Release date: May 18, 2018.

Danish band Tommy And The Rockets has in their music and roots feeling that Beach Boys' created in 1963-65, and Ramones spirit. Five different record labels release Tommy And The Rockets album (LP) titled I Wanna Be Covered on May 18, 2018. Main man of band is Tommy (Thomas) Stubgaard who also plays most of instruments on I Wanna Be Covered. Few years ago Stubgaard teamed up with songwriter-producer Michael Chaney to form Tommy And The Rockets. I Wanna Be Covered has nine Ramones covers.
- I am not so interested anymore to publish records that has covers. But Tommy And The Rockets has good and different style and songs are not too self-evident of the Ramones songs. Like there is no Blitzkrieg Bop. Tommy Stubgaard has been fan of the Ramones since he was 10 years old and he is born in the same day when was published first Ramones album, wrote me Hannu Jokinen of Woimasointu Records.

I Wanna Be Covered is limited to 500 copies. LP comes out in four different colors (black, white, red and green) by Woimasointu Records (Finland), Roctobus Tea Party (Spain), Monster Zero Records (Austria), KOTJ Records (Spain) and Rocket Launch Records (Denmark).

Promo letter tells that Tommy And The Rockets is armed with supremely infectious melodies and harmonies to die for. Group offer guitar driven rock 'n' roll that is sure to send the Summertime Blues scurrying back under the sand for a while. Championing a style and an attitude that screams pop not politics, Tommy And The Rockets guarantee fun, fun, fun. If you're into The Ramones, Rockpile, The Beach Boys, and the whole British invasion, this is the band for you.


1) Rock'N'Roll High School.
2) Oh Oh I Love Her So.
3) I Can't Give You Anything.
4) Havana Affair.

1) She's The One.
2) Locket Love.
3) Don't Come Close.
4) Carbona Not Glue.
5) Listen To My Heart.