Richie Ramone's second solo album Cellophane was released worldwide on August 5, 2016, expect in English site of Amazon release date was August 12. Label is DC-Jam Records. Cellophane got published as a CD and MP3. Buy Cellophane from here or from

Album is recorded at Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles. Cellophane is produced by Paul Roessler who also plays keyboards on album and sing backvocals on I'm Not Ready song.
Roessler's punk roots goes to 70's. He has played keyboards in bands such as The Screamers, Twisted Roots, 45 Grave, Nervous Gender, Mike Watt and the Secondmen, Nina Hagen and The Deadbeats.

First single and video of Cellophane was I Fix This. It got released on June 24, 2016. See great video here. Singer-drummer Richie Ramone, bassist Clare MissTake, guitarist-drummer Ben Wah Reagan and guitarist Ronnie Simmons are on it for example in a bowling center and in Japan.

All songs on Cellophane are written in last few years expect Pretty Poison goes to Richie's Ramones' years in 1980's and then is a cover of Depeche Mode's song Enjoy The Silence.
- Pretty Poison I had back in the Ramones days that never went on a record so we recorded that. That's the only one that I wrote back in the 80's, Richie referred to songs in a Cellophane.

Enjoy The Silence is originally from Depeche Mode's album Violator (1990). Depeche Mode is English electronic music band and Enjoy The Silence sold gold in the USA and Germany and it won Best British Single at the 1991 BRIT Awards.

1) Braggadocio (Richie Ramone / Adam Bones) (3.23).
2) I Fix This (Richie Ramone / Ben Reagan) (2.54).
3) Cellophane (Richie Ramone) (4.35).
4) Just To Be Clear (Richie Ramone / Adam Bones) (3.46).
5) Pretty Poison (Richie Ramone) (3.18).
6) Enjoy the Silence (Martin Lee Gore) (4.30).
7) Your Worst Enemy (Richie Ramone / Adam Bones) (2.58).
8) What? (Richie Ramone / Tina DiGeorge) (3.58).
9) I'm Not Ready (Richie Ramone) (4.15).

* Richie Ramone: Drums and vocals.
* Clare MissTake: Bass and backing vocals.
* Ben Reagan: Guitar.
* Alex Kane: Guitar.

* Paul Roessler: Keyboards. Also back vocals on I'm Not Ready.
* Whitey Kirst: Guitar solo on I'm Not Ready.

Guitarist Alex Kane plays on this album and on Richie's debut solo album, but not anymore in Richie's band when Cellophane got published. Kane played last show with Richie, Clare and Ben at Grindhouse in Padova, Italy, on March 6, 2016, where was final show of their European tour. New guitarist Ronnie Simmons played first show with Richie at Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa, CA, USA, on April 22, 2016.
See all tour dates here.

Here are some background and history information of Cellophane. Richie Ramone's debut solo album named Entitled (read more here) was released worldwide by DC-Jam Records on October 8, 2013.
In November 2015, I asked from Richie Ramone if He, bassist Clare MissTake, guitarist Alex Kane and guitarist-drummer Ben Wah Reagan are already going to the studio?
- We are writing and will record a new album in January, 2016, at Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles. I have written songs with all the band, and other people. We start touring again in February, Richie wrote to me in October 30, 2015.
Recordings happened as planned but guitarist Alex Kane played last show with Richie on March 6, 2016. New Guitarist Ronnie Simmons played first show with Richie, Clare and Ben on April 22, 2016.

So this album Cellophane will be released worldwide on August 5, 2016. Again label is DC-Jam Records. It was surprising to hear that people got chance to buy album already at the shows in June-July. Richie wrote information about that in May, 2016:
- The new album Cellophane will be available at all the (USA) shows before it is released worldwide August 5th, 2016. Get your autographed copy in advance of the release date, hinted Richie to shows, as he will sign copies before or after the shows.
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