All Good Cretins Go To Heaven - A Tribute To The Ramones contains 28 songs. This is compiled by Oliver Alexander (Germany), who's been in music business for a long time and been working with many famous bands. The release date was on 21 March, 2005.
This CD's artwork is a very nice digipack with great cartoon illustration (by A.J.B. Hangover) and a 12 page colour booklets which gives every single band space for a personal liner-note.
This is featuring version of SLUG I did with line-up I collected (Snails Of Finland). Snails Of Finland contains Apulanta’s drummer Sipe, Ne Luumäet's and Rehtorit's guitarist Heko, Luonteri Surf's bassist Martti and Tommi (ex-Rehtorit). I and Tommi are doing vocals. Here are also other interesting guests, like Treekillaz song is featuring Clawfinger singer.

This following is a quote from George DuBose, the photographer who was responsible for many Ramones promotional photos in 1990's, and several covers too:
"CD is so fuckin' great. Just like Tom Waits, The Ramones songs are often, well not better, but well better... when covered by another band. Hearing another artist's interpretation of the song brings a clearer view of what a classic the song was to begin with. These songs bring out the message in a clearer way only because it is the second version."

There's two live release parties, first at Orangehouse (Hansastrabe 39, phone: 089-724880) in Munich on April 7, 2005. Leberkas Duo is on stage 20:00, Commandos 21:00, Ya*hoo 22:00 and Scorefor 23:00.
The second release party will be at the Knust Hamburg in Hamburg in May (exact date announced later). Wax.On Wax Off and the Cretins will play there and Ramone$ Mania will perform a full Ramones show!

1) FreeZeeBee (Germany): I Can't Give You Anything
2) Gutbucket (Germany): Somebody Put Something In My Drink
3) Ramone$ Mania (Germany): Oh Oh I Love Her So
4) The Commandos (Germany): Commando
5) Oklahoma Bomb Squad (Canada): Do You Wanna Dance?
6) Terrorgruppe (Germany): Dee Dee
7) Wax.On Wax Off (Germany): The Night That Joey Died
8) Team Rockit (USA): Beat On The Brat
9) Treekillaz" feat. Zak Tell (Switzerland): Garden Of Serenity
10) Kevins Campfire (Germany): Psycho Therapy
11) Scorefor (Germany): The KKK Took My Baby Away
12) Popzillas (Germany): Rockaway Beach
13) Electric Hippie feat. Rebella Jane Doe (Germany): Blitzkrieg Bop
14) Jeremiha (Sweden): Poison Heart
15) Alain Nkossi Konda (DR of Congo): I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
16) Snails Of Finland & Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone (Finland): Slug
17) Hens Hensen (Germany): I Want You Around
18) Waver (Sweden): Danny Says
19) Ya*Hoo (Germany): I Wanna Be Sedated
20) Senzabenza (Italy): My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)
21) Tribute To Nothing (U.K.): I Wanna Live
22) Joe Leila (Germany): Surfin' Bird
23) Starseven (Italy): I Believe In Miracles
24) In A Million (Germany): Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
25) The Havana Affairs (Germany): Havana Affair
26) Original Leberkas Duo (Germany): Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
27) Körperwerk (Germany): Zero Zero UFO
28) Ramone$ Mania (Germany): R.A.M.O.N.E.S.