Real name: Cristopher Ward
Date and place of birth: October 8, 1965, Long Island
Ramones career: Become to The Ramones in August 1989 and continued to the end.
Play on official albums: Loco Live, Mondo Bizarro, Acid Eaters, Adios Amigos, Greatest Hits Live and We're Outta Here.
Other bands: Rapid Fire, Axe Attack, Los Gusanos, Warm Jets, Bad Chopper.
Something else: His first tour and gig started 30.9.89 at Leicester. He likes motorbikes. CJ has three kids. CJ was married with Marky Ramone's niece Chessa. They divorced in 2003. CJ is now married with Denise.

Read CJ Ramone's cool interview what was published in The Great Southern Brainfart. He explains how he was approached joining Metallica twice etc. etc. My really long interview with CJ is included for Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

CJ Ramone on the official releases:
- Axe Attack LP's Dead Soldier's Revenge (1985) and Nightmare/Nitemare (1986).
- Los Gusanos: Quick To Cut -7'-single (1993).
- Los Gusanos: I'd Love To Save The World -CD/7'-single (1994).
- The Independents: In For The Kill -CD. CJ is guest vocalist in track Love Sucks.
- Los Gusanos (Snake Piss-song)/ Youth Gone Mad -splitsingle
- Los Gusanos: Los Gusanos album (1998).
- Los Gusanos: No Bone Movies -song on the Legend Of A Madman -Ozzy Osbourne tribute album (1999).
- Warm Jets debut single (2000).
- Bad Chopper single Real Bad Time (2003).
- Bad Chopper album (2007).
- CJ Ramone: Reconquista album (2012/2013).
- CJ Ramone plays in four songs in Jiro Okabe's Return Of The Kamikazi (2014).
- CJ Ramone: Understand Me? single (2014).
- CJ Ramone: Last Chance To Dance album (2014).
- CJ Ramone: American Beauty (2017).
- CJ Ramone: Christmas Lullaby (2018) / Santa's Got A GTO, Volume 2 (2017).
- CJ Ramone: The Holy Spell... (2019).

CJ has produced some records:
Like: - Blackfire's 5 song EP.