening. Of course, there was still a huge line of people waiting in line hoping to get an autograph from The Misfits. before they went home.

We had a great time at the event, although it was feeling like it was more about The Misfits this year. Many more fans seemed to be there for them, and not many Ramones fans. Also, except for only Tommy's short comments, there was nobody speaking much to the audience about their memories and stories of any of the Ramones. But seeing the concert video, and hearing Tommy discuss it was great.
Btw, Rosanna Arquette read the ticket numbers of the 10 prize winners..., and I (Deb) won a bag of cool Ramones and Misfits stuff!!

Thanks to Linda Ramone (she looked fabulous) and John Cafiero for a great event that supports a great cause. Already looking forward to next year.

Text and photos by Deb and Joe Lunardo. Thanks a lot.