CJ Ramone had a band called Bad Chopper together with Mark Sheehan (RIP 2010) and Brian Costanza. The band was first called Warm Jets and with that name they did release She Says/ Diabla 7' single. Bad Chopper released Real Bad Time 7' single by Finnish record label Woimasointu Records on February 19, 2003. Read more of single here. B-side of it is Diabla. 500 copies was released as a limited edition in red/blue/white splattered vinyl and rest in black vinyl.

Bad Chopper finished recording their debut full length album in January 2007. Original USA version of it was released in CD format in December 2007 and in vinyl version in February, 2008 by Acme Records. Acme Records was John Evicci's label. Album was re-issued by Mosrite Records in 2015.
Mariano Asch's record label Rockaway Records released Argentinean pressing of the album in August, 2008.
Album has 12 songs, and only 2 of them were officially released before. Bad Chopper recorded etc. songs together with "Ramones producer" Daniel Rey.
Another Mariano, Mariano Perez, filmed promotional video of Do It To Me song in summer 2008. You can find video of it from Youtube.
Bad Chopper had a long gig break. They did play first shows since 2004 in July-August 2008. See all dates here.

CJ said to me that Bad Chopper was over when Mark Sheehan passed away on October 1, 2010. Read more of Bad Chopper history here.

CJ Ramone: vocals and bass.
Mark Sheehan: drums and some guitars and vocals.
Brian Costanza: rhythm guitar.
Additional musicians:
Daniel Rey: lead guitar and tambourine in some tracks.
Walter Lure: lead guitar in some tracks(you know Walter from the Heartbreakers fame etc.)

1) Real Bad Time
2) Sick Of It (lead guitar Walter Lure)
3) Ain't No Criminal (lead guitar Walter Lure)
4) Why (lead vocals Mark Sheehan)
5) Headshot
6) Diabla
7) Do It To Me
8) Come On Now (lead guitar Daniel Rey)
9) Lucky Girl
10) 1965
11) All The Pretty Girls
12) Good Enough For Me (lead guitar Daniel Rey)