I started to plan of going to Wacken Open Air festival already in late 2004. Then Tom of German Ramones tribute band Ramone$ Mania got in touch with me and asked my help because they get a show to Wacken Open Air if Marky and/ or CJ Ramone comes to play with them. CJ wasn't available. I did explain backgrounds of idea to Marky and Chuck Bernal of Artists Worldwide, a management and booking agency representing Marky. They liked of the idea and then they contacted Tom. Wacken Open Air is the most big heavy metal festival in Europe, and one of the biggest festivals in Europe in general.

Later was confirmed as well another show for Marky Ramone and the Ramone$ Mania, pre-party of Wacken in HeadBangers Ballroom club on August 3, 2005. Actual festival show was on August 5, 2005. There was from Finland great organised trip by to Wacken festival. Their busses arrived to Hamburg late in August 3 and that was reason why me and my friend Tommi Parkkila had to go by plane to Hamburg. "Regular" airline companies asked double prices than cheap companies like Ryanair or Blue1.

Photos: Left photo: Marky Ramone and Ramone$ Mania guitarist Tom. Right photo: Ramone$ Mania bassist Fitzy. Both photos taken at HeadBangers Ballroom club on August 3, 2005.

We were in Hamburg a day before HeadBangers Ballroom show. Our hotel was really close of famous Reeperbahn street and we checked it out. It was much more nice than what many people imagine. Also HeadBangers Ballroom was pretty close of our hotel and easy to find after I and Tommi got guidance from fans of local St. Paul football club. When we entered club around 6-7PM, Marky was one of the first we saw. I and Marky hugged as a greeting and we exchanged latest news. And sure I greeted nicely as well Ramone$ Mania members, who are besides of guitarist Tom - Holgy (vocals), Fitzy (bass) and Chris (drums). We met then first time. Ramone$ Mania members were really friendly and with them was easy to talk. They were a bit older than I was imagined, they seemed to be around 35-40 years old. Soon they were doing a soundcheck and played around 8 songs. Marky was arrived to Hamburg 2 days earlier and they had played some practises. We were chatting and having fun in backstage before doors were open. Marky was in a good mood and he was also doing some jokes, like he was holding spoon in his nose... Tommi was videotaping my, Marky's and Tom's discussions. Marky did show to me necklace what Dee Dee Ramone was gave him around 2000. Marky also said that he's finishing his book really soon and that it comes out in 2006.

Tom had Johnny Ramone guitar model, it's always great to see. Marky asked if I can sell his autographed black and white promo photos in that night, sure it was OK. Then I got idea that I can also sell my books Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone and Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone together with Marky's autographed photos to the audience when doors were open. There was big line outside when they started to let people in. It was good to chat with fans, some of them came to introduce themselves for me, like they knew my homepage or were bought my books. Another act of that night was local band called The Traceelords and they rocked really wild and energetic show to the audience. Besides of the Ramones it was easy to see that one big influence to the The Traceelords was Backyard Babies. Singer-guitarist Andy Brings was especially Ramones fan, like I noticed after the show. He wanted to give me their When Exactly ?! vinyl 12'EP.