Marky Ramone (Marc Bell) play drums on this album (*-TRACKS: 7-13).

1.The Devil's Daughter
2.Look Behind The Door
3.Two Steps To Hell
4.The Face In The Courthouse
5.Blood Ran Like Wine
6.May I Apologize
* 7.Blood Ran Like Wine
* 8.I'm Getting Old
* 9.Mother's Place
* 10.Mr. Cover Shaker
* 11.Shotgun Whupin'
* 12.Lost Love Letter Blues
* 13.Stand By Me

I write some facts from the album booklet: " Johnny Ned Lee Shines was born on April 25, 1915 in Frayser, Tennessee, near Memphis. His family moved to Memphis when he was seven and it was here he began to pick up guitar, first from his brother and then from local musicians.... Shines moved to Chicago in the early 1940's and made his first recordings. The sides featured here are from two sessions, for Biograph Records. The first six cuts are solo, featuring Shines on a National Steel guitar. "

These songs 7 - 13 are from 1974, Johnny Shines session with Dave Bromberg and his band, Dave's line-up then also contained Mark Bell (Marky Ramone).