"Richie Ramone, former Ramones drummer, has turned up after a two-decade absence to speak for the animals! He has been living a very comfortable life out of the limelight and away from his fans. But, he's now speaking for the animals.", was written in first press release text of Richie in December, 2005.

After I announced on my site information of his speech on December 12, 2005, he E-mailed me.
Here's below information letter concerning his speech on December 12, 2005 and then in April, 2006 Richie also wanted me to tell for you of seal hunt.

(PHOTO: Just look this pic, and you know why I want part of profits of my books goes to cancer research without animals, for Juliana von Wendt Fund.)



I added this info on December 11, 2005:

Richie testify about his multiple bad experiences trying to adopt through the LAAS auction system. This archaic LAAS policy will be on the Commission's agenda THIS MONDAY (December 12, 2005) at 10 AM in Downtown LA City Hall--200 N. Spring Street, Rm. 1060.

Please click here and go to the title "Auctioning Off Animals." (OR just click here). Watch this one-minute video of an individual who spoke up at a recent Commission meeting against the LAAS' ridiculous, unfair, and unethical practice of auctioning off living animals!

On December 12th, 2005, the Commission will AGAIN take up this issue on its agenda. Unfortunately Ms. Riordan, now commission president, upheld this practice the last time it was presented and voted on well over a year ago. Many are hoping she has since seen the light and the commission will vote to overturn this unethical policy. ADL-LA is concerned however, that Ms. Riordan, who sets the agenda, did not put it on the agenda for a vote on Monday. Even though there will be public testimony, nothing will be resolved on Monday.

The last time this topic was on the agenda well over a year ago, it was discussed and then a vote taken right then and there after public testimony was offered, as well as several employees letters read to the commission speaking about how unfair the policy is to the public at large. Ms. Riordan should take this to a vote on Monday, because it's been far too long to have the animals continue to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This policy needs to GO--and the sooner the better.

The logical and ethical thing to do is to make this issue one of "first-come, first-served." If individuals and families with children are willing to take the time and effort to get up and be the first in line--waiting hours before the shelter opens, having fallen in love with a particular dog or cat, puppy or kitten--why not acknowledge that? Auctioning off animals is NOT a policy in any of the more progressive shelters like San Francisco.

The LAAS "Auction" policy is simply unethical, outdated and insult to living sentient beings. Please be on hand December 12th at 10am to voice your concerns over this ridiculous and outdated policy.

I added this info on April 3, 2006:

Richie wrote to me:
Hi Jari-Pekka. Thank you for posting about animal rights. About that, Dr. Jerry Vlasak, formerly of the Sea Shepherds, has turned himself into the Canadian authorities for charges resulting from obstructing a seal hunt. I remember traveling to Newfoundland in my first band in the dark and when the sun came up seeing the blood on the ice from the seal hunts. I had thought this barbarism had ended till recently, when I learned that 11 Sea Shepherds were charged with the obstructing the hunt.
I read about you donating some of the proceeds to your books to Juliana Von Wendt Fund and was hoping you could also make other Ramones fans aware of this. Dr. Vlasak is controversial but this issue is very mainstream. He turned himself over to the Canadian authorities and is on a hunger strike while serving his 22 day sentence in jail. Meanwhile, the killing of the innocent seals will continue.

Here is the story:
Read here or from the following lines:

Article begin: Seal hunt protester turns himself in, announces plan for hunger strike
Dr. Jerry Vlasak of California chooses jail over paying fine for seal hunt violation.
By Editorial Staff
The Guardian
One of 11 seal hunt protesters convicted earlier this year of coming illegally close to the 2005 seal hunt has surrendered himself to authorities to begin serving a 22-day jail term.
Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a California trauma surgeon, has opted to serve time at the Provincial Correctional Centre rather than pay a $1,000 fine imposed by provincial court Judge Nancy Orr.
Vlasak, a highly controversial figure in the animal rights movement, said he would not pay the fine as long as the federal government continues to support and promote the seal hunt.
While awaiting transport to jail he took the opportunity to restate his opposition to the hunt, saying the hunt was both cruel and unnecessary and existed solely to provide pelts to make articles of clothing for the rich.
Vlasak is the first of the protesters to turn himself in and begin serving his sentence.
John Mitchell, legal counsel for the high-profile animal rights activist, said he’s aware of plans by several of those arrested with Vlasak to turn themselves in and serve their respective sentences.
But none of those individuals have advised Mitchell when they intend to return to Charlottetown.
Vlasak and his co-accused were members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and at the time charges were laid they were serving as crew aboard the society’s ship Farley Mowat.
They were convicted of illegally coming within half a nautical mile of seal hunters in the Gulf of St. Lawrence on March 30, 2005.
Paul Watson, president of the society, was charged with the same offence, but won on the grounds that he was within his residence, the ship, the Farley Mowat.
Charges were laid after an altercation between seal hunters and Sea Shepherd crew documenting their harvest of young harp seals.
(With files from The Canadian Press)
Article ends.

Richie continues: Thank you again for increasing awareness of the animals who cannot speak for themselves. And post this E-mail if you like. Read more infos also from here and sign the pledge to protect seals.