CJ Ramone toured in South America between October 12 and November 2, 2015. See all dates here.
Line-up in this tour:
- CJ Ramone: vocals and bass.
- Steve Soto: guitar-backvocals.
- Dan Root: guitar-backvocals.
- Pete Sosa: drums.
In this tour CJ Ramone promoted with his band latest album Last Chance To Dance that was released in late 2014 by Fat Wreck Chords.
On CJ's set was one song that wasn't published by him when this tour happened. Song is The Beach Boys' song Surfer Girl. It is a song CJ Ramone covered/recorded to CJ Ramone / The Manges 7' split single. Italian label Striped Records will publish that 7' split single around November 30, 2015. Read more of Ramone / The Manges split here.

In shows in Brazil did also play as a support Jiro Okabe with his band. Read more of Jiro, of his Return Of The Kamikazi album and his co-operation with CJ here. READ JIRO'S COMMENTS HERE.


Part 1: October 22, 2015. Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Brazil.
To me the CJ Ramone's South American tour 2015 started on October 22nd, Thursday, at Santa Barbara d'Oeste, a pleasant city which is 150 kilometers from Sao Paulo, my hometown in Brazil. Me, my girlfriend and two friends went there by car, it took around 2 hours. When we arrived there wasn't many people at the venue/club called Zook's Bar. Before CJ Ramone's and Jiro Okabe's shows there was two local bands which we can't watch. After that the place was starting to fill, I think there were 200 people, some old Ramones fans and many boys and girls which certainly can't watch the band alive.
So Jiro Okabe, the drummer Tim Jimenez and the guitarist Clay Anthony took the stage and made an amazing set with 12 songs, including 3 Ramones covers: Durango 95, I Just Want To Have Something To Do and Something To Believe In. The rest of the set was based on Jiro's solo album Return Of The Kamikaze. Jiro is a great musician and his affection with the fans won the Brazilian crowd. The band left the stage to thunderous applauses.
It was time of the main event of the night: CJ Ramone came to Brazil for the 4th consecutive year. This time his set was more of his solo career and a less Ramones songs. While CJ, Dan Root, Steve Soto and Pete Sosa were rocking at the stage, was Jiro Okabe having fun dancing with the crowd. The surprise this time was the song Baby I Love You that CJ performed for the first time in South America.
As soon as the show was finished we came back home cause it was Thursday and the road was waiting for us. Some friends that were there met CJ got some autographs and fotos.

CJ's set list in this tour:
1) Understand Me?. (from Last Chance To Dance album).
2) Won't Stop Swinging. (Last Chance To Dance).
3) One More Chance. (Last Chance To Dance).
4) Judy Is A Punk. (Ramones song)
5) Carry Me Away. (Last Chance To Dance).
6) Cretin Hop. (Ramones song)
7) What We Gonna Do Now?. (from Reconquista album).
8) Clusterfuck. (Last Chance To Dance).
9) Three Angels. (Reconquista)
10) Surfer Girl. (The Beach Boys cover which CJ recorded to CJ Ramone / The Manges split 7' single in 2015).
11) 'Til The End. (Last Chance To Dance)
12) Cretin Family. (Ramones).
13) I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend. (Ramones).
14) Glad To See You Go. (Ramones).
15) Pit Stop. (Last Chance To Dance).
16) Strength To Endure. (Ramones).
17) Baby I Love You. (Ronettes/ Ramones).
18) The KKK Took My Baby Away. (Ramones).
19) Last Chance To Dance. (Last Chance To Dance).
20) California Sun. (Henry Glover/ Morris Levy/ Ramones).
21) My Back Pages. (Bob Dylan/ Ramones).
22) Commando. (Ramones).
23) Psycho Therapy. (Ramones).
24) 53rd And 3rd. (Ramones).
25) Do You Wanna Dance?. (Freeman/ Ramones).
26) Blitzkrieg Bop. (Ramones).
27) R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (Motörhead/ Ramones).

Part 2: October 27, 2015. Web TV show called Estudio Livre and The Noite Talk Show in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
A few days after CJ came to Sao Paulo to perform at web tv show called Estudio Livre. The full perform with 12 songs and a little interview is here.
Me and my friend William Ramone Sa from the Ramones Fans facebook page arrived there an hour before CJ started to perform. The band just was there. We tried to enter at the studio to watch the show but we couldn't. When CJ left the studio we met him and took some fotos. At the studio outside an other tv crew was waiting CJ and band to took them to the SBT TV studios where CJ would have an interview at The Noite Talk Show. The full interview can be seen here.
On the final of the show CJ and the guys had a killer perform of Baby I Love you. You can see it here.
After that the band traveled to the north of Brazil to shows at Belem and Fortaleza.

Part 3: October 31, 2015. Hangar 110, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
On Saturday October 31, the band returned to Sao Paulo to annual show at Hangar 110 club. The day started early to me. With my girlfriend we went to Guarulhos International Airport to get my great friend from Rosario, Argentina, Sapo Ramone and his lovely wife Catalina. We were together in May at Joey Ramone's Birthday Bash in New York, USA, and last year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when Marky Ramone performed there. Sapo and Catalina came from Argentina only for the show. We took them to see the city and at night we leave home to Hangar 110. There we met many friends from different places, as Josimar Gozo which came from Campo Grande, a city of Brazil mid-east, and Thiago Torres from Rio de Janeiro.

The first band was Dillinger from Uberlandia, they just opened CJ's show last year in his home city and this year also in Uberlandia and in Belo Horizonte. They made a good set with own songs and some covers of punk rock classics. After Dillinger Jiro Okabe performed the same set from Santa Barbara d'Oeste. It was a killer show again, he certainly was in the memory of all brazilian Ramones fans. When he left the stage he fraternized with the fans distributing autographs and fotos.
So CJ climb up the stage and started his show, based on his solo career. The difference from last year was that this time the crowd singed along all his songs from his albums Reconquista and Last Chance To Dance. Everybody has the albums, so it worked better than in 2014. The set was the same from the other shows. Everybody had a great time and after the show the band was hanging there on the venue taking fotos and talking with the fans. It was organized a little autograph session with CJ at the ticket office.

Part 4: November 1, 2015. Espaco Mog, Campinas.
On Sunday was the time of the last show in Brazil. It was in Campinas, a big city near of Sao Paulo. It is around 100 kilometers from Sao Paulo. Before the show CJ made a autograph session at his hotel, there was at around 100 people to take photos and get some autographs. CJ looked pretty tired because of shows and travel marathon.
At the venue, called Espaco MOG, the opening was in charge of the brazilians of Dillinger who made the same set from last night. Then it was the last Jiro show at the tour, he did not travel to Argentina to the rest of the tour. He made a great show again, the crowd really liked him and the band. At the end of the show he thanked the Brazilian fans for their support at every show and promised to return soon.
So next CJ started his show and made the same set. The show was great but it was clear that everyone was much more tired than at the beginning of the tour. After CJ played Jiro came to me and with his drummer they gave me the drumhead used at his tour, signed and with the setlist wrote there. So I went to the guitarist Clay Anthony meeting and asked him to autograph it too. It was a great tour.

CJ is really loved here. He seems to have more pleasure in interacting with the fans than Marky when it comes. A unanimous vote is that everyone would like to see the two playing together here, especially the younger fans who could not see the Ramones in action. Unfortunately this seems to be an impossible dream.

Thanks for writing this Marcus Padula.


As said in this page, in shows in Brazil did also play as a support Jiro Okabe with his band. Read more of Jiro, of his Return Of The Kamikazi album and
his co-operation with CJ here.

Jiro sent me few photos and comments of his shows and set-list.
- We started shows with Ramones' tune Durango 95. Most of the songs we played are from my solo album, Return Of The Kamikazi. We had played two more Ramones songs, I Just Want To Have Something To Do and Something To Believe In. The tour was very successful and that was very exciting. We had nine shows played with CJ Ramone. Also in Sao Paolo show on October 31, 2015, I was a guest bass player and back-up vocal for another Ramones tune, Somebody Put Something In My Drink with a Brazilian local band, Dillinger, wrote Jiro Okabe.

Here is a set-list Jiro played with Clay Anthony and Timothy Jimenez:
- Durango 95 (Ramones song).
- All I Want (from his album Return Of The Kamikazi).
- Dedication (from Return Of The Kamikazi).
- Baby, Baby, Baby (from Return Of The Kamikazi).
- I Don't Even Care (song from Jiro's drummer, Timothy Jimenez of Rave-Ups).
- Wanna Be Alone (from Return Of The Kamikazi).
- Can't Stop Loving You (from Return Of The Kamikazi).
- Running To The Graveyard (song from Jiro's guitar player, Clay Anthony of ex-Junkyard).
- Clock Strikes 12 (from Return Of The Kamikazi).
- I Just Want To Have Something To Do (Ramones).
- Punk Rock Generation (from Return Of The Kamikazi).
- Something to Believe In (Ramones).