Here's a FIRST letter which Marky Ramone wrote to my site on June 8, 2003, after he was came back from Misfits Europe tour with Jerry Only and Dez Cadena. This was again big honour for me and you,

" The Misfits tour of Europe was fantastic, it was great to see all the Misfits and (surprisingly at least half of the audience) Ramones fans. Hey ho's were after every song. London was exceptional, at the Palace. I remember playing there with Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny. Greece was wild and Ireland, Scotland and Austria were also.

I also am grateful for the friends and the wonderful loyal fans who came to The Ritz to celebrate Joey's party (May 16, 2003). It was alot of fun. As you know I was asked to do the Rock'N'roll Fantasy Camp along with Ace Frehley of Kiss and Roger Daltrey of the Who in NYC etc. on June 18-22. Also the Hall Of Fame asked me to do a show which is entitled the Rock'N'roll Hall Of Fame series. I will be their on the 26th of June, with my multimedia show. Private footage from my 200 hi 8 tape library and slideshow. I will be performing some Ramones songs their also, along with Daniel Rey, and some other surprises. After that is the big summer tour with myself, Jerry Only from the Misfits and Dez Cadena from Black Flag. It's from July 24th to August 30th. Then I will go to England for 12 dates with my spoken word show and again will be performing Ramones songs with friends. These dates will be posted soon.

I'm also working on live Ramainz footage, of shows me and Dee Dee Ramone did together. Jari-Pekka, it was cool seeing you in New York. The past lives on, but so does the future.

MARKY, DANIEL ETC. PLAYED FOLLOWING SONGS: Rockaway Beach, Pet Semetary, I Wanna Be Sedated, I Just Want To Have Something to Do, Sheena Is a Punk Rocker, Chinese Rocks, Commando, 53rd & 3rd, Do You Remember Rock'N'Roll Radio, Havana Affair, We're A Happy Family and Outsider before they came back to play Blitzkrieg Bop on encore.

Here's SECOND letter which Marky Ramone wrote on June 23 and June 25, 2003,

" Sunday, June 22nd at the Bottom Line was the last night at the rock'N'roll fantasy camp. The whole thing was something I wished I could have done when I was being influenced by the people I liked. Sunday I played "My Generation" with Roger Daltrey of The Who!! It was my fantasy, since I loved The Who when their first album came out (with the explosive Keith Moon.) I'll never forget it! I will see everyone at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame today (June 25). There's standing room only left, which means there's still room to witness me, along with Daniel Rey and friends, celebrating the "rock n roll hall of fame series." I will be interviewed there, and then I will answer questions from the fans and friends. Then I will do 15 Ramones songs along with Daniel Rey. It sounds like great fun. Also, the A&E BIOGRAPHY on Phil Spector went smooth - very personal and in depth.

See everyone at the Continental, July 15th with the Bully's and Mickey Leigh, celebrating our (Marky and Mickey) birthdays. Mickey and Johnny Thunders have the same birthday as me. If Johnny were alive he'd be there too, but his spirit will always live on. If you know Ramones songs you can come play with us on certain songs - just guitar and bass players. Your names will be picked at random, and you don't have to bring your guitars or bass guitars (but bring your own drum sticks...). There will be a prize from Marky to the best player - the song list will be posted soon, so, everyone, good luck. Admission will be 10$ - cheep! see ya there. "

Here's THIRD letter which Marky Ramone wrote on June 28, 2003,

" The rock'N'roll hall of fame concert series was wild. I did a q&a with the audience, then did what I do best: play the Ramones songs I enjoy playing. It was so cool to see all the younger Ramones fans with the older troopers. The hall of fame was an honor to play. We played songs like I Wanna Be Sedated, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, I Just Want To Have Something To Do, 53rd And 3rd and Blitzkrieg Bop. I want to thank everyone who came out, to the hall of fame and the rock'N'roll fantasy camp. The last 2 weeks have been a great experience. The birthday party at the Continental, on july 15th (see above). I will sign all Ramones related and Richard Hell And The Voidoids stuff etc. ",