Marky Ramone live chat November 12, 1998 at 7:00pm PT

I got chance to chat with Marky Ramone on The Talk City Chat Network. I copied all chat comments, but diskette destroyed. It was f**kin' sad, but I member lot of about this chat.

Marky couldn't answer everything, but mostly he talked about Ramones: Around The World-video and happenings containing it. Also he talked some happenings and stories of cameo his appearance in Fever-movie. Someone asked Marky's favourite bands and comments about punk generally. Also Marky told about touring life.

Marky was 1 hour in chat and it was hard to know was there also some other people writing Marky's comments or just Marky gave comments and one fast writer wrote all. He answered so fast to the questions. But these happenings are great. All can join to the chat worlwide. Example all can't come to the signing happening in New York etc.

There was fans example from USA, Canada, Brazil, Finland, Sweden, Argentina, Malaysia etc. Thanks all which took part to this chat. Let's keep Ramones world up!