Metallica released in last year many releases which contain Ramones covers, and like you probably do remember also We're A Happy Family tribute has their version of 53rd Of 3rd.

Johnny Ramone was good friend with a few members of the Metallica, especially with Kirk Hammett who has said following: "I would come into contact with Johnny in the mid-Eighties, and I was intimidated. I'd heard the legend - how much of a hard-ass he was. But when we met in 1996 on the Lollapalooza tour Metallica did with the Ramones, he was completely different. He told me, 'I never used to hang out with other bands, because I considered them my competition. Now that the Ramones aren't together anymore, I can hang out and feel comfortable.' He was enjoying his retirement. He was getting into wearing these Hawaiian shirts that my wife would buy for him. He would call my wife and say, 'You need to get me some more of those shorts.' It was really funny: Here's the godfather of punk rock, and all he wants to do is wear Hawaiian shirts. We'd watch together old clips of Slade and the Move. He turned me on to the Sonics. And he loved Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath - only the early stuff."

Featuring the most successful heavy metal band of all time, Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster offers a revealing and exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the legendary band as they confront personal demons and their relationships with each other while recording their Grammy-winning album, St. Anger. Directors Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky followed the band around day and night and shot more than 1,200 hours of footage over a period of a year in order to create this extraordinary documentary that showcases the band in a different light. From writing an album from scratch, to fighting and therapy sessions and a rehab stint in between everything, this documentary shows a side of Metallica that many people have never seen and that fans will love.

There's lot of extras... and during one they are deciding which of two cover songs to contribute to the Ramones tribute album - 53rd And 3rd or Commando. Drummer Lars Ulrich thought that 53rd And 3rd is a cooler song because it's weirder.
Then Metallica learns that Dee Dee Ramone has died unexpectedly, someone was carried for them printings of the news.
Kirk: "That's fucked up!"
Singer-guitarist James Hetfield: "Drugs suck."
Kirk: "I just talked to Johnny Ramone, and he's just really upset."
Lars: "Were Johnny and Dee Dee still close?
Kirk: "When Dee Dee left the band, you know, Johnny and him were kind of pissed off at each other. But then, you know, in 1995 Dee Dee said, "I want to join the band. I Want to rejoin the band for the last album." Johnny said, "Well, you know, first you leave the band and put us through all this fucking anguish and trouble and, you know, upset, and then you come back, wanting to rejoin the band."
Kirk does continue: "It's just kind of weird. It's weird that, you know, 53rd And 3rd is the song we're doing, because that's Dee Dee's song, you know? That was about his life, Johnny just told me, or a part of his life." Then it continues... Kirk is also wearing CBGB's shirt in some extra scenes.