1) Blitzkrieg Bop/ Havana Affair 1976 (SIRE)
2) I Remember You/ California Sun (H.Glower/M.Levy) (LIVE)/ I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You (LIVE) 1977 (SIRE)
3) Sheena Is A Punk Rocker/ Commando / I Don't Care 1977 (SIRE)
4) Swallow My Pride/ Pinhead/ Let's Dance (Jim Lee) (LIVE) 1977 (SIRE)
5) Rockaway Beach/ Teenage Lobotomy/ Beat On The Brat 1977 (SIRE)
6) Do You Wanna Dance? (Freeman)/ It's A Long Way Back To Germany/ Cretin Hop 1978 SIRE
7) Don't Come Close/ I Don't Want You 1978 (SIRE)
8) She's The One/ I Wanna Be Sedated 1979 (SIRE)
9) Rock'N'Roll Highschool/ Rockaway Beach (LIVE)/ Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (LIVE) 1979 (SIRE)
10) Baby I Love You (Phil Spector/ Jeff Barry/ Ellie Greenwich)/ High Risk Insurance 1980(SIRE)
11) Do You Remember Rock'N'Roll Radio?/ I Want You Around 1980 (SIRE)
12) I Wanna Be Sedated/ The Return Of Jackie And Judy 1980 (SIRE)
13) Meltdown With The Ramones EP: I Just Wanna Have Something To Do/ Here Today, Gone Tomorrow/ I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend / Questioningly 1980 (SIRE)
14) We Wan't The Airwaves/ You Sound Like You're Sick 1981 (SIRE)
15) She's A Sensation/ All Quiet On The Eastern Front 1981 (SIRE)
16) Time Has Come Today (Willie Chambers/ Joseph Chambers)/ Psycho Therapy 1983 (SIRE)
17) Howling At The Moon/ Smash You 1985 (Beggar's Banquest)
18) Howling At The Moon/ Smash You/ Chasing The Night/ Street Fighting Man (Mick Jagger/ Keith Richards) (Gatefold double pack) 1985 (Beggar's Banquest)
19) Bonzo Goes To Bitburg/ Daytime Dilemma 1985 (Beggar's Banquest)
20) Somebody Put Something In My Drink/ Something To Believe In 1986 (Beggar's Banquest)
21) Crummy Stuff/ Something To Believe In 1986 (Beggar's Banquest)
22) A Real Cool Time/ Life Goes On 1987 (Beggar's Banquest)
MISTAKE PRESSING OF THE: A Real Cool Time single with Indian Giver.

23) I Wanna Live/ Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) 1987 (Beggar's Banquest)
24) Pet Sematary/ All Screwed Up 1989 (Beggar's Banquest)