Official release date: July 11, 2011.

The Ramones played at live at Musikladen's (Germany) television program on September 13, 1978. This performance is pretty famous and it is now released first time in complete length including encores. Release includes DVD and audio CD both.
DVD and CD both has full television performance.

DVD also has bonus features. There are no subtitles on interview, but we fans are grateful to Jan Beddies who translated main points of interview (from German to English)
Assistant director of Musikladen show explained that the Ramones played so loud and it is reason that quality isn't perfect. Because of loudness the valves of the camera started to create such stripes.
Assistant director explains that they sold the tickets for the show when they didn't know which artist will perform. That's why you can see a bored upper class audience sitting there and watching the Ramones. After they heard Ramones are going to perform they casted a view punks from the streets. The assistant director explained that to the Ramones and said: "Remember, you are doing the show not for that audience. You are doing it for the people in front of the TV set!"

The assistant director said that you would hardly belief, that the show was recorded 33 years ago if you just look at the band. In his mind the main director did a great job because he did transported the speed from the band to the cutting. There are just slow camera moves and cuts so you can really watch the show. Main thing he remembers is that there was no interaction between the band members. The only time where that happened was in the D-U-M-B part in Pinhead show. And the same athmosphere was backstage. That did a professional job, had a very professional management but they did not act like a band.
Most impressing things for the assistant director were the playing of drummer Marky Ramone and bassist Dee Dee Ramone ("What a great rhythm section!") and the high energy the band was playing with jumping and down stroking all the time. Joey had (of course) some health problems. He had flu and his snot ran out of his nose. You can't see that on the tape because his hair wiped it all up.
Thanks of translating Jan Beddies.


1. Rockaway Beach
2. Teenage Lobotomy
3. Blitzkrieg Bop
4. I Don't Want You
5. Go Mental
6. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
7. You're Gonna Kill That Girl
8. Don't Come Close
9. I Don't Care
10. She's The One
11. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
12. Havana Affair
13. Commando
14. Needles & Pins
15. Sufin' Bird