Together with a first pressing of my second book Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone was given this CD MAIN MAN: A Tribute To Dee Dee Ramone, as a extra.

Larry Reece (AMP Records) confirmed on January 3, 2021, that he still has some copies left of this CD. Ask prices and details from Larry. His E-mail address is: Larry.reece (a)
AMP Records has also released for example Life's A Gas: A Tribute To Joey Ramone CD. That is sold-out.

The CD is titled: MAIN MAN: A Tribute To Dee Dee Ramone. The CD features 31 bands from 10 countries and has fabulous artwork by Darren Merinuk. Larry Reece of the AMP Records (Canada) got idea of that CD and he also mainly composed it etc. Bands are playing songs about Dee Dee and the Ramones. This ain't no covers comp... It's an all original tribute to the memory and spirit of a true punk rock legend. Here's one review by Claire online (


1) Accelerators: I Wanna Be Like Dee Dee Ramone (USA)
2) Spoiled Rotten: Rock 'N' Roll Is Dead (Dee Dee Is King) (Canada)
3) Predator: All Good Cretins (Sweden)
4) Snot Rockets: Let's Get Zonked (Again) (USA)
5) Plastic Bastard: Poison Heart Tattoo (Canada)
6) Saturday Night Kids: Kathy Hates The Ramones (USA)
7) Jesus H. Presley: Have You Seen Dee Dee Ramone (UK)
8) Fifi And The Mach III: Treat You (Japan)
9) Squareheads: Dirtnap (Canada)
10) Meat Depressed: Dee Dee Says (USA)
11) Hymans: I Don't Know Where I Belong (Sweden)
12) Shock And Awe: Ain't No Friend Of Mine (UK)
13) Vectors: Everyone's Against Me (Sweden)
14) Grayline: Dee Dee Ramone Was A Murder Junkie (Canada)
15) Rydells: Jackie And Judy (USA)
16) Tokiado: Stop The Ramones (France)
17) Princovia: Dee Dee's Garden (Slovenia)
18) Transistors: Dee Dee And Joey (Germany)
19) Quickies: Gabba Gabba Hey (We Love You) (USA)
20) Häiriköt: Joey Ja Dee Dee (Finland)
21) Havenots: I Love Her And She Loves The Ramones (USA)
22) Cretin Family Therapy: Song For Heroes (Finland)
23) Nobody's Heroes: Teenage Ramone (USA)
24) Bussy And The Rockets: Hard To Understand (Spain)
25) Peloton Art: 1975 (Sweden)
26) The Vapids: Dee Dee King Of Rock (Canada)
27) Mickey DeSadist: Touchie Feelie Tonite (Canada)
28) Teenage Confidential: Sha La La (Japan)
29) Bullet Treatment: Road To Ruin (USA)
30) Youth Gone Mad (featuring Dee Dee Ramone): Dee Dee Deceased (USA)
31) Romeros: Dee Dee Left Home (Germany)


July 23rd, 2004 we (Jari-Pekka and AMP Records) had a book/CD release party at the Underground in Hamilton, Canada. Spoiled Rotten headlined release show and Gordie Lewis from Teenage Head played along with Mickey DeSadist from the Forgotten Rebels with them etc. Grayline and The Snot Rockets were also playing. You can only expect how many great Ramones songs was heard on that night... Also really surprise Ramones songs at live like Crummy Stuff and Everytime I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think Of You. There was also lot signed stuff from famous bands in a lottery etc.

Here is the schedule:
10:45-11:15 Grayline
11:30-12:00 Snot Rockets
12:00-12:15 Special Ramones Acoustic set with Larry Retard and Mike Trebilcock (Killjoys)
12:15-1:30 Spoiled Rotten w/guests Johnny Bud, Gordie Lewis and Mickey DeSadist