Johnny Ramone passed away at 3:03PM on September 15, 2004 in his home in Los Angeles, USA.... Johnny had prostate cancer for five years. According to his publicist, at the time of his death, Ramone was surrounded by friends and family that included his wife Linda Cummings, Eddie and Jill McCormack, Rob and Sherrie Zombie, John Frusciante and Robert Carmine. Who of us would have believed then few days earlier at the Ramones 30th show in Los Angeles that Johnny pass away only few days later. Rob Zombie read then Johnny's letter, and called for Johnny and talked with him few minutes.... I already knew how bad was Johnny's condition, but I was promised not to put to my site inside information. What I heard, his body was cremated during a private ceremony.

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I had a discussion with a man how Johnny and Dee Dee met in the film store (man works in a store in LA) just 3 days before Dee Dee passed away... I trust that Johnny and Joey also speaks to each other.

When I heard news, I was in the house of movie director Doug Cawker in LA. After surviving first shock we drank shots of Absinth in the memory of Johnny Ramone. This picture in this site is taken by Doug Cawker in early 1980's...
We were thinking for example why "someone" chose Ramones..., 3 of 4 original members are now angels. What other band who is even nearly as important to music business than Ramones has lost so many members at young age, only New York Dolls seems to be another band to lose so many members at young age.

I was happy that You heard how great night Ramones 30th party was... With Love Johnny, Sep 15, 2004,


(Picture: Taken at Schwabinger Bräu, Munchen, Germany on November 4, 1981. From left to right: Johnny, Dee Dee, Lothar Felkel, Joey and Marky. Photo: Gerhard Schönherz.)

"Johnny Ramone was my bandmate and brother for over 15 years. The bond between band members was closer than any others in the Ramones' organization. John kept things in control when they could have spun out of control very easily. I'll never forget the day he asked me to join the Ramones in 1978. I always admired his guitar playing. He was the originator of the down stroke 8th note guitar style, which is very difficult to do for hours on end like he did playing in the Ramones.
Four months ago, I knew about the serious nature of his illness, but for a while, he had a turn for the better. This comes as a shock, but it was inevitable because of the severity of his condition which worsened more recently. We were lucky enough to talk and hang out a few months ago when he was strong enough to do the commentary track on the DVD "Ramones Raw", which was his last professional contribution to the Ramones. I spoke to him most recently when I was in LA for the 30th Anniversary concert that we put together for Ramones fans. Based on our last conversation, I felt this moment was coming. I'm sorry to see him go--like this. I hope the fans take the news as best they can. His legacy will live on in every band that has, is and always will be trying to duplicate the Ramones sound. It's a sad day for Ramones fans and a sad day for rock and roll."


Marky Ramone was the one who Johnny Ramone blamed that his sickness became public. Johnny tells in Commando: The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone about days in June 2004 (pages 142-143 in Johnny's book):
In June 2004, I developed an infection and nearly died. That's when it became public knowledge that I had cancer, and I wasn't even in the hospital for cancer at that point. Marky Ramone was the one who had blabbed, to, that I was dying and on my deathbead. That really wasn't his business. Here I was in recovery, out of intensive care, and Mark takes it upon himself to tell the world my "chances are slim."....
I called Marky after I got out of the hospital and told him: "You really have to control yourself, control what you're saying. You are desperaate for attention." No one knew until Marky broke the news to get his name in the press. He'd do anything to get his name in the press. He was always like that".


Elvis Presley was Johnny Ramone's favorite artist and Elvis' only child Lisa Marie Presley became Johnny Ramone's close friend. Lisa Marie (RIP 2023) Lisa Marie is second person after Tommy Ramone in "Thanks to" listing in in Johnny Ramone's book Commando: The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone.
Here is one part from Johnny's book that tells of his final months:
"In June 2004, I developed an infection and nearly died. I wasn't doing well for a few days there in late May, 2004, and I don't even remember driving to the hospital. I was feeling badly. The next thing I knew, I woke up and it was June 8. I was tied to a bed, and I had tubes coming out of me. I had been unconscious the whole time, for a week. What that happened was that they had done something to me, some treatment, and it had poisoned my whole body. They told my wife (Linda) that I was going to die, that I had less than a one percent chance of living.
There was a chalkboard on the wall when I woke up that day, and Linda and Lisa Marie Presley were sitting there with me. I tried to write up something on the chalkboard, but all that came out was squiggles; I couldn't keep my hand straight. It was very frustrating. Then they gave me a board with letters, and I would point to individual letters to make words, but I also couldn't point straight. I was pointing between letters."

AND FOLLOWING IS EPILOGUE TEXT WRITTEN BY LISA MARIE PRESLEY IN COMMANDO: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JOHNNY RAMONE (PAGE 147): "Johnny was a dear friend. He was grouchy, he was loyal, kindhearted, soft on the inside, set in his ways, and well... grouchy :)
We were similar, which is why we got along so well. He took a paternal role in my life, and I respected and loved him dearly. Johnny handpicked certain people to be in his orbit, and I feel fortunate to have been one of them.
The day Johnny died, in his chair at his Los Angeles home, was one of the most incredulous, fantastic, and macabre experiences of my life. He waited until his orbit of loved ones was surrounding hin, and then he let go... Linda, Eddie Vedder, John Frusciante, Vincent Gallo, Steve Jones, Rob Zombie, Pete Yorn, and my husband and I gathered around him for hours, telling stories into the night, saying our farewells, laughing, crying, and sitting around him - even sitting around him while watching the coverage on the news that he had passed away. It was incredibly profound and comforting. It was a punk rock and rock and roll version of the movie The Big Chill.
He was taken away and cremated the next morning. It was very much like an Irish wake and exactly the way Johnny would have wanted it to be. It is also how he liked things to be in life - surrounded by who and what he liked - and it was punk rock. I will never forget that, and I will never forget him.... He was a legend, a good friend, and well... he was grouchy :)
Lisa Marie Presley


1) Indie 103.1, Los Angeles radio station was sponsor of the Ramones 30th show and they played just after telling news lot Ramones songs, like I Believe In Miracles, Blitzkrieg Bop, Don't Come Close, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend, Bonzo Goes To Bitburg, Surfin' Bird, Teenage Lobotomy, Something To Believe In... They also played Johnny tribute comments by fans on air, and during the night more songs celebrating the life of Johnny, like Metallica's version of Ramones classic 53rd & 3rd and songs like Judy Is A Punk, She's The One and We Want The Airwaves, especially that song made me miss Joey and Dee Dee in the Ramones 30th party...
One listener said: "The Ramones would be remembered 200 years from now. Their music will stand the test of time."

2) Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards played Beat On The Brat, Cretin Hop and Blitzkrieg Bop for the Johnny (Lars is member of Rancid) at Telakka in Helsinki, Finland on September 18, 2004.

3) Häiriköt played as well Ramones songs - I Believe In Miracles, Garden Of Serenity and Poison Heart - to the Johnny at Factory, Helsinki, Finland on September 17, 2004.

4) The Cretins played a Johnny Ramone memory gig in Umea, Sweden on October 16, 2004. Night was a success and the place was sold-out.

5) Blondie played in London on September 16, 2004. Debbie Harry didn't said anything about Johnny, however, third of way through the set they unexpectedly launched into Havana Affair!! This was followed by the Hello Joe tribute to Joey Ramone off their new LP (The Curse Of Blondie). Again nothing was said by way of introduction or dedication. To cap things off they later played Pet Semetary, again without dedication. Actions speak louder than words!!

6) The Damned wrote in their homepage: "The Ramones ...without whom there might never have been a Clash, Damned or Sex Pistols. Their music is up there with Beethoven, Bolan and the Beatles, fantastic stuff indeed! RIP Johnny Ramone."

7) The Dickies writes in their homepage: "Johnny, along with the rest of the Ramones, helped re-define music as we know it today, he will be greatly missed by us all. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends... JOHNNY RAMONE 1948 - 2004 R.I.P".

Freies Radio für Stuttgart played on September 17 also special Ramones radio show, they played for example Ramones: Bop Til' You Drop, Ramones: Tomorrow She Goes Away, Ramones: We're A Happy Family, Eddie Vedder w/ Zeke: Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of Love), Bonzo Goes To Bitburg and Ramones: I Believe In Miracles.

9) Punkrockband The Grolschbusters from the Netherlands wrote to me: "Another Ramone is gone, WHY ?? Johnny RIP !! Thanks for the great guitarsound in the best band ever !! ""Only the best die young"""
10) Music writer and singer-guitarist of ex-Furious George George Tabb wrote to me: "Jari-Pekka, words can not describe what you and I feel. I am happy there was a Ramones, and through them, they brought people together from all over the world. Good people. As you know, Johnny, to me, was a like a father figure. I am happy that they brought sunshine into all our lives. They created a global family. I don't think it will every happen again. Love."

11) Rob Zombie has said following: "Whatever he said, you knew it was 100 percent honest. And you knew that he knew what he was talking about. He had an insane amount of knowledge, whether it was the stock market or old movies or baseball. He knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. It didn't matter if he was ordering dessert at a restaurant or putting together a tour. He was the strongest guy I ever met. He never wanted to let down his friends. I must have heard him say that a million times. And he took the fans very seriously. If someone asked for a million autographs, he would sign a million times."

12) Henry Rollins has issued the following statement: "As you probably know by now, JOHNNY RAMONE (the guitar player of the one and only RAMONES) died last week on September 15th. From what I have read and heard, he died in his sleep, surrounded by friends and family. About a week before he passed away, I was over at Johnny's house visiting with him and his wife Linda. It was hard to see Johnny Ramone with his hair short and gray. He was thin and in pain. We talked about a lot of stuff: the upcoming Ramones tribute show, his health, film, music, and the times we played together.
I told him about the time the movie Rock'N'Roll High School played at the Ontario Theater and how the Ramones walked through the theater right before the lights went down and pretty much the whole place emptied into the lobby. He asked me if I had seen the Ramones documentary, End Of The Century (I had not seen it but had heard amazing things about it). He told me he had a copy of the final edit and if I wanted to, we could check it out. So we did. We sat there and watched the whole thing. It was great and it meant a lot to watch it with him. It was heavy to watch him watch himself and I wondered what he was thinking. After the film was over, we talked awhile longer but it was late and Johnny was tired so it was time for me to leave. He said to come by any time and I said how about next week. We made plans to watch a movie and I told him I would call. I put my hand on his arm and said, I'll see you soon, young man, and then Linda walked me out and I went home. That's the last time I ever saw him.
I did call him a few days after our visit to see when was a good time to come over again and he said that he had people coming by for the next few days. Since I had to go East to do some shows I told him I would call him after the show on Sunday and we would set something up. That was the last time I spoke to him. On the day he died, I was about to call him when I got the call that he had passed away. It may sound lame, but it felt good to have the chance to personally thank him for the music and how much it meant and how The Ramones influenced a lot of bands and reached more people than anyone could imagine. He was very humble about it all.
The Ramones 30th Anniversary Tribute happened on September 12 at the Avalon in Los Angeles. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Dickies and X played great sets and then CJ Ramone, Marky Ramone and long time producer Daniel Rey took the stage and played while different guitar and vocal teams came out and did Ramones songs. Tim Armstrong, Danny Bosstone, Brett Bad Religion, Eddie Vedder--everybody sang and played great. I went onstage with Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and we did Judy Is A Punk, Commando and Blitzkrieg Bop. It was a rush and over before I knew it. I was standing on the side of the stage catching my breath and Jones said that it was too bad we didn't have another five songs because we were just getting into it.
I got to meet Tommy Ramone backstage, he's the only Ramone I hadn't met yet, that was so cool. The evening's host, Rob Zombie, an extremely good guy, called Johnny on his cell phone from the stage and we all cheered as he held up the phone so Johnny knew we were there for him. When CJ and company went back onstage to do Pinhead I figured it was my time to get out before the parking lot was full of people. I slipped out the side exit and was back in my room minutes later, still sweating. What a night. I'm glad that Johnny knew the show went down and that it was a success. I believe that Johnny was holding on for the show and once it happened, he let go. What a man, what a band.

13) Kirk Hammett has said following: "I would come into contact with Johnny in the mid-Eighties, and I was intimidated. I'd heard the legend - how much of a hard-ass he was. But when we met in 1996 on the Lollapalooza tour Metallica did with the Ramones, he was completely different. He told me, 'I never used to hang out with other bands, because I considered them my competition. Now that the Ramones aren't together anymore, I can hang out and feel comfortable.' He was enjoying his retirement. He was getting into wearing these Hawaiian shirts that my wife would buy for him. He would call my wife and say, 'You need to get me some more of those shorts.' It was really funny: Here's the godfather of punk rock, and all he wants to do is wear Hawaiian shirts.
We'd watch together old clips of Slade and the Move. He turned me on to the Sonics. And he loved Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath - only the early stuff."

14) John Cafiero (Osaka Popstar and director of Ramones DVD Raw etc.) had the chance to spend some time with Johnny when he visited Johnny and they worked together on the commentary track for the Raw DVD. Cafiero wrote to me following: "Johnny Ramone invented a guitar sound that had never been heard before. Whenever I hear a song in my head, Johnny's guitar is playing it. For me, and countless others all over the world, Johnny and the Ramones defined the music I wanted to hear and the kind of music I wanted to make. I'm honored that I grew to know, and eventually work with my childhood heroes. Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee may be gone, but The Ramones will live forever."

15) Jonny Huntington of the Huntingtons wrote to me: "Johnny Ramone unofficially tought me how to play guitar. God bless him."

16) Mickey De Sadist of the Forgotten Rebel (he's also a solo artist) wrote to me following: "I have had the priviledge of opening for the RAMONES on at least three occasions, 1980 in Burlington, 1992 in Toronto, and 1992 in St. Cathrines, all in Canada. Johnny, thank you for the music of my extended childhood, your spirit is in every note we play."

17) Jerry Only said: "I was always astounded by Johnny's pure power and stamina. Johnny truly had the strength to endure. This is a great loss. We will all miss him. God bless Johnny Ramone."

18) In Norway there was already 3 tributes to Johnny, the first was in Halden on 23.10.04, the second was in Oslo on 27.10.04 and the last was in Fredrikstad on 29.10.04. Shows included members from The Yum Yums, The Twistaroos, The Graves etc.

19) Rämouns is older Ramones cover/tribute band, they're also dedicating songs to Johnny, like on November 13, 2004 in Aschaffenburg, Germany.

20) Ramonas girl group played Johnny Ramone tribute at the Canarvon Castle, Camden, London, UK on October 8, 2004.

21) At the sold-out Green Day concert at the North Shore Events Centre in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday, March 5, 2005 Billie Joe Armstrong dedicated Wake Me Up When September Ends to Johnny Ramone.

22) Johnny Ramone and Lisa Marie Presley were close friends. Johnny was the best man at Mr. Cage's wedding to Lisa Marie Presley etc. Presley's new album Now What was released on April 5, 2005. It contains cover of the Ramones song Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. Another cover is Don Henley's ever-timely Dirty Laundry. Johnny Ramone originally hand-picked Here Today, Gone Tomorrow for Presley to perform on a Ramones tribute album We're A Happy Family, but the song instead turns up on Now What. Johnny had hoped to play on Presley's version of the song, but he passed away the day she started recording it, according to Capitol Records. Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones plays on the Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. Album also contains song When You Go and it is in part dedicated to Johnny.

23) On Sunday 4th of September, 2005 at the Independent Day Festival in Bologna, Italy Social Distortion's singer Mike Ness dedicated one song to who made punk great and unfortunately is not anymore with us. First people he remembered were Joey Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone and Johnny Ramone. He also thanked many more artists that started playing punk music with him more than 26 years ago, like Johnny Thunders.

24) Ben Weasel (Screeching Weasel, book writer etc.) wrote this following long writing:
One Of Us
Nobody played guitar like Johnny Ramone. Nobody.
Joey's death seemed like a sick joke; Dee Dee's was the cruel punchline. Learning of their deaths reminded me of my own age and mortality: life is transitory, and death is final, and when it comes, there's little warning and no quarter. Hearing about Joey and Dee knocked the wind out of me. No more Joey Ramone, draped on a microphone looking and sounding like something that had just landed from another planet. No more absurd, hilarious novels and stories from Dee Dee. And no more brilliant songs from either of them. The Ramones had always been there, and I guess I'd figured they always would be.
But reading about Johnny Ramone's death this morning didn't knock the wind out of me; it hit me in the face like a two-by-four.
Johnny was rock and roll - real rock and roll - personified, and rock and roll doesn't die. Johnny was the one who had retired with grace and dignity and sold his guitars, no longer having any use for the tools of the trade. Johnny was supposed to get old with his wife and go to ball games and play in his roto league and collect old movie posters and track down rare, bizarre horror films from third world countries. He was supposed to live out his life in relative comfort after having traveled the world so many times over, inspiring so many of us to pick up guitars and make our own music, even though we couldn't play - Stairway To Heaven - and thought Eddie Van Halen was an annoying wanker.
Johnny Ramone was never recognized as a revolutionary guitarist. Chuck Berry gave us rock and roll guitar playing. Hendrix showed us what the instrument was capable of in the hands of somebody with the ambition, vision and tenacity to bend it to his will. But what Johnny Ramone contributed to rock and roll guitar playing was just as important - maybe even more important - because he took the instrument away from the rock gods and handed it back to the rest of us. Johnny turned the guitar back into a brutal, primal, stunningly effective tool. He proved that you didn't need to be a virtuoso to be a great guitarist. He reminded the world that rock and roll was supposed to be fun.
Johnny never played flashy leads, and he was never taken seriously by mainstream rock guitarists, and in fact he was only taken seriously by a handful of critics years after he'd changed rock and roll; after he'd brought back the immediacy and urgency and passion of rock and roll guitar playing. Rock and roll had been voluntarily neutered when Johnny first plugged his Mosrite guitar into his Marshall amp. He used the spare parts that had been discarded by the rock gods in favor of pretentious, opera-length solos to create a new monster; a huge, ugly, primitive beast with fangs and claws. He didn't eschew convention - he spit in its face. He attacked the strings like a crazed soldier pumping rounds into the enemy. He didn't just play for a crowd; he assaulted them.
You've got to understand - I wanted to be Johnny Ramone.
His attitude reflected his musical style. My brief conversations with Johnny when I interviewed him in 1994 were a blast not only because I was able to talk with my hero, but because he embodied everything that I'd always loved about punk rock. He was brutally honest, wickedly funny and by far the most down-to-earth rock star I'd ever encountered. By 1994, he'd resigned himself to the fact that the Ramones would never sell a million records. But if he seemed to be tiring of fighting a never-ending uphill battle to get his music heard, he didn't express any bitterness. He knew even then that in spite of never getting the spoils, the Ramones had been victorious.
"At times I feel like maybe we deserved a little better", he said at the time. "These bands all talk about how much they were influenced by the Ramones but when they get big, we try to get on a tour with them and it just doesn't happen. But I guess it ain't no big deal. I'm thankful every day when I get up that I can do this for a living."
Johnny Ramone was supposed to be too tough to die.
Much has been written about Johnny's role as the leader of the Ramones - his high performance standards, his business acumen and his tendency to rule with an iron fist. Little has been written about the fact that he was trying to work with a group of addicts and alcoholics, nor is it often suggested that the band might well have imploded long before it did if Johnny Ramone hadn't been around to run the show. For better or worse, Johnny never claimed to be anything he wasn't, and if some in the Ramones camp didn't appreciate that his leadership skills too often resembled his aggressive style of guitar playing, they were still always there to write the songs and play the gigs. If Joey and Dee Dee were the heart and soul of the Ramones, it can't be denied the Johnny was the blood and guts.
Johnny Ramone was a guitarist years ahead of his time, and while he never got his due, I still hold out hope that future generations of rock critics will finally begin to understand the importance of what he did, and how crucial it was to keeping rock and roll alive, not only when the Ramones started - a time when rock and roll seemed to be in serious danger of choking to death on its own excess and self-indulgence - but to this day.
Nobody played guitar like Johnny Ramone. Nobody ever will.

25) This text was in official Goldblade page: "I just played all their albums back to backand it felt so good. At least Johnny Ramone lived long enough to see da brudders become a legend."

26) Also rap people gives respect for our angels. There was shown a music show called Cream on Hungarian tv-channel M1 on January 22, 2006. One of the musicians was gangsta rapper Zolee Gangxsta who said that his music roots are the Ramones and he performed I Wanna Be Sedated together with his band called Kartel. The song was dedicated to the memory of Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee. The drummer is also member of Hungarian Ramones-tribute band Ramones Mania (different than German Ramones Mania). Zolee Gangxsta also told in an on-line interview that there are two bands that never changed their style: Ramones and AC/DC.

27) Kevin Clement of the Chiller Theatre wrote nice Johnny Ramone tribute text on their site. It is related to Johnny's passion for horror movies. Read more here of Johnny's collection.
On right you can see photo of John Zacherle and Johnny Ramone in 1990. Clement explains of this photo on his text. Zacherle is known for his long career as a television horror host broadcasting horror movies in Philadelphia and New York City in the 1950s and 1960s.
Here's Kevin Clement's text:
"Johnny Ramone attended the first Chiller Theatre Expo in 1990 and every Chiller Theatre Expo after that, until he moved to California in the later part of the 90's.
A friend of Chiller for over 13 years, Johnny showed his support for Chiller's own house band, the Dead Elvi by attending their first & second gig's back in 1994/95 at the Chiller Theatre expo in Secaucus, NJ.
Early this year (2004) I took a trip to California in January. I had the good fortune to visit with Johnny and hang out with him for the afternoon at his home in the Los Angeles hills. Hanging on the wall directly across from where we were sitting was the original "Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein" insert poster that I had sold him back in 1991. It was like seeing another old friend again!
Johnny was in very good spirits that day and seemed to being doing well with his fight against cancer. We talked about movie posters, the Chiller Theatre Expo, and Zacherle the Cool Ghoul! A lot of people may not know it but Johnny was a big collector of horror movie original posters. This is how we first met back in the 1980's. Johnny loved talking about horror movies, Zacherle, and Chiller.
For all the years that I knew Johnny I had only asked him for his autograph once. It was on a picture of him and Zacherle from my very first convention! This is one of my coolest pieces in my collection. It was a great afternoon catching up with each other and before I left Johnny gave me some current Ramones CD's and asked me if I wanted an autographed photo. Normally, I don't ask friends for autographs and feel funny doing so, but this time I said sure! He gave me a great live concert photo of himself and inscribed it to me with the words "Kevin - Gabba Gabba Hey! your pal," Johnny Ramone!
He certainly was a pal!
Rest In Peace Johnny!
Kevin Clement Chiller Theatre & the entire Chiller Staff


This obituary appeared in the UK Times - The best quality newspaper in England.
A seminal talent, whose legacy is in good hands.
September 16, 2004
Johnny Ramone: The Times obituary
Lou Reed's dictum that "One chord is fine, two chords are pushing it, three chords and you're into jazz" might well have been the maxim of Johnny Ramone, the guitarist of the band that invented punk rock. For more than 20 years, between the Ramones' formation in 1974 and their final split in 1996, Johnny Ramone stood stage right, legs planted, eyes down, hammering out some of the most influential chord sequences of the late 20th century. Blitzkrieg Bop, Sheena is a Punk Rocker, Rockaway Beach - the Beach-Boys-meets-buzzsaw sound of the Ramones was the genesis for the Sex Pistols, the Buzzcocks, informed the entire germinating punk movement of the 1970s and has been constantly namechecked by the genre's more recent exponents.
The Ramones were also perhaps the world's most famous band never to have had a hit. In more than 20 years of recording and touring, they barely came within spitting distance of the Top 40, and not one of their albums went gold. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment, Teenage Lobotomy, I Wanna Sniff Some Glue and I Wanna Be Sedated - each one a frantic, tuneful, two-minute aria that inspired punks, metallists, skaters and slackers right up to the present day. When their contemporaries Green Day released the hit album Dookie in 1994, it was reported in the music press that the band had already made more money than the Ramones in their entire career.
The four Ramones, Johnny, Tommy, Joey and Dee Dee suggested, loudly, that the pomp rock of the 1970s - three-disc rock operas, Wagnerian obsessions, British folk myths and 16-minute guitar and drum solos - were no longer the thing. What you needed was a leather jacket, a pair of jeans, a guitar and a dumb attitude. Better still, you needed a chain saw. Or to Beat on the Brat ("with a baseball bat").
Part of the band's appeal was the Ramones chic, which tapped straight into the foundations of cool. The screw-you-buddy attitude; the motorcycle jackets, sneakers, ripped T-shirts and jeans; the notion that the lead guitarist had got into the game "to be the fastest guitarist on earth". They talked the talk with laconic style. Of their early output, Johnny Ramone commented: "I basically tried to play normal stuff. We didn't sing about surfing or cars or girls because we didn't surf, didn't have cars and didn't have girlfriends. So we wrote about sniffing glue and the boredom of suburbia."
Johnny Ramone, born John Cummings in New York City in 1948, attended Forest Hills high school. Brought up on Chuck Berry, Elvis and the Beatles - "The 78 of Heartbreak Hotel was the first record I ever owned," he said - he began attending gigs in New York in the early 1970s by bands such as Slade and the New York Dolls. These groups were unafraid to sound rough-and-ready by placing more emphasis on energy than technique, and it was a notion in which they were joined by other proto-punkers such as the MC5 and the Stooges. When Johnny was made redundant from the local construction company, where he worked as a steamfitter, he walked into the mail room to see Douglas Colvin, his co-worker and high-school friend. "Why don't we fool around, get a band? he said. "Let's get some guitars.
Johnny was 25 when he picked up a guitar - a Mosrite, his signature instrument for 20 years. Fittingly, he began by thinking about image, working on his guitarist's stance in front of the mirror before playing a note. "I learnt how to play after I got the guitar looking right on me," he said later. Tommy Erdelyi and Jeffrey Hyman (Tommy and Joey) came on board, and the band took its name from an early alias of Paul McCartney, Paul Ramon. The Ramones began to play weekly gigs at CBGB's, a dive club on New York's Lower East Side that also started the careers of Television, Talking Heads, Patti Smith and Blondie, among others. Of an early gig, the club owner recalled: "They played 20 songs in 17 minutes without stopping." It was a precedent: things were about to take off.
The first album, Ramones, was cut in 1976. "We got signed to a deal for $20,000," said Johnny, "we bought equipment and did an album for $6,500." It proved a mission statement. On the cover, in monochrome, the band lounged against a wall glaring. Once the needle was dropped, Johnny's fuzzsaw guitar ushered in the machine-gun beat of Tommy's drumming, then Joey's strangled "Hey! Ho! Let's go!" - and Blitzkrieg Bop, which became almost the Ramones theme tune, was born. They followed it with Leave Home (1977) - "We were learning how to play a little better, how to have more variety in the songs even though it all sounds the same," said Johnny - and then Rocket To Russia, perhaps their best album. It was the apotheosis of the Ramones approach: four chords (if that), incredibly catchy tunes, dumb singalong lyrics, plenty of slogans and a two-minute limit on each song. Playing live, the band managed often to condense even these frenetically concise pieces of rock'n'roll into half their album time.
Not everyone loved the Ramones. Despite songs such as We Want The Airwaves, radio dismissed them, perhaps hoping that they would go away. On an early tour, their manager remembered, he was accosted by a filling-station clerk as the band (in full Ramones regalia) milled around in the forecourt. "Mister," he was told, "it sure is nice of you to take care of those retarded people." But they caught attention where it mattered. Bruce Springsteen is supposed to have written Hungry Heart (his first No 1) for the Ramones, but was persuaded to hold on to it by his manager. When the band played in London in 1976, its audience included the core members of what would become the Sex Pistols, the Clash and the Buzzcocks, all of whom were sufficiently struck by the Ramones' minimal guitar joy to start putting together their own groups soon after. They recorded 17 albums, among them collections of covers from the 1960s and a collaboration with Phil Spector.
Though the band presented themselves as a family, there were long periods when none of them would talk to one another. Tommy Ramone quit the drums in 1978, to be replaced by Marc Bell (Marky), and at the end of the 1980s Dee Dee left, to be replaced by Chris Ward (CJ). The band travelled everywhere in the same van, which during the 1980s had to be subdivided into four separate compartments: Johnny stole Joey's girlfriend in the middle of the decade, which did not help matters. But their offhand professionalism on stage ensured that even as the albums declined in quality into the 1990s, the live show remained seminal. Johnny Ramone acquired a reputation - unfashionable among the generalised leftism of the music world - as a staunch conservative. "I grew up Republican," he said. "My family was the only Italian family in Queens that voted for Nixon instead of Kennedy." And he remained a lifelong Republican: he tormented the legendary music writer Lester Bangs in 1979 by saying that Reagan would be the next president, and two years ago he ticked off Pearl Jam's frontman, Eddie Vedder, for impaling a mask of George Bush onstage. When the Ramones were accepted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in 2002, his comment "God bless President Bush; God bless America" divided opinion. Yet, having practically created punk cool, Johnny stood in no danger of violating it. "He's bulletproof among punks," said one fan.
After a triumphant final night in 1996, the Ramones split and Johnny hung up his guitar. He had played some 2,263 shows in total, with between 20 and 30 songs a concert. In his retirement he continued his lifelong love of horror and action films, of which he watched two a day ("anything intense"), and was the proud possessor of a jukebox "stuffed half with Elvis and half with other Fifties rock".
Joey Ramone died of cancer in 2001 and Dee Dee of a drug overdose the year after, but Johnny was not tempted to cash in on his cachet as a Ramones survivor. He seemed more pleased, as luminaries of the music scene worked on a Ramones tribute album last year, that the people on his street were getting an idea of what he had done for a living. He was sanguine about the guitar style that had informed a generation of punk rockers. "My style became an art of how little effort I could put into everything," he said. "Somehow, we appealed to all the misfits of society. A lot of kids went out and got guitars because of us." He is survived by his wife, Linda.
Johnny Ramone (John Cummings), guitarist, was born on October 8, 1948. He died of prostate cancer on September 15, 2004, aged 55.

This obituary appeared in The Economist.
Sep 23rd, 2004
Johnny Ramone (John Cummings), a punk rocker, died on September 15th, aged 55
BY THE middle of the 1970s, popular music had changed. The punchy bubblegum sound of the 1960s was gone. Instead the scene was dominated by musicians who wanted to elevate rock to the status of high art, with concept albums, rock operas and overblown guitar solos. A typical track from the Sixties might be four minutes long; by the mid-1970s, ten minutes or more was not unusual. Many fans despaired, feeling that rock had become bloated, pompous and pretentious.
The counterblast began on August 16th 1974, in front of a tiny crowd in a seedy New York bar called CBGB. Four young men - Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee and Tommy Ramone - walked on stage. The concert they gave was shambolic; they spent as much time shouting at each other as playing. But they improved rapidly, and it soon became clear they had hit on something.
Dressed in ripped jeans, trainers and leather jackets (a uniform carefully modelled on the gear worn by New York rent-boys), the Ramones were the antithesis of the art-house pretension in which much of rock had lost itself. Their formula was simple: no synthesisers, chamber orchestras or tedious showing off, just simple three-chord progressions wrapped in two-minute slices of buzzing guitar. They belted out catchy, rapid-fire songs on the usual topics: teenage boredom, mental instability, drugs and disappointed love. Their message was a liberating one: you didn't have to be a virtuoso to make music. Anybody could do it, and technical skill was less important than having a good time and putting on a show for your fans.
Their bare-bones playing was matched by their singing. The lyrics to "I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You" were four lines long, of which three were the same. Their songs were never allowed to venture too far into seriousness. "Beat on the brat with a baseball bat, oh yeah," they sang cheerfully on their debut album.
This back-to-basics approach never translated into commercial success. The Ramones built up a cult following on both sides of the Atlantic, but their impact was felt more keenly in Britain than in America. Their concert at London's Roundhouse theatre in 1976 was a seminal moment for British punk. The British movement was different: more intense, angrier, more worldly. But the snarlingly political Clash, the anarchic Sex Pistols and the hundreds of smaller, amateur bands that gave voice to the alienation felt by many of the young all had their roots in the do-it-yourself attitude pioneered by the Ramones.
Even among a band destined to remain one of music's great outsiders, Johnny Ramone was an oddity. His father was a strict disciplinarian, and the attitude rubbed off. Johnny, who had a fondness for American army T-shirts, liked to compare himself to a hard-working carpenter. The hammer and chisel were the tools of the carpenter's trade; the guitar was the tool of his. Rock concerts are usually referred to as "gigs", but Johnny liked to call them "jobs".
In concert he would stride out on stage, plant his feet wide apart and begin playing in his distinctive style (using only the downstroke, never the up), blowing through songs at breakneck speed. He kept a meticulous diary on every aspect of the band, from the price of their equipment to notes on every one of their concerts. Over two decades, he played 2,263 of them.
His political views were wildly out of step. Almost uniquely in the rock-music industry, he was a staunch conservative. He idolised Ronald Reagan, and used the band's induction into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in 2002 to heap praise on George Bush. There were rumours of a nastier side. When a black man stepped in front of their tour van, he told the driver: "Run him over, Monte. It's just one less nigger." He explained that being deliberately offensive was part of his sense of humour. Others were less sure. It was said that he carried a Ku Klux Klan card in his wallet.
But Johnny's role as the band's "drill sergeant" was crucial. His frantic guitar-playing set the pace for the others to match. He was responsible for the uniform, and also for the group's longevity. One of his favourite dictums was that when bands changed, it was usually for the worse. He kept the Ramones anchored to his original vision while other acts climbed the charts, went mainstream and then disintegrated in recrimination and accusations of selling-out. In the late 1970s, the band survived a collaboration with Phil Spector; it endured even after Johnny stole singer Joey's girlfriend, a testament to their professionalism and discipline in an industry known for neither.
After their last concert in 1996, the Ramones' reputation grew. They had a heavy influence on the grunge groups of the early 1990s, and at last earned mainstream recognition in America. They are remembered as the band that saved rock from its own excesses and returned it to its roots as an outlet for the young and disaffected.
When Joe Strummer, the lead singer of the Clash, approached the Ramones after seeing them play in 1976, he was worried that his band's musicianship was still too rough for them to begin performing. "Are you kidding?" Johnny answered him. "We're lousy, we can't play. If you wait until you can play, you'll be too old to get up there. We stink, really. But it's great."

Johnny Ramone, 1948-2004. Angry boys play taps as the lights go down in Johnny's fatherland.
by Donna Gaines
September 17th, 2004

John Cummings went to military school; he was a construction worker, a nasty Queens hitter. He flirted with drugs and hippie regalia, but he knew that wasn't God's plan. Years later, in 2002, when his band was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Johnny Ramone asked God to bless President Bush. If Joey was the heart and Dee Dee the soul of the Ramones, Johnny was the balls, the propellant for punk's most dysfunctional family, drilling through 22 years of hard touring, cross-addictions, personality crises, and bad breaks. In the recent documentary End of the Century, the feral guitarist comes off as a merciless taskmaster who browbeat his bandmates into a tight paramilitary organization. He stole Joey's girl, then refused to call his former bandmate in the hospital, even as the lead singer lay dying.
I first met Johnny in 1996, at the Empire Diner. The Ramones were retiring; Johnny was moving to Los Angeles - Adios Amigos. "When my friends found out I was being interviewed by the Voice, they made fun of me, 'You're gonna talk to that commie paper?' " Johnny smirked, pointing defiantly at his T-shirt, Kill a Commie for Mommy. Interviewing Dee Dee or Joey could last all day, but Johnny was punctual, precise, no drama or mood swings. Professional. But Dee Dee and Joey gave you everything - all their blood, tears, pizza, truth, and love. They lived in the moment. In contrast, Johnny served up canned vegetables, scripted replies, like stale catechism. The street on Johnny has always been that he's a heartless prick. Dee Dee and Joey had no boundaries; Johnny had too many. But something happened that day at the Empire. After we finished the interview, Johnny noticed my Kill 'Em All T-shirt. My dad was 82nd Division Army Airborne, I explained. Johnny's face opened up, like a little kid, smiling, animated, talking about how much he loved his father, how much he missed him. He showed me a photo, he talked about growing up as an only child, then signed an autograph for a fan - a nine-year-old-kid on dialysis.
Sometimes Johnny played his guitar till his fingers bled out, till the white instrument turned red. On Sunday, September 12, 2004, the remaining Ramones and their friends put on a 30th anniversary tribute concert in L.A. Johnny had been sick for a long time. Three days later, he died - his work was finished. Every Ramones fan has his or her own personal Ramone - sort of like a personal savior: Dee Dee's the outcast's outcast, a home for the displaced psyche. Joey's the patron saint of lonely kids even now; some say he's their only friend. Johnny's Army is all the angry fatherless boys, disposable heroes who work hard, fight wars, and never get anything. Johnny's their Captain; he'll never leave a soldier for dead, never betray the trust. He's the father Ramone.
Three Ramones killed-by-death in just over three years' time. First Joey from lymphoma, then Dee Dee from an overdose. Now Johnny from prostate cancer. The Ramones gave their fans hope; now our love will give them immortality.


Shortly before his death Johnny Ramone decided to share with fans his passion for old movies. He consigned his extensive collection of vintage, original movie posters, including the 1931 classics, Frankenstein and Dracula, to be sold in a two-part public auction. A total of 125 of Johnny Ramone's movie posters with a combined value of more than a quarter-million dollars... First auction, in November 18, 2004, was held in Dallas and online at
The second auction was in March, 2005.
"One of his passions was watching old movies with his wife and friends," said Grey Smith, Heritage's Director of Vintage Poster Sales. "His other great passion was collecting vintage movie posters of the films he admired, and he assembled a world-class collection. "Johnny Ramone was a big fan of science fiction and horror films, and his superb collection contains some of the most sought-after titles in movie poster-collecting, including Frankenstein (1931), The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Dracula (1931), The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) and Forbidden Planet (1956)," Smith added.

You can find from my third book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives lot information of these Johnny's movie poster auctions, like for ten of the items that were auctioned with final prices, background details etc.


(Pictures: Johnny Ramone statue and Johnny's wife Linda Cummings and Mickey's brother Mickey Leigh. + statue and Sire's Seymour Stein)

A statue in memory of Johnny Ramone was unveiled by his wife, Linda Cummings, on January 14, 2005 during a two-hour afternoon public ceremony. The ceremony took place from 3 PM to 5PM:
Hollywood Forever
6000 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90038
Johnny was cremated and his wife has the ashes. The location of the statue is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California, and it will be not far from where Dee Dee is buried. There was a public ceremony with speeches by CJ Ramone and Tommy Ramone and some of Johnny's closest friends like Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Rob Zombie and director Vincent Gallo - thus keeping with the spirit of Johnny's own words. Also Joey's brother Mickey was there. The Johnny Ramone monument, created by artist Wayne Toth, shows Ramone playing his Mosrite guitar and it features the words, "If a man can tell if he's been successful in his life by having great friends, then I have been very successful."
- Johnny Ramone."

(Pictures: Johnny Ramone statue and - from left to right - Eddie Vedder, Rob Zombie, Nicholas Cage, Linda Cummings, John Frusciante, Vincent Gallo, CJ Ramone, Tommy Ramone, Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Lockwood (Lisa Marie's husband) and Seymour Stein.)

This is an article from the Yahoo! News on January 15, 2005

LOS ANGELES - A bronze statue honoring late punk guitarist Johnny Ramone was unveiled before hundreds of celebrities and cheering fans at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
Ramone, co-founder and guitarist of The Ramones, was 55 when he died of prostate cancer in September at his Los Angeles home. The $100,000 statue sits near the grave of bandmate Dee Dee Ramone, who died of a drug overdose in 2002.
Grammy-winning producer Rick Rubin said at the Friday unveiling that The Ramones were as influential on the world of rock 'n' roll as the Beatles. "There was the music before them and the music after," he said. Tommy Ramone, the only surviving member of the original band, said the memorial symbolized the spirit of The Ramones' music.
"He wanted the fans to have a place to come and a way to feel in touch with this music that got so many things right," he said.
Hollywood Forever is the final resting place for hundreds of Hollywood stars, including Rudolph Valentino, "Ten Commandments" producer Cecil B. DeMille and Bugs Bunny voice Mel Blanc.

This is an article from the Los Angeles Times newspaper.
January 10, 2005
Johnny Ramone, forever - in bronze
By Geoff Boucher, Times Staff Writer

(Pictures: Johnny Ramone statue and Maggie St. Thomas and Arturo Vega + Lisa Marie Presley.

Thanks to Ronald Reagan, Los Angeles will have a grand new monument to punk rock. On Friday, the fans and famous friends of the late Johnny Ramone will gather at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to dedicate a bronze statue that depicts him clawing away at his Mosrite guitar.
Who was it exactly who decided that a gritty New York rock outlaw is best memorialized atop a masonry pedestal beside a pond? That would be Ramone himself. While in the hospital for cancer treatment in the months before his death in September at age 55, he watched the state funeral of President Reagan and was inspired to craft his send-off with a similar eye to history.
"We were watching the funeral from Cedars-Sinai, and Johnny had always loved Reagan - he was his favorite president and his favorite actor - and we were admiring how well it was going and how everything was done," recalled Arturo Vega, the close associate of the Ramones who designed many of the logos and T-shirts for the seminal punk band. On that day in June 2004, Vega suggested that the guitarist begin to size up how his own after-death experience would play to the public:
"I suggested some kind of monument. He was such a meticulous and control person, he agreed right away. A monument was my idea; the statue was his idea."
The 4-foot statue stands on a 2-foot base and shows Ramone from the knees up, in a leather jacket and capped, of course, by his famous bowl haircut. The statue was based on the small figurine that rocker Rob Zombie commissioned and then presented to Ramone as a gift on Christmas 2003. The desktop statue had the one-word inscription: "Legend." The big, bronze version will have the inscription: "If a man can tell if he's been successful in his life by having great friends, then I have been very successful." - Johnny Ramone.
The inscription is inspired by the words on Jackie Robinson's grave, but the guitarist was hardly unoriginal. Ramone was described by friends and rivals alike as demanding, innovative and stridently honest. Beyond his influence on a whole branch of rock musicians, he was fiercely proud of his blue-collar roots and his strong opinions, whether they were on matters political or artistic. His close circle of friends included Eddie Vedder, Nicolas Cage, Lisa-Marie Presley, Zombie and others, many of whom are expected at Friday's 3 p.m. service.
The guitarist was cremated, but the statue will be erected not far from the grave of Dee Dee Ramone, the bandmate who died of an overdose in 2002.
Vega said there had been a whiff of an idea that with three of the band's four original members dead - singer Joey Ramone died in 2001 after a battle with cancer - that the memorial might be to the band of young New York street kids who assumed the same pseudonymous surname and created a template for fast and furious punk. "He discarded it right away," Vega said. Yes, the years of tension among the band members might have been a factor. "Really, what it is, is this is a very personal thing."
The idea of putting up personal statues to yourself is curious to some ears (Presley, for one, was aghast at the idea when Ramone outlined the plan for her from his hospital bed, Vega reports), but it fits a musician who seemed to go at life and art with a chisel.
"I went to see it today," Johnny's widow, Linda Ramone, said late last week. "We had to change the patina. It was a little green. It needed to be more black. But it looks amazing. It's just what he wanted."
How much did it cost to give the punk icon the presidential treatment? "Oh - can I say the price? When we were planning it, he kept asking, 'Do you think it's worth it?' And I said, 'J.R., are you kidding?' He wanted people, the fans, to come from all over the world and get to see it. He wanted it to be bigger than Jim Morrison's grave."

Screening of the Johnny's statue ceremony

On July 3th, 2006, there was screening of Rock'N'Roll High School movie at Hollywood Forever, the Santa Monica Boulevard cemetery right on the heart of Hollywood. Besides the classic 1980 movie you got chance to catch an exclusive screening of clips from the speeches by Johnny's friends during the unveiling ceremony of Johnny's statue in January 14th, 2005. This gang included Tommy Ramone, CJ Ramone Pete Yorn, Nicolas Cage, John Frusciante, Eddie Vedder, Rob Zombie and Vincent Gallo. This piece of a larger documentary directed by Mandi Stein, tells you more about Johnny's private life than anything else you have or will ever read. The movie was introduced by it's director Allan Arkush, and some of it's stars were presented, among them P. J. Soles and Cliff Howard. There was also speakers, like Lars (from Rancid) and the mayor of LA Rodney Bingenheimer. Also you were able to catch Joey's solo video Wonderful World from Joey's solo album and clips from the Joey Ramone Place street dedication.


Morrissey is a British solo artist who has been creating his succesful solo career already since 1988. Morrissey's single Something Is Squeezing My Skull has cool covers taken in a statue in memory of Johnny Ramone.
In February 2007, Morrissey stated how he would like to be buried next to Johnny Ramone's grave at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. Then he didn't knew yet that there is only Johnny Ramone statue, not Johnny's grave. Johnny was cremated and his wife Linda has the ashes. Morrissey has also spoke of Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone in his some speeches at the shows.
Something Is Squeezing My Skull is the opening track from the Years Of Refusal album released in February, 2009. There is three different versions of Something Is Squeezing My Skull single and all of them has different live song as a second song. CD1 ja 7' single has same cover (see photo) and CD2 different. Second song of CD1 is This Charming Man (live), on CD 2 it is Best Friend On The Payroll (live) and on 7' single it is I Keep Mine Hidden (live). UK release date of singles: April 27, 2009.

Then a bit of Morrissey's background. As a teenager Morrissey acted as president of the UK branch of the New York Dolls fan club, and later he founded The Cramps fan club, the Legion Of The Cramped.
Morrissey was for a while in the punk rock band The Nosebleeds in the late 1970's, then he became famous as a singer of The Smiths, before going to solo career.
Morrissey has been vegetarian since he was 11 years old. Morrissey named one of his songs Meat Is Murder, which shared its name with the album it was featured on. It was the second studio album (and third overall album) of The Smiths. Morrissey is an advocate for animal rights and a supporter of People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA). In recognition of his support, PETA honoured him with the Linda McCartney Memorial Award at their 25th Anniversary Gala on 10 September 2005.


Especially during the last years there was so many negative infos, tales etc. of You. Some people tried to do easy to think bad things of You. Even I cant underline some of Your opinions, I hope You never felt that way when visiting my site. I knew many years of Your cancer, but it was early 2003 when I put infos of it first time to my page. I never put my comments concerning Your Bush supporting opinions to my site. If someone wants to think bad of You, he should watch for example how You were saving rockNroll in 1976 or how You performed in the Simpsons episode.
Yesterday I visited the film store Hollywood Book & Poster Company in Hollywood Boulevard, LA, USA They took some of my Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone books on sale and seller man asked if Youve got it already. He said You visited shop often and then he told how You and Dee Dee met there in store just 3 days before Dee Dee passed away... Meeting was filled with happy feelings, and now You meet again... and so much I hope You and Joey would speak to each other
When I small brat, You were my first idol of the Ramones members, but then during the years Joey, Dee Dee and Marky became more closer to me. And only few days I met with only living original Ramones member, with Tommy, like we were decided meeting in advance and he was so friendly to me again. Thanks Tommy.
I was so happy that You heard how great night Ramones 30th party was... and it was so great to see when Rob Zombie called for You from the party and people answered for You with Hey Ho, Lets Go. I was then standing only few meters from Rob and taking pictures.
I got call from Maggie St. Thomas at 6:25PM about what she was just heard from radio, and in 10 minutes I got Your huge loss confirmed.... Thanks Maggie. When I heard news, I was in the house of movie director Doug Cawker in LA and he was watching Your show from Provinssirock, Finland in 1988... It was originally broadcasted from TV. Provinssirock is located 60 kilometers from my city. After surviving first shock we drank shots of Absinth in the memory of You. We were thinking for example why "someone" chose Ramones..., 3 of 4 original members of Your band are now angels. What other band who is nearly as important to music business than Ramones has lost so many members at young age, only New York Dolls seems to be another band to lose so many members at young age. We were listening Ramones 12 maxi singles and then I went to eat at South-American restaurant because You were so popular there and I can only imagine how many good feelings You got there. Later I again wanted to give to the fans chance to write their feelings of losing You and I knew how many memory texts I would get. I hope You know also through them how loved You were. When I write this, I was just swimming in the ocean and huge waves helped to take even some pain away, and Im taking airplane back from Los Angeles to Finland in 7 hours and hopefully I can see You, Joey and Dee Dee in heaven. With Love,
(Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone, 26, Finland)

The world is weeping. Johnny has touched so many people around the world as an influential part of the greatest punk rock band to tour the earth, The Ramones. He will be greatly missed; my sincere condolences to his family and friends. I have been emulating Johnny behind my own guitar and now I everytime I play I must play my heart out even more to honor the late, great Johnny Ramone. Heaven is truly rockin' today as Johnny reunites with Joey and Dee Dee. God bless them all. Gabba Gabba forever.
(Johnnie, 20, USA)

Johnny 3 chords Ramone was the most rockNroll guitar player in rockNroll history! Fuck the music industry, LONG LIVE THE RAMONES!!!!
(Ulf Bendiksen, 33, Norway)

Thanks for being around Johnny. With you around, world was lucky enough to get the music genre called punk rock. We also found out how cool longer guitar straps, among other things that you showed us, are. And we got the brilliant Ramones albums and shows. You gave us a whole lot more than you'll ever know. You were, and will forever be, the guitarist who has been most influential to me: from you I picked up the fact that leaving everything unnecessary out will make the essential stronger and more visible (and audible). This goes with other sides of life than music too, you know. So, simple and plain, strong and true, straight from the heart - the same way your music and playing always was: Thank you for everything, Johnny. Your art will never be forgotten.
(Kimmo Kalaja, 34, Finland)

For Johnny, R.I.P. , always between us, Ramones ForEver & Ever!!! I cant sleep I cant believe... I put a simple but sincere Tribute also in my homepage. We will always remember you. RAMONES POR SIEMPRE!!!! Gabba Gabba Hey!!!
(Maxi, 25, Argentina)

People say that Johnny was the cranky, strict one but I'm sure that without him the Ramones wouldn't have lasted half as long or sounded half as good as they did all of these years... He'll also be remembered as one of the best guitarists in rock N' roll & punk EVER! RIP Johnny. You gave the Ramones that 'sound' and that's quite an achievement.
(Doug Cawker, 44, USA)

Don't go, don't go, Don't leave me this way Hey, hey hey - don't go o o o o o
(Chris Guevarra, 18, USA)

Johnny Thanks!!! I REMEMBER U!!!
(Matxi, 25, Argentina)

It's a part of life that is never fun. We go on each day trying to place it out of our minds, until it hits us in the face... and it's death. When I first heard that Johnny had prostate cancer it was through Jari-Pekka's site last year. However, I wasn't aware that Johnny had been sick for 5 years. The feelings I'm experiencing at this moment are between shock, anger and sadness. These are the same feelings I felt when my dad passed away last year. Remember fans, don't be ashamed to cry. It's much better to let your feelings out rather than bottling them up inside. We loved Johnny and still will just the same as we love Joey and Dee Dee. It's so hard to let go because we can't get the people who have passed away back. At least not in our lifetime. It's like a feeling of helplessness. We just have to take things one day at a time. We will be hurting for quite a while but try to remember the good times. Remember Johnny's unique humor, his wisdom and his toughness when we're feeling sad, fans. This will help us in the coming days, months and years. I'm more glad than ever that I went to the 30th Anniversary. Even though I couldn't hug and shake Johnny's hand in person, I'm glad that he could hear mine and the other fans voices cheering for him. I'm glad he knew that the Ramones and he were loved more than ever. We will never forget Johnny, Joey or Dee Dee. They introduced a sound that will last the test of time. They provided us fans with great times to help us through the problems that occur in our daily lives. Now Johnny is up in the Highest Trails Above soaring like a super hero along with Joey and Dee Dee. His spirit will always be Too Tough To Die, and he's having A Real Cool Time with the other Ramones. I love you Johnny, you feel like family to me. May God bless you. Gabba Gabba Hey! and rest in peace. See you again sometime our dear friend.
(Cody, 20, USA)

Sleep in peace Johnny, god bless you.
(Lynne Cameron, Edinburgh, Scotland)

Johnny you`re the best....
(John Heshof, 41, Netherlands)

I was never much of a fan of Johnny Ramone as an individual, however, I recognize and appreciate his role as a founding member of The Ramones and I value his musicianship with The Ramones. He was a mean guy, he was very mean to Joey and he put a lot of pain in Joey's heart. Eighteen years passed with Johnny & Joey never speaking. First Joey's gone, then Dee Dee, and now Johnny. Hopefully in Rock'N'Roll Heaven they (Johnny & Joey) can put the bullshit behind them and move on. I'm glad that he was still on Earth long enough to hear us fans shouting "Hey Ho! Let's Go!" into Rob Zombie's cell phone at the 30th Ramones Celebration in L.A. on the 12th of September. Gabba Gabba Hey!
(Maggie St.Thomas, 25, US of A!)

Johnny Ramone!! What can I say, he was, he is and always will be THE most important guitar player in the world. Johnny was my inspiration and it`s him to blame that I play guitar and god I love him for that. For 20 years I have had a moptop and I promise you that Johnny I will never cut my hair any other way. R.I.P. my friend will meet again. P.S. Promise me that you beat Jim Morrison with a baseball bat.
(Andre Dahlmann, 28 , Norway)

Bye Bye Johnny-boy! THE guitarist has left the building... Give my regards to Joey & Dee Dee in 1-2-3-4-heaven.
(Hartza Miettinen, 35, Hollola, Finland)

I have no word for johnny, I'm very sad.
(Simone, 22, Italy)

I have not words to say what I feel at this moment. I am very sad... Today is not a good day for me. Adios, amigo...
(David, 32, Madrid, Spain)

My heart is filled with sadness that I can't explain. I'm in the Marines and just got back from Iraq for a second time. It was hard over there, but this is so much more harder. I even took my Ramones wallet and key chain with me to Iraq. So at least they went to war with me, lol. Its not fair that the good ones are only remembered when they are gone. I was a roadie for the band The Dickies and the Ramones were my favorite. I cried like a child when I heard of this. God bless the Ramones and its fans. They loved us as much as we did them. They didn't care about the money, only the fans. The one thing that I respect the most, is the fact they never changed who they were or what they were about. Jeans, T-shirts, leather jackets. They didn't conform to society they let society conform to them. The Ramones were a wonder, like the human heart. As a heart has four chambers, thats how I looked at the Ramones. Now 3 of the chambers are gone. I hope his family and friends realize how he not only changed me as a person, but as a human.
(Gary Gillis, 31, USA)

Johnny be good in your new place! Down streaming guitar playing lives forever since youve been in this sad sad world.
(General Seckler, 42, Germany)

Heaven needed Greatest Guitar Player from all, Johnny Ramone. R.I.P. Johnny Ramone, Your Guitar Playing Was Truly Unique and nothing can compare your Guitar Playing, not even Steve Vai.
(Sami, 32, Finland)

Its another sad day for us. Well miss you Johnny, but now Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny are togIFE PUNK-ROCK. Thank you for your music, for your way of life. I have no words. GABBA GABBA HEY!
(Carlos, 29, Spain)

For Johnny. It really seems that only the good die young. And you were the best in my opinion, even if I never saw you play live or met you in person. You were the best. It's so hard to write this, I've been shaking since I heard. Say hi to Joey and Dee Dee for me. You will be missed. Forever.
(Matti Hirvonen, 20, Joensuu, Finland)

Dear Jari-Pekka, after more than three years I'm still stunned by the news of Joey's death. Living in the Carribean those days, the news reached me days after and I was never able to write you about it. The night before the day you Johnny passed away, I met a guy from Finland a lot younger than I, but just as big a Ramones fan as I am. I realized that, after showing him a couple of CD's. (of course the fact that he was from Finland, made it obvious) After he picked out Loco Live we kept annoying the other people in the room by playing it the rest of the night. I told him we would be friends for ever. True or not... Now that I know this was the night before Johnny passed away, I'm sure I will never forget it. Apparently not everything in live is concidence. Johnny, We will remember you. As an example, as a colleague guitar-player, as a friend. Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny... Play on forever. Hopefully Keith Moon is able to join you on his heavenly drums. Pleasant dreams!!
(Peter 'Warthog' Smith, 38, Groningen, Holland)

I remember lying awake at night, And thinking just of you But things don't last forever, And somehow baby, They never really do.
(Bad Mongo, 31, Norway)

R.I.P. Johnny, now youre an angel.
(Roger Camedda, Sardinya, Italy)

Nobody doesn`t know, when is the last night. Feel like this, it`s beating me down Soon we see on the other side. r.i.p. Johnny great man.
(Jack Scarecrow, 22, Finland)

What a horrible notice. Johnny, thanks for all, for every chord you played. I don't know what to say... Gabba Gabba Hey.
(Bussy Ramone, 25, Spain)

I`ve been heard the bad news some minutes ago on the radio and I was really shocked now. There`s no word about my feelings at this moment. I can`t believe that Johnny was gone. Joey, Dee Dee and now Johnny - it`s too much! I saw the Ramones in late eighties and it was true amazing Rock`n Roll without any fakes. They got never the "Stardome" like Beatles, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin but they influenced so many many bands. Johnny`s amazing strumming guitar was a revolution! Remember Johnny and one of the most greatest bands ever on Rock-History which spend us always a great time for so many years. Rock on Johnny, I don`t forget you...
(Volker Mugrauer, 33, Germany)

Johnny. Thank you, thank you for inspiring me and giving me the desire to learn to play guitar... That has been the "rock" of my teens and continues even today into "old-age" I dunno how I could have survived without this gift For that, I am eternally grateful As best I can, I will do all I can to continue this legacy... And I will do my best to share the gift you had and gave to the world, to so many young kids way back then and today, aspiring to be musicians.. As well as I am able, I will carry that torch and hold it proud Again, I thank you Johnny Ramone You will be missed, yet never forgotten Thumbs up!
(Mikey Cabrone, 41, USA)

I'm just so sad. Why? Why did he have to die? Did Joey and Dee Dee need him? So sad...
(Iris Ahtola, 16, Finland)

Sad greetings from NYC. Just heard about Johnny. Wow. This is just amazing. Someone's got to take care of the rockers in ill health, and the old blues performers too. There are many that could use some service for the service they gave. Another day of mourning, 3rd in 4 years. I read a little about the anniversary party, and it was great that Eddie Vedder was there, plus was at Johnny's bedside.
(Dan Herman, 34, USA)

Gabba Gabba Hey, Johnny...
(Kamanzy, 39, Italy)

Long, long time ago, when I was a teenager I found the Ramones (thanks, Kankku!). After Clapton & Johnny Winter & other guitar dribblers it was SOOO refreshing to listen to these leather jacketed frowning mop heads! No solos. Buzz saw guitar. Quirky lyrics. Fun! I was enthralled! I saw them live many times and I bought all their albums (vinyl, of course - this is 70's and 80's) and later the same albums in CD-format and even later once again, in remastered format. Now that Johnny is gone, I feel that one era in western history has truly passed. We will go on doing whatever things we do daily but I feel that we will never find anything as momentuous/important/huge/fun as were the RAMONES!
(Juha Pousi, 45, Finland)

Hey Johnny. Thanks for all the memories. Im really sicken by all this sadness we all have been put thru in such a short time. It all seems like only yesterday, the only thing to look forward to in the music scene was when the next show would be You guys really knew how to get me up even in my lousy days. It seemed as soon as you guys hit the stage all my cares just slipped away. God how I long for those days. You were so nice and friendly, you always made me feel like a real friend when ever I would see you in the city. God it seems like yesterday. I just am in a state of shock. Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny, rest in peace..
(Joe Saffer, 35, Brooklyn, New York)

1-2-3-4 Good bye Johnny. Rest in peace! You were the most important guitar player of the world. The music of The Ramones will last long. Touring with Ramones has ended now, here on the ground. The final stop has been reached. The journey continues on the highest trails above. Heaven seemed to need also the real guitar player for the Joey and Dee Dee. Thank you for the rock'n roll! 4-3-2-1
(Jari Jeke Ramone Marjala, 40, Finland)

Mmmmmmhhhhhhhh. For my grandfather it was Glen Miller, for my father it was the Beatles and for me it was THE RAMONES.....!!!! Mmmhhhhh, for my sons it will be the memory that in the world walked 4 guys that made history in the rock'N'roll.... Thank very much Johnny..... .....1...2....3.....4.....BYE JOHNNY...R.I.P..!!!!!! This is from Puerto Montt, a very far away and from the little city of South-America...!!!!! Where the name of The Ramones arrived very very far time ago.....
(Carlos Reyes Hughes, 36, Puerto Montt, Chile)

I can only say... Thank you Johnny R.I.P
(Jens Ryden, 17, Sweden)

Johnny has gone away. He was one who really knew how to play rock'N'roll. He was one of the greatest guitarists ever, and I'll never forget you. I remember you - we remember you.
(Veli-Matti Kievimaa, 18, Finland)

To the best guitarist ever: Thanks for all the great songs! R.I.P
(Tobias Adolfsson, 18, Sweden)

Rock In Peace
(Luis, 18, Spain)

All my heroes are gone. I don`t wanna live this life.
(Eedee, 30, Finland)

Im very sorry to hear about Johnnys death. I hope hes fine wherever he is now. Johnny may be gone, but the Ramones music lives on, forever!
(Marcus Gustafsson, 30, Sweden)

I recently heard the news of Johnny's passing. He was one of the few rockers who's views I agreed with and enjoyed reading throughout my years of being a fan of The Ramones. Joey inspired my creativity and positive outlook on life and Johnny reinforced me that in the world of rockNroll there can still be much diversity. Yesterday I felt weird again like I did when Joey had recently passed. I was going back to my punk rock days, anxious to listen to The Ramones. I knew in the back of my mind of what was inevitable, but not this soon. I still occasionally think about Joey, but now I think about all of you, like a part of me has been dying all these years. I will sorely miss you.
(Rebbecca McGarity, 23, United States)

Johnny thank you for your vision of rockNroll. You gave me so much joy and wonderful music.
(Marcin, 32, Poland)

You will be always remembered.
(Keko-Ramone, 32, Spain)

Hi Johnny! What's going on in heaven? When I heard about your dead I was really shocked. I thought: "That couldn't be true! Not another one!" But I didn't cry, because I thought that you're happier now, by playing together with your friends; and perhaps with Elvis? You learned me how to play the guitar very easy but playing great songs. You're great! So I hope, that you have much fun with your old friends Joey and Dee Dee. Give them my regards. An perhaps also Elvis! I'm gonna light a candle for you. All the best for you, the other Ramones and your family. In sorrow,
(Matthias "Möpsi Ramone" Mögele, 16, Austria)

Johnny was the strength, the power, the energy and the soul of Ramones, when I first saw him performing, unluckily on a video with his Mosrite Machine Gun he kicked my ass, I still remember every chord, every moment, everything. Thanks for all and rest in real peace!!! Hail to Johnny! Another dream has faded away.
(Patricio Harispe, 21, Argentina)

This night Johnny Ramone died. He was my favourite Ramone. This is a sad day for Rock music and a very sad day for me.
(Jenzzz, 41, Germany)

Oh, my God. This is one of the saddest days of my life. Why is it the good ones die young? Johnny, I looked up to you. May you find eternal happiness in heaven. Saddened, Shocked, and Sorrowful,
(Mike Bourassa, 34, Crosslake, MN, USA)

...Cant believe hes gone... you did it chief! Rest in peace :-(
(Alexander Lex, 14, Germany)

I'm out off words, my life is completely meaningless without the Ramones... They save me so many times but they can't do the same for themselves. It's so sad, I feel really sad about it...
(Ricardo Stoco, 28, Brazil)

Rest in peace Johnny. Thanks for the music.
(Ari Matula, 38, Finland)

Johnny was one of the greatest guitar players ever. The Ramones were the best punk band ever.
(Matt, 20, Canada)

Say it ain't so... I really wanna be sedated... Johnny - thank you for everything. You've inspired me so much in life, and I owe you so much. This truly is the worst day ever. First it was Joey because of cancer, then Dee Dee from an overdose. Johnny, you can't be gone. You by far were my favorite Ramone. You're the reason I'm playing guitar. This sucks so bad. You were there the whole time. From Ramones to Adios Amigos, you stuck to it, never giving up. You were the "glue" for the band. You are my inspiration, and I'll never forget you. I'm playing Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment right now, because I think thats what all the Ramones fans need... God Bless You Johnny... Rock In Peace! I REMEMBER YOU
(Mark, 14, USA)

I just cannot believe it! This is some kind of a miracle, cause I just couldnt believe this shit for couple of hours. Today I found out that Johnny is dead, but that didnt make any sense to me. I can say that my life goal is crushed forever. It seems that Ramones couldnt stay apart in life and dead. I said to myself that I would kill myself if Johnny will die. I said that I would throw myself into the river Ljubljanica (that is a big river in our country, Slovenia), that was two fucking years ago, but now that time came. I feel that I lost self conscience because of his death. I cant figure out how big convincicence is this. It was very very unusual of the Ramones deads because Joey and Dee Dee were both 49 years old when they died and Joey and Johnny were having cancer and this is to weird to be true, so I just cannot believe that all of the Ramones members are dead. I was planning about two years to go in Los Angeles to meet Johnny to find him to tell him what he meant to me in my whole life that gave me so much power in my complicating life, I was even planning to show him my draw pictures of Ramones and my scenarios of future movies, cause I know that Johnny was a big horror fan, just like me, but I am afraid that time will never come. I cannot describe my feelings, well Im feeling very depressed. I even read a couple of books about the Ramones, and I was very charmed when I read so many things about Johnny. I was glad when I found out that he was beating up the hippies in the early seventies, and when he wanted to go to Vietnam but they didnt let him, he was a really tough man, a true punk. He was rebellious. He was the anger and power of Ramones. I am not going to listen a Ramones for a couple of months because that would destroy me. Believe or not I was listening Ramones 5 times in one week. I said to myself a couple months ago that Johnny would not die that this is just to impossible. Like I said Ramones will be together in life and death. they just couldnt be with each other, and Joey and Johnny could be fiends now, not enemies. Ramones were a force of aggressive harmonic music. Jari-Pekka I am giving you a permission to use this comment in your book. If you want too. I know that you are big Ramones fan, maybe even bigger than me. A couple of days before I was attacked by skinhead in Orto punk festival and I punched him. Ramones gave me a power, specially Johnny. We love you Johnny!!!!!!
(Mladen Macar, 21, Slovenia, Bosnia)

In my deepest sorrow, regrets about the departure of great Johnny. Heaven needed one great guitarist more, and the original Ramone...
(Roni Regner, 14, Kuopio, Finland)

What can I say... He's the reason I play the guitar, the greatest influence. I'm so sad. Rest in peace Johnny. Johnny, Joey & Dee Dee together again in heaven... I sincerely hope there's a drummer up there with a STEADY backbeat!
(Jani Hurula, 23, Kemi, Finland)

Hey Johnny, Hey Dee Dee, Hey Joey - now you can start it all over again in rock'N'roll heaven...**** - it's so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Luis Miguel S. Jesus, 45, Madeira, Portugal)

On August 12, 1977 I saw the Ramones on Don Kirschner's rock concert on TV. I was forever a changed person. I was just a kid but it made an everlasting impression. Since then I collect Mosrite's, and Ramones memorabilia. I am so bummmed that my childhood hero is gone. 4-5-6-7 all good cretins go to heaven.
(John, Fortin, U.S.A.)

Damn, I knew Johnny was ill, but this news caught me totally off-guard when I heard it on the radio this afternoon. Almost seems as if someone put a curse on my all-time favourite band. Playing the first album at max volume now.... Rock on Johnny! All the best to his friends and family on dealing with this loss.
(Roger, 30, The Netherlands)

I just want say to all Ramones Maniacs around the world that today should not be seen as a sad day. Instead of sadness and a sense of tragedy lets all celebrate the reunion in the Rock'N'Roll Hall of Heaven of 3 of the most influential, charismatic and legendary figures of their time. I miss The Ramones and someday I will attend one of their shows again. I believe it! Like Lemmy says" Go Johnny Go GO GO!"
(Eddie Lopez, 33,USA)

1,2,3,4 - God bless you Johnny!
(Joe Morales, 45, USA)

I am thankfull for all the good times I had with the Ramones, especially one time I when Johnny gave me a tour poster which all of them had signed. It was their last tour and the morning before they left Germany. When I mentioned to him that I have never been to the town where the poster was from, he apologized and said he could give me no other because the other ones he had where already promised to friends in the states (one I saw later at Handsome Dick Manitobas bar in NYC). That poster is hanging in our living room. Gabba, gabba, Hey.
(Heidi Brenke-Malone, 38, USA)

Shit, shit, shit, oh no.... It's fuckin' unreal.... Johnny is dead... Why? Why, god? Why??? Why all my fave Ramones members are dead??? God is lucky guy, he's listening now Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny... and we're all crying.... Johnny was the best guitarist, Johnny will always be in our minds, we'll never forget him. His life here in earth was fantastic, he played´punkrock and influenced many generations, like mine... Fuckin' cancer, killed my granddad, Joey and Johnny.... Rest In Peace Johnny, heaven is yours, we're all sad, we're all crying... Gabba Gabba Hey. You changed my mind.
(Matheus Milane, 14, Brazil)

Christmas Party w/ Johhny - For 13 years I worked in NYC on 23rd St and 6th Av. One year our company Christmas party was held at a restaurant a few blocks away. It was very boring, so I split and headed for a bar on 23rd St, Zig-Zag. I'd previously spent some time there while Johnny was there too. This time he was there as well, and I had the greatest substitute Christmas party hanging and talking about music and the NY Yankees and SciFi movies. Just one of my very many Johhny memories, the first that came to mind today when I read of his passing. Better get my own prostate checked on, huh Johnny?
(Kurt (kwtaper) 42 years along now, USA)

Thanks everything for you Johnny, you teach everyone how to play guitar right. You beat the shit out of the guitar. You were so important for everyone, around the world! Everyone leaves in the end. All for one, one for all. Sometimes in the world everything can be messy, but now you are in the place were everything is bright and peaceful. Rest in peace Johnny-Boy!
(Matti Aalto, 20, Finland)

The guy that re-made the music passed away, Ramones forever. Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, rock in peace.
(Pablo Nocetti, 15, Uruguay)

This morning my little brother woke me up with the news. There's no question that Johnny Ramone and the rest of the originals will be remembered forever. It's just really sad that I never got the opportunity to see my rock idols all together in concert. Rock In Peace Johnny! You will surely be missed.
(Nora, 21, Toronto, Canada)

When he was asked why the Ramones songs were so short, Johnny replied that they weren't short, just played damn fast. That sums up the Ramones and Johnny. I saw them live almost 30 times and each gig remains a highlight of my life. The best band and greatest guitarist of all time. And he died on my birthday. Long live the Ramones, and RIP Johnny. Their music will be a part of many peoples lives for years to come. A sad, sad day.
(Peter Trenholm, 39, UK)

First of all, your site is amazing. Exactly from here I've learned most of what I know about one of the greatest bands of all times, the giants of punk, I'd say. I've just lighted a candle for Johnny... My boyfriend has bought me Ramones T-shirt for my birthday few weeks ago... It's beautiful, I'll wear it tomorrow for Johnny... I just hate that they're gone. I would like so much to be on their concert. to see them. I wish they knew how much I love their music... like Paul McCartney once wrote for his late friend:
"Bend, little willow, Wind's gonna blow you, Hard and cold tonight
Life, as it happens, Nobody warns you, Willow, hold on tight.
Nothing's gonna shake your love, Take your love away, No one's out to break your heart, It only seems that way...hey
Sleep little willow, Peace's gonna follow, Time will heal your wounds, Grow to the heavens, Now and forever, Always came too soon."
(Marijana Henezi, 18, Croatia)

God first Joey... then Dee Dee.... NOW JOHNNY!!!!! First, we lost the heart. Then, we lost the soul. NOW, we lost the glue. Thank god for Johnny. God bless Johnny Ramone! It is because of you I play guitar really low and all downstrokes, all power chords!!! Thank the good lord for JOHNNY RAMONE!! I miss you johnny! GOD BLESS JOHNNY RAMONE!!
(Edwin "Little Dee Dee JOHNNY Joey Ramone Jr.", 18, USA)

So this is it, the day we all feared so near has come... Johnny's gone, too, after Joey and Dee Dee... now I'm sure they're back together, wherever they are, but here where we are I think we're all gonna miss one of the greatest rock'N' roll bands ever appeared on earth... Without them, things wouldn't have been the same in rock history and in our lives... Thank you, Johnny, for all the good vibrations that came from your 3 chords throughout all these years... Gabba Gabba Hey. Love,
(Alfredo, 24, Italy)

Johnny Ramone was the man I learned to play guitar from. In my teens in the late seventies I would play Ramones albums on my stereo and strum along. The massive inspiration of his unique technique was all I needed. No "Stairway To Heaven", no thanks, three chords would do and would be perfect (to me, they still are). To this day, he also was a huge influence on my attitude towards many other aspects of life - to never give up and to never sell out. And, last but not least, Johnny Ramone was a terrific influence in terms of never losing that certain anger in order to survive. Kind of a staring match not only with my guitar but with everyday life. I can hardly believe it. What a terrible loss. Rest in peace, Johnny Ramone, I'll never forget you. Downstrums only, all the time. No solos. Lotsa love and respect,
(Frank Behnsen, 41, Germany)

There is no God. If there was God, then Johnny would be alive for many, many, many years. I am crying. The Ramones means everything to me.
(Tamás, 32, Hungary)

Joey passed away.... Dee Dee passsed away..... Johnny passed away....... ...but The RAMONES never die.... they live forever in my mind....... HEY HO....... LET'S GO....................
(Stefano "Steve Ramone, Brescia, Italy)

The greatest guitar player from the greatest band ever will greatly missed this a very sad day... Him and his brothers will be greatly missed... RIP Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee.
(John McMahon, 47, USA)

When I heard that Johnny died that was a big shock to me because I'm a huge fan. All I know is that there music will always stay with me.
(Alex Meza, 15, Los Angeles, California, USA)

I'm shocked and deceived that a great man like Johnny is gone forever!!! I'm 28 years old and one of my biggest regrets in my life is that I never had the chance to meet him. I've been playing guitar for eleven years and the first songs I learnt were the Ramones'. I still often play those songs and each time I feel the same: how can a song with three simple chords be so much powerful? My response to this : the unique way that Johnny plays them!!! I'm a proud Ramones fan and I wish that Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee can now find peace with themselves...
(Yan Tanguay, 28, Canada)

I can't believe it! I'm very, very sad!!! Good bye Johnny.
(Manuela Engelbach, 35, Germany)

Johnny, I love you forever. You will be forever one of my best friends. Everyday the Ramones music in my house. I need the Ramones in my mind. I can´t believe it.
(Emilino Demaría, 28, Argentina)

Adios amigo!!!!!!!!! Let,s go to heaven!!! Bye JOHNNY!!!
(Foca, 24, Brazil)

Dear Johnny. Sorry you had to go! Rock some "three-chords" on the harp in the big CBGB in the sky. Thanks alot!
(Gaute Larsen, 29, Norway)

Thank you Johnny for unnumbered hours in which you made me happy with Ramones' music. You were the fastest guitar player ever and I could sit down, listen to Ramones songs, take my guitar and play with you and sing with Joey. Joey died, Dee Dee died and now you: each time a part of me has died with you. I'll listen to your music till the end of my life, because it's your music that is the best music ever played and sung. No other band can and will compete with the Ramones. Today I heard of your sad death. I just cried and cannot believe that it's really true... GOT A LOT TO SAY - CAN'T REMEMBER NOW!
(Markus "Ramoniac" Widera, Germany)

Johnny Ramone - the greatest ever guitarist. I was privileged to see you play with the Ramones 10 times - I will never forget any of them. The music will live on for as long as music is played.
(Rob Crangle, 43, Scotland)

I'm Maurizio "Nodus" from the Italian Fan Club. I write in the name of the Italian fans and we don't have any words about the lost of our friend Johnny. He fly away Highest Trails Above near Joey and Dee Dee. Italy fans don't forget you and your name will be with us in our earth forever. Ciao amico Johnny - adios amigo.
(Maurizio Nodari, 44, Milan, Italy)

We are all sad that Johnny is no more with us... but we all are sure that he's in history of rock music. His white Mosrite guitar, his sound and his playing.... will remain forever in the heart of Ramones (and no-Ramones) fan. Now he's playing with Dee Dee, while Joey's singing. Gabba Gabba Johnny!!!!!!
(Marco Amici, 29, Italy)

(Picture: Kenneth Bergdahl and Johnny)
The Ramones dedicated Blitzkrieg to us (band called The Cretins) at the show in 1995 and I got my white Mosrite VII signed by all of them. I gave Johnny and Marky a Swedish porno mag. With an article and pictures of the Ramones and the Cretins in it, and Johnny was really glad about it. This was the happiest day in my life, now it's the worst day in my life, I liked Johnny most of them, he was exactly like me in everything he did and said. Bye bye Johnny, bye bye...
(Kenneth Bergdahl, Sweden)

Life will not be the same, you know what they say... Beautiful songs take a minute but never fade away... Rock in peace,
(Chris Beumer, 36, Holland)

Its a sad sad day.....We have only had our vinyl or cd's to enjoy for recent years but each time a Ramone passes away it seems to make those moments we had wth them seem better than ever. I remember going to watch the Skids at Rotters in liverpool circa 1979 and sitting at the next table on the balcony was Joey Ramone. He wore a sheepskin half jacket with a fluffy white collar, and he looked cooool. The Ramones were playing the same venue the following day and I remember thinking I cannot wait to see you tomorrow. I just could'nt keep my eyes off The Legend. The Skids were great but the fact I was sitting next to a Ramone meant really tonight didnt matter... THEY were in Liverpool and they were playing tomorrow. The following night could not come quick enough. The Ramones were superb (the Skids were also great by the way!). I am now 41 years of age I have played in bands for 15 years thanks to de brudders, Its Alive is the most played cd I have, still....... and THEY MATTERED. GOD BLESS THE RAMONES. Why they were taken away so early I don't know. They gave us nothing but happiness, and they make a 41 year old happy to this day. Goodnight, god bless Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee. Thank you Tommy.
(Gary Shelley, 41, England)

I had the great pleasure of meeting Johnny & the boys during an autograph session in '79/'80 at a record store where I worked, during the End of the Century tour. I was stuck behind the sales counter, which didn't seem so bad when Johnny came over to chat & actually started bagging purchases for the customers, most of whom didn't realize who he was. He even DJ'd for us! We also sponsored their show that night, which sold poorly, but turned into a private Ramones party for those that showed up. A great day, a great band, they are sadly missed. Ramones forever!
(M. Davidson, 49, Canada)

HEY HO ! I was just listening to some rare RAMONES tracks on vinyl when a friend calls me up with the bad news. This really sucks. Joey - Dee Dee - Johnny. Gone. But fans and bands from all over the world will keep their music and amazing sound alive. Forever. Johnny, R.I.P and play your guitar in punk rock heaven. LETS GO!
(Stefan Nicolaus, 35, Germany)

This really sucks, someone likes them up there I suppose. The Ramones are my favorite band since a long time, I`ve got all their music, I listen to their music daily. There`s no artist in the world that gained so much respect from other musicians as the RAMONES. No matter what, the Ramones never die.
(Roel Minnema, 41, Holland)

1, 2, 3, 4 - Go Johnny Go!!!
(DiDi Ramone, 37, Italy)

Johnny thanks for all, Brazil love´s you. Porto Alegre just say Gabba Gabba Hey!
(Daniel Mello, 24, Brazil)

My 'first band' at 13. RAMONEEEEEES, see you all in heaven. Not soon, I really hope..
(Carlos Ramone, 37, Portugal)

Johnny was the ultimate punk guitarist and like Dee Dee, convienced a lot of people to play guitar... but in a raw fashion that changed the face of music forever. God bless you all up there, to Marky and all the rest of the real or not family: Be strong ! And I give a big hankerchief to you, Jari-Pekka!
(Patrick Coutu, 31, Montreal, Canada)

"The morning stars were heard to sing, When Johnny towered black-leathered in his prime. One equal memory let us bring, Before we face our night in time. Grant us one only evening star, The End of the Century's avatar."
- Munich & A.E. (George Russell, mystic & poet 1867-1935)
(Munich, 21, Ireland)

It's too strange to imagine that a Ramone is dead. They seem to be gods playing and a god never dies... But what is going on? First Joey, then Dee Dee and now Johnny. I guess they are too special to stay in this fucking world. They don't deserve to live around here, they are gods and they need to be somewhere better than here... I don't feel ok and i don't get it right yet. Seems so impossible...
(Patrícia Yoshida, 16, Brazil)

Bought the Ramones DVD at 2:30pm on Wednesday at HMV in Livingston, Scotland.... watched it at night with my wife. When watching it she pointed at Johnny and asked 'Is he one of the ones who's dead'? I said 'Nah, it's Joey and Dee Dee, Johnny will live forever'.... Thursday morning, driving into work..heard on Real Radio..'One of the Godfathers of Punk died yesterday at 3:05pm, Johnny Ramone....shit myself and nearly crashed. Johnny...RIP.
(Dave Clark, 39, Scotland)

I discovered the Ramones about a year ago and I have been changed ever since. I was sick of fake punk, rap, and pop. It is weird that almost all of the original band members have died, and the only two that stayed with the band the whole time are dead.
(Wesley, 13, USA)

Thanks for the memories and the kick ass tunes that started it all!!! The Ramones will ALWAYS be THE ORIGINALS! Cheers Johnny!!!Ule FOREVER be missed!
(Justin, 28, USA)

RAMONES FOREVER! Hey guys, thanks for your music... You are one of my favorite bands ever. Johnny, it´s your time to rock with Joey and Dee Dee again.
(María Isabel Cartagena, 20, Guayaquil, Ecuador)

What a person can say after loosing 3rd greatest idol in a such a short time! Don`t know if I should be angry or sad, it`s somewhere inbetween i guess :(..... Hope he will find his peace! And all support to his family also! He did his job on earth and now he`s gone back! He ruled the world! GABBA GABBA HEY!!! We`ll keep the RAMONES alive!!!
(Niksa Ipsic, 28, Croatia)

I remember going to many Ramone's concerts and focusing on Johnny playing. The times I was able to get close to the stage I could see how he directed the band throughout the concert. Johnny would give the band and the roadies dirty looks all the time, but you could see he really cared about how they played and appeared on stage. I remember when he was badly beaten on the street. I sent Joey a card to tell him to wish John well for me. I said in the card I hoped the Ramones would not break up no matter what happened. That was about twenty years ago. It is very sad.
(Susan Willis, 49, USA)

So many of the RAMONES died to young. They are PUNK ROCK. Johnny Ramone made playing the guitar fun with fun riffs to play, quick and fast. Johnny influenced a lot of guitar players including myself.
(Sam Boroditsky, 22, Vancouver, Canada)

Thank you Jonnhy Ramone! I like you and the Ramones! Adios amigo!
(Gustavo Ramires, 24, Brazil)

It was horrible... on September 17th at 2.20am I read the news about Johnny Ramone. I just can't believe it. Just a few weeks ago I read from the internet that Johnny is getting better and he will get over the cancer. Now I read that he is gone. Why Joey, Dee Dee and now Johnny had to leave so soon?? Maybe Heaven really need a band... Only God knows... R.I.P. Johnny, we all love you!
(Mikko Kähäri, 22, Finland)

Today in Australia has dawned with the sad news about Johnny's passing being broadcast on my local radio station. Another of our leather clad heros has gone to join Heaven's Band. Move over Jimi ..... there's a new guitar-slinger taking left of stage and he's wearing a Mosrite. Back in the 1980 (Festival Hall , Brisbane ) Johnny and Da Boys showed me punk didn't have to be ugly and threatening...... it could be FUN. I was hooked from Dee Dee's first count-in. And now there is another empty jacket placed on the hanger. Johnny, thanks for the music and the memories . I miss you already. My condolences to Johnny's family and his friends worldwide. We all share your sorrow.
(Graeme Bates, 45, Brisbane, Australia)

Rest in peace Johnny... you made this world a better place.
(Roger Garrison, 39, USA)

Adios Johnny. See you brother. Ramones forever.
(Marcio Torres, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Johnny Ramone will be deeply missed, a true punk rock icon and talented guitarist. He is now rockin' up in heaven with Joey and Dee Dee. Ramones and punk rock 4ever.
(Elliot, 23, USA)

Johnny, I hope you play Durango 95 to God!!!!
(Rafa, 26, Guatemala)

Johnny, I first saw the Ramones in 1988 and was completely blown away! I saw the Ramones 24 times (I live in NY) and every show was amazing. Thank you Johnny for not wavering on the sound and the look. The Ramones above all loved their fans. Sadly, you, Joey and Dee Dee's lives were cut short. After many shows you would come out to greet the fans and give autographs and then hop in a cab and head home. I was lucky enough to get several autographs from you and I caught a guitar pick you would throw into the crowd. But the most amazing thing is in 1995 when I heard that the band would be retiring. I wrote a letter to you letting you know how much the Ramones meant to me, that it was sad to see you go but I understood, the Ramones had given so much needed time for themselves. But most of all, the integrity of the band that did not want to stay around when they were no longer the best at what they did. Johnny, you wrote back to me. Here is the text of your letter:
"Dear Robert, I received your letter, good to hear from you. Thanks for the nice letter. Most mail usually doesn't get to me since it goes thru the office but sometimes I go up there and read some. We will continue to tour until probably next spring. We will announce a final tour when the time comes. I just want to go out while we are still good. I am very pleased with the new album and I think you will be also. Thanks for all your support. Best wishes, Johnny Ramone".
This letter is framed and it is treasured. In a way I am glad the Ramones did not sell a million records. This allowed you to be our band seeing you in small venues. One of the most memorable was at Coney Island High in 1996. You were true to your fans and we were true to you. Rest in peace. Through the ages, you will NEVER be forgotten.
(Robert Feroce, 35, USA)

Thanks Johnny!! Many people does not understand you!! You are a brilliant guitar player!!! You created a new style to play the guitar!! The Ramones got through these 30 years because of you! You helped too much my life! Your power chords, plus Dee Dee' lyrics, plus Joey singing!! Amazing!! What a sad day... :( Thanks to you , Joey and Dee Dee!!! Too Tough To Die .....
(Carlos Branas, 25, Brazil)

Hi Ramones fans, I'm so sorry to hear of Johnny's death. He was inspirational, influencing so many guitarists, including me. Australian Ramones tribute band Ramonettes are embarking on a tour of Europe and former Yugoslavian countries from Sept 24 - Oct 31. We will be celebrating their lives and sharing our love of their songs with other Ramones fans. Long live the remaining Ramones. Gabba Gabba Hey!
(Suzy Ramone, Australia)

Well I just wanted to say that Johhny Ramone is the love of my life and he lives on! We should make a giant ceremony for Ramones fans all over the world!
(Stephany, 16, USA)

All is related in life. Mother, sister, brother .. Today I was listening some old Misfits stuff & decide to go see what's new on the site . In the news section I saw a picture of Johnny playing his famous Mosrite & below the pix, the fatal birth & death date: 1948 - 2004. Tears start to full my eye's... All is related in this life , and death... R.I.P. Johnny, like you rip your riff!!!
(Bobby Bell, 29, Montréal, Canada)

God wants see a show number 2264 of Ramones in heaven... Only The Ramones can play in heaven... Bye Johnny.
(Cristian Fernandez, 28, Viña Del Mar, Chile)

Hey Johnny, I thought I'd tell you now that you're gone just how many times your guitar got me to work, also through another day of drudgery. Thanks for all the great songs, machine gun loud ear popping guitar work. Also thanks to friends like Mr. Laitio-Ramone who keep the memories alive with their fabulous websites!!
(Vinny Marino, 46, USA)

Rest in peace Johnny, your fans will be always with you and wherever you went I hope you didn't forgot to take your guitar with You!
(Liborio, Cuba)

Goodbye Johnny, say hi to Dee Dee and Joey, heaven will be a lot louder now. We love you. Goodbye. Take it, Dee Dee.
(Ben, 13, USA)

Always in my mind...
(Launonen, 40, Finland)

I will miss you Johnny. Thank you for everything, now rest in peace.
(Ace Ramone , Italy)

R.I.P. dear Johnny. We all miss You so much. Thanks for all and maybe we´ll see someday!
(Minna Kajaani, 24, Finland)

Johnny, I love you, I can't believe you're gone. It just doesn't seem real, it's not fair that you're gone. It's such a loss to the world and to music. When I heard that you were gone this morning it didn't seem to register. Everything felt dazed and fake. It's like you were stolen. I'll miss you. You'll always live on through the music, and your fans.
(Jessica, 18, USA)

Thank You Johnny!
(Jarmo Malinen, 41, Kajaani, Finland)

I saw the Ramones in 1985 in Dublin , it was one of the loudest and best shows that I ever saw. Johnny had a original style and how many guitar players can say that. He played with such intensity and power. Amazing riffs to compiment so many great songs. I remember you, RIP.
(Jimmy Collins, 37, Ireland)

Dee Dee once said: "We're a doomed band."... I think he was right. First Joey, then Dee Dee and now Johnny..... I am a Ramoniac since 1978. Then I bought my first album Road To Ruin. I was hooked! Since then, there hasn't been a day without Ramones. Now, with the loss of Johnny, I feel empty.... 10 years ago they played in Rotterdam. After the show I met Johnny. We shook hands, and because of the rumours going on they were quitting, I said: "Don't you dare to stop!"... He smiled and answered: "We won't, we won't.".... Johnny I wish you didn't.... R.I.P.
(Reno Ramone, 35, Holland)

...just a few lines to express my sadness. I've been a Ramones fan since 19 years now and it's really sad to see Johnny, Dee Dee, Joey go away. Got all your records, guys, and I won't forget you!
(Diego "Ramone" Karpeles, 34, Austria-Argentina)

Thank you Johnny (and other Ramones members), for what you did to punk rock. That was truly great work. You were greatest influencers in young lad's mind, when I was young. Rest in peace. You'll never be forgotten.
(Matti Mäkinen, 25, Finland)

Ode to Johnny. One, Two, Three, Four... So farewell then Johnny Ramone, Hey, ho let's go, To join Joey an' Dee Dee, in that great Rockaway Beach in the sky. Da Brudders are no more, 'cept Tommy...
(Steven Cable, 39, England)

R.I.P god bless your soul Johnny I will always remember you. I was on Ramones concert in Zagreb 1994 and thank god I was there to see the great punk rock band ever. R.I.P Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee.
(Tomislav, 28, Zagreb, Croatia)

This is one of the few times that something that has to do with the Ramones has made me sad. Luckily the music will live forever. Rest in peace Johnny. Thank you.
(Laura R, 19, Finland)

First it's Joey, then it's Dee Dee, now it's Johnny. For the Ramones diehards, it's just damn f**king too hard to accept that they have gone. I remember I wrote on Joey's memoir column how much we miss him, remembering him as a caring person and a pioneer in Punk music. But Johnny is someone who create the standard and yet simple guitar riff in music every kids grown up with, Punk Music. They're all gone but the genre they create will still remains.
(Daryl Chung, 43, Malaysia)

I only can say thanks for have made me happy. I saw you playing your guitar very close to me in 1994 during your South-American tour. That was enough to see how you felt the excitement of being a rocker. I still have the image of you in that night. Keep rocking!! Dear Jari-Pekka, it would be great to make an ode to Johnny with the name of DOWN PICKING. Don´t you think so?
(Federico Uriarte, 26, Uruguay)

God bless Johnny Ramone and god bless America.
(Jocke Prensly, 40, Sweden)

Heaven needed a lead guitarist... too bad for all of us. Hopefully Johnny's now with Joey and DeeDee... thanks Johnny for the great music and being a source of inspiration throughout the years, you remain in our hearts. RIP.
(Heikki, 28, Switzerland)

Rest in peace Johnny...
(Jonas Toolanen, Sweden)

I can't believe it, 3 members of Ramones are gone in so little time... Rest In Peace, Johnny Ramone.
(Mikko Lavonen, 19, Finland)

3 of the best in 3 years.... But I guess that heaven needs the greatest band in the world EVER. R.I.P. JOHNNY.
(Henrik, 38, Denmark)

At first we lost The Voice, then we lost The Soul and now we have lost The Engine. And all in three years. It's too much. Way too much. Sniff... Thinking back - Johnny was the member I liked least. He's seargant attitude was too much for me. And he's political viwes... No, thanks. But in the same time - he taught me to play guitar. Play like Johnny Ramone and you will be the coolest guitarist on earth. Yeah! When I was like fifteen and started playing guitar in bands, I always followed two rules, set by Johnny 1) always pick downstrokes, 2) be great, because you are playing for people. Sniff...I guess, that Johnny was a role model for all of us - the young punk guitarist all over the world. Even if we did not concidered him as a role model, he still was the one. Subconciuously. And we all tried to be on stage as cool as he was. And he was cool. Sniff...
In this year, I put together Estonian Ramones tribute band Rawones, to play few tribute shows for their 30th anniversary. I was on guitar. I always used to think, that it's easy to play Ramones songs. But during the rehearsels and first show on March 27th I realized how hard job it actually was. It seemed to be so easy - get on stage with your guitar and leather jacket and play 45 minutes. But - it was not that easy. I had some difficulties to follow the set list and start the right songs. And it was hot to play in leather jacket. And also it turned out to be hard to play and be cool and quite theatric in same time. And then I understood, that being a Ramone is actually hard. And being Johnny Ramone for 22 years... He had to be tough. Sniff...
I don't know - he had a cancer and after the news on early this summer I somehow knew, that we're going to lose him. But lose him so soon. No! And that 30th anniversary party turned out to be his farewell to all the fans. Shame, I was not there. Sniff... But Johnny - have a nice time up there. And please, talk to Joey as well. My sympahty to Linda and to rest of the pinheads. Sniff...
(Mart Niineste, 20, Estonia)

Thanx for the music. I've learned something in their Rock'N'Roll High School. To Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny.
(Vuke Goblin, "12", Forssa, Finland)

Johnny was the most influential guitarist I have ever heard. He was my inspiration for taking up the guitar and he will be sadly missed but his memory will live on in everyone who he was an inspiration to . I will miss u Johnny. R.I.P.
(KandiShort, 15, Australia)

Seems like the biggest Rock'N'Roll band ever is going to be re-formed in heaven... The RAMONES family is falling apart but we, the loyal RAMONES fans shall keep their flag high. Bye-bye Johnny and greetings to Joey and Dee-Dee.
(Alexander Giannoulakis, 35, Athens, Greece)

Johnny Ramone died? What can I say: I'm both full of sorrow cause of his death! But I'm also so damn proud to be able to say that I found Ramones before death did! Johnny was a big inspiration to me and I bet he always will be, since I'm a punk with issues and so was he once... All I really wanted to say is: WHY DID HIS PAIN TAKE HIM FROM US?!? I will forever miss him and appreciate what he did for us, little ones!
(Jessie, 20, Sweden)

This can't be true!!! 3/4 of the Ramones are gone now forever! This simply isn't fair! Let's all commit suicide and party with the Ramones in heaven. The (music) world's a shitty place without you, but we still have cool people like Lemmy going strong and spreading the message. 1-2-3-4 go Johnny go! RIP
(Max, 36, Germany)

I don't know..... coming to this and writing a memory text shouldn't have to happen 3 times under 4 years. Thats why I'm doing mine a little late. I don't know what to say. The band that made me so much of who I am has lost all 3 originals under to short of a time. I'm speechless. What am I supposed to say to all of this?? The only reason I took up guitar was to play like Johnny Ramone.
(Tyler Boutilier, 20, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Bam bam bam, I Wanna Be Sedated!!! Long live The Ramones!! They were the greatest punk band of all time!! We luv u Johnny Ramone!!!
(Ashley, 16, USA)

Take it away Johnny! You will be missed!
(Nick SpeedKings, 38, Belgium)

Sadly the third Ramone died. Happily, their songs will be forever, and, for hope, will be the influence for many and many generations of persons.... Thanks a lot for you to invent the real essence of music.... RIP all of you.
(Giuliano Maestro, 28, Brazil)

Good night man, remember rock'N'roll as we remember you and your brothers, good bye man. Gabba gabba hey brother!
(Carlo, 18, Genoa, Italy)

The Whole World cried, when Johnny Ramone died. Forever: -JOHNNY,Rest In Peace.-
(Emmi, 17, Finland)

Johnny, You were the Wall Of Sound. Hope to see you all playin´up there, as my own time comes.
(Pertti "Pepe" Lepistö, 43?, Suomi)

Johnny - I know you have heard this a million times but the Ramones will always be the best punk band of all time! I am so glad me and my friends got to see you guys twice before the band split. Everybody from Maine misses you and loves you! See you on the other side Johnny! Please tell Joey he still has my vote for the Best Voice Of Rock And Roll. HEY HO! LETS GO! RAMONES FOREVER!!!!
(Tim, 30, Portland, Maine, USA)

Emotion, speed and pure rock'N'roll in 3 accords. Heaven is happy with Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny now. Long live rock'N'roll and Ramones.
(Felipe, 27, Brazil)

We may only have 1 (original) member remaining but the music and the memories last for many years to come.
(Meagan, 17, USA)

R.I.P Johnny...
(Simon, 17, Sweden)

I cant stand it anymore... First all the Ramones boys just past away... then bad time for my favorite team in football. Life sucks...
(Chrille Janzon, too old, Sweden)

Thanx Johnny, for everything.
(Olli Kilpinen, 25, Finland)

Good bye Johnny, say hello to Dee Dee and Joey. Ramones forever.
(Damir Cibula, 22, Croatia)

Johnny, you were the greatest guitarist ever, in the greatest, most influential band ever. Rest In Peace. Gabba Gabba Hey.
(Andy McAuley, 39, Ireland)

I've been out of words for a whole day... I couldn't believe Johhny was dead, though I knew he'd been ill for a few years... As far as I remember, none of the great bands (Beatles, Stones, Who, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC) has lost three of its main members... I watched him on TV... in the news... and he was there, playing his guitar next to Joey, with his Johnny-Ramone style: legs apart, his guitar down to his knees, punk rock bare image. Then, some flash of lightning came through my brain in the shape of a thought: I believe that, as Jari-Pekka said, "Heaven needed a lead singer"... and now the lead singer seems to be calling the band from Heaven... And a shiver run though my back... Rest all three of you in Peace, Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny... Maybe some day we'll all join you there...
(Alfredo Cordeiro, 38, Barcelona, Spain)

I and my husband were five times on the Ramones show. The sixth time we will meet in concert in heaven. Thanks for all music. You are the best band of the century for me and my husband.
(Metka and Ivan Sirk, 33, Slovenia)

I feel so sad! I'm unable to say other word! Just, JOHNNY! I cry for you! Life's a gas! Ramones forever!!!!!! Fuck the rest!
(Boris Gibert, 35, France)

I love you Johnny! You will always be in my heart! Heaven is almost complete with every member of the Ramones! You guys shall be kickin ass for a long time...
(CJ, 14, USA)

I've been a huge fan of the Ramones for the last year, I know it's not that long compared to most of the fans on this site, but the Ramones have meant alot to me. Their music has helped me go from a fat kid with no confidence; to a happier, thinner, person. I just wanted to say thanks, Johnny. Your music and your band has helped me in so many ways. Thank you.
(Jordan, 14, United States)

Thank you for the memoriable guitar riffs. May the rock´N´roll gods smile at you in heaven. Rest in peace...
(Kari, 21, Finland)

I miss you.. real badly.
(Michael, Sweden)

I'm watching and listening in ecstasy Ramones DVD Raw. Hanoi Rocks is the best band of Finland and Europe but The Ramones is the best of the world and the universe...
(Tea, 36, Inkoo, Finland and Janne Jänis, Finland)

I knew that Johhny had been ill but I was stil shocked when I heard the news of his passing. My thoughts drifted back to the first time I saw the Ramones in concert at Cobo Hall in Detroit in 1979. It changed my life forever. It was the Ramones, and Johhny, who inspired me to learn to play the guitar. In 1995, I saw the Ramones in concert at the Vogue Theater in Indianapolis, Indiana. On the way home I stopped at a Speedway gas station and there were the Ramones, buying sodas and snacks. They were all friendly and took the time to talk with me for a few moments before getting in the van and heading to their next show. RIP Johhny, you were the greatest.
(Gary Lockard, 43, USA)

Johnny, You were great, no one can replace you. Your music will live on forever! God bless!
(Janet, 14, United States)

Johnny Ramone was my fav guitarist of all time and I love him so much and I'm gonna miss him alot. I'm so glad I had a chance to meet him and actually shake his hand and he'll always be in my heart right next to Joey and Dee Dee. RIP Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee. Gabba Gabba Hey!!!!
(Sergio, 17, Michigan, USA)

Last time I saw Johnny Ramone in person I shouted to him as he was leaving, "Those hands played the most important power chords ever!" He looked back and smiled with a surprised look on his face. He seemed like a polite and intelligent man with a sense of adventure. My heart hurts now that he's gone. Love,
(Chris "NYC Guitarist", 27, NYC, USA)

Johnny thx for making my teen years amazing. You are the best guitarist that ever lived. Rest In Peace.
(Andrew Ensenat, 14, u.s.a)

Johnny Ramone will forever be in my heart. He was a kick ass guitar player and will always be in the book of punk as the guitarist who started it all...
(Dustin Duncan, don't know where lives)

Johnny Ramone was one of the most influential guitarists of a generation. He ifluenced many people myself included and we will forever miss him. Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny, and Tommy led an army of misguided teens and gave them a place in life. Even though they were a bit ahead of there time many of the original members will not get to see all the appreciation people have towards there music. I would like send my prayers and thanks to The Ramones for dedicating there lives to what we know as The Ramones.
(Ramona Murray, 15, Canada)

Johnny was the guitarist who set the standards: Legs wide, guitar down, and a big noise! I'm sure I won't be missing Johnny as much as I miss the Ramones, but the guy who played guitar like that, in the best band ever, would have deserved a lot longer life. With this message I send my warm greetings to every Ramones fan around the world, not to mention the family and friends of Johnny.
(Janne Aaltonen, Finland)

You still are my biggest inspiration to play guitar! The king have left the building! RIP Johnny! I send my regards to the family! Love from,
(Micke, 41, Sweden)

I saw the Ramones in concert 16 times. They were Amazing and truly punk rock pioneers. One time at a college (Nercer County Community) in NJ. We got there early and were waitng in the back. A beat up old green dodge dart pulled in squeeling the tires and it was the Dead Boys who were opening the show for the Ramones. Stiv Bator was driving, it was very funny. Within minutes a van pulled in and yes it was the Ramones. We all hung out for a while. They were very cool and real people. I'm very sad and will miss them. Hope Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Elvis can all jam In heaven!
(Don, 44, USA)

Bye Johnny, we love you! After we lost Joey and Dee Dee you were the last too tough to die guy and my last hero in this world. I will always think of you in good and bad times. Bye Johnny, I love u, I really do.
(Theofilos Ramone, 21, Greece)

Ciao Johnny!
(Marcolino, 27, Pavia, Italy)

Thanx for the memories. No shit with 4 kids and the grim reaper moving in I can honestly say that Ramones really have influenced my life. I lucky enough to see them many times and I still get the energy rush that accompanied RAMONES gigs when I listen to them. They were part of so many peoples lives,we grew up with them. Without them would punk have succeeded (don't think so). Thanx again.
(Steve Thompson, 52, UK)

Gabba Gabba Hey Johnny!! Thank you for the music, it lives forever!
(Eerika, 33, Finland)

Johnny, my name is Kimy, I'm from Malaysia... I love your band... but I'am not a punk crew.. I love punk music.. Lots of people said that I'm a poser because I buy your albums. Please help me... I'm sick of it.. I'm your biggest fan...
(Kimy, 20, Malaysia)

I am not a musician, I'm just a guy than since the first day I heard the Ramones, I can't even explain the way that band change my life. Noone is even closer to make what this guys made. There wasn't a band out there with the spirit, with the heart, and with the talent of the RAMONES. You can name great bands like Beach Boys, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, but all these bands, in a certain moment, change their own style just to sell. One of the things that I most admire from the Ramones is that, the years passed away and they maintain their all lifestyle, they don't matter to throw away their billboard dreams, they don't matter to don't arrive to The Top 40 radio play. I think the Ramones is the only band who their fans can be very proud to wear their T-shirts, to wear the leather jackets, to wear the old-ragged pants. Recently, with the death of the great Joey, the fabulous Dee Dee, and the last Wednesday when the greatest guitar player of all time, we can now accept that the RAMONES is a band that don't belong to this world, they always were a step further than any other band. I'm an amateur swimmer, and the Ramones teach me to never give up, to fight until I can reach my dreams, to fight against everything, to be combative until the end of my life. The next day after Johnny's death, I saw the video Lifestyles Of The Ramones, and after watching Pet Semetary, I started to cry, but I don't cried because of the sadness that Johnny's death cause, I cried because I was very happy to think that right now, these 3 guys are going to play the Blitzkrieg Bop until the end of the times, watching the way their legacy now is finally recogniced. "I'm an outsider, outside of everything"
(Daniel Ramone, Mexico, 17)

I can hardly write these few words. I feel so empty and so sad. Nearly all my "heroes" from my youth are now gone. It's a very strange feeling and I can't really describe my emotions and feelings just now. But I do wanna say this; Johnny, thanx a lot for the unique sounds you pressed out of your Mosrite's. You are/ were the ONLY guitarist that could make me feel sooo good inside, make me happy, make me wanna jump around and act like my pants were on fire. Goodbye and THANK YOU Johnny, see you and the rest of the guys when the time comes. RIP.
(Mogens "Moody" Olesen, 41, Denmark)

Music lives for the century - Thanks and Adios.
(Jarkko, 36, Finland)

Alphabet City
By Joey Dean © 2004
Verse 1
Kicking around back in this old town feeling the city sees threw me.
Taking it in all the places I've been. Back in the sin where they all knew me.
The faces have changed the places seem tamed the ghosts are all around me.
I left it behind I'm back in the grind. I am hunted by the scene and the memories.
Music wailing through these ancient streets like so many lost souls howling songs in the night.
The gang used to find shelter in cardboard box's and comfort with songs under streetlights.
Verse 2
There ain't no heroes left on the avenue in this sacred part of town.
The tourists buy souvenirs as they ask where the punks can be found.
The sidewalk soldiers reigned like princes in the park, spirits that refuse to rise.
Village heroes fell from toil and poison, sought solace searching the ultimate high.
Up and vanished in the crowed to escape from our homes we called hell.
We all died a little back then, I recall they dropped again and again.
On this playground of musical rage we drew from pain and pity.
We took our ride from the other side and reigned back then, in Alphabet city.
Verse 3
Friends have passed along the way leaving music scripture's carved into slate.
It stays with me forever, as distant memories, but son you're years to late.
The tourist walks these haunted streets only to read tails from village magazines.
A time of rebellion away from the valley, a time for some to be free.
Bridge 2
I lived what you read it wasn't what it seemed, we played for our dreams and our friends.
Tourist sip tap in Saint Marks bar telling stories about who they knew and where they've been.
I got out alive but my mind will never be free, memories are bittersweet.
Lives we lived and lost forever rest in these city streets.
Punk Rock gods and the magic of rebellion, is all that's left for me.
Back here again, I still here the wind crying loud over the sounds of Alphabet City.
(Joey Dean, 33, Manhattan, NYC, USA)

Life's a gas! So don't be sad cause' we'll be there, don't be sad at all... Hail Joey, Hail Dee Dee, Hail Johnny...
(Apostolis, 25 and Basilikh, 24, Athens, Greece)

I was never fond of Johnny as a man, but as a Ramone, he was indespensible. RIP.
(Adele Holzman, 20, USA)

I was a long haired guy in a Black Sabbath shirt, flannel shirt, jeans and chucks when a friend helped me sneek into CBGB's that fateful night when I first saw the Ramones. At 16 yrs. of age this was a life changin' event! They made me feel that I was one of them and they were me. You have to remember that in the late 70's in Astoria, Queens, all you heard was the fuckin' Doors or The Who or Led Zeppelin, you know stadium rock stuff. I dug Alice Cooper, Sabbath, The Stooges, shit like that. For my area, real outsider stuff. So the brudders saved my life so to speak, inspired to pick up the guitar. Just changed my attitude. Long live the ramones!!! My 13 yr. old now spreads the word of The Ramones, hey ho let's go... Thankx guys, you'll be missed.
(Lou Demonte, 45, Astoria, NYC, USA)

Rest In Peace, Johnny. The world will miss you and so will I. Keep the candle burning.
(Sonja Cobain, 16, Finland)

This ones for Johnny. He was my biggest influence of all time. Before I was anything I listened to the Ramones 24/7. Johnny Inspired me to play guitar. As soon as I heard he died, I cried. I told my friend Julio and he cried too. He has been such a huge influence on myself and others. He was my idol. The great leader of the 3 Chord Wonders who started everything. If he didn't start it, this day in music would suck. From my song Ode To Johnny: "Johnny!! You weren't a zero! Johnny you were a punk rock hero!!"
(Derek, 15, America)

Hey ho, let's go. Johnny you were so wonderful!! But now you're in another place... a better place. Maybe heaven also needed you, that's ok, but we're so sad!! Rock in peace. Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny! Guys you're gonna rock in heaven!!
(Angelica, 14, Mexico)

I can get to grips with the fact that Johnny passed away. This has affected me harder than when Joey or Dee Dee died. I don't know if it is because Johnny was my favourite Ramone, he kept it together or because it's another one gone. It's hard to listen to the music now without getting a bit anger and upset at the same time. The world has lost a great group and the best unawarded guitarist. Rest in Peace Johnny.
(Niamh Byrne, 30, Ireland)

Why, why, why happened things like this??? First Joey, soon Dee Dee and now you Johnny. You can be sure that your riffs are tattooed in our brains! The heaven needed the greatest punk rock band!!! Let's go, let's go. Let's go, let's go, 100 000 miles to heaven!
(Armando O. Osornio, 26, Mexico)

1-2-3-4 - Johnny, you are the best!!! R.I.P.!!! We love you!!! Hey Ho Let´s Go!!!
(Gabriel, 22, Brasil)

This is to the original members of the Ramones. Joey, Johnny, Tommy, and Dee Dee. I love you guys a lot, and I cried all 3 times when I heard the Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee died. All depressing days. I love you guys and Tommy I'm glad your still around!! love always,
(Amanda, 16, USA)

I was at a party when I first heard the news and for the next hour my friends and I sang ramones songs in tribute and toasted the greatest ever punk guitarist. I was not aware of who the Ramones were at the times of Joey's and Dee Dee's deaths, but now that I am a true Ramone at heart, I feel like a need a good dose of shock treatment. Who ever knew that such a simple form of music could bind together such a strong family of supporters. Johnny Ramone, R.I.P.
(Rob P, 18, Australia)

Rest In Peace in rock'N'roll heaven... Thanks for everything...
(Lucas, 19, POLAND)

What can I say ....... We've got quite good punk rock band in the heaven...... Joey , Dee Dee, Johnny ...... I miss You....
(Konrad Piotrowski, 34, Poland)

R.I.P. Johnny Ramone - thanks for all the great music and the great gigs I saw you play........
(Pep, 39, UK)

I will always remember you! You are the greatest guitar player of the world, even in heaven. Thank you for your music and for your playing. GABBA GABBA HEY!!!!!!!
(Simon, 16, Germany)

The Ramones changed my life when I first heard them back in 1977! They where so important for so many people all those years. We will keep on playing their music. Thank you Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, we miss you guys!!! I am happy I did see you so many times live performing, those were the best moments of my life!! I feel only deep respect for The Ramones!!
(Stefan Heirman, 41, Belgium)

Yo man, we lost two of the greatest people, dude. Johnny and Dee Dee. Rest In Peace, man. And keep rockin' in heaven dudes. We all miss yall.
(Ben, 14, USA)

Now everything is different.. My life will not be the same without you Johnny. I got no words to explain my feelings, I love you Johnny and I hope to see you soon.. Said hi to Joey and Dee Dee.. Adios Johnny, adios amigo.
(Sebastian Caerols, 21, Chile)

The Ramones helped me to be a what I'm. I bought my guitar just because of Johnny Ramone. Everything that you wanted to hear when you was sad, blue, happy, fucked up, I mean everything, you could find out in the Ramones lyrics... One of the special difference was that, they accept us as one of them, I mean, there was nothing between the fans and the Ramones, cause they treat us like one of them. You can be whatever you want, cause they accept us as one of them!! For the guys who changed my life and the life of million of teenagers ... GABBA GABBA HEY FOREVER AND EVER JOEY, DEE DEE and JOHNNY... R.I.P. PUNK ROCKERS!!!
(Vanessa, 22, Brazil)

I'm so sad. Why has it always to be that the greatest to leave early? Hope you'll find peace in heaven, Johnny. Have fun with Dee Dee, Joey, Bon Scott and Glen Buxton. I'll miss you Johnny. Life just isn't the same without yoz. Rock on.
(Schinkengott, 22, Germany)

What the hell? Why is this happening to the greatest band ever? Johnny Ramone, we love you, we will never forget you.
(Josh Legg, 16, America)

Now, there`s a great band up in heaven. Hope they could do it a long time without a drummer. It`s hard to be a Ramones-maniac at this time, when all your heroes pass away. There`s nothing more to say: R.I.P. Johnny, Dee Dee & Joey! You`ll never be forgotten.
(Torsten Berlitz, 28, Germany)

In memory of Johnny Ramone - deliverer of pure, unadulterated, sledgehammer rock'N'roll riffs - every day your music lives on while trend after trend die forgotten in the gutter of the bargain bin. Why is it always this way?
(Vic, 38, New Zealand)

Hey ho, don't go! We will have a great afterparties in heaven! Rock in peace! With all my love,
(Ninni, 19, Finland)

Johnny Ramone, I want to thank you for being and showing us, what you are. Your style and music had influenced almost every music lover all over the world. I hope, that we all down here salute you by playing your music and LOUD! Give my best regards to other Ramones` members and great music players, whose we have missed too early.
(J.R., Lahti, Finland)

Thanks Johnny!
(Stefano, Milano, Italy)

Johnny Ramone was a true original. The most intense guitarist ever. I once met him at a yogurt shop in Cincinnati, Ohio, and he took time to talk to me and gave me a guitar pick with the Ramones logo on it. I got to meet him one other time and he was really cool to me and the other fans. I got to see the Ramones 8 times and have fond memories and fun stories from each show. I hate to see Johnny leave so soon after Dee Dee and Joey, but I wrote a little rhyme about my favorite group: if I die and there is an afterlife, I know that if I hear the Ramones, all is well. Because I know Celine Dion is muzak from hell.
(Kevin Martinez, 36, USA)

A quote from Lars Frederiksen "God is building one hell of a band.", at Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland. And I think he said it all.
(Sakke, 29, Finland)

It's sad to see that the greatest rock'N'roll guitarist that the world has ever seen is now departed from us too. Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee will be entertaining everyone in heaven now with their wall of sound. May they all rest in peace. Jari thanks for the Dee Dee book - it was great.
(Alan Giff, 35, North Ireland)

Johnny, I am very, very sad that you have passed away to a better life because we, here downstairs, will always miss you and your fast and furious sound. That sound that paved the way for all us cretins that wanted to pick up a guitar and learn, play and write simple, yet melodic and awesomely fun music. The way Rock'N'Roll is supposed to be, the way you always taught us how it is supposed to be. I hope you meet up and join with Joey and Dee Dee to jam it out and show all heaven how to have a hell of a good time!!! You will be forever missed and forever will live in our hearts... 4,5,6,7 all good cretins go to heaven!!!
(Renato Gianola, 30, Mexicali, Mexico)

I grew up with the Ramones and listen to their music today and have encouraged my teenage kids to do so. They were the best and will live on through us all. Hope they all Rest In Peace and keep on rockin'.
(Reija Pinalosa, 39, Australia, born in Finland)

I've never seen the Ramones before in my eyes, I knew the Ramones from internet, one of them is from your site. Now, the only original member is Tommy, no chance for the reunion. The news of Joey, Dee Dee and now Johnny, to me is an endless nightmare! I like Joey's voice, Dee Dee's song writing, Tommy's 1/8 druming style and Johnny's way in holding his Mosrite. I have a dream that one day I will have Johnny Ramone signature series of White Venture II Mosrite. I hope it will come true. Bye bye Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny. Long live Ramones.
(Wayan Eko, 24, Kuta Bali, Indonesia)

Johnny R.I.P., forever young and forever Ramone.
(Sandro, 41, Italy)

Wow this is insane, now we have lost Johnny. I can't described the pain in my heart from losing 3 members of the greatest band ever. Johnny was a great guitarist and a great person. I hope in heaven Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee have reformed the band and are rocking out.
(Joey Homicide, 40, U.S.A.)

Some people say: 'The best die young'. But I think you can say that there was the greatest of the best, who died with 50! He was not the youngest!!! Ramones: the real Punk since 1974! R.I.P. Joey! R.I.P. Dee Dee! R.I.P. Johnny!
(Steve Goedickmeier, 17, Germany)

Keep rockin' Johnny!
(Jussi, 18, Finland)

Bad news again for Ramones fans. I heard Johnny was ill but never thought this would happen so soon. Once again this strange feeling that leaves you without words as it happened with Joey and Dee Dee. But we have to be happy because we have their music which will last generation after generation and all the good memories that come to my mind everytime I think about the Ramones. I have listened to them since I was 12 and practically everyday and I will continue doing it forever, because they are the best, they are unique and they are too tough to die. Ramones forever.
(Mikel, Basque Country, Spain)

Plucking out a rhythm at the speed of light, Johnny up on stage was an awesome sight, go Johnny, go, go, go. Four simple chords what a Blitzkrieg Bopping show. Johnny's on the speaker at the front of the stage, Ramonies were dancing in a Cretin Hopping rage, faster and faster the guitaring seemed to go, if it don't stop soon my mind is gonna blow!
Mones T, leather and blue ripped jeans, a guitaring Icon from New York, Queens, Johnny you played so well you really stole the show, I got salty tears when I heard you had to go!
(Andy Helliwell, Netherlands)

It's a damn shame that Johnny is gone. It's sad that there is only one member out of the original line-up still alive, sure I'm only sixteen but the first time I saw that video for I Wanna Be Sedated I was hooked, Johnny was and still is my favourite guitarist. When I play my guitar in my room I try to strike my best whilst beating the hell out of my guitar. Johnny really was an awesome guitarist, hell finding out that he had passed away ruined the night I had planned. I suppose when it is ones time to go one must go, but it really is a shame. Johnny looked cool, played hard ... Damn shame he is gone.
(L. Liddell, 16, New Zealand)

Johnny was simply my hero. I remember when I started guitar, just 9 months ago at Christmas. My teacher was teaching me all these shitty songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and I asked him if he'd teach me a Ramones song. He didn't even know who they were and so I told him a bit about them, and played him a few songs off Leave Home. He didn't like them so he kept teaching me scales and how to read notes. that night I went to the video shop and hired Rock'N'roll High School for the hundrenth time. I kept pasuing the video at various times in the concert to see how Johnny played the chords used in California Sun. I sat on my bed for 3 hours that night trying to play an e chord right. Then an a chord. Then by my next guitar lesson I could play the whole song in power but without the verse lick bit. I showed my teacher and he tried for the whole lesson for me to forget about how my hero played it and to try to strum up and down. I couldn't so I kept playing it Johnny's trademark way. 2 months after that my band started at school just playing in the music room, played Blitzkreig Bop in front of the governor of NSW (our state in Australia). I wish Johnny could have seen me these two months come from being a wannabe to performing in front of 350 people and the governor of a state, it was the best day of my life. The day after he died I came to school and was feeling down. I was pissed off because Johnny's death wasn't in the paper and I was also greiving for the death of my hero. Somebody found out why I was sad and told the whole class. They all thought it was funny and stupid for someone to have a hero and I bet if Johnny were there along with the other Ramones we'd kick all their arses.
(Nick Manic, 14, Australia)

Our heroes are gone, but the Ramones will be remembered forever!
(Sergio Ramone, Belgrade, Serbia)

Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee... I imagine great rock'N'roll icons died very fast. It's seem that this is the price to pay for leaving a mark in the music history...
(Jean-Philippe Tremblay, 29, Canada)

Johnny Ramone Rest In Peace! I was shocked about this sad, sad news. Joey, Dee Dee and now Johnny - I can`t believe this. God bless you and rock in Heaven!!! Hey Ho...
(Christian Kossak, 27, Bayern, Germany)

Goodbye Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny. I always remember you.
(Davor Cimic, 33, Croatia)

Johnny Ramone invented the punk rock guitar sound - end of story. I have loved the Ramones since I was 13 years old and will forever.. I met Johnny in Charing Cross Road in London in 1980 and he bought me a coke and talked about his love of the Beatles and T-Rex.. He was the most honest down to earth guy you could wish to meet.. R.I.P.
(Luke Anstee, 40, England)

It's awesome how you love this band so much. I'm 17 and I'm in love with the 70's-80's punk scene. I wish I was around back then when punk was good. I love The Clash, I love Ramones, I love it all. New punk is all the same. So thanx for helping us keep the memory of Ramones alive. Vive le ramones!!! Te amo dee-dee!!!
(Tito Hate, 17, CA, USA)

Johnny Ramone I remember you, everybody here in Mexico, (especially in Neza), are so sad, Johnny was the best guitarist of the punk bands, Johnny I will remember you for all my life 'cus you were my inspiration to follow the punk wave. All I can say now is "Someday we will play punk rock with The Ramones in the sky", take care Johnny, we'll meet some day. For now... farewell. We'll miss you.
(Marcos,18, Mexico)

Johnny always had strong opinions even most of people didn't like them. I think that, if something, is punk.
(Tuomas Koskinen, 19, Finland)

Johnny, the original punk rock guitarist, the greatest guitarist, one of the most admired guitarists, he will always be remembered....
(Cory Lewis, 19, usa)

Dear Johnny, R.I.P. Have a blast up there with Joey and Dee Dee! Love you all.
(Sanna, 19, Finland)

¡Adios Amigo!
(Gota, 21, Brasil)

What can I say? This is really painful for me! It is making me crying when I am seeing all those pictures with Johnny, I just cant believe it that he is gone. How could ugly bitch like Britney Spears still sing and rich cowards like Blink 182 still play while Johnny died. I cannot describe my pain!
(Velimir, 36, Serbia)

Thanks to you Johnny, I now have my kids LISTENING RockNRoll. R.I.P.
(Karl George, Walney Island, England)

I love the Ramones!
(Paula, 25, Argentina)

I can't believe he's gone... I don't have the words. But I have the privilege to say my dad went to a Ramones concert in 1979. And saw Joey in a downtown Chicago. I always wanted to meet Johnny or write a letter or something. And now that I know Johnny is gone I have decided which one I want my hair to look like. I discovered them about a year ago, now my whole life revolves around the Ramones. I heard news the day after at 8:00 September 16. I think this is my sign to start a band. 4,5,6,7 all good cretins go to heaven! Johnny was a good Cretin right?
(Mikey Ramone, 13, USA)

I couldn't believe what I heard. I was at school and everything was good. I was going to my 2nd period until my friend told me Johnny was dead. Everyone kept on telling me this sad news. It was ridiculous I couldn't take it. I went home after an hour of this. I still didn't believe it. When I got home I looked in the obituary section of the L.A. times and read half a sentence.... I didn't need to read it all I knew he was dead. Till this day I haven't read all of it. I took out my bottle of Jack Daniels and drank to Johnny. Johnny was a great man, a great guitarist, and a great republican. I wouldn't say he was the best Ramone because they all are. But he's something. He will be remembered forever. No words or Hey Ho's can express my feelings and sorrows. I can keep on going about how Johnny was great but I can't keep on typing because this is really sad.
(Irwing Ornelas, 16, U.S.A.)

Johnny We all miss you!!!! Thank you for all! Forever Gabba Gabba Hey! Hello for all Ramones fans in the world!
(Boogie, 35, Gufi, 32, Poland)

It was a fifteen years ago when I first time heard your music. It really changed my life for the better. Thank you for that Johnny. Only God knows how I miss you.
(Peksu, 29, Finland)

Johnny Ramone shall never be forgotten and will always be missed.
(Dylan Ford, 19, USA)

I'm a mother in my 40s... and I feel the best way to make sure that the Ramones are always remembered is to..."Teach Your Children"! I have taught my kids to love the Ramones. My 9 year old was Joey for Halloween last year. I have loved the Ramones since the early 80s. Johnny will be missed. My sympathy to his family and to Marky and Tommy. Take care, Marky and Tommy!
(Patricia Ehler, 42, Iowa, USA)

Johnny, you are the greatest punkrock guitar player in the world! You left this fucking world, but we know, you will live in the memory of all your fans! Rest In Peace mister Johnny Ramone!
(Francesco "ciccio" Marzullo, 21, Italy)

Johnny Ramone, a true one off, he made the mould then broke it. Nobody can play a guitar like he could. The man was a true genius and just like his fallen brothers Joey and Dee Dee, he will be sorely missed in a world of mediocre music. His memory will live long and proud. R.I.P Johnny a legend amongst guitarists.
(Paul Buddery, 34, England)

I had a tabloid newspaper in Atlanta in 1980-81. The first issue had a feature on the Ramones. They filled out questionnaires in their handwriting. I didn't know if they would actually do it or not. Johnny was the first person I asked to do it. He read over it, smiled and laughed a little. I sure didn't expect it, and he said yes, he'd do it. He was wearing a Superman shirt. I had written their names on the top of each questionnaire. Johnny got his back first -- done so neatly. Folded. Dee Dee got his mixed up with Marky's and had crossed out Marky's name and put his own, then had put Marky's name on his. The funny part is when he had to spend time explaining it all to me, as if I wouldn't quite understand how he got them mixed up. He got his back to me later that day. Marky did the same. It took Joey almost three days to do his. When he finally finished the last question, which is "What are the ten things you can't live without", he ended up with thirteen. I still can't believe that we all lost three Ramones in just around three years. God, what are you thinking?!!
(Randi Marx, 50, United States)

I had the pleasure of seeing the Ramones twice in my life. First, at the Motor City skating rink in Michigan. It was an unholy terror to watch (and listen) to these guys jam! Trust me, thats a compliment. Half way through the show (I was front row, right in front of Johnny) I pointed to Johnnys guitar hoping he would let me grab a pick off of it. He just kept slamming the dogshit outta that puppy while shaking his head no. I relented and respectfully backed off. Well Ill be damned! In between sonic blasts, I felt a tap on my shoulder and Johnny reached down and handed me a pick! That was one of the classiest things I have ever seen to this day. When I heard the news that he had passed away my mind went back to that moment in time when everything was as about as perfect as they could be. He, Joey and Dee Dee will be sorely missed. Not only by myself but literately millions of believers in the true strength of balls to the wall rock and roll.
(Clayton R. Lidey Jr., 41, USA BABY!!!)

Because of you, I wanted to learn how to play a guitar 12 years ago, because of you I have a band sound like the Ramones, now all of that reasons only become a cliche for you, but really there were truth, the first Joey, second Dee Dee, now you Johnny, I hope you enjoy there, because you meet again with your old friends, so say from me to Joey and Dee Dee, rock in peace...........
(Andri Gautama, 28)

Your sound changed my mind. Forever thanx, Johnny. It's strange, I never spoke to you, I never met you (two time from the stage!) but I feel like I 've lost a friend. Forever in my memory, See You in Heaven.
(Giorgio, 36, Italy)

I want to thank u for all your records and know that your work will live 4ever. Punk ain't dead, and Ramones music will never die.
(Bojan, 15, Croatia)

Just another ache in my heart that no other band could ever fill. I miss all 3 of them very much. I liked Marky's RAW DVD. Can't wait for the rest of the books to come out. Maybe Linda will write one too. Who better to know John and Joey than her. It would be interesting to hear life with the Ramones from her point of view.
(Carol Monares, 48, u.s.a.)

It's sad that Johnny is passed away, but I'm glad, that I have still a lot good Ramones music at home. Sometimes I take a time at my music room, and put The Ramones vinyl on the machine. Sitting down and listening that great music what they have done. Rest in peace Johnny, and cheers to You.... Now I gonna sit down and take a whisky and listen..... how You still play your guitar.... goodbye my friend sleep well!
(Seppo Riski, 44, Finland)

(Picture: Johnny and Andy)
I met Johnny in New York when the band was inducted into the Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame in 2002. My boyfriend Andy has been a Ramones fan from the start. He had given me homework of reading as many Ramones related documents as I could at the start of our relationship. I am still going out with him!!!! So that shows how appealing the Ramones are past and present. I didn't get bored. In 2001 I met Dee Dee when he played in the Garage club in London. That I am now sorry to say was my first and last Ramones connected concert. It is a pity Dee Dee, Joey and now Johnny have all gone. That means that people like me will never experience what Andy, Alan and alot of you actually did. There is always hope for the afterlife!!! Our thoughts are with his friends and family at this time God bless.
(Joannie, 27, Ireland)

We will never forget Johnny or Joey or Dee Dee as long as we shall live.
(Kody Clement, 14, USA)

Johnny was my all time hero. He was not a guitarist. He was Johnny. He's the one.
(Eric, 36, Paris, France)

I don't know what to say... I was really shocked to discover that he passed away. Johnny was unique, one of my heroes and best punk guitarist. Ramones changed my life better and they changed me as a person. I miss you Johnny as much I miss Joey and Dee Dee. Goodbye Johnny - you will be missed. Ramones forever.
(Annika Collin, 15, Finland)

Best band ever, now playing in heaven. Thanks Johnny.
(Tommi Vaitomaa, 35, Finland)

I've been a Ramones fan ever since I can remember. When I was 5 I listened to my dads Ramones albums daily. They were the best band in history as far as I'm concerned. My dream was to meet them. Now I'm 15 and there is only one original member left. I remember when Joey died I cried for days. I just couldn't believe my idol was gone. I think the only song I played that month is Life's A Gas. Then I heard they were going to be in the Rock'N'roll Hall Of Fame. I was so happy because they deserved it. Then not even two months later Dee Dee was gone. That was really hard for me to deal with. Now three members of the best band in the world are gone. I wanted to know why why did they have to take them. I thought about Ozzy. He's outlived them and he's done more drugs and done stupid stuff in his life and he's still here. And now Johnny is gone which is really hard. Because now there's not very much Ramones left. But it made me feel better once I watched Ramones DVD Raw. Because I got to see have thier good times. Rock'n PEACE. My fellow pinheads... JOEY JOHNNY DEE DEE...
(Dylan Ramone, 15, USA)

Johnny Ramone is one of the most amazing band members in the world!! He, along with the rest of The Ramones, left such an impact on every band out there now and no one would be where they are with out him. We love you Johnny!
(Brittni Timmons, 14, United States)

Gabba Gabba Hey! 1st it was Joey, then Dee Dee... but now it was Johnny... well, it's truly sad. What a really big lost. It was really shock to me when I noticed that Johnny passed away because I guess he had a good health. He never use drugs, he said no to alcohol since he was early 20... he looks more younger then the others. What a shame to any pop, glam shitty singer or artist who become drugs or alcohol slave. Johnny strum his guitar with his raw energy!!! Without rockstar guitar solo, The Ramones can make the audience wild! Well... for Johnny, to me, have really PUNK TO THE END. I really appreaciate on what you do. You passed away while you were sleeping... it's sad, but that's the peaceful way you leave us all. Gabba Gabba Hey Johnny Ramone.
(Azli Tajuddin, 24, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia)

He was my hero. After the long struggle he passed away. He was too tough to die, let him never be buried on a Pet Semetary. Hail to the Captain!
(Tymoteusz Jedrzejczyk, 18, Poland)

Now Johnny is dead too... We didn`t like him like Dee Dee, Joey, Marky, Tommy and even Richie, you know why. Though he raised the band and created the band`s unique style... I hope Johnny talks to Joey again in r*N*roll heaven! He was a brilliant guitarist (sometimes an ******* too). Sure we won`t forget him.
(Lars Kauffmann, 40, Germany)

Johnny Ramone was a great guitarist and he created a very powerful way to play guitar, that was rough and energetic. Many guitar players, including myself, have been influenced by his style. But I'm glad I have all the records, so I can always hear Johnny and the other Ramones play, so they kind of still are here.
(Raimo "Mertsi Madman" Viitanen, 40, Finland)

I can't believe that it's all over. I've lost 3 brothers. Please Jari: keep the spirit of the band alive.
(Max Ventura, 42, Torino, Italy)

The passing of Johnny is one of the most tragic in the history of rock'N'roll. He was one of the finest guitarist of his genre. We (the whole world) will miss him. All I can say now is REST IN PEACE .Your contributions to the music business will never be forgotten. RIP JOHNNY.
(Sunil Ghale, 18, Nepal)

The day I heard that Johnny passed away was one of the saddest days of my life. Another Ramone is gone. All the heros I had while growing up... Joey, Dee Dee, Sid, Johnny Thunders, Stiv Bators, and Wendy O. Williams are gone, now, Johnny Ramone is with them. It tears me up that all the greats leave us. The Ramones are the GREATEST band of all time and you gave us so much more than you'll ever know. I will always love you and will miss you deeply. God now has the greatest guitarist in heaven. Hopefully, I will see you again along side my heros when my time comes. I love you Johnny. God bless.
(Yanick Renault, 27, Canada)

Johnny rocked hard! Ramones rule, fuck the music industry, Ramones are the greatest! Heaven must be a lot louder with you up there Johnny! R.I.P Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee!! Your music will live on, through your fans!
(Kellsie Patterson, 13, USA)

Johnny you have left us all great memories and musical inspiration. I believe you were the greatest guitarist that ever lived and though you have died your legend will live forever. Me and your vast army of fans will miss you greatly.
(Shane Whelan, 13, Ireland)

R.I.P Johnny, you had done your work, you have done more than you will ever know. Take care up there.
(Huw, 19, UK)

As you know Johnny Ramone died at 3:03PM of prostate cancer difficulties. We all feel the sorrow. May he rest in peace. And long live the Ramones, Gabba Gabba Hey.
(Ryan, USA)

It's hard to believe that Johnny is an angel now. I heard that Johnny died with Rob Zombie at his side. Rob Zombie? That is the last person I'd want to die by, because (censored).
(Sunshine Jones, 13, USA)

(Drawings by Riikka Salomaa)
Thanks to my teenage idol.
(Riikka Salomaa, Finland)

I am really shocked, another of my heroes passed away. I have seen the Ramones three times in my life and will never forget their great shows. Johnny Ramone looked cool and I love the style he played his guitar. There is no day without me hearing Ramones songs or watching videos and DVDs and I will do so for the rest of my life. But it is really sad and difficult to accept the fact that Joey, Dee Dee and now Johnny are no longer with us and that we all can never see another Ramones concert. I remember Johnny Ramone as the coolest guitar player of all time. RIP Johnny!
(Bernd Schmidt, 38, Germany)

The Ramones rock and always will. Why Johnny died? I think there should be a holiday.......
(Nikki Confuzzled, 13, USA)

Johnny was a ****, but he rocked and will be missed. 3 Ramones down..., listen up Tommy.
(Brian Berek, 32, USA)

What to say. We born, we die. You made lots of people really happy with your music/ playing. And you fought to play for your fans thru difficult times. Thanks, my youth would been different without you guys.
(Markus Saari, Finland)

I saw the Ramones perform live only once in Nummirock in Finland in 1992. I had been a fan years before that, but seeing the band play all those old classic songs made my midsummer still much better. It was a cold summer, but Johnny, Joey, Marky and CJ made it a really cool summer night.
(Marky, 31, Finland)

I don't know what am I going to say. I'm from Croatia, and here are very few people that listen Ramones. I just think it's very nice that we have this place to say that Ramones will always live in our hearts and in our stereos! :)
(Jelena Èargonja, 14, Croatia)

Johnny Ramone was so cool!!!! It is the saddest thing that he died. Tommy is the only original member left. Thank you Marky and CJ for caring on the music after Dee Dee and Joey left!! We love you Johnny!!!!!! R.I.P Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee. Stay alive Marky, CJ, Tommy.
(Clint, 14, USA)

There goes another Ramone-shaped hole in my heart. It's taken me a while to articulate what's been running through my upside-down brain. First - my heart goes out to Linda, Marky, CJ, Tommy & all the friends, freaks and pinheads who love and have lost Johnny Ramone. He was a damn line guitar player, drill sergeant, and architect of punk. He IS a legend, an inspiration, a rock-and-roller, and most importantly to me, eternally a Ramone. He was the best at his game; he gave so much to his fans, and was the paragon of Take-It-Or-Leave-It-This-Is-Who-I-Am punk. Though I never met Johnny face-to-face, I'd like to offer these words now. Thank you. It seems pretty fucking inadequate, I know. But thanks anyway. Thanks for keeping that collection of freaks and miscreants rocking. Thanks for a show that may not have stood out in your memory but is burned into mine. Dollar for minute, best damn rock and roll show ever. Thank you for your music. Thank you for being the reason my daughter introduced my husband to her first grade teacher: "This is my dad. He listens to Rock'N'Roll Radio." Thank you for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She runs around the playground singing The KKK Took My Baby Away. My daughter is a punk rocker - not because it's cool or trendy. She knows how rock and roll is supposed to sound. And it's all your fault. You, Dee Dee, Joey and Tommy started it; Marky and CJ kept it rocking, and the Ramones will live forever. Sorry for getting so sentimental. We miss you Johnny. Thanks for strapping on that Mosrite and getting the job done. Thank you for saving rock and roll. 'Cause some of us here still fucking remember...
(Annie Lechak, 29, USA)

Johnny Ramone will be SORELY missed by all friends, family, and fans alike. I never had the good fortune to meet Johnny, or any other Ramones, but I LOVE their music. Johnny, as well as Joey and Dee Dee will always be alive forever and always in all of our hearts, as well as through their music, and for that I will always be grateful. My sincerest condolences go out to all of Johnny's family, friends, and especially his widow, Linda. It's been over a month, and I STILL can't believe he's gone. Bye bye Johnny! Gabba Gabba Hey!
(Mary Elizabeth Brennan, 33, USA)

I was in France when I heard that Johnny passed away. My first thought was fuck, not again. Johnny was one of the best guitarist in the world, and it was so sad that he died so young. But maybe there's some reason...? Who knows? R.I.P.
(Turo Ihalainen, 26, Rauma, Finland)

Johnny Ramone was the Ramone I looked up to the most because he was the 1 that pretty much kept the band together and his guitar playin was so smooth. R.I.P. Johnny, Dee Dee and Joey.
(Peter Monahan, 13, U.S.A)

You went to find the other Ramones Johnny? Hope to have fun up there. Hey Ho, Let's Go.
(Dimi Papas, 26, Greece)

Johnny, my favourite Ramone is not dead because I'm from Rosario, Argentina and I talk about the Ramonse all the day and I've got a radio program and I talk about the Ramones and Johnny almost every day....
(Gaete Maximiliano, Argentina)

This is to thank the Ramonse for their great music, and to give them credit winning the heart of every fan!!!! And thanks again for showing people what really punk rock is!! I love you guys! Rock on!
(N.Elizabeth Mendoza, 18, LA, USA)

Johnny you rocked my world with you guitars jams. Rock on and r.i.p. We still love you.
(Justin Meelheim, 15, USA)

I don't listen to the music the Ramones made since a long time, (only since two month) but the music they made is ... not really explainable. It is GREAT music! In another way I can't say it. When I had heard that the 3rd member of this fantastic band is dead and after I look in the internet for these band (history, songs and so on) I can only ask Why? Why must happen all the bad things in life ever to the wrong persons? I don't understand this and I think that I don't want to understand it. What I want to say is: Rock In Peace. And my sympathy for all the people who are longer and bigger Ramones-fans than I am. (I know that I can't imagine what they feel and think!)
(Sabine, 17, Germany)

During ten years the Ramones had marked my life deeply. Today I feel missing of everything what I lived in that years and as the lost youth was good. The music of them for me has a bigger direction of the one than in the truth they want to say, each one that has its important. I lost my great love and Ramones was everything for us.
(Cris, Brazil)

Another sad day in punk rock history. Punk rock heaven is getting too crowded... Johnny, gabba gabba, one of us! Regards,
(Sniper Ramone, 29, Belgium)

Hey ho, lets go. Johnny was my greastest hero of all time... I loved.. I mean loved playing along on my guitar while listening to the Ramones. Now me and my basement band are now playing just like Johnny. He was different, strange but he was sure punk. Heaven needed Joey, Dee Dee, and Johnny to make heaven better. Joey, Dee Dee, and Johnny will take a place in my heart. Let the Ramones music and joy live forever! Now the punk fans including me are weeping over the father of the buzzsawing-type 3 chord guitar playing's death. Now I have to say Gabba Gabba good-bye Johnny Ramone. Rest In Peace Johnny, I'll remember you forever!
(Liam, 14, Canada)

It was real sad to see you go Johnny. You were the glue! Republican punks have lost their best man. Nixon and Reagan were on your list, you are on mine.
(Jonas Bjørneboe, 22, Norway)

He just go to have a gathering with his brothers. But here on earth we will never forget Johnny Ramone.
(Alfredo, 29, Mexico City, Mexico)

Hey Johnny do you wanna dance or what...
(Bostjan Bizjak, 24, Slovenia)

I'm a big fan of the Ramones. I want say my big big condolences to Johnny. R.I.P Johnny.
(Akhelz, 18, Indonesia)

Johnny kicked ass! May his body rest in peace. We love you Johnny.
(Antman, 13, USA)

Hey ho let's go! I'm from Sweden. I'm a very, very big Ramones fan. I'm so sad that Joey, Dee Dee and now Johnny is dead. Three people who has made my life so good and I had no chance to say "Thanx, Dude"! I miss them so mush... But I know that I will always miss them very, very much.... So keep on rocking, dudes! From your biggest fan and good friend. Gabba Gabba hey!!!
(Niklas Ingebäck,16 , Sweden)

Sad to see the legend go, loved is his guitar playing style. RIP Johnny Ramone.
(Dean Bibb, 39, England)

Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee - you will be always in my mind! Gabba gabba hey!!!!! You are the best!!!
(Kris Put, 18, Aarschot, Belgium)

Johnny ramone was the Guitar Hero of the all time, he didn't died, only went to play guitar in the Gabba Gabba Heaven World.
(Guilherme Vargas de Freitas Silva, 14, Brazil)

I've been a Ramones fan all my life, you are my favorite band. I really dont know what to say, just that keep doing what you do best and rock on. Punks Not Dead.
(Arturo Diaz, 14, United States)

Hey man, God Bless Johnny Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Joey Ramone. God Bless the Bowery RIP. Gabba gabba hey. Love To Marky & CJ.
(Stuart Thomas, 16, UK)

I wasn't really around when you guys first came up. I'm only 14 but I have every one of your CD's, my life will never be the same without The Ramones guitarist. Say hey to Dee Dee for me. Gabba Gabba Hey! Hey Ho Let's Go!
(Ty Powell, 14, USA)

You guys inspired me.. I grew up listening to you guys. Me, my dad and my brother all jam together in the garage playing your songs. If it werent for you guys, I don't know what I would do. I would have nothing. I got my "Moe Ramone" title in 6th grade after everyone saw me cry, after Joey Ramone's death.. You guys have made me a reason to live. Without your music to listen to and dance to, or posters to glance at, my body would whither away to useless stubs. I love you guys. Thanks. I owe you big time. One of your biggest fans, and the girl next door, that won't turn the music down. Let's rock'N'roll with The Ramones. Long live The Ramones. I love you guys, see you when i see you.
(Moe Ramone aka Alex Alvarez, 13, United States)

I loved them they are the best thing ever I look up to them, I want to follow in there foot steps. I am starting a band and I want to be just like them and have so much fun and care for my fans. I love them.
(Jessica, 15, Canada)

The Ramones music is my shock treatment. It makes me feel much better. This past weekend I went three days withiout hearing it, and it was just a relief to listen to some of their music again. Rock and roll will never be the same without Johnny and the Ramones.
(Chris Ray, 15, USA)

I'd like to say how sorry I was when about Johnny Ramone dying. And would like to thank The Ramones for the years of wicked sounds that me and my children have and still enjoy listerning to, I did get to see The Ramones once in when you played in the UK in 1989. You played Leeds and you were absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately for me I was pregnant with my daughter and couldn't dance but I did get my son who was only 6 at the time and a big Ramones fan, (A Ramones T-shirt) which he wore for bed until he reached about 15 years and now it's in a suitcase with other memorabilia items. We do still get to listen to the music though, The Ramones have brought not just me and my family great joy but lots of my friends too. So with that here's a great big THANKYOU.
(Tess, 40, Bradford, UK)

Johnny Ramone - The guitar players guitar player. This is how I describe the now legendary guitar player of the world famous Ramones! With a screaming count of 1-2-3-4!!! Blurted out by - also recently departed bandmate - Dee Dee Ramone, Johnny would tear into an incessant downstroke playing style unique only to himself at the time punk was being born! Ripping through power chords at breakneck speed would blow the minds of countless fans worldwide. It would not be long after their trip to England to the Roundhouse on July 4th 1976 would spawn many imitators. The inception of punk began here. Bands such as The Clash, The Sex pistols and even The Damned would take their cue from The Ramones style of playing. People began to realize that playing guitar did not take a virtuoso to get into a band, and you could also look cool doing it! Although Johnny was not a virtuoso himself, he did create a style that in essence, looks easy, but in reality is much harder to play than it seems. To keep it up - or should I say keep it down - meaning the downstroke style he used for over an hour and a half was nothing for Johnny. But to other people was extremely difficult to replicate. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that Johnny was wiped out after a grueling show, but he never really seemed to show it. I myself could do it for a few songs until my hand would cramp up like an old man suffering from severe arthritis! The gift that Johnny had was truly amazing to see up close. I have had the pleasure many times to be right in front of Johnny, and to have witnessed his playing style. He always played with an unparalleled velocity and fierceness in every show that I have seen him perform, and that my friends, is a lot of shows! At times it seemed like he was going to explode! His energy level was that high! The impact of Johnny's style is still going strong after 20 plus years of Ramones music! You may ask yourselves; where does music go from here? I don't really know, but you can still hear Johnny's sound being evoked like a ghostly reminder through hundreds, maybe even thousands of post punk bands today! Thankyou! And R.I.P Johnny! A guitar hero for the ages! A guitar god indeed!
(Dennis Relova, 42, New Jersey, USA)

....He never took away his leather jacket...., not in the summer or in the winter, not even in his last night.... Respecting your memory and blessing for all people who were close to you.
(Kimmo Talvi, 39, Finland)

Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee and The Ramones changed my perspective of punk along with my friends. Long live The Ramones!! I luv you guys, thanks for the 3 chord punk progression!
(Aaron Wetzel, 15, MN, USA)

R.I.P Johnny.
(Veronica, 13, USA)

You guys rock!!!!!!!!!! I'm only 12 but I have collected almost all of your lives work. Sorry to hear Johnny past away.
(Scott H., 12, U.S.)

Johnny Ramone, you give very special moments, your music makes me feel very good. I love you and I will never forget you.
(Jose Luis Ramone, 15, Mexico)

Love ya Johnny!
(CJ, 17, USA)

I remember you.... ooo.... ooo, I remember you.... Thanks for all your dedications to the greatest punk rock band in the world (Ramones) and to Ramones fans around the world, let's make Johnny's dreams come true...
(Lucky Ramone, 26, Indonesia)

Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny... I`ll be missing you forever... We are Pin Band from Indonesia, salute to the Ramones. Ramones are influenced our whole life. Hey ho, let's go!!!
(Ogi Ramone, 26, Indonesia)

Heaven needed fast fingers. Just hope that Billy (Rogers) can handle the things up there and get along with those 3 misfits. Hope they don't need Tommy & Marky.
(TV-Eye, 28, Hungary)

So many broken hearts. You took, when You passed the gates of Heaven. Now You're only playing in a band called Leaven, with Joey and Dee Dee You might now be. Take care of all the punk-angels our beloved Johnny Ramone.
(Mira Nikkinen, 21, Vaasa, Finland)

You will be greatly missed Johnny. My band dedicated our cover of 53rd & 3rd to him at our first gig about a week after he died. Rest In Peace.
(Joel Godden, 15, UK)

Johnny, you weren't my favourtite Ramone but I liked you!! And then I just wanna say that 3 Ramones in 3 years, it's to hard for me!!! I miss you and love you all!!!! You were all my heros! In loving memory of Joey (1951-2001), Dee Dee(1952-2002), Johnny (1948-2004) and of course of the Ramones, the best punk-rock group I've ever heard (1974-1996)! You'll always have all my love!
(Morgane, 16, France)

It's a crying shame, he never found that 4th chord.
(Dmitri Jones, 14, Chicago, USA)

I am sad Johnny passed away, he was sooooooooooooo hot.
(Charmina, 17, United States)

I will never forgot you Johnny, Dee Dee and Joey!!! Thank you for your music, for your playing and for everything you gave to us. Johnny you were and you are best guitar player ever, Dee Dee the best bass player ever and Joey the best singer... you gave to me something that no other group gave it to me before, your powerful music and specially your playing! The Ramones... you was, you are and you always will be the best for me! Thanx Johnny, Dee Dee, Joey, Marky, CJ... for The Ramones!
(Nastja, 15, Slovenia)

Johnny Ramone was so awesome and it made me so sad when he passed away. A few days after he died me and my friend made our own shirts. On the front it said Happy Birthday Dee Dee (since it was his birthday) and on the back RIP Johnny Ramone and we wore them to Edge Fest 2004 and a lot of people commented on them. It's good to know they still have a lot of fans. RIP: Johnny,Joey,Dee Dee
(Tara, 15, United States)

Some of the for most influential musicians in my world. The Ramones have helped shape the person that I have become today. I truly felt a time of my life slip away when I heard about Joey, Dee Deeand Johnny. The poor unfortianate souls that will never understand true rock and roll, in a lifestyle and a commitment." Do you remember rock n' roll radio?".......
(Antimatter, 30, out west where I belong, America)

Ramones, you taught me rock'N'roll. Thank you. I can't imagine how would my life be without Ramones. They were and still are part of my life and history of it. Love and gabba gabba, forever. (I first met the Ramones when I was 12 years old, I mean music and then personally)
(Ana Paula Cintra, 23, Brazil)

I've like of The Ramones for many years, because they believe with heart and soul in their music and gave us a memories, and we never forget them, thank you Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Marky...
(George, 41, Holland)

Johnny Ramone was very great.. In in his music and guitar playing... He was a very beloved musician and I hope no one forgets the infamous rock group.. The Ramones.
(Leslie, 17, USA)

Thanks Johnny for getting me away from all those twenty minute guitar solo's in the 70's. If it wasn't for you, Joey, Dee Dee, Tommy and Marky, I'd hate to think what I would be today. All us Ramones fans miss you, Joey and Dee Dee. It's not the same knowing I'll never see a live show again. I'm just pleased you left us with the recordings. I put my headphones on, sit back and you are all still here.
(Peter Richards, 40, England)

For me, the Ramones meant and means everything! But everything good has a sad part. I'm so angry, before I realized how much I loved the Ramones it was too late. I was 6 years old when they played the last concert in Sweden. I didn't bother that I was forbidden to go there. It didn't seem to be a big thing to go to a Ramones concert when I was that young. But now it's too late. My cousin went and now I'm so jealous at him. If there only were a chance to meet them otherwise to take my life so I can meet them in heaven. I love you forever! Gabba gabba hey!!!
(Erik Molin, 16, Sweden)

Johnny, thanks for helping bring punk rock to the world, we will never forget you, R.I.P Johnny Ramone.
(Ricardo Pender, 14, United States)

I saw Johnny play in about 7 concerts. He beat the guitar down like George Bush beat John Kerry...!
(GGH, 28, U.S.A.)

Ramones will live 4ever and they've inspired me sooo much.
(Allan, 14, USA)

It took me a long time to think of something to write for Johnny, I think it is because I wasn't a great fan of Johnny. So this won't be a nice memory text. It is always sad when somebody dies, but from what I read about Johnny and heard from Johnny's lips himself, he didnt feel that way!!!! I didnt know him personally, but he seemed like a me me me person even in the end he helped with the statue of himself... that's vain, and I guess that is one of the reasons why I'm not as upset about Johnny the way I was about Joey and Dee Dee. I feel he had the least amount of influence on the words and music of all the Ramones. But he acted like he was the leader. Maybe because of the way Johnny was help keep them together all those years, as far as I know he never acknowledged Dee Dee or Joey for all his sucess!!!!! That is SAD!!!!! Joey and Dee Dee was the Ramones, Johnny played guitar. Joey and Dee Dee will live forever in my heart and though their music, Johnny will ... well he has his Statue.
(Mike Breschard, 41, USA)

I just want to say that Ramones are the best band on the world!! I love these guys!!!
(Kjara Bes, 15, Austria)

Johnny Ramone - please play your heavily guitar in heaven too... Dee Dee and Joey needs you! Gabba Gabba Hey! R.F.F.R.
(John Ramoniax, Bromma Sweden)

When I heard that Johnny passed away, I was in a real shock. The Ramones changed my life. They were the best band in rock history, and they influenced so many other bands. What revolutionaries these guys were! They were making sound no one before had made. And that if felt different to hear them that anyone else I´d ever heard. They made rock faster, shorter, simpler, harder and funnier. The whole band held to an enqually unchanging style, as if upholding a sacred code. They also had lyrics like no one else. Joey and Johnny have given us such joy and, through their originality, such licence to be ourselves. We also didn´t want to break that unspoken vow that binds every band and fan, that makes a group seem like our little secret. That´s what Joey and Johnny will remain. R.I.P. Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee - and Gabba Gabba Hey!!!
(Carrie Ramone, 14, Austria)

Johnny Ramone is an inspiration! One of those musicians that just grab you by the throat and squeeze. In my opinion the center piece of the band. His influence is spread across this country like a disease. Eddie Vedder honored the guy and who can blame him. He's like Johnnys deciple spreading the word across the states. JOHNNY WE'RE going to miss you; the riffs will never be forgoten or that hair. You were out there kickin with the band... starting today your a legendary man... recall the times the crowds sang out... strummin your chords that's what you were about.. (pull it out, lower it down, drop the needle, play it louder)... We believe in Johnny. Rest in peace.
(Joey Durst, 17, USA)

Johnny, I am Iid from Indonesia. You know I love the Ramones. I love Johnny Ramone. I'm your fan forever. Johnny, inspiration of my life... Good bye Johnny... I miss you... I'm crying for you...
(Iid, 20, Indonesia)

The day after Johnny Died, I was eating breakfast and watching the news, and my mom told me that Johnny Ramone has died. I was like no he didn't, then I went back to watching the news and at the bottom of the screen it said that Johnny Ramone has died. I still didn't believe it so I went to net. There it said that Johnny Ramone has Died. I was shocked that he died. I'm the biggest Ramone fan and Johnny was my favorite Ramone and he influence me to play the guitar and I've been playing Ramones on my guitar for two years. I wanted to meet him one day but it will never happen now since he's gone. Thank you Johnny for being the biggest influence to me in the whole world. R.I.P Johnny and I hope your rocking out with Joey and Dee Dee.
(Lenny Gallagher, 15, United States)

I've never seen the Ramones with my bare eyes, I knew them from books, videos, internet, import magazines or the DVD Ramones Raw. But they gave me a great influence through music. Especially Johnny Ramone. Johnny, his guitar strumming - downstroke - tought me how to play gutar. I can play my music although I only know the bare chords. I have a dream, someday I will have a white Mosrite of Johnny Ramone signature series. Will it be a dream come true in the future? Long live Johnny! Long live the Ramones! - The good, the bad and the ugly - - I'm your fan, a teenage lobotomy -
(Wayan Eko, 25, Bali, Indonesia)

Joey first, Dee Dee second, now Johnny the third, now all of them can be re-union again in there, I hope all can be a happy family again, hey ho let's go.
(Age Ramone, 28, Germany)

They were one of the two bands that DO NOT have any songs I do not like (the other is System Of A Down). They are the band me, my mom and dad, brother, friends, and even grandmother can all listen to together. Their music was the sole motivation that caused me to pick up bass guitar and drums, it's fun to hear and play. None of the Ramones died, and they never will as long as their music is in our hearts.
Fletcher Crandall, 15, USA)

Johnny, I love your music but it's not the music I really love. It's the attitude on how to deal with other low class people who idolized you more than their parents and also themselves. That's all i wanted to say. Wish you all the luck. Peace.
(Jefferson Riva, 21, Philippines)

Thanx Johnny, Dee Dee and Joey for your punk'N'roll music, there's nothing more magnificent than You! See you in heaven...
(Peter, 28, Poland)

Johnny Ramone (John Cummings) is freakin' awesome. I think Johnny as well as the rest of The Ramones had a great influence on the music industry. Especially punk rock.
(Alex Brent, 15, USA)

We love you guys and your music, of course. You will always be remembered. R.I.P. Of all who died, we feel bad and will always love you and your music. You will always be remembered!!!! (that's for sure!) Viva The Ramones forever!!!! We love you!!! Hope you're in heaven, which nobody doubts. Blitzkrieg Bop forever!
(Yessenia Quezada, 14, Calexico, California, USA)

Thank you Johnny for teaching us how both the guitar and rock'N'roll was supposed to be played. May you rest in peace. Ramones forever!!!
(Christian Jacobsen, 16, Norway)

Great guitarist has left the earth.. See you in heaven but now rest in peace Johnny. I'm always your fan...
(Arto, 21, Alavieska, Finland)

Thank you Johnny for help saving the Ramones. With your long hair, piss off look and how you would wale on your guitar. It's going to be hard for my guitarist to duplicate your sound. Thank you Johnny. RIP.
(Seth Kornely, 14, WI, USA

Thank god for giving us that band, the best band that ever exist, I come from Venezuela, I visit your page very often, it is very good and excellent. Congratulations. The Legacy and the Music Of The Ramones will never die, they are legends... and the legends never die...
(Gabriel Martinezz, 20, Venezuela, South America)

I dont understand why eveybody thinks Johnny Ramone was the coolest nicest person. He was an ass to everybody in the band and cheated them like shit. I read in one of Dee Dee's books that when Johnny wasn't talking to Joey, Johnny hated Dee Dee because he was still his friend. It's crap how everybody thinks we should feel sorry for him because he died of cancer or whatever. In my opinion I feel that Johnny was to much of a drama queen. Dee Dee was growing up with a lot of shit happening in his life with his parents, drugs and moving from town to town. Johnny pushed Dee Dee to far and that helped the Dee Dee make the decision to leave the band and start his own career.
(Tammie Smith, 18, Denver, USA)

I had a dream. I would play guitar, but I think I can't play and it's hard to learn. But then I saw how Johnny Ramone play and I was thinking: "WOW, that's great!" I never heard before so powerful music! And Johnny Ramone gave me the audacity to buy a cheap guitar and play! Just play what I want! Johnny Ramone inspired me! Thanks for that and thanks for the Ramones the greatest band ever!
(Fabian, 18, Switzerland)

I may be only 14 and wasn't alive too see Johnny on stage but to have seen the footage on Ramones RAW DVD and to watched the movie I can say he has influenced me a lot. But he's also influenced so many more people. So many bands the list could go on. You're in my thoughts Johnny!
(Mark Boniface, 14, England)

Johnny, best guitar player, RIP.
(Daniel Fecko, 20, Slovakia)

To all the Ramones I know that they were to me the greatest band, they stripped rock'N'roll down to the bone and made it fun again and I wanna say thanks to all of them for that. Thank you Ramones for making rock'N'roll fun again. From your huge fan,
(Jordan Thipthorpe, 15, Canada)

Too tought to die unfortunately, but never forget, Hey Ho Let's Go. Rock'N'roll story is not dead. Come on 1-2-3-4.
(Vincent, 28, France)

Well this is the third Ramone gone and I dont expect another one. People say things happen for a reason but that's not always true. Come on man you think 3 of the Ramones band members that are dead is a good reason, no. I really love Ramones and sad that he is gone. Johnny was a tough guy and he is great. R.I.P Johnny Ramone!!! One more thing you punk bands and punk rockers out there that don't even listen or like Ramones well you guys can go to hell. Punk wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for the Ramones. We should be thanking them cuz they are the fathers of punk. Long Live Ramones!!!
(Sonam, 14, USA)

As I am only 18 I was never able to see the Ramones live, but from watching the End Of The Century film I know that it would of been one, if not the most outstanding experience of my life. I got into the Ramones from some other band saying that the Ramones were their inspiration. The 1st song I heard was Blitzkreig Bop, loved them ever since. Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee you all will be missed so much and I really wish I lived back in the 70's to see you live or just alive. R.I.P, you are gone but not forgotten.
(Rob Adams, 18, England)

You Guys Rock! How did you stand being in a band with you're other brothers!
(Anthony Hoffmann, 9, U.S.A.)

Johnny. You have teach me how to play guitar and you will teach me a lots of things on the guitar in the future. And I promise you that I'm gonna play Loco Live with a white Mosrite Ventures 2 one day. Rest in peace, my hero.
(Haakon Olmheim, 17, Norway)

Thanks Johnny, you're in heaven now! I always pray to you.. Your inspiration is still in my heart. Thanks 4 your masterpiece! 1*2*3*4, I love you Johnny...
(Putrastillmad, 24, Jakarta, Indonesia)

Johnny..., you are the best! Hey, Ho Let's Go.
(Betty, 15, Italy)

Johnny.... Well, Johnny was to the Ramones what spine is to every one of us. Maybe not a great songwriter... Who really cares? Johnny had 2 or 3 extraordinary qualities: first of all, he was deeply honest ; second, he had a great sense about what rock should be and stay ; third of all, he was a fuckin' excellent guitar player, as Marky says...: "Thank you, Mr. Johnny for having giving us years of great rock'N'roll and for keeping our lovely favourite band on the tracks."
(Alain Crémades, 44, New Caledonia)

Johnny, I will thank you for everything you gave me. The music, the look, everything. I've idolizied you and I'll remember you forever. Gabba Gabba Hey.
(Sophie Steinbach, 15, Germany)

For all of the Ramones!!!! Guys..., you are and you were great.. I am a 11 years old girl from Slovenia, Europe and I love you... So do as well my dad, sister and my mother... We are your fans... I do sing with my sister daily your songs!!!! You are the best... Johnny, you are dead and I dont like that...
(Petja Kolenko, 11, Slovenia)

What a tragedy!!!!!! Joey, Dee Dee and now you Johnny!!!!!! Ican't believe it. You was a great friend and guitar player.... I'll never forget you and the Ramones: the greatest punk rock band of all time!!!!! Hey ho, let's go... Gabba Gabba Hey..... rip forever.
(Lorenzo "L.O. Ramone" Nocita, 14, Italy)

I remember the day I found out Johnny was dying. My dad came home and told me that he heard on the radio that Johnny was dying of prostate cancer. I broke down and cried. It felt horrible to know I was losing third Ramone. I mean the Ramones are the greatest thing in the world to me and it broke my heart. I mean it felt like I was losing a family member. The MTV lies to me and tells me it's all a rumor. And then what he dies I was devastated. Johnny influenced me as a guitarist because it made me realize that I dont have to know how to play like Jimi Hendrix and stuff to be a great guitarist. It still shocks me everyday that he's gone. I love you Johnny and I miss you....
(Emily, 18, USA)

Since when I saw you the first time I knew that You would be my hero. Now that you're gone, I can be considered one of the most sad people in this world. You were the greatest guitar player in the whole world, you were soooo hot, and I loved your style... You know, sometimes I'm just so sad that I'd die, just to see you..., to know you better..., to stay with you... You'll be always my idol. Thank You Johnny. Rest In Peace. I hope that you're fine in the Gabba Gabba Heaven... PS: And this is for Joey and Dee Dee: I miss you, too. Make sure that you'll be fine forever.
(Sabrina Valenti, 15, Italy)

R.I.P., Johnny Ramone. Every punk guitarist on the face of the Earth owes something to Johnny Ramone, who started the fire with his Mosrite through Marshall raw sound. This sound and these chords could express both fun and frustration, which are both part of life. For me it all started with It's Alive live album in 1982. Since then, the Ramones have been part of my life. I also miss Joey the sentimental and Dee Dee the crazy. I think angels are wearing black leather jackets these days...
(Christophe Latimus Susung, 37, France)

Johnny was great. I am only 12, but he has inspired me to begin playing the guitar. My band played cover of Do You Remember Rock'N'Roll Radio, it is dedicated to him. Rest in peace.
(Emma, 12, USA)

Gabba gabba hey!!! Johnny we love you always and miss u. I think about you constantly and I am a major fan. I wish I could've met you but now I'm starting to think that heaven and god needed you to go help and rock out for the angels. I love you forever and miss you. Hey ho, let's go. Johnny Ramone lives and rocks forever! Today your love, tomorrow the world.
(Deborah Tamayo, 11, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA)

I just discovered this great site by Jari-Pekka and the opportunity to say how much I've been impressed by the first (and only) time I saw the Ramones on stage at the end of year 1977 in London, UK. I was 14 years old at that time and stayed totally deafened for the next hour and completely fan for the next 29 years! I was (and still am) really keen on that band and Johnny's guitar sound is one of those reasons which made me the big rock'N'roll fan I am still now! Thank you for that Johnny, you and your music will stay in my mind forever and ever. May you rest in peace, I'll miss you.
(Jean-Pierre Camel, 44, Belgium)

Rest in peace Johnny, I'll never forget you.
(Edo Damjaniae, 15, Croatia)

Johnny Ramone was a great musician and I will love him forever and ever. RIP Johnny Ramone (1948-2004).
(Ramona, 14, Australia)

Johnny has been my hero for several years now and the day after he died I was telling everyone how sad I was cuz I never got a opportunity to meet him, the sad thing along with that is that it wasn't big news and only a few friends have heard it on the radio. But I go and visit his statue whenever I can and I pay respect to the man who inspired me to not give a f*ck on guitar playing. I love you Johnny! Peace.
(Vana, 17, California, USA)

I've been listening the Ramones now two years. They make me pass through very hard moments. I really like playing the guitar and I would like to buy a Mosrite guitar, but it's very expensive. I'm also sad because Johnny, Joey and Dee are passed away and I never saw the Ramones at live. I'm specially fan of the Johnny.
(Nicolas Martinez Ombler, 15, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

I heard a lot of about the Ramones but I never really got to listen to their music. I was a young mother of three children, my husband at the time was a rocker and I'm sure he played and heard their music. I'm a hairdresser and owner of Clip-N-Dales Beauty Salon. One of my clients is Johnny's mother (Estella) and I have done her hair for years. A very loving, tough, very outspoken, once you get to know her, she's a very sincere lady... With a heart of gold, and helps a lot of people and donates to a lot of charity's. She is a very close friend.
(Rita F. Rector, 58, USA)

I`m a Chilean boy who loves the Ramones because they create new music style, I love to play I Wanna Be Sedated, Rock And Roll High School, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker and all the Ramones songs because the Ramones is the best music group ever. Viva los ramones and Johnny Ramone.
(Felipe Paredes Dodero, 15, Chile)

A man should be remembered not by his image, but what he accomplished. Johnny Ramone was not a shaggy haired guy who wore a black leather jacket who happened to play guitar. He was the first rock'N'roll guitarist who proved not only a lead was not necessary, but a lead gummed up a hard driving rock'N'roll band. His secret, if there was a secret, was that he seemed to make playing a hard driving rythmn guitar the most effortless thing in the world. It isn't. Very few can do it and in my opinion no one has ever surpassed the standard he set. He started a revolution in rock'N'roll and all but made a lead guitar obsolete. If you want to find his memorial, listen to any rock'N'roll song today.
(John Biggins, 35, United States)

Thank you Ramones for make me feel so happy. I started listening you when I was 12 years old, now I am 23 and every day I love you more!!! I feel music like you, I feel life as you feel. There isn´t a word to describe what I feel when I listen the Ramones or when I read a book about you. The Ramones will be always in my mind, heart and skin (tattoo). Thank you.
(Leonardo Alvarez, 23 , Argentina)

I am a big fan of Johnny Ramone and it's really sad he's gone. Johnny was my biggest influence to play the guitar.
(Rocco, 13, USA)

Ramones forever, Johnny I will remember you forever. R.I.P Johnny !!!!!!!!!!!
(Uros Vucinic, 16, Montenegro)

John Cummings is a big star. He will allways be.
(Edvin Aronson, 16, Sweden)

I was 8 months pregnant with my first child when I got the news. I was planning a very detailed Get Well card/work of art to send to Johnny Ramone to let him know I was still thinking of him and to wish him wellness. To put it simply, I was devastated when I heard the news, but for the baby's sake I could not let this upset me. I knew with Johnny and when he moved away from New York, we lost touch. He was a very generous person and he was really kind to me. So far, I haven't seen The End Of The Century DVD yet, but I bought it. I just can't seem to watch it yet. Whenever I hear those commercials on TV playing Blitzkrieg Bop, I have to fight back the tears. I first met the Ramones in 1988 and Johnny and became friends. I can't believe that he's gone... Not a day goes by that I don't think of him or the band. I could write so much more and all about the killer sets they did, but everyone knows their shows were legendary... Thank you for allowing me to express my feelings this way. I don't talk about the Ramones to many people, mostly because I don't want anyone to think I'm bragging about who I know, or knew, but it really helps to write about it. Thanks.
(Angela Laws Plummer, 40, USA)

Johnny forever...! Ramones forever! Johnny Ramone is best and loudest guitarist ever!!!
(Joris Alkemade, 39, Holland)

I was not around when Johnny was really playing. I loved the songs he did. He was also just a great man. Just like Dee Dee, but that is a diffrent subject. Johnny was one of the coolest because he held the band together. That's really all I have to say, except... R.I.P. Johnny Ramone.
(Matthew Streeter, 12, USA)

Johnny is one of the best guitarists I have ever seen. I´m very sorry that he had to pass away. I hope in rock heaven Johhny can rock as good as he had done here on earth. R.I.P. Johnny.
(Christian sinzger, 16, Germany)

I miss you Johnny and the Ramones. I listen to the Ramones every day. Thank you Ramones for the best music ever. I have listen to the Ramones in 20 years.
(Rune Kasper Lunde, 39, Norway)

Johnny Ramone I'd wish I could have gone to see one of your concerts with the Ramones, with Joey, Dee Dee and Tommy. You have been a great influence on my life. I'm going to start my own band and make it to top like you did.
(Zac, Canada)

I will never forget that the Ramones were the best band ever.... I thought that they would live forever... Johnny, the best guitarist is gone now. So what were supposed to do know is let the memory of them stay with us... And yeah, we won.t be able to go to anymore Ramones concerts..., but we can play there music and image how cool it would be to get that chance. I believe they are playing in heaven to keep god company. Just waiting for there fans to join them.
(Amandah H., 18, USA)

I found out about the Ramones after Johnny died. I love them so much it is like I was around to experience them. The Ramones are getting to the new generation and I hope it will last forever. Joey's death was a great loss. Dee Dee's death was impossible. Johnny's death wasn't meant to be.
(Brent Mardon, 18, New Zealand)

Thanks Johnny for being in the Ramones in the first place. People like you inspire me and my band.
(Andrew Wheeler, 15, U.S.A.)

Johnny Ramone is my favorite guitarist of all time. Some say I look just like him when I play my guitar plus I have his hair style, Every time I pick up my guitar I think about Johnny. It puts a tear in my eye looking at the Johnny Ramone statue and I wish I could of met him. I'm sure he's looking down from heaven with a huge smile on his face. R.I.P. Johnny, I hope I will meet you in heaven.
(Brian, 20, USA)

Johnny Ramone was and will always be the best guitarist in the history of rock bands. Johnny was caring and kind to all people. The world will never have a guitarists as talented as Johnny Ramone (John Cummings).
(Abigail, USA)

I love the Ramones and they made me want write music. They really meant a great deal to me. Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee will be greatly missed. I have written over 80 songs myself and recorded about 40 of them and the Ramone's gave me great inspiration for many of them. I am the guitar player, singer and songwriter. Like the Ramones I can't get played on the radio so my band will never be signed. But The Ramones gave me the inspiration to try. Thanks guys.
(Lenny Halila, 35, U.S.A)

Hey Johnny, some say you were a mean ass. Well maybe you were and maybe you weren't. One thing I know for sure is this, you sure could play that damn guitar! Go Johnny Go!
(Anya Camacho, 31, USA)

One of the greatest days in my life was meeting you guys in Newcastle England after you had just played the City Hall and were travelling to London to record Baby I Love You for Top Of The Pops television show. That meeting changed my music life and I will always rate you the greatest one day we will meet again.
(Gavin Shaw, Durham, England)

The world changed when Johnny Ramone left this world. To me, he was one of the greatest guitarists of all time. He inspired me and the Ramones are one of my favorite bands. He will be missed by everyone who knew him and his fans. Ramones forever!!!
(Dylan Peggin, 13, USA)