Marky Ramone has produced some albums, example Travoltas: The Modern World -CD. Travoltas has commented Marky/ Marky Ramone And The Intruders -memories on their From The Secret Vaults Of Weismuller -collectionCD.

Marky has told many great comments from the Travoltas and I also give advice to buy some Travoltas-CD's.

" So that was one of the best days of '97, we thought. Yes, well, that's before our agent called us to confirm we were opening for our hero Marky Ramone and his new band on their upcoming European tour. Almost 4 weeks of nonstop gigging with one of our all-time role models and the guys in his band: Johnny Pisano (the original Brooklyn Italian type), Smokin' Ben Trokan (a year old kid mastermind) & Benny Large (a.k.a Benny Gay). That last one's currently in Murphy's Law. The other two are still The Intruders (OBS!: Ben not anymore). This guy Johnny could smooth talk any girl into his bed. Bets were placed on the time that he would first score, but none had gotten it right, 'cause upon arriving at airport he started working his "Hey how you doin'" -magic, and even before a single note was played he had gotten to ground base albha. The tour went very well for us, and we played some really good gigs. Sometimes it was just a matter of bluffing our way into a festival and the reward 5 000 screaming Italians was ours. We already had some tracks on a demo for the next album, and when Marky heard them, he instantly offered to produce the next album, MODERN WORLD. WOW! How could we refuse??!! We talked it over with our label, My First Sonny Weismuller Recordings, and they didn't think it was a good idea. But we pushed and pulled until they finally gave in. We sent Mr. Ramone the rest of the songs and faxed a lot of ideas and thoughs over to him and he returned with other ideas until we all thought we were ready to go do this.

Alright, there we went, off to the Big Apple. Perry and me went a couple of days early to check out the studio and arrange some gear. Marc (Marky Ramone's true name) picked us up from the airport and we were driving into Manhattan when some cabdriver in front of Marky's caddy made a sharp right turn and cut us off. In true New York style Marc started yelling at the guy and when the cabriver got out of his car yelled "Get the FUCK back in that piece of shit before I kick your ass". OK, welcome to The States! A couple of days later, as we were picking up Ro, Eric & Jasper from the airport, we suddenly heard gunshots. We all ducked down and I could see a guy lying on the sidewalk bleeding his guts out. As the lights changed, Marc hit the gas and I felt like I was in Goodfellas! Anyway the album got recorded pretty fast and everything went well for the remainder of the trip. "