1.Intro 0.55
2.Interview 26.16
Interview with Joey Ramone. Partly is background music, partly without music and
some songs just without interview. Joey talks about Mondo Bizarro's songs, bands
history and etc.
(Include studio songs: Strength To Endure, Anxiety, Tomorrow She Goes Away,
It's Gonna Be Alright, Cabbies On Crack, Censorshit and Touring)

3.Take It As It Comes (Live) 2.10 (Jim Morrison/John Densmore/Robby Krieger/Ray Manzarek)
4.Censorshit (Live) 3.00 (Joey Ramone)
5.Poison Heart (Live) 3.40 (Dee Dee Ramone/Daniel Rey)
6.Strength To Endure (Live) 3.00 (Dee Dee Ramone/Daniel Rey)

Songs 3-6 recorded Live at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, October 15, 1992

This is limited edition promotional. Not for sale.