Richie Ramone is a guest drummer on The Anderson Stingrays single titled Summerville Beach. The Anderson Stingrays are a Ramones-influenced punk rock band from Rochester, NY, USA. You can see video of Summerville Beach here.
Lead vocalist and guitarist Aaron Stingray tells big thanks to Aaron Meunier for making them into the Super Mario Bros. 3 world in a video. I asked more about The Anderson Stingrays and song from Aaron Stingray. He formed a band with his brother.
- With an album of songs recorded we would gain the support of local musician veteran to our area, Frank DeBlase and be guests on his Sunday Night Radio Show. Mr. De Blas. and I would one night get together to write some songs together. With our love of the Ramones, we placed the It's Alive LP on the Hi-Fi and listen to the fast-paced live recording that would lead to a little song called Summerville Beach, which is in fact a local beach in Rochester, NY, Aaron tells.
I also asked of their co-operation with Richie.
- In 2014, I heard Richie Ramone was releasing a solo album and that there was to be a tour promoting the release. Checking the tour dates, it was to my surprise that Richie was going to be coming to our city and best of all they were looking for a local band to open the show. I finally got a hold of the the promoter who gave us the honor of opening the show. The night Richie came to Rochester, I didn't get to meet him until after a blazing set of classic Ramones songs from albums from the first three releases and albums he appeared in 80's on along with new solo material.
Richie and Aaron had a long chat.
- We talked for an hour about music and we got on the subject of possibly working with Richie on a recording. After that tour, I E-mailed Richie a few demos, it came down to recording a single and we decided on Summerville Beach.
Aaron has been a Ramones fan for 17 years. He got into the Ramones around the time Joey Ramone passed away in 2001.
- One day I was in my brother Matt's room and I discovered the Ramones Anthology album. I put the disc into the player and with the three chord progression of Johnny Ramone's guitar on Blitzkrieg Bop blasted into my life like lightning. It was the best first experience ever. I was hooked by the time on the CD when I heard Ed Stasium's mix of Rock And Roll High School. I was playing air guitar in my bedroom after that energy coursed through my veins, wrote Aaron Stingray.