Bad Chopper was touring in South America in August, 2008. See details of the tour here.

Bad Chopper line-up at this tour was:
CJ Ramone: vocals and bass
Mark Sheehan: guitar and vocals
Brian Costanza: guitar
John Evicci: drums

This review is written by Helio Volpato.

1-2-3-4, Take it CJ!
This time I drove to Brazilian city called Cascavel (260 kilometers from Maringa) under rain and cold to attend a show of Bad Chopper. I saw Bad Chopper now first time at live. This was the second time the boys came for Brazil, the first tour was in 2001.
After I arrived in Cascavel I went to the local producer's record store, at 18:30 hrs, to catch my VIP pass to the show, there was a queue with 30 fans waiting for the autographs session since 15:00 hrs. The band's flight was late and I was talking with my new friends for some minutes when the store's telephone rang and we received the news that the band was coming.
The band arrived and immediately they started autograph session, signing some of my albums of Ramones, Los Gusanos, Warm Jets and Bad Chopper. All the guys were very nice and kind with the fans.
After the autograph session the Bad Chopper went to do the soundcheck at Master Music Hall. They did it very fast, they played Do It To Me, I Just Want To Have Something To Do and My Back Pages.
Me and my wife Lilian were at the venue at 00:50 hours and we could just attend the two final music of the opening band (Misfits cover band).
After 20 minutes Bad Chopper went to the stage and the crowd began shouting: "Hey Ho Lets Go", of course. The first songs of the show were Diabla, Sick Of It, Do it to Me and Wart Hog. They still played more seven songs from the Bad Chopper debut album (they didn't play Why and 1965) and just the songs of the Ramones that CJ sang, very sad because I wanted to have listened to Blitzkrieg Bop. The encore had Strength To Endure, My Back Pages and the great surprise of the night when CJ said: "This music was never played by the Ramones!". Then he announced that the song was Endless Vacation from Too Tough To Die album. The audience was crazy. In the last encore they played R.A.M.O.N.E.S. It was dedicated to Joey Ramone.
We had a non-stop show that lasted one hour, it was very good and powerful, CJ's vocal continues excellent and he seemed to be having fun a lot, the audience was very satisfied in spite the Bad Chopper album was not released in Brazil.

After the show I and my wife went to the backstage and we heard "You're again!" (huahuahua), we took some photos with the band. I got more autographs in the set list and when I was doing the second question for CJ the producer interrupted me because the boys would still give more autographs for the public that it was awaiting outside.
This was one more unforgettable day for me, exactly two years earlier I met with Marky Ramone. Now I met CJ Ramone.

Text and photos are by Helio Volpato. Thanks Helio.

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