Release date: October 28, 2022 (CD) / LP sometimes in 2013 (LP).
Record label: Sockiplast Records.

Swedish band Outsiders recorded Ramones cover/tribute album titled Outsiders. It has 12 songs. Record label is Sockiplast Records.

Songs are sang in Swedish. It is different and nice feeling to listen Ramones classics also in other language than in English. What I understand lyrics are just not copied (I speak a bit Sweden as I am from Finland). Singer Stefan Johansson has translated songs expect Christian Odin helped with Outsider.
10 of the songs are from 1970's. Nånting I Min Drink (Somebody Put Something In My Drink) is from 1980's and Jag Vill Bara Dra (Poison Heart) from 1990's. Most of the versions are a bit faster than original versions. Nånting I Min Drink (Somebody Put Something In My Drink) has nice guitar solos. Release date of the CD is October 28, 2022.
- Later a 12' on 45RPM yellow vinyl has release. Don't know exactly when. My guess February, 2023. Only place to buy Outsiders will be on this site gronpeppar-records.myshopify.com (after release on October 28, 2022). The members in the band are well known in the Gothenburg (Sweden) punk scene for a long time. The bassplayer Christian "Crippa" Odin is also in Troublemakers and before that in Attentat. The singer Stefan Johansson is also in City Saints, did mention Danne Paulsson who is main man behind this Outsiders release.

Singer: Stefan Johansson.
Bassist: Christian "Crippa" Odin.
Guitarist: Paul Schöning.
Drummer: Thomas Karlsson.

1) Råckaway Beach (Rockaway Beach)
2) Hon E Så Go (Oh Oh I Love Her So)
3) Jag Vill Bara Dra (Poison Heart)
4) Valium (I Wanna Be Sedated)
5) Min Hjärnä Dör (Carbona Not Glue)
6) Andra Tredje Lång (53rd & 3rd)
7) Sniffa Lim (Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue)
8) Lobotomi (Teenage Lobotomy)
9) Han Kommer Döda Dig (You're Gonna Kill That Girl)
10) Outsider (Outsider)
11) Gött Å Se Daj Gå (Glad To See You Go)
12) Nånting I Min Drink (Somebody Put Something In My Drink)