Base of the We're Outta Here releases is the last Ramones show at The Palace in Los Angeles on August 6, 1996.
Videos/DVD's also includes the band's interspersed with old footage and interviews. Highlights include an interview conducted by Eddie Vedder plus commentary from Ramones past and present including Tommy, CJ, Joey, Marky, Johnny and associates like Richard Hell, Debbie Harry, Ronnie Spector, Danny Fields and others. A scene of mass hysteria in Argentina brings home how popular the 80's punksters really were.

DVD: There's few different versions of We're Outta Here as a DVD and they're partly different than the original box release.
Also Eagle Vision UK released collectors' edition of We're Outta Here, it has both CD and DVD. No booklet, full content is only on backcover. If I've understood correctly this collectors' edition is released only in Europe on October 9, 2006.

BOX: USA issue release date for the box set was November 25th, 1997 in USA. Box contains CD and video of the last show at The Palace in Los Angeles on August 6, 1996.


At first in 1997 Eagle Records were looking into releasing the complete Ramones box set - CD, video + t-shirt - in Europe. But then they changed plans... and European issue of We're Outta Here was a CD only. It came out in Europe on November 24, 1997. Then later has came out also other kind of releases.
Here's also released coloured double-LP in Germany. It's an official release, but they have only licensed it for release in Germany and can therefore only sell it to Germans.