1) Night Trip
2) 2 Cool 4 School
3) In My Town
4) Party!

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At first have to say that this band isn't longer with name Loaded, because Duff McKagan from Guns N'Roses has copyright for that name and they don't have decided new one yet. But I use still name Loaded on that text. Paul Erik Vercouteren was long time drummer on this band and he sent this tape for me Feb. 2002, but this is already recorded in 1998. Now Paul Erik is singer and they've got new powerful drummer. Members of the Loaded were then - 1998 - only 17 years old, except bassist Oystein Lageraaen was 23. Loaded isn't released new stuff after it (recorded only demos), but done regulargy gigs, (again) except last year. Next fall (2002) they plan to enter studio and record full lenght album.

This melodic punkrock EP is also filled by boogie feelings and at first it's strange to listen, but also it's really cheerful attitude. I'm sure that songs like Party! works well in summer festivals, if weather is sunny and you've got lot beer. Especially Paul Erik is Ramones-fan and he got chance to meet and talk with Dee Dee at Oslo in March 2001. All members are fans of the Backstreet Girls, old band from Norway. Backstreet Girls is also influenced lot Loaded and on this CD special guest is Petter Baarli from BSG. Petter plays first solo in Night Trip and sang backvocals in Party!

Also Loaded has been support for bands like Dr. Feelgood and at sure for Backstreet Girls...
All songs are well-matches, but maybe second song 2 Cool 4 School is most catchy. You can easily pick up Ramones-influences from that EP, but also from many other bands like KISS. This review is little bit short, but I'm so busy with my Joey-memory book.