After basic information you will find interview with Boogie Ramone. I have known with Boogie since 90's.

Release date: November, 2010.
Publisher/ label: Poland 4 Ramones/ MB-BLE.
Album is mixed in MaQ Records. Main man behind this Polish tribute album is Boogie Ramone. Many bands has translated songs from English to Polish.
As Boogie explains, Poland 4 Ramones title you can also understand as Poland For Ramones. I will add soon more information...


1) Farben Lehre: Blitzkrieg Bop.
2) Armia: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (She Is A Punk Rocker).
3) Bulbulators: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Wczorajsza Milosc).
4) Cela nr 3: Ramona.
5) Wlochaty: Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (Bonzo Rusza Na Bitburg).
6) The Cuffs: I Just Want To Have Something To Do.
7) ADHD Syndrom: Animal Boy. (Wsciekly Gosc).
8) Schizma 90: Got Alot To Say. (Mam Wiele Do Powiedzenia).
9) The Headhunters: Pet Sematary.
10) WC: R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
11) Pils: Let.s go (Naprzod).
12) Whitman: Endless Vacation (Wieczne Wakacje).
13) De.indows: Pet Sematary.
14) P.D.S.: Crusher (Pucian).
15) Tife Tife: I Believe In Miracles (Wierz. W Cuda).
16) Disorient: Teenage Lobotomy.
17) Dumbs: Come On Now.
18) The Coiots: California Sun. (Silesia Sun).
19) Rockatanski: Outsider.
20) Plebania: Endless Vacation (Inter-tribal Song).


Boogie Ramone is main man behind of this tribute album.

1) Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone: How you were composing tribute album and how you got idea?
Boogie: Idea to make a Polish tribute to the Ramones was born in early 2010 in my Ramone-head. After consulting with my friend Marek (from publishing), I started doing this in April 2010.
Now in December 2010, label MB-BLE not exist anymore because Marek moved to Australia (maybe for better life). Now he sends me greetings from Sydney.
So, I am sad because Poland 4 Ramones: Tribute To Ramones will not printed more. Therefore tribute is limited edition of 499 copies. Only few copies are left (December 30, 2010).

2) Jari-Pekka: What bands you asked first and how long was process?
Boogie: First I gathered bands which I knew were already played Ramones covers: Dumbs, Farben Lehre, Bulbulators, Cela nr 3, Armia, Wlochaty, The Headhunters and Disorient.
Rest of bands contacted me. I very much appreciate it and want to thank them. Every band approached the matter with enthusiam. All new songs were recorded in April-September, 2010.

3) Jari-Pekka: Can you tell more details of three Polish bands who contributed to the album?
Boogie: A) Farben Lehre:

Farben Lehre is formed by Mark Wojda and Wojciech Knap in 1986. They had first show at the Hall High School in Plock, Poland. Farben Lehre's debut album Bez Pokory was published in 1991. So far, they have released nine studio albums, DVDs, lives etc. Rarities were gathered for Garazowka album (1996). One of numerous compilations was published in 2006 as to celebrate 20th anniversary.
Farben Lehre is touring a lot. They did 110 shows in 2009. Since 2004, Farben Lehre is organised big Punky Reggae Live Tour.
Farben Lehre is played on the same stage with artists like The Exploited, Die Toten Hosen, GBH, UK Subs, Vibrators, Oi Polloi, Paranoid Visions, Dritte Wahl, Rasta Knast, Ine Kafe and Smola and Hruky.

Boogie: B) The Cuffs:
The Cuffs was formed in January, 2005 as the new rock n roll draft of his fellow musicians native of Warmia, Kujawy and Mazovia. Music is referring to the classics like Motorhead, Ramones, Misfits and Social Distortion.
Music is designed for those whose hearts beat faster when they hear acts like Turbonegro, Zeke, The Bones, Turbo A.C.'s etc., as familiar to the Polish conditions absolutely new. July 2009, they released EP Conspiracy. It has four songs and you can download (legally) it free from http://www.myspace.com/thecuffsrockon.

Boogie: C) Dumbs:
Dumbs' history goes back to 1995. Dumbs was formed because total worship of the Ramones. After having a break from 1999 to 2002, they started playing again with a new drummer. All members are complete Ramones fans and they have fun playing their covers and playing own material. Dumbs played as a support to Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg at the LochNess Venue in Krakow, Poland on October 28, 2010. http://www.dumbs.pl.

4) Jari-Pekka: Can you mention something of Polish punk scene?
Boogie: Popular Polish punk bands are Strachy Na Lachy, Farben Lehre, Kult etc. "Ramones Polish punk scene" is not that big. Of course many artists are influenced by the Ramones. Now the most Ramonescore band in Poland are Dumbs.

5) Jari-Pekka: I remember you sending me many years ago photo of your music store. Can you tell of your store?
Boogie: My shop is called Gabba and it is located in Gliwice, Poland. Gabba is a small shop with T-shirts, sweatshirts, books, CDs, badges, etc. Mainly rock, punk and reggae. Of course I have dedicated it to the Ramones! Address:
ul. Zwyciestwa 58 A
Gliwice, Poland