Review by JC:
Last night, November 19th, 1998, Marky Ramone did a signing at Tower Video in the Village in New York City. He was signing his new documentary "Ramones Around The World", which is a video that contains film from Marky's home video camera, showing what it was like to tour with the Ramones, as well as a lot of live footage. The video is great!

They were playing the video on the TVs in Tower Video, as Marky was signing it. There weren't as many people for this, as there were at the We'Re Outta Here signing(when all 6 Ramones showed up together). But certainly for the fans who did come to this, it was a lot more fun because they really truly got to talk to Marky. Marky dedicated each autograph he signed! It wasn't like "Hi! I'm your #1 fan! I love you guys! Oh, line's moving, gotta go". People got to talk to Marky, and have a conversation with him, and all the fans seemed to really enjoy themselves.

People asked him all sorts of questions like "Will the Ramones ever have a re-union", "Which is your favorite Ramones album", "What are your plans with the Intruders", "What music do you listen to these days", "What are your favorite movies". And of course Marky would answer, and also ask them questions like "What's your name, where you from etc"? One guy gave Marky his bands CD, and asked him to listen to it. One guy brought all his Ramones CDs, and asked Marky to sign each one. One girl brought some post cards and asked Marky to sign it. one girl asked Marky to sign a T-Shirt.

I also talked to Marky, he is gonna have a cameo in a movie, which he said he'd shoot the next day, called "Fever", which stars the boy from ET(all grown up now). Marky mentioned he'd play a cop, and this would be the first time he has ever been in a movie, playing someone other then himself! He actually mentioned that to a few people, and one person asked him "Would you ever move to Hollywood if you got more offers too be in movies"? He said he'd go to Hollywood to shoot it, but he'd never live there, he'll always stay in New York City (good man!).

Marky also got a new leather Jacket. Before he had that jacket with a corny, poorly-done painting of himself and Bart Simpson on the back. He got a new one, with a really good painting, looked much more like the Simpsons, of himself and Homer Simpson, looks great! Anyway, it was a fun night for me, all the fans who came, and for Marky! The new video is really great too, much better than We're'Re Outta Here (no boring interviews, all fun Ramones footage). So if you don't got it, get it!! Its great!!

(JC did this review and gabba thanks for Joey)