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Great fan Joe Finnegan wrote review of Richie Ramone's show with his band at The Bowery Electric, New York, USA on February 16, 2014.

Richie Ramone was on the road, punkrocking first extensive tour after he returned back to publicity. Richie Ramone's first solo album Entitled was released by DC-Jam Records in October 2013. This tour in North America is: January 29-March 12, 2014. See all dates here.

Line-up is:
* Richie Ramone: drums and vocals.
* Ben Wah Reagan: rhythm guitar and drums.
* Clare Misstake: bass (aka known as Clare Noizee and Clare Pproduct).
* Alex Kane: guitar.
Alex Kane plays in this tour instead of Tommy Bolan.

Review by Joe Finnegan begin:

What a blast! Richie Ramone at Bowery Electric, NYC, USA, I have not had this much fun at a show in a long time! First, after two other bands Walter Lure and the Waldos played a killer set and had the whole place shaking and shouting along to Heartbreaker's classic's as well as songs from the Waldos album Rent Party which is itself now a classic (released 20-21 years ago in 1993). Waldos are a NYC treasure.

Next, Richie Ramone came out pumped up and stoked, high-fiving the crowd before pounding into Criminal from the new album Entitled. Next was Somebody Put Something In My Drink, then on to a blistering set of new tunes and Ramones classics.

As a longtime Ramones fan going back to first LP it was exciting hearing the faster paced sound of Too Tough To Die (1984) and Animal Boy (1986) era. It was especially exciting to hear (and shout along to) Something To Believe In, a song so packed with emotion and so rarely played live, you could see it was so cathartic to so many in the crowd.
John Negvesky and I were right up front. What a hot band this is! Two guitars, bass, and a second drummer for the songs Richie steps up to microphone to sing. His voice and playing are amazing. Richie's touring band right now is especially hot, lead guitar was absolute standout but whole band was rock - solid and Richie in great shape appearing much younger in person indefatigable on drums and very commanding on lead vocals.

I caught a tossed stick at the end he later signed. He signed merchandise and met with the many fans who wanted to talk with him. Richie brought new energy/ life to the Ramones at a crucial time in the '80's when the hardcore bands they had inspired were the new big thing. It is so great to have him back now at this time when people understand and appreciate his contribution in it's proper context but even more appreciate the creative mode he is in right now! Moments in time don't come along too often in rock' n'roll, when they do, grab it and hold on!

Review/ story and photos by Joe Finnegan. Thanks again.