Release date: July 19, 2011.
Labels: P-Vine-Good (Japan), Charamel Records (USA) and Damnably (UK).

Shonen Knife is a Japanese pop-punk group. In 1998 Joey Ramone named Shonen Knife as Osaka Ramones. Shonen Knife celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2011 and released this a thirteen song album titled Osaka Ramones: A Tribute To The Ramones. Also earlier Shonen Knife had recorded Ramones tunes, like I Wanna Be Sedated for the 1995 Japanese re-release of their debut album Burning Farm. Burning Farm was first published in 1983.

Five songs to this album were recorded in at GCR Audio in Buffalo, New York, USA, with producer Robby Takac in late 2010. Takac is founder of Good Charamel Records and founding member of Goo Goo Dolls band.
After recording five songs, they were going to publish them as a mini-album. Shonen Knife's lead singer - guitarist - songwriter Naoko Yamano later decided that Osaka Ramones would be a full-length album celebrating Shonen Knife's 30th anniversary. The rest of the album was recorded in Osaka, Japan and mixed at GCR Audio in Buffalo, New York, USA.


1) Blitzkrieg Bop
2) Rock'N'Roll High School
3) We Want The Airwaves
4) She's The One
5) Rockaway Beach
6) Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
7) Scattergun
8) Psycho Therapy
9) The KKK Took My Baby Away
10) We're A Happy Family
11) Chinese Rocks
12) Beat On The Brat
13) Pinhead