Release date: April 20, 2023.
Record labels: Maninalto Records and L.S.D Records (La Scena Dischi) .

Marky Ramone, excellent and official Italian Ramones tribute band Wardogs and Italian DJ and punkrocker Andrea Rock created together Pet Sematary / I Don't Want To Grow Up 12' maxiEP / digital release for charity.
- Songs are physically printed on 12' vinyl in a limited edition. Release is also available on all major audio web platforms in digital format, told Sandro Mariuz.
Mariuz is Wardogs' guitarist. Charity project named High Five For The Kids is a Ramones branded event to raise funds for the activities of the L'isola Che Non C'e Association. It was created to support children with disabilities through activities related to music.

Marky Ramone and Wardogs recorded one of the most famous Ramones songs Pet Sematary. Biggest difference in their version compared to original Ramones version is 25-30 seconds long guitar solo by Wardogs' Sandro Mariuz. That really works and comes as a bit surprise when listening a song. It is cheery.
- I decided to do a solo, to do something little different respecting always the Ramones' tradition. I Don't Want To Grow Up is more similar to the original, Sandro said.
Some parts Marky Ramone does play a bit more tight than in original Pet Sematary version. I know Dee Dee Ramone and Daniel Rey would be happy of this version. Dee Dee and Daniel wrote original version to the Ramones.
Wardogs and Andrea Rock recorded I Don't Want To Grow Up together. Ramones covered I Don't Want To Grow Up for Adios Amigos album in 1995. An association that for years Andrea Rock, through the PGA (Punk Goes Acoustic) follows and supports through a large number of activities. The Wardogs' previous single was released in 2016. It has songs Go Mental and Dirt Off and an illustration on it is created by John Holmstrom (Punk Magazine etc.).
Illustration of I Don't Want To Grow Up side of new 12' maxiEP is created by John Holmstrom. Other artworks are by Luca Carraro. See cover artworks of both sides in right. Luca did "skull" kind of faces of all Wardogs members and Marky and Andrea to inside.
Songs were recorded at Attitude Studio Milano and Bridge Studio Treviso.
- The mix and mastering are masterfully performed by Marino De Angeli who, with a touch of modernity, combined with the magic of Marky Ramone's (Pet Sematary) drumming, manages to revive once again the myth of the Ramones, tells Sandro Mariuz.

A-side: Pet Sematary.
B-side: I Don't Want To Grow Up.

Line-up: Pet Sematary:
Marky Ramone: drums.
Sando Mariuz: guitar.
Simone Baldi: vocals.
Faolo Mariotto: bassist.

Line-up: I Don't Want To Grow Up:
Andrea Rock: vocals.
Sando Mariuz: guitar.
Faolo Mariotto: bassist.
Simone Morettin: drums.

There were four events to support release and charity. Marky Ramone did DJ appearances and played some songs together with the Wardogs.
- Marky will be present in all the four events. We'll present the 12' maxi we recorded with Marky and he'll do the DJ sets, wrote Sandro Mariuz to me in advance.
- Marky played a set of songs with us, different in different shows: Pet Sematary, I Don't Want To Grow Up, Surfin Bird, R.A.M.O.N.E.S., I Don't Care and Teenage Lobotomy, Sandro wrote afterwards.
The Andead was an opening band for the Wardogs. Events were:
April 20, 2023: Estragon, Bologna, Italy.
April 21, 2023: Bottega 26, Poggibonsi, Italy.
April 22, 2023: Capitol, Pordenone, Italy.
April 23, 2023: Live Music Club, Trezzo Sull'Adda, Milan, Italy.
You got to see in these events also Henry Ruggeri's photograph exhibition and DJ Ringo.

I am noticed that everything Sandro Mariuz is doing are products with high quality. He is a man behind of many great projects and events. As I wrote, the goal of this 12' maxiEP release is to raise funds to finance music learning courses to be allocated to the children of the L'isola Che Non C'e association in Milan.

The Wardogs has earlier released Ramones' tribute/ cover album titled Raw & Dirty (2012) etc. Album has by Wardogs 20 covers of Ramones songs or songs that also Ramones covered and a song that Joey covered What A Wonderful World.
- Raw & Dirty Days is our personal tribute to the Ramones and we don't want to try to emulate them (it's impossible!!!). We tried to maintain album raw, Sandro Mariuz explained to me in 2012.
Bonus track on album is Blitzkrieg Bop and it is a live version from a show that Marky Ramone played with Mariuz etc. under name Marky Ramone & Andead at Palaverde, Treviso, Italy on December 31, 2011. After song ended, it turned to 2012.

Sandro Mariuz was a main man behind of Home Festival's Ramones 40th Anniversary Event on 2014.
Inside Home Festival there was an area for the 40th Ramones anniversary. Home Festival is actually biggest Italian music festival with more than 100 000 people. The Wardogs did play then with Marky Ramone on September 5, 2014. There was a memorabilia and poster exhibition, Henry Ruggeri's and George DuBose's photo exhibitions etc. Ramones road manager Monte A. Melnick was presenting Italian edition of his book. Also I (Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone) and Florian Hayler (Ramones Museum Berlin) etc. did attend an event. As well great people like Jörg Buscher (RIP 2012), Marco Zuanelli, Martino Pasina, Maurizio "Nodus" Nodari, Paolo di Gaetano, Clarissa Attombri, Cinzia Vuotti and Ruggero Brunello. See here photos I had taken in a festival.