Real name: Jeffry Hyman
Date and place of birth and R.I.P *Sniff*: May 19, 1951, Forest Hills, New York / April 15, 2001, New York.
See my Joey Ramone MEMORIAL PAGE HERE, there is tons of material.

Mother and father: Noel and Charlotte (divorced. RIP)
Brother: Younger brother Mickey (Mitch) Leigh is a guitarist and he wrote a book titled I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir (2009).
Ramones career: Been all the time on The Ramones and go on but, started as a drummer, but Tommy become a drummer and let Joey sing.
Sing on official Ramones-albums: On every.
Something else: Joey did DJ-jobs also. He liked of the cats. Joey used nearly always sunglasses.
Joey Ramone passed away April 15, 2001, afternoon 2.40PM in a hospital in New York City where he was many weeks being treated for cancer. Joey's loving family was there at his bedside.

In addition to the Ramones records, Joey Ramone is on more than 40 official records releases, here below are some of them listed. Full listing can be found from my books Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone and Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone.

Joey Ramone on the official releases:
- Some backvocals on Dead Boys -album: We Have Come For Your Children (1978).
- Joey vocals on Rattlers - 7' single: Livin' Alone/On The Beach (1979).
- Joey & Holly Beth Vincent: The Right to Be Italian -album (1981) and I Got You Babe -single (1982) .
- Joey backvocals on The Seclusions -single and Isolation For Creation -LP (1983).
- Joey on Sun City: Artists United Against Apartheid -single/ maxi/ video... (1985)
- Joey with Die Toten Hosen: Blitzkrieg Bop -song on album and EP (1991)
- Joey on Rock The Vote -campaign (1992).
- Godchildren Of Soul Featuring General Johnson And Joey Ramone - Rockaway Beach -single and album: Anyone Can Join (1994).
- Joey released with his brother : Sibling Rivalry In A Family Way (1994)
- Joey on VA: In Their Own Words, Vol.1 -album (1994)
- Spacemaid: Do You Remember The Rock'N'Roll Radio? -single featuring Joey (1995).
- Tribute song 1969 on album: We Will Fall: A Tribute To Iggy Pop (1997).
- Vocals by Joey Ramone on Dee Dee Ramone's song I Am Seeing UFO's. Singlerelease and Zonked/ Ain't It Fun -albums (1997).
- Joey special guest vocals on Gilligan -song on Furious George: Get's A Record -album (1997).
- Joey's solotribute about the John Cage's The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs (1997-1998).
- Joey with The 22 Jacks Cheap Trick song I'll Be With You Tonight (1998).
- Joey produced and appears on Ronnie Spector: She Talks To Rainbows -EP (1999), and on her album The Last Of The Rock Stars.
- Joey sing backvocals on The King of Night Train -song in Nomads-single (2000) and Showdown 2 - The 90's collection (2002).
- Blackfire's debut album One Nation Under features Joey (2001)
- Independents album Back From The Grave and EP Unholy Living Dead are produced by Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey. Also Joey on vocals on 1 live song. (2001)
- Joey's single Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight. (2001)
- Joey's solo album Don't Worry About Me. (2002)
- Joey's solo album Don't Worry About Me + extras on DVD (2002)
- Joey's Christmas Spirit... In My House EP (2002/2014)
- Book: I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir (2009).
- Andy Shernoff's 7' include a song he did with Joey (2010).
- Information of Joey's 2nd solo album ...Ya Know? (2012).
- Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) 7' vinyl (2017).

Joey on the special bootleg releases:
Joey And Friends single

Information of some Joey's special appearances and shows etc.:
Joey loved to help bands and organise shows. You can find some of those below (reviews etc.). See all of those and also infos of his memorial shows listed here.

- Joey Ramone's birthday bash at the Coney Island High, June 16th, 1999.
- Remains/ Joey Ramone etc.: February 21, 1999, Continental, NYC.
Joey Ramone's Birthday Bash Part II: September 6, 1997, Coney Island High, NYC.
- Joey Ramone's Blitzkrieg Bash with Dee Dee etc.: July 4th, 1997, Coney Island High, NYC.
- Joey Ramone's Birthday Bash: May 19th, 1997, The Continental, NYC.
- The Phoids with guests Joey Ramone, Lenny Kaye and Alan Vega: December 20, 1996, Coney Island High, NYC.
- Joey Ramone And Friends: 1.4.1988 The Ritz, New York.
- Joey Ramones's All Star Jam: 8.5.1991 CBGB, New York.
- Joey Ramone And Friends: 17.7.1991 CBGB's Gallery, New York.
So you can find more reviews of Joey Ramone related events here.

Joey's movie/DVD -appearances:
- "Ramones-movie" Rock'N'Roll Highschool (1979).
- Joey appear in little part on the movie Get Crazy (1983, 92min).
- Joey appears as himself at the Roadkill -movie (1989, 80min).
- Joey's cameo appearance on the Hard Core Logo -film (1996, 92min).
- Joey Ramone makes his last movie role in a Final Rinse (1999, 92min).
- Joey's last video appearance on Joan Jett -DVD (2001, 60min).