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Great Brazilian fan Helio Volpato wrote review of Richie Ramone's (his site is run by Gaston Sanchez) show with his band at Hangar 110 in Sao Paulo, Brazil on October 18, 2012. As you can read, Richie and guys played lot songs that aren't published yet in November, 2012.

Richie Ramone was going to do this tour first in August, 2012. But tour was postponed. Richie wanted reschedule his shows in South America. And shows were rescheduled. Tour included three shows in Brazil, two in Uruguay and three in Argentina.

Review by Helio Volpato begin:

This was the second time that Richie Ramone came to Brazil after Ramones era, the first time was in 2010 with Mickey Leigh (Read review here). Now, he was back with his own band:
Richie Ramone: drums & vocals.
Jiro Okabe: bass & vocals.
Ben Wah Reagan: rhythm guitar and drums.
Tommy Bolan: lead guitar and vocals.
Unfortunately, the venue Hangar 110 didn't promote the show how supposed would be and for that reason there were few people, around 100.

Criminal, one of the Richie's new songs, opened the show, following by Somebody Put Something In My Drink that always makes everybody sing in unison and, with Ben on drums, they played one more new song called Better Than Me. This song is very slow and I think it should be in the second half of the show, and Can't Say Anything Nice.
Richie went back to the drums to destroy them with Durango 95, Animal Boy with Tommy vocals. I Just Want To Have Something To Do and I'm Not Jesus were amazing. They left the stage after they had played Mama's Boy and Tommy made a solo for few minutes showing all his ability as guitarist.

The show continued with Into the Fire, I Know Better Now, both with Ben on drums. Next Richie sang Loudmouth and Smash You. They played two more new songs (before encore): Forgotten Years and Vulnerable that I think was the best of the Richie's new songs. Commando and Wart Hog with Richie making the backing vocals like he did in Ramones, wonderful!
In Sao Paulo they just played the first encore with Take My Hand, Blitzkrieg Bop, Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World and finished show with Humankind.
In spite of the small audience the show was very strong and powerful, fast as it should be but the sound was a little metallic, probably because of Tommy's influence. Ben played guitar very well and he is a good drummer too. Jiro Okabe is a crazy japa, he was moved the whole time and made faces, all of them are very nice and receptive. After the show, Richie took pictures and gave autographs to the fans.

Review/ story and photos by Helio Volpato. Thanks again.